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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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campaigning in the granite state. >> reporter: rick and sharrie in addition to governor chris christie, we learn that carly fiorina is also out. with two big names out of the race the gop field is shrinking but experts say that donald trump is the man to beat in south carolina and on the democratic side bernie sanders says after his victory in new hampshire, this is the start of a political revolution. >> following his big win in new hampshire, bernie sanders feeling the love on the view tolling the ladies he is all in. >> the message we are bringing forth that this country is suppose to be a nation of fairness. and we are not seeing the fairness right now. sanders stopping in harlem for coffee with al sharpton earlier and clinton also in new york
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after assuring her supporters in new hampshire that she say fighter. >> we learned it's not whether you get knocked down that matters, it's whether you get back up. >> for the republicans, frontrunner, donald trump, is credited his huge win to the huge voter turnout. >> we have great signals when we have a rally, many people show up many many more than we anticipated. and they are back on the campaign trail and setting their sights on the next primary in south carolina and john kasich promising to keep his campaign messages positive. >> and iowa winner, senator ted cruz sounding defiant despite fin andishing third. >> one of the most important conclusions coming out of these first two states the only candidate that can beat donald trump is me. >> and carly fiorina and chris christie suspended their
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campaigns with the gop primary in south carolina a little more than two weeks away. that is the latest from here in new york, i'm elizabeth herr, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. in other news ton a deadly shooting justified by officials, delaware county says that six officers were doing their jobs when they opened fire on an suv and a 33-year-old man is dead. new at 5:00 the family of the men inside of the car are reacting for the first time since the authorities defended the deadly shooting. vernon odom is live in chester with the details. >> good evening sharrie and rick, the delaware county d.a. says tonight that it appears that the police fired 100 times in self-defense, the man's family bitterly disagrees. >> this is shall mar longer, he was killed by police officers
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after his suv was fired at over 100 shots. it began with a traffic stop and then through chester township and then 12th and keystone in chester city. he crashed the suv and then brandished an old fashion resolver. >> he indicated and the passenger confirmed he would not go back to jail under any circumstances apparently. >> walen says his investigators got the information from longer's cousin a passenger in the vehicle, he bailed when the shooting started and was wounded slightly, he faces no charges here, he told authorities his cousin with a long criminal report mostly for drugs was out on patrol and not going back to prison. >> when the vehicle came to a stop the driver shallamar pulled
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out a gun and pointed it at police. >> he confirmed his cousin vowed not to be returned to prison but said he never saw him pull a gun on the cops. >> relatives are denouncing the claim that the shooting appears to be justified. >> he probably didn't want to go back to jail, who does? he never would have waived the gun at the cop. he never would have done that. >> tonight the d.a. says that this investigation is not over. detectives are still looking for witnesses and/or evidence like surveillance video from the neighborhood. live in chester, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> vernon thank you. pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane will remain in office for now. the state senate vote to remove her fell short of passing, the motion to push her out of office because she is stripped of her law license, supporters say that kane cannot perform her duties
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without the license and about two hours ago that motion secured 29 votes but it needed 33 to pass. "action news" reporter, john rawlins in harrisburg today and will have what is next for the senate and more from the state house coming up at 5:30. in other news officials at ursinus college say that more than 100 students fell ill on campus, they are trying to figure out what caused all the students to fall sick, but according to the school the students reported eating at the dining hall on campus. tainted food was not necessarily the source of the outbreak but the school was closed today to be cleaned from top to bottom and the illness spread quickly and suddenly. >> we heard people waking up. >> everywhere you go everybody is talking about it their hallway and house is sick and it's everywhere. >> they will know if the
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sickness was caused by a food born illness or person to person by the end of the week. turning to accuweather and the big difference a day makes, this time yesterday wet snow was falling in the area and today we are enjoying peeks of sun before a blast of arctic air moves in. meteorologist, cecily tynan, is live with more. >> it's getting colder into the weekend we have a few snow showers satellite 6 along with action radar showing a band of snow showers moving through at 6:30 and then clouds rule, but every now and then you see a peek of sunshine and temperatures not bad. don't get used to it, 34 degrees in philadelphia, we are above freezing and we trop below freezing tonight and will not climb above freezing until tuesday. this is the air mass waiting in the wings, this is really a siberian air mass. this is headed our way in time
