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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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sharrie williams is joining us and the big story on "action news" tonight is the winter weather still hovering our our area. today was not enough snow to get the day off from school but causes headaches. let first go to meteorologist, cecily tynan, you are tracking the system on double scan live radar. >> yes, this was really a nuisance event of occasional snow showers melting on the roads. but now the evening commute starting to see banding and the temperatures are dropping. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing this is the band i'm tracking it's over to the north of the schuylkill expressway and the blue route up over 422 crossing route 100 heading towards reading and it moves through i-176, and what that did is it coated the road quickly
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with the falling temperatures, it is beginning to stick and it's having a major impact on visibility. east of philadelphia no problems at all. philadelphia visibility 1.5 miles and the same in mill wood. this is tricky with the snow owe coming down on your way home. temperatures dropping to below freezing in our western suburbs you'll want to be careful heading home. we have another round of snow showers not dropping much an additional coating to an inch, the problem is that temperatures are dropping to at or below freezing and any untreated surfaces will be sticking and by dawn it's out of here and then i'm tracking the news, that is record breaking cold. coming up in the accuweather forecast. >> thanks cecily. in delaware the snow was
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more of a nuisance than anything else, the action cam was in northern wilmington and most of it melted once it hit the ground and flurries were spotted in the chestnut hill section but the snow was not sticking and the action cam spotted damp roads and sidewalks but it was not staying. and now lets go town to the shore and nora muchanic in ocean city. >> reporter: hey there no snow but lots of street flooding in towns up and down the jersey coast, high tide in the back bays except water spilling into the streets this morning, it has receded now and it was a nuisance earlier today for people trying to get around. roads in ocean city were flooded and many streets were impassable. that was not a surprise to
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locals. we found bud on 13th street on the bay checking on houses to make sure they didn't get water inside. >> new moon and high tide and the way the wind was blowing keeping everything in the bay. the water can't leave the bay with everything coming out of the north. >> this is what you get a push from a nor'easter, it's not uncommon to see this. >> not uncommon but residents and businesses say this is getting old. >> it's unsettling, you can't leave your home, that is why i'm out early i can leave my car and come back this afternoon. >> it cuts down on the customers. john runs the tuckahoe bike shop, that was flooded today. basically salt water and bikes don't miss well. it gets into the bearings and spokes. >> reporter: this is the area near chestnut and delaware, it
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created a watery mess to a town that had serious flooding two weeks ago. >> it seems to be flooding in areas that didn't see it before. more so in the areas that typically hadn't flooded. >> reporter: you are looking at the back bay and the water receded and we had sun this afternoon and that is long gone and cloudy for the afternoon and raining now but the good thing is no snow to add to the mix. we had enough to deal with the flooding today. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the "action news" morning team will be up early tomorrow to track the snow as it moves in during the morning commute. they are on the air starting at 4:00 a.m. our area got a taste of winter weather and other places in the northeast got a foot of
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snow. areas near cape cod are still digging out after a direct hit from a winter storm. in connecticut 11 people are still in the hop tonight after this bus overturned on a very slick i-95 and in new hampshire the weather did not stop voters from going to the polls to vote today in the primary. new numbers show it's still anyone's race, polls show senator bernie sanders in the lead but his lead over hillary clinton is starting to slip. on the republican side donald trump sits in first and senator kasich and marco rubio and ted cruz are all fighting for second. >> monica malpass is in manchester since sunday and she is live where the polls are just hours from closing. >> reporter: hi guys, we are outside of one of manchester's
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polling places where voters are growthed by a virtual army of sign toting campaign workers and candidates are using every last second to convince voters. >> john kasich poured coffee in manchester and jeb bush thanked his supporters and chris christie was at his headquarters in bedford. and marco rubio came to webster to mingle with voters and we talked to voters at two locations to see how they went. >> denise mccloud voted for ted cruz. >> i was waffling between him and trump. >> and voted for dr. ben carson, he actually cares a lot. >> i saw bernie sander a few times around town and have been to plenty of rallies, so bernie
