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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 4:30 on this tuesday, february 16th. >> we're following a developing story. police are looking for the masked robber who shot someone overnight near the kimmel situation. >> a bad situation at the philadelphia international airport snowballs into something even worse as hundreds of passengers cannot leave and have trouble finding a warm bed. >> let's take a live look on mobile6 on route 611 driving in abington movement a lot of roads still dealing with snow and ice. it's making for a really messy commute especially when you get on the secondary roads this morning. but good news, temperatures
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are rising. >> play not happen before the commute start. let's turn now to dave murphy and karen rogers and good morning. >> yeah, right now on the big board we still have a winter weather advisory in the poconos. this area in pink, northern bucks, northern montgomery county, a good portion of chester couldn't and points north are still under a freezing rain advisory until 5 o'clock this morning. even if that expires then in the northern suburbs right down through the i-95 corridor and even into parts of south jersey and delaware there are some lingering icy conditions on sidewalks, side streets and even some main roads. now, the good news as matt and tam mentioned temperatures are rapidly rising but it's not like you turn a light switch and the ice goes away so it might take a little while for that ice to totally disappear. so rising temperatures this morning but ice is still lingering again especially on sidewalks and i'd streets. satellite and radar shows you that the precipitation is mainly gone although we are looking at another batch of heavy rain coming through starting later on this morning after the rush hour. temperatures, well, this is going to be important to watch. we were at 33 degrees in the
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last hour in wilmington. we're now up to 36 but this would be one of those areas where again some of that ice may still be lingering. it's going to take awhile for these rising temperatures to break it up. up in allentown and reading still very close to or even below freezing so still problems up there. on the bus stop this morning in philadelphia temperatures are rising between six and 8 o'clock we'll be up to 50 but that still doesn't mean there can't be an icy patch here owe are or there. later in the day the says gone. by 11 o'clock we're at 56 but we're looking at a band of rain coming through that could put down a pretty good inch or more in some neighborhoods and as that comes through street flooding would be a possibility. i'll have more or future tracker6 showing that rain coming up. karen this morning the word is ice still lingering. >> the hardest thing could be walking to your car. you need to be so careful on your driveways in some cases especially northwest of the city we're dealing with cars that are encased in ice as well. looking live here, this is right on the border of montgomery and bucks county here. this is county line 202
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parkway at county line road and we're seeing still a lot of slush especially in the turn lanes as you go to turn it's an issue and some low lying cloud cover as well so making it in some cases even hard to see the slush and ice on the roads. here's an accident. i know it's hard to see here but this is king of prussia right on the schuylkill and this is approaching 202 westbound an accident with a vehicle that is facing the wrong way. looks like a spinout accident. a messy situation on the schuylkill. traffic getting by at this point but be careful with in guy favorite wrong way. in wissinoming lots of slush on the neighborhoods streets. we're seeing this guy move okay but you're driving through the slush at this point so be careful on harbison avenue at sanger street. let's check i-95 and this is approaching cottman, i know we're seeing a lot of green right there but be careful. we still have 45 miles an hour speed restrictions on the pennsylvania highways. the highways themselves mostly wet. sidewalks that's going to be a whole dust issue for kids
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going to school today. >> annie mccormick is in quakertown bucks county an area that is still under a winter weather advisory. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning. we're seeing a whole lot of issues here, ones that you wouldn't expect until you get out of the car. first though i want to show you the roadway behind me. this is front john fridays fries highway and weiss road. there is still snow here and there's also clunk of ice as well but there has been salt laid down so the roads pretty much though are pretty good so far butter what but what i wanw you that is a problem is areas like this. there's snow and ice that is now covering this. when you get out of your car this is what it looks like in the parking lot and then over to the grassy area before we walk out onto the highway, that's what you're going to see. i'm not even walking a lot because i kind of slid my way down here. over here this pile of snow you can see how it looks kind of pretty actually because you
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can see how it's glistening right there but it's encased in ice. you'll have that problem also when you get out to your car as you're about to head out, you're going have to deal with that when you decide to scrape off your windshield. just a couple things we're dealing with. hopefully warm temperatures should help us out. we're seeing temperatures around 32 degrees according to the bank clock right there. you'll still have those temperatures when you're heading out, these are some of the problems you'll v live in quakertown, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> annie thank you for that update. philadelphia police looking for the masked robber who shot someone near the kimmel center in center city overnight. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at the scene on the 1500 block of locust street with the frightening details. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. police say the victim is 38 years old. he remains as hahnemann university know critical condition. police say he is expected to survive. the robbery attempt happened right around where we're standing at 15th and locust
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but law able to run over to broad street and that's where the victim collapsed. let's go to video from last night near the kimmel center where the victim was found by police. police were called out just before 1:00 a.m. investigators say the victim had been at 15th and locust walking with a friend when a man with a gun approached them and announced a robbery. the victim took off running south on 15th and that's when the robber fired one shot hitting the victim once in his right arm. the victim kept running until he collapsed at broad and spruce by the kimmel center. when the police arrived the victim was bleeding heavily losing consciousness. the witness was taken to detectives to be interviewed. >> they're describing our shooter as a male five-10 to 6 feet tall wearing a mask covering his face at the time of the shooting and the shooter chased after our victim when he fired the shot and then continued to run south on 15th street. >> reporter: that's when the witnesses lost sight of him.
