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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday february 9th. we're tracking snow. now philadelphia schools are opened. there may be some closings and delays. take a look for those at the bottom of your screen. >> the slow moving winter storm will be with us for much of the day. storm tracker6 live radar is helping you get through that morning commute. >> an alleged assault on two police officers could land former eagles running back lesean mccoy in trouble with the law. >> residents in new hampshire have already begun casting votes in the state's first in the nation primary. we before have a live report from manchester. >> and we've got reporters spread out all over the tri-state region this morning. >> let's first take a look at the accuweather forecast and the roads with david and karen. good morning. >> well, it's been very light snow overnight. most of us dealing with just a
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coating, maybe a couple of you with closer to a quarter to a half inch and most road surfaces that were pretreated overnight have done fine. i will tell that you some sidewalks could give you a problem and we've got a concrete terrace out here that has a little bit of air flow beneath it but it is definitely frozen up. i just about did a face planter out here a seconds ago. be careful under foot and some of those untreated surfaces. there's another round of snow showers beginning to build up through southern new castle county delaware crossing into salem and cumberland county. farther south you can see how it's mixing with a little rain and lancaster county about to pick up some of that as well so there is more snow shower activity on the way. again the first batch that came through was real light but looks like this next one might be a little bit more robust. you can see the brighter white shades beginning to bloom in washington. 33 in millville so really anywhere from millville up through i-95 corridor up through the lehigh valley and berks county, if you do get snow showers, you could see some slick spots and in those places where you see the freezing temperatures right now, you may also have some of that icy buildup in places
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from the previous snow showers. winter weather advisory in effect until 6:00 a.m. wednesday. looks like most of our off and on snow showers will be during the day and tonight a little bit of lingering stuff overnight. and notice how it is a warning out in lancaster county, chester county and parts of delaware county where generally we're looking at two to 4 inches of snow. a couple spots in the warning area could go a little higher. we have a coastal flood warning times of high tide we could see minor to moderate flooding up and down the bay and the back bays. today's high 38 degrees. we are getting well above freezing this afternoon. karen rogers that means any snow showers this afternoon will hopefully only produce wet roads. we'll want to be careful whenever it's snowing though and then later tonight snow showers and dipping temperatures could be more problematic. details coming up. >> in areas where we are below freezing because the roads have been salted and treated, we're finding it just melting so it's just a little damp right here on the schuylkill expressway. no big problem as we look live in king of prussia. this is the schuylkill at 202.
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eastbound traffic headed towards gulph mills with no problems. the issue on the vine street expressway we've been fine on the highways right here but eighth street at race street, that's where we've got malfunctioning traffic lights so near that area you're seeing a problem currently just a little damp on the vine with no big problems rider here in center city. how about i-95ly? starting to slow down just a little bit. we're looking live approaching cottman and you see that southbound traffic headed towards center city andy an easy 14 minute ride northbound and southbound. no major issues on i-95. the roads have been mostly wet. even the bridges. we're in the seeing anyone slip or slide but nonetheless we have 35 miles an hour speed restrictions in place for most of the area bridges, the betsy ross, the ben franklin, the commodore barry. in new jersey the one issue lab flooding and it's still a problem here in logan township with 130 both ways south of 322, we've got one lane blocked there because of the flooding, matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. let's head on out to erin o'hearn. she's live in roxborough with more on the current conditions outside. good morning, erin. >> reporter: good morning, tam. let's show you what you can expect when you head out this morning.
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take a look at the ground the just a dusting in the overnight hours. but let's head over to the roads because right now everything is moving just fine. in fact, the roads aren't even wet. but that is expected to change as we led throughout the day. let's take a look at some video of penndot preparing 300 plows are out monitoring road conditions with 106 tons of salt on hand. they are prepping the roads for the snowfall that is expected to last throughout the day. now, it is important to note that philadelphia trash and recycling has been canceled today. just ahead of this storm. so residents are going to have to hold off until next tuesday to put all that garbage out. but again, there's no snow emergency so parking is normal. roads are dry right now but take it easy this afternoon once that snow starts coming down and we'll certainly keep you updated on the road conditions in roxborough throughout the morning. for now we're live in roxborough, erin o'hearn channel6 "action news." back to you. >> thanks erin. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in ocean city new jersey.
