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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  February 13, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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forced others from their home in bucks county. and breaking her silence, a mother of columbine shooter dylann kleebold is speaking out for first time in 17 years. but first lets get you right to that exclusive accu weather forecast with meteorologist chris sowers. we're talking about dangerously cold temperatures. >> yes, overnight tonight dangerously cold temperatures and wind chill values and possibility of some winter white, some snow, monday, into monday night, before eventually changing over to rain. a lot going on here over the next few days. there is the view as we look live on sky six, philadelphia international airport. we did have a coating of snow, and snow showers that developed yesterday evening, and obviously with temperatures as cold as they are that has melted. be careful first this inning this morning. there could be a few slick spots. otherwise big story continues to be the icy cold air that continues to filter its way in. this is as warm as we will get to day, 22 degrees in philadelphia reading 17. allentown 18. seven in the poconos. millville 23.
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all these numbers will start to drop off as the day wears on. and these values will decrease, as well. it feels like zero in reading. two below in lancaster. twelve in the poconos. three in allentown. the it feels like six in philadelphia a the satellite six with action radar we have a strong wind out of the west/northwest and lakes are wide opened. they are not frozen over like what we saw last year at this time. therefore with the wind being as strong as they are a couple lake effect snow streamers may survive the journey over mountains and travel 300 miles in the philadelphia area later this afternoon. we will go combination of the sun and clouds, today, bitter cold. temperatures dropping in the teens. wind chills in the single digits. one or two area may pick up snow flakes as well. the sun and clouds, 20 degrees is the forecasted high. here are headlines, arctic blast on the the way, dangerous wind chills overnight tonight. we will talk about that and possibility of some snow on monday, when i see you in a few minutes, gray. >> bundle up, chris thanks very much. warming shelters are opened up across the delaware
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valley to help keep homeless out of the dangerous coal. the still there are people who have have to work inside those brutal conditions. "action news" reporter chad pradelli has more. >> half a block away from the opposite direction. >> reporter: triple a crew as of been busy. kim posepanco lost power to her car but bill jolean was quick on the scene. he says that he has responded to several calls for dead batteries, and even frozen fuel. >> what do you think it is. >> i don't know yet. >> i lost power, and thank god for triple a because i would be stranded out here for quite a while. >> reporter: this is just a start of the arctic blast that could break records. valets and others who work outside are bracing for the brutal cold to come. >> i'm a college student and i'm just trying to get a little bit of extra money on the side, i won't be out here. i will stay warm. get my hand warmers ready. i'm ready to go. >> reporter: city issued a code blue triggering outreach to the home less like kenney tomorrow to as. where are you going this
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weekend. >> i will sleep at the mission, south street. >> posepanco had a dead battery in the end, 150 bucks and she was back on the road. she's relieved her misfortune happened tonight and not this weekend. >> another happy member. >> i'm not getting my car towed tonight so i'm all good. >> reporter: cold weather will get down right dangerous this weekend. so some tips for you. make sure you you turn on faucets keep it at a drip, only cost you a penny, so prevent your pipes from freezing. remember your animals. bring your pets in. if you see neighbors not doing it, let authorities know n logan square, chad pradelli for channel six "action news". reminder, you can keep track of the bitter cold temperatures anytime from accu weather. just go to our web site the at six follow our meteorologists as they post updates throughout the weekend. developing right now, at 9:00 o'clock fire destroys four apartments in bucks county. right now investigators are trying to figure out the cause, "action news" was there
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this morning as smoke pours from the roof of the building number four at fox wood manor. that is on the 2100 block of veterans highway, in middletown, township. two people were hurt, and one treated for smoke inhalation. that person was taken to st. mary medical center. the brutal cold turned the streets into sheets of ice. the penndot was called out to pour salt on to the roads. 9:04 are time. from our delaware news room two men remain in the the hospital this morning after a double shooting. the the action cam was on the scene around 10:30 last night, here on the 300 block of clive street in delaware. victims have serious injuries. so far no arrests have been made. fire department in south jersey is paying tribute to a georgia police officer, who was shot and killed, in the line of duty. the lawnside fire company hung black bunting outside a building in camden county in honor of major greg barney. the flag is also lowered to half staff, barney worked here as a volunteer fire fighter
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for 17 years. he was shot and killed while helping police survey warrant thursday near atlanta. the the suspect was also shot, but is expected to survive. right now the search is expected to continue today, for a kieffer huhman, a air man missing from dover air force base. the 21 year-old senior air man was last seen at his apartment complex, on kersey court in dover on thursday. family and friend plan to search near chesapeake and delaware canals, today his truck right now is being investigated. dover police right now processing that truck for evidence. overnight, a report in the suspect in the ohio machete attack lived in philadelphia last fall. "action news" is working to confirm this information for you. thirty year-old mohammad bary has family in the area. according to an interview with his uncle barre was shot and killed by police after allegedly using that machete and knife to injure four people in the restaurant.
