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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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this just happened about 2:45 a.m., along route 13 in bristol township. a pick up truck overturned at that location. the driver has rushed to the hospital and we have received word this was a fatalities accident. you can see the cab of the truck is just crushed. let's go over to david murphy with accuweather, but let's start with karen rogers. good morning. >> reporter: you want to watch for this, a fatal accident involving an overturned pick up truck, the action cam on the scene, they are cleaning up the scene. you want to watch for this morning. you can see them out there live on the scene. they are sweeping up. the investigation underway with the fatal accident and the pick up truck that overturned. it happened earlier this morning. the alternate, i-95 or bensalem boulevard. they have or the street at old route 1 blocked off.
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the roads -- route 13 blocked off. we've been talking about cold temperatures you need to watch for icy spots. you can see a terrible accident scene. they are doing the cleanup process. action cam live on the scene. another accident on burlington county 130 northbound at high street. police had been on the scene, but they just left. traffic is moving better now in burlington county. live look at 42, northbound traffic at creek road, very light volume. >> reporter: on the big board we're showing you there's the promise of sunshine. we'll be in and out of the clouds as we go through the day. we'll see snow showers and flurries in central pennsylvania. at times that might filter through that should be low impact, but not a big deal. big story this morning is the temperature, 24 in wilmington, 22 in trenton. still in the teens in allentown and lancaster. when you factor in the winds which are blowing in the teens
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it's making it feel like 1 in philadelphia. 9 in reading, 7 in wilmington. on the bus stop, temperatures in the low 20s between 6 and 8:00 a.m. cloudy and colder. 24 by 11:00. 26 by 1:00 p.m. the high today 29 degrees at 3:00 p.m. every now and then a flurry or snow shower, but the big issue is the cold. gets colder as we head through the weekend, big time cold, in fact. details coming up. breaking right now, the search is on for an armed robber who slashed a philadelphia cab driver and ran away with cash. "action news" reporter, annie mccormick is live outside jefferson hospital where the victim drove for help. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, that's right, the suspect allegedly flagged down the cab driver in the queen village section of the city. the cab driver after he was attacked drove himself to the hospital. at this hour, police are still looking for that suspect.
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he put the knife on my neck, he hold the knife and we struggling with each other. >> reporter: this center city cab driver picked up a fare near 4th and can catherine at 1:00 a.m., when he got in, the threats began. he attacked me with the knife, he said i have a gun, give me money. >> reporter: a fight ensued. the driver could not get to the phone to call 911. he gave up the cash and the suspect ran. he had a knife put to his throat and that's when the perpetrator announced the robbery. some reason, the cab driver and our perpetrator got into a physical struggle overly the knife that's when the cab driver was cut two times in the hand. >> reporter: next the cab driver drove himself to the hospital.
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the suspect cut the cab driver with the knife telling him he had a gun, too. the cabby was treated and released and relieved to go home with just a cut to the hand. the cab that you saw in the video was towed away by philadelphia police in the past half-hour. they are hoping to find more evidence and return to 4th and catherine to see if there is any surveillance video in the area. the suspect was 6 feet and wearing a blue hoodie, if you have any information contact police. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." thank you, annie. lehigh university has confirmed a case of the zika virus. a student was infected while traveling abroad after winter break and has made a recovery. there are 66 cases in the us including two women in pennsylvania and one in delaware. "action news" will be hosting a live chat with an infectious
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disease expert to answer your questions about the virus. it's on the 6abc facebook page. a stomach bug sickened 100 students at a college campus in montgomery county. katherine scott is live to tell us what the school is doing today to handle the outbreak. >> reporter: the dining halls have been shut down. in the meantime, local restaurants and businesses are reaping out to provide meals for the students. students will be here at the at threat e -- athletic center where wawa and others have partnered with the college to help with the meals. 100 students fell ill from a stomach flu outbreak. students reported feeling sick tuesday night, by yesterday the
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number multiplied. a number of them went to the hospital, 17 were treated in emergency rooms or urgent care. school officials say the threat most of the sick students reported eating at the dining hall on campus. the college shut down the dining hall to allow the health department to investigate the cause. it will be cleaned and sanitized. while tainted food is a possibility, the illness could have spread from person to person. pretty much everywhere you go, everyone is talking about it. the house is sick, it's pretty much everywhere. >> reporter: the students are already feeling better. it could be several days before the cause is determined. we've live in collegeville, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." thank you. happening today, philadelphia fire commissioner derrick sawyer plans to announce the end to fire department brown
