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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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of precipitation that has pulled itself together. it's broken up in nature. one no, sir here detroit, another near richmond and washington. as that goes off to the coast the original low, the low in buffalo will be to the north and the two will try to merge some energy in between one another and that will develop some on and off periods of snow tuesday into wednesday morning. so, as we look at the winter storm warnings there go flood watch effect midnight last until 6:00 a.m. on wednesday, it does include the greater philadelphia region, the delaware valley, southern new jersey delaware and winter weather advisories north of the pennsylvania turnpike. this just means areas of pink that's where you'll see the most accumulation this go round. future tracker at 10:30 will show a little bit of that light snow developing across the area. as we go into tomorrow morning we we will have bound area area issues to the south. that means there will be mixing at the shore in southern delaware with very light show at times. as you go into noon tomorrow there will be a period tomorrow where very little is
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going on and you're going to question yourself where is the snow. so, as we look at the time line between 9:00 and midnight that's when the light snow begins. it's on and off all tuesday and then late tuesday afternoon into the evening that's the steadiest round of snow that comes in and it starts to end between midnight and 4:00 a.m. on wednesday. so, it's big key points here on and off light snow very slow to accumulate which will help us navigate around as most of the treated roads will be wet during the day tomorrow and the key concern will be tomorrow afternoon and evening and overnight alicia and that's when we could see a little bit of slickness on those area roadways. much more in the full accuweather forecast. >> adam thank you. they were just battered by the blizzard of 2016. today parts of the jersey shore are now bracing for brand new flooding problems n atlantic city today tidal flooding soaked the streets. some cars got stuck in some major intersections. in absecon portions of the white horse pike also covered in water. police crews blocking off
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traffic there and in egg harbor township parts of the black horse pike also shut down, some cars had to be towed after drivers tried unsuccessful to pass through water. always remind you about that. and of course snow is in the forecast so coastal flood advisories remain in effect there at the shore. down in delaware deldot crews are busy preparing brining bridges and roads ahead of the weather event. the delaware department of transportation says it's mainly focusing on new castle county where the majority of this weather event is expected to hit. >> we're making sure all of our snow fleet such and running and we're going to start probably loading some of our vehicles little early. we are looking at the time that the storm is going to come in. >> everyone preparing. at 5:00 nora muchanic takes us back to the shore as they prepare for tonight's weather and walter perez will be live on "action news at 6:00 with penndot preps.
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brian. >> alicia, thank you. in addition to those live reports at 5:00 and 6:00 we'll have you covered over the next few days as that snow rolls in. >> check back often at we'll have the latest school closings and delayed openings. storm tracker6 will show in you realtime where the snow is expected next. >> and we'll be on the air once again early tomorrow to help you get out the door. join matt, tam, david and karen for the latest weather and traffic as well as a life look at conditions across the region starting at 4:00 a.m. >> former eagles running back lesean mccoy is under investigation for an assault against off duty philadelphia police officers. the incident happened yesterday at a club in olde city and "action news" has learned mccoy was there with at least one former nfl player. john rawlins working the story this afternoon, he is live outside of that club on second street with the details. john. >> reporter: hi, sharrie. well, no charges have been filed at this point though
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there is an active police investigation with detectives talking to the d.a.'s office on a regular basis today. now, the incident is basically a bar fight. it happened at an after hours club behind me here at club recess. it's tucked away in the basement of an olde city parking garage. >> nothing should amount to this type of incident where you have someone going to the ground and have any individual stomping a person over a bottle of champagne. something that makes no sense whatever. >> reporter: lieutenant john stanford talking about what occurred 2:30 sunday morning. three off duty police officers had some champagne at their table. four other men, one of them former eagle now buffalo bills running back lesean mccoy believed at least some of that champagne belonged to them. there were words. this video sent to "action news" via twitter it reports to show the resulting altercation. at the start police believe the foremen targeted one of the officers. >> altercation over the ownership of a bottle of champagne leads to some pushing and shoving by the complainant as well as the
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suspects. that leads to a physical altercation where we have four suspects that more or less jump the one complainant knocking him to the ground punching him kicking him. once he's on the ground they begin to stomp him. >> reporter: a second off duty officer was struck. both officers are said to have significant injuries. >> eye socket, broken nose, broken rib, handled injuries and possibly skull injuries and second complainant as well laceration above the eye as well as possible skull fractures. >> reporter: police are not releasing the names of the four being investigated for possible charges of aggravated assault. mccoy is an nfl player. another one is a former nfl player, a third man is a former college player with the university of pittsburgh where mccoy played college ball. today the buffalo bills said the following. we are aware of the reports regarding lesean mccoy and are in the process of gathering more information. we will not provide any further comment at this time. well, a request of mccoy's agent drew rosenhaus generated
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a no comment at this time. again no charges in this situation at this point in time though there is an active session. we are told if charges do come along, they will come along as early as late tonight or possibly tomorrow. john rawlins, channel6 "action news. brian. >> we'll continue to follow that, john. thanks very much. we are just one day away now from the new hampshire primary and candidates from both parties are making stops across the state as they stump for last minute support and that includes a big push from new jersey governor chris convention center as he tries to capitalize on what most agree was a strong debate performance over the weekend. "action news" anchor monica malpass live for us in manchester new hampshire today with details on what was a busy day in the granite state. hi, monica. >> reporter: hi, brian, that's right. it is snowy and windy here in manchester as you can see but they are still expecting record turnout tomorrow for the first primary in the country and today's latest polls still show bernie sanders and donald trump the clear front runners.