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there are a number of surveillance cameras in the area. police are hoping there's footage that can help in this investigation. live in center city, katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> thank you katherine. one person was burned in an apartment fire in philadelphia's germantown section. flames broke out just on the fourth floor of the building on the 5700 block of wissahickon avenue just before 10:00 last night a man in his late 60's early 70's was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and facial burns. the cause is still under investigation. >> happening today, an autopsy is scheduled for a woman found dead inside a recyclely bin in allentown. authorities are trying to figure out who this woman is and how she died. she's described as 1830 years old asian about 5 feet tall and 119 pounds with short black hair. her body was discovered sunday in a recycling container in an apartment parking lot on the 800 block of east tillman street. police are asking anyone who thinks they know who she is to
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get in touch. >> i'm erin o'hearn with a story you'll only see on "action news." a nightmare scenario for nearly 200 passengers on a frontier flight heading from philadelphia to tampa. they say they sat on the runway for at least three hours with no heating or air conditioning and only one cup of water only to find out the flight was canceled. >> been out there for three hours. three hours we was sitting out there. >> now, the delay started with weather issues but then a maintenance issue kept the flight on the ground. eventually as we said it was canceled and as you can see the passengers were let off the plane where they were told they could pick up their bag catch as belle well as vouchers for hotel and food. here's the kicker. the hotel was booked. were told they would be flown out this morning at 9:00 a.m. others were warned there wouldn't be a flight for them until thursday morning. tired hungry and frustrated many families tried to sleep on their bags while others still seemed in shock by the incompetence and lack of organization by the airlines.
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>> everybody is just really frustrated. it's 2 o'clock in the morning. people have to work the next day. i got to work the next day and they think just giving me a $200 voucher would justify the situation where that doesn't help me at all because their next flight is thursday. >> all the hotel vouchers they gave us, the hotels basically told us look and there's no shuttle taking us to the hotel like they promised us either. it's been one disaster after each other. fantastic. frontier it's a great airline. >> at least he kept his sense of humor. we called frontier and e-mailed to get some answers but have not heard back. one of those planes trains and abilities moments. nearly 12 hours after they were supposed to leave philadelphia. matt, back to you. >> good reason to be upset. thanks erin. happening today, new jersey governor chris christie will deliver his budget address. christie is expected to unveil his plans on funding the state's public pension program. democratic lawmakers already looking ahead to 2017 when a
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new governor will be elected. they want to push forward a proposal to amend the constitution to require quarterly pension payments. it is an approach backed by unions but christie says it could prove to be disastrous. >> still to come on "action news" pope francis continues his trip to mexico by visit, an area plagued by violence. >> a major automaker is working on self parking office chairs. david. >> temperatures are on the rise this morning and we are basically dry. be careful under foot though for some icy sidewalks, can kids, on the way to the school bus as we're still waiting for some of that ice to melt. this afternoon if you get out of school fast enough you might get caught with the tail end of that heavy rain coming thirty five i'll show you how that's going to progress through the region on future tracker6 and what's ahead in the accuweather 7-day. >> ♪
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>> welcome back. yeah taking a live look mobile6 is out there taking a look at the roads this morning. you see that the snow and what seems to be a covering of ice, slushy ice out there this morning. a lot of roads whether it's main roads, secondary roadster vieirroadsdealing with ice. you want to give yourself extra time. >> we could use the rain. >> we could. this ice is not going to be a constant problem for the next particulars hours. it's going to eventually go away but in the predawn hours you're having a problem and the farther north you go the cool earl the temperatures still are. still trying to work that warm air in. storm tracker6 live double scan right now you can see that we are dry across most of the region. if we go in a little bit closer there are a couple of bands of precipitation and notice how to the west and southwest of the city out in maryland we are still looking at some freezing rain, highlighted in blue, but then it changes over to regular rain as it begins to encounter milder air in place and if i