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outs. the firefighters union insisted the short term shut downstairs put city residents at risk. two more candidates are out of the republican presidential race, carly fiorina and chris christie. the new jersey governor suspended his campaign after placing 6th. he spent a total of 70 days with voters. in a statement he said he leave the race without an ounce ofgre. i'm proud of the race we ran and thank all those for their support. hillary clinton is questioning bernie sanders' record on minorities. sanders was spotted sharing coffee with al sharpton yesterday, congressional black caucus on the on the other hand,
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intends to endorse clinton. "good morning america" continues our race to the white house coming up next at 7:00 a.m. it's cold now, but it's going to be colder. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we are essentially dry, there could be a snow flurry or snow shower around as we go through the morning and the afternoon. generally speaking, dry. the big issue is the cold. there's the platt bridge, everybody getting over the bridge fine as there is no precipitation. we are looking at cold conditions and windy at times. it's definitely going to be on the chilly side all the way today and worse for the weekend. 25 degrees, temperatures across the region, 19 in allentown. 25 in wildwood. you take the numbers and subtract ten degrees from them, that's the windchill.
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it feels like the single digits and teens everywhere. in terms of precipitation, future tracker 6 shows we're mainly dry, we'll get a brief snow shower popping through, this is nothing. just case you get caught in that, dave said it's not that bad. went to last that long. 129 is the high. and the winds will be a factor getting blustery this afternoon. i expect witches to feel like the teens most of the way. i'm thinking of doing a walk after the work, it will be with the hood. my wife calls me the uni shopper because i got the gear on. 26 in allentown and reading. 30 in millville. 32 in cape may. these are the highs. of course it will feel worse than that with the wind blowing. and then we get into tomorrow
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and the weekend. a snow squall is possible on friday night as cold front comes in ushering true arctic air from the north pole. we're looking at high temperatures 20, 30 degrees below normal for the weekend. temperatures will get below zero saturday night into sunday morning. temperatures will start out at 20 in philadelphia. fall through the teens during the day, all the way down to ten in the late afternoon and evening hours, gusts 35 miles per hour, windchills on saturday will be near zero and below zero a good portion of the time. sunday, morning lows at best, 5 degrees, someplaces will be below zero on the thermometer and windchills 25 to 30 degrees below zero. today, colder, 29 degrees feeling like the teens. tomorrow, 32 with a snow squall possible at night as the arctic
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air arrives. saturday, high of 20 in the morning. dropping in the teens during the day. overnight low of 2 degrees, windchills worst. sunday extreme cold, high of 19. low of 9 that's a cold weekend ornlt way and record -- on the way, and record lows are possible if we hit that 2 saturday night into sunday morning. monday, there could snow on monday, that changes over to rain on tuesday, because we're getting mild again. uni shopper. do you have a manifesto? it is 5:41 still ahead on "action news," a sheriff in florida leaps into action after someone spots an armed teen on
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the school bus. >> reporter: we're dry here southbound traffic heading toward at this center city. the action cam live on the scene of a fatal accident in bucks county. we'll take you to an eatery serving fresh and simple fair in the heart of gloucester county, new jersey.
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on this thursday morning, no precipitation, no school delays, it's work and school normal times for everyone in the delaware and lehigh valleys. you definitely want to make sure you remember the hat, the scarf and the coat, karen. >> reporter: we have a serious accident, fatal accident involving an overturned truck otter street at old route 13. a fatal accident investigation underway. they are in the process of cleaning up this accident. the truck overturned on otter street. stick to i-95 or bensalem boulevard. the action cam live on the scene. there you can see the vehicle involved. you can see the damage the truck completely overturned. they have it upright. there's a lot of debris on the roadway. they have to tow this out of there and then we have to see how long the accident investigation takes to reopen otter street. stick to i-95 or bensalem
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boulevard. a fatal accident involving an overturned pick up truck in bristol township, bucks county. we want to show you the other road conditions. live in fort washington, 309 approaching the pennsylvania turnpike, a good shot of the road conditions, we're clear and dry right here. traffic is moving nicely coming down from quakertown or montgomeryville looking good. trucker mike saying i-95 southbound an on the road. storm tracker 6 live double scan david saying a flurry or passing snow shower at any point. most of the area is dry, look at this narrow band of snow reading 422 birdsboro, pottstown, route 100, and it is now in phoenixville and norristown. you can see it hitting that area. be careful of that passing snow shower as you head through the area. today mostly dry other than a passing snow flurry or snow shower.