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the u mass tracking gives bernie sanders a 56 to 40 lead over hillary clinton in the contest. sanders has a youth couldn't is the at 6:00 tonight. hillary clinton is campaigning with her husband and daughter as she tries to narrow that gap before tomorrow's voting begins. on the republican side the tracking poll gives trump 34 percent with ted cruz and marco rubio tied at 13 and john kasich at 10. despite that lead, trump has been campaigning hard today. this event in salem just one of four he has planned capped by a big rally in manchester tonight. trump does not want a repeat of his second place finish in iowa. and republican governor chris christie of the garden state knows that this is do or die time for him if he's going to win those votes. so he has been keeping up countless hours courting new hampshire voters but today he stint up another notch. >> will you give a compliment to fight increases in minimum wage. >> reporter: 200 people
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packed this town hall to pepper governor christie with questions about protecting small businesses saving social security and fighting terrorism. he's doing four town halls today in hudson ham stedman chester crisscrossing the state trying to save his campaign. governor christie is countering on the large undecided vote to push him into the top four finish nears new hampshire. many came out today to hear what he had to say firsthand. >> if you haven't decided yet here we go. >> and i really like you and this is -- >> what do i need to do. >> reporter: christie literally got down on one flee to beg this woman for her vote. others were an easier sell. >> and i think because of his performance during the debate he's going to do well. >> i think everything he's had to say is compelling and strong and positive. all the things i want in a president. >> reporter: after the town hall i asked christie's wife new jersey's first lady mary pat if it was enough to turn the tide. when they leave these town halls they're converted. they're go home and tell 20
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people and get the vote out tomorrow. >> reporter: and we'll see if she's right. well, whoever is the winner in tomorrow's primary could get a 27 percent boost in the polls just based on sheer momentum and media coverage going into the next several primaries over the next month or so. so, of course everybody covets that goal and we'll see who gets it and we'll know tomorrow what the outcome s monica malpass reporting live from manchester new hampshire. brian. >> thanks so much. we'll have continuing coverage from new hampshire throughout the evening tonight and all day tomorrow and of course stick with "action news" and tomorrow night. we've got live results as the numbers come in. >> the villanova wildcats earned a piece of history today. the school's basketball team is ranked number one in the nation for the first time eve ever. jay wright's squad was ranked number three last week and beat providence saturday and the two teams ahead of villanova oklahoma and north carolina both lost. this afternoon the new rankings have nova at number
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one and both the coaches and the ap poll will have reaction from the campus coming up on "action news" starting at 5 o'clock. ly. >> students got to be loving that. >> yes, absolutely. >> fun times. it is time now for the "action news" traffic report today. >> let's do it live with matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. hi, matt. >> and the schuylkill expressway is never right so we ranked it very low on our list of favorite roadways. this afternoon it is proving why. it's giving us a big delay, brian and sharrie, on the eastbound side from the roosevelt boulevard into south street. that's because there was an accident in the eastbound lanes of the schuylkill by south street. crash is now gone but as you can see the delays linger. still have several accidents this afternoon in the suburbs. in plymouth township close to the store house church one along germantown pike at mill creek road. flooding in westville gloucester county and 130 is that blocked as a result right by 45. maybe stick with 551, broadway as a possible alternate n evesham township watch out for crash as you head towards the little mill country club along hopewell road between
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deerfield avenue and kelly drive n new castle county watching a crash along route seven, that's limestone road near mill town road. not so bad this afternoon on 95. a whole lot better than this morning. speeds this afternoon in the mid-50's. in delaware steve from pa is out and about in delaware this afternoon in wilmington reporting a pothole in the road along maryland avenue. watch outer for that. never a good thing for your tires. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, coming up in the next half hour. >> matt, thank you. and still ahead, she was convicted for her part in the brutal beating of a gay couple in center city. she's in court right now to learn her punishment. >> and he's the president of a fraternity at an ivy league university but today he's accused of sexual assault. the case that's rocking one of america's top colleges. >> and chipotle closed down every single one of its restaurants across america today. we'll explain what's behind the closure. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> at cornell university today a fraternity president is accused of attempted rape and sexual abuse. this after a female student filed a report saying that he assaulted her inside a fraternity house on campus. wolfgang pallinger is the president of si upsilon. he's also the son of one of the owners of new york city's famous concert halls. the 21-year-old is now behind bars accused of sexual assault. the woman claiming he locked the door of a frat house room and forced himself on her after she verbally protested several times. balancinger has pleaded not guilty to first degree criminal rape and sexual abuse. >> the speed with that which they took this case from the university's purview and brought it into a criminal setting to just that the prosecution believed suggested the prosecution believe they have a strong case. >> the university president says sexual violence has
