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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> developing now on "action news," a man trying to flee a guy trying to rob him doesn't get far. gunfire takes him down in center city. >> the fog and wintry mix is making for a messy commute and storm tracker6 is revving up for another round of rain. >> only on "action news" frontier frustration. passengers let loose on an airline over fallout on a delayed flight. >> good morning, it's 5:30 on this tuesday, february 16th. let's go right to meteorologist, david murphy. the temperatures can't rise fast enough and karen rogers has what this all means for traffic. good morning. >> temperatures are rapid in there process of rising but that change happens kind of late in the game in a lot of neighborhoods so we're left with icy sidewalks, side streets and even patches of more significant roadways that are slick. one band of precipitation i who lighted in blue that has a chance of being freezing rain and it looks like it's about to push into berks county and
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the northwest corner of chester county. a winter weather advisory has been canceled across most region. it's still in effect in the poconos until 7 o'clock and a warning out west because of that freezing rain. but even in areas where you don't have an active advisory all that means is that the precipitation is over. you still have ice that's trying melt as we get those temperatures to rise and work on that ice that did form overnight. we're all the way up to 51 degrees in philadelphia. of course there are other spots like wilmington that are much closer to freezing. same story in allentown. still below freezing in reading. certainly the more you move up through these cooler areas the good chance you have of some of that ice still lingering but even in philadelphia and parts of south jersey we have seen the icy sidewalks and still waiting for them to break up with that temperature rising. so temperatures are rising this morning but there is lingering ice on sidewalks and side streets. we want you to be careful of that. if the kids are walking to the bus stop this morning, 49 degrees by 6 o'clock in philadelphia, 51 by 8 o'clock but warn them there might be some slippery spots. of course we got our second round of issues today and that's with this big batch of rain that's going to be coming
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through generally speaking between the hours of about 10:00 and maybe 3 o'clock this afternoon from west to east for several hours you're going get some rain heavy at times and that could produce some street flooding. it is going to be mild with a high of 58 degrees. karen you have a busy morning keeping an eye on all of those icy roads. >> i think it's going to be tough even where temperatures in the 50's we're seeing slush on the roads. it's taken too long melt here. we're looking in chalfont bucks county and this is stump road at limekiln pike and you can see all the slush that's still out there at this point. in addition to that we can see the low clouds so in some cases fog making it hard to see the slush. now we're looking in king of prussia overled on the schuylkill westbound approaching 202. we had an accident even on the schuylkill where it's mostlily just wet. we had an accident with a vehicle facing the wrong way that has since cleared. we're watching live and you can see the rain spraying on the roads so it is just water on the roadways here. this is the flourtown area 309 approaching paper mill road.
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single vehicle accident up ahead right here. although the main lanes look good you can see the slush and ice on the sides of the road and you got to be careful with the ramps. you see people taking their time right here. this is east falls on the boulevard at fox street. the highway mostly wet but be careful as you're trying exit or exit on the ramps. i want to see what it looks like in the tacony section. a lot of slush and in the background we can see 95. we still have 45 miles an hour speed restrictions on your area highways, matt. >> thank you karen. let's stay with this for a moment and switch live to "action news" reporter annie mccormick with a look at conditions in quakertown bucks county. annie. >> reporter: matt, we're by john fries highway and weiss road and you can hear karen talk about slush. you're seeing some of that on these roadways but as it gets warmer it's getting slushier and less icy. also the fact that the morning commute is picking up is also a big help. take a look at what you're seeing down here on the grassy areas and sidewalks. look, it looks like you're seriously breaking ice and
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that's because the snow underneath it and then there's that thin layer of ice and it froze and i can tell that you it's still pretty cold up near quakertown. so even when you're walking you can still see now that your footprints have reiced over in some parts. taking a look again just to give you an idea about that thick glaze that are over, these are piles of snow that were pushed over by a plow to clear the drive way of this bank over here and you can see that rain must have fallen and then ice covered it, too, so that's also something you're going see on your cars when you wake up so be prepared to have to leave time heat up your car before you clear off your windshield. also sidewalks if you're going to the bus you're going see areas like this where you really have to be careful. we took a little slip when we were walking downhill just to get down to our live shot. that's just a quick look at what you're seeing around the area. for now live in quakertown, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> annie thank you. now going ton a developing story. a masked gunman ambushed two friends walking along a center
