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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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skies, instead it's what is coming in from the tide that is causing the biggest problem, we have team coverage this morning. we are checking in with adam joseph live at the "action news" big board. >> reporter: right now we see a split decision of what you are getting. some areas nothing. some areas a few rain drops and some with flurries and one zone, a stripe of purple and double scan with heavier snow and showers passing through. this is the brighter area of white, we see steadier snow in lancaster and chester and newcastle county and salem county and where you have this little hit of pink that is passing through here downingtown and westchester and media as well as pal vernon and berwyn and eventually towards norristown and parts of central montgomery county, a quick hit of snow that reduces visibility
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and coats the grassy surfaces. as we look at temperatures, all roadways within the band that is passing through, above freezing in philadelphia and 33 allentown and 33 in millville and at the shore temperatures around the 40 degree mark. visibilities with the area of snow especially to the northern and west of the city, down to a mile and a half. 5 miles in philadelphia and much better to the south with 10 miles visibility. thankfully all the pavement surfaces are just on the wet side during this evening rush hour. what to expect tonight an additional coating to inch on average. most of that calm lates on the cars and trees and rooftops and grassy surfaces. untreated surfaces could turn slick tonight and tomorrow
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morning just a few flurries floating around. we'll take a closer look around the region and talk about brutal arctic air coming in over the weekend. >> thank you adam. >> penndot crews are out all day treating the roads to make sure they stay clear and they are looking ahead to tonight's weather. walter perez joins us. >> reporter: the snow is coming and going over the last couple of hours, you see it started up once again. as you can see in ardmore, nothing is sticking at least right here, the overall assess many here so far is that it's a gloomy wet day and they say that that is just fine with them. the morning commute went better than expected and now penndot is setting its sights on the evening with cold temperatures on the way.
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>> we are around 32, 33 degrees, so on the border line of freezing, we are salting hills and intersections just to be safe because we are close to the freezing point. >> overall it's not bad at all. penndot says that if this system produced enough snow to accumulate they hope is happened after the evening rush. >> we are prepared for 3 to 6 and we have trucks to call in if we have to. our concern is the freezing temperatures and pavement is wet and turning to black ice real quick. regardless of what happens over the last two months. it's still not as bad as last year. >> didn't like last winter at all. >> erin reilly of valley forge says if her hopes come through the snow will go away. >> i own a children's music
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school and i may have to reschedule 50 children, so we'll see what happens. >> whatever comes with 250 plow trucks at the ready and 190 tons of rock salt in stock. >> hopefully they don't need to much which that walter. mobile 6 is on the road for what could be a slippery commute, a live look at route 274 heading east towards phoenixville. it's moving along nicely and flurries are flying and floating and windshield wipers are looking good and we'll check in with matt pellman for a full traffic report in a couple of minutes. and in wilmington the snow is off and on all day. >> reporter: hi sharrie, these light flurries are coming on on off throughout the day today in
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claymont and north wilmington and del/dot did brine yesterday and crews are on stand by but it's not too bad. people are not concerned they dealt with a blizzard a couple of weeks ago. in north wilmington this afternoon, some snow is coming down but for the most part it's just a nuisance, not much of anything to cause a problem. >> it's cold, that is what it is. i need it to be warm again. >> reporter: the snowflakes that fell hit the pavement and melted on contact. and here on 202 people got around without a problem. occasionally a quick burst of snow came through. stacey grew up in canada and was not impressed. >> it's not sticking so where i'm from it doesn't really
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count. >> side streets are just wet and the snow did not deter people from getting out and about, shopping for groceries and getting gas but ready to get home as the sunsets. >> it will be worse tonight as things freeze over, i'm happy to get home now before that starts. >> reporter: del/dot says it could get icy in spots and will salt if it does. they did not seem worried. because now road surfaces seem too warm. >> sara thank you. today across the jersey shore a soggy and sadly familiar scene, more flooding across the coast. people we spoke with in atlantic and cape may counties, said the water came up quickly during high tide. in just 10 minutes the water was up to the lawns and rising, take a look at bay avenue and roosevelt boulevard this morning.
