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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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> good morning out there, 6:00 a.m. on this thursday, february 11. we're following several breaking and developing stories. including a knife attack on a philadelphia cab driver, we'll hear from the victim in a live report. passengers on a cruise ship are back on dry land after experiencing a monster storm. let's get you the latest on the cold shot that's coming our way, and the traffic, david murphy has weather and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: taking a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan there's a snow shower popping through pilots and areas south of it and parts of chester county and extending into norristown and channel 6 should see a little bit of that. shouldn't have a big impact, but there it is. we'll see sunshine return mixing with clouds. there could snow flurries as we
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roll through the day. 23 in philadelphia. 18 in allen to un. we've dipped in the teens in allentown and lancaster and reading. it feels like 11 in philadelphia. single digit windchills in millville, reading, allentown, feels like 2 in lancaster. as we roll through the day, 23 by 9:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m., 24. the high today at 3:00 p.m. will be 29 degrees with the winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour it will feel like the teens most of the day. still looking at the arctic crush for the creekd, karen -- for the weekend, karen, details coming up. >> reporter: we have light bands of snow, we can see that 422 at 29. hard to see, but you can see it on the roadway. eastbound volume on 422 at 29. watch if you're traveling under the snow shower that you slow it down. we have two accidents in the area involving overturned
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vehicles, south coventry township chester county, route 100, we have fire police crews on the scene. we have another accident involving an overturned vehicle otter street and old route 13 involving a truck, a horrible accident there. stick to i-95 or bensalem boulevard as the alternates. vehicle fire, we have fire crews coming to the scene welsh road. you may see crews on the scene dealing with the vehicle fire. going outside live looking at the vine street expressway, here we're dry, it's a narrow band of snow moving through the area, if you're under its going to cause you problems. let's begin with breaking news, a philadelphia cab driver is recovering from a armed knife attack. an armed man placed a knife to the cabby's throat.
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annie mccormick is live at the hospital. >> reporter: even after the passenger allegedly slashed the cab driver, the cab driver was able to drive himself to the jefferson university hospital. at this hour police are looking for the suspect. this center city cab driver picked up a fare before 1:00 a.m., when the fare got in, the driver said the suspect said he had a gun. when i get to 4th and catherine, he attacked me with the knife, he said i have a gun, i could shot you, i could kill you, so give me money. a struggle ensued between the cab driver when the perpetrator. the cab driver was cut two times in his hand. the perpetrator still got $70 from the cab driver. >> reporter: the driver could not get to his phone to call 911. he gave up the cash and the suspect ran. next the cabby drove himself to jefferson hospital. south detectives centered their
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investigation on the cab since that's where the crime occurred. the cabby was treated and release and relieved to go home with just a cut to the handle. he said he he is careful, but yu never know whose going to flag you down. you check out the people getting in the cab or the hand or the bag. i could not see anything in his hand when he get in the cab. >> reporter: and the suspect who flagged down the cab driver at 4th and catherine in the queen village section of the city. detectives are going to go back to the area to find surveillance video. the subscription of the suspect that's .6 and wearing a hoodie. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." we have new developments on the standoff at the national wildlife refuge in oregon.
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the last occupiers say they will turn themselves in this morning. the group will leave their weapons and walk one by one to a police checkpoint. this came after the fbi surrounded the last four members late last night. the standoff began on january 2 when protesters took over the refuge to bring awareness how government handles landslide. an arrest warrant will come from lesean mccoy after a fight. a local blogger spotted him and asked about the weekend incident. we wanted to hear what you guys have anything to say. he said he made a mistake. that's all he said. prosecutors plan to charge him for the alleged involvement in the fight early sunday morning. two off-duty police officers were hurt in the brawl.
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are you worrying how much money you are saving from the dirt-cheap gas prices wonders no more. maribel aber has been crunching the numbers. u.s. drivers will save hundreds of dollars. the average household will pocket $320 in savings combine that with last year and households will have saved $1,000 over the two year stretch. the average ghas -- gas price is 1.72. it is expected to climb to $2 before falling again. do you had a slight loss nasdaq scratched out a minor gain. stock futures are down. federal reserve chair janet yellen will be back on capitol hill for the second day of testimony on the economy. burger king will sell hot
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dogs later this month. it will counter the trend of fast food restaurants selling healthy menu items. they have seen a jump in sales and hope that hot dogs will build on the moment. back to you guys. 4500 passengers on the royal caribbean anthem of the seas are back on dry land this morning. the cruise hip had to turn -- ship had to turn away from its destination when it ran into a money -- money monica mo. we need a vacation from a supposed vacation. the captain claims he didn't know the storm was bad.
