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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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two weather systems preparing to tag team the delaware valley. the first brings concerns about coastal flooding, the second one about snow. getting off on the right foot, a hometown kicker helps the denver broncos lead to victory in super bowl 50. good morning, 5:30, let's talk about what the weather is bringing us and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: that's a former temple owl kicker. we have a system close enough where parts of the area east of philadelphia will get brushed with precipitation this morning. it will be rain initially in atlantic city. as we push up to 9:00 a.m. it's possible as the system pulls away from us, it wraps wet snow into areas close to trenton, ocean county and burlington and atlantic county. we're only expecting small accumulations out of that. tomorrow, a second system arrives this one has winter
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storm watch that kicks in tonight and in through tuesday night. in this case we're looking at snow coming through. it looks like we'll get accumulation. might be a little bit tonight, but especially through the day today and tomorrow night. in addition a coastal flood watch is in effect minor flooding because of the onshore flow from the pasting coastal storm. minor tonight and tomorrow, with the persistent onshore flow we'll bump up to moderate. we have a blustery windy blowing it's not precipitating anywhere other than down by the shore. 43 degrees by 3:00 p.m. which is where you would expect to be in february. it is going to be windy out and later this afternoon and tonight a couple of flurries and snow showers start to build back in.
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karen, i'm -- i'll talk about how much snow to expect from the second system coming up. >> reporter: it's dry as you head out. we have dark rides, we have a disabled vehicle on the schuylkill expressway westbound approaching the conshohocken curve. it's kind of hard to see that guy stuck on the road. on the vine street expressway, no problems, eastbound a little volume, all lanes open on the vine street entries -- expressway. we have a disabled vehicle i-95 southbound near the airport. speeds at 5 miles per5 miles pe. no problems there. in east falls we have the falls bridge shut down that's causing headaches. that continues and it continues for a while, so get used to
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that. money meant road is closed between ford -- monument road is closed between ford and belmont. we have brand new information on the shooting in the city of chester. let's go over to katherine scott live on ski stone road with the latest on what she learned, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, we reached out to police multiple times. so far police have not commented on the investigation. we are trying to sort out the details. we have been speaking to the family members of the two people who were shot. a woman said her brother was shot and her mother was denied entry to the hospital. her cousin was killed after multiple times. police fired the shots. police remain on the road in chester. they are looking around the suv that trustee said was her
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cousin's suv. she said she received a phone call around 2:00 a.m. her brother and cousin were in the car driving, he called to say he loved her the police were firing at them, her brother said he was afraid to be killed if he got out of the car. here's what trustee had to say. no because i was on the phone with them, i thought everything was going to be okay, that's what i was telling them. my brother ask dead and my brother is shot. i'm not getting no information it's killing me, but i want to stay strong for my sister. i'm trying to stay strong. it's a mess. and back here live where wuk see the crime scene unit remains on the scene, again, police have not commented on this, we have reached out to them, we are waiting for their
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comment. according to a family member she said her 23-year-old brother was shot and injured and her cousin was killed after a police-involved shooting in chester. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." parts of the jersey shore that were battered by the blizzard of 2016 are bracing for new threats of flooding. annie mccormick is in atlantic city with more organ the coastal concerns. >> reporter: matt, overnight they reported there were high wind gusts here, right now it's breezy and temperatures are dropping. there's a coastal flood advisory in effect from 5:00 a.m. this morning to tomorrow morning. let's look at the video from the time you were talking about two weeks ago we got battered here with the storm with the blizzard. it's not expected to be anything like that, like those conditions. the coastal flood watch is in effect late monday night into tuesday afternoon. light snow showers will happen
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around 6:30, that could be a mission of rain and maybe sleet or snow. high tide is expected around 6:30. you could expect to see 7-foot waves in comparison to last week, officials saw 7.8-foot waves when we had major storms. this could impact roadway flooding especially during high tide it could make the conditions of minor tidal flooding could get bumped up to moderate flooding. atlantic city will do a lot of things they did in place last time, although they are not expecting this to be as big as last time, they are going to make sure the roads are safe. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." and new this morning, an out-of-control driver crashed into someone's garage. the damage was done on the 600 block of north 34th street in mantua section before 1:00 a.m. crews pulled the driver from the wreckage, no serious injuries were reported.