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new this morning, an 18-year-old is under arrest for loading a gun on a school bus. florida deputies say the other student do this. he texted a relative who tipped off police. officers pulled over an evacuated the bus and found the loaded handgun and black mask. he already has long rap sheet. russia has proposed a march first cease-fire in syria. the united states and it's allies are trying to give the military on the grown three weeks to launch harsher attacks. karen rogers takes us to a quaint south jersey restaurant in the most unsuspecting place. >> reporter: at south main street in mullica hill in an unsuspecting old barn, karen has set up shop.
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it's called canteen everyday sandwiches with a twist. we put fruit on there. >> reporter: the truffle honey grilled cheese is one of the signature assistant windchills. the turkey brie and pear is a fan favorite. and grown up grilled cheese. there's they don't cheeses ons there, we have two different cheeses. i love to cook and love food. >> reporter: born and raised south jersey girl she went to school for criminal justice and spent 13 years as an auditor a job that involved a lot of eating on the roads. i traveled around and pick up different things. this past week was my last week. i think our jersey girl karen rogers should bring some
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of that in. that looks delicious. there are other unsuspecting gems in other places on "fyi philly." philadelphia police union is taking a stand against dorney park. >> reporter: we have temperatures in the low digits the day planner forecast is coming up next.
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>> reporter: the morning is not off to a good start, the second accident involving an overturned vehicle right now. this is in south coventry township, chester county, route 100. this is an accident involving an overturned vehicle, police and fire crews responding to the
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scene right now. this is new and coming into us from chester county. let's go live in south philadelphia, platt bridge, a few cars heading to the airport with no problems. >> reporter: on the big board a couple of snow showers popping into berks county and northern chester county and montgomery county. these will be fast and not all that furious. if you're dressing the kids, bundle them up, temperatures in the 20s, windchills ten degrees below the temperatures. single digit windchills in the northern suburbs and temperatures in the teens and 20s. windchills in the teens and upper single digits in delaware and south jersey. if you're running errands today bundle up. 23 degrees by 9:00. 25 by noon, the high today will be 29 degrees and we'll slap that in around 3:00 p.m. it's going to be windy today, tam. thank you, david. you can find that seven-day forecast and live look at storm tracker 6 live double scan radar
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at any time on our website go to a couple of on the high roller ferris wheel in las vegas hit in a new low. a new york city woman and tax tax man had sex during a ride. surveillance cameras captured the act. so did other riders doing the deed. tgit kicks off with a special episode of gray's anatomy. scandal at 9:00. followed by with how to get away with murder.
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workers say they are prepared to strike for the first time in 23 years. union officials argue that the proposed hikes in health insures costs will cancel out any increase in wages. delaware county investigators say the police shooting death of a man in chester was justified. it was after 2:00 a.m. when police say the man led them on high-speed chase. it ended up ten minutes later when he stopped and pointed a loaded gun at police. 6 officers fired 100 rounds killing him and wounding his cousin who was a passenger in the vehicle. his family is deniesing the claim that the -- denouncing the
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claim that the shooting was justified. philadelphia police will remove their summer picket nick from dorney pick with the firing of chris emory who was a long time employee. park officials say he did not perform well during an interview process, dorney offered to rehire the man after a backlash, but emory declined to return. a long running standoff at an oregon refuge could be coming to an end. burger king is uniting its paddies with the flame broiled partner, which is the hole dog. > good morning out there,
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6:00 a.m. on this thursday, february 11. we're following several breaking and developing stories. including a knife attack on a philadelphia cab driver, we'll hear from the victim in a live report. passengers on a cruise ship are back on dry land after experiencing a monster storm. let's get you the latest on the cold shot that's coming our way, and the traffic, david murphy has weather and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: taking a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan there's a snow shower popping through pilots and areas south of it and parts of chester county and extending into norristown and channel 6 should see a little bit of that. shouldn't have a big impact, but there it is. we'll see sunshine return mixing with clouds.


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