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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 13, 2016 1:41am-2:11am EST

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ear presentanger for e home less but it can qckly set in even for weekend warrior exercising outside. doctors say that moving helps keep your bo wa but swting can increase the sk of frostbite. early signs include numbness, tingling, andkinurning red are, white or even grayish. or appearing x frostbite can set in whin ten minutes ifot dressed a appropriately. freezing temperatures combined with the broken water pipe in west philadelphia, ensed cars and ice th morning. me vehicles had to tis ozen to the ground. along the 500 block of 63rd street. authorities say that it stted wn fire dnt connection broke last night and passing cars, splashed the water to the parked cs which then froze or. it would have been a cold nightot to have w. just minutes ago peco t the light back onor the fal twoozen ctomers on walnut street in nr city. that is lwing srday's
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underground fi. the cws were wking between 21st and between the second street to pce damaged undergroundables. and you can get latest, information from accu weather on our web si x as a ul cd, gets even rse, and please, follow meteorologist melissa magee on facebook ashe pos updates throughout the entire weekend. authorities in columbus, ohio are still trying to determine the motive behind last g's cte rampage inside of a rtaurant. the suspect is now dd bu probe into why th happened is obviously very much alive. "actionews" reporter dann ellarsi from o satellite center with me, dann? >> reporter: jim, man who stormed israeli owned restaurant is identified by authorities as a salia the national. he was kwn tohe fbi but he was not der full sce investigation. listen as 911 calls ca io police. >> pulled out machete started stabbing oe.
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>> reporter: attacks began at 6:00 atazareth restaurant andell any columbus, ohio. he randomly aacked people as he s unsuspectingly atheir tables. >> i just, s him starting to hit oe, i st ran out and i kept falling. bui got away. >> people ht? >> well, woman seriously, very badly. >> reporter: witnesses say the assailant identified by authorities as mohammad bry went table to table hking at the customers. some defending themselves th chairs before he ran out. manas lar killed by pi a wiles away after tng out eing a machete and knife. investigators say mohammad barry, a somalia tnal, troubled toubai and id arab emirates in 2012. investigators trying to determine if itas linkedo terrorism. >> a individual with the the machete in the public place. the those are this tt give us concern. >> reporter: restaurant is own by this ar christian from israel. he believes his biness was targeted because the assailant
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hado in 30 minus before the attack kg about him andhere he was fm. >> i feel it, yes. io i'm o and not the case but if it is, i hope it is one time thing, you know. >> reporter: he was not working last night the because he wento with a gine headache. four peopleere injured in the aack. one chris tcally. live from the satenter i'm's dann cuellar r channel six "action news". >> thanks, dann. philadelphia police me an arrest in the, murder of e 20 year-old m juniata park. police say nd green was shot multiple tes and robbed, aftereaving the grocery store, on the 4200 blockf neilson street, january. january 27th. well, tonight the leay they have arrested 25 year-old kahif eard, four days later andharged him with murder d thef police are searching for rasheed tancemore in connection with the crim is there a $20,000 rerd for any fmation ang to his rest. bill cosby is fighting
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back ast a ruling of the montgomery county d. it s earlier is n when judge steven o'neill denied cosby's request to have sex a assault charges ast him dismissed because coy was sposedly had been offered mityy then district attorney bruce castor in 05. cosby has been charged with drugging and sexually violating andrea constand, now cosby will aeal to common pleas court ruling state superior court. septa is looking f suspects believed to be teenagers whpelted a route 60 bus with stones. it cracked four windows. e bus aroached tenth and allegheny anue in north philadelphia at 4:30. fortunate thely nobody on board was hurt. delaware state pice ha charged three christiana high school unts tonight stemming from a brawl aboard a school b. the fht got so out offhanded yesterday that the driver had to pull over on i-95. it pently started en a girl started thr cdy. and two girls age 17, and
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a 17 year-old boy have all been reased on bl. authorities expect to make more arrests. so, what was a snake doing on a septa sway platform? "action news" ot this exclusive video today of the ptile, coiled upnside a brownaper bag. thoritieselieved that somebody dumped it in e trasht the university city station, and passerby spotted the snake 30 this morning. animal control officers were called into reve the amal. the blizzard of 2016 dealt atlantic city cinos another losing hand. galing renue at tables and slotsropped more than five and a half percent st month compared to lt january. but seems gamblers who were stuck indoors took to their computers, internet betting was u more than 26 percent. and new jersey officials cut the ribbon on a w sports hiory meum nht in coinswood. several former idelphia flyers, were on hand,
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cluding bernie rt, and to cebrate the oning of the museum on haddon avenue knew. the museum ftures a fight trunks from the first ali/frazieright in 1971. also, on display jerseys worn byo ofhe biggest nas in srts. still to come on "action news" tonight, a e accident involving a manhole cover and a aer driving to rk. plus the pope is greeted li a ck star arriving in mexico tonight but it is what he d earlier in the day that is really kg history. a real ck ar returns to the ty of brotherly love, the boss is back in town and we're therei fans who were dancing in the dark, cecily. this air mass, wind chills, 30 l rightver us on nday and as the co air rreats, nr storm ll be moving in. i will have details what to expect withhat with the cu weather rast. plus allen iverson on e shorti for basketball's hall ofa e"action news", ctinues tight.
