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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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30 degrees. 16 binghamton. 19 in pittsburgh but as we lift to the north and west this is where that arctic front is sitting right now and behind that front air temperatures are two in sault ste. marie, four below in international falls, thompson in central canada eight below zero. and with this arctic front like a couple of days ago on thursday when we had that other arctic front pass through there are some snow showers and snow squalls with it. they're still mainly near the great lakes and western ohio valley so it will still be some time before they slide through here and the good thing about this go round is the timing because it happens when most of us are off the roads or in bed or at home any time between 11 o'clock and 5 o'clock in the morning roads will quickly get covered by these snow squalls reducing visibility and we could see between coating to as much as an inch of snow. wind chill advisory then goes into effect 6:00 p.m. tomorrow lasting through 9:00 a.m. on sunday for the entire viewing area where wind chills will be
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anywhere on the average of 10 to 20 degrees below zero. in fact, the lowest wind chills going into sunday morning, the poconos 20 to 30 below, most of our area 15 to 20 below and in southern areas 10 to 15 degrees below zero. some dangerous wind chills over the weekend. we'll chat about the second half of the weekend and what sunday will bring coming up brian in that full accuweather forecast. >> adam thanks very much. as you mentioned you said below freezing temperatures are potentially dangerous and they're causing problems across the region especially in west philadelphia where a water line broke quickly froze over and left cars encased in ice. "action news" reporter gray hall continues our live team coverage today at 63rd and haverford. quite a scene there, gray. >> reporter: indeed it is, brian, and certainly not the way you want to end or start a friday. some residents spent hours with no running water and unfortunately some woke up to their cars as you mentioned covered in ice. it is not a good mixture of
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below freezing temperatures and a burst pipe. the combination caused an icy mess for people living along north 63rd and haverford streets in west philadelphia. >> my cousin called me 6:15 in the morning to let me know that my street was flooded and when i looked out the window i just couldn't believe it. the break happened thursday night when a pipe supplying water to a fire hydrant burst sending water pouring onto the street. the incident left 80 homes without water and also disrupted traffic and septa service. >> i didn't know -- i thought it was the ice age. i really didn't know what it was. seen a lot of ice out here. first thing came to my mind was a pipe busted. if you thought you were having a bad morning or week it couldn't be worse than what happened in this west philadelphia neighborhood. imagine waking up to your car covered in ice. it happened in this neighborhood after an underground pipe ruptured. >> oh, my god, i can't believe that car over there. it's frozen, absolutely frozen. >> reporter: drivers also
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woke up to the icy nightmare and ice covered cars. the unlucky ones were forced to do some unexpected scraping before the streets closed. passing cars splashed water onto the parked ones quickly turning them into ice statues. >> i can't believe this. i can't get the key into the door. >> my tires are frozen, windshield is frozen. i think my window is cracked. >> reporter: back out live you see workers out here still on the scene. still no cause of this ruptured pipe. i can also tell you just moments ago workers with the water department tell me that all water service has now been restored in this area. we should also mention that just blocks away there are reports of water in the street. that's happening along 57th and 58th. the water department says they are now investigating this. live in west philadelphia, gray hall, channel6 "action news." brian. >> all right, gray, thanks very much. and of course visit right through this holiday weekend. our team of meteorologists
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will keep you up to date on the arctic blast and remember to follow each of them on facebook, twitter and other social media platforms so you'll always know what's coming. >> from our delaware news room now, four students were hurt in a crash outside of brandywine high school today in wilmington. it happened right near the school just after 7 o'clock this morning. as students were showing up for class. two vehicles collided leaving one person trapped in the back seat. medics got everyone out and took all four of them to the hospital. they were all between the ages of 14 and 17. police say all of them were wearing seat belts and none of their injuries are life-threatening. a woman was caught shoplifting in macy's and she had her child with her. but rather than get arrested, she took off and left the daughter behind. vernon odom is following this story live in center city this afternoon and vernon that little girl is now in protective custody but police are still trying to find her mother. >> reporter: good evening,
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sharrie, first of all, macy's corporate lead verse no comment so far tonight. the suspect remains free at this hour but she did have to leave those stolen goods and the most precious item of all behind. at macy's last night a woman with her three-year-old child was arrested for shoplifting. macy's told police she was in possession of some $1,400 worth of merchandise. as security held her for police to arrive she managed somehow to wiggle out of her handcuffs and get away. but leaving her daughter behind. she remains at large at this hour. the child has been turned over to dhs. here's random reaction from local folks. >> i can't believe that a mother would leave her child. i lost my only child. i wished i had him back. that's so sad. >> reporter: police say they have the suspect's identity and plan to get a warrant and go arrest her tonight. >> it's just a horrendous situation. i don't know, some people just don't deserve to have children.