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some jersey shore communities are concerned about coastal flooding this morning. >> reporter: that's right, flooding is a concern as well as the snow later on today. right now there's no snow yet. we're just seeing light rain here in ocean city. and we're not seeing any flooding where we are, either. we're taking a look at west seventh street right now. it's right near the bay and this is an area that's prone to flooding. we are keeping an eye out for it as it gets closer to high tide but right now all seems well here on west seventh street. let's go to video last night from ocean city where you can see that they had some minor street flooding and it is expected to get worse as the day goes on. there are winter storm and coastal flood warnings in effect for areas of new jersey and delaware so people want to be prepared for the rising water levels. high tide is between 7:30 and 8:30 this morning. waves could get as high as 14 feet. and we could see significant beach erosion. street flooding is expected to be widespread. so, as always, don't drive
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through flood water flood water. you never know what's under the flood waters. use caution in the snow when it comes later. right now here again we're just seeing a light rain but we could get snow later on today. visibility will deteriorate when the snow is heavier. we could see some heavy wind gusts and you do want to check for school delays and closings. there's only a handful right now but we do know schools in wildwood city school district are already closed today. so, again, we're taking a look out for flooding in this area, widespread street flooding expected at the shore today. we're live in ocean city, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> thanks katherine. with flooding and snow in the forecast keep saved to your favorites on all your devices. rely on the power of storm tracker6 live double scan radar to know when and where the heaviest rain or snow is headed. >> it is now 6:06. let's get an update on where things stand with the markets and the economy. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq if times square and she's starting with stocks. good morning, maribel. >> reporter: good morning,
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tam. stocks recovered a bit yesterday but still finished lower thanks to a fresh drop in oil and then jitters over the state of the global economy. and overnight in tokyo the nikkei index plunged 5 percent on worries over global growth. as for the u.s. right now futures are pointing to a lower open. we've got a report on whole sale inventories due out later today. gas is getting close to a dollar a gallon in some parts of the country. gas stations in at least eight states are selling it fortress than $1.25 a gallon. in oklahoma city you can find it for $1.11 a gallon. texas, missouri and ohio also have low prices according to gas in philadelphia the low is $1.72 a gallon. that's the latest in business news from here. back over to you matt and tam. >> thanks so much maribel. see you later. >> so, we are off to a little bit of a snowy start. we had a couple of light snow showers overnight, have your low impact. as you take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan right now there's a little bit more coming up from the south and as we go in tighter these may be a little bit more pronounced with in brighter shade of white showing up near salem and the top of the
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delaware bay and out to the west of oxford there's another cell that looks even better than some of the stuff that came through overnight. the overnight snow showers really only dropped about a coating to maybe a quarter inch in much of the region. these may put down a little bit more. if you're driving around this morning up until about 9 o'clock in and around the i-95 corridor and points north and you see some of this, you really want to slow it down. even down into the heart of south jersey because it's cold enough on the roads where untreated surfaces could start to get slick and start to give you problems. but that's where the action is right now pushing up toward wilmington and you want to slow it down if you encounter snow shower this morning. as we take a look outside, we have the commodore barry bridge in chester just above all of that approaching snow. still dry but on the cold side and a little bit breezy out there, too. temperature right now in philadelphia is 32 degrees. the freezing mark. winds have picked up to 12 miles per hour out of the east. that's giving you a wind chill of 23 degrees. and again some snow showers starting to creep up from the
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south. future tracker6 shows that you between now and 9:00 some of those snow showers will probably stay mainly to the south, but again in these areas close to wilmington where we are close to the freezing mark you do want to slow it down. now as we get into the afternoon, 3 o'clock we're going to see numbers jump up into the mid to upper 30's across most of the region so yes there could be some more snow showers but all likelihood most of them are going to produce mainly wet roads during the day time period. the problem may become after about 6 o'clock or so where those numbers start to dip again, we still have some snow showers wrapping threw up to tho 11 o'clock. you plight see freeze-up on untreated surfaces. main roads probably able to lathe this fairly well because each of these snow showers aren't individually delivering all that much snow. by the way, the winter storm advisory expires at 6:00 in the morning but our latest model runs show that the snow is over well before that. tomorrow morning's commute may be a little bit slippery in places where it got slippery early in the overnight hours but not a lot of active snow tomorrow morning for the commute.