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5:36 happening today a bucks county woman will be sentenced for her role in an attack on a gay couple in center city. a jury convicted her of simple assault and cleared her of more serious charges. she was with a large group that attacked a couple in 2014. knott denies participating in the verbal or physical attack. two co-dferlts -- could defendants have pleaded guilty. tomorrow is new hampshire primary. donald trump maintains a double digit lead, trailing candidates like chris christie are trying to take advantage of marco rubio's performance in the debate. christy had a narrow path,
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in new hampshire it's critical for him there. clinton is closing in on bernie sanders. former president bill clinton campaigned for his wife in new hampshire while she spent time in flint, michigan. >> reporter: monica malpass is covering the new hampshire primary you can see her live report on "action news." this new video of bronco fans taking control of the downtown streets overnight. at one point several dozen officers formed a riew nighted front -- formed a united front to contain the crowds. i don't think co-s kicker brandon mcmannis kicked three field goals. he made 13-7 after this longest
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punt return in super bowl history. mcmannis graduated from north penn high school anne starred on temple university's football team. we'll have more highlights coming up in the next half-hour. we have a little bit of rain and wet snow in parts of the region over the next couple of hours this morning, but the bigger issue is through the day tomorrow. storm tracker 6 live double scan there's the precipitation off the coast following rain right now. looks like a bit of that might be popping up into cape may county. i think the bigger issue is in atlantic city and up to trenton. i'll show you what i am talking about there on future tracker 6 in a couple of seconds. we have windy conditions and dry conditions under mainly cloudy skies. you want to bundle you mean because we're in the 30s. 38 in philadelphia. wind out of the northeast at 17 miles per hour the windchill currently making it feel like 29 so bundle up early. there is the system off the coast where we expected it would
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be. it's a large system, but close enough to dish winds in off the ocean and put precipitation along the coastline. future tracker 6 is showing us from now until 9:00 a.m. some of that precipitation may encounter cooler air aloft and turn to snow and pull away. doesn't look like much accumulation, but wet snow this morning as we move into the afternoon it's up past new york city. up until 6 basically tranquil weather, but you might see precipitation at time. 41 degrees by noon, 43 around 3:00 p.m., average for this time of the year. if we see any precipitation this afternoon it will be light and spotty. high temperatures across the region, 40 in allentown. 43 in philadelphia. 40 down the shore in cape may. windy all the way. then later on tonight we're
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looking at the arrival of some more bands of snow. by 11:00, 10:00 p.m., adam and cecily will have something to show you on storm tracker 6 live. 11:00 we're seeing light snow showers popping through, but there's models filling this in by tomorrow morning. we feel comfortable telling you to prepare for 2 to 4 inches of snow through the day tuesday and perhaps ending late tuesday night. probably a lot less than that down the shore where a lot of rain will mix in. if you're out toward reading and lancaster it will go higher. i want to show you there's not a lot of model agreement. one version of the north american model that came in recently has us going up to 7 inches of snow. the late model of run of gfs bumped up to 5.
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we'll go 2 to 4, there's a chance it will be higher than that. i suggest you get your stuff down today because tomorrow might be difficult. we have clouds and wet snow south and east for a time this morning. otherwise we're dry. 43 the high. tomorrow, 39, periods of snow today and into tomorrow night. mostly cloudy on wednesday, 39 degrees with a flurry, snow shower or flurry on thursday. an arctic boundary comes through after that. the big story in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, is the drop in temperatures as we head toward the weekend. high of 32 on friday, only in the 20s on sunday, sunday in particular looks bitter. happy valentine's day. caught on camera an attack on a boy who is physically handicapped. his mother speaks about it. we're dry at front and
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fayette street. we'll look at i-95. the emotional welcome home party for the group of military servicemen that's later when "action news" continues.