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sanders all the way. >> north of here in tiny dicksville notch, three voters were out. most polls are open until seven tonight, and workers say so far so good. we have a good group of people and make sure that we do everything in our power to make sure a voter can vote. >> and new hampshire requires voterer to have a voter i.d., some forget and we'll tell you what they do in those cases so they can get to vote. >> thank you monica. "action news" will be following the return as they come in from new hampshire tonight. watch for real time updates from facebook and twitter and a full report on "action news" at 11:00. and we are following
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developing news out of pottstown in montgomery county at this hour. a person was found inside of a car that was found in the water in the schuylkill river. after some one saw the car in the water, no word on how it ended up in the river. we have a crew on the scene and we'll update you as the information becomes available to us. >> governor tom wolf outlined his budget plan for this year despite last year's budget sitting in limbo. he called it a ticking time bomb. he laid out a $33.3 billion spending plan that takes effect in july. john rawlins was in harrisburg for the announcement and will have more in the budget battle coming up at 5:30. new jersey could decide if
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they will raise the minimum wage. if passed the wage would climb to $9 an hour in 2018 and then increase a dollar each year until 2024. >> this gives us an opportunity to go to the people and give workers, people that go to work every single day and work hard an opportunity to work with dignity and respect. >> bringing it to a vote takes away the ability for the governor to veto. and fall 2017 applicants from delaware do not have to submit their sat or act scores for acceptance into u of d and it will be determined by gpa and other factors. the university believes that dropping the standardized test
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requirements will create a more diverse student body. >> lot of letters there. okay. time for a check of our "action news" traffic report. matt pellman tonight. >> reporter: good evening guys. check it out it's kind of pretty. kinda. maybe the main lanes along 422 are just wet, but as soon as you get on the shoulder, possibly the ramp and the grass it's covered. the westbound traffic is definitely slow from king of prussia to this point in collegeville and the snow is increasing and speeds are decreasing in center city along the vine street expressway and the eastbound headlights are stacked up from the schuylkill to i-95, and i think the secondaries where the snow came down we have slushiness now and one in honey brook and one in kalin township. and elsewhere in chester county, in westchester, this struck is
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still stuck trying to make the turn to 202 westbound and westchester pike is blocked head for paoli pike instead and flooding in gloucester and portions of 44 crown point road remain shut down. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thanks matt. more ahead on "action news" at 5:00, breaking news in health check, both pennsylvania and delaware confirmed the area's first cases of the zika virus. and looking live at talin energy stadium in chester, the snow continues to fall and accuweather is tracking it.
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breaking news tonight in health check. authorities have confirmed the area's first zika virus case in both delaware and pennsylvania. it comes as the cdc raises its alert level. >> of the course registered nurse and reporter, ali gorman, is at the big board to explain what all of this means. >> reporter: we just got word of these cases within the last hour, one in delaware and two in pennsylvania. as with all but one of the cases
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in the united states, these local cases were acquired outside of the country. health officials say it's a woman and pregnancy is not an issue. as for the cdc, they have gone to their level one activation, it's spreading in south and central america but if it comes here and spreads by mosquitos in the united states, this level brings more scientists and researchers to work together. and they are working on better diagnosis and conducting studies to learn the possible link to temporary paralysis in adults and a birth defect in newborns. changing gears here an a-list activator is spreading the word about preventing cancer. hugh jackman revealed he has a
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treatable form of skin cancer. he posted a picture of himself on his facebook page, with a bandage on his face saying this is what happens when you don't wear sunscreen. this is his fourth time in two and a half years. he not only told fans to wear sunscreen but to get their skin checked and it's an important message especially in the winner time when most of our skin is out of sight. >> we are not looking at our skin as much and so that a lesion on the skin could not be noticed because you are wearing so much more clothing. >> you want to look for changes in your skin including any new broth. you want to check out your moles, any with jacked edges or where one half doesn't match the others and sores that don't heal or reddish or irritated patches of skin and even in the winter
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you should wear sunscreen on exposed skin even on sunny days and when the sun is reflecting off of snow. >> good advice thank you ali. >> "action news" at 5:00 will be right become.
