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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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hey everyone, it is monday, february 8. this is new this morning. crews had to cut a driver from the wreckage after the driver crashed into a philadelphia home overnight. a young boy talks about how he fell through the ice in a bucks county pond and how neighbors and divers pulled him out. >> we're live in new hampshire as the candidates campaign ahead of tomorrow's big primary. let's go over to david murphy and romg -- karen rogers with the latest in accuweather and traffic. >> reporter: we have
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precipitation off the coast, it's mainly rain right now. some of this may try to push into the coast and wrap around areas close to trenton before pulling away. along the way we could see rain mixing with snow and there's an advisory for the eastern areas this morning, just in case that occurs. you can see the storm system coming up the coast and wrapping inland. it will clip areas east of philadelphia before it pushes away. the only thing we'll see is a snow shower or two. future tracker 6 showing you by 9:00 there's the chance of snow and part of atlantic county and burlington county and half of mercer county before it pulls away. not a big deal accumulation out of this or anything, of course, the farther north and east you go you might see more. we have a watch that kicks in tonight into tuesday night because of a second system that comes through.
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overnight we'll see a mix arrive and through the day, tomorrow, periods of snow. it looks like one to three inches, although there's a new model out pushing for a little bit more. 39 degrees as you head out the door. it will be dry in most neighborhoods. on the bus stop, 36 degrees by 6:00 a.m., 37 by 8:00 a.m., cloudy skies and cold. as we go through the day we'll get a high of 43 today under mainly cloudy skies. a couple of flurries here and there, a sprinkle closer to the storm. getting blustery and wintery as well. more coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> reporter: we have a disabled vehicle on the schuylkill expressway westbound approaching the curve. it's off to the shoulder not causing too much of a problem. watch for that heading out. you have another one right here, southwest philadelphia, i-95 southbound near the airport
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here. this one off to the shoulder. we see speeds at 55 miles per hour, so it's not causing problems out there. we have an accident at 9th and main street. traffic moving much better there. we have an accident blocking two lanes south jersey on the garden state parkway near pomona, expect delays two lanes blocked southbound on the garden state parkway. out-of-control driver crashed into someone's garage, the damage was done on the 600 block of north 4th street in mantua before 1:00 a.m. crews pulled the driver from the wreckage. no serious injuries were reported. happening today a bucks county woman is scheduled to be sentenced for her role in an attack on a gay couple in center city. catherine knot of southampton was found guilty simple assault.
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she was acquitted of aggravate assault. she shouted gay slurs and struck one of the men during a 2014 beating. a local family will renew their plea to keep a suspect in prison. raphael rob is serving a ten year prison for his wife inside their king of prussia home. the parol board is considering his request to be free before his sentence expires. it is argued that his manipulative and stay in prison until he serves the full sentence. two boys in bucks county are safe but feeling a chip from falling into an icy pond. they ventured on to the water which was partially frozen. jeff chirico spoke to one of the boys who was rescued.
