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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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5:00 a.m., thursday, february 11 we're following several breaking and developing stories. including a knife attack on a philadelphia cab driver this morning. we'll hear from the victim in a live report. passengers from an embattled cruise ship are back on dry land in new jersey after a bout with a monster storm.
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we find out what happened to lesean mccoy over the weekend. first we'll have traffic and weather with david murphy and karen rogers, good morning. >> reporter: we'll have a mixture of sunshine and clouds across the region. we'll have snow showers and flurries coming out of central pennsylvania. some of that at times may filter through, doesn't look like it will have an impact on us. the impact will be from the cold, 24 degrees in philadelphia. 21 in wilmington, 22 in trenton. in the teens in allentown and close to it in reading, and 25 in wildwood, new jersey. winds in the teens giving us windchills making it feel like 12 degrees in philadelphia currently. windchills in the teens down the shore. bundle up. lots of extra gear this morning partly cloudy and colder as we head out to the driveway or the bus stop.
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temperatures sitting on 22 degrees between 6 and 8:00 a.m. and colder than that in the suburbs. 22 degrees by 8:00. 24 by 11:00. we'll see a shy of 29 degrees -- a high of 29 degrees hitting that around 3:00 p.m. at any time you could see a pop up flurry or snow shower. again it should not amount to all that much. arctic air on tap for the weekend. bone-chilling conditions coming up. i'll have the details just ahead. >> reporter: cold and getting colder. head to your car, look out for any puddles in the parking lots that could be iced over with the temperatures so slow. this is the baltimore pike no problems. roads are clear and dry. traffic has light volume. all lanes open. the northeast extension northbound the ramp to lansdale. we have a disabled tractor-trailer. at times we were seeing speeds
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at 18 miles per hour. that's up to 36 miles per hour. they need to get this guy out of here and get all lanes back open. watch for that on the northeast extension lansdale. i-95, southbound traffic heading toward cottman, hardly anybody out. vine street expressway, no overnight construction, westbound heading toward the schuylkill expressway, eastbound looking just fine. we have an accident 130 northbound on the high street watch for police on the scene causing restrictions there. we begin with breaking news, a philadelphia cab driver is recovering from an armed robbery attack. annie mccormick is live at jefferson university hospital where the victim was treated, annie. >> reporter: matt, luckily the cab driver is okay. but at this hour police are looking for the suspect, in fact behind you can see where the cab is over there a police cruiser
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is behind it, they are holding that scene waiting to helpfully get more evidence from the cab as they continue to look for the knife-wield be suspect. the center city cab driver picked up a fare at 4th and katherine at 1:00 a.m. the suspect said he had a gun an pulled out a knife. when i get to 4th and katherine he attacked me with the gun, he said i have a gun. give me money. a struggle ensued between the cab driver and the perpetrator the cab driver was cut two times in his hand. the perpetrator got $70 from the cab driver. >> reporter: the driver could not get to his phone to call 911. he gave up the cash and the suspect ran. next the cabbie drove himself to jefferson hospital. south detectives centered their investigation on the cab since that's where the crime occurred.
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the cabby was treated and released and glad to be going home to just a cut to the hand. you have to be careful, with people getting in the car, do they have anything in their hand or the bag? i could not see anything in his hand and he get in the cab. >> reporter: and back out here live, moments ago, the police tow truck pulled up here they are going to take the cab away so that the crime scene unit can get a better look at it. they are looking for more evidence for any clues, they will go back to 4th and catherine hoping they can see if there are any surveillance cameras and get images of the suspect. new development here with the standoff at a national wildlife refuge in oregon.
