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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  February 10, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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police. ursinus college is taking precautions in its dining hall after dozens of students got hit with some type of stomach infection. >> and governor chris christie returns home after losing in new hampshire, and people want to know if he is dropping out of the race for president and there are reports now that he will. and the investigation into a deadly police shooting confirms that the suspect had a gun this came from the district attorney jack whalen today. he unveiled the detales a short time ago, vernon odom is live in media with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon sara, delaware county's d.a. says that monday's shooting of a 33-year-old chester man was justified because he had a gun on the officers, this was the scene in chester on the 1200 block of keystone, following roughly 100 shots by officers he
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pulled a gun but never had a chance to fire at them. police say he died in a barrage of gun fire sitting in the seat. >> at that point in time he yelled gun and the other officers drew on it and then as the gun was pointed at multiple officers is what our preliminary investigation reveals, these officers opened up fire. police say that his cousin a passenger in the suv told police when they questioned him, that logger told him he was not going back to prison and that is when he pulled the gun. and as i prepare to close this, i want to say one thing, logger was a convicted felon and should not have been if possession a gun at all. it all started police say in
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upland township during a routine traffic stop when logger's car was stopped because of an expired license plate. breaking news now out of collegeville, points county, students have been sickened at ursinus college. students complained of a stomach sickness last night and this morning. they are looking into if this was a food born illness or person to person contact. they are closed areas of the dining hall for clean snoog breaking news in the race for the white house at 12:30 now. abc news learn that new jersey governor chris christie is expected to suspend his campaign for president today. it could happen within moments. last night christie told a crowd of supporters that he was headed home to new jersey to quote, take a deep breath, after his
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disappointing finish in the granite state. both bernie sanders and donald trump walked away with big wins. up next nevada and south carolina. the morning began with snow showers today and this was the scene in ardmore as flakes were flying and motorists made their way down snow covered streets and there were icy spots reported and slick spots out there. david murphy is here now. >> for now we have cloud cover giving way to occasional sun that, should be the enof the bulk of what we saw from the passing complicated system it took a day and a half to get through. there is more instability from the west and this could produce a scattered shower. we did go pretty high on the snow gauge out to the west of philadelphia in places like
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eagle 6.5 inches and exton 4.5 and chadds ford 4 inches. you come into philadelphia this is actually the old number, they just updated this to .07 inches for total snow. and most areas closer to philadelphia go 1 to 3 inches, but we saw bullet areas that went on up there. temperatures are starting to melt the snow, 35 degrees in philadelphia and northern suburbs are closer to the freezing mark. be careful walking on sidewalks. and same thing on some roadways, if you see partial snow coverage take it easy. we'll add a few more degrees and wind up with a high around 40 this afternoon and pretty quickly slipping down to the mid-30s by 6:00, i think by 8:00 we start to sink below freezing again and anything that does melt and get back on to surfaces
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could give you a problem with the refreeze after 7:30 or 8:00 tonight. the next big story like sara mentioned is the arctic blast look at that trough in the jet stream to our west bringing down all of this very cold arctic air and we will unfortunately see the trough move towards the east over the next 24 hours thank is what is on the way and the numbers are eye popping, i'll show you how cold it's going to get and we are talking worse windchills for the weekend. >> somehow i believe you david. we'll check back in later thank you. the morning snow showers had many folks up extra early to clean off their cars before leaving for work or taking their kids to school, katherine scott has the story from westchester. >> reporter: it snows here in westchester but most roads like west market here remained clear but still there was clearing to do and people got up early to do
