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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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philadelphia schools open on time. any other delays and closings are scrolling at the bottom of your screen. >> a cruise ship on its way back to north jersey right now. >> stadium standoff. temple football plans enter a new phase while opponents try to stop it. >> good morning. it is 4:30 on this tuesday february 9th. we have live team coverage as
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the snow starts to small. let's turn to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> you can see additional precipitation swinging up from the south. most of this is rain but it will change over to snow the farther north and west you go and right there is what came through overnight. boom. you see it started out as rain and then changed over to a little light snowily all we got out of that in most neighborhoods was maybe a coating to a half inch. not a lot on the ground this morning. we have temperatures around the freezing mark from millville up to the 95 corridor and points north so if you're dealing with unpaved surfaces like sidewalks driveways maybe some side streets yeah there could be a little bit of a slippery sheen on those and you want to be careful. anything that was pretreated i'm pretty certain took this fine and that counts for most of your main roads. there is still winter storm advisory in all these counties highlighted in purple. this had been a warning. it's been downgraded because we are easing back on snowfall amounts, at least the weather service is that then you see
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this warning area that extends into delaware county. here there might be a little bit of extra snow but generally speaking by time all this ends later tonight we're looking at a general two to 4 inches. down the shore a coastal flood warning is still in effect until noon today. high tide this morning in particular between 7:30 and 8:30 along the ocean front could produce some minor to moderate tidal flooding again thorn. as we take a look at your heading out the door fork, cloudy skies there might be a little additional light snow starts to pop up from the south between 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock. 30 degrees by 6 o'clock, 31 degrees by 8 o'clock. generally speaking it looks like it's going to be fairly lie this morning. as we go through the day, yeah, there's still the chance just about any time of a pop-up snow shower but most of the snow is going to be fairly light and with temperatures well above freezing across most of the region, getting up to 38 by 3 o'clock in philadelphia it doesn't look like most of this is going to do anything other than make road surfaces wet. that could change as we go later into the afternoon and evening. karen rogers i'll talk more about that and we'll give you
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a expected snowfall map to let you know where the bullet area s that's coming up. >> i think the only tricky thing is going to be when the snow is coming down if you happen to be under one of those intermittent snow showers and that's when it may be truck key to drive. we had a dusting overnight. roads are just wet and at this point kind of even drying out. i-95 at girard, that's your southbound traffic headed towards center city. light volume, no problems. how about this shot. all right, let's check it out. this is the schuylkill near the boulevard and we see a little bit of that dusting of snow that landed on the grassy surfaces but not on the highways. you're really moving just fine. just be careful on the ramps, overpasses those are the areas that you tend to be a little bit of slipping and sliding in these kind of conditions. live in exton one of the other points you want to be careful about that you stop on time, you know, that's not slippery at the stop sign. at this intersection we see traffic moving nicely. no snow even on the turn lane. sometimes we get. that not the case here. all melted and looking fine. we have a problem over here.
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this is york road at county line road. an early morning accident. we have police on the scene. this in hatboro on york road. watch for that matt and tam. >> thank you karen. let's switch live to "action news" reporter annie mccormick. she's in fairfax, delaware, along route 202 with the latest on conditions there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, today. and we're at 202 and murphy. i can show you the snow that's on the ground here from overnight. i showed you it last half hour. it's that pretty nice fluffy powdery slow. it looks pretty. you're only going see this on grassy areas around this area in delaware. take a look at the roadways. you can see right now there's moisture on them but there's really no problems at all. take a look at this video. this was video that was taken overnight when that snow was falling in downtown wilmington, delaware. that's at fourth and market. right now crews are actually in downtown wilmington delaware salting sidewalks and preparing for what may come throughout the morning. now, deldot has also been preparing overnight. they had a brining operation going on making sure to put
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that solution on the roadways so that whatever comes down will not stick. they also have a number of crews still on standby at this hour. we've seen a number of them circling around and they've also hired additional private contractors. now, back out here live as we're coming into the state of delaware, if you're taking 95 you're going to see warnings for icy conditions on roadways on overpasses areas where it can get icy fast but right now delaware is prepared for whatever comes their way. reporting live in fairfax, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> annie thank you. now we've got "action news reporterrereporter erin o'hearn. >> reporter: this morning when we were heading out here very, very early the roads were really a little slick but even that has dried up because we haven't seen precipitation here in a you believe can of hours. but that hasn't stopped penndot from proceeding prepare just in case we see
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some of that snow today. let's take a look at some video because trucks were out starting at midnight treating area roads with salt. 300 plows are out monitoring road conditions this morning with 106 tons of salt on hand. that's a lot of salt. crews expect this to be a wetter snow when it comes so that's much easier for them to move. however, even though this morning looks like it could be fairly easy to navigate, tomorrow could be tough because temperatures will that drop overnight making conditions icy and as you know, it is much more difficult to navigate icy roads than snowy roads. it's important to note that today's trash and recycling pickup in philadelphia is canceled just in case residents are asked to hold off until next tuesday. no snow emergency has been declared, which means parking is normal. now, out back here live you can see, owe right lined me they did have some minor snowfall here, that wound shield on that car behind me is covered but other than that, you look good to go this morning. just might need to warm up that car a little bit before you head out because it is chilly. guys, back to you.