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occupier sean anderson they will leave their weapons and walk one by one to a checkpoint. the fbi surrendered the last four members late last night. the standoff began january 2 when protesters took over the refuge to bring attention to how the government handles federal land. prosecutors could charge lesean mccoy. since the fight we have heard from him. a local blogger spotted him and asked about the weekend incident. we want to hear what you have to say? he said he made a mistake that's all he said. sources say prosecutors plan to charge him for the alleged involvement in the fight early sunday morning. two off-duty police officers were hurt in the brawl. 4500 passengers from the
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royal caribbean anthem of seas are back on dry land this morning. the cruise ship had to return from it's destination when it ran into a monster storm. it left for a seven day trip to the bahamas. the next day, 130-mile an hour winds forced the ship to return to port. the captain claims he didn't know the storm was that bad, but forecasters disagree. four passengers suffered minor injuries. royal carribean is offering a refunder to all of them. you can hear from the passengers as they fled off the ship by going to the 6abc facebook page let us know what was your worst vacation experience. and new this morning, pennsylvania turnpike officials
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say keeping vehicles on the turnpike during last month's historic blizzard was the safest decision under the circumstances. more than five hundred vehicles got stuck behind a jackknifed tractor-trailer near pittsburgh. turnpike chief executive told the transportation committee that alternative routes were impacted by the blizzard and having the drivers shelter in place was the best option. let's turn to david murphy, cold weather coming. >> reporter: all right here. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we are dry. we can't rule out a flurry around or a brief snow shower. we're not seeing anything signature fat -- significant out there right now. as we look outside, sky6 live hd, center city it's windy and cold. grab the extra gear, all that will be a good idea if you have a little walk to put in this morning. 19 in allentown. 20 in reading.
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24 in reading, 26 in cape may. of course, windchills making it feel like the upper single digits or the milled teens, so pretty cold out there. again, future tracker 6 showing you a pop up snow shower or flurry possible through the day, these are very scatter. i want to give you the idea you could run into these at times. they will be low impact and brief. in the lehigh valley look for clouds and occasional sun. it will be windy and flurries and brief snow shower. high of 26 degrees, probably feeling like the teens all the way, though, with blustery winds. windy at the shore, 32 is the high, feeling like the teens and the low 20s. in philadelphia, high of 29 degrees. windchills in the teens most of the day, clouds and sun, windy, windy gusing 25 to 35 miles per hour. rolling out of the west today. there will be times when there is more sun than clouds and vice
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south vice -- vice south overnight to, we get down to 18. friday night, as we transition to the colder air, don't be surprised if there's a snow squall that's a brief heavy snow that may put down a quick coating or an inch. over the weekend, the heart of the cold air is here. we'll have temperatures 20 to 30 degrees below normal. the record is 2 degrees in philadelphia. that happens to be the forecast record low overnight saturday into sunday morning. allentown might challenge, because i think there will be spots that get below zero. 4 below in wilmington. might be harder to achieve. zero in trenton not hard and the poconos could see a new record. 8:30 saturday morning we're below zero in terms of how it
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feels in philadelphia and staying in saturday night. if you have plans to be out saturday night, bundle up. 2:00 a.m., sunday, ten degrees below. 18 below in allentown and probably staying this way in through sunday morning. brisk and cold today, 29 degrees, brisk and cold tomorrow, 32 with the snow squall possibility at night. saturday, how about these numbers, we get a high of 20 in the morning, i got that downward arrow because we drop in the teens during the day and get to the record tieing 2 at night. monday, extremely cold for valentine's day, 19. overnight low of 9. the winds die down as we go through that holiday. speaking of holiday, president's day on monday, some of the kids off from school and glad they are, otherwise they would be out on the bus stop at 9 degrees. we have a chance of snow, but it changes over to rain tuesday
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morning. tuesday afternoon, i want to say we are out of the cold soup, 48 degrees. 5:12. all new on "action news," the family of a cleveland boy who was shot and killed by a police officer has been dealt another devastating blow. the city is suing the family. the man known as america's dad is charged with waging war on two legal fronts. >> reporter: we're live in bristol township, bucks county i-95 at 413 we're clear an dry. no problems here, but problems elsewhere not far from the area. i'll give you the details on that coming up. john dep takes on a political role in an internet parody that no one saw coming that's later in the morning buzz. remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
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welcome back, taking a live look there, the view over penns landing, nice and cold this morning. we have arctic air coming our way. it's 5:15, 26 degrees. let's check the suburbs. >> reporter: this is route 100, no problems there, northbound traffic heading toward lionville. roads are clear and dry. it's cold, warm up the cars that's for sure. the ramp for the northeast extension northbound to lansdale is looking better.