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city street putting one in the hospital. let's get the details from katherine scott. she's live where it happened on the 1500 block of locust street. good morning, katherine um good morning.>> reporter: good , today. the victim remains at hahnemann university hospital in critical condition. this happened during a robbery attempt here at 15th and locust but the victim ended up collapsing after he ran away over by the kimmel center. let's go to video from last night. police were called out just before 1:00 a.m. after report of this shooting here in center city. investigators say the victim had been at 15th and locust walking with a friend when a plan with a gun approached them and announced a robbery. the victim took off running south on 15th and that's when the robber fired one shot hitting the victim once in his right arm. the victim kept running until he collapsed at broad and spruce by the kimmel center. when police arrived the victim was bleeding heavily and he was losing consciousness. police took him to hahnemann. the witnesses were taken to central detectives to be interviewed and investigators
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collected evidence from the scene. >> based on ballistic evidence we know at least one slot was fired from a semi-automatic weapon large caliberly we found a large caliber spent shell casing at the intersection of 15th and locust streets. >> reporter: there are quite a few surveillance cameras in the area so police hoping to find some footage there can help them as they continue to look for this gun plan. live in center city, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> katherine thank you. an autopsy should reveal more about a woman's death in allentown. her body was found on sunday inside a recycling bin behind an apartment building. authorities do not know how the woman died or who she is. she's described as 18 to 30 of asian descent about 5 feet tall and 119 pounds with short black hair. police want to hear from anybody who happens to have any more information. >> i'm erin o'hearn at the big board with a flight mayor scenario for nearly 200 passengers on a frontier flight heading from philadelphia to tampa. they say they sat on the runway for at least three hours with no heating or air
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conditioning and only one cup of water. only to find out the flight was canceled. >> been out there for three hours. three hours we was sitting out there. >> the delay started with weather issues but then a maintenance issue kept the flight on the ground. as we said eventually it was canceled and as you can see the passengers were let off the plane where they were told they could pick up their baggage as well as vouchers for hotels and food but here's the kick earl. the hotel they received the voucher for was booked. many were told they would be flown out this morning at 9:00 a.m. others were warned there wouldn't be a flight for them until thursday morning. tired hungry and frustrated many families tried to sleep on their bags while others still seemed in shock by what they say is incompetence and lack of organization by the airline. >> everybody just really frustrated. it's 2 o'clock in the morning many people have to work the next day. i got to work the next day and they think just giving me a
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$200 voucher would justify the situation where that doesn't help me at all because their next flight is thursday. >> all the hotel vouchers that they gave us are worthless. the hotels basically are booked and there's no shuttle taking us to the hotel like they promised either. it's been one disaster after the other. it's fantastic. front its a great airline. >> we called front tear and e-mailed to get some answers but have not heard back. one of those planes and trains and automobiles moments that these poor people are still dealing with nearly 12 hours after they were supposed to leave philadelphia. guys, back to you. makes you never want to fly again honestly. >> also makes you think that the people of frontier ought to be tracking those people down and giving them more than a $200 voucher. >> probably. storm tracker6 live double scan slows we're mainly dry off in the northern and western suburbs. we do have just a little bit of freezing rain that looks like it wants to slip areas close to reading and looks like it's changing over to a little bit of light snow
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around coatesville. this is really shooting up north and probably misses most of the area. i suppose if you're over toward allentown you might get lightly clipped by this. biggest issue is really where temperatures were about 12 hours ago and even in some cases a few hours ago and how the ice formed and it still hasn't melted especially in these northern areas but even down around philadelphia and areas of south jersey and delaware near the delaware river. let's go ahead and take a look outside and we have the delaware river in fact with the commodore barry bridge in chester and again even though temperatures are on the rise we still have some lingering ice on sidewalks, side streets and even patchy spots on main roads and once that melts you're going to be stuck with some slush as karen rogers has been telling us. so, a slow morning commute both on foot and behind the wheel. 51 degrees in philadelphia. the sun isn't up yet and we're still having trouble getting rid of it all. winds out of the south-southeast at 15 miles per hour. they'll be getting stronger later on.