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the his uncle said he sent him a text message in arab and english hours before this rampage but he didn't understand the text. barre's car registration alerted police that he was on the fbi database. the his uncle says fbi came to his door and seized his phone and then had some questions for him. >> he didn't know anything about isis, terror... barre was a somalia national already on the fbi database because authorities say he knew people, possibly, connected to terrorism. police have in the publicly accused him of any type of terrorism. the investigation, of course, continues as they retrace his path and look for motive of this machete attack. lawyers for bill cosby are once again trying to get the sex assault case begins him thrown out. they filed an appeal in state superior court. earlier this month a judge reject claims that cosby had a bind ago agreement from montgomery county a's previous
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district attorney. they say that agreement ensure that the comedian would never be charge over 2004 encounter with a temple employee. cosby's lawyers also appealed the judge's decision not the to disqualification will file current district attorney kevin steele. your time right now 9:07. faithful fans braved bitter cold last night to see the boss, in action. bruce springsteen and the e street band played before a pack crowd at wells fargo center. a "action news" reporter jeff chirico spoke to some of the band and has the latest. >> philadelphia. >> reporter: jersey boy back in pennsylvania, bruce springsteen and e street band performing before a near sold out crowd at the wells fargo center where earlier bundled up fans had been waiting for hours to score some of the last remaining tickets. >> twelve hours, and still freezing weather. >> it is for bruce. come on, bruce. >> he is like my hero. i'm ready to cry tonight. >> reporter: cold and snow forced most tailgating inside,
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while diehards came prepared. >> you got a tent from our friend of ours at work and we put sides on it, with the heat, beer, how could you beat it. >> we are hard core bruce springsteen fans. >> we are. >> we cannot talk, our mouth are broken. >> reporter: springsteen has performed in philadelphia more than 50 times including his world tour stop at the spectrum in december of 1992. these ladies first saw the boss in concert as college roommates, 30 years ago. >> just awesome. he takes you to another place when you listen to him. >> reporter: after more than 40 years on stage some say demand for springsteen tickets hasn't been higher. ter kerry who has been to more than a hundred show thinks he knows why. >> he is 66 year-old and they are thinking how many tours does he have left with in him. if i don't get to one soon i will not make it. >> reporter: springsteen has set record here. he is only musical artist to have have performed in every live music venue in the city including veterans stadium, the spectrum and jfk stadium.
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the boss definitely in charge here in philadelphia. in south philadelphia a, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". all right, rocking in philadelphia. is there still much more to come on "action news" for this saturday morning. uber's new ride share service is available in philadelphia. the it could save you money the next time you need a lift. plus if you are looking for gift ideas this valentines day massage on demand, it is now available in the area and we've got details on the exclusive, discounts, just for our viewers, chris? gray, maybe get her those fluffy air muffs and scarves. dangerously cold wind chill on the way overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning a accumulating snow possible for monday. i'll have details in the accu weather forecast right after this.