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expected snow totals about two to 4 inches in the center portion of the region, one to two on the outside. less down at the shore where rain mixes in. there is a concern out in chester county, lancaster county and perhaps delaware county that some areas go a little higher and in fact there's a winter storm warning still in effect in these cases, all of these expire in the overnight hours and they're done by tomorrow morning's commute. your day planner. here are those numbers. 31 degrees still below freezing in philadelphia by 8 o'clock. but up above freezing by 10 o'clock and during the afternoon snow showers fairly light impact i think with the high temperature getting well above freezing, 38 is your high at 3 o'clock. high temperatures across the region will all get above freezing. 36 in allentown, 36 in trenton this afternoon, 39 in wilmington, and 42 in cape may, new jersey. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, today's high is 38 degrees. we have periods of off and on snow shower activity through the day. totaling about two to 4 inches by the time it all wraps up late tonight or early in the overnight hours. then breezy with some flurries in the morning on wednesday but sun returning during the day and back up to 40. then an arctic boundary starts
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to come through and we only goat 31 on thursday, brisk with a snow shower. friday still brisk and cold, a high of just 29 with a snow shower at night. and then we fall off the cliff. saturday even colder with a high of 24. an overnight low of seven and on valentine's day, 22 is your delightful february high. and nine the overnight low. hold them close and give them a hug on sunday 'cause it's going to be cold. we do get better on monday afternoon. >> the dog can sleep in the bed this weekend. >> yup. >> all three of them. >> okay. good weekend for the dogs. 6:11. foot brawl. a former eagles is under investigation for a nightclub fight that involved off duty philadelphia police officers. karen. >> we're live in norristown and the roads here mostly just a bit damp. traffic seems to be moving okay. you can see some of the light snowfall that stuck to the grass from the overnight hours. we're going to take a little tour of the roads and talk about a new accident coming up. >> some of the first voters have already been to the polls in new hampshire a live report
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on today's pivotal primary coming up later on "action news." remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. sky6 hd taking a live look there in wilmington and keep an eye on the bottom of your screen and keep on eye out on, if we get in any
6:15 am
school delays or closings that's where you'll find them. schools in philadelphia are open on time. >> couple pockets of snow out there still right now, karen. >> we do. moving in from the southwest. those areas i'll show you exactly where in a minute but you have to be careful. right now we're looking live in delaware county and this is i-95. it's only a little bit damp right here. we're seeing no problems currently on i-95 between the delaware state line and the airport. we have an accident in montgomery county so watch for it in cheltenham. this is greenwood avenue at church road. that's just coming in to us and police are on the scene with that 1n new jersey this is what it looks like on 42 northbound here at vehicle road. maybe a little bit more volume building than we saw a half hour ago but still no big delay. no problems on 42. we're not seeing anyone slip or slide. it's just a little bit damp. we've will some changes here with some of the speed restrictions in new jersey. no problems on 295. on the new jersey turnpike the speed restrictions have been lifted. on the atlantic city expressway the crews are out there right now so that may slow you down a little bit and on the garden stat garden statey
6:16 am
the speed restrictions at 45 miles an hour. let's bring in storm tracker6 live double scan. while most of the area is dry you see the snow coming unfrom the south and west. as we go in closer this is in middletown delaware in smyrna you're get, a little bit of a mixed precipitation on highway one. in fortescue a little mixed precipitation but it's changed over to snow showers. they're light. on 49 in salem elmer on route 40 even near glassboro on 322 starting to get a little bit of a light snow shower. this is pulling up from the south and west and you can see the brighter shades of pink that are out to the southwest, that's going to pull in through our region as well so some of those snow showers starting to move in from the southwest and in some of those areas temperatures are above freezing right along the coastline here but 33 in millville, just a bit above, holding at the freezing mark all along the i-95 corridor with 29 right now in trenton, matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. new this morning, a crash in philadelphia's port richmond section left three people injured including a two-year-old child. it happened on tacony street
6:17 am
near bridge street just before midnight. look at the devastation to that car. investigators say a utility truck was starting to turn when the car crashed head on into it. crews will to pull the 36-year-old driver out of the car. a 25-year-old female passenger and a two-year-old boy were shakeshaken up. >> lesean mccoy is under investigation in connection with a nightclub brawl involve throwing off duty philadelphia police officers. the incident occurred at recess lounge in olde city early sunday morning. video center in by an "action news" viewer appears to show the aftermath. two of the officers went to the hospital with injuries ranging from broken ribs to some skull fractures. >> serious injuries. this wasn't just a basic, you know, fistfight. this was an all-out beat down from all accounts. >> "action news" reached out to mccoy's agent. he says no comment right now. "action news" is not naming the victims nor three other suspects involved until any charges have filed.