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forecasters say they warned him about it. royal carribean is offering a refund to all of them. what a miserable experience for all passengers, you can hear the relief they got off the ship by going to the 6abc facebook page. tell us about your vacation experience, mine, i've never had one, i've never taken a cruise ship because no one invited me. it's nothing like what those people have been been through. i lost internet on a flight to l.a. last year. >> reporter: we got stuck on a tarmac in a thunderstorms for four hours once. storm tracker 6 live double scan you might want a vacation over the next several days from the delaware valley as we are cold and getting worse over the weekend. storm tracker 6 live double scan tracking a snow shower out of
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berks county and northern chester county, hopefully low impact, if you see the roads get covered by that, you want to slow it down. as we look outside, we have clouds mixing with clear breaks, we'll probably see sunshine coming in early this morning. but it's cold out there, a little bit windy down the at the airport and elsewhere across the region and temperatures on the cold side. 23 degrees in philadelphia. on the they did we're in the teens -- on the thermometer we're in the teens, and the windchills are in the single digits in spots and 11 in philadelphia. there's the snow shower, future tracker 6 picking it up pretty well. looks like by 10:00 a.m. we'll see that in trenton and bucks county. through the day on and off you'll see streaking snow showers coming through most of us you don't have to worry about it. if you get caught in it, slow down, just in case, because temperatures will be below freezing. clouds and sun, flurries in the lehigh valley, 26 degrees, windchills in the single digits
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and teens as we move through the day. at the shore, 32 is the high, blustery and windy, clouds and sun, in philadelphia, 29 degrees is the high. winds will be gusting between 25 and 35 miles per hour at times today. it will be windy, we'll have the flurries and scattered snow showers and it will feel worse than the temperatures, probably looking at windchills in the teens most of the day. tonight, the winds ease back a little bit, but the cold comes in. 18 degrees is the low. we get the arctic punch saturday night into the weekend. a snow squall is possible as the front comes through friday night. that's a brief, but heavy coating of snow. cold air saturday and through the weekend. high temperatures 20 to 30 below normal for the weekend and, of course, windchills worst. we could be looking at record lows. in philadelphia, the old record set back in 1979 is 2.
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that's the forecast low sunday morning. allentown 1 below, trenton zero. windchills as i mentioned are the other issue. this is saturday at 9:00 a.m. it feels like below zero. if you go out saturday night, bundle up, just about everyone where has below zero windchills. heading into sunday morning, 10 below in philadelphia. windchill of 18 below in allentown. very raw, dangerous weather coming for the weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, brisk and cold today, 289 feeling like the teens most of the time. brisk and cold tomorrow, high of 32. we get the snow squall at night and he arctic boundary comes in. saturday, high of 20 in the morning, zipping into the teens during the day and single digits at night and overnight night. there's the record low of 2. sunday extremely cold in the
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morning with significant windchills, low temperatures and the high bouncing back to 19 degrees. sunday morning will be the heart of the cold. we get into monday morning. if you happen to be going to work on president's day, it will be a raw start with temperatures in the single digits. we'll get back to 31. we have a frontal boundary coming in that will give us snow late monday or monday night. that should change to rain on tuesday morning as we zoom up to 48. up next more stories you didn't see last night, including the outage for an outstanding bill for the family whose son was shot and killed by police. we have two separate civil cases involving bill cosby. >> reporter: this is 202, johnson high, a nothing snow, but it's new nearby in the area. we'll take about the snow showers and talk about serious accidents coming up. the oscar swag bags are
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ready one of the items offered will have you saying that's really a thing? that's later on "action news." welcome back taking a live
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look, the view out across center city at penns landing.