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for the weekend. we are looking at five days of below freezing weather and before that cold arriving over your valentine's day weekend and we are talking record cold on sunday morning. we'll talk about how cold coming up. >> thanks cecily. we are following developing news off the coast of new jersey, this is the live look at the battled royal caribbean cruise ship on its way back to port after it hit rough seas on its way to florida. now it's near the area of long branch, new jersey, this is the anthem of the seas cruise ship. it had to turn back around because it was hit with hurricane force winds and is expected to dock at 9:30 tonight. we'll have more on that ship coming up at 5:30. a bridge in hamilton, new jersey is given new life, it cut the ribbon and reopened the
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knotting ham bridge this afternoon. it spans the assunpink creek and connected it to the city of trenton. the new span took two years to complete and cost close to $3 million. now it's time for the traffic report. matt pellman in the traffic center. >> the commute costing a couple of extra minute as long 422 but better this morning. this afternoon things are dry and slow in the westbound lanes from the saint gabriels curve and the oaks interchange. a crash at fitz watertown road by the td bank, in upper darby a crash at marion state road and the activity in holmesburg blocked or bought of a spill of sorts. in christiana we have the truck carrying the dog food that
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rolled over and highway 1 southbound remains shut down. 273 or churchman's road would be better bets and the septa regional rail dealing with is a minute delays this afternoon because of earlier police activity. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thanks matt. there is more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. harsh words from turkey's minister why he calls world leaders two faced when it comes to the syrian refugee crisis. and the new responsibility for federal environmental officials for the flint water crisis.
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in turkey they caught this video of migrant stranded and needing help. he had to be air-lifted from the mediterranean sea. it's rescues like that that reignited talks. he demanded his country open its border to more refugees, he calls the u.n. two faces they have not done enough to solve
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democracy problems in syria. right now there are thousands of refugees sitting at the syria turkey border, they say they will be allowed in when necessary. congress has taken the first action in response to the water crisis in michigan, today the house approved legislation to clarify the environmental protection agencies authority to notify the public about the danger of led in their drinking water, this is in the absence of notification by the state. flint stopped using treated water and switched to the flint river in 2014 to save money and regulators failed to ensure the water was treated and led leaked into the water supply and the epa did not notify the public for months after learning about the problem. we are learning about more than three travel related cases of the zika virus in pennsylvania and delaware and health officials have more
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evidence linking the virus to serious birth defects. ali gorman is live now with more. >> because people travel these local cases were expected and there will be likely more people infected while visiting these areas. we continue to learn more about the virus. the head of the cdc announced new finding that further support the connection between zika and the serious birth defect. researchers identified markers of the virus in two babies that died of the condition in brazil. >> this is the strongest evidence to date that it is the cause of it but not definitive and pregnant women remain the top priority. there are now 66 cases of zika virus in the united states including two women in pennsylvania and one in delaware. all but one of the total cases were acquired outside of the u.s., in areas where the virus
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is spreading. health officials in pennsylvania say that the women had mild symptoms and they have not released if either is pregnant and in delaware it's confirmed that the woman infected is not pregnant. zika is predominantly spread through mosquitos and it's not common in our area but found in other parts of the country and another type of mosquito seen here has the potential to carry the virus but so far that has not been found. once spring hits local health officials will be on alert. >> we'll be looking to see if there is any transmission of this virus during our mosquito season here in delaware. >> reporter: and there is growing concern about the olympics being held in brazil this year and at least one athlete, soccer star, hope solo, expressed concern, she told
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"sports illustrated" if she had to make the choice today she would skip the olympics but it's six months away. and also it will be winter for brazil when the games are held. the hope is that the milder temperatures will reduce the number of mosquitos. something to keep an eye on over the next three months. tonight on "action news" we look at the hottest and coolest ways to jump start your body for summer. many people are spending hours in the gym trimming excess fat and using high tech help to eliminate trouble spots that defy diet and exercise, it involves heat and cold and more but not recovery time. >> you can come in and go back out to your work or home and there is really no recoffee at all. >> we explore the options and hear from people that skipped the surgery but are getting rid of the fat, that is tonight on "action news" at 11:00.
