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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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system. around 11:00 the cold front was getting closer and we had an intention squall line of heavy downpours developing over maryland and what happens was it pushed to the east of philadelphia moving through at 12:30 with rumbles of thunder and intense wind gusts. it was moving at 50 miles per hour so at 2:00 the heavy rain pushed offshore but then we had the damage and lots of trees bone over thanks to the squall line winds, philadelphia reporting a gust of 29 miles per hour and west depford 57 and pittsburgh township 65 and tuckerton a wind gust of 54 miles per hour. we did have localized flooding than is posted for 7:15 with some of the smaller creeks and streams and also parts of western delaware county and mont county and southeastern berks
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county, and our weather is settling down and the weekend should be nice and mild and i'll have details on that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> our sky 6 hd camera over the center city skyline shows us how fast the day's rain moved in and you can see how this afternoon's system brought low clouds and plenty of wind as they drifted by, that rain and wind did leave damage. this is springfield, montgomery county at station avenue and woods road. chopper 6 hd is live over the scene now showing you there are employees right now to determine how much the damage caused and if they can get the tree cleared and get the road open for the evening. again serious damage from wind and heavy rain that moved through the area causing trees to be downed across our area. meantime south jersey winds ripped the roof off of this building, and branches and
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debris was left here. in cherry hill, strong winds brought down a tree on k drive. and right now the road is closed and it's unclear when it will reopen and nobody was hurt here either and we see scenes like this all around our area tonight and vernon odom continues our coverage in feasterville, buck county. vernon? >> reporter: this storm got nasty around noon today in various parts of this town and a lot of ground water is knocking old old trees over very quickly and they have become very, very dangerous. the heavy rain and fierce winds swept through this section of feasterville at mid-day, uprooting old trees like this one on crocus street, he heard limbs falling and came out to investigate. >> i was facing in the direction that the wins were coming and this large tree i was watching tonight it started to go and
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went slowly down and i was maybe 10, 15 feet from where it hit. >> to his good fortune he was not injured but a lot of damage to his home of 43 years, is it smashed everything across the house and the back mother-in-law apartment and the two bedrooms got smashed. >> damage was visible feasterville. this is appropriately named wind swept avenue. it disrupted the flow of traffic until the crews arrived to remove the obstacle and a television line dangling across the highway. you can now see live this crane service work on picking up a lot of large limbs here in feasterville this afternoon,
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there is a lot of damage to the house as the gentlemen said and they are about to pick up more of the heavy limbs and are now sawed off and they are work on them. fortunately nobody was injured here today. live in feasterville, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. in other news tonight, attorney general, kathleen kane said she would not seek a second term. the democrat is currently facing criminal charges for allegedly leaking grand jury material to a reporter and lying about it under oath. the state senate voted on a motion to remove her from office than failed to pass. today kane did not mention the charges she is fighting but said she has a more important job to turn her attention to. >> i love pennsylvania, but i love my sons first, i am a mother first and foremost. at the end of the my life i hope that history judges me well,
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that is the time to tell. i hope more that god and my sons judge me well. >> kane's announcements came hours before the deadline to make the primary ballot. after speaking to the media, she sat down for a one-on-one interview with our brian taff, more of that is coming up on "action news" at 6:00. from our new jersey newsroom, governor, chris christie, he laid out his plans for the garden state. his first public appearance since dropping out of the presidential race, his failed campaign seems to be backfiring at home too. only 29% of new jersey voterers now have a favorable opinion of christie it's a new low for the governor. but that did not stop him from trying to strike a bipartisan tone today. nora muchanic is live with more on that today in trenton.