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>> reporter: philadelphians are not the only ones appalled by this. these south jersey residents have grown children and grandchildren. >> i don't know how somebody could even do that. you would think of her before -- your child before yourself. >> sad, very sad. you know, it's all you can say. a mother just thinks of her kids last, not acceptable. >> reporter: indeed alicia, not acceptable. police plan to go lock her up tonight. she faces multiple charges including retail theft and recklessly endangering the welfare of a child. i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news" in center city. >> vernon thank you. what an incredible story there. over to arizona today now where officials say two 15-year-old girls are dead after a double shooting at a high school in glendale. police say the two young students were fatally shot just before 8 o'clock this morning on school grounds near a patio covered area near the administration office. officers responded we're told
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within two minutes and school was placed on immediate lockdown as a precaution. this afternoon police saying they do believe this is an isolated incident and the rest of the student body is safe. they wouldn't disclose the relationship between the girls only saying that each was shot one time. >> they were declared deceased at the scene. it's a tragic incident, two young people are dead this morning. these two young women were found next to each other. there was a weapon found beside them. we don't believe that there's any suspects that are out there at this time that we're searching for. we don't have any persons of interest at this time. and i think that's important that you know that. >> authorities calling this a tragedy as they work to unravel the details leading up to the incident that shook the school and the community. we are also learning, again this afternoon that that weapon was found near their bodies. a lot of questions here and certainly a lot of people in that area waiting for answers
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especially their parents. brian. >> certainly are. alicia, thank you. brand new here at 4 o'clock police in delaware charged three students for a fight on a school bus and they say it all started because of candy. we brought you this story as breaking news at 4 o'clock yesterday when the fight got so out of hand the driver pulled over on the side of i-95 and called police. now this involved students from the christina school district. police say a 17-year-old girl started throwing candy at another girl. that led to an argument which drew in other students on the bus. in the end an 18-year-old who tried to break it up was allegedly attacked by the 17-year-old and two other students. one of those students a 16-year-old girl is accused of spraying the victim in the face with some kind of chemical. all three are now charged with assault. >> nba great and sixers legend allen iverson is a finalist for induction into the nesmith memorial basketball hall of fame. iverson is one of a handful of finalists in a star studded group that includes shaquille
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kneel and yao ming. iverson was an 11 time all-star and league's most valuable player in 2001 when he led the sixers to the finals. iverson will find out if he made it when the full class is announced in april. we'll have more on the announcement coming up in sports tonight at 5:00. big honor for him if it comes true. time for the "action news" traffic report. >> let's send it over to matt pelman standing by in the "action news" traffic center with the first check. hey, matt. >> always quite the game getting home especially on a friday afternoon before a holiday weekend brian and sharrie and so as expected things are busy as you head home this afternoon like here on 95 northbound side backing up from this point just north of penn's landing on up toward allegheny. that's where we had a broken down vehicle that just cleared out of the way. then it slows again farther north, 13 miles per hour as you travel between the betsy ross bridge and cottman avenue. watching an accident involving a pedestrian right by reading terminal market in chinatown there along arch street between 11th and 12th and gray was telling us about the leak
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coming from the pipe that supplies the fire hydrant in west philadelphia so 63rd and haverford still a good intersection to avoid. it's covered in ice this afternoon and the 15 trolley is not running between 60th and 63rd because of that water and ice issue in west philadelphia. in east mount airy a crash had some of the traffic lights not working this afternoon. crash happened along anderson street at up saul street. in east norriton watch out for a wreck along meadowbrook road along swede road n newark delaware an accident shutting down the lanes of 896 between four seasons parkway and route 40. pleasant valley road an alternate around that with the slow speeds just starting to can kick in there in the southbound lanes of highway one by the christian gran mall. let's do the commuter report on this finally friday afternoon as expected on a friday like this complete stand still on the wal walt whitman bridge headed into new jersey. no accidents just a lot of people trying to get out of dodge on this friday
