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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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a look at that. storm tracker 6 live double scan radar is picking up the start of a one-two punch of snow anticipate rain. developing overnight a police pursuit comes to a crashing hat and a driver is hurt. firefighters battle bitter cold when flames break out overnight. good morning, everyone, february 15. it is president's day. let's turn to david and karen. >> reporter: who is your favorite? abraham lincoln. >> reporter: a lot of people say lincoln. double scan live showing we have
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snow showers up in berks county and a little bit of a break up in philadelphia. parts of south jersey looking at some of this. steadier snow buildings in cape may county and southern cumberland county and areas around dover, delaware. we'll fill this in this morning and later this afternoon. a winter weather advisory starts at 10:00 a.m. and continues to 10:00 p.m. in counties close to i-95. it doesn't expire until 1:00 a.m. in the allentown and reading and the poconos. we're looking at a changeover to rain in south jersey and delaware. we'll see it transition to ice and the slick conditions on road surfaces could linger beyond the changeover time. until 10:00 p.m. the winter weather advisory in effect until it expires in allentown. the bulk of the heavier snow we're dealing with is lighter stuff. we'll get steadier snow from the
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south and west and later on in the morning and afternoon. 12 until allentown, 16 in millville. not much windy, but enough to give you a windchill of 10. on the bus stop we're ranging between 15 and 17 degrees with cold conditions under mainly cloudy skies. as we roll through the day, temperatures will rise through the day. we won't be above freezing until the afternoon and dinnertime. when the snow builds in it will produce slick road conditions in the afternoon and we'll have to work on the snow with the rain this evening, before we are out of the woods. karen i'll have future tracker 6 and the expected snowfall amounts coming up. >> reporter: it's so cold, so any precipitation that's landing on that, it will be slippery especially on untreated surfaces. now we're looking at the platt bridge, thinks are looking good. i-95 southbound traffic heading toward cottman.
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we expect lighter volume on this president's day, we're not seeing any problems, we've seen flurries come down in a few spots. we have not seen any issues with that just yet. this is the first band light and falling apart. looking at the big picture, the blue route, the i-95, speeds in the 50s for the most part, traffic is moving nicely. the falls bridge remains closed until april 1. as well as the closures on monument road near ford. this is 42, northbound traffic at creek road. we've seen light flurries in spots in south jersey, but not creating a problem just yet. it's an easy 1 minute ride northbound from the -- 13 minute ride northbound from the ac economies way to the walt whitman bridge. the bitter cold played a role in a fire in montgomery county that left a firefighter
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injured and three row homes damage. katherine scott is live on the scene. >> reporter: good morning, tam, the red cross is helping 15 people who can not return home. there are multiple families that live inside the row homes, the residents are inside a hotel unable to return. residents watched as crews battled the late-night flames in norristown. when fire crews arrived they thy were met with heavy flames on the three story row homes. there were people trapped inside. two civilians jumped out of the third floor rear windows on the second floor room. >> reporter: the flames started in the middle row home and the homes on either side were damaged. as firefighters tried to bring the fire under control, they had to deal with bitter
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temperatures. busses were positioned nearby to provide a place to get warm. we have multiple septa buses abbey medical buses -- and medical buses trying to keep personnel warm. >> reporter: one firefighter suffered a minor injury. the fire is under investigation. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." we're following another developing story, a robbery suspect caused damage and injury trying to flee police in the city's olney section. annie mccormick is live at the scene of the crash at 6th and fisher avenue. annie? >> reporter: and matt, this is the block where several parked cars were hit badly damaged. this is a vehicle that looks like it got the brunt of it. you can see the side is almost all taken out. there's debris all over the roadway for people who have no idea what happened that are driving through at this time. this is one of three cars that did get hit. police believed it began at
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13th and rock handle where they believe the -- rockland, the suspect was trying to rob a pizza delivery man. he stole his car that light colored sable that's badly damaged. during a short chase, the stolen vehicle collided with the red vehicle you can see injuring a woman inside. that happened at the intersection of 6th abbey -- and fisher. and then the stolen car kept going and it hit several parked cars. then the car did stop after the police pursuit police did get the suspect out of the vehicle and they able to arrest him. back out here live, the woman in the red vehicle was transported to the hospital. she is in staibl -- stable condition. the driver is facing serious charges. they have not listed what charges he is facing yet. it is not clear if it was an armed robbery, or what went down
