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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 9, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> now on "action news," salt trucks and plows are ready for the lingering snow lasting all day long. philadelphia schools will open on time but other delays and closings are scrolling at the bottom of your screen. >> happening today, a cruise ship battered by hurricane force winds is on its way back to north jersey right now. >> stadium standoff. temple football plans enter a new phase while opponents are trying to stop it. >> good morning everyone. it's 5:30 on this tuesday february 9th and we have live team coverage of this day long snow event. >> we've got our "action news" crews across the tri-state. erin o'hearn is in pennsylvania, annie mccormick is in delaware and katherine scott is in new jersey. let's get going with dave murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. we'll starter off with storm tracker6 live double scan. we had one round of overnight snow showers that are gone and they only deposited about a coating to maybe a half inch in some spots overnight. certainly not enough to cause you major problems on roads especially where roads were pretreated. now we have a second round beginning to pop in.
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it's a little wet snow mixing with rain down in cumberland county new jersey, parts of cape may and atlantic county and also in parts of kent county delaware. everywhere elsewhere it's a little bit cooler we are looking at snow but again it's light and pretreated road surfaces should be for the most part okay. i'd be a little careful on sidewalks and some of those secondary roads there might not have gotten the brine. there you see what happened overnight. just a sweep of snow coming through, not a lot. there is more gathering to the south and we are still looking at sort of choppy off and on light snow shower. temperatures are down close to or below freezing from about the i-95 corridor north even down into parts of south jersey and millville we're close to freezing at 33. so if you're driving around on some of those secondary roads, side roads or just walking around on sidewalks up in these areas you might wand to be careful just in case there are some slick spots. and we still have a winter storm advisory that's in effect across most of the region and again this is an advisory downgraded from an
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earlier warning. we still have a warning up in lancaster county, chester county and into parts of delaware county. that's because the snow that -- by the time all is said and done later tonight, it might be a little bit more out there but generally we're looking at a general two to 4 inches of accumulation with temperatures getting up above freezing this afternoon, this afternoon's snow showers will probably have less impact than more snow showers tonight. we also have a coastal flood warning in effect times of high tide could feature minor to moderate tidal flooding. below freezing during morning commute between 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock, a little bit more light snow might dig in in parts of the region. during the afternoon we get above freezing, up to 38 by 3 o'clock so any snow shower activity through the late morning and early afternoon hours should provide us with mainly wet roads. that changes this evening as temperatures drop. i'll have more on future tracker six showing you how the snow arrives and departs for the rest of the day karen and snowfall expected snowfall amounts, boy have we shred a lot today. >> la lot to say.
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let's go outside and see what this is doing to the roads. it's basically just wet here in downingtown chester county. this is the 30 bypass at business route 30. we can see in the grassy surfaces that we had a little bit of that small accumulation but on the roadways just wet and looking good. they've been treated. let's take a look at the boulevard here. traffic moving smoothly here near wissahickon. that's your westbound traffic. southbound traffic leaded towards the schuylkill and you're mainly just wet here on the boulevard without a big problem so you don't have to worry about traveling there right now. we're already starting to dry out on i-95. the roads were a little damp there from that bit of coating that we got and now looking pretty good. this is at allegheny and southbound traffic headed towards center city, no delay just yet. we had some flooding issues in new jersey and 130 was blocked for awhile here at the brooklawn circle. it has reopened so the flooding there has subsided but in logan township gloucester county 130 here is still blocked both ways south of 322. just be careful as you're heading out during one of the intermittent snow showers matt and tam. i think that will be the trickest time to travel. >> thank you karen. now let's head out and get some reports from what things
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are looking like outdodd doors right now. "action news" reporter katherine scott is lie in ocean city new jersey. now there are coastal flood concerns in addition to people wondering about the snow. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. yes, snow could be a concern later. the same with flooding. right now we're get something light rain here in ocean city but no big problems as of yet. we're standing on west seventh street and you can see the roadway is wet but it's pretty clear. this is a flood prone area and we're keeping an eye out for flooding especially as it gets closer to high tide later. a winter storm and coastal flood warnings are in effect in areas of new jersey and delaware today. so, you should be prepared for the rising water levels. let's go to video from little egg harbor township. they did see some street flooding yesterday. they have 3,000-pound bales of composted leaves being tester as a berm at the end of radio road in mystic island and they held strong during several
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high tides during the blizzard a few weeks ago. in terms of today's flooding, it will be moderate in most places but in some areas at the shore, it could get pretty bad so just be careful as you head out the door today. high tide is between 7:30 and 8:30 this morning. in some spots you could see waves as high as 14 feet. significant beach erosion could be a problem. and then, of course, there's the snow. right now all we see is this light rain going on but later on that could turn into some snow. we could see some strong wind gusts and those things impact visibility. you do want to check for school delays and closings today. at this point there's only a handful including wildwood city school district schools. they are closed. so again keep an eye out for flooding as you head out the door and that snowstorm which could get worse and heavier later on today. we're live in ocean city, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thanks, katherine. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live along ridge avenue in the city's hilly roxborough neighborhood. hi, erin. >> reporter: lay, matt. besides it being a little