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a nine year-old boy, in australia who is battling cystic fibrosis became his favorite super hero for a day. new south wales police department teamed up with the make a wish foundation to turn dominic pace into iron boy. he dressed in a special super hero suit to save a report shore was taken hostage there. then he battled his rival u ltron in the sidney opera house. after saving the city iron boy received commissioner a's award for bravery. robert downey junior appointed him honorary adventurer. what a great story there. >> good story back here we are
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dealing with the cold. >> not the a good story weather-wise. dangerously cold stuff is moving in. it is not all that bad just yet but temperatures will fall off more during the course of the day and wind chill values then get dangerously cold overnight tonight, into tomorrow morning. there is a lovely shot of cape may, you can see beach, water, wind whipping around 30 to 40 miles per hour. we could see good swells, down there, along the beach. double scan live is clear but one or two areas could pick up a snow shower later this afternoon. if you pick up a snow shower it could be because of the lake effect lake erie and ontario they are not frozen over but we're seeing between eight and 10 percent ice coverage on those lakes which is very rare for this time of the year. usually in the the 20 to 30 percent range. because of the lakes being wide opened and wind are so strong in the same direction, from the great lakes, all the way into the delaware valley. one or two areas wouldn't than surprised if we pick up lake effect snow shower this afternoon. 22 degrees, dew point below
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zero. wind west northwest at 22 miles an hour giving us a wind chill of 6 degrees. wind chill advisory goes into effect this evening, right through 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and for the entire viewing area, exemption being poconos where it changes over into a wind chill warning, where wind chill values will range from 20 to 30 degrees below. the right now we are sitting at 7 degrees in the poconos. eighteen in allentown. twenty-two for philadelphia. twenty in wilmington. millville 23. teens north and west. what will happen here temperatures are not rising, they are falling slowly and then by the evening hours they will just, drop right off the cliff here as the the coldest air of the season marches in. the wind chills are generally in the single digits at this hour, and two below in lancaster. twelve below in the poconos. the satellite six with action radar, again, here are open lakes. lake erie and ontario. the wind are out of the northwest. we will see lake effect snow streamers develop later this afternoon. not everybody seeing this but one or one areas could pick up a snow he shower later this
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afternoon especially west of philadelphia as we look the at surface maps is there polar front right there, polar vortex planted right overton of let's say quebec, toronto and that is, moving off to the east and it settles in tonight and tomorrow, and by the time we will get into monday and tuesday this cold front returns in the form of the warm front. temperatures sky rocket by tuesday afternoon. we're dropping down in the single digits tonight, by tuesday we are up in the mid 50's. you will see a huge change in temperatures here over the next 48 hours. future tracker wind chills later this afternoon single digits just about all day long. single digits below zero north and west. watch how these numbers drop off through evening hours, overnight tonight and in to tomorrow morning where we're 17 below in reading. thirty-two below in the poconos. ten below in philadelphia. fourteen below in trenton w that kind of cold air in place, if you are out and about, poconos tonight and into tomorrow morning with wind chills that cold, frostbite occurs within 15 minutes. lehigh and delaware valley,
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little later but in that dangerous category frostbite occurs in 30 minutes. it is important to make sure you cover all of the extremities if you are outdoors, gloves, bear hand, ear muffs, hat for your head and ears and scarves to keep your nose and mouth warm. then we will get into monday afternoon. the this is where things get tricky. cool air in place n comes southern storm. we have got snow breaking out by late morning in the first part of the afternoon. but as we advance this and temperatures climb up in the 50's by tuesday, it goes right over to rain. there could be quite a bit of rain tuesday afternoon. so 20 degrees and falling today. very cold. wind chill values zero or five below. wind sustained northwest at 25 to 35 miles an hour. near record cold tonight. minus two. well north and west. 4 degrees for center city. wind beginning to ease up a little bit but still sustain north west at 15 to 25. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast sunny, frigid for tomorrow, 17 degrees. wind east up, the not as harsh tomorrow afternoon as what we will experience today, and
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right now early call for monday and tuesday is cloudy, monday with snow developing by midday, changing over to rain by evening and then it is all rain from that point on, tuesday looks like there could be flooding issues in parts of the area over in the the 50's. >> we have to deal with the cold a bit longer then. >> yes, a few days. >> chris, thank you so much. it is 9:17. it has been nearly 17 years since the shooting at columbine high school in colorado. the mother of one of the gunman spoke out for the the first time exclusively on 2020, dylann kleebold and eric harris you may remember they opened fire at that school on april 20th, 1999. they killed 12 students and a teacher before eventually killing themselves. last night abc's die ann are and sawyer spoke to sue kleebold and said she didn't necessity anything was wrong with her son before this attack. she said she thinks about her victim and her family's every day. >> all of those kids, and the teacher i keep thinking,