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it. >> i have to clean up my car to go to work. >> sandra was out cleaning her car and the storm was moving away but not before leaving her car covered. >> i came home at 3:00 yesterday, it was snowing but not quite as bad and i looked up this morning and i saw it and didn't think it would be that much. >> with snow blowers and brushes there was just enough accumulation to acquire your attention. down below the street looked clear, shovelers were out tackling the sidewalks and some of the streets were slippery enough to prompt school delays and closings. >> i heard that is why they canceled schools and the side roads were a no go. >> tonight and before the sun came up plows made the rounds. and the bulk of the snow stuck to grassy areas and untreated surfaces. >> the main roads aren't too bad. some of the side streets are
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slick and everything like that. >> still slick in places, be careful of your speeds. >> the snow was nothing but fun for laila and jazz, they were walking their owners over on lafayette. laila is young but there is something about the snow that brings out the puppy in jazz. >> jazz loves the snow, he runs and jumps and he is an old dog. >> there were a lot of breaks and it helps crews stay on top of the cleanup but there is plenty left to do today. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> and as always we invite you to keep track of the changing weather at, the latest forecast and stormtracker 6 live double scan keeps you updated at home or on the go and interact with our meteorologists on facebook and twitter. and in other news two people
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needed medicaltreme after a fire broke out in a home in point breeze. firefighters were called out this morning and they battled flames on the first floor of the three story row home and three people were treated for smoke inhalation. dozens of students in del care county had a surprise for their mayor. 50 members surprised mayor thaddeus kirkland at the city council meeting here. they recognized hi unwaiving support for the mentoring program. it's grown to 160 members. much more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, more u.s. troops heading to afghanistan, find out what's behind the largest deployment since 2014. >> and the zika virus continues to spread and we have cases reported in our region, we have the latest on the virus and how
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it could effect the olympics in brazil.
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more soldiers are heading to afghanistan. they announced the deployment of hundreds of troops. they will not take part in active combat roles, it's the largest deployment to afghanistan since 2014. there are 66 confirms zika cases notice u.s. some in pennsylvania anddelaware. >> reporter: the real olympics begins seven months from now, instead of worrying about their fitness levels, they worry about the zika virus. soccer star, hope solo help lead the u.s. torazworld cup victory.
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she would not go if it happened now. i reserve the right to have a healthy baby. it's spread by mosquitos and has a link to babies being born with abnormally small heads. they do not believe it affects future pregnancies, but still solo says no athlete should face this dilemma. >> women are now 40% closing in to 50% of the entire olympic games and all all of them are at child bearing age. >> the cdc is monitoring the situation and passing on their recommendations to athletes. the good news is that by august the mosquito population will decrease significantly, by colder temperatures and the
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summer games are held in what is winter in brazil. there are new developments in the earthquake in taiwan, a dog was rescued from a building today. the dog is in shock and in a shelter while his owner is in the hospital with broken arms and ribs. meanwhile three company executives are detained on charges of negligence, after the 6.4 quake that struck. all but two coming from the building collapse. a swiss man was killed while skydiving in arizona, it happened in alloy, north of phoenix, the fifth skydiving death in that town since september. the man that died was a veteran skydiverer with more than 600 jumps logged. and a man from colorado died a
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few weeks ago after he say his parachute collapsed. the model caused serious damage to this million dollar home last month. the national fire department says that too many hover board owners are not taking the proper precautions with the popular devices, it's said to take a close eye on them when they charge and never charge them overnight. only minor injuries were reported. another check of the wintry forecast for you. stepping live outside sky 6 hd shows the sun taking to the clouds here at philadelphia international airport. david murphy has the update from accuweather when we come right back.