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noplace at cornell and they have suspended the fraternity as this investigation continues. ballinger's layer telling abc news they believe his innocence will be established at the proper time and place. he's set to face a judge tomorrow. brian. >> alicia thank you. every chipotle in america shut its doors for hours today as the company tries to recover from a nationwide e. coli outbreak. the company forced all of its locations to shut down today. most did that from 11:00 this morning until 3:00 in the afternoon like this location on city avenue. now managers and employees used that time to go over an updated food safety program that the company implemented in january. the cdc has declared that outbreak officially over but investigators never did find the exact source of the problem. >> now here is a look at today's closing numbers and a down starting this week on this monday. the dow down nearly 178 points, the nasdaq down nearly 80, the s & p 500 down nearly
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27 points this monday. it is time now for another check of the accuweather forecast. >> all right. snow about to start falling down as well. meteorologist adam joseph tracking the system that's coming our way right now. adam. >> yeah, a lot of clouds out there on storm scan six. low pressure system off to the west over the great lakes. a few splashes of sun helping the temperatures to move up. right now 42 philadelphia, 40 in allentown, 40 in reading, 41 wilmington and 40's down to the south, so again, going into the snow, these temperatures are warm enough that those pavement surfaces which have been treated and if they're highly traveled once that snow starts overnight could keep most of those rage major roadways on the wet side. take a look at this massive storm which scraped new england with blizzard like conditions. you see that spin. there were hurricane force winds out over the open waters of the atlantic with that storm. that's pulling away and there has really wiped out the atmosphere because of how strong that storm is and as you look to the west you don't see much of a circulation.
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do you see counterclockwise flow with the precipitation but no true spin and you notice that the precipitation is very broken in nature so as this passes through late tonight, tomorrow into early on wednesday, no coastal storm will actually development we're just banking on some instability to give us these snow amounts tuesday into tuesday night. so, at 10 o'clock tonight we start to see a band of some of that light snow developing philadelphia down to the south with temperatures at or above freezing at that time. as we get into the morning rush tomorrow, as you can see, very little going on across much of the area. there will be some kind of lull going on through much of your tuesday and we're going to be dealing with rain in southern areas with temperatures at or above freezing there. as we get into the afternoon tomorrow, again, future tracker showing that many of us will see a lull here through much of tuesday before we start to see instability push in from the south and the west and that will arrive here
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tomorrow evening, tuesday at 8:30 p.m., some of those snow showers moving back in but again temperatures staying above the freezing point and as we get into tuesday night, early wednesday that pulls on out and then by wednesday, noon, some sunshine returning and those temperatures going back up to near 40 degrees. so, as we look at the expected snowfall totals one to 3 inches north of the pennsylvania turnpike into the lehigh valley. three to six philadelphia wilmington back to the west chester lancaster down to millville and atlantic city and one to three to the south where you have those mixing issues but when you take a look at these totals because this is going to be on and off over an extended period of time you may never see that much snow on the ground so you may wake up and just say, wait, you said three to six and there's only a couple inches on the ground 'cause some of it will be melting during those breaks in the snow. coastal flood warning goes into effect the next round of high tide 7:00 to eight 8:00 8:. tonight. as we go into your tuesday, again periods of snow and do
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not be surprised if you see long periods of breaks tomorrow at 37 degrees. then a stronger period of light snow coming in tomorrow night but it's out of here by wednesday morning. winds of change wednesday. some peeks of sun, near 40 in the afternoon and then blustery with flurries on tuesday, 29 for a high. stays cold as we end the week at 29. very little in the way of sun this week with the real cold snap coming in at the end. wait until you see the numbers for valentine's day around here in that seven-day forecast. in the next half hour you'll see he. >> adam thanks very much. want to get to some breaking news right now. chopper6 live over the scene of some protest activity in north philadelphia. apparently the school's board of trustees is meeting to discuss the proposed stadium project temple talking about building a stadium right near its north philadelphia campus. some community leaders including the mayor, mayor kenney have talked about their opposition to that plan. this group also joining joig that opposition a protest under way near the campus --