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chilly out this morning, not much going on right now but this is one of those crafty storm. we don't know quite what to expect. later on things could get a little tricky during the afternoon commute but penndot is prepared. let's take some video from some of the preparations that they've been doing since about midnight. trucks were out overnight on area roads with salt, 300 plows were monitoring road conditions with 106 tons of salt on hand. and crews expect this when it comes to be a wetter snow so for them it's easier to clear, which is good news for drivers and with the prob -- but the problem is that temperatures are going to drop so tomorrow morning's commute may get a little icy if those roads stay wet. now, it is important to note that today's trash and recycling in the philadelphia area, pickup is canceled in anticipation of this weather. residents are asked to hold onto it until next tuesday. however, no snow emergency has been declared which means parking is as normal. now, back out live, my
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photographer, nick morgan, has a great shot of the sidewalk and all that salt that has been spread to prevent people from slipping, so that's what you're going see when you head out this morning. same on the roads so definitely better to be safe than sorry. we'll keep you updated from this part of roxborough throughout the morning. weir live in roxborough, erin o'hearn channel6 "action news." back to you. >> thanks erin. be sure to follow snowfall updates on we've also posted the latest school delays and closings. there are a few. plus storm tracker6 live will show you in realtime where the snow is and where it is expected next. >> ♪ breaking news. ly two trains crashed head on in germany killing eight people and injuring more than 100 people. video just came in showing a line of medical helicopters taking the injured to hospitals. rescuers have still not been able to reach all of the victims. some of them are still trapped on the trains. >> ♪ >> happening today, pennsylvania governor tom wolf will go before lawmakers to make a pitch for next year's budget even though he and the
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republican controlled legislature are still at odds over the budget for this year. wolf is the first pennsylvania governor to propose a new budget while the current one is still in limbo. he's expected to ask for a $200 million increase in spending on public education on top of the $365 million hike in education money that he has yet to get for the current budget. >> 5:38 now a cruise ship that was damaged during a powerful ocean storm is scheduled to dock at its north jersey port at 7:00 a.m. royal caribbean's an them of the seas experienced hurricane force winds on the way to florida on sunday. passengers shot video showing broken glass, caved in ceilings and toppled tables and chairs. the cruise line says four people reported minor injuries. it is unclear why the ship's capitol taken took this route in the first place because forecasts had warned of dangerous conditions out at sea. >> time to turn to dave murphy, talk about what we can expect with the lingering snow today. >> okay, yeah, we have some snow showers that came through overnight. didn't do a whole lot. as we take a look at storm
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tracker6 live double scan, a few more developed down to the south of philadelphia over toward vineland. it's also mixing with a few raindrops so we have some blue on the radar but generally speaking this is also fairly low impact. i would be careful if you get caught under any of these snow showers, though, especially over the next couple of hours as temperatures in some areas especially in central south jersey and then on up through the i-95 corridor and beyond are still around the freezing mark. there's also another little batch of snow that's still to the west of lancaster county, on chester county but this one also starting to push in and these are going to tend to fill in a little bit as we go through the morning commute. as we take a look outside we got cloudy skies ahead of that advancing next round of light snow. sky6 showing us that. and you can see the clouds a little bit on the low side and obscuring the tops of some of our center city sky scrapers. 32 degrees right now in philadelphia, so we are on the freezing mark. 32 in wilmington, 29 in trenton, 29 in allentown. again, the first round of snow last evening and overnight
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only delivered about a coating to maybe a half inch in a couple of spots. and that was little enough where any pretreated roads handled that just fine. and anything that was brined is a-okay for driving this morning. you might have a little problem on some sidewalks or side streets but honestly most of the area pretty passable at this point. and then we go into the daytime period and you can see he that between now and 9:00 there are some snow showers possible especially south of philadelphia. up until noon more of the same. not snowing everywhere all at once today certainly. by 3 o'clock a little bit more snow coming through. look at how it's changing to rain down south. temperatures are going to be by 3 o'clock into the mid to upper 30's across the region, so snow showers during the day will hopefully keep most roads just wet. the change might be after we get past dinner hour when the numbers begin to dip and we still have some of these nighttime snow showers around. they could produce at least some slushy road conditions, maybe some slick spots later tonight. now in the overnight hours we expect this snow to really taper off and by tomorrow morning we're looking at just flurries and maybe some
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residual slick spots. most of the models really not showing a whole lot of snow from here on out, only about 2-inches on the gfs and less he elsewhere and our projected snowfall map is going to go for a total from this entire system of about two to 4 inches and that four might be pushing it a little bit. one to two in the outlying areas. less down the shore where rain mixes in and there's that warning area through chester lancaster and a bit of delaware county where some isolated spots could go over 4-inches. we'll see about that. it may be that some of you get more than four out there but i think in general that two to four is a pretty good thing to plan for. 36 degrees cloudy and breezy in the lehigh valley today. periods of snow at times. down the shore we'll get up to about 40 with cloudy breezy conditions, some rain showers down the shore mixing with a little bit of occasional snow and of course we have that tied at a flooding issue at high tide this morning, 7:30 to 8:30 along the coast. philadelphia lots of clouds periods of snow an-38 degrees with blustery conditions building.
