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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 10, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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good morning, everyone, 4:00 a.m., wednesday, february 10. we're on the air half an hour early, most of the snowfall is done and notice accuweather tracking an arctic front. a police officer is injured in a foot pursuit this morning. bernie sanders and donald trump win the new hampshire primaries. we have the results. let's go over to david murphy good morning. >> reporter: we are not finished with yesterday's snow, there are
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a couple of snow showers. we have temperatures below freezing and some of the snow overnight combined with this we have concerns for icy patches. a lot of cloud out there. there are breaks in the clouds to the west, we'll get sun into the picture. caution for the morning commute is necessary, however, we have temperatures below the freezing mark in a lot of neighborhoods there are lingering flakes as you just saw, i would look out not everywhere, but in some cases slick sidewalks and road conditions. karen rogers will be keeping her on on anything that develops along those lines. below the freezing mark in dover, wilmington, trenton, the northern suburbs in through these areas there's the chance of icy patches. here's how temperatures will roll today.
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6:00, 8:00, 9:00. numbers will be above freezing we'll be around 40 around 2, 3:00 p.m. icy patches this morning, but hopefully we'll melt that away later in the day. on the bus stop bundle the kids up, 31 degrees we'll be holding more or less on that, cloudy skies and snow shower. at some point we'll see the winds pick up, it will be blustery and chilly even though we get above freezing. karen rogers what are roads looking like as we head out. >> reporter: you have to be careful. we have snowfall off to the sides of the road. in the turn lanes, the snow has lappedded and stuck there. you can see the light snow showers that are falling. route 100 approaching 113 give yourself what time when you're turning or stopping. i know it's hard to see in the shot with the snow showers covering the lens. you can see the flurries flying
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across the highway. this is henderson road. traffic is moving okay. you can see the flurries flying right at you. here we are in delaware county, the blue route, mcdade boulevard. southbound traffic, blue route looking good at this point, wet coming in from villanova or broomall. one last look, northeast philadelphia woodhaven road the highway is wet. no sign of the snow right there. katherine scott is joining us live from west chester with a look at what it looks like outside, good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam it is snowing in west chester, as david said it's not adding to the accumulation. it looks nice when you walk out the door this morning. the roads are moving just fine we're standing on east market street in west chester. the surface of the road is wet, it's clear. we have not seen ne problems with traffic coming through, it's below freezing so you want to watch for slick spots.
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let's go to the video last night you can see the snow falling on 422 in limerick. there was enough snow to accumulate on the roads. plows and salt trucks were out making the rounds. you could see them loading up before heading back out again. the drivers took their time, but the conditions were not too bad. use caution. some parts are slippery. other than that the roads are not bad. >> reporter: are you tired of the weather yet in. in -- yes, i'm done with this weather. >> reporter: they have plows out doing parking lots, some areas will have wet roads, others, especially side streets might have more coverage, if it didn't stick to the ground it probably stuck to your windshield use a few extra minutes to clear your
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car. thanks, katherine. keep track of the forecast at check out storm tracker 6 live radar and get the latest updates from our team meteorologists. a philadelphia police officer was sent to the hospital. it all started with a traffic stop in southwest philadelphia. annie mccormick is live in penn presbyterian university city where the officer was taken. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that officer was transported to pen presbyterian hospital. he is in stable condition, he did suffer a knee injury while on a foot chase after the suspect. take a look at the video. we are told it unfolded early this morning between the 5100 block of 5200 block of baltimore. when the district officer pulled over the pontiac for a dui. the driver of the pontiac was drunk and high and ran from the officer. well, the suspect made it a block when the officer was able
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to overpower the suspect, but then the officer was injured in the altercation, we are told injuring his knee, we're not sure what extent. backup arrived where he was brought to penn presbyterian hospital where's at this hour. the suspect faces a list of charges including dui. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." thank you for that. lesean mccoy case is in the hands of the philadelphia district attorney's office this morning. prosecutors must decide whether to press charges over the brawl that you see here at that point old city nightclub. this is a video inside recess lounged early sunday morning showing the former eagles running back involvessed in an altercation with off duty police officers. sources tell "action news" arrest warrants are being programmed. mccoy's high profile defense
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attorney said if prosecutors charge mccoy he'll turn himself in. philadelphia mayor jim kenny is donating his 18 seat suite for the bruce spinning teen concert -- springsteen's concert who is performing at the wells fargo center one night only. the mayor has the suite for all events at the center and will not be going and decided to put it to good use. we have light snow. >> reporter: we have light stuff lingering. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we have a lingering snow shower coming in from the west. as we move in closer on it, it is covering mainly philadelphia which is highlighted, back in
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chadds ford, a little bit brighter, up in norristown and southern montgomery county and northern chester county there's brighter white going on. as we pull out wider to the northern and western suburbs, light to moderate snow. again, this is a has had harrahf the system. like most of the snow we've seen the last 24, 36 hours gliding toward the east in the region. we have a brighter band out west of philadelphia. again, i don't think this will have much additional impact and most of our roads have held up pretty well, especially where they were pretreated. we expect this to not compromise things too much additionally. i would caution on side streets and sidewalks we have the possibility of icy patches as temperatures did go below freezing as we did get a fair amount of snow overnight.