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leave you with the wide view you can also see there's a bit more of that north of reading heading towards monthsville. might be a sprinkle this morning. the biggest issue is what fell last night and what is still frozen on surfaces. as we take a look outside we have sky6 is the airport and it looks wet and you're going to find that as you're driving around this morning, a lot of roads might look like they're a little slushy or wet as tam just said but unfortunately we are still trying to work through some of the ice that formed overnight and you really want to be careful on sidewalks, side streets and even some patches of main roads over the next couple hours. as we take a look at the temperature in philadelphia we've actually zoomed all the way to 48 so we are working on that ice. it's just -- you can't turn a switch and get rid of it right away so there might still be lingering problems. of course just to the north of philadelphia as i'll show in you a moment we still have colder temperatures. winds are a little breezy right now, 14 miles per hour. not really talking too much wind chill with the
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temperature up there at 48 degrees. but as you take a look at temperatures across the region notice how in trenton we're up to 42, wilmington has dropped back down to 34 so you have been hovering just above the freezing mark there. in through delaware county and wilmington even up in through parts of philadelphia you're still going to have some of that lingering ice because we can't just get rid of it that fast. allentown still at 32 and reading 30. obviously all those northern suburbs are still cold enough to support that ice and you're going to be real careful walking around and getting into the car. as we take a look at future tracker6 the next issue as that warm air surges in ahead of an approaching can cold front is rain coming in and as soon as 10 or 11 o'clock this morning we'll start to see the first reaches of this come through. then there's a big band that comes through right through the middle of the day. this is 2 o'clock. if your kids are getting out of school early some might want an umbrella because this might not be gone right away. by the time the evening commute comes in looks like we're drying out again. there could be residual street flooding in places. we have that icy start.
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you want to be real careful walking around early this morning and driving around particularly on the side streets and even on some patches of main roads and then we have that midday soaker where anywhere from three-quarters of an inch to over an inch of rain happens. that could lead to street flooding. the other issue gusts are going to be strong and as we take a look at future tracker6 at 10:30 as that rain is getting ready to come in we're looking at gusts up over 40 miles per hour at times. same thing at 12:30, a wind driven rain and then after the rain gets out of here the winds die down but it's still pretty blustery and breezy later this afternoon. and your temperatures they are going to be zooming today. we'll get all the way up to a high of 58 degrees by 3 o'clock. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, we're going for a high of 58 today. icy concerns early this morning. then it's going to be that heavy rain coming through so a little bit of everything today. the rain is over by the rush hour the way things are looking. then mostly cloudy on wednesday, 46. do unto 41 on thursday. we start to bounce back again, though, for the weekend. milder on saturday windy 58 and breezy with a high of 54
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on sunday. remember you can always check any time we're not on the air to get the very latest information on what's going on weather-wise and what's going on this morning is lingering ice. again you got to be careful early. hopefully at some point during the rush hour things should start to get better. >> thanks, david. >> yeah. >> happening today, celebrating mass in an area plagued by gang violence. the pope's sexual abuse commission says bishops must report all cases of suspected abuse even when the local law doesn't require it. the statement released by boston cardinal sean o'malley goes beyond the vatican's suggestion. >> comcast apologizing to customers across the east coast and other parts of the country who experienced a cable outage. maybe you did, too. the trouble began yesterday morning. comcast says most service was restored by yesterday afternoon. people in washington, boston,
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pittsburgh, detroit, denver out to san francisco took to social media to air their complaints. oil prices are on the rise. a barrel of crude is up $1.50 a barrel. that's a barrel. to $31. that could lead to an increase at the pumps maybe, slightly while investors hope it leads to a production cut. the markets can closed yesterday for president's day. the major indices were all up on friday big time. so far this morning futures point to a higher open. nissan is testing the self parking office chair. with a single clap the chairs ought mat particularly move back to their assigned location. they even tuck neatly underneath the desk keeping the office neat and tidy. >> that's pretty cool. >> like blade runners not too far behind. >> no, it is not. it is 4:48. coming up later on "action news," the warning from new york city police about the dangers of sleeping with a phone in your bed. look at that. >> george w. bush emerges from political hibernation to hit the campaign trail for his