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>> a lot of people probably up early wondering what the roads are like. some of the snow showers starterring on the to move in from the southwest. looking live in center city, the vine street expressway at eighth street, everything is fine right here. this is a good shot of the roads where you can see just a little bit damp and that's it but nearby at eighth and race we do have a malfunctioning traffic light and police are on land so that's the problem there. in hatfield we have a new accident coming in. it's on forty foot road. watch for that accident right now, dave. >> all right, karen, on the big board we did have someover night snow showers. didn't do a lot of damage. about a coating to quarter of an inch. now we have a second round popping through and this is coming from the south pushing into parts of salem cumberland county, parts of new castle county, wilmington beginning to see light flakes and looks like another batch pushing into lancaster county that also is on its way up to the
6:21 am
north and west. as these roll through during the morning rush hour you want to be careful if you're driving in them because temperatures right now are below freezing or close to freezing and anything that hasn't been treated could start to freeze up a little bit. overnight though we didn't have much impact on main roads that had already been pretreated before the snow arrived. cold this morning, temperatures around freezing. dressing the kids warmly keeping them bundled up this afternoon because we'll see an improvement in temperatures but it will still be windy and chilly. we'll see a high of 38 degrees this afternoon and even though there is the possibility of an intermittent snow shower just about any time period, during the afternoon they probably make roads mainly wet because of those temperatures above freezing. at the airport real quick, we do have all green aircraft, no major delays but i'll pointer out we have snow in chicago. looks like boston snow has tapered off. chicago would be a point to watch, though, matt and tam. >> thank you david. hang today, president barack obama will ask congress for near $2 billion in emergency funding to fight the zika virus. some of the money will be spent here and hackie abroad to eradicate the mosquitos
6:22 am
that have been rapidly spreading the virus throughout latin america. it's been connected to a devastating births defect babies born with abnormally small heads. still so far there have been no documented proof of mosquito borne zika cases here in the u.s. >> 6:22. live team coverage of what will be a day long snow event continues. >> annie mccormick is monitoring conditions in northern delaware. annie. >> reporter: we're starting to some flurries here this morning. take a look at 202 at murphy behind me. you can see the commute is on. coming up we'll tell you what deldot is doing to make sure everyone has a safe commute this morning. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> the very first ballots in the new hampshire primary have been cast. the towns of dixville notch hartsfield and millsville it's tradition they open up their polls at midnight. >> it's snowing up there, too. abc's kenneth moton live in manchester with the very latest. hi, kenneth. >> reporter: hey, matt and tam, yeah, more polls opened at 6:00 a.m. and more will open at 7:00 and 8:00. all all eyes on ne new hampshir. some of the candidates were in reflection mode while others were on the attack. it's finally here, new hampshire primary day. >> i want this job 'cause i love this country. >> i need your vote. >> at this point it's all about turnout. >> reporter: call eight presidential candidate full court press in the granite state, one campaign event after another even during a
6:26 am
snowstorm. >> ♪ >> reporter: bernie sanders supporters filling the bern at a late night concert. >> create what i call a political revolution. >> unbelievable, unbelievable. [cheers and applause] i want the thank you. >> reporter: overnight gop frontrunner donald trump eager for a win. >> i don't care what happens. no matter what, this has been the most amazing experience of my life and you people have made it that way. >> reporter: trump calling his final rally before the primary a love fest. but there was no love between the candidates on the campaign trail. the attacks kept coming. >> donald trump organizes his campaign around disparaging people. >> i think being a progressive means you want to make real progress. the last thing we need is promises that can't be met. >> reporter: this morning three small precincts in new hampshire cast their ballots. the historic dixville notch was the first to open the polls to its nine voters. with all three precincts
6:27 am
reporting and sanders beating clinton and a three way gop tie between trump, ted cruz and john kasich who called every dixville notch voter. >> i think people want to know authenticity today more than they ever have. >> reporter: and as the snow starts to fall here again in new hampshire, i can report the latest polls have been up and down but trump and sanders have kept consistent leads here in the state. the candidates have started to turn their attention to next weekend's south carolina primary tam. reporting live in new hampshire this morning, kenneth moton channel6 "action news. >> always good to see our kenneth moton. have a good day out there, kenneth. stay with "action news" on air and online for continuing coverage of the new hampshire primary. our monica malpass will bring you live coverage as the votes are cast and as election results are announced later today. >> team coverage on what will be an all day bout of snow next. >> mobile6 is on its way -- like it's on its way towards city avenue looking at what you might encounter at work
