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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  February 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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you it is 6:00 o'clock on this saturday february 13th. here are the stories we are following on "action news" this morning. baby, it is cold outside. we're talking really cold. temperatures will plumet to dangerous levels this weekend. a pennsylvania state trooper is off the job this morning and facing charges for allegedly kicking a man while he was handcuffed. plus the boss, rocking the house in south philadelphia, last night. we will get to those stories in a bit but first meteorologist chris sowers joins us with a look at the accu weather forecast. we're not just talking cold but dangerously cold. >> dangerously cold, that is correct some era yas could see wind chills of 30 below zero overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. it is not going to be quite that cold yet. we have arctic front pushing through. actual air temperatures are still in the 20's but those numbers will be dropping throughout the day and the wind will be increasing. therefore the wind chills will tank. they will drop below zero to
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mid and late afternoon hours. right now 20 degrees is the number for reading and allentown. twenty-two for philadelphia millville 22. dover, 23 degrees. not too bad down there considering how cold it will get over next 48 hours. five below with the wind. that is what it feels like in the poconos. seven in allentown. seven in philadelphia and wilmington. 9 degrees right the now in dover. this is the air mass we are tapping into. it is already 22 degrees below zero in buffalo. thirteen below in pittsburgh. 11 degrees in binghamton, new york. do you think that is cold? just to the north, or anywhere from 35 to 57 degrees below zero right now with the win. look at timm ins in southern, canada. 57 degrees below. this air mass is dropping in the lower 48. it will not get that cold here but still plenty cold enough. your day planner looks like this by 9:00, 19 degrees. by 11:00, 19. the number is holding steady. during late afternoon hours we will pull back. 17 degrees by 3:00 o'clock and
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14 degrees by 5:00 o'clock. when i come back in a few minutes we will talk about the dangerously cold wind chills tonight and possibility for accumulating snow on monday, gray. >> chris, thanks very much. officials are taking extra precaution toss get people out of the bitter cold this weekend. code blue is in effect in philadelphia and other parts of the the area. delaware has declared a code purple, anyone without a place to stay can head to warming centers. meantime those working outside are bracing for what is to come. >> i'm a college student just trying to get a little bit of extra money on the side. i will be out here. i will stay warm. my hand warmers ready. i'm ready to go. >> park half block from the opposite direction. >> reporter: stay warm out there. dangerous cold is keeping triple a crews quite busy. one worker tells us he has made several calls for dead batteries and frozen fuel. cars were encased in ice, look at this after water pipe broke in west philadelphia. some of the cars, had tires,
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frozen to the ground here on the 500 block of 63rd street. this all started when a fire hydrant connection broke thursday night, splashing water on those parked cars which then froze over. you can keep track of the brutally cold temperatures anytime from accu weather on our web site at six follow our meteorologists as they post updates throughout the weekend. your time 6:03. just waking up, this morning police are looking for suspects who are believed to be teenagers who threw rocks at a septa bus and broke some windows this happened around route 60 bus near tenth and allegheny avenue in north philadelphia yesterday afternoon. septa police say four windows were crack, no passengers were hurt. a fight on the school bus in delaware led to charges against several high school students. three christiana high school students have been charged in connection with the violence that happened on the bus thursday. things got so out offhanded that driver pulled over right on i-95.