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afternoonly we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> still ahead here today an update on that outbreak at ursinus. the college is telling us about new cases as the stomach bug continues to bring life on that campus to a halt. >> philly startup hoping to make it big. we'll tell you about the product that they're bringing on shark tank tonight. >> with temperatures below freezing here's the story to give you dreams of spring. we are with the phillies as they get ready to head for florida. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> how about you say take a look at closing numbers on this friday because they're this good. the dow up 314 points to close at 15,974 for the week. nasdaq up 71 points, the s & p 500 finishing out the green arrow day up 36 points other day. ursinus college says seven more students reported feeling sick as part an outbreak that
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sparked that montgomery county -- brought that montgomery county campus to a stand still: students reported symptoms of a stomach bug. first reports came in tuesday. ursinus says a handful of faculty and staff have also reported symptoms. the school shut down its dining hall and canceled classes because of the outbreak. they still though have not figured out just what is causing this. >> tonight on abc's shark tank a philadelphia startup pitches a product they say will revolutionize the way we eat. they tell me it's a one of a kind personal health tool and they are taking it to the sharks. is this changing the way we eat. >> absolutely. it's going to. >> reporter: it's a product that you university city entrepreneur anthony ortiz says was inspired at home. >> we almost lost my dad to triple bypass surgery and the surgeon said to us you know your dad could have avoided this and if he just ate a little bit better and was a little more active and i thought wow, that's a simple
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prescription. >> reporter: and a sort of simple concept that ortiz says no one had marketed before. a plate that does the work for you. >> never has the plate been able to ever tell us and give us the information that we need such as how much to eat, when to eat, what to pair what things with to guide us. so, this is the first time in history that we've made a plate smart. >> reporter: it uses weight sensors cameras and image recognition software to weigh and analyze your food. >> were i love about this is that your plate has like surveillance cameras so you cannot hide from your food. >> it alerts you when you're missing the mark by the plate itself or a push notification to your phone. >> this push can tell you remove two table spoons because you're about to go over on your carbohydrate limit. >> reporter: tonight they'll get a spotlight as ortiz's former head of marketing makes the big pitch. >> place your food on the plate the way you normally would and bam get all your
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nutritional information in a. >> we can't talk about the outcome but the experience was tremendous. we're excited to see if the sharks take a smart plate out >> reporter: you can see the episode at 9:00 here's what they're asking for from those sharks. $1 million for a 15 percent share in smart plate and if you are wondering if it can go in the dishwasher with all that technology, it can and it is for sale right now. it doesn't ship out until later this year. you can get a discount by the way sharrie if you order now as opposed to waiting, so we're also waiting to see whether or not shows sharks are willing to invest. >> definitely has many of our attention in here today. >> i have a good feeling. >> we shall see tonight. meantime any one had wants to under lottery for this year's broad street run has to do it by the end of today. the lottery closes one second before midnight tonight. runners can enter online until
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then. there are 40,000 spots available in this year's race. anyone who wins one of those bibs will find out on tuesday. the 10-mile run is scheduled for may first. >> this is a not an ideal weekend to run outside but with all this freezing weather here's a warm thought for you. it will be baseball season before you know it. the phillies packed up their truck for spring training this morning at citizens bank park. it's loaded with bats, jerry sees and yes the philly phanatic. he was there to make sure his hot dog launcher was on board that truck. the truck is on the road right now headed for clearwater. pitchers and catchers report this coming wednesday. >> can we get on the truck. >> i would love to get on the truck. >> adam, we were all thinking we would like warmer temperatures than the ones we're having this weekend. >> yeah, let's take it on the road head down south. >> i'm with it. >> you have to go way down to the south because much of the eastern half of the country definitely going to deal with the chill this weekend.