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moving along nicely 6:15, bundle up. it's cold out there, 25 degrees. what are you seeing karen? >> reporter: we have a narrow band of snow a passing snow shower, it's affecting the roads, 422 past oaks. can you see it coming down under the streetlight. starting to stick to the road on 422. you're watching how slowly traffic is going eastbound past oaks heading toward king of prussia. we've had two different accidents. south coventry we have a lane blocked, injuries on the scene, police and emergency workers coming to the scene with fire crews out there, watch for that one. another one was a fatal accident in bristol township, otter street old route 13. the action cam was on the scene when they had the vehicle involved there. it was a pick up that
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overturned. a at terrible accident scene. a sphaitle accident. people -- a fatal accident. they are doing the accident investigation they have removed the vehicle, you may want to stick to i-95 as the alternate to that one. storm tracker 6 live double scan, most of the area is dry, it's this little narrow band. it's impacting you, it's hitting manayunk. you can see a brighter shade of lavender, as it moves toward jenkintown. 4765 few flurries near radnor, it's north of that and near norristown and 422 you're getting a brighter shade of lavender, as well. phoenixville reading, 422 you're seeing it near pottstown and route 100 you have this brighter shade of lavender that's about to cross through the area. if you're under the snow shower
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you need to take it easy sticking to the roads. senate has approved sanctions against north korea for cyber security attacks and ballistic missile test. ted cruz and marko rubio took a break from the campaign trail to sign the bill before it goes to president obama. tamir rice's family is outrage over the claim filed against the boy's escape. he was shot by police at a park, turns out he had a pellet gun. the city's claim is for $500 saying it's past due and for emergency services. pennsylvania turnpike
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commission suspends the decision made for the snowy pileup. we're bundling the kids up, temperatures in the 20s and windchills in the teens. not getting better this afternoon. the day planner forecast is next. ever look at a squirrel and think, "yeah, i could use that kind of energy?
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at $275. that's like something they buy for the military. watch the oscars live sunday february 28 starting at 7:00 p.m. on 6abc. i love the fact the people who can afford it can go out and buy it. >> reporter: i had to google vampire breasts. if you're heading out, we have a passing snow shower if you're under its going to cause a problem. this is conshohocken the blue route past the schuylkill expressway. it's hard to see as you look at the roadway, you can see the snow that's blowing across it. it's light, but if you're traveling under the snow shower it may be slippery. no problems on the ben franklin bridge, no speed restricts, mass transit is looking good. >> reporter: there's the snow shower in northern chester county and berks county and trailing in toward places like norristown and at the top of the
6:23 am
expressway and the blue route, be careful there. as we look at temperatures, 22 degrees right now at 7:00. a windchill of 11:00. single digit windchills in some neighborhoods. noon, 25. the high 29 degrees reading occasionally with a mixture of clouds an sun you'll see a snow flurry or snow shower. no big delays at the airport and no signs of precipitation at any of the big travel cities. breaking overnight, a philadelphia cab driver comes under attack you'll hear from him at 6:30. here's a look at what's "action news" team is working on at 11:00. >> reporter: it was a deadly accident that claimed the lives of three young women. could social media played a role in the crash. tonight at 11:00 p.m., we speak with the victims' families and examine the links that could have motivated them to drive
6:24 am
recklessly. it should be gone. >> reporter: we'll show you the hot new trend that could lead to risky consequences only on "action news" tonight at 11:00 p.m.
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new this morning, pennsylvania turnpike officials say keeping vehicles on the highway during last month's historic blizzard was the safest decision under the
6:27 am
circumstances. more than 500 vehicles got stuck behind a jackknife tractor-trailer in somerset county. the blizzard also impacted alternative routes, so having drivers shelter in place was the best option. comedian bill cosby has asked the judge to delay the lawsuit filed against him by 7 women in massachusetts. he wants to focus on the criminal charges in montgomery county. else accused of sexually assaulting a temple employee in 2004. a california judge dismissed janet dickenson's defamation claim filed by her former lawyer, in the claim, dickenson claims bill cosby drugged and raped her in 1982. both sides in that one are expected to be in court later that.