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>> reporter: hi there, his numbers may be bad but he got a kind welcome home from lawmakers in trenton. his budget calls for no new taxes and wants to work with the democratic controlled legislature to make it that way. he arrived to a standing ovation from the legislature. >> the result was not what i was hoping for and maybe some of you too. the experience has made me a better governor, a better american and a better person. and then out lieded the budge that increases school aid and makes a $1.9 billion payment into the state's ailing pension system. he blasted them for a constitutional amendment demanding regular payments. >> we cannot lock in platinum plated benefits in the constitution at the expensive
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hard working tax paying families in our state. and the transportation trust fund rejecting the idea of raising the gas tax to do tx he asked lawmakers to work with him to solve problems. there was protesters with mops mocking his response to shore flooding last month. >> we made a deal with the pension and to fund it and the state is not living up to that part of the budget. >> i think we have a kinder and gentler christie today and i think it's true what he said he'll be a better governor now. >> reporter: i wouldn't call it a honeymoon by any means, but the governor and legislative leaders have to work together to tackle important issues on their plates right now.
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i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. new jersey officials have also approved an $11.9 million deal to keep the miss america pageant in atlantic city. it's $4 million more than the last pageant at boardwalk hall. it will go toward production costs. we are about eight weeks and counting until the phillies home opener, but you can get your hands on single game tickets. the same day pitchers and catchers report for spring training in clearwater, florida. jeff skversky will be live in florida covering the preseason. the first home game against the san diego padres on monday april 11th. it's getting close. >> yes it is. matt pellman is in the "action news" traffic center, not hitting much of a home run on the highways.
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>> the ticket to a problem free ride is unclogged drains and we have not had them in all cases, one is clogged on 422 westbound in oaks, it's still clogged and penndot is trying to unclog it. it's causing extra delays on westbound 422 this afternoon and still high water on the kelly drive heading out of east falls and the normal slow stuff on 95 with speeds in the 20s and 30s and accidents in south jersey this afternoon one is shutting down south chapel avenue and the black horse pike southbound blocked off at nickel road and some downed poles in brooklawn and woodbury, 45 shut down near the subway, stick with kings highway to get around that one. >> thank you matt. more ahead on "action news" at 5:00 tonight.
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it was day two of gains on wall street, making big moves to boost stocks after a long weekend. i will never fly with this airline ever again. >> it's one disaster after another. >> the tarmac troubles at philadelphia international airport that turned a situation into patience.
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markets closed in the green across the board after a long weekend for traders, wall street saw a big rally led by retail, after encouraging news about company earnings and deals. the dow finished up 22 points on the day, the nasdaq climbed 2% ending up 98 points and the s&p gave 30 by the end of the trading. a deadly train crash happened near munich after a mistake by the train dispatcher. more than 80 were injured when the train crashed head-on, the investigation is open whether the dispatcher should be charged with negligent homicide.
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>> pope spend time in one of the move violent areas in mexico. he took a ride around and celebrated mass for mexican clergy and nuns and encouraging them to minister to people torn by the violence. africa's first secretary general, the diplomat took the helm in 1992 and worked to establish the u.n. as an organization amid several world crises, he died in the hospital after being hospitalized for a broken pelvis, he was 93 years old. in health check a controversial decision on autism, a task force says that toddlers should not be routinely
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screened for it. ali gorman is here with more. >> reporter: some groups want universal screening for toddlers but the u.s. preventative task force says there is not enough evidence yet that screenings lead to better outcomes. some say that screenings and early intervention work zbrz it will maximize their development and growth and minimize the symptoms, if we can find it earlier while they are growing rapidly, we can make a difference in their lives and the future. >> the screening, a questionnaire. it's an individual decision and parents concerned about their child's development should discuss it with their health
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care provider. the food and drug administration says anyone that was to the area with the zika virus will donate blood for three weeks. these recommendations have been expected and the american red cross has already put the rules in place. and coming up later tonight, if you are not feeling as happy as you would like to be, are you not alone. some psychiatrists say they are seeing a growing trend in unhappiness, and some say social media could make it worse but we'll show you how one local businessman found more joy in his life, and we'll show you how you can fine more joy too. rick and monica back to you. >> okay thank you ali. looking forward to it. a big honor for high schoolers in wilmington and their engineering skills.