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we are told this started when a girl started to throw some candy. police say more arrests are possible. a philadelphia lawyer is charged in maryland with drug trafficking. federal indictment accused six three-year old jay michael ferrell of taking part in the drug dealing organization that racked up almost 15 million-dollar in marijuana sales. the indictment claims that he conduct financial transactions, for that drug ring. police say they found drugs in the suspect's home that an attorney has pleaded not guilty. pennsylvania state trooper ryan luckball faces several misdemeanors. skateboarder chris sinnick says the trooper kick him in the face in harrisburg while handcuffed. sinnick was detained for spitting and throwing something at the trooper's cruiser. a new report does not back that up. harrisburg police reported that he called his kick over the line. >> i will agree with that completely and i'm glad that they spoke out against it. >> he is suspended, without
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pay, and could be removed from the job if misdemeanors are proven. the his partner who he said witnessed the kicking is off the force for undisclosed reasons. today there is a large search scheduled for a missing air man stationed at dover air force base, kieffer huhman was last seen at his apartment complex, on christie court on dover on sunday. family and friend plan to search the area near chesapeake and delaware canal today where his truck was found earlier this week. dover police are processing that truck for evidence. the a air force and delaware state police are also helping with this search. well, we have learned that a classes will resume on monday, at ursinus college after 200 people got sick. the school now says that there are a 192 people who suffered from a stomach bug this week. students started to get sick on tuesday. as a result of this out break, school had to cancel some classes. crews will spend this weekend, cleaning, sanitizing and
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disinfecting. your time 6:05. the boss heated things up on a very cold friday night in philadelphia a. the bruce springsteen and e street band performed before a pack crowd at the wells fargo center. "action news" reporter jeff chirico checked things out. >> philadelphia. >> reporter: jersey boy back in pennsylvania, bruce springsteen and e street band performing before a near sold out crowd at the wells fargo center where earlier bundled up fans had been waiting for hours to score some of the last remaining tickets. >> twelve hours in sub freezing weather. >> it is for bruce, come on, bruce. >> he is like my hero. >> the cold, snow forced most tailgating inside, while diehards came prepared. >> we have a tent from a friend of ours at work and put sides on it, the heat, beer, how can you beat it. >> we are hard core bruce springsteen fans. >> we are. >> you know we can't talk our mouths are frozen.
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>> ♪ >> reporter: springsteen has performed in philadelphia more than 50 times, including his world tour stop at the spectrum in december of 1992. these ladies first saw the boss in concert as college roommates 30 years ago. >> he is just awesome, you know, he takes you you to another place when you listen to him. >> reporter: after more than 40 years on stage some say demand for springsteen tickets hasn't been higher. ted who has been to more than a hundred shows thinks he knows why. >> he is 66. they are thinking how many does he have left with him. if i don't get to one soon i will not make it. >> reporter: bruce stein has set record, only musical artist to perform in every live music venue in the city including veterans stadium, spectrum and jfk stadium. the boss definitely in charge here in philadelphia a. in south philadelphia, jeff chirico for channel six a "action news". all right, got to love the boss. still much more to come on "action news" for this saturday morning, love that keeps on going, and going, and
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going, couples married for decade renewed their vows for valentines. plus this weekend people in parts of the midwest are digging out from beneath several feet of snow, chris? only good news in the forecast this morning, we're not digging out the from several feet of snow but coldest air of the season is all the way here, arctic blast in the process of pushing through now, dangerous wind chills tonight, snow for monday, details in the seven day forecast when we come right back.
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glad you are with us, 6:10 on a sat take morning. snow is piled higher then front doors in parts of the wisconsin. more than 3 feet have snow has fallen just this week loan. wind gusts are causing snowdrifts. many people living in the area hearty snow loving folks, we're told, 6 feet the of lake effect snow brings more people into towns and that is good news for business there in the area. you would have to be a hearty snow lover at the that point. >> yes, of course good we're talking dangerous cold, gray over next couple hours. lets get you outside and show you view as we look live in chester over commodore barry bridge. really nice looking morning. the beautiful sunrise. the blustery though. the it is turning very cold. arctic air starts to pour in. that front is pushing through right now and the temperatures will be decreasing as the day wears on. double scan live is clear. we were worried about a couple snow squals first thing this morning and for the most part the front is actually coming through dry. we have a couple of snow showers, up in the lehigh
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valley, there is allentown and easton right there. couple snow showers racing off to the south east but we're not seeing the squals. that is good news. the those squals produce blinding snow at times with snowfall rates up to one to 2 inches an hour. driving down the road everything is fine, next minute you cannot see a thing. we are in the seeing that this morning. the it is cold enough. 22 degrees in philadelphia wind picking up out of the west northwest at 18 miles an hour. we have a wind chill of seven. that is warmest wind chill number we will see over next 24 to 36 hours as numbers really start to crashing overnight. wind chill advisory from 6:00 o'clock this evening right through 9:00 sunday morning for areas in blue. the it is a warning for poconos where wind chill readings will range from 20 to 30 below, and overnight tonight, only 10 degrees in the mountains. twenty in allentown. twenty-two in philadelphia. twenty in trenton. wilmington 20. reading showing 20. when you factor in the wind it feels like three in reading. one in lancaster. eight below in the poconos.
