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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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entire student body is comprised of less than 1700 students. it hit the school hard and fast. >> several students reported feeling ill last night but naefrly 90 showed up at the school's medical office with symptoms of vomiting and stomach pain. >> approximately 17 overnight were treated in emergency rooms or urgent care. >> most if not all reported eating dinner at the dining hall on campus. that doesn't necessarily mean the food was the source of the outbreak. but they closed the school for cleaning and disinfecting. >> we heard some people throwing up in the hallway when we woke up this morning. it was a weird way to wake up. >> everyone is talking about it,
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their hallway is sick and their house is sick. everyone knows one that is sick. >> they will know for sure by the end of the week if it's a food born illness or passed person to person. but the good news is that those that fell ill are showing signs of recovery. all the students are being managed properly and we believe over the next 24 to 48 hours it will all be gone. >> reporter: the school is disinfecting residences halls and anyone else that gets sick is urged to call the wellness center or school security. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thanks. investigators say that police were justified when they kill aid 33-year-old man in jester on monday.
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longer was killed when officers fire on his suv. it crashed on keystone road and the d.a. jack walen said that that is when he pointed a gun at lease. >> and they yelled gun and the other officers drew on it, and the gun was pointed at multiple officers thark is what the preliminary investigation revealed these officers opened up fire. >> whalen says these are preliminary findings. and there will be more on another report at 5:00. chris christie's political campaign appears to have reached the end of the line. abc news learn that he is planning to suspend his campaign as soon as today. nora muchanic is live in trenton and nora this comes on the heels of a disappointing night in new hampshire.
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>> reporter: absolutely sources tell abc news that he was meeting with advisers and the announcement could come soon. i would tell you that things would be quiet here at the state house and they are said to be home after suffering a crippling defeat in new hampshire last night. >> just not enough. and that is okay. >> that was governor christie in new hampshire after a brutal loss in the state where he spent millions of dollars and more time than any other republican candidate and came in with a disappoint 8% of the vote and in sixth place. >> we are going to go home to new jersey and take a deep breath. >> he canceled campaign stops in south carolina scheduled for today. a sixth place showing doesn't qualify him to be in the next gop debate. >> i think it was a big embarrassment for chris christie it's hard to spin it any other way and you have to look at
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yourself and say if there is a way to win this thing? and if i can't what am i doing here. >> there was a headline, welcome back to the messes you left. >> there is a lot of work to do and it won't get done without him. >> we sampled voter reaction to the idea. >> he should drop out. i think he should drop out because he really neglects new jersey. >> a lot of people here in new jersey and the garden state don't like him and i like him, he is to the point and a good leader. >> people said that he say bully and the nation is looking for somebody that doesn't pull any punches but i think his timing was wrong. >> when the governor returns full-time to the state house it looks like he has a lot of fences to mend with the public. voters are angry there are so many issues here that were
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ignored or unresolved as he was out campaigning almost full-time. we are waiting on governor christie's official word he is stopping his run for president. >> nora thank you. governor christie is not the only one making news. carly fiorina tweeted in the last hour she is suspending her presidential campaign. the former hewlett packer ceo failed to make strides in the primary. she finished seventh behind christie. the state senate failed short of votes to remove attorney general, kathleen kane from office. they were trying to remove kane as her law license was suspended while she faces charges. a judiciary hearing will issue a recommendation in noon and she has denied any wrong doing.