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rather on the campus of testimony university. we'll continue to follow that both from the air and on the ground as this newscast continues today. >> still ahead on "action news at 4:00 a local couple accused of breaking into more than 60 cars. how police say they did it. >> coming up at 4:30 a cruise ship damaged at sea. today we're hearing from people from our area who are still stuck on board. >> and it started as an emergency call but it ended with crafting. we have this viral video out of burlington county, new jersey, coming up in big talkers you won't want to miss it. remember, "action news" is about interaction with you. follow us on social media for the latest headlines, accuweather and breaking news. and also communicate with us on facebook we're 6abc "action news." on twitter we're at 6abc. join us and be a part of "action news." >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> developing right now at 4:00 a woman was just sentence for her role in an attack on a gay couple in center city.
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the judge has ordered katherine knott to spend between five and 10 months in jail and to be taken into custody immediately. she was found guilty of reckless endangerment and misdemeanor assault for the incident that happened in september of 2014. two men were attacked at 16th and chancellor streets. one of them suffered a broken jaw. two of knott's co-defendants are already on probation after pleading guilty. to delaware now where police have charged two people in dover with stealing from dozens of cars. police say 24-year-old richard henderson and 24-year-old alicia agosto. police say henderson would walk through neighborhoods checking for unlocked cars. then he'd take what he could and get into the a car that agosto was driving. both suspects are in jail and have not posted bond. >> tonight on "action news" at 11:00 we have help for anyone
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fighting for healthcare. here's nydia han with a preview. >> reporter: if you don't win the fight against your doctor's office hospital or insurance company, you could end up in financial ruin. >> it's demoralizing. i felt like i couldn't do anything because high to keep saving up to try and save this bill eventually. >> it's tough. we're good people. it's hard. >> if i didn't start paying immediately they were going send me to collections and would it hurt my credit rating. >> reporter: the "action news" troubleshooters are helping our viewers gets bills waived or money back plus we found other free resources on one-on-one help with your medical bills and more. tonight on channel6 "action news" at 11:00. >> penn museum archaeologistss are showing averted fact that is are 3,000 years old. the archaeologists excavated the royal tomb thought to be the final resting place of king midas' father in 1957. and today "action news" got a
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peek at some of the artifacts found into the tomb in turkey. this world exclusive stick business will go on display on saturday. it features more than 120 objects including ancient jewelry and plenty of pottery. >> fascinating. >> cool stuff. >> coming up in the next half hour of "action news" at 4:00 a former university professor convicted of killing his wife wants to get out of prison but his own family disagrees. hear why they he want him to stay behind bars. >> and as valentine's day sneaks up on everyone we've got tips to help you enjoy the holiday without breaking the bank ahead in what's the deal today. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> hello again. it is 4:30 now and "action news" continues with new details on a deadly officer involved shooting. >> a vacation turned nightmare. news tonight. "action news" talks to a local couple aboard a bruised and battered cruise ship. >> ahead in big talkers today a magical moment on a high school basketball court. a team manager nailed his big shot but that's only where the story begins. we'll explain his connection to the opposing team and show you the fans' unforgettable reaction. >> but first with the winter storm warning posted for our area all eyes are on the weather. snow is on the way starting tonight and the storm will impact us all day tomorrow. let's start at 4:30 with "action news" meteorologist adam joseph keeping an eye on
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everything live at the big board with the latest. >> yes, sharrie as we take a look at double scan live radar we have the snow in new england that was from the ocean storm that brought flooding at the shore but no precipitation for us. you look to the west and you can see scattered rain,y and snow showers. one low pressure you have in the eastern great lakes the other west of richmond. these two areas of low pressure will work to the north and east and they'll try to join some energy in between one another and that's what we're banking on to kind of give us some of these snowfall amounts as we get into tuesday and especially tuesday night. so, winter storm warnings go into effect at midnight tonight. that's the area in the pink. where you're in the pink if you're in and around these towns that's where we'll see the most accumulation and then north of the pennsylvania turnpike into the lehigh valley winter weather advisory with less snow up there and this lasts through 6:00 a.m. on wednesday pornography. amorning. philadelphia specifically it's as low as 1.7 on the euro, as high as 6.7 on the nam so you
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have to counter balance one orb two of the others so you're in general three or 4-inch range over all and this is during a 24 to 36 hour period so again not a lot of snow especially when you take a look at the length of this particular event. so as we break it down through tonight through predawn on wednesday it's not a constant snowfall so there will be many periods of inactivity where nothing is going on during the day on tuesday. it will be melting during the day as well tomorrow. very hard to accumulate with temperatures near 40 but most of the accumulation looks to come tomorrow evening into tomorrow night. we'll talk about, brian, those accumulation expected totals in that full accuweather seven-day forecast. >> all right, adam, see you shortly. thank you. people along the jersey shore are keeping an eye on tonight's high tide and that snow coming tomorrow. the action cam caught some minor flooding in margate this morning. this was along ventnor avenue between coolidge and monroe. cars carefully drove through the standing water in the intersections. and "action news" will get an early start tomorrow morning to help you get an early start as well in the