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ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. philadelphia mayor, jim kenney spend lunch time at a round table with some of his
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youngest constituents. at pre-k corner, the kids can't vote but she are a part of mayor kenney's education goals he wants free pre-k by the end of his term. six seniors from concord high are just named one of the five national finalists in the source american design challenge. the students were asked to create design technologies that would create a more productiontive workplace or provide job opportunitieses for people with disabilities. the team will travel to washington, d.c. now for the finals. future engineers got a hands on lesson today. a boeing engineer helped them build gliders, they heard about
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e week for future engineers, it looks like fun with a purpose. >> it does look like fun. it's not often that high school students celebrate not a day off but a day in school. that was the case in williamstown, new jersey, a 100 day celebration in monroe township, students and faculty marked the occasion with food fun and festivities and more important preparation for state mandated tests that high schoolers have to take in a few ties. and local businesses got into the action by providing treats for the high schoolers. coming up we'll check the accuweather forecast. looking live at sky 6 hd, cecily tynan has the nicer accuweather forecast when we come right back.
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time with accuweather, with meteorologist, cecily tynan, the sun actually came out. >> we deserve it, we deserve dry, quiet weather for a while and we are getting it. sky 6 hd looking at the commodore barry bridge and we still have some clouds up there but the clouds are breaking and the sun is reflecting off the bridge and it's still breezy out there but the winds have
5:25 pm
diminished from earlier today, we have snow and freezing rain and winds and we also have a big jump if temperatures over the past 50 hours, we have a 50 degree jump and philadelphia went from a low of 8 degrees to a high of 60 today that is 52 degrees higher and atlantic city going from the single digits to the upper 50s and the poconos, the air temperature was is he degrees below zero on sunday and made it up to 50 today that is a 61 degree jump and it felt like more of a jump because the windchills were 37 degrees below zero. 49 in philadelphia and allentown 44 and atlantic city 41 and reading 43 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing a strong system that blew threw and the front is now working off the eastern
5:26 pm
seaboard and what this will do it provide us quiet conditions tonight and a few patchy clouds and temperatures dropping below freezing in our suburbs, be careful could be patchy black ice for roads that didn't blow dry today. millville 32 and atlantic city 35 and philadelphia 33 degrees. future tracker 6 showing as we head into tomorrow morning not bad s. 37 at 10:00, and 33 in allentown and a few clouds here and there as we head into the afternoon there is another cold front that will move through and this means there could be some showers breaking out. snow showers should be confined to the poconos and elsewhere we are dealing with a little bit of cloud cover, the five-day at 5:00 showing tomorrow we have a snow shower in the poconos and a high of 45 degrees and behind the cold front it drops down to 45 on thursday and increasing clouds on friday and 44 with a warm front and look at this weekend, a big change from last
5:27 pm
weekend, 58 on saturday and it's windy and sunday 56 degrees with the possibility of a shower and temperatures are dropping next week, adam joseph is talking about that in the accuweather forecast. the next seven day its looking nice. >> thanks cecily. more ahead in our next half hour of "action news" at 5:00. philadelphia police want to hear from you because he victimized a woman at a local store. a student at a local high school is put in handcuffs after what authorities say they found in his backpack and they are honoring late court justice, anthony scalia, president obama's plans for filling that high seat on the court.
