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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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vandals leave their calling card at love park. next. it is tuesday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news from the city of allentown. a police officer was shot in the arm, tonight, of 600 block of godfrey street. it happened just about an hour
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an a half ago while the officer was trying to survey warrant. about a dozen emergency vehicles converged on the shooting scene after word went out over police radio. but there is no word if police capture the gun man or for that matter the nature of the warrant. the injured copies now in hospital being treated for his wound. there is a big repair job facing homeowners and utility crews in the wake of the storms. it wasn't the snow, or the rain that left the mark on the tri-state area but the wind that caused a whole lot of damage in places like mantua, gloucester county, bellmawr, camden county. there is a lot of cleaning up to do throughout the delaware valley. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is in the holmesberg section of philadelphia. jeff chirico is live in gloucester city. jeff, let's start with you at the gloucester city junior/senior high school. >> reporter: hi, jim. here's some of that damage thaw are talking about. this scoreboard simply
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collapsed during the storm. high wind made for some scary moments for drivers. >> i swear to god it had to be a mini tornado or something. >> reporter: fast moving storm was so strong it toppled two tractor trailers on the walt whitman bridge. viewer video shows scene that mike scully says looked like a movie set. >> these tractor trailers are swaying and when i saw one fall over it looked like someone had a giant hand and push it over. >> reporter: it delayed traffic for more than an hour, cross south jersey a trail of destruction, wind knocked over this billboard in camden and this tree on florida avenue knew in mantua. >> it was like snap, crack he will pop and i saw it coming down from the kitchen window. sparks flying, bang. >> reporter: tree felon carol van grill's home taking down power lines too. fortunately her family as a generator a lessen learned after a storm last summer following out power for a week. >> i'm worried about that. >> reporter: down power lines closed major roadways across the region like mantua pike in
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west deptford and route 130 near brookhaven circle. >> we have been out since 1:00. >> reporter: one point, 20,000 pse&g customers were without power. streets in bellmawr park were dark as families found ways to manage. >> we're living like amish, yes. >> reporter: how much longer can you handle that. >> not much longer. >> reporter: right now fewer a thousand customers are without power, and pse&g said they expect to get them backup and running tomorrow. we are live from gloucester city, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". >> jeff, thank you. lets go live to dann cuellar in the holmesberg boys club. dann, describe the storm in a word for those folks, it is heart breaking. >> reporter: that is right, jim, very heart breaking. they put hard work in this clubhouse. they say that storms are capable of changing lives in just minutes this one sure did. for a lot of kid here in holmesberg.
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nobody was hurt but it delivered a terrible blow to their clubhouse rendering it useless until further notice. chopper 6hd in an aerial view of the devastation, the holmesberg boys club in the 7700 block of ditman suffered the misfortune of being directly in the path of the storm's wrath. ripping away a huge chunk of the tar roof. >> it wases a two minute win that did this damage. >> reporter: two minute incredible force of wind that, lifted several tons of the roof scattering it at cross the backyard of the club. it left debris on tree tops. >> i heard, you know, it makes you want to cry. >> reporter: non-profit volunteer group provides athletic activities for four and 500 kid. everything from foot hockey to cheer leading, football and baseball. the roof was damaged in such a way thaw can see light coming through. >> i feel bad for all of the kid in the neighborhood. they have games this weekend. practices. the families, the parents. you just feel bad for everybody. >> reporter: as for insurance club officers say forget bit.