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midst of that snowy commute. join matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, dave murphy and karen rogers for the late of the on the forecast and traffic starting at 4:00 a.m. and as snow arrives tonight and tomorrow check back in and check back often with we've got the very late of the school closings and delayed openings should they be an issue and storm tracker6 live will show in you realtime where the snow is coming next. >> we have new information tonight about a deadly officer-involved shooting in chester. police now tell "action news" officers opened fire because the suspect flashed a gun. "action news" reporter vernon odom has the story tonight. he is live with the details. vern. >> reporter: good evening, sharrie. police tell us tonight that this investigation is being handled exclusively by delaware county detectives but no official word yet as to what happened and why. a chester man is dead and police hands in the early hours of this morning, police sources say a pair of officers opened fire on him in
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self-defense. this is where it all dime ahead in the predawn hours in the 1200 block of keystone road in chester city. here police say they shot and killed the driver of this suv after he brandished a gun. police say this followed a high speed chase that began in upland borough following a traffic stop around 2:00 in the morning. police sources say a chester man was the driver who fled. the cousin's identified as longer who was on the phone with his sister during the chase and the confrontation. >> i said where are y'all at now? 93 say we by the school. that's when they say they was firing at the car, shooting at the car. i said you can't get out the car. he said. no he said they about to kill me. next thing you know all the shots rang off. >> reporter: the investigation has been turned over to the delaware county d.a. jack whelan. police sources say longer was on probation.
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they say they have no idea why he fled and allegedly refused to surrender. the cousin received minor wounds in the frenzy. police say he's not being charged at this point. sharrie, tonight those two chester police officers have been placed on desk duty pending the outcome of this investigation. live at the delaware county courthouse in media, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news. >> all right, vern, thank you. a former university of pennsylvania professor convicted of killing his wife is once again trying to get out of prison. rafael raab has another parole hearing. he's serving a five to 10 year sentence of the beating of ellen robb. kevin steele joined the victim's family to ask that her killer serve his full time. >> ellen is serving a lifetime sentence in her grave. and this man must fulfill his
4:35 pm
entire sentence of what is a ridiculously minimal plea bargained sentence of only 10 years. >> the d.a.'s office has notified the parole board of their objection to robb's potential release. >> 52-year-old kevin cook is facing several charges including aggravated assault. according to the officer cook was pulled over early sunday morning in the city's overbrook section for not having his headlights on. police say kook did pull over but then suddenly accelerated while the officer was holding onto the driver's side door. that officer was dragged a short distance. police were able to arrest cook after he crashed into another car. a driver was trapped early this morning when they lost control of their car and crashed into a garage. this was the scene along north 34th street near haverford avenue in the mantua section of philadelphia. the garage door came crashing
4:36 pm
down on top that of car but the house itself is not damaged. the driver escaped without serious injury. >> the duchess of cambridge took a bold stand today in there uk all in the name of mental health. rick williams live in the news room to explain more on this. hi, rick. >> reporter: hi, sharrie, that's right. she's arguably one of the world's most famous mothers and tonight we're hearing from princess kate on behalf of children across great britain. health correspondent ali gorman will have more on her royal message coming up tonight in health check at 5:00. also coming up at 5:00 a big controversy over one of last flight's super bowl ads. the heavy criticism quicken loans is now facing for its spot promotingline mortgage purchases and how the company is now responding. just some of the stories we're following for you when we see you on "action news" tonight at 5:00 until then back to the studio and brian we'll see you soon. >> rick see you sue. one of philadelphia's favorite mascots made a surprise appearance in bucks
4:37 pm
county today. the philly fan flat particular went to buckingham school. the phillies will bring these interactive assemblies to several local schools this month. some of the kids will be recognized for staying active through the phillies fitness program. >> a trip to paradise that came everything but that. a cruise ship was caught battling a storm at sea and passengers describe a terrifying situation as they tried to stay safe. hear from a montgomery county couple on board straight ahead. >> and a local father and daughter do not shy away from showing off their dancing skills. the story behind this moment in big talkers. >> the lip and the nae nae. >> bringing it ought out. meteorologist adam joseph with the all important accuweather forecast as "action news" continues next.