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if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit "action news" continues. hello again. here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. powerful rain and winds tore through our area and are destroying parts of a popular area in buck county. and a story you'll see here on "action news" a planeful of passengers were stranded on the
5:30 pm
tarmac at philadelphia international airport, what passengers are saying about what happened on board and a new study shows that philadelphia and its neighboring communities may be at risk when trains move oil through our region. now the details after several hours of steady rain, a brief but intense squall line moved through our region and parts of a bucks county region were destroyed. >> workers at tanner's dairy thought a tornado had touched down there. walter perez is live with more on the damage. >> reporter: hi guys, over the years it's always amazing to see when you cover a wind damage story with a narrow scope and this is one more examine people as you see here, there are no other homes or businesses that we know of that were damaged but there you see the barn at the tanner brothers dairy farm blown off and people here at the time say that that wind burst hit fast and hard. >> we have a pretty big mess to clean up. >> lenny tanner, from tanner
5:31 pm
brothers dairy farm is talking about the damage done to the barn where he keeps his cows and that it was 1:00 this afternoon when a powerful wind blew through buck county and it was strong enough to rip the roof off the 40-year-old barn, pieces of the wooden frame took off like missiles piercing the silo nearby. >> it happened so fast it really -- there was some noise and somebody had just come and got me and i came out and i was surprised as anybody. >> now, several workers were inside of the barn at the time and nobody was injured and the cows are just fine and the goal now is to clean up and repair this mess as quickly as possible. we'll have to get it cleaned up and then assess the damage and move forward as far as reconstruction. >> reporter: all right back out live, the tanners say they are
5:32 pm
insured and for the cow's sake the overnight temperatures will not be as cold as the last few nights. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." a towering billboard in camden was also no match for the powerful wind and rains that came through, the steel structure toppled and debris flew into the roadway forcing police to close the roadway. >> nick snapped this for join the action and you can see part of a roof tore off this building as well. scatting wood on the ground and look at the football field in gloucester high, the scoreboard ripped out and ended up on the ground. >> remember if you see weather or breaking news happening in your area, just send it to us, our 6 abc and twitter pages are there, #6abcaction.
5:33 pm
police in philadelphia are looking for a man that used a gun to steal a woman's purse and her car. the crime happened sunday at the angel's spirit deli at rising sun, he pointed a gun at her chest and demanded her keys and purse and sped off with her black honda accord. if you have any information about the incident or if you recognize the suspect are you asked to call police. the fbi and the philadelphia police department are looking for a man that tried to rob a bank in center city. it happened last friday on february 12th, at 2:50 at first trust bank an 1515 market street. the robber ended up leaving without cash, he was wearing a ski mask at the time so you can't see his face but if you have information call the number on your screen there.
5:34 pm
from our delaware newsroom tonight, a 16-year-old students at newark high school was taken into police custody after authorities found marijuana and a loaded gun in his backpack this morning, still not clear why the student had a weapon and he was arraigned on several charges and held on $17,000 bail and parents were notified of the the incidents and nobody was hurt. now to an "action news" exclusion of. dozens of passengers heading to sunny tampa florida, in fact the trip turned into a nightmare and they are blaming the airline, the delays started just as they were about to take off. now weather conditions prevented takeoff, and then there was a maintenance issue, all told they spent three hours on the plane on the tarmac and complained of no heat or air conditioning and the trouble started when they were let off the train to get their bag. >> the hotel is totally book and
5:35 pm
there is no shuttle taking us to the hotel like they promised either. >> we are not getting straight answers, and the people were not being friendly either. we were the ones being moved around. >> passengers were forced to sleep on their luggage at the airport. the company spokesperson told us that the flight encountered a mechanical issue and each customer was given a full refund as well as food and hotel vouchers as well as a $200 voucher. >> but the passenger we spoke to the hotels were booked at midnight. and due to weather conditions remaining some may not be able to fly out until thursday. >> wow. thank you man can a. the oil trains that travel
5:36 pm
through philadelphia could be putting people's health and safety at risk especially those that live in the city's minority communities. that is according to several environmental groups. they say that minority and low income communities face disproportionate threats from pollution and chemicals. >> if a catastrophic oil accident occurs in our region, nearly 1 million philadelphians would be impacted and most of them would not even know an evacuation plan. >> the environmental groups want community meetings to disclose evacuation plans and the emergency response plans as well. the new york man that allegedly hit and dragged a toms river police officer outside a dmv office is facing attempted murder charges. the story we are following for you since last december,
5:37 pm
authorities say that 33-year-old diaz was living in the u.s. and confronted by officer daniel brennan for allegedly using a fake i.d. he ran to his car and tried to drive away and in the process hitting officer brennan. diaz remains jailed on $500,000 bail. slick conditions may have played a role in a crash on cheltenham avenue. the suv lost control and ran into the back of a parked car here and one person was taken to elkin park hospital with minor injuries. traffic is back to normal in chester on 222 after a crash involving a snowplow, the traffic backups during the morning rush. the truck hit power lines near north cedar road and the power lines fell across both lanes of 202, and some were stuck in their cars for about han hour
5:38 pm
and fortunately nobody was hurt. lets get a check of traffic conditions right now. matt pellman has an update. >> a crazy scene, a salt bin on the back of the truck brought down the power lines, blocked 202 both ways and the good news is rick and monica, it's better than this morning and yesterday afternoon, it's not great. 95 northbound side an accident taking out the left lane, left debris on the roadway and several cars hit that. and that was the issue on 95 northbound, you have the normal afternoon delays, a broken down vehicle on the vine taking out the schuylkill on the right lane, tacony palmyra bridge, and we still have the high water on the kelly drive past hunting park, one lane out of commission there, we are cleaning up from the rounds of rain earlier today and a downed tree blocking fruit farm road and old state road
5:39 pm
gets you around that and the lake on 422 eastbound at oaks traffic is squeezing by on the shoulder. and coming west of 222 and cherry hill and church road was your alternate around that one. >> thank you matt. still ahead on "action news" tonight, president obama sets the record straight about who should nominate the next supreme court justice. and even if the calendar says winter it's spring fever in clearwater as pitchers and catchers are getting ready to report. jeff skversky has all the information in sports. and a few showers now in northern new england with the strong winds, we'll chat about a calmer rest of the week forecast.