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as we look outside, we are looking at the airport and not looking at cloud cover overhead and again the parking lots you see in the foreground that might be a spot where you have an icy patch and they might not fully treat. we have a windchill making it feel like 25 degrees, temperatures across the region, 267 in the poconos. below freezing in allentown, trenton, wilmington, and the freezing mark on the nose in philadelphia and millville and dover all these spots would have the potential for slick spots on sidewalks and perhaps on untreated road surfaces. in philadelphia we wownld -- wound up with a half inch of snow. montgomeryville 3.1 inches. chadds ford, 4. 3 inches in doylestown, boyertown, 4 1/2. these are typical snowfall totals. a lot of spots went one or two inches across the region. some of it melted before the
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final batch came in last night. it gives you an indication that the roads we're dealing with overnight, they could be icy. snow so far in delaware and hockessin, 2.3 inches. wilmington, 1.7. mount hally half inch there. not are a big storm on and off storm, too. we have snow showers up until 8:00 a.m., or 9:00 a.m. well expect the return of sun and temperatures bounce up a bit, too, 37 degrees by noon. in the afternoon, 40 degrees, that's the high. the sun angle is getting higher that time of year, as well. this is from yesterday, you can kind of take a look at today, 40 degrees is the high today. and then we are looking at the
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brisk and cold drop for the weekend with temperatures in the 20s on saturday and sunday, guys rn we are looking at cool conditions, today, high of 40, so a little better than yesterday, the snow only in the morning and improving. 4:11. still to come on "action news," police in delaware need your help identifying a bank robber. a judge forces former model janice addictionen son to make -- dickenson to make be changes to her bill cosby lawsuit. 202 is wet.
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is. the grant it state has spoken, democrat bernie sanders and donald trump rode a wave of
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frustration in american politics to claim the new hampshire primary. kenneth moten is live in new hampshire with a look at the results. >> reporter: matt, what a night for politics in new hampshire it shows anything can happen. polarizing billionaire and democratic socialist outsiders had victories in new hampshire. republican donald trump and democrat bernie sanders victorious in new hampshire. we are going to make america so great again, maybe greater than ever before. >> reporter: together, we have sent the message that will echo from wall street to washington. >> reporter: the our side crushed their competition, the voters in the granite state anger with washington about the economy and looking for honest and not elect ability.
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the surprise second place if i finisher, john kasich. the battle between the third place ted cruz. your vehicle to her left the washington cartel terrified. >> reporter: jeb bush and marco rubio who admitted saturday night's debate was his downfall. listen to this, that will never happen again. >> reporter: a tough night for hillary clinton who promised supporters she is marching on to the nomination. now we take this campaign to the entire county. >> reporter: her opponent proved he won't be so easy to shake off. so it is on to the next one, south carolina the state's gop primary is set for next weekend, but new jersey chris christie is headed home to decide if he will
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stay in the race, matt and tam. kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." it will be interesting to see what he has to say next, thank you, kenneth. >> reporter: let's go over to karen rogers with the latest in the commute. >> reporter: we have snow showers coming down let's check the suburbs, let's take a live look outside. we're on the border of bucks and manage counties, this is doylestown road at county line road. the roads are wet. we have spotted in the roads you'll see snow on the turn lanes, be careful as you head out. you can see in this area, roads are wet, traffic is moving okay. this is what it looks like on i-95 approaching cottman, southbound traffic hardly anybody out, it's too early. the roads are looking good. i-95 is in good shape, no problems there. ben franklin bridge we have
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35-mile an hour speed restrictions on the ben, the betsy ross bridge, the commodor barry bridge, as you head out reduce speeds on the bridges. be careful on the ramps and overpasses, too. in westville, gloucester county, flooding is an issue here. route 37, delsea drive is blocked at 130. stick to broadway, that's route 551 to get around the flooding. that's an issue in gloucester county. i want to show you live double scan in addition to the snow that came through last night we're seeing more snow showers coming through. if you're in honeybrook 322 you have light snow falling there. west chester, chadds ford, baltimore pike, the blue route, i-95 even in new jersey, gibbs town and woodbury on the new jersey turnpike and 295. light flurries in the city itself and malvern and norristown you can see a brighter shade of white coming down pretty good there.