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wall street ends boo s on y note. the nasdaq down 15 and the s&p 500 lost just about a point. the new report from the labor department said wages in the united states could be lifted in the coming months. jobs jumped by 70,000 and the number of people quitting their jobs spiked to 1.5 million, and that is the highest in nine years and employers struggling to fill open jobs could raise money to hire workers. and red lobster saw a spike in sales over the weekend and it's calling it the beyonce bounce and red lobster is mentioned in the song formation, they are contributing that song
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to a 33% surge in sales this past sunday compared to one year ago and beyonce performed her new song at the super bowl as part of the halftime show. tony washington signed her letter of intent to play soccer at delaware state university. her fellow teammates and family were there for the announcement. despite her skills, washington is describe as being mature beyond her years and helpful to everyone she meets. good lucky and congratulations tony. >> and she has a nice smile too. coming up a check of the wintry forecast for you. going live with sky 6 hd a look at the snow coming down across i-95, meteorologist, cecily tynan, has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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time for accuweather, cecily tynan has more on the snowy forecast and not much on accumulation. >> in chester county we have reports of 4 inches of snow and live on the double scan live
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radar south central new jersey dealing with snow showers except for this band. this has expanded in south jersey, over towards berlin and moved through center city philadelphia and towards cherry hill and lifting to the northern and east and extends farther to the north and west and the snow is falling at the rate of a half inch to inch an hour and it just crossed 4 12e and moving along state highway 100 right now and this is reducing visibilities, the snow today mainly just accumulating in the grassy surfaces, temperatures are above freezing. ann tweeted this out and it looks pretty. the problem though tonight with dropping temperatures. roads getting covered in the northwest suburbs, and this is
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i-176, and you can see this is not only covered but the reduced visibility, you will want to be careful as you drive through the band of snow. right now temperature as above freezing and 34 degrees, and that will change over the next couple of hours. trenton 32 and lancaster 31 and mt. pocono 28 degrees. and temperatures drop to below or at freezing so the untreated surfaces will be icy. there is still two low pressures west of buffalo and one is moving out to sea and this is what is pulling up moisture, but there is not much left but it is shutting off at midnight. still scattered snow showers. and temperatures close to the freezing point and in the northwest suburbs by 11:00 most of this is lifting out with lingering flurries and we'll have sunshine breaking out. coastal flooding a concern and a
5:27 pm
coastal flood advisory with minor flooding, and 7:30 until 8:30 and upper bay from 9:00 until 2:00 a.m. in the morning. the five-day at 5:00, lingering flurries tomorrow and temperature not bad with a high up to 40 but then things change, snow showers on thursday. it doesn't look to be a big event with a high of 29 and friday brisk and cold and 32 degrees, friday night and saturday an arctic front barrels through and that could bring us snow showers into saturday morning but the bigger impact is the temperatures. look at the temperatures, 22 degrees saturday afternoon and the morning low on sunday 2, that would tie the record low, the high valentine's day, light a fire and cuddle up with your loved one, only 19 degrees, adam will let you know if we climb out of this for president's day.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph,
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jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again monica malpass will be along at 6:00 with a live report from new hampshire. sharrie williams is joining us tonight. the latest snow showers are moving through the region and it's not done yet. we have the latest track and the conditions on the road coming up. >> my fellow pennsylvanians, our commonwealth is in crisis, a crisis that threatens our future. and what republicans are saying tonight. and the captain that battered cruise ship talks to the passengers as they endurextremely rough seas. we are tracking snow showers across the region and as you can see from our live cameras from broad street and philadelphia city hall and also along i-95 near penn's landing, the ride home may be slow and slick.