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when he approached the pizza delivery man. a lot of people on the block will be waking you up this morng having no idea what happened to their vehicles last night. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." happening today, classes resume at ursinus college where a stomach bug sickened almost 200 people. through the end of february, jefferson university hospital is offering students free video visitors with the doctors through the jeff connect app. cold weather caused a water pipe to burst into dorm at temple university. officials evacuated the hall on the 1900 block of liacouras walk last night. the school provided alternate housing for the students who were displaced during the evening. flags around the nation have been lowered to half staff in honor of late justice antonin
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scalia who passed away over the weekend at a resort in texas. his body was flown to washington, d.c. last night after it was determined he died of natural causes. scalia was born in trenton, new jersey, in 1936. his sudden death kicked off a political battle that spilled into the race for the white house. republican lawmakers and candidates are insisting that president obama leave the naming of the next justice to the next president. it is outrageous that the republicans in the senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. president obama says he intends to fulfill his constitutional duty to nominate another justice to fill the open seat. republicans in the senate warn they may not hold confirmation
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hearings. big battle brewing, sounds like we have storm let's brewing around here. >> reporter: a little bit, anyway. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you most of the initial band of snow that tried to push up into philadelphia is kind of falling apart at this point. down south in cape may and dover we're seeing steadier snow build in. as we look at a closer view, philadelphia is dodging a bullet right now. some areas to the north and west in pottstown and reading, light snow. slow it down if you encounter this. thrkd -- this should not have much of a an impact on road surfaces. additional snow bands are push into the atlantic city expressway and route 55. be careful of that. farther to the south, more pronounced snow push into cape may county and areas around dover, delaware.
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snow will fill in more as we go through the morning. as we look outside, we have cloudy skies across the region. there's temple university sky6 live hd looking south at city hall. you can see it's kind of gray and we're getting ready for more pronounced snow later on. temperatures 18 degrees in philadelphia. the windchills even though winds are light, making it feel like it's 10, bundle up as you head outside. future tracker showing the early snow bands that we've got right now. as we advance this to noon we think by lunchtime we're filling in with snow across south jersey, some of it light and moderate and all the way up to wilmington and philadelphia. going farther into the afternoon, 3:00 p.m., the snow is past allentown, pushing into the poconos. notice down south we're getting warmer air moving in and changing over to rain. by dinnertime we expect the rain line to be past philadelphia. as we transition there will be a period of sleet and maybe a little freezing rain mixed in. as the total changeover to rain
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occurs it's not like the roads become passable. there could a period of a a couple of hours after the changeover on rain we're slick on roads. doesn't look like the changeover in allentown doesn't occur until 7:00 p.m. we're expecting a coating to an inch in south jersey, most of which will get washed away. one to three in philadelphia, with a chance of three toward allentown and reading and 3 or better than that up in the poconos. not a lot of snow on the way but slick roads possible. 17 degrees by 8:00. 22 by 10:00. 29 by noon. up in the 30s by 3:00 p.m. doesn't look like we get over freezing until late in the day and that's when we are expecting the changeover from snow to an
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icy mix and rain. 36 in philadelphia. 40 in millville. most of the highs late in the day or not until this evening. tomorrow, not a lot of rain in the morning, but in the afternoon a cold front comes through and trigger periods of heavier rain and that could in turn produce isolated an poor drainage air street flooding. snow changing to ice and rain south to north. probably not seeing the total changeover afternoon dinnertime in philadelphia. tuesday, rain possible flooding, 56. wednesday, 48 degrees sun to clouds. chillier on thursday, 40 degrees, friday, 45. back in the 50s on the weekend, better numbers this weekend than last weekend. australian police make a
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1 million-dollar meth bust. two men pretending to be utility workers force their way into is a home and attack a woman. >> reporter: we have flurries moving through, nothing impacting the roads just yet. we'll take a camera tour through the area coming up. we'll show you the good samaritan that pulled a trapped and screaming motorist from a burning car. that's later on "action news." welcome back, the action
