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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> now on "action news," the delaware and lehigh valleys are bundling up for an arctic blast. accuweather says plan on keeping the extra layers handy for several days.
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power crews work through the night to make repairs to the underground fire on a busy center city street. pope francis embarks on a historic trip to coupe about a and take part in a -- to cuba and take part in a meeting no other modern day pope would do. >> reporter: let's cold out this morning, but colder tomorrow. >> reporter: it's colder out there, 18 degrees in allentown. 14 in wilmington, 19 degrees in wildwood. even though the winds are lighter than yesterday, we have severe windchills. feels like 8 in philadelphia. very similar to yesterday. allentown just three. reading a current windchill of 1 degree. we'll bundle up on the way out today, mainly clear and cold on the bus stop 16 and 17 degrees between 6 and 8:00 a.m. 26 degrees by 1:00 p.m.
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high today of 28 degrees, clouds increasing as the day goes on. tonight the arctic air comes in perhaps triggering a snow shower or quick-hitting snow squall later only in the evening hours. more on that bitter cold weekend coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. karen, what are roads looking like? >> reporter: looking good so far, happy friday morning time to get up and hit the roads. we're dry this morning, this is the schuylkill expressway eastbound traffic heading toward broad street. overnight construction is clear. all lanes open, you're looking good, i want to show you the big picture, we've got a lot little things going on. tacony-palmyra bridge they delayed the opening at 5:50 southbound ship you want to watch for that. on the boulevard adams avenue in the outer drive we have a disabled vehicle causing an issue. in center city walnut street is blocked between 19th and 22nd street. if it remains closed during the morning commute it's going to be
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a problem. the water main break is an issue, as well, obviously with temperatures like these not a good thing, 63rd between girard and master street and girard avenue is closed between 62 and 64th. arctic air is coming to the area where the delaware valley is bracing for the cold. katherine scott is at the frankford transportation center wear that knit hat that's looking good. >> reporter: the temperatures are dropping, the winds picking up, in rittenhouse square people piled on the layers zipped up there heavy coats, tried to buffer themselves in the deep cold descending on the area.
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grab ago hot drink might guard from the chill, but it's not enough. near city hall, business was booming as vendors sold hats, calves and gloves -- gloves and scarves, commuters piled on their layers and hoped the wait was quick for the bus. it's cold out here, i wish the bus would hurry up and come. >> reporter: and back here live at the frank ford transportation center, you can see it's getting busier as it's getting later. tomorrow it will be colder, but it will be saturday, the hope is that this time tomorrow instead of being on your way to work, you'll be snuggled warm in your bed. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." i know i will, katherine. you can find the forecast at
5:35 am a shopping lifting suspect is on the run, but left behind her daughter during the escape. mayys say they found a 27-year-old woman stealing $1,400 wrlt of -- worth of merchandise, she got out of her handcuffs and ran out of the room leaving her 3-year-old daughter. the child is being taken care of by human services. an underground fire broke out at walnut street annie mccormick is there live. >> reporter: according to peco's website there are 90 customers without power. they are hoping to get it back on by noon. you could see the thick black smoke pouring out of drains and manholes before 5:30 p.m., calls
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came into 911 reporting an underground fire in the 2100 block of walnut. crews immediately began evacuations. all of a sudden there was just a firefighter banging on it is door telling plea to get out. initially had hundred customers were without power including the miriam theater which is blocks away on broad street. for last night's performance of rain only those with orchestra level tickets were allowed to see it because the emergency lights were knocked out. some got back inside, others stood by waiting for the okay, from firefighters. they said some people could go back in, but not all of us, so we're waiting. >> reporter: and back out here live, you heard karen talking about it, it is going to affect your morning traffic. this block is taken up with crews. once they are back online, the next step is for fire crews to
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investigate a cause. reporting live in center city, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." thank you for that. prosecutors have not filed charges against former philadelphia eagle lesean mccoy over a fight that injured two off duty police officers. the nfl running back has hired a new lawyer. some of the fight was captured on cell phone camera and police are combing over other evidence, as well. two democratic candidates for president took the gloves off for a spirited debate in wisconsin. bernie sanders who is looking to attract minorities voters ahead of the primary declared the nation is institutional racism, clinton challenged sanders on his criticism of president obama and cast herself always the rightful heir to the administration's legacy. donald trump promised to