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meteorologist, david murphy, is back now to talk about the coldest temperatures of the season. >> was thinking about and it the temperatures we'll experience is the coldest for a lot of
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seasons. we are getting down there. >> oh man. >> that is right rick you are happy about this. nothing showing on storm tracker after the last band of snow showers during the morning rush. cloudy skies in westchester earlier on the action cam and the snow cleared westchester fairly early and it looked like roads were just wet earlier this morning and that was the case in most of the region. if you see some wet roads or sidewalks, be extra careful. we are shooting up to 40 later today and tomorrow just 30 and we are in for a frigid weekend. 35 right now if you are plan to head out get a coat together and a hat too. with the wind at 22 miles per hour, it feels like the mid-20s, temperatures are beginning to climb up to 36 in millville and 35 in trenton and closer to the freezing mark in the southern and western markets, take it easy if you happen to see the
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slushiness and snow coverage. we are actually thinning out the bands of snow and it's looking like a better afternoon than this morning. 38 in allentown and 38 in reading. a lot of 40s on the i-95 corridor. and 42 in cape may and 43 in atlantic city. here is how the numbers fall as we go later in the afternoon, 39 by noon and 40 by 2:30 or 3:00 and as late as 6:00 or 7:00 we are probably still above freezing in philadelphia, some suburbs will dip back to the freezing mark and 7:00 or 8:00 around here we'll be into freezing territory, if there is freezing and some of it gets on untreated surfaces it's 6:00 until 8:00, where we might see a refreeze and the big story this weekend is the cold air in the
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north pole and the hudson bay and extending to the west and moving in for the weekend. friday night an arctic boundary and a plunge in temperatures, we'll start out in the low 20s on saturday morning. dipping through the teens and eventually in the single digits and windy in through here and windchills make it feel like 10 degrees below zero and maybe even worse than that. it's real serious cold for the weekend accuweather says sun or breezy conditions, brisk and colder on thursday, condition rule out a flurry or passing snow shower and friday still brisk and cold, the arctic boundary gets here friday night triggering snow showers 32 ahead of the front, the big story is not just the flurries or snow showers, it's the way that the arctic air arrives and the way the numbers plunge. a high of 32 and we put the downward arrow and we are
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heading down into the teens in the afternoon and eventually we get down to an overnight low of 4 into sun morning, windchills in through here make it feel far below zero and on sun we bounce back up but only to 20 and back down to 9 for an overnight low and valentine's day is cold. single digit numbers across the region at dawn and we'll improve to 30 later in the day and we start to dig out of the arctic air and a wintry mix is expected monday night and could change to rain by rush hour tuesday morning, tuesday we are back up into the 40s and the cold air is gone. >> david thank you. actress, lena dunham of the hit "girls" she says her battle with end oh meet rose is has called her to call off her entire press tour for the show. deborah roberts has more.
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>> reporter: lena dunham is one of the busiest women in hollywood, directing and writing and starring in her hit "girls" i try to overcome the challenges of my none traditional body type. but dunham says she will not be able to promote the new season because of a chronic condition, writing on facebook i'm currently going through a rough patch and it's time to rest. >> people really love her because she not only speaks her mind but shares her truth in her personal life and on screen. >> the love came quickly, one woman shared her own experience, one womaning saying i'm at level four, thank you for your bravery, you could have kept it quiet. >> she goes a step further and
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tries to educate. >> she shared the condition on her blog called the sickest girl. posting these photos after a positive diagnose of the disease. >> she is saying you know what, when people say that and they are honest, you have to respect thord decision. topping our people scene, zoo lander 2 takes over new york city with a very zoolander fashion show. ♪ ♪ the stars of movie, ben stiller and owen wilson were there. and in the sequel they are modeling again when an opposing company tries to take them out of the business and they must stop a conspiracy to kill the world's move beautiful people. zoolander 2 opens every why on
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friday. the oscars are hoping to make acceptance speeches less boring, they want to avoid a laundry list of thank yous, they are asking them to submit a list to thank. hopefully that will eliminate the boring stuff and create more memorable heartfelt moments. it's hosted by chris rock and can you watch it sunday night february 28th, starting at 7:00. the shows are all new tonight on 6 abc, the new episode of the goldbergs airs. murray is told he cannot see an r-rated movie. and here is a look at the lineup. the middle at 8:00 then the goldbergs and then blackish and then american crime and "action news" at 11:00 with jim gardner.
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david has the final look at temperatures, before they drop. >> in the northern and western suburbs, 30s and breezy and on or about 40 in the center portion of the region. winds a factor 10 to 15 miles per hour and the windchills make it feel like the low 30s at the best of times and 43 in sea isle city in atlantic city. good day to get stuff done because colder air starts to come in tomorrow and it's just brutal for the weekend. >> thank you david. a look at stories coming up later today at 4:00, a hospital performs surgery on the wrong baby, hear from the newborn's family that their healthy child when through a procedure he never needed. and they break ground on a major project on love park. mayor kenney is lifting a ban
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but only for a few days. we'll explain at 4:00. for david murphy and rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon. ♪
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