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indigestion, stomach pain, upset or burning. don't just go with the flow. go with pradaxa, the only blood thinner that lowers your risk of stroke better than warfarin and has a specific reversal treatment. talk to your doctor about pradaxa today. federal reserve chair janet yel yel yellen says that the fed will not raise interest rates, she highlighted concerns over
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china's weak currency and economic outlook that spooked investors around the world today she said the fed is prepared to move slower in the economy is in a tough situation but an hour after the announcement the stocks slumped. the dow was down 99 points. burger king is causing it the most obvious launch ever, it's adding hot dogs to the menu, available nationwide starting february 23rd, as burger king pushes to boost sales with intensified competition with mcdonald's and wendy's. mcdonalds has all day breakfast and wendy's the four for $4 deal. you can have it any way you want. >> google is one step closer to building a competely driverless
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car. this week federal regulators green lit the plan by tweaking the definition of a driver, no steering wheel no brakes just a computer on board. driverless cars can still be banned under state law. and today is ash wednesday a day of holy obligation for christians. ♪ ♪ hope francis received ashes on his head before placing ashes on the heads of cardinals and nuns and the faithful. here in the vatican city. it starts lend the 40 days of pen tense. and the holy father reiterated his thoughts for catholics around the world to be more sensitive and merciful toward others. bishop john mcintyre placed ashes on the foreheads on the
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faithful. this marks the beginning of lent on the christian calendar. looking live outside sky 6 hd showing you penned landing on a wednesday night, cecily tynan has the exclusive accuweather forecast be ready to bundle up.
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. cecily tynan has the valentines weekend forecast. >> it's as cold as it can get around here. not just for valentine's but for skis, we are looking at a high speed quad at camelback, i was waiting for rick all weekend to join me to go skiing. i was waiting and waiting. if you plan on ski, dress in a lot of layers, bring the hand and feet warmers and take lots of hot chocolate breaks. even now it's on the chilly side winds west 12 to 16 miles per hour and factor in the temperature with the winds. the windchills generally 24 degrees, 22 degrees, by the weekend we are wishing we had windchills this warm because it is going to get a lot colder. satellite 6 along with action radar showing clouds really rule today, we saw a few breaks of
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sunshine and there is a cold front up to the north and west and this is swinging through in the overnight hours, and this is really the first in a series of fronts that move through and that brings us reenforcing shots of colder air through the weekend, tonight brisk and cold and could have a brief snow shower as the front gets closer, 18 in allentown and 25 at the boardwalk and wilmington 21 degrees. the bus stop forecast tomorrow lots of cloud and some sunshine and windchills around 10, bundle up the kids, by 10:00, 24 degrees. and windchills tomorrow afternoon generally just in the teens. below zero in the poconos and the windchills drop a lot more as we head through the valentine's day weekend. tomorrow it's blustery. and the high of 30 and friday
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night and saturday morning that is when the arctic boundary blows in and could bring us a round of snow squalls and the big news is the temperature, the high on saturday is 20, question hit that early and temperatures falling and windchill near 0, and sunday though for valentine's day, brutally cold and a morning low a record tying 2, and on president's day not as cold and snow is arriving late in the day and adam joseph has more details on that coming up in the full exclusive accuweather forecast. get ready to bundle up on valentine's day. quick brain and more news when we come back.
