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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:46pm EST

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falling through ice in bucks county, up next. a pleasant weekend for february, lots of folks took advantage of it by getting outdoors but we're about to get another shot of winter weather.
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some snow is on the way. sunday night, the big story on "action news" is return of some snow for our workweek. >> that is right just as most of the snow from the blizzard of 2016 is all but gone but time to get boots out once again. don't worry, the the weather event is no blizzard. meteorologist melissa a magee eighths big board with the first check of the accu weather forecast. >> yes, guys after mild weekend days, both yesterday and today in the middle to upper 40's, we have changes as early as tomorrow. the current numbers outside, it is 41 in philadelphia. thirty in the poconos. thirty-five in reading. a along the coast in wildwood we are coming in at the 39 degrees. but changes are on the way. there are two separate pieces, two separate systems that we are tracking early this week and first one moves in overnight tonight and into monday. you can see on storm tracker six live double scan radar 3-d there is low pressure, a coastal low, off the coast of the carolinas and this storm system will race off to the north and east. bulk of the precipitation stays off shore but western
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side of this storm, could grazed portions of coastal new jersey, as we go throughout the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning. future tracker six showing you by 1:00 a.m. during overnight hours precipitation is off shore but waking up tomorrow morning at 7:00 or 8:00 there is light precipitation on white wet snow showers, approaching areas in coastal new jersey. so as this storm system pull is a away there is a coastal flood advisory and a watch, which is mainly for new jersey and delaware, minor flooding is a concern as time of the high tides and wind will crank up on the back side. we will talk about what we can expect here as we track energy. overnight tonight into monday. rain or wet snow shower likely mainly east of philadelphia. gusty wind at the coast. then monday night into tuesday we're tracking our second feature that will move on through and light a accumulation is expect with that. this will more than likely slow down that commute on tuesday morning. we will take a closer look at tuesday's event and go over expect snowfall, with the full and exclusive a accu weather
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forecast, walter. >> thank you, melissa. three boys are safe tonight when they fell through the nice bucks county. police say they were on a partially frozen retention basin when the ice gave way. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live at abington hospital with the details. jeff, you have spoken to one of the young victims tonight. >> reporter: that is right, walter and he knows he is lucky to be alive. thirty-nine boys were taken to area hospitals, treated and then released after that terrifying afternoon. if it wasn't for some hero, this afternoon the entire ordeal could have ended in tragedy. >> i love you. >> reporter: emotional moment as colin orr and his family talk about the frighten ordeal that left a two-year old and his friend struggling in the icy pond on piper place in chalfont. >> i was like, wow, i am going to die. it felt like i was going to die at the that point. >> reporter: around 2:00 p.m., orr, justin edward and another 12 year-old boy were walking on the ice when it cracked beneath them. >> when it broke i was the
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first one to fall in, and instantly, as a reaction, i still remember grabbing on to the ice to get back on and then it broke. >> you hear that scream that you know something went wrong. >> reporter: david bennet and two other neighbors ran to help. they pulled one boy out with the stick but they could not reach the other two. orr climbed up on the drain grates but edward could not. >> one kid was just screaming he could not swim. we were yelling him hold on to the bar, grates. >> reporter: seeing his friend struggled orr jumped back in the water. >> i got his hand and got his backpack off and i like put him on and then he was like breathing and he instantly thank me because he is polite. >> reporter: divers from the volunteer department used a raft to rescue the boy who had been in the water for 30 minutes. >> we want to thank neighbors, everybody that came to get them out and everybody at the hospital, i cannot thank them enough. >> reporter: beside cuts on his hand and mild hypotheria, orr says he is doing well and has learned a valuable lesson. >> do not ever, ever go upon a
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pond that is frozen. or wise you will regret it. >> reporter: a very lucky kid there tonight. each of the boys had hypotheria but they are back home, and warming up. we are live from abington township, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". >> thanks, jeff. less than two days to go until the new hampshire primary. the presidential hopefuls are feverishly stumping across the garden state. the granite state that is. "action news" anchor monica malpass is live from manchester the with the run up to tuesday's crucial contest, hi there, monica. >> reporter: hi there, that is right, if you believe latest polls donald trump and bernie sanders should have an easy win here on tuesday but there is a a huge block of undecided voters so it the is unclear what will happen when voters go to the polls in new hampshire. real question is can hillary clinton cut that lead, and make it a close race over democratic side, on the republican side, who will come in second and third and