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seven in philadelphia. nine in millville. 9 degrees in trenton. satellite six with action radar we will keep it the quiet for the most part. we could have a brief snow shower later this afternoon but is there not too much going on. the just a little bit of cloud cover throughout the mid-atlantic. this is the big story here. future tracker wind chills later this afternoon up 22 below in the poconos. heading up there this week toned do skiing you need to bundle up. do not leave any skin exposed as frostbite can occur with temperatures this coal. the these are wind chills again. six below in allentown. one in philadelphia one in millville. watch what happens overnight tonight as temperatures drop off, and the wind remain, at a very strong speed, we will see those wind chill values dropping from ten to 20 below zero throughout the area and close to 30 below in the poconos. the it the is important that you know the signs. understand the signs of frostbite here. we will start to pick up tingling or numbness in your extremities, and that means frostbite is getting ready to
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occur. or your skin turns pale. a couple football games when you look at the coach on the side line and his cheeks is turning white that is a sense of the frostbite. when you feel numbness or skin turning color you need to head indoors as frostbite with these temperatures can occur in 20 or 30 minutes later today, overnight the tonight and tomorrow morning. here's future tracker six. sun and cloud today. maybe a snow shower possible this evening. otherwise, partly cloudy tonight. sunday for the most part looks rather quiet. the mostly sunny conditions. just cold with high temperatures topping out in the the teens. that takes us into monday. the this is where things get interesting. the air is certainly cold enough. it will be dangerously cold tonight. so in the next system moves in here on monday it will start out the in the form of snow. snow for just about everybody but milder air will be racing from the south so as we progress along throughout the afternoon that snow, then changes over to rain, monday night into tuesday. right now there are indications we could see flooding downpours, tuesday afternoon. we will see, overnight lows,
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tonight, to 2 degrees below zero, maybe 3 degrees in center city to 53 degrees by tuesday a afternoon. huge jump in temperatures. for today cold, bitter wind chills. fifteen in allentown. twenty in philadelphia and falling. twenty-three in millville. twenty-four in cape may. and then overnight tonight partly cloudy, maybe a flurry around two below zero in allentown, one below in reading. four for philadelphia, four in millville. 2 degrees in trenton and 5 degrees for wilmington. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, zero today and falling. the tomorrow will in the feel as harsh. we will lose that wind. 36 degrees monday, cloud which snow during the afternoon. that snow changes over to rain, monday night the in to tuesday, and then period of rain for tuesday, we're up to a whooping 53 degrees. there could be flooding issues tuesday afternoon. then wednesday, thursday, friday all appear to be quiet at this point, gray. forty-six for wednesday. forty for thursday. and 45 for friday. it was funny when we first got here, if you missed out on the
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polar vortex. the it has arrived. >> thank you. is that free. >> that is free of charge. >> thank you. >> time is 6:16. it was a night of wintry fun at garden state discovery museum in cherry hill, new jersey. girls dressed up as their favorite disney princess for the museum's second annual frosty ball. the those who came out participated in crafts, games, and got to meet their favorite disney characters. the there was also a dessert bar complete with ice cream. and of course, hot chocolate. all right.
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so stay with us, now 6:19. tomorrow, of course, is valentines day but yesterday philadelphia a city hall was filled with love, as couples tied the knot. >> we pronounce you husband and wife. >> yeah. >> okay. congratulations, 50 couples exchanged wedding vows at the 15th annual valentines day wedding extravagance a ceremonies were conduct by several city judges. valentines day considered mess romantic day of the year, although, tomorrow love was in the air in cherry hill, yesterday. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic was there and has a story of eight love stories that have stood the test of time. >> i renew my commitment. >> reporter: chuck kahn did the honor as eight senior citizens couples renewed their marriage vows at spring hills assisted living community in cherry hill. >> as long as you both shall
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live. >> i do. >> reporter: clutching hand and small bouquets the couples recited vows most of them took over 60 years ago. >> it is sort of romantic. sort of gives you another commitment. >> reporter: does it feel like 62 years. >> longer. >> you have to learn to smile, and don't be very boss i. >> reporter: this couple has been married 63 years and tying the knot again. >> nice touch to a marriage, and makes awe appreciate each other more right. >> reporter: carol and maurice karen have been married 60 years. her secret to staying together. >> only thing i tell anyone who asks me is always say yes, yes, dear, whatever you say dear and then you turnaround and do what you want. >> reporter: these husbands and wife's may be affirmed, their hair is gray oregon all together but their bond of marriage have never been stronger. >> these are beautiful. i'm very fortunate to have him.