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>> a cruise ship bound for port canaveral florida is on its way back to new jersey after it encountered a strong storm. passengers on board royal caribbean's anthem of the seas experienced all that rough weather last night. video of the damage shows broken vases decorations toppled tables and chairs. forecasters reported hurricane force winds of more than 100 miles an hour and waves that reached up to 30 feet. we talked to the mchugh family from collegeville who is on that ship. >> after 11 hours of rough terrible seas things breaking everywhere i mean the ship was listing at 45-degree angle. i mean, it was over like a 200-foot drop from my balcony looking down at least 300 feet. it was disgusting and it stayed on its side forever. >> wow. cruise officials were going to continue on to florida but to e-z passer?'s fears they decided to turn back. the guests will get a full refund and 50 percent off toward another cruise. hear more from the passengers
4:41 pm
about that incredible experience tonight at 5:30. >> what an ordeal. meantime at least four people including an eight-year-old girl were pulled from the rubble of an apartment highrise in taiwan after being there for nearly three days. the building came crashing down in an earthquake that shook the region friday. officials say the girl looked dehydrated but was awake. she had been trapped for more than 61 hours. more than 100 people are believed to still be under that debris. >> ♪ >> big talkers now and the story out of nashville that is ellis sitting cheers and happy tears all over the internet. it was basketball senior night at franklin road academy and two brothers from two different schools hit the court together. it was a victory for sure for robert louis the team manager who has down's syndrome and was told he would get a chance to play in this game. guarding him, his younger brother matthew who plays on the opposing team. he's number 42, if you can
4:42 pm
follow the jerseys there. matthew made sure to give his older brother some room but then even though they played for opposite teams encouraged him to shoot. robert missed his first attempt but with just five seconds left in the game, there it is, he sunk a 3-pointer. the crowd went wild. standing ovation for him and so the #brother guarding brother going viral on twitter for the happiest of reasons. love that story. now check this out. it starts as an emergency call in burlington, new jersey and it ends with some of the city's finest showing off their crafty side. the officers went to olde city quilts on high street in burlington responding to a medical emergency. luckily the patient who was a student in that class was okay. but then the department proudly posts this now viral video on their facebook page saying the officers couldn't help but join in on the quilt making class. look at them working that sewing machine there. the owner, judy, comes to help them out, you know, show them
4:43 pm
a few tips. her husband, rob shooting this video. we would love to see the finished products. what happens with that quilt. it's got to be good one. they have skills. finally there's something so sweet about dads and their daughters and there's one pretty awesome video out of holland, pa, that's going viral of a dad and his little girl sharing a special night and a special dance. >> ♪ >> go daddy, go. >> ♪ >> reporter: watch them, right. that that's smooth dancer dad noah and his daughter and dance partner adriana at saint katherine drexel school. this is them showing everyone how it's done, whip, nene, they got the stanky leg at the annual sweetheart dance. the dad says they didn't practice. adriana takes the lead and he follows it. everything for my baby and she he screams there.