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today's high 38. we got those periods of snow, hopefully just wet roads during the daytime period. look out tonight as we could slicken up especially if we get a decent snow shower going again about two to 4 inches in total out of this. some of what falls during the day will melt before the final round comes in tonight. you may never see the total two to four on your grass. breezy and some sun returning on wednesday after a morning flurry, a high of 40. after that the temperature becomes the story. we're down to 31 for a high. as we move into thursday, it's brisk and colder. there could be a passing snow shower there as well and then friday brisk and cold, a snow shower at night and we're down to 29 degrees for a high. and then, hello weekends. and hello staying inside by the fire. 24 degrees on saturday, 22 on valentine's day sunday. look at those overnight lows in the single digits. my bun afternoon we're back up to 32. so it's a two day arctic snap. >> it's going to be cold. thanks, david. 5:42. mobile6 on the roads early
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this morning heading southbound on i-95 near the blue route. it's the evening commute we'll need to be particularly concerned about, right, karen? >> that's right, matt, 'cause right now roads are looking pretty good here. this is conshohocken state road in gladwyne, just a little bit damp. we have new information coming in about the speed restrictions on highways in new jersey. i'll have the latest on that coming up. >> ♪ remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
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and friendlier service. acme. >> ♪ >> quarter of 6:00 no trash in philadelphia today, no trash
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pickup that is. you can still put stuff in your trash but they're not going to get it. fooled schools are opened today. >> a lot of roads a little bit wet. let's see what there means for the commute. good morning. >> so far we haven't will any problems with the commute. i think the tricky spot is going to be when the snow showers are coming down and you're lighting througyou're dr. on the blue route at baltimore pike a little bit damp. off to the side of the roadway right here. in logan township gloucester county 130 both ways south of 322 we still have flooding out here blocking a lane so watch for some restrictions with flooding still an issue and we had some speed restrictions. i've got new information coming in now in south jersey on 295 for the most part the roads are just damp. on the new jersey turnpike we had speed restrictions but they've just been lifted through our area. in north jersey continued speed restrictions on the new
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jersey turnpike have been lifted. conditions are okay to drive there. on the a.c. expressway they're out there salting crews and they're working so you need to be careful with the crews on the roads and slow it down lined them. on the garden state parkway thread speed restrictions. they lifted them. now they put them in place again. so 45 miles an hour speed restrictions right now on the garden statgarden state parkway. i think that's one of the areas in south jersey and delaware that we're currently seeing some batches of some light precipitation right now. it's not causing a big problem but as you look at storm tracker6 live 3-d we can see that this really is not a very organized system. and that's the issue today. you're just going get some intermittent snow showers here or there and when they come down, you're going to have to be careful. looking at the temperatures we can see in some areas we are below freezing like martin's creek, quakertown, even in center city we're at 32 degrees. in some of the suburbs in new jersey hovering around the freezing mark. 32 in hammonton and vineland but below there in cinnaminson and only 29 in browns mills and ewing. a little better right along the coastline so along there, you know, it's going to be melting on the roads, matt and tam. >> okay, thank you karen.