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5:43 pm
scalia. >> there is more than enough time for the senate to consider the thoughtful way the record of a nominee that i present and to make a decision. >> the president did not say who he will nominate or when but some leading republicans in the senate hinted they will not consider any nominee until president obama leaves office. they are split now 4-4 with abortion and big issues to be considered and now funeral arrangementses are coming in for justice scalia, a black wool draped over his bench at the supreme court. his funeral mass will be this saturday at the shrine of the immaculate conception in washington, d.c. and now more on the political battle of his replacements on the high court. time for sports, jaime apody
5:44 pm
is here. >> time for pitchers and catchers, i can do without the downpours but i promised you palm trees and i'll give you palm trees and a lucky jeff skversky. >> welcome to clearwater, florida, home to phillies spring training since 1947, pitchers and catchers report here for the first time and among the most exciting guys is brett oberholder. part of kevin giles deal. he grew up a big fill philies fan and he is ready to compete. >> once you get down there it's non-stop and it's a grind and for me it's slow the game down one pitch at a time and one game at a time and do everything in my power to represent the team and go from there.
5:45 pm
that is all i can do. >> starter long relief, bullpen? >> my goal is to start. i think i am capable of producing wins for the philadelphia phillies and that is my goal. >> this offseason he said that he wants to be part of the phillies team that led them down a parade on broad street, first things first, pitchers and catchers report tomorrow he'll get a shot at a job on the phillies rotation. if ever there was a must win for the flyers, this is it, they are in north jersey to face the flyers and a biggy in college hoops, temple and villanova. he knows his owls are in for quite the challenge in his sex decades of coaching he never went against a number one. nova's coach says bring it on. >> it's the ultimate test and it's going to be a game that will prepare us for post season.
5:46 pm
i know when we scheduled this and had the offer from espn to play this late in the year, on the road at temple in february, it's not going to get any tougher than that. >> the whole game will be hard, we have to defend well and oh fence well and special teams well. it's a great opportunity for our team. >> not to be overlooked there will be a pretty huge game on hawk hill. 21-4 st. joe's has a chance to get back in first place by knocking off dayton and make an impression on the selection committee in march around the corner. >> if they meet tomorrow morning and they base it on what we did last, lets leave them with the right impression. that is not the case, you have no bearing, it's just based on the numbers. and the numbers say we are 21-4
5:47 pm
and second place in one of the best conferences and we are playing for first place tomorrow night. okay. >> they knock off dayton she no be ranked two. we have good teams in town this weekend. and the non-stop laughs and action kicks off tonight at 8:00 with off the boat. >> notorious eig the mc squared. what is up physics, i'll make you an audio love nest. girl you feeling this? eddie go the romantic route to impress allison. that is tonight on fresh off the boat. dr. wilks designed a containment chamber, and i intend to get the sample from
5:48 pm
whitney frost. >> okay. >> 9:00 it's two new episodes of agent carter, when she realizes she cannot save wilks on her own, she turns to her adversary for help. fresh off the boat at 8:00 followed by the muppets at 8:30 and two full hours of agent carter and "action news" at 11:00. i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract.