4:44 pm
they wop the dance contest. she's only a little excited, right. and by the way, this video melting hearts everywhere showing dad just how it's done. >> that's right. >> a bit of a remix, too. they got their own moves going. that's pretty cool. >> greater dancers and even better today. alicia love that story. thanks very much. let's get another check on the roads right now. >> matt pelman keeping an eye out. he has the upday. hi, matt. >> a little whiplash on the roadways this evening as you slam on the brakes on 95 northbound because you're hitting the typical afternoon delay in the northbound lanes north of center city on up to the work zone at cottman avenue. at this point an eight minute delay on the northbound travel time so we've seen worse but it is definitely slow as you head northbound on 95 this afternoon. and a little extra slow on the schuylkill eastbound from montgomery on into south street. we started the afternoon with a crash there so that got us off to a bad start. still watching an accident in cheltenham close to the bethel deliverance church along cheltenham avenue at greenwood street. in horsham by the corner bakery and the lowes watch out
4:45 pm
for a wreck along welsh road at blair mill road. word also coming in of a crash in quakertown this afternoon along 309 west end boulevard between ninth street and independence place there by big bites barbecue which sounds delicious. no issues for you on the northeast extension if you're traveling northbound toward quakertowquakertown or the lehih valley. in westville gloucester county high water along 130 so it's blocked at 45. 551 broadway the way to get around that. and by the total wine and more in new castle county we had a crash along route seven limestone road. that's out of there and 95 through wilmington looking a whole lot better than it was this morning. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, coming up in the next half hour. >> very good. see you then matt. thank you. meteorologist adam joseph standing by with the latest snow forecast from accuweather next.
4:46 pm
dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two.
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i get that it can be overwhelming, because i'm living it. but i always tell people - saving's not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question about saving, ask me. sincerely, alex payne. fellow dad and fellow citizen.
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>> ♪ >> we turn now to meteorologist adam joseph. you and the team following another snow event by no means one to sound the alarm about but snow nonetheless. >> snow going to fall periodically. there will be many periods where not much is happening. tomorrow i know a lot of people are going to write on twitter and facebook where is the snow you're talking about. it's going to come in waves over a long period of time so that's what we're tracking. as we take a look at double scan live radar not much happening right now. the clouds pretty thick out there and some rain and snow showers will start to develop a little later on this evening between about 9:00 and midnight. but temperatures, you could see generally are in the 40's across much of the area. much like that friday event when the snow comes in, that ground temperature has been a little on the warm side, so a lot of of it will melt on those already treated roads that have been treated with brine this afternoon. we have double barrel low pressure, one in the great lakes, one down to the south just to the west of richmond, virginia and these two will stay separate as they pivot through here the next 24 to 36
4:49 pm
hours but they'll try to link some energy, instability between the two of them and as you can see, the precipitation is very broken in nature and will stay that way as it passes through. so, at 10 o'clock tonight you start to see some of those snow showers developing with temperatures overall above that freezing point but light snow and on some of the sidewalks and some of the side streets that weren't treated could get a little slick late tonight early tomorrow morning but for the rush tomorrow we're looking at rain in far southern areas, a little bit of light snow lancaster parts of wilmington but much of the area during the morning rush tomorrow could be somewhat on the dry side and it could stay dry through much of the day. at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon temperatures in the upper 30's, so anything that falls during the day tomorrow should melt on most surfaces with the exception of maybe some of the grass. then future tracker at 10 o'clock tomorrow night, that's when we expect the steadiest round of some of that light snow to pivot
4:50 pm
through here and temperatures then staying right around or just above the freezing point but then that moves out in time for the morning rush on wednesday. the snow should end and then by lunchtime on wednesday we're back up to 40 with the sunshine returning in spots but the wind will start to kick up out of the north and west. so, when you take a look at these snow totals, this is late tonight through early on wednesday morning, one to three right on the edge of philadelphia off to the north lehigh valley, trenton, bucks county, most of montgomery county, three he to six lancaster chester delaware county, southern parts of philadelphia county and then down to atlantic city and millville and because of that mixing with rain only one to 3 inches down to the south but again, you look at these numbers, you may not see that much snow on the ground all at once. as we break it down for you, between tonight through dawn, only about a half an inch to an inch on average will fall. then between tuesday morning into the early afternoon, only an additional half an inch to an inch during the day tomorrow. then you get that period of a couple of inches of snow to
4:51 pm