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a lot of clouds out there, and it sounds like it gets a whole lot colder in the coming days. a check of accuweather forecast. >> adam joseph is standing outside with a coat and scarf. >> little in the way of sun this afternoon clouds adding to the chill in the air, but today will feel balmy when you look at temperatures into the upcoming weekend. 35 in philadelphia and 33 in allentown un32 in wilmington and above freezing in millville and the atlantic city airport and we are drive after the morning snow showers and flurries, at 6:00 a.m. they started to pass through the region and one last area of precipitation that moved off the coast and we saw some breaks of sun but they filled right back in with the cloud cover and the cloud cover is locked in as we go into the overnight hours. as you head out on to the town this evening, 32 degrees and clouds through the 9:00, 10:00 hour with temperatures dropping below freezing by 9:00 and upper 20s by 11:00 and a lot of clouds
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overnight and could be a brief snow shower with the front passing through overnight with a low temperature of 32 degrees. but the numbers really drop off. 5 below zero and 11 below in suddenbury your temperature is 1. five days below zero, that is what we are tracking for the weekend and we could see record low temperatures here on sunday morning. alicia i'll have all the numbers and let you know how cold it gets in the accuweather forecast. >> adam i just spoke with your producer paul, he said you were close on that one. >> i was practicing on that all afternoon. >> the people from that town did not call yet. speaking of the weather this morning, snow showers slowed some people down even though the roads were pretty clear and
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mother nature's dusting meant extra scraping so people could get to school. it moved out quickly but put people to work, between snow blowers and brushes there was just enough accumulation to acquire shoveling. some streets were slippery enough to prompts school delays and closings. >> that is why they canceled school, they said the side roads were a no go. >> another snow day for those kids there. there were people cleaning up after the long storm and breaks and crews staying on top of the cleanup, and tonight things should be all right. what a winter it has been from snow to sun, keep track the changing weather with the latest forecast stormtracker 6 live double scan will keep you updated at home or on the go.
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and you can interact with our team of meteorologists on facebook and twitter. let adam know how he did on that pronoununciatio pronunciation. >> give adam a piece of your mind. a bridge closed for two and a half years is reopen to commuters in mercer county, to mark the opening of the nottingham way bridge over the assunpink creek. they celebrated the completion of the $3 million project, it replaces the 94-year-old bridge that showed significant signs of deterioration. it's time now for the traffic report. lets go live to matt pellman with a first check. >> love it when you give us a little good traffic news before i hit you with all the less than good news. good afternoon brian and sharrie, we are live along the schuylkill expressway t. could be worse and it could be this morning and everything could be wet or slushy, at least this
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afternoon most of our highways are dry and we slowing down nonetheless, from the schuylkill eastbound to girard heading into south street the traffic is starting to stack in the eastbound lanes and a crash involving a pedestrian in pottstown this afternoon along beach and charlotte at dino's grocery, a broken down vehicle on the ramp from the turnpike that reopened now. and police activity in holmesburg that is shutting down eastern avenue. a truck slipped over on highway 1 southbound, shut down between 95 and christiana right there by the mall, want to throw you a bone and let you know about that, the truck was carrying dog food. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day afternoon. because of the overturned truck carrying dog food and a stand
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still on highway 1 passing 95. those are your traffic kibbles and bits, we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. still ahead one local company is looking to fill 4,000 jobs this weekend. we'll tell you what kind of positions are open and how to apply. and a cruise liner damaged at sea is finally coming home. details on the ship due back in new jersey tonight. and a philadelphia landmark is getting a facelift and mayor jim kenney made a surprise announcement.
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well, when royal caribbean's anthem of the seas finally docked in bayne, new jersey, it will be inexpected. it was on its way to port
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canaveral on sunday and the ship sustained damage and some passengers told abc news they were fearful they wouldn't survive withcane force winds. >> we are on the eighth floor or eighth deck. and waves felt like they were almost crashing into our room. >> scary stuff. the royal caribbean captain tried to explain why he headed out to sea in the first place, saying in this video broadcast sent internally, that he didn't realize the magnitude of the storm when he set out. royal caribbean offered a full refund and then some. that ship expected to arrive in
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new jersey at 8:00 tonight and it was originally headed to the bahamas, safe to say the passengers cannot wait to get home after this experience. in new jersey from our new jersey newsroom, six flags great adventure is hosting a job fair and there are 4,000 positions available. they are looking to hire for the upcoming season that starts in six weeks, it includes every aspect of the park from research to landscaping, the job fair runs from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on saturday and holding auditions for performers and entertainers until 4:00 p.m. for more information go to and the labor department says there is a record number of job openings in america, a new report says there were 5.6 million unfilled jobs in december. shy of the all time record set in july of last year.
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many of those jobs require vocational training like plumbers and electricians and they say that expert workers don't have the skills to fill the jobs and some employers are simply asking for too much like asking for a college degree for entry level positions. and a mixed back on wall street. down nearly 100 points and the nasdaq and s&p 500 not as much movement today. we look at the hottest and coolest ways to jump start your body for summertime. many are spending hours in the gym trimming off the excess level of fat and some are using high tech help to get rid of trouble spots that defy diet and exercise. >> you come in and go back to work or your home and there is really no recovery at all.