6:28 am
and school and karen rogers will help you out with traffic while dave murphy keeps an eye on accuweather. >> ♪
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6:31 am
second band coming through. last evening we got about a coating to maybe a quarter inch across the region. really didn't have much impact and now we got a second rounds coming n looks like it's a pretty good bloom of snow over parts of salem county. a little bit in cumberland county and then obviously new castle county, delaware. if you get caught beneath this, right now we have temperatures down around the freezing mark and you do want to slow it down. another batch in lancaster county looks like it will angle its way up towards berks county perhaps over the next hour or so. as we take a look at the wide view, first of all right there you see that overnight snow. it was quick, didn't do too much. treated roads handled it real well. now we'll see how we do with this next band coming through. again temperatures below freezing so take it slow if you get caught beneath that in case there's a slick spot. 32 degrees right in you in philadelphia, the freezing mark. same thing in wilmington. untreated road surfaces and sidewalks play abproblem down there once the snow gets going. still below freezing in trenton allentown and reading and it's a bit breezy too. we have a winter weather advisory in effect until 6:00
6:32 am
in the morning on wednesday and that's across the region. notice how it is an advisory and not a warning across most of the region now as we've downgraded a bit. expecting two to 4 inches by the time it's done. overnight a warning in delaware county chester county and lancaster county where we might go a little bit higher. coastal flood warning. possible. we're going to spend most of the afternoon above freezing so snow showers this afternoon probably producing just wet roads. that could change again later this evening as temperatures drop. karen, i'll have more on how this snow evolves through the day and when it gets out of here coming "philly what's up" that seven life day. >> dave, let's hit the roads and show you what's going on. we're just a little slow on i-95. we had a little dusting of snow in the overnight hours. for the most part the roads stayed mostly just wet. looking live at southbound traffic at allegheny slowing approaching cottman and again allegheny to girard. the weather is the no impacting you yet on 95. same situation in systems little bit damp on the vine street expressway, volume starting to build but no major
6:33 am
problems on the vine at eighth street. nearby eighth and race we have a malfunctioning traffic light. police are on the scene with that one but the weather not creating a problem here. we've got a couple accidents in. so here's one in cheltenham greenwood avenue at church road. another in hatfield that's causing a problem right on forty foot road at koffel road. fire department activity in royersford so you'll see the crews outer on ridge pike at kline road. expect restriction there is. an accident an fuel spill that we hear is blocking two lanes. expect delays in mercer county on route one southbound at washington road. other than that, just warm up your car a little ice on the windshield but for the most part the roads are just wet now, matt and tam. >> i dealt with ice on the windshield this morning. thank you karen. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in ocean city new jersey. they have coastal flooding concerns in addition to worrying about the snow. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. there is concern about flooding here and across the shore. we're keeping an eye on it especially as we approach high
6:34 am
tide. right now there's no snow yet. we're just seeing a light rain falling in ocean city so you can see the surface of the road is wet. we're on west seventh street and this is an area that is prone to flooding but we haven't seen flooding here. you can see it's right next to the bay. you might see the lights on the bridge over the bay up ahead. today a winter storm and coastal flood warnings, they're in effect in areas of new jersey so you do want to keep an eye out for rising water levels. let's go to video from margate yesterday where they had some minor flooding along vendor nor avenue between coolidge and monroe. and today we're expecting more flooding. street floo flooding will be widespread. high tide is between 7:30 and 8:30 this morning. in some spots you could see waivers as high as 14 feet. beach erosion could be significant. as far as the snow, it's going to get heavier at times later on. we could see some heavy wind gusts reduced visibility. it's a longer duration storm and it won't be snowing hard all the time but between the
6:35 am