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breaking right now on "action news," a philadelphia cab driver is speaking out about a violent armed robbery overnight in a sent him to the hospital. a local college cafeteria is on lockdown as the college traces the stomach bug that as i sickened hundreds of students. karen rogers is tracking a snow squall. let's go outside to david murphy. >> reporter: we have a snow shower that's extending into
6:31 am
neighborhoods north of philadelphia and back into the northern and western suburbs, looks like chester county and parts of berks county being hit by that. you want to slow it down if that's on top of you. obviously most of the area not dealing with that. in fact in philadelphia we'll see sunshine outside the immediate snow shower. 25 degrees in philadelphia. 18 in allentown. 19 in reading. 21 in wilmington. the windchill are part of the story we're breezy that's giving you a windchill feeling like 11 and single digit windchills across the region. 1:00 p.m., 26. the high today, 29 degrees by 3:00 p.m. and windchills then will be make it feel like the teens. we're still looking at the arrival of arctic air for the weekend, karen, the latest numbers from accuweather coming up on that. >> reporter: i want to show you the snow shower what it's doing to the roads right now. 422 past oaks, eastbound you can see how slow it is as you head
6:32 am
toward king of prussia. the main lanes themselves looking okay. you can see the side roads crescent boulevard near 422. the snow has coated that. be careful as you travel through. it's a narrow band of snow. its impacting the roads. slow it down as you travel through the area. we have had accidents involving overturned vehicles. south coventry avenue, route 100, someone injured on the scene in chester county. there was a fatal accident in bristol township bucks county otter street old route 13. you can see that right now. the action cam was on the scene that's the pick up truck that overturned. a terrible dissent out there. they have re-- a terrible accident scene out there. stick to i-95 or bensalem boulevard. a horrible accident fatal accident in bristol township. we had a vehicle fire that
6:33 am
cleared on welsh road. i want to show you a live look at the roads. the schuylkill expressway west of bell month. we had a guy stuck, but that's cleared thinks moving better on the schuylkill expressway. we're starting with breaking news, the search is on for the armed robber who slashed a philadelphia cab driver and ran off with the cash. annie mccormick is live outside jefferson hospital where the cabby drove himself for help. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right, the suspect flagged down the cab driver a couple of blocks from here in queens village attacked him and got away. the cab driver drove himself to jefferson university hospital. he pulled a knife organ my neck, he hold the knife struggling with each other. >> reporter: this center city cab driver picked up a fare near 4th and katherine at 1:00 a.m., when the fare got in,
6:34 am
the threats began. when i get to 4th and catherine, he at a -- attacked me, so give me money. >> reporter: the driver could not get to the phone to call 911. he gave up the cash and the suspect ran. he had a knife put to his throat and that's when our perpetrator announced the robbery. some reason, the cab driver and our perpetrator got into a physical struggle over the knife and that's when the cab driver was cut two times in his hands. >> reporter: next the cabby drove himself to jefferson hospital. south detectives centered the investigation on the cab since that's where the crime occurred. the suspect cut the cab driver with a knife telling him he had a gun, too. the cabby was treated and released and relieved to be going home with just a cut to the hand. and police are looking for the
6:35 am
cab for any evidence. actually a police tow truck took it away an hour ago. they will return to the queen village looking for surveillance video. the description of the suspect is a 6-foot man wearing a blue hoodie. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." lehigh yesterday confirmed a case of the zika virus. a student was infected traveling abroad over the winter break and made a full recovery. there's no health risk to anyone on campus. there are 66 cases of zika in the u.s. including two women in pennsylvania and one in delaware. "action news" will be hosting a live chat with zika virus expert to answer questions, it's on the 6abc facebook page. a stomach bug sickened 100 college students in montgomery county.