fall late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night. so, when we take a look at the snowfall amounts, again its broken down over an extended period of time so you're not going get there three to 6 inches all in a six hour period. then there are shore concerns. the n-few high tides seven to 8 o'clock ton then 7:30 to 8:30 tomorrow morning. more street flooding and waves creating erosion, wave heights around five to 10 feet. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast we'll continue to watch tomorrow with periods of snow on and off but above freezing temperatures at 37 so overall as you get to and from your destination tomorrow if you have to take it slow, you should get there pretty easily. then winds of change on wednesday, 39 degrees. blustery, a couple of flurries on thursday, high of just 29 and then arctic air comes in for the upcoming weekend. could bring a round of snow showers on saturday. highs over the weekend between 20 and 24. overnight lows in the suburbs below freezing. in the city single digits and then still only near 32 for the holiday for president's
4:52 pm
day here coming next monday. so a lot of the take away at home here is that the snow will be periodic and kids do your homework because you may have delays but no cancellations on tuesday and wednesday for many of them. >> don't bank on a snow day. >> no. >> we have valentine's tips that won't break the bank in what's the deal. >> tune into abc prime time. first up the bachelor at 8 o'clock where ben confronts olivia about her behavior dramatic as always. castle comes back at 10 o'clock. tonight castle and beckett investigate a body that's found in a theater and of course stick around for "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪
4:53 pm
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no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. >> in case into your flipping past your radar valentine's day is coming up on sunday and between the girlfriend, the gifs
4:55 pm
this day could take a pinch out of cupid's bottom line. when it comes to valentine's day philadelphia ranked all the way at the bottom in the 95th spot mostly because they say it gets expensive around here. so here's the good news. showing you care does not have to break the bank and we have some ways to save. you may love shopping online it's definitely not convenient -- it definitely is convenient but it's not always the cheapest. aaa says for both flowers and diamonds, it pace to shop in store and to shop locally and hey, if you're looking to make a weekend out of this, visit philly has some really great deals right now. they rounded up packages at all of the city's top hotels. they have room deals that include everything from dinner reservations to free chocolate and champagne, free breakfast, entertainment vouchers, you name it. we've posted a link on may as well check it out because it's also president's day weekends so some people have a long weekend. another way to save. do not dine out on valentine's
4:56 pm
day itself. sometimes the special menus end up costing you more so maybe go out on friday or saturday and order a la carte. either way enjoy your sweetheart. you don't have to spend a lot to show you care, line. >> that's right. just be together. you got it. alicia thanks. finally at 4:00 some dedicated workers are busy trying to undo the effects of a mysterious oil spill. the action cam was in newark delaware where staff and volunteers are cleaning 21 canadian geese. the birds were covered in oil that spilled into the potomac river in arlington, virginia. the source that of spill is not yet. no and experts expect more birds to arrive like this in need of cleaning. the workers though say the birds in their care will all be okay so great work they're doing right there. >> hope they get to the bottom that of. >> that will to it for "action news at 4:00. i'm sharrie williams. >> we'll see you at 10 o'clock tonight but now here is rick williams with a look at what's coming up next at 5:00 hey, rick. >> hi there, thank you guys.
4:57 pm
can coming up, former eagles running back lesean mccoy is now under investigation for a brutal assault insides of a philadelphia nightclub. we've got the very latest. and we're live in new hampshire where some voters are just hours away from heading to the polls. the race for last minute support is on. and. >> it's an experiment that looks really promising. bales of composted leaves protecting the jersey shore from flooding. i'm nora muchanic on mystic island. i'll have that story coming up. >> those stories and much more coming up next on "action news" at 5:00. >> ♪
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> another round of winter weather is on the way and crews from delaware to philadelphia to the shore are preparing for a messy morning commute and more coastal flooding. it is monday night. monica is on assignment. sharrie williams is joining us. the big story on "action news is the winter storm warning that takes effect at midnight. >> we have team coverage tonight. nora muchanic is tracking preparations for snow and flooding down the shore. but first let's go over to meteorologist cecily tynan.
5:00 pm
cecily you're taking a look from double scan radar this afternoon. >> that's right, sharrie. if you look at double scan you can see kind of a chaotic situation we have an area of rain and snow showers extending all the way from central pal out to the west. this is not a very well organized system. there's one low pressure right now that's basically west of buffalo. there's another one beginning to form over pennsylvania. what will happen, that low pressure moves off the coast and then these two low pressures kind of link up in the upper atmosphere. it's called an inverted trough and what that can do, it can provide extra lift, more moisture and that can set up an area of steadier snow. that being said, this is going to be coming kind of in drips and drabs. a winter storm warning is posted for the immediate philadelphia area and areas to the south. this is where we have the better chance of the higher snow accumulations. goes into evening a effect at mt through 6 o'clock wednesday morning. not going to be seeing snow then


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