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we have breaking news out of delaware tonight w castle county police are investigating a double shooting in the area it ppened a ha an hour a this video was just in, to our news room. its the scene at the 30 block oflive street. twoen are shot a beg treatedt christiana hpital for serious injuries. thereave been no arrests. a driver was kled on a freak accident in boston today. a manhole cover went flying and crashed through her ndshield. the entarychool art acher wasn her w to work. the tse manhole covers we a 2-pound. police don't necessity how it became dislodge, how it we airborne so they are inspecting hiways to see if other coversre loe in boston. police are calling the
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deaths of two students in an arizona high school th morning a mder/suicide. investigators say they found a suicide note at the e. ey say bh 15 yr-old girlserehot on and weapon was fnd near bies. republican jim gillmore has dropped out ofhe presidential race so many people didn't know he was i the rr governor of virginia barely registered with voters. he got 12 peopleo caucus for him in wa a 133 vot in new hampshire. meanwhile muddies beg thrown in the south carolina primary cpaign. tweetrom donald trp threatens a wit against ted cruz cz quote dsn't clean up his act d st cheating. trump says cruz may not be a naturalorn citizen as required by the constitution because he was bn in na. althougho an arican mom. cruz is nning several ads at a attack trump a's
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political andusiness practices. pope francis has ld mexico city to a welcome tt reseemled ao concert. thousandsf young pp greeted the pontiff with song, lights, cheers for his five day s. meanwhilearlier d t pope met with the head of the russian orthodox uh in hn a. i was a historic aer in thefrt to he the 1,000 year problem betwn roman and russian churches. back in this ar the boss was here tonight, bruce springsteen was back at the wellsargo center. also tre "action ns" reporter jeff chirico. jeff, we assume that springsteen was able to warm up a very cold nht ieed. >> reporter: that he did m. the as withnypngsteen concert tailgatings a major par. the despite frigid temperatures and snow squals that pd through here we found a few brave souls popping up the coolers before what we're to is
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springsteen's 55th concert here in philadelphia a. >> philadelphia. >> yeah. >> reporter: jersey boy back in pnsylvania, bruce springsteen and e street nd performing before a nearo outrowd at the wells fargo center where bundled up fans had been waiting for hours to score some of the lt remaining tickets. >> twelve hours, s freezing weather. >> it is for bruce come . >> he is my ho. i said it. >> reporter: cold and snow forced most tailgating inside, while diehards ca prepared. >> you got a tent from a friend of ours at work and put side on it, we got at be how can ueat it. >> we are hard core bruce springsteen n >> we are. >> evenhough we c't talk, our mouths a frozen. >> reporter: springsteen has performed in philadelphia more than 50 times including s world tour stop athe spectrum in december of 992. these ladies firstaw the boss in concert as college
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roommates, 30 years ag >> hes just awesome. he takes you other place whenou lten to him. >> reporter: after 40 years on stage some thk t ma forpringsteen tickets has in theeen higher. ted, who has been tmore than a hundred shows tnks he knows why. >> he a old. ey are thinking how many es he have left in him. if i don't get to one so i will not make it. >> reporter: concert started at 8:00, at is 11:00 o'clock hour some fks are starting to trickle out. springsteen set a record here in philadelphia, he is only musical a to have performed atvery live music venue in pidelphia, cding the ectrum verans stadium and jfk stadium. were live from south philadelphia, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". >> but not the tow theater. thanks jeff. tonight kicked off weekend of swimming competitionst salvation army crock community center in east fallsn philadelphia a more than 600 boys and r are competing in the annualresidents day