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prove that they are still viable. well, new jersey governor chris christie is in manchester. he is here one day after that fierce attack he waged on rival marco rubio in last night's abc news debate. many analyst don't think rubio withstood that attack very forcefully. on the democratic side, hillary clinton wasn't in new hampshire at all today but she will be here tomorrow. today she was meeting with victims of the poison water problem in flint, michigan. she is coming here at noon tomorrow with her husband bill, daughter, chelsea. she will be here for a second event in manchester tomorrow night. there is a lot at stake here in the granite stayed. we have asked or group of delaware valley political experts what they think to predict the outcome. after iowa's upset new hampshire is more critical than ever. on the republican side, will donald trump lose two in a row or will he win this one, and leave ted cruz, marco rubio and john kassig to duke out the second and third spot. >> right now, cruz is still
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trying to position himself and rubio is on his heels. if it is john kassig, that means that things will start to shift a little bit. >> reporter: new hampshire could narrow the republican field by four or five candidates. will ben carson, chris christie, carli fiorina, jeb bush and others keep battling on if they fair poorly here? political analyst ed tour andcy sky bush will probably stay to the end but probably not the others. >> christie had a very narrow path to the nomination, new hampshire was critical there. if he doesn't the place second or close third, it may be over for him as well. >> reporter: on the democratic side, new hampshire revived mrs. clinton's campaign in 2008 after president obama beat her in iowa she's hoping to repeat history. bernie sanders is doing his best to put a monkey wrench in there. >> bernie sanders i'm very confident will win new hampshire. he is polling very well. how well he does in terms of the margin of victory is, he
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is really, really viable. if he wins, new hampshire, i think the democratic primary race continues for some time. the democrats used proportion al-zawahiri case of delegates, so, he could hang in for a while. >> of course, we will be following candidates thomas we make their last dash looking for votes around new hampshire, and whoever wins or loses it will change the calculus of national politics, within a matter of hours. monica malpass channel six "action news" reporting live from manchester new hampshire. >> thanks, monica. an alleged drunk driver is accused of dragging a philadelphia police officer with his car overnight. it happened at the 2:00 near intersection of 61st and lancaster in the cities overbrook section. officer pull the car over traveling with the headlights turned off. after pulling over the driver suddenly accelerated but officer just outside of the driver's side door. the officer was dragged for a
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short distance before letting go and then falling to the ground. the suspect was quickly captured though and facing several charges including dui. a local servicemen return home today after serving in afghanistan. he did miss out on spending holidays with family and friend but did he make it home in time for super bowl sunday. "action news" reporter christie lleto has the full story. >> daddy, daddy. >> reporter: 125 days deployed in afghanistan, coupled with months of summer training before their fall departure. >> so big. >> reporter: group of service men from the air national guard are back, with their loved ones. >> back with my family. >> i didn't think wow recognize me because it has been a couple of months since he has been away and i have gotten so tall. >> reporter: paul saddleburger was a ten year veteran, philadelphia police officer wouldn't be able to spot him at the crowd at philadelphia international airport's terminal d. so he made up this shirt.
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>> it says, out of my way, i get the my daddy back today. >> reporter: this was staff sergeant saddleburger's first deployment since getting married and having a son. >> he has been in the service for 17 years. he was in the navy. now national guard. >> it is my third time going through it. so i kind of know the ropes a little bit more. but yeah, it was very tough when they are not here. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> now you that they are back it seems like it went by fast but during the time, it went by slow. missing christmas, thanksgiving. >> i love you. >> love you. >> not only am i thankful but other people should realize so many families go through this sacrifice and there is not enough thank you. >> reporter: for some of these, it was their third, maybe even fourth deployment. you ask these families does it ever get easier? some say it never does. at philadelphia international the airport, christie lleto for channel six "action news".
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some of philadelphia's home less shared a hot meal tonight along with the little football. chosen 300 ministries hosted its annual super bowl party tonight right there at its headquarters. the those who attended worship services were invited back to enjoy dinner with wings and trimmings. officials say it is a way to give home less hope, and a little fun as well. much more to come on "action news", if you were planning to go to chipotle tomorrow for lunch, you may want to come up with another plan. we will toll you why the stories shutting its doors nationwide. eagles may not have have made it from the super bowl but a dog from the delaware val difficult make it to the super bowl for puppies. plus super bowl 50 is in the history books. jeff skversky has highlights in sports when "action news" comes right back.