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swear off foul language. he received sharp criticism for repeating a dirty world earlier this week which claimed that ted cruz lacked courage. pope francis is on his way to a historic meeting in cuba he will sit down with the russian orthodox church. it will be the first time east meets west since the church split in the 11th century. happening today, phillies pack up for spring training, crews loading quiment and supplies -- equipment and supplies this morning. the phillie phanatic and the ball girls will see the truck off to clearwater. let's talk about the cold. >> reporter: i like to talk about the phillies, but you got to do your job. storm tracker 6 live double scan
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across the region showing we're dry. sky6 live hd showing the airport, it's in the teens. 18 degrees is the current temperature in philadelphia. how about that bone-dry dewpoint below zero. winds out of the west at 8 miles per hour that's enough to knock the windchill down to 8, so bundle up. looking at satellite we'll see sunshine early and the clouds will filter in later in the afternoon and evening. that will be part of the package today with clouds increasing. 17 by 8:00. 20 by 10:00 a.m. 24 by noon. we'll have windchills likely in the upper teens at the best of times. high temperatures in allentown, only getting up to 25. 26 in reading. 29 in lancaster and 30 in millville and cape may. we have loads of clouds we'll be
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on the look out to the northwest where we could see snow showers or squalls. this is ahead of the arctic boundary that's coming in overnight, we could see snow squalls. we have polar vortex squeezing strong winds into the region, that will give us windchills near zero. temperatures will drop because of the strong northwest flow. there's a windchill watch in the poconos with the windchills could go as bad as 30 degrees below zero that could trigger frostbite in a hurry. speaking of which, if you're in the poconos you're dealing with the severe windchills. you want to cover up the skin as musms you -- as much as you can, frostbite can occur in 15
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minutes. in the lehigh valley, windchills ten below, that means frostbite in 30 minutes. make sure you're covering up as much skin as possible, secondly plan on making it a short stay outside. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 28, brisk and cold today. windy with arctic cold arriving tomorrow. high of 20 in the morning, temperatures sliding through the teens during the day and getting into the single digits late in the afternoon or early evening. and then we drop to a record-tieing low of 2 degrees overnights. that means on sunday morning you're dealing with extreme cold valentine's day morning low single digits or below zero with the biting windchills in the morning. in the afternoon, the winds die down, but we go to 16 degrees and back to 11. this period all of it arctic cold. we have temperatures starting out in the single digits and we get a transition to warmer air. ahead of that there's the chance
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of the arrival of snow. that should change over to rain early in the overnight, because a warm front is getting past us, look at the high the next day, 48 degrees on tuesday. cold this weekend, though. still ahead, several quick-thinking teenagers make the difference when the bus drivers ends up in medical duress. mother takes to social media making claims about a dispute over cell phone at a south philadelphia cafe. workers give their side of the story and back it up with proof. >> reporter: wells problems in delaware county. we'll have the details coming up. after a dismal run for president, chris christie is back in the garden state cleaning up after the winter storm. that story later on "action
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news." 5:45, taking a live look,
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center city philadelphia, 20 degrees city avenue. much colder in other spots. ladies and gentlemen, fire up the electric >> reporter: show of hands who didn't want to get out from under the covers? looking live right here,
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chesterville, route 100, stopped at the lights, the roads are dry no problems coming down from pilots, chester springs or looking good this morning, it's cold, you have to warm up the car, but no big problems. we have fire department activity in delaware county. watch for the crews on west bridge road near oak wood drive they are causing restrictions in the area. we have construction on valley forge road blocked near morris road stick to bethel road in montgomery county. if you're coming in from morris town new jersey, 21 minutes no problems looking good. man, is it cold out there, 8 degrees in martins creek. 7 in fleetwood. 9 in coatsville, 13 in saint davids. 18 in the city itself. in some of the suburbs in new jersey you're in the teens. 16 in cinnaminson, 14 in