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meteorologist, adam joseph, is here we were talking about the flower show only a few week as way. >> we have kind of turned the corner from the cold stretch. now double scan live radar we had that whipping wind today with the torrential rain brought a half inch to inch of rain in many spots but it has completely cleared out of the area. as it was pushing through the action cam along the delaware river overlooking camden on the camden side. the flags getting a workout and the rain falling and creating quite the white caps and choppy in the southeast 45 to 50 miles per hour at times today. as we look at temperatures in philadelphia over the last five
5:52 pm
days, we went through the heart of this particular winter over this stretch. thursday 28, friday 26, 24 on saturday and 20 on sunday and monday 33 degrees, we had tractor trailer five-day stretch with temperatures around freezing if not well below and when you look at the seven day you'll say we had the worst of the winter now behind us as we look forward we'll see the temperatures a little more spring like. right now 60 degrees in philadelphia, that was the high today just after the lunch time hour, the low 33 degrees, your normal 44 and the normal low should be around 28 degrees. as we look at the numbers, 43 inal ep town and 43 in reading and millville and 50 in atlantic city. now the temperatures have backed off with the westerly wind coming in and you can see how quickly that rain raced through the region.
5:53 pm
the ground was frozen on the first couple of layers and downingtown minor flooding going on on the east branch of the brandywine cresting at 6:00, and it will drop below its flood stage overnight tonight. overnight patchy clouds 29 to 33 degrees, the westerly win continues and there will be patchy black ice but overall not a big concern of refreezing as many of the roads have dried out because of the wind and temperatures will not drop well below the freezing point. sun and clouds looking at it across the north-northwest 7 to 14, 45 in philadelphia and 46 in millville and 44 for cape may. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 45 tomorrow,
5:54 pm
some sunshine peeking through the cloud cover. and lots of sun but brisk here on thursday, of 40 degrees and then we bounce up a little bit on friday, increasing cloud as head of a warm front of 44, and over the weekend the temperatures surge into the middle to upper 50s and it's windy on saturday, sun and clouds and an evening shower on saturday. and stays breezy and mild on sunday and 56, and clouds and a shower and cools off on tuesday mostly cloudy 46 degrees. after the brutal arctic stretch it's a good looking seven day. >> yes. and as the weather continues, is your best friend. follow all of our meteorologists on facebook and twitter and other social matt forms.
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5:56 pm
american airlines suing
5:57 pm
broadband provider go go. the in-flight wifi service is too slow and they want the contract to be shredded now so they can enter a deal with another provider. stay tuned. next at can have, a fast moving but powerful storm races across our region and we look at the damage left in its wake. and hear from the first responders that came to the rescue of a teenage drive that crashed into an icy creek. and kathleen kane talks about her political future and brian taff sits down with her on a one-on-one discussion about that decision. i'm rick williams, have a nice evening.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. tuesday night and a montgomery county judge denies bill cosby appeal to dismiss his assault case and pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane has a big surprise about her future. but the big story is substantial damage caused by today's storm, the squall line passed through the area by 11:00 and 2:30 and stirred up winds as high as 60 miles per hour. a house at 137 kroester treat in feasterville got clobbered by a falling tree and fortunately nobody was hurt here. and the wind blew down a big
6:00 pm
billboard on mount ephraim avenue. and "action news" reporter, sara bloomquist has been on the storm beat today and is now live along the 600 block in somerton in philadelphia. what kind of damage have you seen today? >> jim, we came across scattered damage across the northeast section of the city and into bucks county. here this pine tree came across the front yard narrowly missing the front of this home, residents tell us it was a quick burst of high wind and heavy rain and some had branches come down but for this homeowner the result was worse. >> it only last a few minutes. >> five minutes of high wind and rain, when it was over damage was done, here a pine tree tipped on wires, knocking out power to residents in the immediate area, and peco was


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