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the neighborhood across from the acme was swamped floodwaters almost covering the top of a fire hydrant. residents say that areas that never flooded before are taking on water. >> it's high and it does seem since sandy our highs are higher than normal. i have been here for 13 years and i have seen highs before like this, but not so consistent. >> right now it's probably waist deep in the middle of the street but it's unsettling because you can't leave your home. >> a similar scene in ventnor where the streets were so soaked we could not even cross them to chat with residents. in longport the water bubbled up and moving quickly along longport drive and that area is prone to flooding and they are used to taking precautions. this is not the end for them and residents are bracing for even more coastal flooding tomorrow.
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and hopefully they can start cleaning up guys. >> that flooding can make navigating difficult. it's time for the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman helps us and a half great through that. not a lot of that out there were you are matt. >> a little bit of water or wetness on the roadways in chester county because of the snow that is falling at a decent clip at that point. as adam said a bit ago the highway is just wet. once you get to the shoulder you see slushiness and it's grassy surface it's covered right now and the high wa is well treated and any surface that is well treated at this point is just wet but the snow is falling at the 30 bypass at 322. and in berks county accidents like here on the pennsylvania turnpike, westbound direction just past morgantown taking out the left lane. as you head west speeds in the mid-60s.
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we are watching a crash on the schuylkill expressway westbound by gulph mills, off to the side partially sticking into the right lane from the blue route and the slower travel time that is often the case. between the turnpike and the blue route eastbound side a few extra minutes there. a crash in upper darby at long lane, we have flooding we are watching along columbus boulevard and that water receded and everything is reopen there. and in westville, 130 is blocked and broadway 551 can get you above that. and crown point road is closed because of high water and 295 is your alternate there. grab the ipad and do the commuter report. water on north french street but for the most part they are just wet at this point. we'll check it again in the next half hour. of course the snow moves through the region keep
4:10 pm open on all of your devices, track the progress with storm tracker 6 live and follow our team of meteorologist, share your pictures on facebook and twitter and other social media. we'll be on the air again tomorrow to help you get out the door. join matt and tam and david and karen. up next at 4:00, a big day primary day in new hampshire, we'll check in with monica malpass live in manchester where voters are heading to the polls right now. and tom wolf gives his budget address for this year even though the state has not passed a deal for last year. what the governor is saying about the state's financial situation. and you might like this, can you order a back rub the same way you can order an uber. a company that brings massage on demand. puffs knows winter...
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now at the wintry weather continues, a live look at the energy stadium in chester pa where the snow and wind is coming down and adam will be back with a check of the forecast soon. to politics it's a critical day for the candidates. the first primary is underway in new hampshire. democrats and republicans both know that winning this political battleground can impact where a candidate goes from here. monica malpass is live in manchester where residents are pouring into their polling places today. >> reporter: that is right we are at webster elementary school, a popular polling place and this is a high stakes game of politics as you know. every candidate has slightly different goals for themselves and marco rubio would like to come in second and donald trump does not want to come in second. bernie sanders hopes that being
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a neighbor will help him and would like the turn around like she had in 2008 against barack obama. hillary clinton was up early knowing she needs to make a strong showing against bernie saners who waded through news media. and donald trump was out of the public eye, but told supsupporters on facebook not to take anything for granted. >> the polls don't mean anything if we don't get out and go vote. >> john myers says it went surprisingly smoothly. >> general elections are often long lines but there was a lot of people and we moved through quickly. >> as a young person we have people going back and forth many on who they would vote voet for. >> to tell you the truth i had no idea who i was voting for when i walked in here and that
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has never happened to me before in my life. >> they were still undecided until the last second. three plus hours until they close the polls in the state and the first state of new hampshire is about to have their voices heard. >> of course we'll have more coverage from new hampshire throughout the evening and again tonight, stay with "action news" and 6 abc for live results as the votes are counted and the numbers come in. here at home, in harrisburg, governor tom wolf presented his budget plan for this year even though the state doesn't have one for last year. he compared the situation to a ticking time bomb. his plan would raise $2.7 billion from new or increased taxes, the bulk of it from personal income tax.