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owdown. ewim me is an oprtunity foroung htes from southeastern, pennsylvania lare, new jersey, to ma qualifying times, for the nr yic. dozens of cats are up for adoption this wkend montgomery cnty. the pet smart in nntown kick off a one day weekend adoption ent tight. more cs are spader ntd, up to dayton vaccinations and micro chped, sofou you are looking for a t jenkintown is the placto go th weekend. >> the fur will keep you warm in your house. >> is that it. >> yes, that would be perfect. >> perfect. >> yes. youant to be sey the fire this weekend bause it will be brutal. storm aer six live double scan showing thate do ve some snow showers parts of the chester county, montgomery county, right now they are really beginning to ll apart. you c s one hding toward chadds ford right across route 41. another one near 422. another one near green lane and south of reading as ll
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and these a snow ors ahead of the actual cc fronthats rolling tough cou bring a qck coating butig deal, the cold to follow. right now, it cold but it will get colr. 23 degrees in philadelphia. twenty-one lood. twenty in allentown. twenty-two in wilmington. thirteen in the poconos. you factor in the breeze. wind chill makes it feel li 15. nine in ltown. one in the ponos. enty-one the atlantic city rport. wind chills will beumbling throughout the day torrow. satellite sixlong with action radar showing this front, did have a pretty good line of some sn us. th are beginning to fl apa as it psses to the east and encounters dryer air buthat this ll is ll down someery cold air. typically when weead through the day temperatures rise, that will be opposite tomorrow. teeratures really in a ee for all by 4:00 o'clock 15 degrees. by 7:00 o'clock, . wind will be gusting up to 45 miles anour and th sunday morng, i think a lot
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of record will be falling. philadelphia ltown trenton, mount pocono, at least tie if t t a new cord low. wilmington record low is degrees below zero. forecasting aow of tw not a record r wmgton. factoring in the wind, the wind chill the way it fes saturday at 10:00 o'clock wind chills in the single digits to below zero allentown and reading. seventeenewn t poconos. as we head through the day and wind start gusting by 7:00 o'clock that wind chill advisory is in effect. nd chis bew zero. poconos 26 bel zero. sunday morning this is wn the coldest air is rit over us. wind chills bottom out at five to 25 degrees, below zero sunday moi. great morningo just go ahead and slp in. th as head in the day sunday wind will actually diminish by the aernoon with this arctic high right er us. this high pressure e't stick around lg. it moves out on monday. at this doess alw the orm system to ri up from
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e southwest ey good agreement on the track of th storm. it willake a slight ld track. what thateans it will pu in warm air but it will start outs snow. coat to go about 3 inches monday afternoon into monday evening. a period of icing at night before it changing over to a soaking rain tuesday. could get one to 2 inches of rain. prlem is the ground will be frozen, run o issues cld cause localized flooding. the exclusive cu wther seven day fecast, 19 t high early temperatures falling, valentines y, cuddle up gh of . rerd win the mning. monday bump it up to 33 degrees. snow showers ring in the afternoon and ening. the icing moay nht and all rain on tsday hvy rain, look at that high up to 52 degrees and then wednesday thursday fday temperatures hovering around 40egrees and our atr will settleown and, of course, meteorologist melissa magee a chris sowers will track that winter o and frigid air rghout the
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wend, stay r >> thanks, cecily. it wases a night of wint n at the garden state scoveryuseum in cherry hill. girls dressed up their favorite disney princess for the museum's second annual frosty l they ok part in crafts, games, got t them each a favorite disney acters. it was ice cam sday and hot chocolate. people with special need got a ae to experience prom tonight in center city. at the church tebow uation ho ee event for 200 people. it happenedt ue tree hotel on south broad street. as part of the night to shine there was dinner, dancing and each person w crowdi or queen of e prom.