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constantly how i would feel if it were the other way around and one of their children had shot mine. i would feel exactly the way they did. i know i would. >> sue kleebold memoirs titled a mother's reckoning living in the aftermath of tragedy will be released monday. the she's donating all of the profits from the books research to charitable foundations with the focus on mental health issues. your time 9:20 using uber
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to get around philadelphia is even cheaper. you can now share a ride with some would be else who is traveling in the same direction. it the is called uber pool, and the company says that it can be up to 30 percent cheaper than using uber x. if you are still looking for a valentines day gift for your sweetheart don't sweat it, nydia han as the perfect idea for all of you last minute shoppers. >> reporter: what sweetheart wouldn't love a massage on demand. therapist arrives when and
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where you want. the it is all thanks to the company that launched in the philadelphia area. right in time for valentines day it is offering our six abc viewers a exclusive promo code. hi, thanks for coming. >> i'm janet. >> talk about a good day on the job. hard working news producer heather is about to get a massage, on demand, without even leaving work. >> you can get a five star massage in an hour from the time you book or find a time up to 30 days in advancement we come to you. we bring it to you. >> reporter: as early as 8:00 a.m. and as late a as 10:30 p.m., 365 days a year, even holidays. all you have to do is go on the web site or use android or iphone app. >> take therapist gender, time and location for your massage, what type you want. >> reporter: then sit back, relax. massage therapist will meet you anyplace you'd like, massage table and music in hand to transform your living room, or conference room, into
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a temporary spa. >> a massage cost less than a massage at many spas. hour long massage is $105 and that includes tax, and tip. >> so you are saving on the massage and saving on gas. another way to save, we have $25 off first ze el massage for viewers of the show with saving with six abc. >> so our viewers get a special discount. >> you will only pay $80 for a first massage. >> reporter: company can dispatch a therapist to you in philadelphia, bucks, delaware and delaware counties. they promise the person that comes to your house is fully qualified, vetted in person, licensed, and background checked. there is at least one other company offering massage on demand in our area we have put a lincoln six but do your homework before inviting any company into your home. check with reviews and make sure that the company takes proper precaution toss keep its customers safe. i'm nydia han for channel six, "action news". still ahead on "action
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news" this morning the flyers have a big weekend on tap. sixers, great allen iverson could be soon find himself in the hall of fame, details coming up next in sports.
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i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. glad you are with us, sky 6hd, overlooking at commodore barry bridge. it is windy, bitterly cold. if you have to head out please bundle will up out there. collette 25 is your time on this saturday morning n sports honors for a sixers legend and a big night for sixers rookie. here's ducis rodgers. good morning. the answer, ai, allen iverson has many nicknames later this summer you very well likely might be calling him a hall of
9:26 am
famer. iverson has been named one of the 14 finalist from the n a ay smith memorial basketball hall of fame. he was an 11 time all-star, rookie of the year and league mvp. class of 2016 will be announced in the final four, april 4th. if elected iverson will be induct in september in springfield, massachusetts. >> allen, congratulations on the nomination and we may see you later this summer, you never know. >> maybe, where? >> springfield. >> oh, yeah, i hope so. >> oh, boy. sixers forward jahlil okafor took part in the rising stars challenge game last night. nerlens noel sat with knee tendonitis. okafor's kind of game all offense, little regard for defense. he scored 13 points in the you had verse world. u.s. wins 167-154. to the ice, flyers six points out of the playoff spot have a huge weekend, today
9:27 am
they host devils, and tomorrow they will visit new york rangers. the flyers will have ratco godas who a avoided a suspension despite this hit on the buffalo rookie player. flyers have been two points to seven points back the past few weeks. the players were asked how often they check the standings. >> if you win, you look. if you lose, you you don't. >> i pretty much check every two hours. i know there is so many teams close to that wild card that i guess i stay on top of it. >> every game is a must win for us this season. but we just want to make sure we play good hockey. we play good hockey, we will win the game. >> to the phillies, they loaded up an 18 wheeler yesterday and sent it south to clearwater. they report for spring training on wednesday. it is a thousand mile trip through eight states and listen to the list of items: 400 baseballs, 1200 bats, 450 pairs of socks, 125 belts and
9:28 am
one, just one, fanatic hot dog launcher. be careful of that thing, very important. that is a look at sports, this morning. i'm ducis rodgers. you have yourself a terrific weekend. is there still much more ahead on "action news" for this sat the day morning including shelter me. >> i'm karen rodgers. this here is griffin, one the of the animals saved by this beloved k-9 rescue. it is our shelter me win they are week. we will meet griffin and his friend, coming up later this morning on "action news". plus another check of the exclusive accu weather forecast with meteorologist chris sowers when "action news" saturday morning at 9:00 .