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right now we're sitting in the middle 20's across much of the area. low 20's to the north and west at 22. the key number in the poconos 14 degrees but we do have a light wind out there. it's not strong but it is moving those temperatures into the teens across the area so it feels like 13 allentown, 18 philadelphia, 18 in dover and even teens in long beach island down to atlantic city. as we look at satellite and radar, a lot of clouds have moved in this afternoon ahead of the next arctic front and also a storm that is off the coast developing from the carolinas and the virginias. that will miss us but you can see the snow showers are on the lakes beginning to sync in from the south and west so we front as it passes through during the overnight hours tonight and as it arrives, which is mainly after 10, 11, 12 o'clock tonight, that's when we'll see the possibility of some snow squalls developing and much like thursday morning if you encounter them, they reduce visibility, they can quickly coat the ground in spots and temperatures will be in the teens across much of the area with the exception far southern delaware, new jersey
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temperatures right around 21 to 23 degrees. future tracker at 11 o'clock, there you can see some of those snow showers and snow squalls ahead of the front to the north and to the west. then the you passes through especially philadelphia and southern new jersey around 5 o'clock in the morning so at least this go round the timing for the snow squalls is good 'cause it's during the overnight hours and then they're off the coast for the early morning hours of saturday but even into saturday afternoon, notice the temperatures. we were in the 20's at around 7:00 a.m. on saturday morning. dropping into the single numbers and teens for temperatures in the afternoon and evening and you see these what look like fingers extending from the northwest to the south and east. these are lake effect snow showers and snow squalls that can even happen tomorrow afternoon and the reason that they can survive all the way from the lakes into our region is that a wind advisory is in effect. the winds tomorrow will howl out of the northwest, speeds of 45 to 55 miles per hour, so it's cold, it is windy and we could even see those snow
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squalls into tomorrow afternoon in spots. and future tracker wind chills nine below for saturday afternoon in the lehigh valley, three below philadelphia, even below zero at the shore. and by saturday at 8:00 p.m., right around zero philadelphia. if you are going out tomorrow evening, wind chills generally below that freezing point and same thing as we go into sunday morning, 10 below philadelphia, 17 below trenton and near 30 below in the poconos. that four day at 4:00 forecast we're in the freezer here for the entire weekend and very windy tomorrow with temperatures dropping into the lower teens by the afternoon. record lows on sunday morning but it's sunny on valentine's day a-high of just 16 and then a round of light snow comes in in the late afternoon and evening on monday of 33 and it changes to some sleet, freezing rain and eventually a soaking rain with highs going into the 50's on tuesday, so a pretty active four day forecast and we'll have that seven day coming up in the next half hour. >> all right, adam, thank you.
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up next here today, it's a different kind of convention bringing unusual art to philadelphia. details on what is setting up shop in town this weekend. >> the battleship new jersey is showing some love. details on the next exhibit opening just in time for valentine's day. >> oh, and just in time for valentine's day, there's a man in new york city who is putting up these posters all around town looking for his wife's dry cleaning. why he's calling himself dead husband walking coming up in big talkers. >> ♪
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dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i'm living it. but i always tell people - saving's not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have.
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if you have a question about saving, ask me. sincerely, alex payne. fellow dad and fellow citizen. sincerely, alex payne. >> ♪ >> ink lovers from all over have gathered in philadelphia for the city's 18th annual tattoo convention. some of the world's best artists are here. they represent 600 different tattoo shops and they'll be working all weekend long. we spoke to visitors who traveled a long way to expand their collections of body art. >> this is the place to be to get amazing harder work. there's massive amounts of
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talented artists from all over the country here and i'm super honored to be able to be collecting a few. >> it's like looking at a beautiful painting and ain't nothing better than showing offer your artwork. >> hey, tattoos in progress there, right. the tattoo convention continues tomorrow sunday at the pennsylvania convention center. >> well, he may not have the lombardi trophy but he's got a whole lot of little fans in philadelphia. carolina panthers wide receiver corey brown paid a visit to john hancock elementary in northeast philadelphia this morning. when he was a fifth grader at that very school, check it out, he made this tile showing a football and mentioning the nfl. saying he dreamed of playing in the league one day. well, that tile is still there and of course brown's dream came very true. so to say thank you to the school for their support and their love this morning, brown brought along one of his carolina panthers jerseys to leave behind. >> the battleship new jersey
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museum and memorial is putting a special exhibit on display for valentine's day weekend. the new exhibit features love letters between crew who served aboard the ship in the 1980's and their sweet hearts. it will be on display until tuesday. >> and still ahead right here on a friday afternoon we have an update on that massive north jersey fire. the smoke could be seen all the way down here in philadelphia and now firefighters finally have there upper hand. >> and a rescued dog turns detective, ends up saving his owner's life during an emergency. we'll explain what happens coming up in big talkers. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> hello again. it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with the punishment for a philadelphia mom convicted of playing a role in her young daughter's death. >> plus "action news" las exclusive video of a frightening exotic discovery inside a septa station. >> and then a husband finds him snell hot water with his wife. he was trying to be helpful by picking up the dry cleaning but it clearly backfired. we'll explain this poster coming up in big talkers. >> but first, record cold is on its way to the delaware and lehigh valleys, a number of area cities including philadelphia have issued a code blue urging people to stay inside. >> yeah, you don't have to urge me. i'm volunteering. >> volunteering.