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the last batch of snow showers coming through in the early morning commute, matt and tam. delaware state police released a surveillance picture of a man who they say probd a td -- robbed a td bank in noose cal. he walked into the branch and handed the teller a note saying he was armed. he ran away with an undetermined amount of cash. model janice dickenson's lawsuit lives on. she alleged he drugged and rape her back in 1982. cosby said the allegations were lies, which dickenson said damaged her reputation, thus her suit. anthem of the seas was on its way to florida port
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canaveral on sunday when it went into conditions that included hurricane force winds. the captain said the ship will return tonight at 9:00 p.m. rough waves prevented it from returning yesterday, it was supposed to be back at 7:00 a.m. new way to help out nursing moms. a thief in illinois creates his own mug shot. >> reporter: we have temperatures around the freezing mark and windchills in the 20s. this afternoon it will be blustery, although we improve, i'll have the details coming up next. welcome back you're taking
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a live look here, mobile 6 on the blue route, plymouth meeting conshohocken area, chemical road area, if you have to go to the giant or the best buy, i know it
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well. if you're making your way down this route, the roads are clear. >> reporter: the roads are clear, but we have snow in the turn lanes, but the snow is still coming down. this is upper state road at limb kiln pike. you can see how the snow showers are light, but they are still coming down right now, be careful. let's take a fly in new jersey, salem county new jersey turnpike, northbound off the delaware memorial bridge, 45-mile an hour speed restrictions still in place. be careful of that, we're seeing speeds of 64 which means you're speeding. mass transit is on time, david. >> reporter: fortunately most of the rain roads are in good shape. the national weather service is asking us to pass along that the there could secondary roads and
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side streets that were not treated could be icing up a little bit. there are snow showers fairly light around philadelphia, southern bucks and chester county, western chester county and berks got hit with the heaviest snow yesterday. it's kind of nice you're getting a break this morning. a little bit more snow shower pushing through, temperatures will climb, too, by 9:00 we'll be at 32. off to the races, 37 degrees by noon, 40 degrees is the high at 3:00 p.m., we'll melt the snow or anything that didn't manage to pop up on sidewalks own side streets. no major delays at airports, we're looking at snow in atlanta and lingering snow showers up in jfk, as well. this man accused of stealing money from a photo booth in illinois made it way too easy for police. the camera was snapping away as
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he took the cash. the police say he got away with $75. they released the photos and the thief turned himself into authorities. jackson international airport has nursing pods and diaper charges changes. these make it easier for moment trying to get a lot done on the way to a flight. celebrating a half century on the ice. atlantic city could be on the brink of bankruptcy, we'll tell you more when "action news" comes right back. good morning, time for a
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first look at business, sports authority could be on the brink of bankruptcy missing a 20 million debt payment last
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month. some say the company will have to pay half of its 450 stores. there could be an impact here. nearly a dozen stores exist in the delaware and lehigh valley. sears plans to speed up the closing of 50 of the least profitable stores. poor holiday sales has accelerated the closing plan. the stock is the $15 a share. last may it was $45 a share. the major indices suffered minor losses. the dow was down yesterday, the market futures suggest they will be be having a higher open. there's something special about philadelphia, it is been ranked as the best place to go visit in the states. it's a national treasure steeped in history and the art scene and fine dining.
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flyers are celebrating 50 years of a franchise. they kicked off with a large cake. yesterday marked exactly 50 years since the national hockey league officially ordered ed snyder and philadelphia the expansion franchise. the flyers went on to loose to the anaheim ducks. there's there was cake. a kitchen fire injured two people in philadelphia overnight. details at 5:00 a.m. the senate will vote today on kathleen kane's future as attorney general.
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hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. saint of the embattled attorney general kathleen kane. donald trump and bernie sanders cruise to easy victories in the nation's first presidential primary. let's head over to david murphy and karen rogers with the latest from accuweather and traffic, good morning. >> reporter: the bulk of the snow is over, but there are lingering snow showers out there, they are fairly low impact at this point. like yesterday, the


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