snow and the flooding you want to uses caution as you head out the door today. but right now we're not seeing signs of flooding where we are in ocean city and again it's just a light rain falling at the moment. we are live in ocean city, katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> thank you katherine. erin o'hearn is live in an area that could get slippery today. that would be the hills of the city's roxborough section. good morning, erin. good morning, matt. unfortunately there's probably going to be some disappointed kiddos this morning as they wake up because i want to show you what you're going to see when you head out. there's really just a dusting this morning on the ground and if we head over to the roads, actually now the roads are pretty dry. this morning they were a little slick but as you can see, traffic is moving smoothly, no problems. but let's show you some video from penndot because they are preparing for the snow that will be coming later today. trucks were out overnight treating area roads with salt. 300 plows in fact are out monitoring road conditions with 106 tons of salt on hand. in fact we just saw some plows
6:36 am
pass our way and this morning should be fine. the big question is what is tomorrow going to bring? some of the slick roads overnight because of the dropping temperatures may be icy. now, we should also mention that the city of philadelphia has canceled trash and recycling pickup today. residents are asked to hold onto it until next tuesday in anticipation of this storm. but no emergency has been declared, no snow emergency that is which means parking is as normal so that is good news. of course this section, victorious for being slippery and slick and a little bit tricky as you they've gate through your afternoon commute. you're going to want to take your time when you head home today and of course we'll keep an eye on conditions this morning. for now we're live in roxborough, erin o'hearn channel6 "action news." back to you. >> thanks so much. be sure to follow we have posted the latest school delays and closings. you can also go to storm tracker6 live to see when realtime where the snow is headed and where it's going next. >> this story breaking right now.
6:37 am
two commuter trains crashing head on in germany killing at least eight people and injuring 150. police say all the survivors have been rescued out of the wreckage and they have been taken to the hospital for treatment. why these two trains crashed together is not yet known. >> 6:37. a cruise ship that was damaged during a powerful ocean storm is scheduled to dock at its north jersey port in less than 30 minutes. royal caribbean's anthem of the seas experienced hurricane force winds on its way to florida on sunday. passengers shot video showing broken glass toppled tables and chairs. the cruise line says four people reported minor injuries. it's unclear why the slip's capitol taken took this route because forecasts had warned of dangerous conditions at sea. "action news" has obtained new video of the incident in a philadelphia nightclub that has former eagle lesean mccoy under investigation. sources tell "action news" the current buffalo bill and three of his friends were involved in a fight with three off duty
6:38 am
police officers. you see some of what's going on here. it happened early sunday morning at the recess lounge in olde city. now this new video came from a viewer who sent it through join the action at when you see news happening you can record it and e-mail it to us or use #join the action. mccoy's agent did not offer any comment when we asked. >> all right. let's talk about our lingering snow all day long. >> yeah, it's going to be off and on probably light snow showers a lot of time but some moderate snow is possible and storm tracker6 live double scan shows you there's a little bit of that now reemerging from the south and west. we had one round to came through overnight. didn't do much. about a coating in a lot of spots. some of you might have gotten a quarter inch are zero so. now we have a second round coming in and this is in areas around wilmington. right now a lot of dark gray in through here and so this is again fairly light snow. this light blue over the delaware bay and towards salem might be doing a little bit more and there's also some pretty bright stuff out to the west of us in lancaster county
6:39 am
that might wind up in berks county later on if it can make it that far north. farther south we go and you can seal that the closer you are to the coast the better chances you have some mixing. it's all rain down over the delaware bay and in parts of the shore areas we're seeing a little bit of that as well and katherine scott lab down there n there talking about how it's spritzing. northern suburbs not a whole lot. earlier we did get a sweep of snow. didn't do much and hopefully this won't do a lot either. if you're caught underneath this though temperatures are down around the freezing mark in wilmington and some parts of south jersey and certainly points north. so you want to slow down especially on roads that weren't pretreater or brined. as we look outside we've got cloudy skies overwilmington, sort of waiting for that snow to really get kicking down there. it's been fairly light so far. and it's cold across the region this morning as i mentioned and a little bit breezy so you want to bundle up even if you're not really worried about the snow all
6:40 am
that much. 32 degrees in philadelphia, 33 in wilmington where we're starting to see some flakes fly again. 29 in trenton currently and below 30 in allentown. 30 on the nose in reading and lancaster. down in millville 33 close to their freezing mark and that means areas around here may also be hovering close to freezing so slow it down if you see the snow in any of those cold spots for the next couple hours. between now and 9 o'clock the snow centered down to the south and west of us. might be that way by noon and of course by noon we'll see those numbers come up above freezing. you can see how we're changing over to rain in south jersey and even throw it's still snow in new castle county and delaware and philadelphia and beyond during afternoon temperatures will be above freezing so down at the surface this will probably act like wet snow that kind of melts as it hits the roads as we get up to 6:00, 6:30 temperatures getting closer to freezing and for the rest of the evening anything that does manage top continue to come through could stick to road surface and nontreated
