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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  February 11, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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"action news" continues. >> hello again, here are the stories we are following now on "action news" at 12:30. bundled up in the bitter cold, and accuweather says it will only get worse. david murphy has the detales coming up. ursinus students are getting fed but not in the cafeteria after hundreds of students got sick. and what they say about the kickoff to the second of the season for the hit abc show. temperatures were well below freezing this morning and parts of our region saw a little bit of snow. the action cam caught this snow
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squall along i-95 near the christiana mall in delaware, it didn't cause travel troubles but if you are out and about you'll want to bundle up as frigid air moves in. lets look outside at sky 6 hd checking out spring mountain this noon. they are blowing the snow at this hour making for great skiing conditions as long as you keep your face covered. lets check in with david murphy now. >> the first round is here and another batch comes in for the weekend and we keep our eyes to the skies today and we got snow squalls and in some cases we were able to put it down. that guy in the center of chester county, you see one of those snow squalls and if the snow starts to come down at a good clip, we are below freezing we'll want you to slow down. radar with little snow, there come the snow showers this morning. there they go right there.
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they are causing problems in the suburbs, and in northeast philadelphia, temperatures across the mid-atlantic are very cold, 25 in philadelphia, and 26 in new york city. 28 in washington not going much farther up from there. the first wave of cold air has got us in the grips, and a windchill of 10 currently, it happens to be better in new york city and washington, and we are looking at no better than windchills in the teens this afternoon across our immediate region, if you check out where temperatures are going, we may get up to a high of 29 degrees today and probably around 3:00 and by 4:00 down to 28, you see how the numbers fall from there and we are in the teens and tonight will be colder than last night was. and again that big second round of cold air, is in the off and that arctic air is here friday night into the weekend and it will put us into the deep
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freeze. we'll look at the numbers and more importantly the windchill numbers when we come back with the complete forecast in a few minutes. >> of course with the bitter cold settling in stay with, look for constant updates as the weather plummets. and follow the team on facebook and twitter and social media. >> we have more on the stomach bug that sickened studentses at ursinus college, more than 170 students have fallen ill. they are working to find the cause of the illness and we hear from katherine scott, the college is doing everything they can to feed the students safely. >> reporter: the efforts to clean continue today and the dining halls remain closed and local restaurants are pitching in to serve the students meals. >> senior charles murray and
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fellow students arrived this morning where breakfast from wawa was being served. >> we got emails left right and center, they are doing a standup job trying to keep everything under control the school is working with the county health department and shutting down their dining hall when 170 students and faculty came down with an illness this week. just about all campus buildings will be cleaned and sanitized. >> our fitness center just reopened for use after being sanitized and we continue the efforts in the residence halls. >> overall collegeville italian brakery, cheese and meets were layered on to rolls and students brought vouchers for their dinners, employees came in early to make sure everything was done in time. >> we are making 600 hoagies,
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multiple kinds, italian and veggie, and turkey. >> taints food is a possibility the illness could have spread from person to person. the common thread is the wizner dining hall. >> my dear mother packed me a lunch from home and i chose to stay home and eat it. mom if you are watching this thanks. >> it could be day before the cause of the outbreak is determined . philadelphia police need your help finding a suspect that allegedly stabbed a cab driver and robbed him overnight. look at this voice picture, police believe he is responsible for robbing the cab driver, the 51 cab driver says that the suspect pulled out a knife and demanded his money, they
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struggled and the cab driver was cut twice on his hand. from our delaware newsroom. police arrested rossi martin for robbing a bank in newcastle. police say this is martin robbing the bank yesterday, he is being held in lieu of $50,000 bail. comedian, bill cosby, has asked the judge to delay the lawsuit filed by him in the court in massachusetts. cosby is accused of assaulting a temple employee at his home in elkins park in 2004 and they have dismissed model janice dickinson's claim. and the defamation lawsuit against cosby remains in tact. both sides are expected to be in court later this month. the city of ferguson is facing a new challenge after the federal government announced they are suing the city.