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the governor says it's necessary to close the $2 billion deficit and boost money for the schools without it public education would take a devastating hit. >> thousands of teachers would be laid off and guidance and career counselors will be handed pink slips in all more than 23,000 education professionals will be immediately yanked out of pennsylvania schools. >> reporter: john rawlins was in harrisburg for the budget add and will break down the details for the governor's plan and why the opposition says it will not pass. it's all coming up tonight at 5:30. >> alicia thank you. new jersey's congressional delegation signed on to a letter to help new jersey transit to p.m. sign on to damage they still dealing with since superstorm sandy.
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so far they have only gotten $2 million in funding and both new jersey senators and all of its congressman signed the letter asking the federal government for help. now a look at the day's closing numbers, down on a tuesday afternoon but not huge, the dow 12.5 in losses and the s&p down 1.25 points on the day. >> the other numbers we are watching is in relation to snow today. it's time for accuweather. lets send things over to adam joseph he is tracking the system as it comes in waves. >> it has been periodic in nature. southern new jersey and southern delaware rain showers on and off throughout the day and once you hit vineland north that is where it's cold enough to support the snow showers and brief snow squalls in the area, you see the ribbon and pink along 422 east of reading and passing north of
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honey brook and heading towards pottstown and green lane montgomery county and it reduces visibility and quickly coats the ground and sidewalk surfaces or paved surfaces that are not treated. but once it passes by it melts right away. media and westchester are in the burst of snow and now lifting to the north and this is heading up i-95 toward felt and center city just a few flakes. and that extends down to woods town as well and starts to break apart as you work south of that area. if you look at the snowfall totals so far. only a half inch in philadelphia and most of the that is melted from this morning. parts of chester county, ac land 3 inches so far. and chester county some folks had to break out shovels there,
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and hockessin delaware a half inch, and winslow township a half inch of snow. it's above freezing most places that is why we are dealing with melting over the daylight hours, because the snow is falling so lightly and as we look at satellite and radar, this is one burst of energy now passing through and lifting to the north and starting to dry things up later on during the evening hours. at 7:00 you can see sporadic snow showers and temperatures above freezing, as we get into the 11:00 we start to break things apart and flurries around and 34 in philadelphia and 35 wilmington and 30s north and west we could see refreezing overnight and overnight a couple of scattered snow showers and flurry around and most of the precipitation has bypassed the region. the ocean high tide 7:30 until
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8:30 tonight. not as bad as the high tides and the upper bay near philadelphia from 11:00 until 2:00 a.m. as we look at the four day forecast, a little sun breaking out after a couple of morning flurries and a high temperature of 40 degrees, helping to melt snow we see overnight a coating to an inch and breezy and a snow shower thursday afternoon as temperatures dip to 29 and then 32 and brisk and cold and sunshine and arctic front comes in with snow showers on saturday. and temperatures fall throughout the day, 22 degrees and saturday night below zero in the suburbs. it's going be brutal. and sunday which is valentine's day. find a cuddle buddy that, is all i can say. >> up next almost two dozen people are out of their homes after a fire ripped through an apartment complex and the latest on the investigation into former
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eagle, lesean mccoy. video from an old city bar and the latest on a live report. and one little number stands between one guy and hundreds of people looking for a free burrito, the chipotle mishap.
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almost two dozen people are out of their homes after a fire ripped through their home in depford, new jersey, the fire gutted the chestnut lane apartments. it started at 5:45 and investigators still don't know why. everyone was able to get out safely and the red cross is helping 21 people that need food, water and clothing today. police are looking for a driver that hit and willed a woman and drove away. it happened at ninth and hayes street. a woman died at the scene, they spent the day looking for a back
4:26 pm
nissan with front end damage they found on west sixth street. they are asking anyone with information to come forward. one person was hurt in a crash next to the national constitutional center on independence mall. it happened at 6:30, police say that two trucks collided sending a truck into the barrier wall outside of the museum. one driver went to the hospital with an eye injury. police are looking for a man that robbed a market inside of the e and g food market. it shows a man pulling a gun on a 25-year-old woman on the woman behind the counter, and police want anyone with information about this crime to please call them. still ahead in the next half our of "action news."
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chipotle's latest promotion is hefting a maryland man's patience. that story ahead in big talkers. >> a
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. "action news" continues.