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♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh ♪ hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. philadelphia archdiocese face evaluations, and will
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determine their future. saint rita is one of the three parish necessary south philadelphia under consideration, for pastoral planning. pastors and parish leaders must show the archdiocese a that they have the financial and community support to remain open. it could remain unchanged, merge with another parish or partner with other parishes sharing priests and staff. in addition to saint rita, saint nicholas, assumption bvm, sacred heart in clifton heights and saint charles game me owe in drexel hill are under review. every chipotle restaurant will close for four hours tomorrow in the interest of food safety. they will close from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for a company wide staff meeting. the ceo will hand over new food handling procedures aimed at preventing another possibly coal eye or noro virus out break which devastated the chain last year. one big change is implementation of the paid sick days to make sure workers stay home when they are sick. u.s. security council issued a statement today
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strongly condemning north korea's rocket launch. it pledged to adopt a new resolution with significant new sanctions and it the stressed that using ballistic missle technology is a violation of four security council resolutions dating back to 2006. north korea's rocket launch yesterday comes a month after it claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. bomb. taiwan's g says earthquake that destroyed a building in taiwan claimed lives of 32 people, so far. rescue workers are still polling survivors out of the 17 story building, that came down, early yesterday morning. it is estimated that 118 people, are still trapped there. and a somalia government spokesperson says the security video footage shows two men, handing what looks like a lap top computer to a suspect suicide bomber, after the security checkpoint. the official says that at least one of the men delivering the lap top was an airport employee. it is believed that lap top
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like device was bomb that caused the explosion that blew a gaping hole in the fuselage and forced the plane to make an emergency landing. more than 20 people, including the men who handed over the lap top have been since arrested. family from new jersey is now depending on the kindness of strangers after their medical insurance company ended their coverage of the vital treatment. "action news" report are trish hartman has how a local man with als is fighting just to get the medical care that he needs. >> reporter: this is a machine that keep 66 year-old joe slide's live. joe has als a progressive disease that effects the nervous system. the but still he says he has a lot to live for. >> we have four, two boys, two girls, 11 grand kid in what two years. >> reporter: joeys paralyzed from the neck down and need ventilator. home nurse cares for joe 16 hours a day, seven days a week. care cost more than $4,000 a week and it used to be paid for by joe's insurance through local plumbers union. >> they call it hundred
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percent retirement medical. what that means is you're guarantied your medical coverage for the the rest of your life. >> reporter: but last year union changed insurance plans, sliders got a note stating their coverage would not change but joe's wife donna made phone calls and attended a info session about the the new plan. >> she said i'm just verifying we have the same nursing coverage. he said no, there is no nursing coverage. >> it was a bomb shell. i was not expecting that at all not after those initial phone calls. >> reporter: the slider's took their case all the way to federal court. donna said while judge was sympathetic, he said in laws were broken. we reached out for the attorney for the union but so far have not received a response. slider's are paying for nursing care out of of pocket. donations are helping but once money runs out joe says he will go into hospice and let nature take its course. >> our story is not over just yet but this is out of our hand and i don't know how it will even. >> reporter: that go fund me
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page has raised over $40,000 in a month and donna says many of the donations have come from complete strangers. if you would like to donate you can find a link at six reporting from new jersey, trish hartman, channel six "action news". still to come on "action news" tonight, you may have seen a nfl dad team up with their doubt tours send a powerful message. go behind the scenes of the the new campaign by pan teen. taking a live look at sky 6hd, commodore barry bridge, a pretty picture tonight. meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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breaking news now from the city's somerton section a pedestrian has been struck and killed by an on coming vehicle. this is a live look at the scene. it happened around 9:30 in the 10,000 block of bustleton avenue. the victim was rushed to aria torresdale and pronounced dead. no word on whether any charges are expect. time for a check of the
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accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. touch of snow coming our way. >> yeah, into tuesday, commute by tuesday morning will be an issue, guys but we're tracking a couple features on the way. first one moving in late tonight and into monday. we will show you storm tracker six double scan radar and you can see it is dry. is there light precipitation approaching coastal sections of new jersey. atmosphere is still, too warm, and too dry, at this hour to find any precipitation accounts falling from the sky, but something to keep in mind as we go throughout the overnight the hours and into the day, on monday. we had highs across the region in the middle to upper 40's. high in philadelphia today 46. numbers north and west are cooling down, 36 in slating ton. thirty-two for fleet wood and pottstown at this hour. thirty-four saint david, 41 center city. thirty-eight in chester. down in new jersey 38 in hammington. along the coast in sea isle city, 40. thirty-nine for smyrna and dover at this hour. satellite six with action
11:24 pm