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the justice department is trying to force ferguson to overhaul their police department after the fatal shooting of michael brown. >> reporter: a new battle in ferguson, missouri, the justice department is now suing the city for violating its residents civil rights. >> the ferguson police department's violation in particular were expansive and deliberate. stopping people without reasonable suspicion and arrested them without cause and using unreasonable force this, he were not only agreeing but routine. >> the city council is vowing to push back against the settlement reached by the city and the justice department after negotiations. >> the things we asked forrer are reasonable, the city leaders want to amend the agreement for things they cannot afford to
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implement. but attorney general, loretta lynch is not buying that. she says that they leave her no other choice forcing litigation to force the rights of residents. >> they have waited decades for justice they should not be forced to wait any longer. >> this case goes to trial unless the city and justice department are able to settle first. in washington, channel 6 "action news." "action news" is looking into claims that a smart phone app has driven young people to take big risks behind the wheel. investigative reporter, wendy saltzman has a preview. >> it was a deadly accident that claimed the lives of three women. >> i believe the mileage was 73 they said and could have gotten more. >> tonight at 11:00 we speak to
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the victim's families and examine a possible link that could have motivated them to drive recklessly. >> it should be gone. gone. if that happened it helped to kill my daughter. >> we'll show you the trend that leads to risky questionses. only on "action news" tonight on "action news" at 11:00. philadelphia mayor, jim kenney was on hand as they opened a new specialized health clinic. the fox chase bone marrow transplant program opened the new outpatient clinic. to date they have performed more than 1500 adult bone marrow transplants. >> coming up one of pro wrestlings most beloved super stars stepping out of the ring forever and wants people to talk about concussions. and they are working to
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ensure the safety of all athletes in brazil.
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fbi agents surrounded the property last night and a group of protestered took over the property last month. and several other protesters were arrested last month. the debate over concussions in pro sports has now turned to pro wrestling. and dan brian retiring because of head injuries. he says he really wants to send a message. >> reporter: it's hits like that. and slams like this -- now has one of pro wrestling super
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stars off the map. >> i took a test that says maybe my brain is as okay as i thought it was. 34-year-old daniel brian announcing he is walking away from the sport he loves because of concussions. >> within the first five months of my wrestling career i had already had three concussions, and it gets to the point after wrestling for 16 years, you have a lot of concussions. >> reporter: his doctor documents 10 of them and some led to seizures. brian is now one of the first to walk away before too much damage is done. something he is now encouraging other athletes to consider. >> have you a responsibility to yourself and your family and friends just to protect yourself. >> that was jessie palmer reporting. in other news, a student at lehigh university infected with
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the zika virus while abroad on winter break has already recovered. the olympic committee will hire two disease specialists. hope solo, the u.s. goal keeper says if the olympics were held now she would not go. and "action news" is holding a live chat with an infectious disease expert to answer questions about the zika virus. it begins at 4:30 on the facebook page. the eagles will honor their late member, glenn frey next week. he died last month at 67 and his former band members will be joined by jackson browne who co-wrote the hit "take it easy" with brown and eagles are rock 'n roll hall-of-famers that sold
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in this weekend's edition of fyi philly. here is a preview. >> reporter: just off main street on mullica hill, in an old unsuspecting barn katherine ferguson set up chop. it's called canteen, it's every day sandwiches with a twist. >> we put jam and fruit on there and jazz it up a bit. >> the jam truffle cheese, the turkey brie and pears is a fan favorite and the grown up grilled chilled. >> what make its grownup? >> we have two imported cheeses on there. i love to cook and i love food, i tell people i went to the school of food network because i grew up watching all of those
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shows. >> she went to school for criminal justice and except years as a criminal auditor. >> i would travel around and take things, i never duplicate a recipe but i take flavors. >> david said we are now officially starving. >> yeah. >> today is a good day for grilled cheese and tomato soup. >> especially the soup. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us we are dry after some snow squalls this morning and in fact the action cam, showing snow coming down in fox chase. it's thick enough to put snow on the roads and there is more on that later this afternoon and this evening. 25 degrees currently in philadelphia, how about those winds, running at 24 miles per hour and combine that and it's a windchill feeling like 10.