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so we explore the options and hear from people that skip the surgery but are getting rid of the fat tonight on "action news" 11:00. >> whatever works. it's time for a check of the accuweather forecast, adam joseph is tracking the arrival of the arctic air, there is a round coming in tonight for tomorrow and the true arctic air comes in over the weekend and looking at the commodore barry bridge in chester, pennsylvania, some sun breaking out from the cloud cover and splashing a bit a glow here for the drivers and hopefully working in the easterly direction and not the westerly direction. 18 in philadelphia right now and 15 in millville and 10 in allentown and in the teens at the shore. what is tropping how it feels from the air temperatures, it feels like 24 in philadelphia and 21 in reading as well as wilmington. 25 at the shore and the poconos just 15 degrees.
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the winds will remain up overnight tonight. we are littered with cloud cover all the way from the mid-atlantic back into the great lakes and there was a front to the north and west of pittsburgh and buffalo and you see snow showers with that along with flurries, as the front progresses through tonight and into tomorrow morning it could spark a snow shower or flurry, and it's brisk and cold and teens in the northwestern suburbs and 20s elsewhere. if you see one of those pass through it will stick because of the cold temperatures. tomorrow morning it's hit or miss but a couple of snow showers are dotting the region, a couple of those snow showers at noon watch them as they pass by and 5:00 tomorrow afternoon again a lot of clouds and breaks of sun and again the possibility of a flurry or snow shower. the big story really tomorrow is the cold. the bus stop forecast clouds and
4:20 pm
sun and your windchill only near 10 degrees with air temperatures near 22 and 24 degrees and future tracker how it is going to feel in the morning but also if the afternoon tomorrow, 10 allentown and 10 in reading and 14 in philadelphia and even into the lower to mid teens south and east. and it's a day to bundle up and stay bundled up. the four day at 4:00 forecast. tomorrow it's blustery and windchills in the teens and there could be a flurry or quick snow shower around at any time. and temperature of 29 and on friday less wind around here and a little better by a degree of 30 with high clouds and sunshine around and then the true arctic front comes in saturday night into sunday morning with another snow shower or two, and temperatures fall all day saturday, 20 for a high and teens in the afternoon, overnight lows near records 2 degrees on sunday morning and below zero in the suburbs and
4:21 pm
valentine's day it's brutally cold and teens for highs and windchills over the weekend as well as making it feel even colder than the numbers you see right there. >> lets hope it's short lived. >> you'll find out in the next half hour. >> thanks adam. up next let the work begin an iconic park is getting a makeover and it get a promise from mayor kenney. and we have the latest into the investigation into lesean mccoy what we learn about possible charges against the former eagles running back. and it's a squeeze 70 years in the making, meet the two love birds separated we war and revi review --
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from our delaware newsroom, a 76-year-old man is dead after being hit by a car in
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talliville. police have not told us the victim's name but say he was from pennsylvania, they are not sure why he was trying to cross the road but they say he walked into the path of an on coming vehicle, it was dark and snowing at the time and the driver said he never saw the man and that driver is not facing charges. the borgata hotel and casino will not pay the taxes they owe atlantic city, the payment is due today but they are waiting for the $176 million they are owed from atlantic city. a judge ruled last week that borgata can skip payments while the two sides work out a settlement. love park is getting a make year and the park is getting started today and the love statue will stay and the park
4:26 pm
will get more green space and a fountain and a renovated welcome center and mayor kenney promised skateboarders they will not be forgotten, the grab will be used in future parks and skating can continue until the park closes for renovations on monday. and a career fair kicked off today with employers looking for a specific type of worker. universal technical institute brought employers and job seekers together. they are looking to fill positions in the diesel truck industry. they are looking for opportunities in the automotive industry. and it's ash wednesday, the beginning of lent on the christian calendar, bishop tom mcintyre put ashes on the table here at the basilica of sans peter and paul this morning.
4:27 pm
they are encouraging to fast and give back now through holy thursday as christians prepare for easter. there is more to come on "action news" at 4:00, in our next half hour first new details on the investigation into a fight allegedly involving lesean mccoy, today we hear from the officer's side of the story. then after three long days of travel after years of planning, a world war ii veteran gets to see his wartime girlfriend. you can see their reunion coming up in big talkers. >> and we are about to start a special web chat with doctors from crozier keystone, today the topic is weekend warrior. orthopedic specialists will take your questions on starting in just a few minutes at 4:30.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. hello again it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with brand new information on what sparked a gloucester county apartment fire. and a doctor accused of operating on the wrong baby. hear from parents that still can't believe their healthy newborn was put under the knife by a mistake. >> and information on freshening up the stinky subway stations.