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>> it's pretty cold out right now but it will be tomorrow night when we really start to feel the drop in temperature and so we start at 4:30 with meteorologist adam joseph at the big board with the latest from accuweather. >> it already feels cold out there right now when you take a look at those wind chill. 16 in baltimore, 19 into new york city, philadelphia right now our wind chill is 16 degrees. by tomorrow evening into tomorrow night, you can knock off close to 30 degrees from that particular number as wind chills will be dropping close to 20 degrees below zero in and around the city of philadelphia. as we look at records to watch even on sunday morning, we're forecasting a record tie here of 2 degrees on sunday morning for the city of philadelphia. record breaking in the lehigh valley of two below and these are air temperatures. zero in trenton and 12 below in the poconos set back in 1970. in fact, up in the poconos, it's going to be 12 below for the air temperature son sunday morning but wind chill warnings in effect. i know it's a skiing weekend but with warnings in effect
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take very high caution if you want to head out skiing or snowboarding. 20 to 30 degrees below zero from 6:00 p.m. saturday until 1:00 p.m. on sunday afternoon. in fact, the northwestern suburbs, the lehigh valley, berks county as well as parts of montgomery and bucks county, 20 to 25 below saturday night, sunday morning. while wilmington, trenton, philadelphia 20 to 15 below and central delaware, new jersey, 10 to 15 below zero. we'll talk about a little snow coming in the first of next week in the full accuweather forecast in a bit. sharrie. >> adam thanks. you can count on throughout the weekend. our team of meteorologists will keep you up to date on the arctic blast and remember to follow each of them on facebook and twitter. >> while the coldest air is yet to come it is still below freezing out there right now and if you have got to be outside you're really going
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want to bundle up. "action news" reporter trish hartman live along the ben franklin parkway. she, too, is bundled up in that snazzy 6abc cap. trish, what's going on out there? >> reporter: hey, brian, yes, we are bundled up and ready to go and many will tell you that the best way to stay warm is to stay inside. well, if you have an outdoor job as we know inside is not an option. we talked to some folks who will to brave the cold today as the city remains in a code blue. these construction workers got a slow start this morning arriving at their site on 15th street to find their equipment frozen. >> yeah, i had to do it today. had to heat the equipment up today with the blow torch to get the controls and everything to move. >> reporter: if you hate the wind on your face just imagine coming into it. >> people think i'm crying when i do deliveries. >> reporter: these bike messengers say the key is bundling up and keeping your head down. >> i've learned about aero dynamics in the past couple
4:33 pm
days trying ride low. >> reporter: some folks with the day off from school chose to hit the ice rink at dillworth park properly dressed of course. >> long underwear, hats and mittens. >> reporter: the city of philadelphia is in a code blue until further notice. it's enacted in extreme cold triggering efforts to shelter anyone who needs it. 450 extra beds are brought into city shelters during the winter months and officials say they will be close to capacity this weekend. >> we have additional outreach teams to visit those particular areas and encourage them to come in. >> reporter: now, officials say if they do reach capacity, they will make arrangements to make more space available. if you see someone who needs shelter this weekend you can contact project home or philadelphia police. reporting live in center city, trish hartman, channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> all right, trish, thank you. the southwest philadelphia woman accused of doing nothing as her boyfriend beat her four-year-old daughter to death has been sentenced. today a judge ruled that
4:34 pm
josephine brown should spend the next four to eight years in prison. it comes two years after she pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. her daughter died in 2013 from massive internal bleeding. prosecutors say brown covered up for her boyfriend edward golfen as he repeatedly abused her daughter. upper merion township police say this man tried to break into a strange's home but was scared away by the homeowner. a woman called police when she saw a man attempting to force open a window at her home on cross field road. officers arrested carroll ruffin after a brief chase on foot. police say he tried to get rid of a gun and he was carrying a screwdriver and rubber gloves. he allegedly confessed to upper merion detectives. >> a police department in delaware is helping make drivers safer and they're trying to do it without issuing tickets. the newark police department launched its collision reduction initiative this week. the effort comes after there was a record number of crashes. and police say nearly half of
4:35 pm