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>> acts of god, whatever you want to call it, that is not covered for the roof. >> reporter: with all of the more ironic is the club just had a new roof installed a year ago. >> i mean it took us five years to raise money just to get this roof a year ago and now, we are starting with nothing. >> it is pretty heart break to go come here and see all this, and see all of the hard work we have put into this program. >> reporter: now volunteers say the club vice important to the neighborhood, and that it keeps kid off the street but now everything has been suspended until they can get help to clean up the mess and try to come up with the funds to fix the roof. we are live from holmesberg, i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news". >> thanks, dann. well known bucks county farm will to have make plenty of repairs in the wake of the storm today. strong winds, peeled back a cow barn's roof like a tin can. that is tanners brothers dairy in richboro. pieces of the wooden frame were sent flying piercing the concrete silo nearby. several workers were inside
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the barn at the time. fortunately, in of them nor any of the cows that you can see from chopper six were hurt today. lower bucks county and far northeast, seemed to be in the cross hairs this afternoon. a giant tree came down on richard angle's home in feasterville. two bedrooms and bathroom were destroyed, and he heard creaking and moved to the back, out of the house, in the nick of time. meteorologist cecily tynan will be along in a few minutes with details on a warm up that is coming this weekend in the accu weather forecast. a delaware teenager is thanking everyone who came to her aid today when a car hit a icy patch, and then flipped over into the red clay creek in yorklyndell wear. eighteen year-old emily ernest was trapped upside down. fire fighters and bystanders jumped in the, icy waters to rescue her. her family says teen has a mild concussion but otherwise okay. police have cited her with
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careless driving. so look at the mess, and this momma nucio a's pizza parlor in new jersey. customer hit the gas in the parking lot at 8:30 driving right through the front of the store. the oner robert croce bought the place a few months ago. he said if it weren't for a mess in the back that he walk over to clean up, he likely would have been run over. philadelphia detectives are trying to track down a group of nine men who were ski masks while robbing a center city blooming dale's tonight at the shops at liberty place. the denim bandits ransack the clothing racks specifically swiping high end jeans. they made off with 20 to 30 pair, worth at least, $2,000. pennsylvania attorney general the kathleen kane has apparently given into enormous political pressure and will in the run for reelection. kane made the announcement to day in her hometown of scranton, pennsylvania. she has gotten pressure from her own party not the to run
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because of her serious legal problems, charges including perjury, obstruction, and the suspension of her law license. she narrowly survived a vote in the state senate last week to remove her from office. after the news conference she sat down with brian taff. >> are you prepared to admit that you made any mistakes. >> everybody makes mistakes, everyone. for example, just as you said, i knew there was a good old boy network. everyone does. i had no idea how deep and how powerful that network actually ran. >> kane told brian that even though that she will be a one term attorney general she will not rule out the possibility of running for eerie elected office. in trenton, new jersey governor chris christie today unveiled his new budget, that during a 30 minute speech at the state house. it it was his first appearance back in the garden state since quitting the race for president. christie's budget totals
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$34.8 billion and contains no new taxes. the budget does call for increase funding for pension but leaves the troubled transportation fund for a later time. love park in philadelphia will soon be closed for a massive renovation, but it is last days, have been mark by graffiti laced vandalism. live at the park tonight is "action news" reporter christie lleto. what are the details there, christie? >> reporter: well, jim, apparently the graffiti was cleaned up days ago but popped up again today. some skaters are saying they are not behind the tagging but there are others who are protesting the park's spring renovation, saying that they believe that the renovations will force to them from skating here. what do you mean by that. >> it is bad. it is bad. >> reporter: passers by could not help but notice extensive graffiti on the walls of love park. a multi million-dollar renovation vandals leave behind had their calling card in spray paint. >> it popped up overnight.
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i was here three days ago and didn't notice any of it. it is not coherent. it is odd word. >> reporter: image as period after mayor kenney lifted park ban on skateboarding. or just too graphic to show but mayor's office tells "action news" that we were prepared for something like this to happen when we opened up the park to skaters. >> skaters definitely did this. >> reporter: he skates here three times a week and says skaters are upset with the new concrete for more grass and forced them out. >> they are trying to i guess express themselves that they do not the want this pretty much. >> reporter: most say graffiti is a eye sore. >> nobody should be looking at that. that should be, like i said, blocked or something. that is ridiculous. >> reporter: now officials say graffiti will be removed before renovations begin. reporting live from love park, christie lleto for channel six "action news", jim. >> thanks, christie. in montgomery county, pennsylvania limerick has a
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new police chief tonight. brian skeleton was promoted just a few hours ago. he is taking over for chief william albany who announced his retirement in december a after 40 years on the force. albany will stay on to mentor skeleton over the next several months. still to come on "action news" tonight, top dog in west minister named just a few moments ago, plus how the supreme court will honor justin antonin scalia this week, cecily. temperatures surged up to 60 degrees today, that is 60 degrees above normal. we had wind gusts of 50 miles an hour. i'm tracking cooler weather before a big warm up for your weekend. i'll have details with the accu weather forecast. health reporter and registered nurse allie gorman joins us tonight. >> if you are looking for more happiness in your life, you are not alone. psychologists say this is a growing trend and in some cases social media can make things worse. we will shoal you the unique way one local businessman found a more balance and joy in his life and what you can