4:30 pm
>> but first we learn about the fight at a philadelphia nightclub allegedly involving lesean mccoy and two off-duty police officers. one of the attorneys is describing what happened while the investigators work to build their case. sara bloomquist is live at central detectives with the latest. >> reporter: sharrie that attorney for one of the injured philadelphia police officers said to his mind this is a clear-cut case of assault. sources are telling us this evening though that the district attorney's office is in no rush to get the arrest warrants signed. they want to make sure they have a rock solid case and then will move forward with charges again lesean mccoy and three of his friends. this cell phone video tmz posted of the fight that appears to show lesean mccoy's face. the former eagles running back
4:31 pm
was inside of the recess lounge with three friends including a former nfl player, mccoy and his friends got into a verbal argue with off-duty police officers one a sergeant over a bottle of champagne. officer perry said what happened next was more than a typical bar fight. >> it's obvious from the facts and circumstances that this was an assault that the off-duty police officers in this case were victims of crime. >> perry said mccoy and his friends pummeled his client and other officer while they lay on the ground. >> both individuals receive hospital treatment, significant hospital treatment. they suffered facial fractures and one a possible skull fracture, we are reviewing the extent of the injuries and some may permanent in nature. >> in those videos that have
4:32 pm
emerged, we see many, many people in the club at that night and they want to interview all the witnesses and cell phone video taken within the nightclub. and a second ago the captain here at central detectives came out and said there would not be arrest warrants signed and they are working to under the attorneys involved on both sides and continue to put together the evidence and the wait continues. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." a breaking development there sara thank you. police in gloucester county arrested a man for starting a fire at an apartment complex. arties jr. is accused of starting the fire in depford county yesterday. nobody was hurt but 23 people were left homeless because of it. bryant is held in lieu of $100,000 cash bail. police in montgomery county
4:33 pm
need your help in identifying a bank robbery suspect captured on surveillance video. police in plymouth township and the fbi says that this man is responsible of the robbery of the republic bank on the 400 block of west township pike this morning. the suspect allegedly handed the teller a note demanding money and ran off on foot with an unknown amount of cash. and traffic issues in newcastle county. heavy equipment had to be brought in to lift a truck filled with dog food. this happened around noon by the christiana mall. the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and will be cited for careless driving. two people are treated for smoke inhalation after a fire to fine blames on the first floor of the row home, the fire officials say started in the kitchen and no word yet on what
4:34 pm
caused it. we turn our attention to the accuweather forecast meteorologist, adam joseph. >> we go from a light blizzard to light snow to record breaking cold. all is quiet now out there. clouds and a few splashes of sunshine at the philadelphia international airport the temperature is 35 but a westerly wind make its feel a whole lot colder. 24 is what it feels like when you step out and d.c. is 36 degrees and the dew point 18 and winds west at 18 creating the windchill of just 27 degrees. the windchill is just 15 in shawnee mountain and the dupont dry at 14 degrees. and if you think about heading to the poconos you may want to rethink that when you see the numbers coming in with the seven-day forecast with the record cold, i would chat about that and the possibility of a few snow showers that could pass through at times, nothing big
4:35 pm
but you may see snowflakes floating through the air. >> adam thank you. we have breaking news to get to here at 4:00. septa officials are trying to determine how a man was injured after being discovered near the track area. we are giving you a live picture here from chopper 6 a bit of activity, this is what we know this happened at 4:10 at the regional rail tunnel at jefferson station, one person was transported to hahnemann hospital and a 30-year-old man at this point. it's not clear if he was truck by the train and they are trying to determine if he was injured in some other way, and septa says smoothers should expect delays from this and we'll bring you updates as we get them. governor jack markell is pol guidesing for slavery and many
4:36 pm
crimes committed. he signed a proclamation roycing black history month. this commemorates the anniversary of a historically black delaware university. today that idea got one step closer to reality. "action news" anchor, rick williams with more on this. is it some type of invention? >> hopefully, it stems from google's plan to build a completely driverless car, coming up tonight on "action news" at 5:00. why the government is giving google the green light to proceed with the invention, but we may not see it for any time on the roads soon. we'll tell you about that as well. and burger king is calling it the most obvious product launch ever. and the new menu edition they are calling the biggest rollout
4:37 pm
in 30 years. >> you have our attention we'll see you at 5:00. after three years of planning officials found a new location for the science leadership academy middle school. classes start at a temporary space at david and dana center. is starts out with 90 first graders and they stay at the rented drexel location for three years before moving into a new building on the former site of the former university city high. and after three long days of travel a war ii veteran reunites with the love of his life. >> and first a doctor admits to operating on the wrong baby hear from the outraged parents next.