6:36 am
katherine scott is live at the college to tell us what the school is doing to handle the outbreak. >> reporter: matt, the dining hall has been shut down for the time being. local businesses and restaurants are providing meals for students and the athletic center will be open for students to get breakfast partnering with wawa and wegmans to provide student meals. 100 students got sick in a stomach illness outbreak. the common threat most of the sick students reported eating at the dining hall on campus. the college has voluntarily shut down the dining hall to investigate the outbreak. the hall will be cleaned and sanitized. while tainted food is a possibility, the illness could have spread from person to person. the good news we're hearing that the students that got sick are starting to feel better. it could be several days before
6:37 am
the cause of the outbreak is determined. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." happening today, philadelphia fire commissioner plans to formally announce the end of fire department brown outs. the policy would temporarily close selected fire stations to save money. firefighters insisted that the shut downs put residents at risk. 6:37 two more candidates are out of the republican presidential race, carly fiorina and chris christie. the new jersey governor suspended his campaign after placing 6th. big deployment because he spent 70 days in new hampshire with voters. in a statement he said -- on the democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders will meet for a debate in tonight. they will move to more diverse
6:38 am
states like south carolina and nevada. sanders got the endorsement of black think and writer, this morning clinton will get a boost congressional black caucus plans to endorse her. david is here and tracking a slender line of snow showers. >> reporter: we are, storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you that to you, we've going tot north and west of philadelphia. you can see that burst of white north of the "p" in philadelphia. berks county and northern chester county and parts of the area and southern delaware county and northern delaware county where the blue route intersects with 76. you want to slow it down if it starts to make a coating on roads. karen rogers has accidents out that way that may or may not be
6:39 am
associated with this, but a good idea to slow it down. we have cloudy skies across the region, we have breaks in the clouds and we think we'll get early sunshine in. the passing snow flurries will be part of the package today, but not the main story. cold today, 33 degrees in philadelphia. feels like 11 across the region. 23 in philadelphia. 18 in allentown. single digit windchills in allentown, reading an millville. cold out there, layers are important and the extra gear and the halts and the gloves. snow showers may be out of the picture in the northern tier most of us them are low impact, they could coat the roads, slow it down and be cautious.
6:40 am
real remain in the 20s today in philadelphia with a high of 29. the suburbs cooler than that. windchills will make it feel like the teens even at the best of times because we're looking at bluster conditions, winds gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour at times. 26 is the high in in allentown. 30 in millville and trenton, 32 in make up -- in cape may, new jersey. friday night we could have a snow squall it's a sudden burst of heavy snow that could put down an inch in spots. behind that for the weekend itself look for high temperatures 20 to 30 degrees below normal all weekend long, overnight lows could get into record territory and it's going to be bone-chilling cold saturday and sunday, saturday we'll start out getting up to 20 in the morning with temperatures falling to 10 in the evening.
6:41 am
35-mile an hour wind gusts will give you windchills below zero on saturday. saturday night into sunday morning we're going for lows of 12 below and 5. these are not windchills, these are the temperatures. the windchills getting from 25 below to 10 below, the worst of the cold saturday night into sunday morning. 29 is the high. brisk anne cold, windchills in the teens that's nothing compared to the weekend. brisk and cold friday, 32 degrees, maybe a snow shower or squall at night. saturday, windy with arctic cold. we start at 20. we see the temperature dip into the single digits in the evening and down to 2 chmed tie the record -- which would tie the record low in philadelphia if we hit it. sunday, starting out with the windchills below zero getting up to 19 and overnight lows in the single digits as we head into monday morning.
6:42 am
there's snow in the forecast monday night that will change to rain on tuesday morning and rain on tuesday with milder air coming in. 6:42. happening nowed, passengers are are -- happening now, passengers are waking up from a nightmare on royal cruise ships. >> reporter: we're getting a dusting of snow in conshohocken it's over to the side. schuylkill expressway eastbound is jammed from the blue route to the curve, we'll check 422 and see when the snow looks like there when "action news" comes right back. 6:44, busy at philadelphia
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6:44 am
6:45 am
international airport. buses going around bringing people around. 25 degrees, it's cold out there. >> reporter: cold morning to be traveling. >> reporter: temperatures below freezing everywhere. we have a light snow shower moving through. it's a narrow band of snow affecting some of the roads. 422 at 29. you can see the eastbound traffic jammed from 29 to 23. this it is an area where we saw the snow shower coming through. the main lanes are mostly wet. i was watching the side streets on the other shots, it's sticking more to that. be careful if you're under that snow moving through the area. we have an accident someone injured on the scene with an accident involving an overturned vehicle route 100.
6:46 am
bristol township, fatal accident scene involving an overturned pick up truck. the action cam was on the scene here's the pick up truck that rolled over. a horrible accident scene a lot of debris on the roads. bristol township otter street at old route 13. because it's a fatal accidents they are doing the accident investigation. they have towed away the truck involved. stick to i-95 or bensalem boulevard. big picture, slow speeds on the schuylkill expressway and don't forget we have falls bridge that's shut down. that's affecting a lot of people. storm tracker 6 live double scan you can see most of the area is dry, here's the narrow band of snow. it's impacting you. we can go in tight it's starting to hit you in manayunk, radnor, 202. it's coming down heavily 422.