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younger brother. "action news" will be right back. a
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[meow] meet one today. visit adopt. >> be careful this morning. it's so slick out there. we just had enough slush and ice even though temperatures rising above freezing you're seeing in spots, secondary roads for sure. this is the tacony section, state road at princeton
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avenue. a lot of slush and ice especially in the turn lanes and sidewalks in some cases completely covered as well. we're switching to the flourtown area. 309 approaching paper mill road. we have a single vehicle accident off to the shoulder. you can see the flashing lights right here. traffic is getting by but just another reason to be careful and in addition to all of that we've got some low clouds reducing visibility so that's not helping us either. on the pennsylvania turnpike we had an accident that cleared eastbound near willow grove. in king of prussia we have an accident on the schuylkill expressway. vehicle facing sideways and that one is causing problems as well. we see some of the flashing lights kind of in the distance here. traffic getting by but the accident itself was on the schuylkill expressway westbound here approaching 202. so be careful about that even though the highway's mostly wet we're still seeing problems out there, tam. >> thank you karen. it's kind of a given among brothers, it's one thing if i pick on my little brother but god help you if you do. former president george w. bush has hit the campaign trail in south carolina trying to boost the sagging efforts of his younger brother jeb and
4:53 am
at a rally yesterday the former president never mentioned donald trump but addressed the billionaire businessman with his folksy touch. >> and i understand that americans are angry and frustrated but we do not need someone in the oval office who mirrors and inflames our anger and frustration. >> jeb bush followed the former president with what has been described as his strongest speech of the campaign. jeb said i can beat hillary clinton, i can promise you that. >> hillary clinton was in nevada in advance that of state's democratic caucuses on saturday. she says the vow by republican senators to refuse considering a supreme court nominee this year would not play well with voters and predicted democrats could retake control of the senate. meanwhile bernie sanders and we're a little behind here but bernie sanders held a rally in michigan where he met privately with families affected by the water crisis in flint. >> 4:53. we're following another developing story.
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gunfire pierced a window at apartments near temple university triggering an alert. details on that coming up at 5:00 a.m. >> ♪
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>> new on "action news" police in new york city are trying get the word out be careful using your cell phone in bed. the nypd's 33rd precinct tweeted out these pictures showing the aftermath of a cell phone overheating and catching fire in a bad ream. the happened in the washington heights section of the city.
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police warn don't put your cell phone under a pillow while are you charging your device. >> a woman in minnesota gave birth on the side of a the road while trying get to the hospital. to make things worst temperature was minus 28 degrees fan high. ben and dixie started off on the 40-mile trip to the hospital saturday morning but dixie quickly realized baby is not waiting. so ben pulled the minivan over to the side of the highway and delivered their daughter himself. he wrapped 6-pound 10-ounce baby in a blanket can and an ambulance arrived a few minutes later. rogue and mom dixie are doing well. >> stone cold delivery. >> yes. >> taylor swift was a big winner at the grammy awards and some predict the bad blood between the berks conflate tiff and an infamous rapper may thicken. >> pat too many plea is weighing in on who should pick the next supreme court justice. those stories and more up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone. it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday february 16th and we're working on several new and developing stories. >> temperatures are working their way above the freezing mark thank goodness but still the slush could make for a messy commute out there. >> the hunt is on for the gunman who shot and tried to rob a man in center city. we're live with how the victim tried to escape. >> music's biggest nights has many highs and a few low blows. we'll break down the spectacle that was the grammys. >> that commute could be a tough one this morning. here's d


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