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hammonton. on the boardwalk, it's 18 degrees. if you're heading out later tonight watch for a snow squall. a south philadelphia cafe is in the middle of a social media firestorm surrounding a young girl balloting -- battling cancer. a 3-year-old girl was playing music, the server came over and asked her to turn it off. the mother claimed the server grabbed the phone out of the child hands the post spread quickly. someone threatened the server. i decided to give them the proof that they deserve. the owner of the cafe said she has surveillance video of the entire incident. you're watching it there. the mother admitted that no one at the table actual saw the server touch the child or the phone. three teenagers in the
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north jersey rushed to the aid of school bus driver having a medical emergency. the driver started losing control of the bus yesterday. the three jumped into action. the bus driver kept on swerving, it was like a continuous swerve. he kept trying to calm himself by taking his hands off the wheel and put it on his chest. the students pushed the bus into park before it could crash. the students got off the bus, everyone is safe thanks to the students and their quick thinking. a preview on the abc exclusive on the columbine massacre. a family in the midwest have a new addition to talk about. >> reporter: we have temperatures in the teens and winds are down a little bit, it's cold, the arctic air will be coming in tomorrow. i'll have the lay planner
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forecast and let you know where the numbers are going through the day coming up next.
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>> reporter: it may be cold, but you know what, it's friday. tacony-palmyra just finished an open for a southbound ship. expect slowing on both sides right now. looks like it's coming down, watch for that. you can see the ship going on through. septa trolleys eastbound route 10 delays because of a water main break and no service between 63rd and 63 an harvarder -- haverford. feels like 8 in philadelphia. 3 in allentown and 1 in reading.
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cold enough for coats and gloves and hats all the extra gear. we'll increase the clouds as the day goes on. we'll get a high of 28 degrees. even though the winds are not as bads yesterday it will be brisk with windchills in the teens this afternoon. of course, we have the bitter arctic air mass coming in for the weekend get ready for that. tonight on 20/20 an abc exclusive, diane sawyer interviews one of the mothers in the columbine tragedy. she thinks about the victims and their families everyday. how i would feel if were the other way around and one of their children shot mine, i would feel the way they did, i know i would. she opens up about her relationship with her son and what happened inside their home leading up to the shootings. watch tonight's special edition
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of 20/20 at 10:00 p.m. on 6abc. a newborn baby in ohio couldn't wait to make this day her builder. the parents were driving along i-75 when mom went into labor. they pulled over and called 911. dispatchers helped dad through the delivery process, first responders arrived three minutes later. hannah marie will tell her friends one day that she was born on an exit ramp.
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a 14-year-old girl from lehigh valley entered a guilty plea for plotting her own mother's murder. she faces 35 years to life. she wanted her mother dead after she was told to break up with her 21-year-old soldier girlfriend. philadelphia police are trying to track down a thief who swiped $18,000 in cash. the theft happened on church street yesterday afternoon. police say the victim was repairing an atm inside a deli when the thief stole the truck, a lock box containing the cash was inside the truck. governor chris christie is asking the government for help to pay for the winter storm, the same storm that he downplayed.
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he interrupted his campaign to be in new york, but quickly returned to the first primary state. you can live like van gogh, the art institute of chicago recreated the yellow house bedroom for an exhibit opening on sunday. it pays tribute to three paintings the dutch impressionist created of the room in the 19th century. they are renting out the room for one night on air bb. effort to stop a recent rash of crime on a popular trail along the schuylkill river. i've smoked a lot
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is 6:00 a.m., friday, february 12 we're working on several developing stories. peco is working to get power back on for dozens of people after an underground fire sent smoke billowing in center city. accuweather is tracking record cold for the weekend, the dip in temperatures could be life threatening for some. a federal judge has eased up on bill cosby's wife at least in part. >> reporter: how cold will it get? >> reporter: cold enough for the extra gear, we have the promise of sunshine coming up. we have the lack of significant cloud cover around the area. although the clouds to the north and west will filter in. 18 in philadelphia. 14 in wilmington, 15 in trenton. ten this allentown. single digit


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