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the windchills will be in the low to mid teens today. 22 in reading and 4 in trenton and 25 in millville and down the shore in wildwood. and of course the windchills definitely the story it feels like 10 outside in the city but just 7 in allentown and reading and 6 in wilmington a 5 degree windchill in lancaster, you see the best spots at the shore 11, 12 degrees, everybody needs the coats and extra gear if you are headed out this afternoon. in addition to a little snow shower activity, it won't be much but when it hits you could wind up with problems on the roadways, a little bit of slickness but we won't see a lot of that. by 7:30 or 8:00 it's not really an issue. 29 in philadelphia, that is your high this afternoon, 26 in allentown and almost everybody will stay in the 20s from the city north, in wilmington to millville 30 and 32 in atlantic
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city and down the pike in cape may this afternoon. in philadelphia the numbers tumble, 27 by 4:00 and 24 by 6:00 and low 20s by 8:00 and 10:00 and slipping to the mid to upper teens in the region tonight. and winds die down a little but it's still pretty cold. then tomorrow, friday night, we wind up with a second wave of cold air. it's a similar day and another frontal boundary comes through and a snow squall on the way. and behind it saturday and sunday, we look at temperatures 20 to 30 degrees boo low normal. on saturday temperatures fall from 20 degrees in the morning, down into the teens. and then numbers close to 10 by dinner time. 35 miles per hour wind gusts make the windchill near 0 and probably below 0 for saturday across the region and sunday morning we bottom out with the worst conditions of all. morning lows are 12 degrees
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below zero. the windchills sunday morn 25 degrees below zero and 10 degrees below zero possible in philadelphia. the winds die down sunday afternoon and the cold air ain't going anywhere. 29 and brisk and cold today and feeling like the teens most of the way. this feels like summer compared to the weekend. we have the snow squall chance at night on friday and saturday we start at 20 and sink through the teens and overnight low of 2 that ties the record low for the morning. and extremely cold and winds die down and we only bounce back to 19, so it's an arctic blast we bounce back to 31 on monday and a system that could bring snow in the afternoon and evening and change to rain overnight and be mainly rain on tuesday.
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>> thanks for all of that good news david. tgit makes its begin return to abc. it's the return that fans are anticipating for months. alicia vitarelli is at the big board with more. you are already waiting. >> i want to say waiting patiently, not really i can't wait for this. why go out in the cold when it could be a red hot night of prime time in your living room. "grey's anatomy," "scandal" and "how to get away with murder" comes back after an almost two month break. >> you want to talk about a client on the phone because of surveillance. >> we definitely don't want anybody at the nsa to hear about this. >> why? who is the client. >> the head of the nsa. >> "scandal" olivia and fitz have since broken up.
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what? and the country is on the verge of a crisis. i hope i'm not spoiling something here for everybody. this morning 13 members of the "scandal" cast appeared on "good morning america" to dish on the upcoming season and we learned about what the gladiators are in for this spring and most of the cast stayed mum, including what olivia was hiding behind the door. >> you usually let everyone in, you have something either a man or something -- >> 9:00, 8:00 central. >> that comes into a different scene in the second half of the season and there is a major change. >> oh. that is all i can say. capital major. >> 9:00 central, and fun facts
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tonight's episode of "scandal" was directed by havertown native tom vefr. stay tuned for "action news" at 11:00, tom verica also plays her husband. fun facts there. >> we love a local tie. >> i'm surprised too.
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a final check of temperatures and it's all downhill from here. as we look at the northern and western suburbs, stopping at 27, 27 in reading and kutztown, and 28 in pottstown, and on the i-95
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corridor, not a lot of 30s, i'm putting them up for wilmington and middletown. down the shore you are lucky to get the freezing mark and wind and sun and breezy conditions, and another flurry or snow showers here and there. and feeling like the teens at the best of time. we want to tell you there is a protest by taxi drivers right now in and around city hall. the taxi drivers are protesting uber the ride sharing service. that is happening at city hall shutting down traffic in center city. we'll have the latest on our website at and beginning today at 4:00. >> that will do it for us. for sara and david, i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon.
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