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we have seen on and off snow showers throughout the day today and parts of the jersey shore dealing with flooding tonight and depending on where you live changes what you see. adam joseph is live now at the "action news" big board and the latest from double scan live radar. >> it's all about where you live and what you see. most of the area is seeing light snow and rain showers and there is one intention band through burkes and montgomery county and right through center city. as we look closer into philadelphia, you see the band moving from the schuylkill expressway from 676 and south of 676 in south philadelphia that is lessening in intensity. and now that the sun has set none treated surfaces quickly get covered in this band but this band doesn't last more than 10 or is a minutes as it chugs
5:32 pm
to the east. it will cross over the northeast extension north of landsdale and we are looking at a half inch to inch of snow rates, it only lasts 10 minutes, a quick coating and not a lot of snow accumulating with that band. a lot of pictures on facebook and twitter, this one coming from linda in glen more, chester county and wet snow today and higher terrain in western county, with the snow amounts. continued light snow after midnight. watch for the slick spots developing later tonight. we'll have the full accuweather forecast and talk about arctic air come this weekend in just a bit. >> now lets switch over to matt pellman who has the latest on road conditions this evening. >> the low visibilities and wet conditions are our primary problems and the intense band we have talked about is going through and slushy conditions in
5:33 pm
a few spots and 422 the snow is still falling and an accident at the saint gabriel's curve but causing extra slowing from king of prussia and phoenixville this after foon. snow falling here as well. speeds are fallen, the eastbound headlights stalled from 202 to the conshohocken curve, the eastbound is double what it should ideally be. and problems with the truck that tried to making turn, it's still blocking off westchester pike and paoli pike is a better bet and 95 is still wet and the snow is falling and we have the golden arches to guide our way and rick always looks to the golden arches. >> thanks matt. our "action news" viewer that
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are impacted by the jersey shore took out their cameras and started recording. christie shot this video of a flooded long beach boulevard at brant beach. the entire area is underneath several inches of water and she tells "action news" it's just starting to recede and liz golden snapped this picture of new york avenue during high tide in north wildwood, the flooding stretches in all directions, if you see weather happening in your neighborhood. shoot it and post it on our website. the "action news" team will be out early with the latest edition. matt, tam, karen and david will be here with you tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. pennsylvania governor, tom wolf, is expected to present next year's state budget instead
5:35 pm
lashed out to republicans for not approving this year's budget. john rawlins has the story. >> reporter: light applause for a governor that failed to pass a budget with a deficit. >> it's a time bomb that is ticking away as i speak. if it explodes, the people in this chamber, pennsylvania will experience a fiscal catastrophe the likes of when we haven't seen. >> senior was lose aid for prescription drugs and school class sizes would grow 50%. and he blames house leaders for refusing a vote. they left the table and went home from the holidays and still have not held the final vote.
5:36 pm
>> a newly proposed income tax hike and expanding the sales tax to cable tv and digital download goes behind the deficit and is a grab for more money. >> the governor is doing everything he can to justify the biggest tax increase possible to justify the biggest spending in years. >> as to what republicans are hearing from taxpayers. >> you no what they are hearing, oh my goodness, please hold the line on taxes. >> it's a weak since groundhogs day but a repeat of life not in punxsutawney but here. and the legislature quite another and bill room for compromise yet again. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." philadelphia mayor, jim kenney attended the bunt hearing and maintains there is room for
5:37 pm
compromise. >> i do believe there say cohort of people in the house and senate both r's and d's, and are like minded -- >> mayor kenney went on to say that the fiscal crisis is very real and both sides need to work together to find the compromise. >> in washington president barack obama sent congress the only and final budget, these include launching a new war on cancer and combatting global warming and combatting threats from isis and would increase taxes by $2 trillion, the republicans said they would break the long tradition of hearing from the budget director first instead they are drafting their own budgets. and now the captain has
5:38 pm