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it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with a former chester county teacher under arrest accused of having a relationship with a teenager. and new video shows a different angle of a violent brawl allegedly involving lesean mccoy. vernon odom is live with an update on the investigation. and just in time for valentine's day we have an exclusive deal from a company offering massages to fit your busy schedule. >> i will be listening closely to that. but first snow showers are moving in all day and they are not finished yet. mobile 6 is driving through valley forge park, the conditions there for the evening commute, precipitation is coming down and cars are moving just fine on the roads, lets start at 4:30 with adam joseph at the big board with the latest from accuweather. >> reporter: it's all about location here as to what you are
4:30 pm
seei seeing some areas seeing snow and some rain and some areas are seeing nothing. and there is parts of tell wear county, and we start in southern new jersey, we see mixing issues in parts of delaware, georgia and areas near tuckahoe. and the colder air is working in near elmer and 55 and you start to see flurries floating in the sky and we are dealing with a heavier burst of snow with purple setting up at pottstown and route 100 and malvern and the blue route heading towards the conshohocken curve and blinding snow reducing visibility and coating the surfaces, and heading towards pottstown heading into central and northern parts of the county. a photo taken from the
4:31 pm
horizontal, better to see and share with you. as we look at salisburiville in northern and western parts of the county, this woman is breaking out the shovel getting a healthier amount of snow 3 to 5 inches, as we go through the evening hours we see the continues on and off light snow and tapers after midnight and most of the treated road, and once the sunsets, slick spots are developing and we can chat more about a coating to an inch overall coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> meantime sky 6 hd looking live at the waves crashing in cape may, people in the area are keeping an eye out for flooding during tonight's high tide and a few miles away this is what it looks like in north wildwood late this morning. low lying areas saw flooding and there was standing water on the
4:32 pm
roads and the water came up high even for a truck this large trying to get through as well. accuweather will help you get through a possibly slick commute. join tam, karen and david, starting early at 4:00 a.m. and as the snow moves through the region keep open on all of your devices, track the storm's progress at street level with stormtracker 6 live. and share your picks on facebook and twitter. we are awaiting word of possible charges against former eagle lesean mccoy after a violent nightclub brawl in new city. this is video obtained by tmz, this shows the fight between the nfl star and officers from another angle. vernon odom is live now with the latest on this unfolding
4:33 pm
investigation, vernon what have you learned. good evening tonight police sources tell me there was a sergeant present at that dust up at that bar but he never got physically involved in the actual confrontsation. at this hour the d.a. staff is reviewing evidence they received here from central detectives. this is the latest cell phone video obtained by tmz of the sun morning bar room brawl allegedly featuring former eagle, lesean mccoy, and some of his buddies getting the best of two off duty cops. they were injured in the incident that started over a dispute over a bottle of champagne. this clearly shows the face of lesean mccoy getting involved in the rough housing. they are recommending criminal charges including aggravated assault, reports have mccoy with
4:34 pm
the buffalo bills retaining jack mcmahon to represent him in this dust up. no one was arrested after the 2:45 incident at this club in old city. the officers will not face charges in this case. >> brian sources tell me that the d.a. is expected to issue the warrants sometime early tomorrow live at central detective headquarters, channel 6 "action news." >> vernon thank you. we have breaking news at 4:00 coming out of delaware, the state has confirmed the first case of the zika virus. the department of health says that an adult female tested positive for the virus, she contracted the virus while traveling, they say that pregnancy is not a potential for this patient. it's widespread in south america
4:35 pm
and the caribbean. they will offer more recommendations come together. >> a former chester county teacher is arrested for what prosecutors say is a disturbing relationship with a teenager, brandon mitchell taught chemistry at west high school where he met a 16-year-old student with whom he traded nude photos and thousands of other texts in 2013, mitchell was suspended from his job and since resigned, he is facing charges including child pornography. philadelphia police are looking for a man that robbed a 7-eleven in felt johnville. the video shows the robber walking into the store on wyoming avenue. he had his face covered and socks over his hands and the man demanded cash and cigarettes from the worker, and they found a trail of his clothing leading down the street. you are asked to call police if you know anything about this