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>> reporter: arthur seltzer was on omaha beach during d-day in world war two, he survived that, 67 years of marriage and and his sense of humor survived too. >> i promised her father when i asked for her hand in marriage and he said take the whole body, that i definitely would take excellent care of her and i think i have. >> the couple posed for pictures, took a short turn on the dance floor as they stood, this was a moment to rejoyce in relationships that have stood the test of time, producing children, grand and great grandchildren, fulfilling that vow, as long as we both shall live n cherry hill i'm nora muchanic for channel six "action news". >> great stories there. high school senior went all out for valentines day to make sure every girl in the school received a flower. she stayed for a year and a half to buy 900 carnations, sweet gesture has been years in the making and middle school godfrey noticed some girls didn't receive anything, and says he was heart broken by this.
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his mom said he is a sensitive soul and wanted every girl to feel joy. if you are wondering godfrey does, indeed, have a girl friend.
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6:24. saturday morning. wind chills across lower 48, biting cold to the north, and 13 below in chicago, five below in bismarck. traveling across the northern tear states you will need to dress warmly and pack warmly. it the is chill a cross gulf coast, feels like 52 in new orleans, 50 in jacksonville and mid 50's in orlando. traveling to the south, it is rather chilly for southern standard, as well down there. and temperatures later this afternoon they are actually going to fall throughout the day. we will plateau at 19 or 20 degrees early and then
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numbers pull back throughout the afternoon. 17 degrees by four. by 6:00 o'clock 14 degrees. 8:00 o'clock 12. later this evening we will drop down to the single digits. overnight tonight is when cold air arrives, wind will range from 20 to 30 miles an hour. again, within this time frame that is where we're expecting our low wind chills, dangerous wind chills. north western suburbs, wind chill value anywhere from 20 to 25 below. i-95 corridor 15 to 20 below. the central delaware and southern new jersey anywhere from ten to 15 degrees below zero, gray? >> chris, thanks very much. it is 6:25. honors for sixers legend and big night for sixers rookie, here's ducis rodgers with a look at sports. >> good morning. the the answer, ai, allen iverson, has many nicknames but later this summer you very well likely will be calling him a hall of famer. iverson has been named within of the 14 finalist for naysmith ward basketball hall
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of fame. he was an 11 time all-star, rookie of the yearing a league mvp. class of 2016 will be announced april 4th. if elect, iverson will be induct in september, in springfield, massachusetts. congratulations on the nomination, and we may be seeing you later this summer, you never know. >> maybe, where? >> springfield. >> o, i hope so. >> oh, boy. sixers forward jahlil okafor took part in the rising stars challenge game. nerlens noel sat with knee tendonitis. okafor's kind of of game, all offense little regard to defense. he scored 13 points, you had verse world, u.s. wins, 157-154. flyers are six points out, they have a huge weekend, today they host devils. tomorrow they will visit new york rangers. flyers will have ratco godas,
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he avoided suspension despite this hit on the defenseman. they are two to seven points back the last two weeks. players were asked how often they check the standings. >> if you win, you look. you if you lose, you don't. >> i pretty much, every two hours. you know, there is so many teams close to that wild card spot, i have to stay on top of it. >> every game is a must win for us for the season, but we just got to make sure we play good hockey. if we play good hockey, we will win the game. >> phillies loaded up an 18 wheeler yesterday and sent it on its way south to clearwater. they report for spring training on wednesday. it is a thousand mile trip through eight states and listen to this list of items. twenty-four hundred baseball, 1200 bats, 125 belts, and one, just one, fanatic hot dog launcher. be careful of that thing, very important. that is sports this morning.