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big story this morning though is how in some cases the temperatures are still struggling to get much past the freezing mark. in reading we're up to 35 but we were below freezing within about 45 minutes ago so certainly concerns with icy road conditions and sidewalks up in through here and there may still be a little bit of that in through delaware county and in through philadelphia despite that warm air. south jersey we had the mild air in place a little longer but even there there are slushy road conditions and slow going. future tracker6 then takes us to the next issue and that comes as rain starts to move in from the west ahead of a cold front. now, it is going to get very mild across the entire region by 11 o'clock so we expect this will be rain and nothing more. but we are looking at periods of heavy rain and this will continue right through 2, 3 o'clock, maybe even a little past 3 o'clock in some areas. and it's coming down so heavy at times that it is going to be giving us the possibility of some street flooding along the way and some streams running high. does look as though by the
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evening commute most of that rain is to the east. the icy start we talked about and midday through the midday hours anywhere from three-quarters of an inch to an inch an quarter of rain with street flooding possible. there's also going to be strong blustery winds ahead of this approaching rain and as it's pushing through so look for strong wind gusts as well. 55 degrees by 10 o'clock, by noon 57 and your high is about 58 degrees around 3 o'clock today. again, with that rain coming through in the center three or four hours of the day. 58 is the high in philadelphia. we'll get up to 54 in allentown, 54 in cape may. cloudy skies with that period of rain in the middle of the day. your seven-day from accuweather, today's high 58. we've got the icy start. that should improve once we get a little past sunrise but it's sort of await and see step by step situation on that score. and then we've got the heavy rain can coming through, 58 is the high. things do calm down a bit later on in the afternoon. mostly cloudy then tomorrow, 46 and down to 41 be under the sun on thursday. then we head toward the coming weekend and we get another
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surge of mild air. more clouds on friday, 45. up to 58 with windy conditions on saturday and 54 on sunday, partly sunny and still breezy. looks like the next chance of showers would be monday. showers with a high of 50. >> thank you david. it's now 5:42 and coming up new jersey governor chris christie will be in trenton today to kick off talks about the state budget. we'll give you some details on what he's expected to say. >> the nypd is sending out a warning about cell phone explosions in the bed. karen. >> we've already seen a handful of accidents today. one here in northeast philadelphia popped up and cleared very quickly. it was on the ramp from academy road to i-95 southbound. you got to be extra careful on your ramps even though most of the highways are just wet. we're going show you what it looks like on the roads and talk about problems coming up. >> the baby who entered the world on the side of a highway in some really unusual weather conditions. that's later on "action news." >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:45. good morning everyone. it is tuesday, 50 degrees on city avenue. if your child goes to a school district in the western suburbs of pa, very good chance they have a two-hour delay. although we're not seeing many schools in new jersey or delaware doing the same thing. full list on the bottom of your screen, also on >> got that phone call sitting right here onset, karen. >> isn't that great? i hope your husband didn't have to go into work. it's always fun, right. we want to show you what it looks like on the roads.
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we're looking here in chalfont bucks county, up are state road at bristol road. still seeing the slush even though temperatures in some spots in the 50's. slush on the roadways certainly the secondary roads and the turn lanes so be careful and in some cases the sidewalks are just covered with slush. and lots of accidents starting to come in. so here's a couple of them. limekiln pike at mccain road. here's a new accident in horsham. another new accident in upper merion on radnor road at croton road. one in west conshohocken that's coming in right now on marion hill lane at conshohocken state road. going outside live one more time seeing what it looks like in exton chester county. this is route 100 at commerce drive where the highways and even route 100 here mostly just wet with some slick spots here or there. but i want to show you something. this is video that i pulled over and shot in camden county. temperatures are in the 50's. sure we see the runoff but on the side of the road you see the slush and ice. this is a sidewalk here. so even in areas where you have temperatures in the 50's the kids have to wear their boots if they're walking tout school to get to the bus stop because you're walking through
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so much slush here and let's look at storm tracker6 live double scan. as if all of that wasn't enough of an issue we have a little precipitation that's coming down in spots that are hovering just barely above freezing here so some sleet happening in honey brook on 322, it's moving towards pottstown on the 30 bypass you had a few snow flurries here in reading on 422 you're dealing with some sleet or in some cases freezing rain the farther north you go and near i-78 as well so this will be heading towards allentown quakertown town so we're watching for that even though these temperatures showing a whopping 51 degrees. barely above freezing in the lehigh valley in some spots matt. >> thanks karen. police in new york city trying to get the word out to be careful using your cell phone in bed. the nypd's 33rd prees 60 tweeted out these pictures showing the aftermath of a cell phone overheating and catching fire. it happened in the washington heights section of the city. police warn don't put your cell phone under a pillow while you're charging the device overnight. >> the jabs just keep coming