6:41 am
secondaries. the winter weather advisory that's in effect expires at 6:00 in the morning as of right now but the bulk of the snow will be over before then. the gfs has bumped up to almost 3-inches. a lot of other models are down playing this. i think the best we get is probably about two to 4 inches across the center region and one to two up north and around the shore. in fact right down at the coast it's probably more like a half an inch because so much rain will be mixing in. in lancaster county delaware county maybe some areas go higher. i'll post 4-inches plus. that's not everywhere in in zone bats just some bullet points in that area might go higher. cloudy, breezy, periods of snow. a half inch here, a half inch there. maybe this evening a little hour pronounced snow. 36 degrees in the lehigh valley. down at the shore we're going for a high of 40. tidal flooding is an issue with this morning's high tide. otherwise it's cloudy and breezy with some rain mainly
6:42 am
at the shore and your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows a high in philadelphia, 38 degrees today. again periods of snow off and on. it won't be snowing all the time. it doesn't end until after midnight tonight and by then we get that general two to four on the ground although some of it may have melted during the afternoon as we get that temperature above freezing. so, maybe you don't actually see the full 4-inches on the grass. we'll see. breezy with sun on wednesday 40. an arctic boundary approaches and we get to 31 on thursday with a snow shower around. friday down to 29 with a late snow shower or flurry possible. and then for the weekend, oh, my, 24 is the high on saturday. 22 on valentine's day sunday. overnight lows will be in the single digits. we haven't seen a lot of that this winter. saw a lot of that last winter. but it does look like arctic air this weekend. >> thanks. happy valentine's day. it's 6:42. it's first and goal for a temple stadium proposal. we'll tell you about the next step the trustees are taking and why the off campus community is so against it.
6:43 am
karen. >> looking live on 422 past oaks. roads a little bit damp. a little bit of building volume eastbound as you head towards king of prussia. you can see some of the snow on the grassy surfaces on the side of the road but not on the main lanes. we'll check the schuylkill and see what's happening there coming up. >> the snow machine has turned back on in new castle county delaware. the action cam is live in fairfax along route 202. a lie report from the diamond state is next.
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> 6:45. it is fat tuesday, karen. >> it is. i know. ash wednesday tomorrow. get ready for that. pig out today. looking live on the schuylkill
6:46 am
expressway as far as the snow it's not impacting the schuylkill. a little bit of coating overnight and the schuylkill was a little bit damp. starting to dry out here at montgomery drive and traffic a little slow eastbound from montgomery to girard. on the big picture speeds mostly in the 30's other schuylkill and the 20's on i-95 southbound near girard. don't forget about the malfunctioning traffic light there and that's in center city with eighth street at race. so look for that to be a bit an issue. we have an accident in cheltenham in montgomery on greenwood avenue. and in west windsor mercer county route one southbound at washington road we've got an accident an fuel spill. and it's out there blocking two lanes. that could cause you some problems out there. we've been talking about flooding in south jersey and this is still an issue in logan township. we've got one lane blocked here route 130 both ways and that's just south of 322. i want to pull in storm tracker six live double scan where we're dry in philadelphia. you can see some of the snow showers, they're building up from the south and west and whip double scan we can show you exactly where that's hitting you. you see the movement that of pulling up to the north now. if you're in delaware near
6:47 am
newark and you're on i-95 or 301 you're getting light snow showers in here as well in salem along route 49. earlier we saw a little mixed precipitation. now some light snowfall. on the new jersey turnpike south of woodbury, a little bit of light snowfall there as well as in chadds ford along baltimore pike and 202 moo inn n media. as you look at the temperatures along the i-95 corridor we're sitting at or below the freezing mark through wilmington, philadelphia and trenton so you need to be careful when the snow showers are coming down matt and tam. >> thank you karen. annie mccormick is in fairfax delaware along route 202 where we started to see the snow come down. let's go to her. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam. we've got snow. it's been snowing now just flurries for about five, ten minutes here in fairfax. let me give you a look here at 202 right by murphy's. you can see not much is sticking to the roadways.