those are because drivers were not paying attention. most of the crashes happened on south college avenue near delaware avenue. police will have increased enforcement on those streets and several others. >> a massive fire that record through an industrial park in north jersey is now contained but it burned out of control for 20 hours. "action news" first started covering this as breaking news this time yesterday. fire crews are still trying to figure out what sparked the blaze in hillsborough somerset county. well, this morning the smoke was even visible from here. this was the view from chopper6 hd as it flew over west philadelphia. >> we mean it rather literally when we say that a few septa patrons had a wild commute this morning. they found this, large snake inside a trash can at the station on convention avenue in university city. this is exclusive video of the surprise visitor before animal control officers were called in to capture it. septa is still trying the
4:36 pm
figure out just who dumped that snake there and why. >> adam is scared and he's here in the studio. [laughter] >> poor guy. it's a big day for sports fans in new jersey. a new museum is opening its doors tonight that's giving the public access to rare and priceless items from decades past. "action news" anchor rick williams live in there news room with more on this. hi, rick. hi, sharrie thank you, that's right. it's a project that's been five years in the making and tonight it finally becomes a reality. we are talking about the museum in alcohol wood. the collection was assembled by a local cardiologist is that valued at $30 million. coming up tonight at 5:00 nora muchanic takes you inside before tonight's grand opening. also coming up tonight at 5:00 we'll be talking more about this weekend's bitter cold. ali gorman has more on the frost bite dangers the frigid air could post for anyone who needs to get out and about this weekend or running like maybe -- no, i'm not doing any running this weekend. those stories and much more
4:37 pm
when we see you coming up on "action news" at 5:00 brian we'll see you it. >> just take the weekend off. >> exactly. >> rick, thanks. a new jersey teenager is proving that every penny counts. the action cam was at cooper university hospital in camden today as melvin shepherd dropped off his annual donation to the neonatal intensive care unit. the 18-year-old started the tradition of collecting pennies when he was 11. he says it's a token of thanks for the medical care he got back in 1997 as a premature newborn at cooper. so far shepherd has donated more than $2,000, again all of it in pennies. >> job well done there. >> way to give back. >> still ahead on "action news" we have an update to that damaged cruise ship as it tries to set sail again. >> plus. >> they started shooting the back window of their vehicle just shattered. >> and then a california police sergeant found himself in a shootout with two terrorists.
4:38 pm
he describes how that december day in san bernadino unfolded coming up. >> and rescue away. a shelter dog returns the favor saving his owner's life. we break it all down coming up in big talkers. >> and meteorologist adam joseph if we can scrape him off the ceiling after seeing that snake he'll be back with the accuweather forecast next.
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>> ♪ >> i saw the muzzle flashes and i thought they're shooting at me. >> new tonight a california police sergeant is talking about the mass shooting three months ago in san bernadino california after tashfeen malik and sacred farouq opened fire. andy katz spent moats of his day chasing down false leads. that was until he started pursuing the suspects black suv. he says he saw the terrorists put on their bulletproof vests before they started shooting. caps and other officers took cover behind his suv. the suspects died in that
4:41 pm
shootout. later the weight of that situation hit sergeant caps as he sent a text message to a loved one saying he had been in that shootout. >> that's when i realized how bad that could have ended for me and for my family. and then you make that leap, well, and for all these other people and for their families. >> what an ordeal. caps has been an officer for 24 years and had never fired his weapon on the job before. he says he would go through everything again in a heartbeat if he had to. >> incredible. sharrie, thank you. the royal caribbean cruise ship damaged in that intense storm should be able to depart as scheduled on its next voyage. the coast guard inspector the anthem of the seas today and said the ship sustained mostly cosmetic today. part of the ship's propulsion system also has to be replaced. the ship arrived back at the port in bayonne, new jersey, wednesday night after it was battered in a storm on sunday. if all the repairs are made
4:42 pm
that ship will take off tomorrow afternoon. >> big talkers now and an amazing story of love and karma. a rescue dog returning the favor and saving his owner's life. this is carl and drew smith says he nearly passed on adopting the little rescue dog at a shelter california. carl has some issues with his teeth and smith says he was worried about the dental bill. well, it's a good thing he decided to give carl a chance because he saved his life. you see a fire broke out inside their home and carl woke up drew who was sleeping. likely saving his life. drew says that carl never really barks so he knew that something was up. at first he thought that carl wanted to go outgone to the bathroom but when smith turned on the lights he said that's when he noticed that smoke was filling his apartment. >> smoke alarm and co2 alarm isn't going off. he got me before that. he saved my life.
