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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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good morning, it is 4:30, february 11. we're following breaking news, a cab driver was robbed and stab overnight. authorities at a lehigh valley university are on alert after a student recovers from the zika virus. candidates drop out of the race, while others look toward the next primary. let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers with a look at traffic and accuweather.
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>> reporter: good morning, we have mixture of clouds and sun, and we'll have snow flurries that might float through as the day goes on. it's cold as you step outside. 24 in philadelphia. 21 in allentown. 19 in reading, 17 in lancaster. 24 in trenton. 23 in millville. 27 in wildwood. a little bit on the windy side out there, bundle up. on the bus stop this morning we'll have partly cloudy an colder conditions. temperatures in philadelphia probably holding between 6 and 8:00 a.m., on or about 22 degrees, some suburbs colder than that. again, the winds may be an issue. definitely bundle up this morning and stay bundled this afternoon. today's 9:00 a.m. temperature is 23 degrees, by the way there might have been melting of the very light snow i didn't see too much of this coming through delaware county this morning, but be careful on sidewalks and side roads, we may have a
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refreeze. 24 degrees by 11:00. 1:00 p.m., 26. 3:00 p.m., 29 degrees that's all we'll see on the thermometer 24 by 6:00 p.m. brutal arctic air is on the way for the weekend. that also something to plan ahead for. karen rogers what are we looking like this morning? >> reporter: we're looking good, you have to be careful as you head out. good to go this morning. sky6 live hd looking over pentagon, no problems through the region. we're dry in the area, the roads are dry as you head out. you may have puddles in the parking lot that melted, you may slip on that, watch for that. heading in and in or out of towo major problems, if you're heading out, we'll be back looking live at traffic looking
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good so far, tam. police are looking for the robber who stabbed a cab driver in queen village. annie mccormick is live at jefferson university hospital in center city where the driver went for help. >> reporter: the driver drove himself to jefferson hospital. i want to give you a look at the cab behind me, the police cruiser is holding the scene they are looking for evidence in the cab parked in front of the police vehicle. he put the knife on my neck and hold of the knife and struggling with each other. this center city cab driver picked up a fare at 4th and catherine at 1:00 a.m. when the fare got in, the threats began. he told me i have a gun, i'm going to shoot you. >> reporter: the driver could
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not get to the phone to call 911. he gave up the cash and the suspect ran. he had a knife put to his throat and that's when our perpetrator announced the robbery. for some reason, the cab driver and the perpetrator got into a physical struggle over the knife that's when the cab driver was cut in his hand. >> reporter: next the cabby drove himself to jefferson hospital. the suspect cut the cab driver with the knife initially telling him he had a gun, too. the cabby was treated and released and relieved to be going home with just a cut to the hand. now, detectives went back to 4th and katherine they say there was not a scene there, they hope there is surveillance video in the area. this happened at 1:00 a.m., if you saw anything contact police.
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reporting live outside jefferson hospital. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." authorities at lehigh university say a student came down with the zika virus after a trip abroad over winter break. the student has recovered and feeling well. state health officials say there is no additional health risk to anyone on the bethlehem campus. we talked about it in my immuneology class and in some respects it's overblown, it's not as contagious as people think it is. but it's an issue that should be addressed. there are 66 case in the u.s., two in pennsylvania and one in delaware. all the cases were acquired outside the u.s. "action news" will be hosting a live chat to answer your questions about the zika virus
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it begins at 4:30 on the 6abc facebook page. a stomach bug at you are areur -- ursinus college. >> reporter: local businesses and restaurants have been reach out to help the college provide meals for students. here this morning, the at let i can center will be -- athletic center will be open while the investigation into the outbreak continues. 100 students at the college fell ill to a stomach illness outbreak and montgomery county health department officials are trying to figure out why. students reported feeling sick
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tuesday night, and then it multiplied. 17 were treated in emergency rooms or urgent care. >> reporter: the common threat reported eating at the dining hall on campus. the college shut down the dining hall to allow the health department investigate the cause. it will be cleaned and sanitized. while tainted food is a possibility, the illness could have spread from person to person. it's pretty much everywhere. >> reporter: we are being told that the students are starting to feel better. it could be several days before the cause of the outbreak is determined. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." happening today philadelphia fire commissioner plans to form rally announce the end of fire department brown outs. in the brown out policy the department would close selected
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fire stations in order to save money. the firefighters union said the shut downs put the community at risk. police are looking for a person of interest in a hit-and-run. the video shows a vehicle matching the description of the hit-and-run vehicle parking at the golden nugget tavern and that man. the pedestrian was hit by a vehicle january 29. the driver of the first vehicle remained at the scene. the driver of the second took off. they think that guy was driving it. if you know who the man is contact authorities. investigators in delaware county say a police-shooting death of a man in chester early monday morning appears to be justified. it was after 2:00 a.m. when police led them on a high-speed chase that ended ten minutes later when he stopped and pointed a loaded gun at police.
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6 officers fired 100 rounds willing him. his family is denouncing the claim that the shooting was justified. happening today, democrat hillary clinton and bernie sanders will square off in their latest debate in milwaukee, wisconsin. on the republican side, chris christie ended his campaign. carly fiorina dropped out of the race. they are focusing on the south carolina which holds their primary on february 20th. 4:39 still to come on "action news," the tip that leads police in florida to pull over a school bus where they found a loaded gun and ski mass. an incident at dorny park
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led philadelphia police to move it's annual picnic. >> reporter: we'll have frigid air for the weekend, record lows coming sunday morning, perhaps. we'll have the details coming up. > happening today athletes
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from around the world will tack a man made mountain in the center of fenway park in boston, they are holding a skiing grand prix event today and tomorrow. the ramp is 40 feet tall, nearly 4 times taller than the green monster. big air indeed. well they are not playing baseball there. might as well do something. what will we be doing today? . shivering.