slowed down the cruise ship's speed because of rough waves. they said they would arrive back in new jersey sometime tomorrow morning but may not return until tomorrow night or thursday instead. the royal caribbean ship experienced hurricane force winds, and the prediction center issued an alert about the strong storm. but during an interview on the ship, the captain told passengers they didn't know anything about the storm. >> i honestly have not seen a low pressure that was not forecasted. anything near what we actually experienced. >> a federal lawmaker is calling an investigation as to why the caribbean cruise ship even saled in the first place. we introduced you to venus mccue and her family who saled on the ship, she posted this on
5:39 pm
facebook, we have no clue when we are getting home. we are hovering around north carolina and will hit rough waves this evening per the captain and maybe we'll arrive home tomorrow night or thursday, we are held hostage, clueless at sea. tonight david muir will have more on the nightmare at sea for the thousands of royal caribbean cruisers. there is growing concern for u.s. air men stations in our area that who seemingly disappeared. it's a story that our delaware newsroom has been investigating. here is what we know, he is 21-year-old kiefer hughman, stations at dover air force base. last seen in dover just before the start of the super bowl. hughman is 51" 150 pounds and
5:40 pm
driving a blue ranger. the air force and delaware state police are working together to find him. if you have seen air man hughman are you asked to call police. a fire damage aid restaurant under restoration in blue bell county. it happened at lou angelo blue, firefighters got the blaze under control and said it was contained to one room. no reports of any injuries. still to come tonight on "action news," from cheesesteaks to events and museums and restaurants, one big travel magazine says philadelphia beat them all. >> they are ranked number one in all of basketball, tonight villanova will have to fight to stay there. jaime apody has the details in sports. >> we continue to watch the heavy band of snow north of philadelphia into montgomery county we'll watch it on double scan and look at brutally cold
5:41 pm
air on future scan. and this is valley forge road snow is falling but traffic is moving, this is a live look from mobile 6.
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a travel guide company ranked philadelphia the best place to visit in all of america. lowly planet saluted our city's history and future in a top 10 list of places to host the planet. it said that younger residents can live here because our great city is affordable. we can can add to the list as a great college basketball team. >> a great college basketball town and now the number one team. the trick is stay tlg. top ranked villanova will have their first test tonight. everyone likes to knock off the top team in the country. they are in chicago to take on depaul, it's amazing now that jay wright has never taken one to number one. i caught up with the coach yesterday. >> how does that change things, obviously you have a target on your back now?
5:45 pm
>> it doesn't change anything for us, we know we have to keep getting better but it changes how people approach us how teams come after us. hey we have nothing to lose, lets try to be number ones. we'll play our best games, we never won one before we don't know what that is like. >> lbj was president and beatles had the number one song with can work it out and the flyers were born. they will try to celebrate by snapping a three game losing streak, they host the ducks after losing close ones to washington and new york over the weekend. they say they lost the game but not their confidence. >> real short memory this time of year, you have to move on and take what you can out of each game and move on quickly and that is what our group is doing. >> sorry we are playing bad
5:46 pm
hockey, one or two mistakes a night and that hurts us the last couple of days but we are confident within ourselves and we know we can get wins here and string a few together here. if the snow has you dreaming of spring, pitchersp catchers report a week from tomorrow. pete mccannon is poised for a big year. >> think he will be a bona fide potential all-star player for years to come. he has a good head on his shoulders, sometimes he appears to be laid back because body language is important. we talked to him about that but that is the way he is. he is a competitor he wants to drive in the run and wants to be
5:47 pm
up there, that goes back to the attitude, i want to be the guy to win the game and he is that guy. >> here is a guy to keep an eye on, brett traded from the astros in december. went to delaware. and was a fan at the phillies world series parade and jeff skversky has his story coming up at 6:00. >> pretty cool. in the parade and now playing for the phils. from you in need of lots of laughs, look no further than 6 abc prime time tonight. all of your shows are back with new episodes, it kicks off at 8:00 p.m. with treasure off the boat and then at 9:00 agent carter. we'll get caught or worse killed. >> i need them calvin. are you not getting them. oh you. you are good. i think there is a terrible