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in c bruce springsteen wast the tower theater in 1975he last night of the born to run tour, de know, got i thank y for your help. let'soo sports. >> i s not there. >> the answer, ai, aln iverson has had many nicknames. very well may be able to be
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called a hall of famer. iverson has be named one of 14 finalist in the basketball hall of fe. iverson was an 11 ti all-star rookie of t year d league p elass 2016 will be announced april 4th. excuse me. ifelect, iverson will be induct in pmber in springfield ma. allen, congratulations on the nomination. we may be seeing y later this mr, you never o >> later where? >> springfield. >> o, i hope so. >> oh, boy. >> sixers forward hl okafor kg part in the challenge. rlens necessity heill sits. theh is ofor's kind of me, all offense no dense. u.s. be the world 167-154. flyers have hu end ahead. tomorrow they host dils, sunday visiting rgers. they we k how ofn do they check those standings. >> if you winou lk.
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if you lose, you don't lo. >> i pretty ch look every two hrs. there is soany teams close to at wi card, you know, i st stay top it. >> every game is a must win for forhis season. weave to ma sure at we play good hockey. if we play good hockey we wl win the ge. >> so the eagles, well, sll to come, we will he more on the eagles. doug peter >> important message for women and men ages 50 to 85. please write down this toll-free number now. right now, in areas like yours, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you're on a fixed income or concerned about rising prices, learn about affordable whole life insurance with a lifetime rate lock that guarantees your rate can never increase for any reason. if you did not receive
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your information or if you misplaced it call this number now and we'll rush it to you. your acceptance is guaranteed, with no health questions. please stand by to learn more. >> i'm alex trebek and the announcement you just heard is for a popular and affordable life insurance plan with a rate lock guarantee. that means your rate is locked in for life and can never increase. did you get your free information kit in the mail? if not, please call this toll-free number now. in the last month alone, thousands have called about this plan with the rate lock guarantee through the colonial penn program, and here's why. this plan is affordable, with coverage options for just $9.95 a month. that's less than 35 cents a day. your rate is locked in and can never go up, and your acceptance is guaranteed. you cannot be turned down because of your health. see how much coverage you can get for just $9.95 a month. call now for your free information kit.
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don't wait, call today. ♪
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well, what should we make of darco muay after his bust ofhfirst an with e eagles. jeff skversky asked dg pederson about eectations about his running back. >> well, you know, i he eve confidence that he can be back to that elero bowl level he was a w years ago. >> do youhink demarco murray will be on the philadelphia a gles in 2016. >> would i hope so, i ay uld. he is a big part of the organization againrief nversations that we have had, he has sa that he want to be he and les to be part of the pladelphia el. >> the phillies loaded up an 18 wheeler today and sent it south to clearwater. its a thousand mile trip through eight states, 2400 baseballs on th truck, 1200 bats, 450 pairs of socks, 125 belts, and, one nic t dog uher. onether note penn lo toes columbia 63-53. jimmyimmel live next on channel six followed byit
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line. "action news"ontinues at 5:30. forecily tynan ducis rodgers andhe eire "action news" team, i'm jim gdner and a great weekend. >> ♪♪
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hey, who wants to do something fun? i do! me! great. we're gonna go to my dad's house and help him find his glasses. i thought if i said it in a happy tone, you'd be excited. did not work. ellie, are you okay? you seem wiped out. i was book mom at stan's class yesterday so i had to get up at 8:00 a.m. what am i, a coal miner? and it's flu season. most of those little brats were snotty, whiny messes. you... didn't catch anything, did you? what's the big deal? ellie is crazy when she's sick. remember the great stomach virus of '09, when she burned down the shed? or the time she got strep throat and served me with divorce papers? i called it off. i had to pay 2 grand in legal fees! i feel okay. she's warm. just more for us.


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