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we had a disabled tractor-trailer. earlier we had speeds at 16 miles per hour. they jumped up to 31. we have an overturned truck in bristol township otter street at old 413. stick to i-95 or bensalem boulevard. storm tracker 6 live double scan as we look around the area. dave has been saying we see a flurry or snow shower. if you're in reading watch for that along 422 in pottstown along route 100, even a little bit of lavender, it's a narrow band but coming down pretty good. heading toward phoenixville and norristown. it's not a widespread eventful weekend it's going to be a snow flurry or snow shower. 19 are degrees. tamir rice's family is
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crowd -- over a claim against the estate for a ambulance ride for $500. two deputies were shot pursuing a gunman. the first deputy was killed at lunch yesterday. the second was killed at a shootout nearby where the gunman was killed. police identified him as david evans who had warrants out for his arrest. bill cosby wants to focus on the criminal charges in
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montgomery county. cosby is accused of assaulting a temple university employee at his home in 2004. a judge has dismissed a defamation claim, she claimed cosby drugged and raped her in 1982. both sides are expected to be in court on that one later this month.
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let's get up and get going. let's take you outside in plymouth meeting, the blue route at chemical road. we're dry and clear. ahead the ramble from the northeast extension northbound to lansdale. we had a problem with a disabled tractor-trailer. it cleared. 130 burlington county, northbound at high street, police on the scene they are blockerring a lane. >> reporter: we are dressing the kids very warmly, we have temperatures in the 20s and windchills in the single digits and teens and staying cold this
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afternoon with winds blowing. 29 is the high, we spend the morning in the low to mid 20s and getting up to 29-degree high. clouds and sun overall, there's a chance of a pop up flurry or brief shower. at the airport, no major delays, doesn't look like we have precipitation in our most commonly traveled destinations. "action news" is looking into a claims that trendy smart phone app has people taking risks behind the wheel. >> reporter: it was a deadly accident that claimed the lives of three young women, but could a social media tool claimed a role in the crash? tonight at 11:00 p.m. we speak with the victims' family and examine a possible link that may have encouraged them to drive recklessly. this should be gone. if it happened it helped to kill
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my daughter. >> reporter: we'll show you the trend that could lead to risky consequences, the exclusive investigation on "action news" tonight at 11:00 p.m. >> reporter: morning, topping america's money, caution from the feds. federal reserve chair janet yellen saying interest rates increases may be delayed because of the turmoil in the global market. more automakers are recalling vehicles with defective air bags. bmw and audi are recalling 1 million cars with the at thata air bags. burger king is adding hot dogs to the menu. 100% beef flamed grill dogs will go on sale this month.
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rental for a year and vampire breast lift, and toilet paper, high class toilet paper valued at $275. watch the oscars live. don't ask me what they do in that procedure. if you get one, two three breast lifted, something is going on there. coming up on "action news," a scary moment in florida, a teen takes action against armed student. we're live with the details when "action news" comes right back.
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it is 5:30, we start with breaking news this morning. the action cam is live on the scene of a deadly accident in bucks county where they are still cleaning up at the scene.
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this just happened about 2:45 a.m., along route 13 in bristol township. a pick up truck overturned at that location. the driver has rushed to the hospital and we have received word this was a fatalities accident. you can see the cab of the truck is just crushed. let's go over to david murphy with accuweather, but let's start with karen rogers. good morning. >> reporter: you want to watch for this, a fatal accident involving an overturned pick up truck, the action cam on the scene, they are cleaning up the scene. you want to watch for this morning. you can see them out there live on the scene. they are sweeping up. the investigation underway with the fatal accident and the pick up truck that overturned. it happened earlier this morning. the alternate, i-95 or bensalem boulevard. they have or the street at old route 1 blocked off.


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