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i'm ducis rodgers. you have yourself a terrific weekend. a deep freeze grips the
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delaware valley putting the cities homeless population in danger. delaware state police are investigating a shooting that sent two men to the hospital. plus a police officer in
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georgia who was shot and killed in the line of duty, it is honored by a local fire department. meteorologist chris sowers is here with the accu weather forecast and you do not have good news this morning, do you. >> well, good news this cold isn't going to last really long but bad news is it is really, really cold. there is a look at the sky six down in cape may. you can see snow on the sand. we had a couple snow showers pulling through during overnight hours. that was the front, arctic front and boundary slipping through. you can see a little bit of steam coming off the ocean that is similar to how lake effect snow getting. we will get cold air running overtop of the relatively mild body of water, you will get steam and then tower and clouds and then eventually the snow. we don't have to worry about that here but that is what they deal with this time of the the year across great lakes states. we have a couple of snow showers north and west of the city this morning. the is there quakertown, green lane, easton anal even continue on light snow shower
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activity drifting off to the south east at the 15 miles an hour. cold air, pouring in behind it, 15 degrees in fleet wood, it is 18 in quakertown, 10 degrees in tannersville, 16 in coatsville, 19 in saint david, and then south and east temperatures in the low 20's. eleven is the number for everybody. twenty-three in woodbine. twenty-six is in sea isle city. colder north and west, one below in buffalo. six in pittsburgh. six in binghamton, that air driving down to the south east. temperatures will in the climb that much. maybe 20 degrees over next couple of hours and then numbers tail off. by 3:00 o'clock 17. by 5:00 o'clock 14. high of 20. wind chill values all day ranging from 5 degrees above zero to anywhere from five to 10 degrees below zero, gray? >> okay chris, thanks for the update. >> your time 6:31. temperatures are dropping to dangerous levels as you heard chris just talk b heading outside this weekend you will need to wear layers and because of this dangerous cold
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warming shelters opening up across the delaware valley to help the homeless at risk in these extreme conditions. "action news" reporter chad pradelli found out that cars don't fair too well in the temperatures either. >> park a half block from the opposite direction. >> reporter: triple a crews have been busy. kim posepanco lost power to her car but bill jolean was quick on the scene. he had has responded to several calls for dead batteries and even frozen fuel. >> what do you think it? is. >> i don't know yet. >> i totally lost power, thank god for triple a, so i'm not stranded for quite a while. >> reporter: this is just a start of the the arctic blast that could break records. valets and others who work outside are bracing, for the brutal cold to come. >> i'm a college student just trying to get a little bit of extra money on the sued so i will be out here. i will stay warm. the hand warmers ready. i'm ready to go. >> reporter: city issued a code blue triggering outreach
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to the home less like kenney thomas. where will you go this weekend. >> i will be sleeping at the mission on south street. >> reporter: she had a dead bat theory in the even, 150 bucks and she was back on the road. she's relieved her misfortune happened tonight and not this weekend. >> another happy member. >> i'm's in the getting my car towed tonight so it is all good. >> reporter: cold weather will get down right dangerous this weekend. so some tips for you. make sure you turn on your faucets, keep it a drill but cost you a penny but prevent your pipes from freezing. the remember the animals. bring your pets in if you see neighbors not doing it, let authorities know. in logan square, chad pradelli for channel six "action news". of course, plumetting temperatures make it very dangerous for the homeless. the frostbite can quickly set in, even for those who like to exercise outside. doctors say moving helps keep your body warm, but, sweating can increase your risk of frostbite. early signs including
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numbness, tingling and skin turning red, white or gray or appearing waxy. doctors say frostbite can set in ten minutes if not dress add pope eighthly. keep track of the brutally cold temperatures anytime from accu weather on our web site at six also follow our meteorologist as they post updates throughout the weekend. police in delaware are investigating what led to a double shooting, someone shot two men, at about 10:30 last night on the 300 block of clive street in bell vet dear. crews rush victim to the hospital with serious injuries. police have have not made any arrests. a fire department in south jersey paying tribute to a georgia police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. the lawnside fire company put up, black bunting outside of its building in camden county, in honor of major greg barney. the flag is also, lowered to half staff, barney work here as a volunteer fire fighter for 17 years, and he was shot and killed while helping
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police survey warrant thursday near atlanta a the suspect was also shot and is expected to survive. from our delaware news room this morning the widow of the man who killed his former daughter in law, and another woman at the new castle county courthouse has been sentenced to life, in prison. sixty-nine year-old lenore matusiewicz learned her faith the faith while lying in the hospital bed. her son said she only has three to six months to live. the matusiewicz, her son and daughter were all convicted of conspiracy and cyber stalking in the the 2013 death of christine bellford, and david matusiewicz and his sister will be sentenced next week. 6:35 is your time. if you are just waking up with us, bill cosby is trying to get his sex assault case thrown out of court. the cosby's lawyers filed an appeal with the state superior court yesterday. earlier this month judge denied cosby's request to have sex assault charges against him dismissed. comedian claimed to have been offered immunity by then district attorney bruce castor, in 2005, and cosby is charged with drugging and
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sexually violating andrea constand. last month's blizzard may have dealt atlantic city casinos a financial blow. gambling revenues at tables and slots dropped more than five and a half percent last month. but it seems gamblers that were stuck indoors spent a whole lot of time at their computers. internet betting was up more than 26 percent. the six republican presidential candidates, they will square off tonight in a debate. it is happening in south carolina a week ahead of that state's primary. donald trump, ted cruz, john kasich, marco rubio, jeb bush and doctor ben carson will all face tough questions. they are courting the state's 23rd evangelical voters, a corner stone for conservatives. nevada caucus us are also next saturday. democrat hillary clinton and bernie sanders spoke at a labor convention in minnesota but they are focused on winning key black vote in south carolina and also in
6:37 am
nevada. african americans make up half of the democratic tourists in south carolina black vote can be a deciding fact or in super tuesday race necessary two weeks. in minnesota clinton and sanders painted them self as allies to president obama and taughted their civil rights record. six flags great adventure in jackson ocean county will host a job fair and entertainment auditions. 4,000 employees are needed for the upcoming season which kicks off in just six weeks. if you are interested, you can go to the park's employment center this saturday, the job fair will be held from 10:00 to 4:00. auditions will be held at two. make sure you fill out an on line application. web site is www six flags so do that before you head out. thousands of people packed into the wells fargo center last night, to see the boss. >> ♪ the the.