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>> thanks so much, erin out there in roxborough. be sure to follow snowfall updates on we also have posted the latest school delays and closings and storm tracker6 radar will show in you realtime where the snow is falling and where it's headed next. >> ♪ we have some breaking news here. two trains crash head on in germany killing four people and injuring more than 100 people. video just came in showing a line of medical helicopters taking the injured to hospitals. rescuers have still not been able to reach all of the victims. some of them are still trapped on the trains. >> ♪ >> and happening today, pennsylvania governor tom wolf will go before lawmakers to make a pitch for next year's budget even though he and the republican controlled legislature are still at odds over this year's budget. wolf is the first pennsylvania governor to propose a new budget while the current one is in him board of education he's expected to ask for a 200 million-dollar spending increase on public education on top of the
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365 million-dollar hike in education money that he has yet to get for this current budget. >> a cruise ship that was damaged during a powerful ocean storm is scheduled to dock in new jersey at 7:00 a.m. royal caribbean's anthem of the seas experienced hurricane force winds on the way to florida on sunday. passengers shot video showing broken glass, caved in ceilings and toppled tables and chairs. the cruise line says four people reported minor injuries. it is unclear why the slip's capitol taken took the route because forecasts had warned of dangerous conditions out there in the sea. >> that does not look like a vacation. >> uh-uh. >> let's talk about conditions around here today. >> not too bad. we had light snow overnight. anything that was pretreated absolutely handling this snow great because it hasn't amounted to all that much yet. storm tracker6 live double scan also shows that you we are basically dry right now with kind of a lull down to the south there is some rain that's beginning to move in down by dover and as you take a look down to the south, you
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also see a little bit of indication of snow in the cooler northern areas north of i-95. this is pushing up in toward southern chester county, very light stuff, just starting to build back in but it does look like we'll get some more of those snow showers during morning commute popping in from the south and west. as we take a look outside, cloudy skies to start out. a little bit on the breezy side as well and we are looking at a cool start even where you don't have any precipitation. 32 degrees currently in philadelphia. so, right there on the freezing mark. same thing in wilmington. close to it in millville and in the 20's in trenton, run in reading and 28 in allentown. so, most areas are doing fine road-wise because of the pretreatment but because temperatures are close to the freezing mark or below it from about millville north you do want to be careful just in case an untreated surface happened to pick up some of that very light snow shower activity last night. maybe you've got a little bit of a freeze-up there. generally speaking your main arteries are probably in pretty good shape this morning
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and karen rogers so far has not seen a whole lot of major problems. as we take a look at future tracker6 between now and 9 o'clock, there is the chance as i mentioned of a little bit of that snow popping up from the south. then we get into 12 o'clock. a little bit more of a snow shower. not everybody seeing this all at once and you go to 3 o'clock and it fills in a little bit. but the thing is by 3 o'clock we're going to have temperatures well above freezing getting up to 38 degrees by around 3 o'clock so anything that is falling during the afternoon in most cases should make for just wet road surfaces. the difference may be closer to the dinner hour as there's still some more snow shower activity all the way up to 11:00. temperatures will be dropping again and this is the time period where we could start to see a little coverage on roads. it doesn't who, like it's very much and it looks like it's over in the wee hours of the morning probably before tomorrow morning's rush hour. from here on out, expected snowfall doesn't look all that much, only a couple of inches on the gfs and some models even less than that. we are going for the potential of a bullet area where a few spots out through delaware county, chester county might
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wind up with 4-inches total but i think twofer in the central portion and one to two outside the bullet area. periods of light to moderate snow 36 degrees is the high. down the shore we're going for 40 degrees, cloudy breezy some tidal flooding still possible at times of high tide this morning and in philadelphia, periods of snow, lots of clouds, 38 degrees is your high. winds out of the east at 10 to 20 so it will be a little bit breezy. your seven day shows that 38-degree high in philadelphia. periods of light to moderate snow. and probably just wet roads through the daytime period. of course whenever it is snowing take it slow just to be super safe and then later on tonight we could get a little bit of a freeze-up on some roads depending on how that snow behaves and how the brine holds up. tomorrow breezy, some sun. there might be a flurry around in the morning but that's it 40. after that the temperature really becomes the story. we're down to 31 on thursday with a snow shower. 29 on friday, still brisk and cold with an evening flurry.