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happening right now on "action news", sat the day at 9:00, braving the bitter cold, temperatures are dropping this weekend and frostbite is a a big concern. plus, a new museum for sports fans opened its doors in new jersey, and we are giving you, a look inside. in the market for a new job? six flags is looking to fill thousands of positions starting to day. but first lets get outside to meteorologist chris sowers and accu weather forecast. the chris, can you hear that? how are you holding up out there. >> barely. it is blustery and really cold out here, wind are humming. we are seeing gusts as high as 35 miles per hour now in parts of the area. here's a look at the gusts recorded at 9:00 a.m. 33 miles an hour in philadelphia. thirty-seven atlantic city. the trenton 25.
9:31 am
poconos 29. and 30, in reading. with temperatures as cold as they are, you factor the two together and it feels like six, right now in philadelphia. three in allentown. thirteen below in the poconos. two below in lancaster. 8 degrees in millville. it gets worse further north and west you go. this is air mass heading this way later this evening, overnight tonight and into tomorrow. it the is already 26 delow with the wind in buffalo. twenty-one below in binghamton and 13 below in pittsburgh. take a look at this we will move further to the the north, is there polar vortex right there sitting over timins and where wind chill readings range from 48 to 50 degrees below zero. thankfully, that polar vortex is starting to retreat to the north, but it will do its dirty work here and bring some of the coldest air we have seen in years, to parts of the delaware valley, tonight, and tomorrow morning. your day planner, temperatures are peeking now and falling throughout the day at 1:00 o'clock 19, by 3:00, 17
9:32 am
and by 5:00 o'clock 14 degrees wind chill values by 5:00 this evening are dropping below zero and they are on steady free fall from that point on. when i come back in a few minutes we will talk about those dangerously cold wind chill and that storm developing monday into tuesday. possibility is there for accumulating snow several inches in parts of the area details coming up in a bit, gray? >> we will be watching, chris, thanks very much. collette 32. officials are taking extra precaution toss get people out of the bitter cold this weekend. a code blue is in effect in philadelphia and other parts of the area. delaware has declared a code, purple. anyone without a place to stay can head to warming shelters. meantime those who worked outside are bracing for what is to come. >> college student just trying to get, you know, a little will bit of extra money on the side. i will be out here. i will stay warm. get me hand warmers ready. i'm ready toking. >> battle to stay warm. dangerous cold is also keeping triple a crews busy.
9:33 am
one worker tells us he has made several calls for dead batteries and also frozen fuel. keep track of the bitter cold temperatures anytime from accu weather. just go to our web site at six follow our meteorologists as they post updates throughout the weekend. developing right now, fire destroyed four apartments in bucks county. the right now investigators are trying to figure out the cause of the fire. "action news" was there this morning as smoke poured from the roof of building number four, at fox wood manor. that is on the 2100 block of veterans highway there in middletown township. two people were hurt. crews treated one for smoke inhalation and that person was taken to st. mary's medical center. brutal cold turn streets into sheets of ice. penndot was called out to pour salt on onto the roads. and now to the race for the white house, there is no love, lost amongst the six remaining g.o.p. candidates. things are only getting ugly. tonight there is another debate, abc's mary bruce has a
9:34 am
prehe view from greenville, south carolina. >> reporter: their first showdown in the south but don't expect candidates to act like southern gentlemen. >> it will get nastier, and nastier and they get personal and ugly. >> ted cruz, find out where he gets his money. >> front running candidates shouting out obscenities. >> reporter: after his big win, donald trump took a positive term. >> i won't use foul language. i will not do it. >> reporter: but no more, this morning, trump is launching blistering new you attacks against ted cruz and threatening to sue, tweet if you go ted cruz doesn't clean up his act, stop cheating and doing negative ads i have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen. cruz laughed it off. >> i will say is there more than a little irony in his donald accusing anyone of being nasty. >> reporter: cruz is punching back pummeling trump on the air waves. >> trump uses power for personal gain, imagine the damage he could do as president. >> reporter: after his dismal
9:35 am
debate performance marco rubio is playing offense hoping to rise again. >> when i'm our president i will never divide you against other americans to win this election. i won't ever pick you against each other. >> reporter: john kasich coming off a strong second place finish in new hampshire keeping his vow to keep it clean on the trail. >> i didn't come from any money. i didn't have anybody in politics. we had nobody in our family that is rich. but my mother and dad taught me one thing, never accept failure. >> abc's mary bruce with that report. hillary clinton and bernie sanders spoke at a labor convention in minnesota but their focus on winning the key black vote in south carolina and nevada. african americans make up half of the democratic elect rate in south carolina black vote could be a deciding factor on super tuesday races. in minnesota clinton and sanders pained themselves as allies as president barack obama and taughted their civil rights record. happening today thousands of jobs are up for grabs in
9:36 am
new jersey. six flags great adventure is hosting a job fair. 4,000 positions are available. the park is looking to hire for the upcoming season which begins in about six weeks. a variety of positions are available from guest relations to market research to landscaping. job fair starts in about half an hour at 10:00 o'clock. the it runs until 4:00 p.m. the park is also holding auditions for entertainers and performers as it is scheduled to happen at 2:00 o'clock. your time is 9:36. new sports history museum is now open to the public. officials cut ribbon on the the museum in collinswood, new jersey. the it happened last night. several former philadelphia flyers, were on hand, including bernie parent, and new jersey correspondent nora a muchanic has more on the memorabilia you will find live in the museum. >> reporter: five years in the making and with a treasure trove of sports memorabilia packed inside the depace sports museum in collinswood is finally opening and sports nuts will love it.