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>> bruce springsteen and e street band, they brought the river tour to south philadelphia, exciting times there, this is 12th time the band has performed at the wells fargo center. he did 42 concerts over the years at the spectrum as well. people travel near and far to see springsteen perform his hits, live and in person. cool times there. >> there is now, a 6:38. still much more to come on "action news" this saturday morning. pope francis, makes history by meeting with the head of the russian orthodox church. plus they are back on the runway but modeling business, it is not as they left it. we will have a preview of zoolander two. meteorologist chris sowers will have exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, "action news" this sat the day morning continues in a moment.
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police are calling the death of two students at an arizona high school yesterday a murder/suicide. investigators say they found a suicide note at that scene. they say both, 15 year-old girls were shot once and weapon was found near the bodies. it has been nearly 17 years since shooting at columbine high school, mother of one of the gunman spoke out for the first time exclusively on 2020. dylann klee bold and eric harris opened fire at that school april 20th, 1999, killing 12 students and a teacher before killing themselves. the last night abc's dianne sawyer spoke to sue claybold
6:42 am
who did not know anything was wrong with her son before this attack. she also says that she thinks about the victims and their families every single day. >> all of these kids, and the teacher... and i keep thinking constantly about how i would feel if it were the other way around and one of their children had shot mine. i would feel exactly the way they did. i know i would. >> sue kleebold's memoirs, entitled mothers reckoning living in the aftermath of tragedy, she is donating all of her profits to research and charitable foundations where the focus is on mental health issues. it is 6:42 this morning. pope francis is in mexico where he will meet with mexican leaders and foreign ambassadors before celebrating mass. pontiff landed in mexico city to a welcome that resembled a rock concert. look at this, thousands office faithful greeted the pope, to
6:43 am
song, lights and huge cheers. holy father met a ahead of the russian orthodox church in havana, cuba this was a historic meeting because pope has not met with the head of the russian orthodox church in a thousand years. wow. and extremely cool here. >> yes. >> that is down right cold. >> yes. >> lets go outside and showing you what is going on. good news is we were dealing with the polar vortex this same time last year but here's got news last year that polar vortex stuck around for two weeks. this time around it is sticking around maybe two or three days. so it is going to be short lived. next system we are watching will be snow changing over to rain, as milder air floods the region monday night into tuesday. but it is cold out there right now. is there a live sky six shot looking at camden waterfront and a couple cloud. double scan live is clear for the most part but we have a couple of brief snow showers right now pushing through, bucks and upper montgomery counties, green lane, you can
6:44 am
see light snow, and quakertown and in this band here it is pushing off into central, new jersey and hunter ton county moving away from the delaware valley. one or two areas could see a brief snow shower, otherwise, mainly sunny this afternoon with a few clouds, isolated snow shower or flurry and very cold. 22 degrees in philadelphia at this hour. dew .8. wind picking up sustained out of the west northwest 18 miles an hour giving us a wind chill of seven but some gusts are a little bit higher. we have been on free fall all week long. monday not too bad 44 degrees and then temperatures tailed off. tuesday and wednesday mid 30's. the thursday, 28 degrees. and then yesterday a very chilly high of 26. today we will be luck if i we hit 18 or 19 for the high. then you factor in these gusts and it will feel like 5 degrees above zero to five or ten below throughout the day. these are current gusts, 31 in trenton. twenty-six in philadelphia 24 in millville. we have a wind advisory in effect today and they be a
6:45 am