4:43 pm
who knows if i would have woken up. >> carl considering that rescue favor returned. love that story. the internet has certainly changed the way some people find love and while there's been an uptick on dating sites and apps ahead of valentine's day, apparently some people are using them simply to find friends. especially at the college level. a study of 200 students found that 73 percent used the dating app tinder. now the app concurs saying half of its users are in fact college age but they aren't always tinderring, is that a verb -- to actually date. more than half say the kind of companionship they're looking for isn't romantic but platonic. some college students say let's just be honest here the definition of friend can be used loosely and it may or may not be the kind of come over and play monopoly kind of friendship they're looking for. that's if people are still playing monopoly and tinderring. just ahead valentine's day, ouch, a stay at homan man
4:44 pm
dad is calling himself dead husband walking. why? he was trying to be helpful here but then he accidentally put $1,000 worth of his wife's dry cleaning clothes in a recycling bag which his kid took out with the trash. so dad is now hanging this missing poster around the city. it says wife's dry cleaning went out with the recycling. someone picked it up other than sanitation. reward given. please contact dead husband walking. michael is desperate to get his wife's clothes basket he's even been, yeah, trash picking around time hoping to find those missing clothes. his son who thought that he was also doing a good deed by helping the dad take out the recycling is pretty crushed here. so the duo offering $200 for the missing clothes. in the meantime, dad says he knows exactly what to get his wife for valentine's day. clothes. >> a thousand dollars worth of clothes apparently. >> he's got a mess on his hands. >> good valentine's day for
4:45 pm
her. >> between a rock and a hard place. alicia thanks very much. let's get another check on the roads right now. >> all right, matt pelman not in a bad spot or are you this afternoon? it's friday at least. >> well, i'm not in a bad spot because i'm not one of these people stuck in these delays. we're not missing the delays this afternoon, that's for sure. they are out in full force brian and sharrie here along the schuylkill expressway and while we may have been born to run smoothly on the schuylkill expressway, you know it rarely happens especially with tonight's springsteen concert happening. people are going to be headed eastbound towards south philadelphia for that big concert. but in both directions those travel times are double what they ideally should be. still, i think the schuylkill is going to be a better bet than the kelly drive. there's a crash there this afternoon by fountain green. you could use the mlk drive but keep in mind the falls bridge remains shut down. second week down, seven to go on that big construction closure. have a crash in east mount airy this afternoon that is knocking out some of the traffic lights centered around anderson street at upsal street. a wreck on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound by fort
4:46 pm
washington. it's gone now but you're still looking at speeds like 22 miles per hour coming east of 476. and a where he can in springfield township along bethlehem pike has cleared but in springfield delaware county a crash to avoid along sproul road at route one state road. crash media on baltimore avenue. crossing into delaware close to dupont 141 shut down because of a new accident between children's drive and 202 the concorde pike. one more crash still out there in newark by seem man's along 896 southbound near corporate boulevard. just one lane getting by there. we'll check it again brian and sharrie, coming up in the 5 o'clock hour. >> all right, see you then my friend. thanks you. meteorologist adam joseph standing by with that frigid accuweather 7-day forecast next.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
>> ♪ >> all right. cold is the word for the
4:49 pm
weekend. >> you mean like brutal cold. >> record cold, dangerous cold. i mean, it's all those terms here as we look at double scan live radar we're also tracking snow squalls that will can come in later tonight 78 there artonight.those robust snow shor snow squalls will wait until later on tonight. wind chills right now 13 in allentown, 15 in trenton, 13 in reading. 18 in millville. so, it's basically feeling like the teens area wide and those numbers will completely crash about 24 hours from now. as we look at satellite and radar you can clearly see where the front s i mean, you're seeing some flurries and snow showers but it's this little bright band of white right here on the u.s.-canadian border. that is the arctic front and that will swing through here around midnight and thereafter and that's when we expect some of the snow squalls and snow showers that reduce visibility and will quickly coat the ground in spots, even the roadways with temperatures being between 16 and
4:50 pm
19 degrees but again, the timing is anywhere around 11 o'clock those far northwestern suburbs to around 5 o'clock philadelphia to the south and the east. after that front passes early in the morning, it is a freefall here on saturday with the temperatures. our high should come in right around 7 o'clock in the morning of 20 degrees. by 10 o'clock, dropping to 19. 1 o'clock, 17. 15 at 4 o'clock and by 7 o'clock tomorrow night, the air temperature already down to 12 degrees. and that's only one side of the story. then a wind chill advisory kicks in at 6:00 p.m. on saturday. future tracker wind chills already going below zero north and west. early on saturday morning one in philadelphia, two in millville. and even into the afternoon, they will continue to drop. two below in philadelphia, three below at the shore. 21 below up in the poconos. and then saturday night into sunday morning, that's when records will be broken across some of the area and wind chills as you can see will be below 10 degrees below zero. so, you're talking 13 below,
4:51 pm
allentown 17 below in trenton, 15 below in lakehurst and near 30 below up in the poconos and again, heading up there to ski this weekend we got to remind you on frost bite times early saturday morning and sunday, frost bite 15 minutes in the poconos and the in the delaware and lehigh valley frost bite in a matter of 30 minutes. the next storm that comes in early next week sunday arctic high pressure is in control and you can say hey this is going to be all snow. this high quickly moves away so we go from a coating to 3-inches of snow monday afternoon into early monday evening where it's snow to start. then a period of icing monday night but quickly going over to a soaking rain for most of us here by tuesday morning and tuesday and that could create some runoff issues as all that warm air comes in, the ground is solid and about an inch of rain will not seep into the ground and could collect on some of the streams and also some of the roads. so, that exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, windy with wind chills near zero if not below all day tomorrow.