6:47 am
it's in reading an pottstown, route 100, as well, matt and tam. all morning you've heard passengers relive the nightmare of the damaged cruise liner, anthem of the sea. despite some people who have left some people are still on board. >> reporter: good morning, matt, tam, that ship was supposed to get in today and it got in last night leaving passengers with no arrangements and no place to go so they opted to stay on board. as you can see the lights are on and it appears a lot of people may be eating breakfast before running off the ship. the shape made it back home last night, people coming ashore cheered their relief. passenger video shows what it was like on board the anthem of the sea. it was rocked by 125-mile an
6:48 am
hour winds, 6,000 people were left swirling in their cabins. the company has made changes to storm avoidance policy. it is standing behind the captain, the vast majority of passenger are not. back out here live we've learned that the passengers will be reimbursed for this cruise and 50% off a future cruise for many that's not going to cut it. live in bayone new jersey, channel 6 "action news." 6:48. a live preview of "good morning america" is next. a bad haircut puts a barrier's life in danger. >> reporter: all the extra gear goes on the kids as we have windchills in the king digits and -- in the single digits. when we come back we'll let you
6:49 am
know where the day parking lot numbers are going to go. he
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6:51 am
>> 6:51 let's get a preview of "good morning america." amy robach has what's coming up after "action news," good morning. >> reporter: that's right, tam and matt, coming up on "g.m.a.," we have breaking news out of organ. the militia standoff coming to a head. we're live with oregon with all the latest. the race for the white house, bernie sanders and hillary clinton face off tonight.
6:52 am
will hillary try to change her strategy after tuesday's big loss. scandal is back be laura is in los angeles on the set of the hit show with unprecedented behind the scenes access. the entire cast is joining us live, we'll get an exclusive first look, those seats will be filled in just a minute i promise. that's coming up on "g.m.a." it's on the sign it must be true. thank you amy. >> reporter: we've got a passing snow shower moving through, i want to show you what it looks like here, it's light you have to look closely on the schuylkill expressway at city avenue. look at how jammed you are from past the boulevard to gladwyn. we have a snow shower from 422 westbound to gross town road. >> reporter: we have snow showers near the schuylkill expressway, if you're seeing coverage out of this, you want to slow down. looks like anything like that that we've seen today is
6:53 am
isolated and low impact. it's cold today, windchills in the single digits. today's high, 29 degrees around 3:00 p.m. windchills in the teens, matt. new on "action news," police in san diego say a customer tried to shoot a barber because she was unhappy with her haircut. the woman got the cut and left and returned with the loaded gun. she pulled the trigger three times and the gun malfunctioned. another employee tackled her to the ground until the police arrived. the customer is facing attempted murder charges. remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
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soarch is on for it is -- the search is on foyer an armed robber who slashed a cabby, he drove himself to the hospital, where he was treated an released. >> reporter: watch out for passing snow shower, you can see it 422 past oaks. a little snow on the roads. eastbound jammed from 29 to 23. we've had a few accidents this morning, one on a ramp 422 to grosstown road. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan showing the snow showers cutting a line from the western suburbs into the
6:57 am
philadelphia. we have windchills in the single digits right now and teens this afternoon. it's cold today. all right enough of all this. we'll see you back here in 0 minutes.
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7:00 am
good morning, america. deep freeze. a bitter blast brings the coldest air in a decade with windchills reaching 30 below. already two feet of snow? the east and more on its way. breaking news, the fbi closing in on those protesters in oregon. >> we fear for our lives. >> still defiant after that deadly shooting. now their face-off coming to a possible head. >> be reasonable. >> our team is on the scene right now. ready to rumble. the democrats debate tonight. hillary clinton hoping to knock bernie sanders off stride after his big win as the republicans battle across south carolina. >> you vote for trump, we win here, we're going to run the table. >> trump blasts jeb bush. rubio vows to challenge trump. ♪ safe and sound home at last after four terrifying days at sea, caught in


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