4:38 pm
and adam joseph is back with the full forecast from accuweather.
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4:40 pm
and we are back with breaking news as we lay eyes right now for the first time. well -- it was there a moment ago. i promise. there it is the anthem of the seas the ship from royal caribbean that encountered so much difficult out to sea, that ship is due east of long branch, new jersey, makes its way to bayon. it did sustain damage while venturing into hurricane conditions, at least four people injured on the ship. as we said the return has been delayed. and police officers were injured during a shootout at a
4:41 pm
pinera bread due assist of baltimore. a second officer was shot while trying to make contact with the suspect nearby and other deputies then opened fire killing the man no word yet on how all of this started. president barack obama had a homecoming of sorts, he went back to the very place he announced his presidential bit exactly nine years ago today at the illinois state capital, there he implored them for something he was unable to achieve political cooperation and bipartisan. from here he continues to california to raise money for the democratic party. on health check a tennessee couple is in shock after a hospital mistakenly operated on their newborn baby. jennifer melton said she thought her baby nate was taken tore a
4:42 pm
routine physical after birth, they found that doctors cut a flap of skin under his tongue, a procedure for a condition that restricts the tongue's movement. >> a completely healthy child and took him out of the nursery and cut his mouth. at that point i began to cry hysterically. the couple visibly upset and the doctor admitted the procedure was for another child and the hospital apologized. they don't know if nate will have eating or speech problems. here at the big board, with the big talkers, we love a big talker followup and just in time for valentine's day it's a reunion that we are waiting for along with thousands of others that are following the journey, a world war ii veteran finally
4:43 pm
finding his girlfriend and that is 70 years in the making. norwood thomas is from virginia and joyce is from new york. thanks to his internet savvy son and skype they found each other, after three days of traveling he went down under to finally see his sweetheart again. and now back in the arms of the one that got away, rekindling a romance that they found decaded ago they say they are not letting go. how sweet is that. >> now to a woman making "sports illustrated" history not once but twice, this is ashley graham, last year she was in the swimsuit issue but in an ad that was the first for the magazine, this year the size 16 model is a 2016 swimsuit rookie, not the
4:44 pm
first in the history considered plus size but the largest they ever treat youred, this including a trend for the tradition, she says thank you for everyone that stands up for curves. this is trending like crazy. finally the new york city subway can be a pretty sensory experience, the sights and sounds and smells. the aromas often less than savory, one woman is trying to make it easier for strap hangers to inhale something far more fragrant. angela kim is an art student putting up homemade scratch and sniff posters inside of subway stations in new york city. orange and magnolia, something to offset the usual scent in
4:45 pm
there. she calls her campaign if you smell something, smell something else. the common play on the see something say something slogan. >> a welcome addition nonetheless. lets get a check of the roads right now. matt pellman has the update. >> things don't stink on our subway, no more so than normal but it will be a long ride home if you take the regional rails, 15 minute delays, the man underground being struck between suburban station and jefferson station, you can expect them if you take the rails home tonight. and between state road and tarsdale avenue. and in center city along the vine street expressway not too bad a little steam going by and the traffic going by and the eastbound flowing towards 95, a
4:46 pm
crash to watch out for in upper darby along state road and one in east pike land chester county and red fox lane at 113 and highway one remains blocked because of the overturned truck carrying dog food. it's going to get a little rough. >> that was a good one.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
all right meteorologist, adam joseph joining us now. appropriate that it's valentines this weekend because you'll want to cuddle up. whether it's the cat or dog or loved ones. >> as we go to wilmington,
4:49 pm
delaware, on the action cam along bellevue state park, a beautiful like scene there with the gazebo and then the winds kicked up this afternoon we have no snow showers whatsoever despite a lot is of cloud cover out there presently. it feels like 25 in the lehigh valley and 24 in philadelphia and 4 in millville and 21 in wilmington and the winds started to crank up this after foon and drop the windchills and those windchills you just saw will feel balmy by the upcoming weekend. satellite and radar a lot of cloud cover in the eastern half of the country and this area of snow showers diving to the south and that is a front pushing through during the overinto the hours to introduce colder air for thursday and it could spark a flurry, with a snow shower tonight or tomorrow. no big deal we'll watch it pass through as the ground is pretty