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let's check in now with "action news" reporter annie mccormick in fairfax delaware along route 202. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam. i want to give you a look at 202. this is right by murphy road here in fairfax. as you can see as the morning commute starts to pick up, the roads are pretty much just moist at this time. now, dell dollar jus deldot jusa statement saying they're prepared for snow overnight but they mostly just got rain. take a look at this video. this is from wilmington delaware overnight at fourth and market where you saw some snowfall there. now, deldot again saying they were prepared for snow overnight. they mostly got rain and some slushy conditions on the roadways. that's why they had truck ready, they had trucks ready with plows in case they had to move that slush. right now we're seeing a salting operation happen over here so that in case the moist roadways ice up, then there will be salt down there to try to help that out. also last night they had a brining operation around the area as well. and back out here live again you can see the roadway there.
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they're also saying that they are seeing snow in central delaware. so, some of the cars that we're actually seeing come up here commuting, we're still seeing light snow on the top of their roofers and windshields. they're asking people to clear those off before they hit the roadways. for now reporting live in fairfax, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> annie thank you for that. the wind driven winter storm has blanketed southeastern massachusetts with almost a foot of snow. gusts of up to 60 miles an hour created whiteout conditions along the coast including cape cod and the islands. by the time the storm ends the national weather service says northern new england could get up to 9-inches of snow. we'll be right back. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl.
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not actually snow so that's not the issue. let's take a look outside. the roads are just wet for the most part but in center city a malfunctioning traffic light. you there see the flashing lights police are on hand assisting with this. this is on this eighth street at race street. so give yourself extra time. you have to go slowly with that traffic light not quite working. you kind of see the road surface at that point. it's mostly just dry right there. mass transit, everything lab on time. in delaware the overview slowing no big problems on 95, 495, 202 or route 13. you're good to go dave. >> overnight snow showers delivered a coating to maybe a half inch in some spots karen so no problem there. main roads anything that was pretreated is doing fine this morning. we have a second round of snow showers beginning to build to the south and rest. they're build in during the rush hour. temperatures down around the freezing mark in some spots. be careful of slick conditions. dressing the kids warmly this morning for temperatures near freezing. blustery this afternoon but we'll get up into the mid up to are 30'sly i would still
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dress them fairly warmly. here's how temperatures are going to go. 32 degrees by 9 o'clock. with a high of 38 degrees by 3 o'clock. while there's the chance of intermittent off and on snow showers at any time during the day anything that falls during the afternoon with these temperatures will hopefully keep roads just wet. there could change later this evening as temperatures drop and we get the last of this snowfall later tonight and in the early overnight hours. matt and tam. >> okay, thank you david. this coming from our delaware news room. two separate shootings left a man dead an 16-year-old girl injured. gunfire broke out on the 1100 block of west second street in wilmington around 7:30 last night. a half hour before that a young man was murdered in a tgi friday's parking lot. the victim was gunned down in the airport plaza shopping center on north dupont highway in new castle delaware and this is the city's, only their third homicide in the past two years. no arrests in either case.
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>> 5:53 now and fans will line the streets of a sunny warm downtown denver today. sounds so nice, to salute the super bowl clams. >> let's go over to sky6 hd taking a live look there out across wilmington, delaware where of course we continue to watch for a little snow out there on your roads. we'll be right back.
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>> city crews in denver spent the day getting ready for today's super bowl victory
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parade. the broncos received a champions welcome. more than a million people are expected for today's broncos victory parade which will wind through the downtown area. denver police will have a heavy presence at the event as the fans celebrate the broncos 24-14 super bowl victory over the carolina panthers. >> temple university moving ahead on plans to build a new football stadium despite a community backlash. >> up with the community. >> down with the stadium. >> up with the community. >> down with the stadium. >> campus police pushed back on protestors who tried to block the board of trustees meeting yesterday. the board approved a 1 million-dollar feasibility stud deal. the the results are expected in the spring. construction on the football stadium would start next year. mayor kenney has joined community members in voicing opposition. >> 5:57 now and another round of snow is moving into the region. >> we are watching it with you on storm tracker6 live raid today. meteorologist, david murphy will update the timing of this all day affair next at 6:00.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday february 9th. we're tracking snow. now philadelphia schools are opened. there may be some closings and delays. take a look for those at the bottom of your screen. >> the slow moving winter storm will be with us for much of the day. storm tracker6 live radar is helping you get through that morning commute. >> an alleged assault on two police officers could land former eagles running back lesean mccoy in trouble with the law. >> residents in new hampshire have already begun casting votes in the state's first in the nation primary. we before have a live report from manchester. >> and we've got reporters spread out all over the tri-state region this morning. >> let's first take a look at the accuweather forecast and the roads with david and karen. good morning. >> well, it's been very light snow overnight.


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