wind chill advisory overnight tonight as these wind chills numbers will feel balmy this morning compared to what is on the table this same time tomorrow morning. it is seven below in the poconos. seven in allentown. seven in philadelphia the feels like nine in millville. 9 degrees in trenton. satellite six with action radar, if you follow the direction of the clouds, that is the way that cold air is kind of pouring in, to the mid-atlantic and northeast. it is dropping straight from can inadequacies, moves in tonight, gets out of here by the time we get the in to monday. the is there the arctic boundary right there, that colder air just continues to, leave into the delaware and lehigh valleys. same set up for sunday. but as we get into monday this retreats in the form of the warm front. by tuesday afternoon believe it or not some areas could be as warm as 53, 54, 55 degrees across the interior sections of south jersey and delaware. in some cases we are going to see more than a 50-degree jump in temperatures from tomorrow morning to tuesday afternoon. and this future tracker six wind chills later on raising from five above to five below,
6:46 am
we will get in the evening hours and it gets colder, and then overnight tonight the in to tomorrow morning this is what it will feel like, in your neighborhood. ten below in philadelphia, 17 below in reading, 32 degrees below zero in the poconos and 14 below, in trenton. so, quick look at your frostbite times, up in the poconos, higher elevations maybe want to do some skiing this weekend it is important to cover up, cover extremities, frostbite may occur in 15 minutes to the exposed skin. it is better for lehigh and delaware valleys but not much, 30 minutes for glassboro in philadelphia, or pottstown, so bitter cold out there today. 20 degrees and falling, very cold, wind from the northwest 25 to 35 miles an hour and then dangerously cold overnight tonight, minus two across the outlying suburbs, places like reading and allentown. 4 degrees in center city. wind chill ranging from ten to 20 degrees below zero. exclusive seven day forecast, sunny, frigid for tomorrow, 17 , snow developing in the
6:47 am
afternoon, 36, that snow changes over to period of heavy rain for tuesday, with a high of 53 degrees, could be some flooding issues tuesday afternoon and then wednesday, thursday, friday at this point all look nice and quiet and somewhat mild with high temperatures in the low to mid 40's. >> what if you go outside with the win. >> it is important, you can go outside in weather like this but you have to dress warmly and cover the exposed skin. >> good information there. >> thanks, sir. >> 6:47. ray gay concert in center city supported a good cause. >> ♪ >> makes you want to dance, right. bob marley inspired event was held at hard rock cafe on the 1100 block of market street. 5 percent of all merchandise sales benefit the city of hope which researchers and treats life threatening diseases. the we're back after this.
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stay with us on this saturday morning just about 6:50. if you are a harry potter fan
6:50 am
and found yourself jonessing for more stories, the dreams are about to come true. harry potter part eight will be released this summer, how about that but not a traditional book, it is a hard back version of the script book for two part play. harry potter and the cursed child. the play opens up july 30th in london, that play is co written by jk rowling, her first harry potter publication in eight years. between will valentines day, tomorrow and presidents damon a lot of people will be heading to the movie theaters. there are three new films that is set to provide action comedy and even high fashion. the here's matt o'donnell with a preview. >> latest mutant super hero film hits theater this weekend, ryan reynold returns as dead will pool. >> surprise, this is different kind of super hero story. >> film tells the story of the former special forces operative who turned mercenary wade wilson. 's adopted dead pool after being subjected to the experiment that left him with accelerated healing powers.
6:51 am
armed with his new built and dark twisted sense of humor, deadpool hunts down the man nearly destroyed his life. >> in one is getting hurt. >> surprise, that guy was up here before we got here. >> reporter: how to be single is a romantic comedy based on the novel with the same name. >> let me teach you how to be single. >> new york city is full of lonely hearts, seeking the right match, here the love connection, a hook up or something in the middle will. and somewhere in between, six friend try to figure out how to be sing until a world filled with every involving definitions of love. >> no, no, oh, no. >> you have to start it. >> reporter: ben stiller and owen wilson are back in zoolander two. >> world of high fashion. >> we're back. >> yeah. >> it is ten years later and derek and others have found their lives changed drastically and in longer relevant in the world of fashion. they fine themselves on a mission to stop a conspiracy
6:52 am
to kill all of the world's most beautiful people. that is what is new at the box office for channel six "action news" i'm matt o'donnell. dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming,
6:53 am
because i'm living it. but i always tell people - saving's not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question about saving, ask me. sincerely, alex payne. fellow dad and fellow citizen.