4:52 pm
brutal on valentine's day with sunshine at 16. light snow breaks out monday afternoon into the evening of 33. it changes to a soaking rain by tuesday morning into the day on tuesday at 52 degrees and not bad wednesday and beyond with temperatures overall in the low 40's with sunshine and clouds. so, we have quite a bit to go through before we get that quiet period at the end of the seven-day. >> bundle up. >> yes. >> thanks, adam. >> okay. >> still ahead here on "action news," it is freebie friday. we've got the perfect idea for din are tonight and a few valentine's day deals also. >> there's a jam packed lineup for prime time tonight on abc. be my valentine charlie brown kicks things offer at 8 o'clock. after that you can watch app local company featured on shark tank at 9:00. then at 10:00 it's 20/20 with an exclusive interview with the mom of one of the columbine high school shooters of course at 11 o'clock it's "action news." >> ♪
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>> all right, it's freebie friday and we have some treats to warm your hearts and surely cold bones this weekend. amazing news it is free pizza day at the brand new blaze fast fired pizza which is celebrating its first pennsylvania location near temple university. so, to mark the grand opening at 1100 west montgomery avenue, right write down that address, blaze is offering free from scratch pizzas, personal pies for everyone until 11 o'clock tonight to anyone who follows them on instagram twitter or facebook. you got to show them a little social media love and they'll give you a nice pie. for veterans or active military wayback burgers is offering free american heros for valentine's day this sunday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. do check the location near you on that one. this is a great freebie. whether or not are you a member, sam's club is offering a free heart health screening to everyone tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at all
4:56 pm
locations with a pharmacy. this screening is valued at $150 and it includes blood pressure testing, cholesterol, glucose, bmi, vision and hearing. definitely go ahead and grab that. again, that's happening tomorrow. some fun things to do around town this long holiday weekend. the pennsylvania academy of the fine arts is offering free museum admission every sunday for the duration of procession the art of norman louis. that's going to be sloane through april 3rd so free admission through april there. pretty cool stuff and the national constitution center is offering free admission on monday for president's day and hey, brian, sharrie, there's a presidential costume contest going on as well on monday complete with prizes. so, get your george washington wigging out. >> whip out my abe lincoln gear. >> alicia thanks very much. that will do it for "action news at 4:00 for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me along with sharrie adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a
4:57 pm
full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look at what's ahead. >> coming up next, we're getting new information from chester police about an arrest after a 24-year-old delaware county woman was hit and killed earlier this week. >> also the campaign trail is getting ugly. the harsh words being traded by presidential hopefuls ahead of the next batch of primary show downs. >> and a live team coverage of the bitter cold continues for you including an update of course from accuweather. that and more next at 5:00. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> freezing cold. yeah, you got to dress warm. >> thermals, sweat jacket, this coat here, scarf and stuff like that. >> an arctic blast is gripping the delaware and lehigh valleys tonight and if you think it's freezing now, just wait. going to get even colder as the weekend goes on. friday night and the big story on "action news" is that dangerous cold that's hovering over the tri-state area. >> we have live team coverage for you tonight. chad pradelli talked to folks who braved that frigid air today. ali gorman has more on the dangers the cold weather can
5:00 pm
bring but we start with meteorologist cecily tynan. she has the first look at the accuweather forecast. >> hi, monica. it is cold but the real air mass has yet to arrive. it's 25 degrees in philadelphia right now. not much wind. but the arctic boundary that will move through tonight this is what has the real bitter air. temperatures close to 20 degrees below zero. those are air temperatures not wind chills and that's the air mass that will be settling in over the weekend. now, double scan live showing that we are seeing a few snow flurries, light snow showers near downingtown but there's more snow squalls associated with that front so as that front pulls through, not everyone will see them. they're very localized but those who do will experience we're told whiteout conditions. so, the key time for the snow squalls overnight when most of us are home sleeping between about 11 o'clock in the northwest suburbs and 5 o'clock along the coast. now, when you get one of these snow squal


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