4:36 pm
crime. passengers on the cruise ship that was damaged during that powerful storm are expected to arrive in new jersey tomorrow, but that could be delayed. royal caribbean's anthem of the seait severe weather. >> i have not seen a low pressure that was not -- anything near what we actually experienced. >> he says that is not the case and a federal lawmaker is calling for a federal investigation into why the royal caribbean vessel set sail in the first place. australian actor, hugh jackman is, back is back in the spotlight. rick williams is live in the newsroom now with more on what
4:37 pm
is the word on mr. jackson? >> reporter: mr. jackson he has won a tony and golden globe and now can had health advocate. the post from the a-list actor spurred a warning for skin safety. also at 5:00, a beyonce bounce for red lobster, why the restaurant chain is crediting the pop super star for sales over super bowl weekend. those stories and more when we see you for "action news" at 5:00. >> thanks rick. a health sentner north philadelphia will help care for even more people. steven and sondra sheller was awarded $180,000, the program helps teenagers learn how to prevent and treat heart disease. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, why a travel company
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picked philadelphia as its top destination for 2016. and get this a maryland man's phone is glowing up with thousands of messages. we'll explain in big talkers. and do you want to relax a little bit you'll want to stick around for what's the deal? we have a deal from a massage company coming up. and looking live yes that is city hall in center city. the snow is coming down and adam joseph has the full accuweather forecast from accuweather.
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the clerk was not hurt and police say that the same suspect hit an elderly man with a pole just minutes before and the 22-year-old is now under arrest. big talkers and a big d distinction for our city. the travel guide is say that philly is on a roll now and we have both rebirth and deep american history. just this past november philly was named the first world heave taj city from our award winning restaurants that feature more than the beloved cheesesteak and the arts. they say that philadelphia is a national treasure and of course we knew that. one rogue number two led to
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one maryland man's barrage of texts for free burritos. yesterday the chain restaurant closed for a few hours, and to make it up they offered a promotion of burritos, if you text to 22222 add an extra 2 and you get hank. he has been a good sport and even though the promotion ended yesterday, is he still getting texts and only some of those people want a free burrito, some may be looking for friends. when it comes to snow days they take it seriously in providence, rhode island, and let me tell you this is nothing like the chain calls we used to get. ♪ you snowed it a lot last
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night ♪ ♪ and now it's not safe to drive so it's too late school is closed for today ♪ >> hello even adele would like to get this call to know there say snow day. of course the chorus director does the vocals here, they have been work on this for five weeks, hoping it would snow. and they could show it off. and of course it's going viral just like last year's let it snow parody from frozen. really you guys i hope for a snow day every day just to listen to these guys. >> yes. exactly the call you want to get except for poor hank for the burrito. lets get a check of the roads right now. >> all right matt pellman in the traffic center. >> we are having a snow day
4:44 pm
today but i don't think it will result in no school. we have a truck that got stuck while trying to make the turn from westchester pike route 3 westbound to get on 202 southbound and you see the truck here blocking the eastbound lanes of westchester pike by 202. if you normally use 303 in the afternoon, 322 paoli pike instead. you see the snow coming down in chester county. we are starting to see slush, accidents one in honey brook at miller lane just south of beaver dam, and one near dupont street and one near the farmers market a crash on main street near liberty avenue. back out to delco where the snow is coming down at the blue route 476, the southbound lanes approaching route 3 the broomall
4:45 pm
upper darby inchange. the snow is really falling and the surface is mostly wet but visibility is way down and that causes the drivers to go slowly afternoon. and a crash at walnut street. we'll check the situation again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you. lets take a live look outside. how about that. different vantage points as we look at the snow. to words and delays or cancellations, good idea to call ahead if you have to fly.