9:37 am
>> when they walk in here i would like them to feel a sense of awe and inspiration. >> reporter: assembled by collector doctor nicholas depace, a local cardiologist, this collection is valued at over 30 million-dollar. >> my dad was a cardiologist, since the 1980's, up until he died back in 2011. >> we have his and mohammed ali trunks from the fight of the century. >> reporter: pennsylvania legend jim thorpe leather football helmet is on display when playing for canton bulldogs and mike schmidt's locker from the old vet stadium. it is considered a world class collection that considers all sports. >> either best known example or only known example, i mean there is a negro league piece here a trophy, it is only one on the planet. >> reporter: museum is housed in the bank building which has original vault, eventually they will use this to store some of the most valuable items here. >> there is nothing like this had has a little bit of everything from each sport.
9:38 am
>> reporter: some items have have never been seen before and will please sports fans of every age says the man who got the collection started with a few baseball card. >> especially the older people, they love this stuff. >> reporter: the depace museum will be opened tuesday and wednesday's 12:00 to five and thursday friday and saturday is the to 9:00. $10 donation from adults is asked. in collinswood i'm nora muchanic for channel six a "action news". that flyers player, former flyers player on hand was berny parent. 9:38 is the time. much more to come on this addition of "action news" on sat the day morning at 9:00 o'clock. pope francis gets political. the pontiff is in mexico this morning. he has a strong message. also ahead staying safe in the extreme cold. frostbite is a big concern this weekend but do you know the warning signs, we will break them down for new health check. we will get another check of the frigid accu weather forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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glad you are with us. it is 9:41. pope francis is in mexico this morning meeting with local officials and foreign ambassadors at national palace. the just like his trip here in philadelphia the pontiff had a rock star welcome. the huge crowd there turning out to greet the pope. he is expected to, condemn mexico's drug violence, migration and poverty. he will call for peace, and
9:42 am
unity during his five day visit there to mexico. lets get you caught up on the forecast here. you say you go outside, don't lick your lips today they will be severely chapped, i promise. my mouth is not working right, it is still frozen. lets go outside and show you what is going on. is there a live shot at penns landing, blustery and very cold. it is very important. if you are outside couple things here, one is as gray mentioned do not lick your lips, as they will become chapped. bundle up in layers. cover the extremities. wear the gloves, a hat, and a scarves. keep yourself warm as temperatures get to dangerous levels here during the afternoon hours and then especially overnight tonight and into tomorrow. double scan live showing a lake effect snow streamer starting to develop west of reading. thinks on route 422 from reading and lebanon. thinks diving off to the the south east at 15 to 20 miles an hour. we will continue to see this throughout the day. generally speaking it is a combination of sun and clouds this afternoon but one or two areas will pick up those lake
9:43 am
effect snow streamers as that wind continues to roar, across the keystone state this afternoon. 22 miles an hour, out the in the west northwest. we are at 22 degrees. gives us a wind chill of six at this hour in philadelphia wind advisory remains in effect until 6:00 this evening, gusts ranging from 45, to 55 miles per hour. throughout the entire mid-atlantic states. wind chill values will only drop off from this point on, minus two in lancaster. reading is down to zero. minus ten with the wind in the poconos. six in philadelphia. the feels like 8 degrees in trenton. the satellite six with action radar showing a little bit of cloud cover across pennsylvania, this morning, as well as upstate new york. again lakes are wide opened. we have no ice coverage. the therefore we could see lake effect snow streamers later on. the that is the big store a cross the country. it is nice and quiet across lower 48. we have a huge area of high pressure sitting right here and that is where polar vortex sits south of the hudson bay. it should be five to 700 miles further north up here right on
9:44 am