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and then we get to the weekend and saturday it's even colder, 24 degrees is your high and how about that overnight low of seven and a high of only 22 on valentine's day sunday, so get those snug geese or whatevesnuggies together twe win monday morning. >> i got my wife a snuglet. >> thanks, david. 4:42. we'll be dealing with a snow and intermittent snowstorm today while some areas in new england are seeing a winter whiteout. new images from there coming up. karen. >> i love a forecast that involves snuggling on valentine's day. horsham road, nothing here. no sign of snow. big puddle. a little bit of snow on the grassy surfaces. we'll check the schuylkill coming up. >> also when we come back the jersey shore is watching and waiting for high tide this
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morning. we have a live report from ocean city up next.
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>> 4:45. mobile6 passes snowplows. you see them there? we're hanging around center city showing you the conditions. just wet out there. trash service in the city of philadelphia has been delayed from today but the kids are going to school. philadelphia schools open. other delays on >> and karen people should be careful they might look out and go oh, i don't see snow and want to race out there. those roads are still wet. >> you need to be careful. not seeing any big problems. on the schuylkill expressway montgomery drive we saw a penndot crew waiting on the shoulder for something to happen. they got sick of waiting and left. schuylkill is looking okay. no snow showers out there at this point. i think the only tricky thing is when we get a snow shower here or there during the day you have to be extra careful then. looking right here at the maps we have an accident with police on the scene in hatboro on york road at county line road. let's go outside to the ben
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franklin bridge. you have you have to be careful on the ramps, overpasses because you may seem fine on your main highways but ramps and overpasses tend to get icier first. they have 35 miles an hour speed restrictions on area bridges, the betsy ross, ben franklin and the commodore barry. we've got flooding that's a problem over here. this is in brooklawn camden county and 130 is blocked at the brooklawn circle. stick to 295 as your alternate for that one. storm tracker6 live double scan showing even on a wider view this is a very disorganized system. we're not getting a lot of snow. you'll get a couple inches so just some intermittent snow showers here or there and when we get them you're going to have to be careful to drive in it. we're seeing temperatures below freezing still. martin's creek 29, 27 quakertown, 29 saint davids. sitting right at the freezing mark in center city at 32 and in the suburbs in new jersey sitting at or below freezing, hammonton 30 but 32 but browns mills and cinnaminson only 30 degrees. it's 37 degrees on the boardwalk. headed up to 38 today, matt and tam.
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>> thank you karen. and "action news" reporter katherine scott is lie in ocean city, new jersey. there are coastal flood concerns in addition to concerns about the snow. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. there's some very light precipitation coming down right now. is it snow, is it rain? who knows. it's so light it's really hard to tell but flooding right now is what we're keeping an eye on especially as it gets closer to high tide. we're standing on west seventh street in ocean city. you can see there's no problems where we are right now. the bay is behind us. this is an area that's prone to flooding and we're keeping an eye on the conditions here and around ocean city. winter storm and coastal flood warnings are in effect in areas of new jersey and delaware so be prepared for the rising water levels. let's go to video from around ocean city last night where they did have some minor street flooding and that flooding is expected to get worse. in terms of what we can expect today, the heaviest snow isn't expected until later on and there will be flooding. high tide is between 7:30 and 8:30 this morning at the shore.