6:48 am
these roadways were taken care of by deldot overnight through brining and salt operations. we have seen a number of plows standing by, deldot saying they didn't get the amount of snow they thought they would overnight but they do still have a lot of slushy conditions in different areas so they are seeing a lot in central delaware, not a lot but they are seeing some snow in central delaware. now we're starting to see some of the flurries here. we're also seeing a number of people with their cars covered, with their roofs covered and snow coming from different areas. they're asking that you definitely try to just sweep that off. just to give you a look real quick we have powdery snow, beautiful snow so hopefully the snow that's falling now will look mr. like this. live in fairfax, an flee mccorm make channel6 "action news. >> 6:48 now. david is keeping an eye on the storm system that is sta far frm done with us. >> snow coming in new castle, flurries in philadelphia, it's cold with temperatures down around freezing so dress the kids warming. this afternoon they'll still want to be bundled. we'll get above freezing but it will be windy and chilly.
6:49 am
i'll have a look at radar. we'll slow you where the temperatures are, give you your day planner forecast and tell you where temperatures are going next.
6:50 am
6:51 am
>> we have some of those snow showers starting to move through the south and west and now a few accidents coming in as well. i want to show you this one in lower gwynedd township. this is three oh flynn at
6:52 am
welsh road. watch for this accident, 309 southbound at welsh road. astor street at marshall street so look for that one. in newark we're hearing this is serious with people injured here on the scene on old baltimore pike at salem church road dave. >> newark is one of those places where we are starting to see the snow reemerge too karen. we did have snow showers overnight. they didn't put much snow down on the ground but there could be on nontreated surfaces some icy buildups here or there. main roads looking okay for the most part. now we have the second batch of snow coming in and you can see how it is coming through wilmington pushing up now into parts of chester county and delaware county, not real heavy here but again with temperatures down around the freezing mark we could conceivably see a freeze-up there on roads that weren't pretreated. there's another batch of even better slow but it's out in lancaster county at this point. as we roll through the morning 32 degrees by 9 o'clock so up until 9 o'clock in the i-95 corridor the freeze-up still possible.
6:53 am
you can see how we get well above freezing for most of the afternoon with a high of 38, 2, 3 o'clock in through there. slow it down out there if you see the snow. matt and tam. >> understood. thanks, david. temple university is moving ahead with plans to build an on campus stadium despite a community backlash. >> up with the community. >> down with the stadium. >> up with the community. >> down with the stadium. >> campus police pushed back protestors who tried to block the board of trustees meeting yesterday. the board approved a 1 million-dollar feasibility study. the results were expected in the spring. construction on the football stadium would start next year. the study will address stadium implications for the community. mayor jim kenney has joined the community in expressing concern.
6:54 am
6:55 am
i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable.
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get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. >> we have some snow showers moving in from the southwest. it's dry here on i-95 past cottman but a new accident just in right here on the shoulder so really jamming up on i-9 i-95 southbound. an accident in mercer county with a fuel spill blocking two lanes. in the process of being moved. >> round two is now coming into areas south of philadelphia. that would include new castle county delaware. on the right-hand portion of the screen you can see the effects. snow beginning to fall around fairfax delaware new castle county. so far so good on the main roads that have already been pretreated as this snow isn't
6:57 am
super heavy but on sidewalks and secondary roads you may have a problem this morning as temperatures around i-95 and north in particular are still around freezing. >> of course keep an eye on and we'll be back in 30 to give you the latest updates. for karen rogers ma mat dave murphkaren rogers matto'donnellm tamala edwards.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. the first votes being cast in the nation's first primary right now. donald trump riling up the crowds taking on his opponents. >> she said he's a [ bleep ]. that's terrible. >> candidates battling even begging for every vote. >> i want this job because i love this country. >> hillary clinton behind here hoping for a comeback. >> i don't think a little snow is going to stop anybody, do you? >> as bernie sanders holds on to his lead by coming to the rescue of a supporter. >> the voters still undecided. our whole team on the trail. rubio and john kasich join us this morning. the double punch of winter weather socking the northeast as snow causes major problems on the roads. a bus full of passengers overturned. 19 states c


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