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>> reporter: an emotional moment as collin and his family talked about the frightening ordeal that left the 12-year-old and his friend struggling in chalfonte. i felt like i was going to die. >> reporter: 2:00 p.m., another 12-year-old boy was walking on the ice when it cracked beneath them. when it broke i was the first one to fall in, instantly, i grabbed bad on to the ice to get back on, but it broke. >> reporter: david bennett and two other neighbors ran to help. they pulled one boy out with the stick, but they couldn't reach the other two. the one kid was screaming he couldn't swim, he yelled at him to hold on to the grate. i got his hand, i got his backpack off and i like put him on, he was like, he instantly
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thanked me, because he is polite. >> reporter: divers used a raft to help the boys. we want to thank the neighbors and everybody at the hospital we can't thank them enough. >> reporter: he said he is doing well and learned a valuable lesson. do not go on a pond that is frozen, otherwise you'll regret it. >> reporter: jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." we have video showing scores of bronco fans gathered in the streets in downtown, denver. they celebrated their victory over the panthers. fans poured out of the bars to celebrate. there were a handful of arrests, but police watched the celebration from the sidewalk. broncos kicker, brandon mcmannis kicked three field
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goals, he made a 33-yarder at the end of the first half making it 13-7. that followed the longest punlt return in super bowl history. he starred on tumble university's football team. we'll have more highlights from super bowl 50 in the next half-hour. now on to politics, the race for the white house is centered in new hampshire. the presidential hopefuls are making the final campaign push before residents vote tomorrow. kenneth moten is live in manchester with a live look at the candidates. good morning, kenneth. >> reporter: a day away can you believe it, and there's still undecided voters here so all the contenders will chris could -- l
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crisscross the granite state. bernie sanders fired up. for her this is not about grand theories about revolution, but about whether we can improve people's lives. clinton clinton was in flint michigan was taking on the water crisis. the latest poll out of new hampshire shows clinton closing in on sander. donald trump maintains a double digit lead in the state. quiet. >> reporter: the republicans fought it out during the abc gop debate, but the attacks continued on the trail after jeb bush enlisted in the help of barbara bush. poor poor poor jeb bush brought his mother out because he needed help. walk in the snow, mom. >> reporter: let's start once and for all which his fix that
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barack obama knows what he is doing. let's dispel the fiction that barack obama knows what he is doing. barack obama is trying to change america. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie went after marco rubio there, the candidate who was surging and rising in the polls struggling during the debate. the candidates have a total of 40 campaign votes today. i can tell you donald trump, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are expecterred to bring out the biggest crowds, 24 hours before the first votes, tam. reporting live in new hampshire, kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." you can feel the excitement in the air, we'll look forward to your reports. monica malpass is in new hampshire covering the primary, look for her live reports on "action news" at 11:00. coming up on "action news," how twitter is fighting back
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against terror activity on social media. ascertain teen with cerebral palsy is speaking out after video of him is surfacing of him being attacked is online. >> reporter: it's cold, and windy, the extra gear not a bad idea. a little bit of rain mixing with snow in parts of the region, i'll show you that coming up on future tracker 6 and we'll address tomorrow's potentially large storm. welcome back, good monday
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morning to you. it is now 4:42 a.m. looking at philadelphia international airport, clear, but cool, 39 degrees. it's going to be a rough 48 hour period here, david? >> reporter: it could be, the models you'll see in a moment
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are waffling a little bit, tomorrow we'll get more snow than today in most areas. satellite and radar showing you there's a bit of rain off the coast this morning. as we look outside we have dry conditions inland. there's camden, new jersey, battleship new jersey in the darkness. we're looking at a a little bit of a wind beginning to rock the cameras around. that will become more prevalent as the day goes on. 39 degrees right now, well above freezing, but the winds are out of the northeast at 21 miles per hour. it's blustery out there, as i mentioned, the temperatures close to the 40-degree mark we want to bundle up a bit because of the wind. the storm system passing us by the center of it well off the coast as expected. this little branch of precipitation you see angle in toward the new jersey coastline is going to affect parts of the region this morning. as we look at future tracker 6 between now and 9:00.
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this encounters cool aaloft and changes over to wet snow. trenton might see this and atlantic city, as well. atlantic city down by the coast, probably a rain and wet snow mix. not expecting much accumulation from this. it should pull away quickly. the noon view it is out of the region. as we go through the day, we are looking at temperatures well above freezing. by 10:00 a.m., 39. 4 is -- 41 by noon. 3:00 p.m., 43. high terms this afternoon, 40 in allentown. 44 in trenton. 40 in cape may, new jersey and other areas along the shore. future tracker 6 later tonight and into the overnight hours shows evening snow up to midnight beginning to develop. the question after that becomes what else happens with this.