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4:47 pm
a fair number of people woke up and said where is the snow. and you never said there would be all that snow. >> it's a long period of time
4:48 pm
and a half inch to inch in the morning and a half inch to inch during the day and that is the problem with and we are dealing with it, and it's melting and quick bursts coating the ground and looking at double scan live radar setting up west of philadelphia at the time and overalmost of the area seeing rainfall and it has been hit or miss, from center city we start to pick up the intensity. you see the snow, the purples near lancaster after few as you head down the pike of the main line and the heavier burst of snow heading down 76 the schuylkill expressway and the conshohocken curve that extends over 202 and approaching parts of southern and montgomery county now, 422 is light snow and that picks up in intensity near pottstown. this area is only lasting 10 to
4:49 pm
15 minutes of quick bursts of snow and most of it melting on the pavement but it could coat roadways and grassy surfaces that were not treated. al verson, pennsylvania, the northern terrain, they picked up a few inches of snow during the day today and more in the bay of precipitation especially the farther west you were from philadelphia. right now 35 in the city and 34 allentown and 33 in wilmington and 32 in reading and temperatures are above freezing and where you have the heavy burst of snow it piles on top of one another and they adhere and quickly accumulate and that is something we watch with the reduced visibilities with areas to the west, it's a half mile in wilmington and reading and lancaster and a mile in allentown and far betner southern parts of new jersey. the energy is passing through and lifting to the north and one band we are watching and once it
4:50 pm
lift as way that is it for the intense snow squall and becomes more broken in nature for the rest of the overnight hours. a coating to as much as and inch in locations and slick spots developing with temperatures around the freezing point as we go into the overnight hours. definitely want to salt your sidewalks and driveway before you head to bed tonight. as we look at future tracker 6 at 10:00, the scattered nature to this all the energy lifts from the region, fairly quiet through the overnight and early morning, the rush hour near freezing temperatures and scattered snow showers and then sunshine poking back out tomorrow afternoon moving the temperatures up to 40 degrees, then an arctic attack will push in now centered in the north pole and northern parts of canada. and this will aim cold pockets of air to the mid-atlantic to the northeast and temperatures will only be in the single
4:51 pm
digits to teens with the jet stream heading down to the south, so a cold if not dangerous weekend especially in the overnight hours with the temperatures. your seven-day forecast, showing breezy with an early morning flurry and 40 degrees, breezy with another front coming through on thursday dropping the high to 29, not bad friday brisk and cold and 32 and a snow scul comes in with the arctic air on saturday and 22 degrees and sunday on valentine's day, mother nature recently went single. just 19 degrees overnight and then quick warming into next week with snow going to rain on tuesday. we have to get her a date. >> warm her heart. >> adam thank you. we have a way to relieve stress coming up in what's the deal. a new deal coming to town to offer deals to our viewers.
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don't forget to tune in to abc for prime time. a new episode of fresh off the boat so louie can go out for valentine's day and muppets at 8:30 and what would you do at 10:00 and stick around for "action news" at 11:00.
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show, with the promo code saving with 6 abc. >> so our viewer gets a special discould you be. >> they will only pay $80 for their first massage. >> they can go to philadelphia, bucks, delaware counties. and zeal says the person that many comes to your house is fully vetted and licensed and background checks. there is one other company offering massage on demand in our area. we have it on and i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." did you know they were here that day? >> did you get the promo code? and didn't we get the invite? that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for alicia vitarelli, and sharrie williams, i'm brian taff. now here is rick williams with a
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look at what is ahead at 5:00. >> hello thank you, coming up next on "action news" at 5:00, two days wintry system brought flooding to communities up and down the . we are live in ocean city with the mess left behind after high tide and the polls in new hampshire close in the matter of hours and our monica malpass is live in the granite state where candidates worked to gather every last vote they could. and why officials are saying that students in delaware don't have to take a starnized test to get in.
4:58 pm
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. minutes the water is up on to the lawn and the bricks here like within 10 minutes. >> from flurries to flooding, mother nature threw a wrench in into people's plans today. we go live to valley forge.
5:00 pm
sharrie williams is joining us and the big story on "action news" tonight is the winter weather still hovering our our area. today was not enough snow to get the day off from school but causes headaches. let first go to meteorologist, cecily tynan, you are tracking the system on double scan live radar. >> yes, this was really a nuisance event of occasional snow showers melting on the roads. but now the evening commute starting to see banding and the temperatures are dropping. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing this is the band i'm tracking it's over to the north of the schuylkill expressway and the blue route up over 422 crossing route 100 heading towards reading and it moves through i-176, and what that did


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