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5:45, platt bridge, "live" with kelly and live on
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sky 6. people getting an early jumble this morning. seeing -- jump this morning, seeing snowfall in the next 48 hours. so today, today is better commute. >> reporter: it's a better commute we'll get rain and snow showers moving into interior parts of south jersey, checking the suburbs looking live outside, bucks county, business route 1, traffic moving nicely, we're clear and dry. 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., each night this week you'll be dealing with construction. route 1 southbound and business route 1. i-95 southbound, i mean, between business route 1, you'll have construction in the overnight hours that will block at least a lane. we have another disabled vehicle, the third one this morning, 422 eastbound approaching 724 north coventry township, look for that to be causing an issue. overall on 422 moving at
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50 miles per hour. south jersey along the 0 coastline you'll be dealing with rain and snow showers, but currently dry right now. 33 degrees in quakertown. 36 in cinnaminson and 37 in vineland, new jersey. tam. two mardi gras parades down south took dangerous turns. first there was a shooting in the gulph city of christiana mississippi. people in the crowd said they shout the shots were fireworks until they realized the fatal outcome. in louisiana someone opened fire in the famed route in new orleans, both shootings are under investigation. this is new a pittsburgh area high school student and is
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mother are speaking out now that the video of him being assaulted turned up online. as iis wooding has cerebral palsy, he suffers from seizure. i was like, wow, how could kids be that cruel. i got kicked in the chest. isaiah's mom sees this as a teachable moment about bullying. there are signs of life underle rubble in taiwan two days after the powerful earthquake. rescuers saved two people today and thenl there are two more -- they believe there are two more in the rubble.
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there are 100 people who are unaccounted for. coming up, new details on the midair collision in the pacific that may have left three people dead. the coolest super bowl party of all, it was literally out of this world.
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astronauts scott kelly saw the super bowl 50 from space. the international space station passed over the pay area for 3 seconds going 17,500 miles an hour. he has been aboard for 316 days, he is scheduled to return home on march 1. we didn't get a good look at beyounce at half-time.
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it was going fast. we're here in delaware county, the blue route southbound heading toward i-95. coming down from saint david or broomall, you don't have any big problems, looking good. the delaware overview showing no major problems, travel times i-95 an easy 12 minute ride no complaints about that. mass transit is on time. >> reporter: the storm system is moving away from us along the coast there's a possibility that the precipitation wraps inland. it could push close to trenton and atlantic city and pull away later on this morning. if you're dressing the kids we're chilly, temperatures in the 30 rest -- in the 30s and windchills in the 20s, this afternoon we'll be in the 40s, bundle up because of the wind. if you're running errands a good day to get it done we could have snow on the ground tomorrow. 38 degrees by 9:00.
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the high today is 43 degrees, later today we're expecting periods of snow is build in. you can find the seven-day forecast and a live look at storm tracker 6 live double scan radar at any time of day on the website at new this morning, divers off the coast of southern california have discovered two bodies near the site of a midair collision. officials say a 72-year-old woman was one of the two experienced pilots who crashed their small planes on friday. the search for a third possible victim goes on. some of the wreckage has been pulled out of the water. up next, the emotional home coming for service members of the delaware air national guard. the world is smaller than you thought, the 6-degree of spraition -- separation theory is actually shrinking. we'll tell you why we come right
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family will renew their pleas to keep a former penn professor in prison. raphael rob is serving prison for murdering his wife ellen rob. the pennsylvania parole board is considering whether he should be free before his time expires. his family said he should stay in prison until he serves the full sentence. a group of service members from the delaware air national
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guard are back with their loved ones. excited family and friends greeted the airmen last night. they touched down after a 125 day deployment in afghanistan. not only am i thankful, there are other people who she would realize so many families go through the sacrifice and there's not enough thank you. for many service members this was the second, third or fourth deployment. it's hard ton those families, she is right, thank you. we have a deadly police-involved shooting in the city. chester. a live update is next. chipotle makes a radical move to approve it's serious about food safety.
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good morning everyone, 6:00 a.m., monday, february 8. we're following breaking news. detectives sorting out the details of a deadly shooting in delaware county. more snow along with waves of colder air on tap for this week, it could cause minor coastal flught. we're live in "action news." peyton manning gives the denver broncos the vince lombardi trophy. let's go over to david murphy and karen. >> reporter: we have a coastal storm that's well off the coast where the band of precipitation is close enough where it's beginning to wrap in close to the coast. it will


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