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we are expecting periods of snow on and off. this particular model doesn't have anything going through it until 8:00 a.m. there are more models suggesting more snow coming in tomorrow. just to give you an idea we're all over the map on this. we're going for a one to three inch look with a 30% chance it goes above three inches in philadelphia. this would be the result of periods of banged snow -- banding snow coming in during the day tomorrow and tomorrow night. snow, 43 is the high, it's gone by lunchtime. tuesday, tomorrow we have the chance of snow totaling 1 to 3 inches and 39 degrees is the high there. wednesday, 39 lingering snow showers possible. after that colder air comes back for the next part of the week. 44 is the high on thursday, 42
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friday, get ready for a brisk and cold weekend saturday and sunday with highs in the 20s. remember anytime we're not on the the air on 6abc. go to and get the very latest from all of our meteorologists here on snow, rain whatever is coming, and of course we have weather discussions and the latest radar on the website. we'll be doing writing and forecasting over the next 48 hours. we'll look out to see what you see. a western pennsylvania high school student and his mother are speaking out now that a video of him being violently assaulted is online. as isaiah turned the ham way corner another student kicked him in the chest. students pick on him. he suffers from seizures his mother is grateful that kick didn't trigger a medical emergency. i cried when i seen that,
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it's like, wow, how could kids be that cruel. i was kind of hurt, and embarrassed. izaya's mother said this s a teachable moment about bullying, speak up when you see something like that, something that is wrong. the average price for gas in the five county philadelphia area has dropped below $2 for the first time since 2004. prices in delaware and new jersey are lower for several weeks. prices at the pump is following the prices dropped in crude oil. twitter is seeking out spam account that are promoting terror activity. twitter made the move in response to a federal government request. it suspended 125 accounts so far. major stock indices were in the red on friday, the dow fell
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211. stock futures are in the green pointing to a higher open. two people were pulled alive from rubble two days after the powerful earthquake shook taiwan. gunshots rang out at two separate mardi gras parades in the south overnight weekend. details next. remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
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good morning, everyone, taking a live look at the river rink on penns landing. the flags are blowing in the wind. 39 degrees on city avenue. good morning to you, karen. >> reporter: good morning, it is monday, matt o'donnell's favorite day of the entire week and we're looking live on i-95. roads are dry in this area. looking pretty good in southwest philadelphia. we do have a disabled vehicle off to the shoulder you can kind of see it on i-95 southbound near the airport. it is off to the side. we have light volume because it's not 5:00 a.m., no big problem all lanes open. watch for the poor guy stuck out there. on the vine street expressway no overnight construction westbound eastbound everybody getting along so far so good with all lanes open. we have a disabled vehicle westbound on the schuylkill
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expressway at the curve. its off to the side. we have an accident blocking two lanes, the garden state parkway just cleared traffic is moving better. 42, looking good right here, light volume good to go. authorities are investigating two separate shootings at mardi gras parades in the south. police got a call about a fight and shots being fired after a parade. two men died at the scene and two others were hurt. in new orleans, shots were fired along the parade route and nobody always injured. new divers off the coast of southern california have discovered two bodies near the site of a midair collision. officials say a 72-year-old woman was one of two experienced pilots who crashed their small planes on friday. the search for a third possible victim continues.
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they have pulled some of the wreckage from the water. new on "action news," there's signs of life under the rubble in taiwan after a powerful earthquake. rescuers got two people today and they believe their two more they are able to get to. 37 people died during the 6.4 magnitude quake. but around 100 people are unaccounted for. 4:53. new video showing a man in baltimore ramming his van into a woman and other cars. hear what police say the man was trying to getaway from coming up at 5:00 a.m. next up, delaware service members return from afghanistan into welcoming arms at philadelphia international. "action news" will be back in just a moment.
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from the delaware air national guard are back with their loved ones. excited family and friends greeted the airmen at philadelphia international last night. they touched down after 125 day employment in afghanistan. not only am i thankful, there are other people who she would realize so many families go through the sacrifice and there's not enough thank you. for many of the service members this was the second, third, and fourth deployment.
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scott kelly tweeted out this picture of levi stadium last night. the international space station floated over the bay area for 15 seconds going 1700 miles per hour. kelly has been aboard the station for more than 300 days, he is scheduled to return on march 1. a local pup made it to this year's puppy bowl on the animal planet network. he scored two touchdowns in the puppy bowl, but was robbed didn't win the m.v.p. most valuable puppy. still ahead on "action news," a cam critic took to social media after he was short with reporters.
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"action news" will be right back. i do everything on the internet.
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good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m., on this monday, february 8. here's what's happening. more snow along with waves of colder air are on tap today and tomorrow and it could cause minor coastline flooding. a boy rescued from a pond in bucks county is talking


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