the hudson bay but because it has been displaced it is sitting right there and that cold air, dangerously cold air, will continue to work its way south, into our neck of the wood. it should never be this cold around here but we will feel it over next 48 hours. here's wind chills predict by future tracker. 3:00 o'clock below zero north and west. single digits above zero south and east. the gets colder and colder as the day goes on. eventually overnight tonight and tomorrow morning we will start to get in the dangerous category. ten to 20 degrees below zero throughout the heart of the delaware valley. thirty-one below, possibly even colder then that for the poconos. so know the signs of frostbite out and b tickling, perhaps numbness. you start feeling that that could be a sign frostbite is getting ready to set in. or if your skin turns pale. i have been using this example all morning long remember that championship football game between packers and giants. they kept showing, lambeau field, they kept showing the coach of the giant and his face was turning pale and skin turning white? that is a sign of frostbite.
9:45 am
you start seeing those signs develop, it is time to head indoors your skin has had enough. that could be the case around here first thing tomorrow morning. then we will get into monday morning. the cloud will increase. snow breaks out late morning in the first part of the afternoon. but as this is happening, the cold air is retreating, and that snow then changes over to rain. that rain kill come down at a good clip here tuesday afternoon. general time line and again, we have a little bit of, we will to have play with this a little bit here. thinks not etched in stone. this is general thinking at the this time. monday snow develops, late morning, and quickly changes over to rain especially in the city south and east. this will be during the evening hours monday night. and then tuesday it is all rain. temperatures in the 50's and some of that rain will come down heavier at times. temperatures near 20 degrees right now. we're falling throughout the day. very cold. biting wind chills. overnight tonight it becomes dangerously cold, two, below zero in the lehigh valley. single digits above for philadelphia, points south and east. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, only 17 degrees tomorrow.
9:46 am
it will be a top five coldest valentines day ever for the city of philadelphia wind ease up by afternoon. it will feel better then today. thirty-six for monday, and snow changing to rain. tuesday we are up to 53. wednesday, thursday, friday gray all look nice, combination of the sun and cloud temperatures in the the 40's. >> is there hope. >> is there hope. >> tuesday. >> okay, chris, thanks very much. time is 9:46. this week shelter me winner is to love a k-9 rescue. karen rodgers has more on the successful match that created one big happy family. >> she's a pure bread mutt, we love her for all of it. >> trudy louise has plenty of puppy energy. >> smile for camera. >> in her new home she's a baby in the pack of four. >> we have three dogs over eight. one of the senior lab that needed to be an appropriate fit for our guys. >> daylen, scoured hundreds of adoptable animals before meeting trudy. >> it was instant. i knew it, immediately. it is like she has been there
9:47 am
our entire live. >> reporter: love a k-9 rescue made it a possible. >> we are all breed no kill rescue you. >> reporter: tlc has found homes for more than a thousand dogs since starting their foster based rescue in 2013. their success is a product of their work in the community. >> we have done food drives for local food pant try, and pet drives for kid. we have had a huge junior volunteer program. we have over a hundred 50 kid involved. >> reporter: all of the work involved part of the mission to find rescued dogs forever homes. they are trying to place maverick. >> he is a one to two-year old shepherd mix. >> reporter: he gets along well with other dogs and is house train. >> if i didn't already have four he would be one of mine. >> reporter: lola is a tree and walker kuhn hound. >> yes. >> she would love an active family. >> somebody that is willing to take her on long walks, hikes. >> reporter: if you are looking for a valentine i think griffin here is a perfect sweetheart. he is not too big, too small
9:48 am
just right family dog, right, griffin. he is a year-old shepherd mix looking for a good home. interested in griffin or any of the dogs you have met today visit the the to love a k-9 web site. if you'd like to us share your shelter success story, post a picture to our fyi philly facebook page using the hashtag six abc shelter me ape tell us where you a adopted your pet and how much they mean to you. we will feature your stories on upcoming shelter me segments. with griffin, i'm karen rodgers, for channel six "action news". ♪
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that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. 9:50. sky 6hd giving you a live glimpse at the temple university tennis courts. the look at those flags, windy, and bitterly cold out there. please do bundle up heading out. here's a look what is happening in and around the delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend. get out of the cold, and think spring at the 35th annual philly home show. the doors open up,al weekend at the pennsylvania convention