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cam is live in south philadelphia, one of the penndot salt facilities where they have a lot of stuff waiting at the ready they have it down on the roads as we deal with snow and have rain coming in. let's check with karen rogers, good morning. >> reporter: it's going to be a tricky thing we have snow and even as it changes to rain, the grounds are frozen sold. upper state road, county line road. no problems, for the early morning commute. yale avenue near harvard, new in swathmore look for crews on the scene. that will cause you an issue. let's check the ben franklin bridge, quiet out there, no
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speed restrictions. that's westbound traffic coming into the city looking fine clear conditions no issues on the ben. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing the first band of snow very light. for the most part we see light snow showers starting to break apart. toward the south it's heavier near dover and cape may and atlantic city. it's prominent there, if you you're driving through smyrna and fortescue, those areas it's coming down better, especially along 47 you see the heavier band right now. in elmer and route 40, glassboro, hit or miss, light snow showers not a big deal. pottstown, route 100, light snow flurries there, as well. these are the actual temperature, minus 1 in tanersville. 12 in quakertown. 18 in center city. the suburbs in new jersey, in the teens for the most part. 15 in cinnaminson, hammonton and
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vineland, new jersey. thank you, karen. one person is in critical condition following the deadly interstate pileup in lebanon county saturday. the 60-car crash involved 70 people who were hurt and 3 people were killed. police are searching for two men pretending to be utility workers who forced their way into a home. the men claimed that the men needed to check other pipes. she turned them away and that's when things took a violent turn. ye said a man run to her bedroom and the other man held her and her mother at gun point. i was struggling with the gun, second guy came down and hit me and then they left. ye needed stitches she is
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okay and nothing was taken from the house. a 25-year-old woman told police that eliot spitzer choked her on saturday. police are investigating it as an assault case. he resign from office in 2008 over a prostitution scandal. an intimate accessory composed a billion dollar drug smuggling ring in australia. police seized meth in australia four people are under arrest. dozens of people get stuck on a tram at a ski resort in
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parts of the south including in kentucky. the afternoon storm coated the roads in louisville yesterday. there was salt residue along the roads put down during the wintery weather they had last week. >> reporter: the fact that the roads are so cold and the streets are cold, walking on the sidewalks it will make it tricky and then the rain coming down. looking live at i-95 at broad street we're seeing no big problems on the roads at this early hour. we expect lighter volume with president's day, we don't expect the weather to be a problem
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until later on. looking okay right now at broad street. we have a holiday schedule with patco and new jersey transit, working lansdale, warminster, everything is working on time with the regional rails and looking good this morning, dave. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows us the early bands of snow are light in reading and chester county and delaware county and south philadelphia and south jersey. steadier stuff is beginning to push into areas south of the region. as we get later into the morning and through the afternoon that's when the highest impact snow will be. doesn't look like it will be high accumulations. but as karen mentioned the surfaces are so cold it won't take much for the stuffer to start to stick -- for the stuff to start to stick. if you're dressing the kids bundle them up. as we roll through the day, the numbers climb from 20 at 9:00 a.m., up to 33 at 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m. light to moderate snow changing
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over to sleet and freezing rain and eventually to rain tonight. tram that got stuck at a ski resort in new hampshire is not expected to run for the next day or two. 48 people got stuck on two of the cars over the ski slopes yesterday. firefighters lowered each person to the ground one by one without injury. officials think a mechanical problem not the cold caused the malfunction.
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say a man's helmet saveds life during a -- saved a man's life using a woodchipper. his foot triggered the safety bar save him. a man's vehicle ran off the road hit a sign and caught fire. meredith was on his way to work when he saw the smoke. pulled him through the drivers side window and pulled him out that way, got him ten feet from the car and by that time he the car was engulfed in flames. we're following new and developing stories, including the robbery suspect who went on a crash course in a delivery
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man's stolen vehicle. a pilot turns back a plane because of a laser beam later on "action news." good morning, it is
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6:00 a.m., monday, february 15 we're following several new and developing stories. bitter cold temperatures make it difficult for suburban firefighters to battle flames that damaged several row homes, we're live at the scene. dangerous fumes forced five people out of their homes sending some of them to the hospital. it is bitterly cold outside and we're tracking snow showers this morning and rain later. >> reporter: let's hear about that and go over to david murphy with accuweather and karen rogers is taking a look at traffic. >> reporter: no snow on the


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