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storm tracker 6 live double scan we're in the looking at anyone big deal snow, if we see something, it will be a snow shower, nothing to get too excited about. looking live at center city, get the coats and gloves and the hats, the numbers are not treating us all that well this morning. we're at 24 degrees, the winds out of the west at 16 that gives us a windchill of 11 that's what it feels like in philadelphia, it's a cooler than that. 21 in allentown. 19 in reading, 23 in millville. everybody is chilling. you can take ten degrees or more off the temperatures to get the current windchill across the region. here's future tracker 6, again, showing you scattered snow shower that might pop through during the day, there's 10:00 a.m., there's more at 4:00 p.m. i want to give you the idea if you get caught in a snow shower it should be quick it doesn't have a super impact on road
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conditions if you happen to be behind the wheel. 24 degrees by 10:00 a.m. noon, 25. the high, 29 degrees. it will feel like the teens because of a blustery wind blowing through. we could get gusts as high as 30 miles per hour. everybody feeling like winter today. 26 in allentown. 27 in trenton, 30 in millville. might get to the freezing mark in cape may and dover, but it's raw. friday night we get arctic boundaries coming through and we get a charge of arctic air in. tomorrow we get up to 32 degrees, there could snow squalls, saturday and sunday look out temperatures will be 20 to 30 degrees below normal and the windchill values will be below zero, especially late saturday and saturday night and
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into sunday morning. a couple of things to keep in mind for the weekend, saturday temperatures will fall for the high of 20 in the morning down through the teens and into around the ten degree range late in the day, 35-mile an hour wind gusts, windchills near zero on saturday. worse saturday night and sunday morning, the low across the region will be below zero and 12 below in the colder areas. the warmest windchills, 25 degrees below zero. the seven day from accuweather, brisk and cold, 29 degrees could see a passing snow shower. brisk and cold on friday, 32 degrees, a snow squall is possible at night, as you suddet brief downpour of snow. saturday, arctic cold, we start out at 20 in the morning and drop from there. sunday, i have it highlighted in
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red. that's when the cold is at its worse. severe windchills, valentine's day raw. monday's president's day, a raw start we get better in the afternoon, high of 31. there's a system that could bring us snow in the afternoon and that snow will turn into a mix tuesday morning and rain as we get up to 48 degrees, remember when we're not on the air here get updates on the weather log onto and you get the latest updates from accuweather. there may be some of those this weekend, the cold air is serious, so take it seriously. a student tip led investigators to a stolen gun on a florida school bus. deputies say another student was loading a gun on his lap. deputies pulled the gun over and evacuated. they found a 9-millimeter
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handgun and blask -- black mask. it is unclear if he had was going to bring it to school. simms was attending an alternative school because of disciplinary problems. school officials say he faces disciplinary actions. fraternal order of police planners to move the summer picnic from dorney park in pro test over the firing of an employee. dorney later offered to rehire the man after the backlash, but emory declined to return. a big sister is credited with helping police save her baby brother's life. twitter hit a road block when it comes to growing a
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social network. our business report when "action news" continues.
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good morning, everyone, taking a live look at the platt bridge on this thursday morning, temperature, 26 degrees. what you got in traffic there,
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karen. >> reporter: fortunately, things are looking for us. we had an accident earlier on the schuylkill expressway near belmont. it has cleared, all lanes open, traffic looking good. we're watching for a slick spot or two, now that the temperatures have dropped, anything that was a puddle is frozen over. hardly any accidents out there right now. this is i-95 southbound traffic heading toward cottman, a nice, easy ride. all lanes open. looking good, we have a 13 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine traveling somebody on i-95. we have a disabled tractor-trailer northeast extension northbound on the ramp to lansdale. i was noticing speeds 13 miles per hour now we're back up to 27. 27 at this hour in the morning is never great, but they are in the process of clearing that out of there. burlington county, 130 northbound, we have an issue at high street.
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watch for that, matt. rail workers with new jersey transit say they are prepared to strike for the first time in 20 years, new increases in health insures talks would negate new increases. if you wanted to try uber and try less there's a way to get a cheaper ride if you don't mind company. uber pool starts on monday. uber said it will cost you 30 percent less than using uber x. energy forecasters say gas prices will average 1.9 8 through 2016. nasdaq saw gains, but the dow slowed by 100 points. futures point to a lower open.
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the dow was 277 points lower we'll see what happens. twitter has plateaued when it comes to adding new users. they 320 million monthly users and the number is not growing. they will have highlight tweets that appeal to each user. now the tweets appear in i don't knowologic -- i don't know4:53 a officials respond to last month's turnpike shut down. many are taking the vague gaws --
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a couple faces felony charges after police say they were caught on camera having sex on a ferris wheel. it was security that noticed them smoking and undressing. the officers used the intercom to ask them to stop. they stopped and went back to getting undressed. employees told officers sex acts and public indecency is happening more often and fear it will impact the reputation of
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the high roller. this is the ambulance dispatcher can i help you? my brother is about to die, he can't breathe or nothing. >> reporter: the second grader made the call for her parents who can't speak english. she spoke the identification for the operator. she was told the baby had a seizure. i started with the cpr and got to three cycles with that. i heard the greater think i ever heard was the baby crying. officers say the 8-year-old's composure helped them save her baby brother. we're following a developing story out of oregon. we have new information on the protesters occupying a government building. a philadelphia cabby is talking about how he was robbed
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5:00 a.m., thursday, february 11 we're following several breaking and developing stories. including a knife attack on a philadelphia cab driver this morning. we'll hear from the victim in a live report. passengers from an embattled cruise ship are back on dry land in new jersey after a bout with


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