4:50 pm
cold. 6 windchill in reading and 9 in wilmington and this is a one two arctic punch and the first one comes through late tonight with the possibility of a snow shower around and then the second front really means business on friday night. and because that air is so cold and coming in from canada it could introduce a few snow squalls here on friday night and that could coat the ground and everything would stick no matter what flake comes through and not looking at accumulation but if you get a quick coating it could cause problems early saturday into sunday. and the temperatures drop 20 to 30 degrees below normal. saturday temperatures fall from 20 degrees in the morning to the teens in the afternoon. winds of 35 miles per hour. windchills even at the peak of the day stay near 0 in philadelphia and below 0 north and west and sunday morning we
4:51 pm
wake up with record cold temperatures, the morning lows 12 below in the poconos and 5 at the jersey shore and 2 in philadelphia. and 25 below zero windchills in the poconos to as much as 10 below in southern new jersey and delaware. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast blustery and windchills in the teens tomorrow with the high is of 29, less wind on friday and high clouds around and 30 degrees, the wind comes back here pretty bad on saturday. 20 feeling like 0 in the afternoon and then brutal dangerous cold on valentine's day, 19 for the high as we wake up to near record lows in philadelphia and below 0 in the suburbs and snow arrives late monday night, we get accumulation with that and this changes to rain on tuesday. the temperatures go to near 50 on tuesday and wednesday so we get the arctic air in place and a little snow but the main
4:52 pm
system next week is the majority of rain. what's the deal? is still ahead. we have the ingredientses to make a great breakfast. and tune in to abc for prime time. an all new episode of the the goldbergs, that starts at 8:30, followed by modern family at 9:00 and blackish at 9:30 and american crime at 10:00 and as you always do, stick around for "action news" at 11:00.
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real stuff that comes from tree. her testing team found that all were pretty good. >> our suggestion is to buy by price, she says a good choice is costco kirkland signature syrup and trader joe's. >> pancake syrup is far less expensive but it's usually made with high fructose corn syrup and collaring that contains possible carcinogens they recommend you go for the real stuff and pour it on those waffles. >> i might have done that this morning. >> good for you. that does it for "action news" at 4:00, for alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and adam joseph, i'm brian taff, join us tonight for "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. coming up next on "action news" at 5:00, delaware county
4:57 pm
officials say that a shoot that left one man dead and another injured in an suv riddled with bullets was justified. we hear from the family of the man who was killed. also fiorina is out and christie could be next. the latest developments from the campaign trail and what that means for candidates in south carolina. and in health check we learn new information about the zika virus cases found both in delaware and in pennsylvania. those stories and more coming up next at 5:00. if i want to go up...
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hello. or if i want to go down... no. but then if i want to come back again... yes. it's perfect. my favorite part is to be able to lift your legs up a
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little bit and it feels like i'm just cradled. (vo) change your sleep, change your life, change to tempur-pedic. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. good evening monica is off and we are following breaking news at this hour. after a day of speculation, abc news confirm that new jersey governor, chris christie, is suspending his presidential campaign. sharrie williams is joining us. the big story is chris christie is out he came in sixth despite
5:00 pm
campaigning in the granite state. >> reporter: rick and sharrie in addition to governor chris christie, we learn that carly fiorina is also out. with two big names out of the race the gop field is shrinking but experts say that donald trump is the man to beat in south carolina and on the democratic side bernie sanders says after his victory in new hampshire, this is the start of a political revolution. >> following his big win in new hampshire, bernie sanders feeling the love on the view tolling the ladies he is all in. >> the message we are bringing forth that this country is suppose to be a nation of fairness. and we are not seeing the fairness right now. sanders stopping in harlem for coffee with al sharpton earlier and clinton also in new york


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