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in the republican race for president. former president george w. bush campaigned for his brother jeb in south carolina. now he didn't mention donald trump by name but it was clear who he meant when he said the country does not need someone in the oval office who inflames our anger and frustration. meanwhile trump was spending time on gop rival ted cruz calling him "the single biggest liar he's come across and trump is threatening to sue cruise over his eligibility to serve in the white house unless cruz retracts his negative ads against trump. on the democratic side hillary clinton was in nevada. she insisted that the senate's refusal to consider a nominee of president obama to succeed antonin scalia would not play well with voters and the democrats could retake control of the senate over the issue. her rival bernie sanders held a rally in michigan where he met privately with families affected by the water crisis in flint. >> ♪ happening today, new jersey governor chris christie will deliver his state budget address. christie is expected to unveil his plans on funding the
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state's public pension program. democratic lawmakers are already looking ahead to 2017 though when a new governor will be elected. they want to push forward a proposal to amend the state constitution to require quarterly pension payments. it is an approach backed by unions butter christie says it could prove disastrous. >> 5:49 now and while we're dealing with other wintry conditions some people out west are actually in the middle of a heat wave. >> and the 18 million-dollar gift that will help renovate a piece of american history. lysol disinfectant spray kills 99.9% of bacteria
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on more than just the trashcan. it's the "pungent gym bag stink" neutralizer. and the "prevent mold and mildew on the shower curtain for up to 7 days" spray. it's also the "odor causing bacteria" fighter. and even the "athlete's foot fungus" killer. discover more ways you can use lysol disinfectant spray to help keep your home healthier. >> fresh off a wintry mix we are all probably doing a little california dreaming. >> oh, man. >> people in san diego are enjoying a summer-like hot spell with highs in the 80's. beaches have been unseasonably
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busy filled with surfers and sunbathers and yet we're all back here. >> not a problem around here. >> what does the weather guy do out there. >> they do weather everywhere else. >> nothing to talk about. let's take you outside right now. we've got stuff to talk about. it's slick on the roads. this is i-95 at the girard point bridge. the roads still mostly wet but we're seeing some slushy patches here and there on the highways and the ramps especially but secondary roads even more so. so, that's a bigger issue there. remains wet on the ben franklin bridge here. looking live that's your westbound traffic on your right. pedestrian walkway remains closed. speed restrictions have been lifted so you can travel normally. just slow it down dave. >> a bands of freezing rain pushing up into the northern suburbs. probably will clip allentown and right now it's in berks county, a little bit of chester county so be careful of that. if you're dressing the kids we have temperatures zooming up pretty good in the i-95 corridor although northern suburbs are still cold enough
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for a winter coat and this afternoon they might need some rain gear as a band of heavy rain coming through the region may still be lingering in some areas by the time the kids get out of school. temperatures are really climbing. we're up to 55 degrees in philadelphia. but oddly enough still hovering at 35 degrees in wilmington. that will start to respond to the warm surge before too much longer. still closer to freezing in the northern and western suburbs and big issue this morning we have areas where frozen sidewalks, icy side streets still an issue and even spots where the numbers have really climbed in and around the i-95 corridor you might have to watch out for that for another few hours, tam. >> thank you david. the lincoln memorial in washington, d.c. is getting a face-lift thanks to a recent $18.5 million donation. the money will be used to fix the memorial's roof, clean the maribel and improve accessibility by adding a second elevator. the national park service plans to create a visitor's space for exhibits tucked beneath the memorial. >> pope francis will continue his five day trip to mexico today by celebrating mass in
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an area plagued by gang violence. the southern state welcomed the pontiff yesterday. it is one of the poorest areas in mexico. indigenous mexicans thanked the pope for visiting them saying it calls attention to their often ignored culture. >> ♪
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>> a three-alarm fire displaced a dozen families in delaware. flames ripped through the autumn park apartments on winter haven drive in newark last night. firefighters were able to contain the fire before it
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spread further into the complex. no injuries were reported. the fire victims are receiving assistance from the red cross. >> a mom minnesota gave birth on the side of road while trying to reach the hospital and to make things worst temperature was minus 28 degrees fahrenheit. ben and dexie mathis started on the 40-mile trip to the hospital but dexie realized they were not make it there on time. >> at one point she had told me to stop. i said there's no way we're stopping. we're 4 miles out of town. and she said no stop we're having a child right here. >> so ben pulled the minivan over to the side of the highway and delivered their daughter himself. now to complicate things ben was only born with one hand but he said that did not impede the birth. he wrapped 6-pound 10-ounce baby rogue in a blanket and an ambulance arrived later. rogue and mom dexie are doing well. >> meteorologist, david murphy he is tracking rain while karen rogers is on the lookout
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for slushy conditions. >> new overnight bullets blast through a complex near temple university. it's one story we're developing for you next up at 6:00 a.m. >> ♪ when heartburn hits
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fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday, february 16th, and we're working on several new and developing stories. >> temperatures are trying to work their way above the freezing mark but we've got mobile6 out there right now on dekalb pike making its way. they've come through blue bell head towards norristown looking at slushy roads. could be a messy commute. >> the lunt is on for the gunman who shot a man in


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