6:54 am
sincerely, alex payne. 6:54 saturday morning dangerously cold wind chills arrive tonight after midnight into sunday morning. you can see numbers here 20 to 30 degrees below zero with the wind for poconos, 15 to 20 degrees below zero in the light lavender color here which takes up most of the viewing area. then ten to 15 degrees below zero in south jersey and delaware. important to bundle up outdoors tonight. cover all of the extremities. wear gloves, maybe some ear muffs, hat, scarves, keep yourself warm and dress in layers. if you are out tonight into tomorrow morning. then we have a huge change in the pattern. right now we're seeing the jet
6:55 am
stream carved out like this with le pressure here and thinks all cold. by the time we get into tuesday that cold air, pushes out the to sea and jet stream suddenly looks like this, where we get very mild weather up and down eastern seaboard and 50's return. we are dropping down in the low single digits tonight and then 50's for highs, by the time we get into tuesday. gray? >> okay chris, thanks very much. time is 6:55. if you have a little will girl who wants a doll house but can't see paying hundreds of dollars for something that will only be used for about a year, designers at live well network show knock it off have a do it yourself project that will only cost you 50 bucks. >> a child's custom doll house can cost two to $600 and then, guess what when your kid outgrow is it you are out a bunch of cash. why not try this diy doll house project guarantied to grow with your little one and
6:56 am
cost less than 50 bucks. >> we're going to use this as our doll house, okay. >> these will be individual rooms but as your girls grow up this can transform into storage. >> this doll house could not be any easier to put it together. we will mound it to the wall. we want it raised to sit above the trim, so it is night and flush. >> we have scrap book paper that coordinate with our colors. we will use these as the wallpaper for our room. so each square we have a different scrap book paper. cut it to size and spraying the back and attaching it to the wall. now we're creating a really simple roof lining. it is not permanent. it has fun colors and patterns. we are adding fun details. so chimney, some cloud, cute little flowers. >> amazing what you can turn this into. >> for only 45 bucks we have
6:57 am
created a darling one of a kind doll house and even better it will transition into storage for next phase of the child's life, that is what we call a doll of a storage solution. for more budget friendly budget ideas go to live well and tune into knock it off sunday night at 7:00 on the live well network. next week see diners help you to save thousands of dollars on your home renovations, you will learn how to give your kitchen a new look without spending five figure. so, are you thinking of become a pet owner. dozens of cats are up for adoption this weekend in montgomery county. pet the smart and jenkintown kick off a three day adoption event last night. all cats are, spade, newterd, up to dayton vaccinations and all are micro chipped. we have another action -- excuse me, another hour of "action news" coming up, in just a bit here are stories we are following for you this morning. we will introduce to you a legendary jazz artists, who at the age of 76, says she has in
6:58 am
plans of hanging up her microphone. plus a winter air warning, why you are more apt to get sick during the sick freeze. so stay with us, with more on this "action news" as we return in a bit. it is great! (both simultaneously) thank you. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card with late payment forgiveness. ♪ with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. nutella - spread the happy!
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you it is 7:00 o'clock on this saturday february 13th.
7:00 am
here are stories we are following this morning. this is on "action news". baby, it is cold outside. we're talking really cold. temperatures will plumet to dangerous levels this weekend. also, pennsylvania state trooper is off the job and facing charges for allegedly kicking a man, while he was handcuffed. plus the boss is rocking the house in south philadelphia last night. we will get to those, stories in a bit but first a brave man, meteorologist chris sowers outside. >> i will not be defeated, gray. >> looking at the forecast, man it is cold, so glad you are out there and hi, chris. >> how are you doing. >> much more rain right now, it is cold but the real dangerous stuff arriving overnight tonight, into tomorrow morning, temperatures will fall, throughout the day, and right now it noise picnic, 22 degrees in philadelphia, 18 in allentown. 9 degrees in poconos. coming up. twenty-two in dover. factor in the wind it feels like 8 degrees in zero in the poconos. eight in philadelphia four in


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