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"action news" continues with adam joseph, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again monica is off and sharrie williams is joining us. pennsylvania lawmakers are going after attorney general, kathleen kane, what represents and senators did today to try to remove her from office. and the nightmare at sea for thousands of cruise ship passengers and crew is nearly over. and one of the largest police
5:30 pm
unions in the nation are pulling an event from dorney park after the controversial removal of an employee with special needs. >> we start out now with breaking news on the zika virus. lehigh university says that one of their students that traveled abroad during break tested positive for the mosquito born disease. health officials say that the two in pennsylvania were in countries where the zika virus is spread and the student has recovered and is feeling okay. can attorney general, kathleen kane, still do her job without a law license. that is what they grappled with today. house representatives voted to move forward with impreachment and they tried but failed to
5:31 pm
remove cane from office. john rawlins live in harrisburg with more on everything that happened. >> hi monica, a remarkable day in harrisburg, the senate using a portion of the contusion that was little known and not used since the 1890s, it's called direct removal, it's not impeachment that is a different animal. they wanted to get kane out as soon as possible and they need aid majority and failed by four votes and it fails along party lines. >> can an attorney general with an indefinitely suspended law license perform the duties of attorney general. >> kathleen kane cannot perform as the commonwealth lawyer. >> it was straight forward for those arguing for the removal of kathleen kane, an attorney with a suspended license cannot practice law or legally advise
5:32 pm
so how can she remain at the helm, the constitution says she only has to be a member of the bar. >> the attorney general is an attorney in pennsylvania. the attorney general has not been disbarred. >> opponents say that staffers do the legal work while she focuses on administrative work, they say the charges are so far unprofessionaled proved -- >> it's simply not appropriate at this time. >> the gop leadership that led the charge to remove kane said this after the 29-19 defeat. >> this matter is closed and we have an option to reconsider it at some points. >> the leaders knew they likely did not have the votes but they said that going forward was the right thing and plays well to
5:33 pm
the folks back home. >> something they can go back to their districts and say we fought hard to try to get rid of the attorney general and play to the base and play politics. >> if you count up today's vote, the gop leadership had a defeat here they needed 33 and they got 29, the attorney general's office released a statement from miss kane saying quote it was a good day and will continue to do the job she was elected to do. live in harrisburg, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. employees from new jersey transit are considering a possible strike against the rail system. members of 17 different unions staged a walkout in necessary, no official date is set and the deadline is march 16th, the last strike was back in 1983 and that effected thousands of riders and union members are seeking an
5:34 pm
improved contract that can improve health premiums. >> from our delaware newsroom tonight a driver who caused a crash along route 1 near the christiana mall will be cited for careless driving look at the scene before noon, the big rig was going south before it overturned and traffic was backed up before it was brought upright, no one else was injured. we have a consumer alert to pass along for hundreds of thousands of drivers, bmw is issuing a recall because of its airbags, the car maker says that 8,000 40,000 cars are equipped with takata airbags from 2006 to
5:35 pm
2015. now to a developing story that we lawthe c chtiohomareas i really recent the fact that they put all these life lives at risk. >> we were nervous. >> four passengers reported
5:36 pm
minor injuries and a number of people were on board that ship from our area. more soldiers are heading to afghanistan, they announced the deployment of hundreds more troops to the area, they will assist the military against the taliban but will not take on combat roles. the biggest deployment since 2014. world news tonight with david muir will have more on the u.s. troops in afghanistan as well as the cruise ship heading for shore. you can watch that following "action news" at 6:00. we have an update tonight on a story "action news" brought to you last week. chris emery and dorney park in lehigh county. an employee of the park was told not to come back because of an interview process a move that was reversed. it went viral.
5:37 pm
"action news" spoke with fop president today and he announced that the union's annual summer picnic will not be held at dorney park as it has been in years past because of the treatment of chris emery, he says what happened to him was unthinkable. >> as we mentioned emery was offered his job back at dorney park for a 13th year but declined to return. the f ox px's annual picnic hosted 4,000 people and costs a quarter million people. when they asked where it will be held they said anyone that supports kids with disabilities. atlantic city's most successful casino is refusing to pay the tax bill as part of a showdown. borgata officials say that the casino is not making their tax payments until the city pays the
5:38 pm
casino it won in tax appeals. a judge has ruled that the borgata can do that. the casino is odd a total of $1730 million and the city says they do not have the money to pay the borgata. delaware governor, jack markell signed a resolution apologizing for the first state's role in slavery. there was a historic signing today and markell presented a proclamation that recognized black history month. the state of delaware was one of the last to abolish slavery. now the police and fbi is looking for a man that held up a bank in montgomery county this morning. police say he walked into the republic bank on it's 400 block of west township pike and gave a teller a demand note.