9:51 am
center, with popular home design stars on hand to help you, with any questions that you may have, about getting your home ready for the spring and summer. the plus check out, diy projects, by host of fyi philly and place your vote. the home show is happening today from 10:00 to 9:00 and tomorrow, from 10:00 to 6:00. cathedral village in roxborough will host its second annual black arts festival in honor of black history month. events include a children's art corner and story telling, a jazz group, lecture and silent auction and whole lot more. it gets underway right now and runs until 7:00 tonight and ends with a closing program at 3:00 o'clock tomorrow. keeping warm is a necessity this weekend. frostbite can set in quicker then you may think. in some areas it may take a little less than ten minutes. "action news" health reporter and registered nurse allie gorman has tips to keep you safe. >> reporter: temperatures in the 20's didn't stop many
9:52 am
runners, walkers, or pets along kelly drive. but, most were wearing several layers to keep warm. >> i got everything. >> hats, gloves, yeah. i'm good. >> reporter: and this german shepherd pepper didn't stay out long. but doctor david target says that even greater precautions are needed this weekend as temperatures plunge. >> you need to watch out for two main things. main things you need to look for are frostbite and hypotheria. >> reporter: you lose most of your body heat from your head and torso but smaller area typically suffer frostbite first. >> such as your fingertips an your ears. you need to really be a aware and cognizant that you need to cover everything up this weekend. >> reporter: as for avid exercisers. >> when you are running it feels 20 degrees warmer then what the temperature is. >> reporter: that is true, moving will keep your body warm, but sweating, increasing the risk for frostbite. the doctors target says if you are skiing this weekend, take
9:53 am
lots of breaks, as for runners, erect mends moving your work out inside. >> that is why we invented treadmills and a gym. >> reporter: early signs of frostbite including numbness, tingling and skin turning red, white or grayish or appearing waxy looking. >> your hand are red. >> reporter: this runner assures me her hand were covered earlier and she will cover them again. >> they don't feel cold. >> reporter: as for hypotheria it is a dangerous, potentially deadly condition when your body temperature dips below 95 . the signs such as shivering, or confusion, mean you need to go inside, and get warm, and dry. allie gorman for channel six "action news". black
9:54 am
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time to check 245 cold forecast. >> cold is right. temperatures will be, falling off, during the course of the day, take a lot at numbers on future tracker. we are at the 20 degrees right the now. by 5:00 this evening we are down to 15. you will need to bundle up by 8:30, 9:00 at night temperatures down in the single digits. look at these wind chills 20 to 30 below in the poconos. fifteen to 20 below in philadelphia. >> cold, cold, cold. >> not pretty at all. >> thanks, chris so much. fyi philly is coming your way tonight at six abc. here's alycia vitarelli and erin o'hearn with the preview. >> hi everyone happy valentines day. >> here's what is coming up tonight on fyi philly. >> my inner carry brad shaw. >> we will shop late's digs to is what center city a's outlet row. >> i like it. >> we do a day in swarthmore. >> yes. >> i love it. >> discover unexpected jet in south jersey. >> yes. >> we are getting ready for philadelphia home show with a fy id iy up cycling
9:57 am
competition you are going down. >> don't even start. >> that is tonight on fyi philly. >> we hope you join us. jack hanna's wild count down is next on channel six. "action news" continues later tonight. we will be back tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. here's some of the stories we are working for you, reasons for a run. we will tell you how exercise can give you, a boost for your brain. plus musical and concert only from the chamber orchestra of philadelphia, for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall, make it a great day. >> ♪
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announcer: jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." [penguins vocalizing] today, we meet animals that mate for life. sue, look how the penguins come to greet us. from penguins at the tip of south america to red river hogs in west africa. lee: they're always communicating. jack: it's the same one that squealed on us. in the high desert, flamingo couples nest in a big way. nico: this the egg of a flamingo. jack: no, it's not. julie: that's amazing. and wait till you see the golden lion tamarins. oh, wow, look at him.


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