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medications including botulinum toxins, antiplatelets and blood thinners, may increase the risk of serious side effects. ask a urology specialist if botox can help calm your bladder. visit and learn how botox can be a low cost option. mobile 6 looks live along the schuylkill expressway heading eastbound tonight. a little bit of traffic there always a tough commute and the snow is not helping and people trying their best and mother nature throwing a monkey wrench in their travel. >> adam joseph is here to talk about the on and off pattern of snow. that should continue. >> for a few hours. as we look at double scan live radar we are noticing that that bright area of white and purple now is lifting north of philadelphia break ago part south of the city and that band of intense snow that really will
5:52 pm
only last 8, 10, 15 minutes at most. now moving north of the schuylkill expressway and the conshohocken curve and the intensity of the snow is lessening and malvern is breaking apart just a few flurry there's and the bright purple in montgomery county and northeast extension 202 and the blue route going over the pennsylvania turnpike and route 9 seeing a burst of snow that kickly accumulates and really it's just a coating that is thrown on the ground with this particular band and that goes through central montgomery county, that continues to lift to the north and up next is bucks county and not that wide it doesn't last all that long and you look to the south and it lessens to flurries and snow showers thereafter. temperatures are still somewhat above freezing in the area. the exception is at freezing and below freezing in lancaster. and the heavy burst of snow it doesn't matter with temperatures
5:53 pm
above freezing and road surfaces quickly coat and begins to melt a bill lit and we have to watch in the late overnight hours, untreated surface will turn slushy and slick. half mile in philadelphia visibility and 1.3 in the lehigh valley. and parts of delaware the visibility is much better. a weak low near buffalo and the two try to connect energy between the two of them. it's called a trough access and that continues to lift in the overnight hours. really just an additional coating of one inch and temperatures right around freezing in philadelphia, below that in the northwestern suburbs and future tracker tonight showing the broken nature of snow showers and temperatures still at or above freezing and
5:54 pm
the numbers won't drop quickly here overnight tonight and 7:30 tomorrow morning, a few scattered snow showers and temperatured around the freezing point and not looking at major delays for the rush tomorrow and then in the afternoon we are back to 40 with sunshine turning. then we are looking at an arctic inchris here right now. the north poll and greenland locking the cold air in place and it's going to be released down to the south and straight from the north pole to the north eastern united states and temperatures in the single digits to teen in the northern half of the country. a flurry tomorrow at 40 degrees and breezy with a snow shower and cold front on thursday, 29 degrees. brisk, cold and sun on friday and 32 and with that arctic air coming in we could see a snow shower on saturday as temperatures fall, 22 for a high, and zero for overnight
5:55 pm
lows this weekend, teens for highs and record cold start on sunday for valentine's day. and quick warming into the work week as we introduce the warmer air have a system that has a period of snow with highs in the 40s a week from now. busy over there today. february is a busy month. all right adam. thanks adam. quick break and more news.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
all right jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories next at 6:00. officials find a body submerged in a car in the schuylkill river. nora muchanic in ocean city where the bay at high tide has come up and over the bulk heads and is now in the streets. i'll have a full report coming up next on "action news." and it's primary day in new hampshire, we'll go live to monica malpass in manchester where it's down to the wire for
5:58 pm
voters. that and more coming up at 6:00. for monica malpass, cecily tynan, sharrie williams and the entire "action news" team. i'm rick williams have a nice evening. good night.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. tuesday night health officials are confirming zika cases in pennsylvania and delaware. and officials discover a body in a sub merged car in pottstown but the big story is the
6:00 pm
continuation of weather advisories until 6:00 a.m. areas getting snow like here in cheltenham, but not a disruptive situation in the tri-state area, with the exception of the jersey shore, and the problem is not snow but flooding and the next high tide is 8:00 and authorities are seriously concerned about that. nora muchanic is staked out in ocean city but first lets get the latest from accuweather and cecily tynan. cecily tynan is live at the big board. >> reporter: jim, it's a news ang snow event all day long with on and off snow showers melting on the grown, and stormtracker 6 live double scan showing now temperatures are dropping at or below freezing and we have a couple of rounds of heavy snow showers and one working through newcastle and chester county, and one this line we are tracking at 4:00, continues to push up to the north and eas


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