radar showing you mostly cloudy across the region. the you can see reason why as we widen out picture here. we are tracking area of low pressure off the coast of the carolinas. you can see count are clockwise rotation here. bulk of this precipitation will stay off shore, as it the works its the way up the eastern seaboard and staying to our north and east but western side of the storm system overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning, could grazed, portions of eastern sections of new jersey. future tracker six timing out precipitation for you 2:30 in the morning during overnight hours, light precipitation, bulk of it by that time staying mainly off shore but as we get into 6:30 tomorrow morning light snow showers grazing ocean county, cross burlington and atlantic counties. worst case scenario we could find a slushy coating mainly east of philadelphia a in the city, early tomorrow morning just a couple flakes flying around. then we will watch that storm system depart, from a northeast direction, and then track a secondary piece of
11:25 pm
energy from a westerly direction as we get into monday night and tuesday. this is second system on the way. future tracker six showing you at 11:00 p.m. monday night-light snow showers breaking out in the region. they will continue for the commute on tuesday morning, at 6:30 in the morning. we're track ago this snow fall. so as far as tuesday is concerned, just light to moderate pockets of snowfall across the region. so slower travel expect by tuesday morning. road will be mainly wet. that is something to keep in mind. temperatures ahead of this system relatively mile. only finding it on non-paved or grass surfaces. one to 3 inches of snowfall is likely but there could be a heavier band setting up across the region and that could enhance snowfall depending where you live. bus stop forecast you are okay, mostly cloudy, windy, temperatures of 34. 8:00 a.m. we're up to 35. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing a couple of showers early tomorrow morning mainly east of philadelphia, otherwise
11:26 pm
cloudy a high of 43. period of light the snow on tuesday, and then at 39 degrees, and flurries lingering on wednesday, 39, and thursday, sun, and chilly in at 35. brisk and cold on friday, and at 35 degrees, arctic air arrives as we get into saturday, a high temperature of just 27, sunny and bitter for valentines day. a high of just 24. so snuggle with your sweety by then, it will feel colder when you factor in the wind chills. >> okay, thank you, melissa. you can find the seven day forecast and live look at storm tracker six double scan radar anytime of the day or night on our web site just head to six it the is local drivers have been waiting to see for more than a decade, the average gas prices in the philadelphia, five county area have dropped below $2. according to triple a philadelphia now joins the rest of pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware, in the under $2 gas club. average price in delaware and new jersey have been less than $2 for weeks all as the price
11:27 pm
of crude oil dropped to the lowest levels in more than a decade. up next on "action news" jeff skversky has sports. >> payton manning, is going to retire? this is way to do it. highlights of the broncos win in super bowl 50 when "action news" comes right back. music: "another sunny day" by belle and sebastian ♪ ♪ ♪ such a shame it's labeled a "getaway." life should always feel like this. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at
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on sports. >> not the best super bowl i have ever seen but happy for payton manning. >> if you like offense, touchdowns this super bowl is not for you. payton manning, cam newton combined for zero touchdowns, and passes. payton manning retires, wow, what a ride. riding off in the sunset as a champ, the broncos quarterback didn't throw a touchdown in super bowl 50 but scores a win over carolina. two million-dollar bonus check. now, all he wants is a drink. manning is the oldest quarterback to ever start in the super bowl. the it could be his last. who scores the first points of super bowl 50. how about north pen men high school grad and temple kicker brandon mcmanus, 34-yard field goal, bang, three to nothing denver. later in the first number one ranked d takes down cam
11:31 pm
newton. von miller knocked it free. touchdown, denver, takes a ten to nothing lead. second quarter, here we go, newton to philly's own corry brown from cardinal o'hara high school. watch this, dragged out of bound by talib, brown would later leave with the concussion. next play sets up this, jonathan stewart over the line for the touchdown. carolina on the board, down by three. ten-seven denver. later former eagle jordan norwood what a move. 61-yard punt return. longest in super bowl history with the former penn state walk on, and out of football a few years ago. it the sets up a mcmanus field goal. second half, newton turns it over, two more times. the late in the fourth, down six, von miller, super bowl mvp, strips it the free. newton account for three of their four turnovers. broncos, runaway witt, and anderson, denver wins, super
11:32 pm
bowl 50, 24-ten. manning with the first quarterback to ever win the super bowl with two different teams and now he may ride off, into the sunset. >> it has been a very emotional week, emotional night. i have a couple of priorities in order. i want to go kiss my wife, kiss my kid, i want to celebrate with my family and teammates and i will drink a lot of beer tonight, jim, budweiser, and von miller is buying and that is my priorities at this point. >> manning just want a drink, a beer. manning set nfl record with his 200 career victories, passing brett favre. manning add to go his leg ace which his second super bowl win. now sam bradford's legacy here in philadelphia could could down as short and not so sweet. eagles have a month to work out an extension or bradford will be a free agent. if that doesn't all work out, he could just walk away because eagles do in the plan to use the franchise tag on
11:33 pm
bradford. according to espn. while eagles remain interested in bradford after they traded for him last off season they have not been able to come to terms on an extension f they change their mind on tagging him as a last resort they can do so anytime until february 16th and march 1st. espn is reporting that the eagles are once again interested in nick foles. yeah, rams quarterback has played for doug pederson as a rook any 2012 when pederson was eagles quarterback coach. last season with st. louis he had his worst season and lost his starting job. foles salary is very high which would make it very difficult for the eagles to trade for him. much more on super bowl and eagles, and much more on "action news" sports sunday, coming up at 11:45. well, what happened here? this weekend could have been a big one, instead, it slipped away for flyers. they blew a lead in the final seconds yesterday they blow another lead today. the it cost them.