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waves as high as 14 feet could be seen. we could see significant beach erosion and street flooding is expected to be widespread. so, as always, don't drive through flood waters. you never know what's under the water and it's hard to tell how deep it is and use caution in the snow. right now right here where we are everything's fine but visibility could get worse as it gets later and the heavier snow conditions. we could see some heavy wind gusts and of course check for school delays and closings. we do know wildwood city school district schools are closed today. we are live in ocean city, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." matt and tam. >> katherine, thank you for that. and the wind driven winter storm has already blanketed southeastern massachusetts with almost a foot of snow. gusts of up top 60 miles an hour created whiteout conditions along the coast including cape cod and the surrounding islands. by the time the storm ends the national weather service says northern new england could get up to 9-inches of snow. >> 4:48. our region is being spared the snow amounts they're seeing in
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new england. still we're getting you ready. >> sky6 takes a live look across center city. david says we'll have moments of lulls but this is a storm that will last awhile. david. >> guys, we are dressing the kids warmly this morning. we'll be back with details on that. you can see that we've got the extra gear on this morning and we're keeping it there this afternoon even though temperatures do go above freezing. it's still going to be windy and cool. i'll have your day planner forecast and we'll get you to the airport this time. >> ♪
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>> matt is trying to send me home. i'll go home if you really want. >> we need you. >> let's take a look. i was looking for that. in northeast philadelphia, this is woodhaven road at academy road. you know what, it's just a little damp out here. no big problem. just take the speeds down dave as you're headed out the door with no snow on the highways just yet. >> all right. had a little bit of snow overnight but it didn't amount to much. the first round was only about a coating to a half inch in most spots. now we've got some rain pushing up from the south but there will be more snow developing. you can see how broken the pattern s it's mainly light snow during the day, some moderate snow possible later on but you can see how temperatures are going to climb from the freezing mark right now, you could have some slick spots here and there on untreated surfaces right now from that light stuff that came through but we'll be above freezing and through the afternoon we expect most of what comes down to create wet roads and change could be later on tonight when things
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start to cool down and we get that last band of snow coming in in the evening and flight time hours. on the big board no major delays but we have snow reported in boston, chicago and a little bit up at j.f.k., places where we might have delays later on matt and tam. >> thank you david. this is coming in from our delaware news room. two separate shootings left one plan dead an 16-year-old injured. in the first one a teenaged girl was wounded on the left side of her face. she'll expected to make a full recovery. the gunfire happened around 7:30 last night a half hour earlier before that a young man was murdered in a tgi friday's parking lot. the victim was gunned down in there airport plaza shopping center on north dupont highway in new castle delaware. this is just the city's third homicide in the past two years. no arrests in either case. >> 4:53 and up next how temple university plans to move forward in building an on campus stadium despite community backlash. >> let's take a live look outside now. sky6 looking at a chester,
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pennsylvania, out across the commodore barry bridge. it's a beautiful calm shot right now but of course we're looking outer for snow. we'll be righwe'll -- looking o. we'll be right back.
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look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise.
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winners, winners everywhere! play today! >> temple university is moving ahead with plans to build an on campus stadium despite a community backlash. >> down with the stadium. >> up with opportunity. >> down with the studio. >> campus police pushed back protestors who tried to block the board of trustees meeting yesterday.
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the board approved a 1 million-dollar feasibility stud deal. result are expected in the spring. construction on the football stadium would start next year. the study will address stadium implications for the community. mayor jim kenney has joined the community in expressing opposition. >> today is fat tuesday and mardi gras is in full swing in new orleans. tens of thousands will flood the french quarter today to party watch parades and as that saying goes let the good times roll. this is a live -- well, actually maybe later we'll show you some of bourbon street. right now you're taking a look at how much fun people have. mardi gras is the annual celebration of excess before the christian observance of lent which starts tomorrow on ash wednesday. >> nice day in new orleans, hm. blue skies. 4:57. we're tracking a snowstorm that will hang around all day. more live team coverage is next. >> we also have storm tracker6 live radar all gassed up to show you how the storm is spread across the area. it's a slow mover. it will be with us all through the day. "action news" will be right back.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday february 9th. we're tracking the snow. now philadelphia schools are opened. other closings or delays are at the bottom of your screen. >> the slow moving winter storm will be with us for much of the day. storm tracker6 live radar is helping you get through the morning commute. >> and an alleged assault on two police officers could land former eagles running back lesean mccoy in trouble with the law. >> residents in new hampshire have begun casting votes in


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