5:39 pm
minutes later he allegedly walked out with cash and got away, you are urged to call the police or fbi if you know who this is. now a check of the roads. matt pellman is back with the low down on the slow down. problems behind you there? >> could be moving better on this ash wednesday. approaching academy road, police and penndot on the scene and the vehicle is badly damages and blocking off the left lane from street road in bucks county approaching academy in northeast philadelphia, it's a stand still, i would go to the southbound lanes of the boulevard if are you headed to the sixers game this evening. and a crash in the may fair section of the city at harvest and hellerman and one at 60th and walnut. and a crash at the gulf club my mooreland road a crash by the td bank and working on the truck
5:40 pm
carrying the dog food and rolled over in christiana still shut down at 95, i want to throw you a bone and give you alternated. stick with churchman's road instead. >> thanks again matt. still to come on "action news" tonight, it's giving the green monster a run for its money, we'll tell you why there say huge sky slope in the middle of the ballpark. if you can sing and dance and want a new job six flags wants to see you. there is arctic air up in the hudson bay and haiming our way for the upcoming weekend. we'll let you know the record low temperatures coming up in accuweather. >> i think you know the flame of that town. he was working on it. coming up jeff skversky has phillies eagles and flyers news coming up in sports.
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i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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take a look at what is being built at the center of fenway park in baltimore.
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they are building a skiing and skateboardi ining grand prix ev. it's ten times taller than the green monster. athletes from around the world will tackle this man made mountain. >> it looks easy. >> break my face. >> jeff skversky is here with sports. we are talking baseball tonight. >> you see the snow and think sands and beach and pete mccannon will make decisions based on production and not what players are making. he is losing sleep over what to do with ryan howard. their highest paid player, that had one of the worst records in baseball last year. howard only hit .130 against lefties and their other lefty
5:45 pm
darr darren rough is hitting .30 hundred against lefty. >> i have a guy that was not hitting against lefties last year and darren rough led all of baseball in left handed pitchers. that being said i think i have to use that tool. if he is that good, i have to get him in the lineup. >> how is ryan howard going to take that. >> he is a very nice guy and smart. but he is competitive and he has done so much in the past that it's never easy to take if that in fact comes to pass. i don't know how he'll take it. >> we'll wait and see. there will be another new name. they trade for taylor featherstone, but the 26-year-old had one of the worst
5:46 pm
batting averages in the majors, as a rookie last year. well, still no sam bradford and no fletcher cox but backup linebacker has a contract to feel good about. good and the eagles agreed on a deal. he has done most of special teams. and scored a touch down on a fumble return. and the flyers are on thin ice, their playoff hopes are slipping by. now back to 6 points out with a handful of teams in front of them. the flyers lost three straight and they get uglier by the day, they fell down by 3 against anaheim and they say they are playing bad hockey. >> it's frustrating especially at home to come out flat like this, and you know we lost the
5:47 pm
game in the first period and we battled back and tried to catch up but when you play catchup hockey it's hard. >> yes it is, they have three games in the next four days starting tomorrow. two big ones this weekend, new jersey and new york and teams in front of them they have a tough stretch coming up. a lot of laughs, intrigue and much more coming up tonight on abc prime time. it kicks off with a new episode of the middle and at 8:30 it's the goldbergs. >> how long have you been here? >> since the crack of dawn but it makes sense when you see my masterpiece. >> is that delight? >> that is terror. >> that will haunt me forever. >> who gets it in a good way. >> kevin costner in field of dreams. >> that is a great example. >> darren is working hard to impress lanie for valentine's
5:48 pm
day but it backfires, they break the rules after beverly forbids them to see an r-rated movie. >> he is your friend, he is your fellow student, he is your teammate, and we have to be ready to welcome eric back and we have to be leaders and show other people how it's done. -- >> and in an all new american crime leslie take its upon herself welcoming eric back but eric discovers that his return does not sit well with some of his teammates. >> here is an another look the middle at 8:00, the goldbergs and then modern family and then blackish and american crime starts at 10:00 and "action news" is at 11:00 with jim gardner.