11:34 pm
the flyers, split in the standings too. flyers in washington, today, wayne simmonds despite being kick out yesterday. flyers up one. end of the second. they allow two goals in a minute. alexander ovechkin past steve mason. tying it one minute later. demet try oroff past mason. the just like that flyers fall behind by one. and then less than a minute in the third, nick schultz, his first goal in more than a year. tying it at two. but five to go in regulation, matt, beats mason, flyers lose three-two. they only pick up one point out of the possible four points this weekend, the flyers now slip to five points out of the playoff spot, and with super bowl sunday, it makes you think when is the next title coming to this town. >> we will keep waiting. it will happen sooner or later. y don't even want to watch. >> thanks. one of the cutest super bowl ads we have seen aired, during tonight's game. >> my daddies giving me a dad
11:35 pm
due. >> but more about, it is more about braiding hair, and more braided hair, we will have more on this important message behind this commercial when "action news" comes right back. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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another super bowl day tradition. puppy bowl on the animal planet network.
11:38 pm
the dogs came from 44 shelters and rescue groups, to shine spotlight on the great pets waiting for their forever homes. one dog, a rottweiler came from the morris animal refuge in philadelphia. and with that said, the an mall refuge celebrated with a watch party today right there in center city. party doubled as a fundraiser for shelter's program. and they got lots of treats and cuddling. since puppy bowl was filmed lea has found a new loving home with the evans family. we may seen the ad during tonight's super bowl nfl fathers making a valiant attempt doing their little girl's hair. >> very cute. >> it is nothing short of adorable but send a very powerful message about raising strong girls. here's abc's lisa davis. >> i'm excited. a little nervous. >> reporter: pin it, some nfl's biggest dads. >> only style i'm able to do is a pony tail.
11:39 pm
>> up against the toughest match up yet. >> catching a touchdown pass is easier then making a beautiful braid. >> inspiring fat tours get in the game. >> my daddies giving me a dad doo. >> a dad doo comes from the heart. >> showing girls that spend time with her dad grow into stronger women. >> because you are a guy and she's a growing young lady doesn't mean you have nothing to do with her and you cannot connect with her. >> reporter: feature in the the new ads saints tightened ben watson and his two little girls. >> i'm daddy, i mean benjamin. >> she's going to go judge all men how i treat her. so it is important for me to connect with home and do things that they want to do whether it is doing their hair, riding bikes. the it is about connecting and showing them that they are important and worth my time. >> what do you think. >> dad can teach their doubt's lot and it does help young
11:40 pm
girls grow to be strong women. >> campaign also sort of a pony tail play book for dad that may know football but cannot tackle tangles. vying for pigtails just tea tried playing field in half and gather the team in the huddle. >> he is like mom but he has bigger hand. >> just like nfl you can spike the ball or your hair. >> you want your hair spike. >> i don't know what that means. >> like that.
11:41 pm
11:42 pm
"action news" continues at 4:30 tomorrow morning with david murphy, tamala edward, matt o'donnell and karen rodgers. >> for walter perez, melissa man guy, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist, have a good night. >> ♪
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america runs on dunkin'. denver broncos have taken super bowl 50. >> go kiss my wife and my kid. i wanting to, hug my family, and drink a lot of budweiser tonight. >> i have nothing but great things to say about philadelphia a. >> he is going deep for agholor, touchdown. >> i want to be back here. >> this is "action news" sports sunday, sponsored by audi. >> welcome into sports sunday alongside jeff skversky i'm ducis rodgers. lots to get to tonight. we will begin with super bowl 50 in the books. carolina was favorite with cam newton the league mvp but denver had number one rated


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