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we are back adam joseph is here now. >> any way you want to hear about this cold coming. you probably don't want to hear about that but you want to be prepared. looking at double scan live radar lots of cloud cover today and a few splashes of sun after
5:52 pm
morning snow showers for that commute and the high temperature despite we didn't see any sunshine tried to recover a little bit and honestly we went up a few degrees from the morning low and hit 36 degrees just after lunch time and the record is minus 6 in 1899 and we are dealing with the wind out of a westerly direction, and that remains 10 to 20 miles per hour and windchills are in the 20s pretty much across the delaware valley, colder in lancaster and the poconos only feeling like the teens. as we look at satellite and radar, cloud covering pulling out of canada and cold air is pulling in and pieces of energy in the form of cold fronts that are swinging through here, the clouds really marking their territory over the next few days and even a snow shower or two could past by. tonight brisk and cold 18 to 22, and with the first arctic front coming through there could be a
5:53 pm
flurry or snow shower around. future tracker 6 feeling like 2 below in the poconoss and 5 in reading a cold start and not much better in the afternoon, feeling like single digits north and west and teens from philadelphia to the shore in southern delaware, this is a one-two arctic front and the front passes through late tonight and a flurry or snow shower in a few locations and another large storm develops in the open waters of the atlanticic and this stays to the east as the next arctic front comes through and pushes it away and introduces the cold air and friday night with this front given it's more powerful with showers and snow squalls that reduces visibles friday night and then the arctic air floods in for the weekend. it comes in 20 to 30 degrees below normal for your saturday and sunday.
5:54 pm
the exclusive accuweather forecast, blustery and windchills in the teens and 29 for the high. and 30 on friday, and then beyond that second front friday night, saturday temperatures fall throughout the day, 20s in the morning and teens in the afternoon and windchills near zero the entire day and then sunday morning we'll be in record territory for philadelphia, allentown and mt. pocono and trenton, you can see how bitter cold that air is from the 1970s and we'll tie if not break that sunday morning, and for valentine's day 19 for a high and a cold sunday night and this cold air will be kicked out by warmer air early next week and to kick it out we see snow arriving monday and monday night. and temperatures near 50 tuesday and wednesday. >> a nice rebound. >> quick break.
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if you are looking for jobs, six flags ocean county, new jersey, wants to see you. they are hosting a job fair and auditions this saturday. 4,000 employees are needed for the season, if you are interested go to the park's employment center this saturday. the entertainment are from 2:00 p.m., but be sure to fill out an online application at before you go. >> now jim gardner is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. chris christie ends his bid for the presidency, the message he just released to his supporters. and ursinus college students fall ill and we have a report from the campus. >> for the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams, have a nice evening.
5:58 pm
good night.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. wednesday night officials confirm that a case of the zika virus at lehigh university and the state senate falls short in a move to remove attorney general, kathleen kane from office. but the big story is the end of line for new jersey governor, chris christie, obese he
6:00 pm
he came in sixth with 4% of the vote and carly fiorina suspended her campaign and 11.5% of last night's vote is up for grabs. nora muchanic is live in trenton. nora all of this came down within the past hour, i know that christie issued a statement today. >> reporter: he did indeed, he issued it on facebook a half hour ago, he says he leave the race without an ounce of regret and all of those that ran it with me and those that gave their support. people are talking about this all day and it's no surprise after the thumping the governor took in new hampshire last night. >> just not enough. not enough tonight. and that is okay. >> that is governor christie in new hampshire following a crushing defeat in the gop primary, he spent millions


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