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do to find more happiness, too. plus the devils they know, ducis rodgers with the flyers taking on the new jersey devils, when "action news" continues tonight. ♪
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it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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runners in south carolina, they have sizable lead over their rivals, according to a new poll out tonight. hillary clinton is ahead of bernie sanders 56 to 38 percent, machining likely voters. that is according to the the cnn/orc poll. however, sanders has momentum, he has gained 20 percentage point since the last poll. donald trump leading the republican pack with 38 percent, ted cruz follows with 22 percent, and then marco rubio 14, jeb bush with ten and ben carson and john kasich are polling n'synx will digits in south carolina. courtroom chair of justice antonin scalia has been draped in black bunting at the
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supreme court as has the front of the bench behind which he sat for 30 years. word has come that scalia's body will lie in repose friday at the supreme court followed by his funeral saturday at the basilica of the national shrine of the east mack late conception in washington d.c. meanwhile president obama repeat today that he intend to nominate a candidate to fill the now empty seat on the bench. he challenged his republican opponents in the senate to rise above what he called, venom and rangor. there is no sign that mitch mcconnell is ready to change his position that the next supreme court justice should be nominated by the next president. finding happiness. some psychologists say there is a a growing trend of americans, feeling stressed out and not content with their lives. many are seeking solutions. health reporter and registered nurse allie gorman joins us tonight the with ideas that perhaps can help. >> reporter: yes, talking about run of the mill
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unhappiness in the clinical depression. there are tons of different reasons as to why some people don't feel happy. experts say there are also many simple things you can do to improve the quality of your life, and boost your mood. the pursuit of happiness, how to find it is in best selling books and in magazines. behavioral therapist steven rosenberg says lately many people just are not happy. for some it is tragic world events like shootings and terrorism. for others it is constant work load, money or relationship problems. >> they look at things and they say, well, i'm not satisfied with where i am today. >> reporter: kevin kaufman is a successful business owner. he founded his company in 1989, and was never off the clock. but as time passed, while his business was booming, his personal life was tanking. >> unfortunate part about it is you don't live in the moment when you are like that
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because you are always thinking about the next thing you have to do, next deadline. >> reporter: he knew something has got to give so he started to do hipnosis with doctor rosenberg. he helped people figure out what they want in life, and then teaches self hipnosis. with the guided cd kevin listen to his a information patients and goals daily. >> when do you self hipnosis you are actually seeing the affirmations in your mind, and you are feeling them, in your body. >> reporter: he says with this, they go tour subconscious mind and that helps make your goals, your reality. >> it is like a cam pass that gives you direction. >> reporter: doctor rosen offers other tips continue on crease your happiness. first get rid of the negativity whether it is a toxic relationship or your own thoughts. >> when you start thinking negatively, you have really no
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chance of ever doing something positive. >> reporter: second he says, stay in the moment. this is one he tells athletes he has work with in the past. third, give back. volunteer. fourth, give back to nature. it can help calm the mind. and finally erect mend limit social media. >> try your best to put down your phone. >> reporter: he says in some cases people can feel social media envy, seeing other people's post can make you feel bad about your life. in that case he says, keep things in perspective. >> it is just a little millisecond of their lives, very often they are doing the same thing that you are doing. >> reporter: for kevin he says the changes he has made has made him happier. he delegates more work, playness a band for charity events, and spend quality time with his grandson. and other tips include getting enough sleep, exercise, and spending time with people you
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like to spend time with. that can be family or friend. getting rid of clutter. doctor rosenberg says when your house is cluttered your mind is also cluttered and one of the keys to happiness is having a clear mine. >> i was waiting to talk about sleep. it is extraordinary how much better you feel when you get a good night sleep. >> you are cranky if you don't get enough sleep. >> cecily is looking at me like i must never get my sleep, i know, you were thinking it. >> not you jim, never. >> thank you very much. a german short haired terrier won best in she tonight at west minister kennel club, dog show, the prestigious dog competition, wrapped up just 15 minutes ago at madison square garden in new york. winning dog's name cj, cj beat out more than 2700 other dogs. philadelphia animal care and control team kick off a half price adoption event today. it is also offering half price
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fees on pets searching for forever homes for two weeks or more. you can check out the dogs and cats at the main shelter at 100 block of west hunting park avenue. this promotion will run until sunday. that would make you more happy, adopt a pet. >> absolutely. >> it will be warm this weekend too. so when you go pick up your new pet, you can wear short sleeves. >> and you can take your dog out for a walk. >> yes, you can do that too. >> storm tracker six live double scan showing a nice break in the action after working overtime with the snow yesterday, the freezing rain, last night, and then the heavy rain and thunderstorms today. and the action cam taking a look, along the banks of the schuylkill river, and everything has really settled down after a windy day, of stormy day with a high of 60 degrees. pretty dramatic change when you consider the temperatures, the past five days. this is really the core of the
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cold air this winter, so thursday, it is 28. friday 26. saturday's high 24. sunday 20. yesterday is 33 degrees. i don't see any cold air like this, on the way the rest of the winter so the worst is behind us. we will have a few shots of cold air and maybe some storms but that was the core of the cold air this winter. that should make you happy a as well. right now 37 degrees in philadelphia a trenton 38. wildwood 37. allentown is 38. reading is 38 degrees. out in the suburbs we will be dropping below freezing. most of the roads have been blown dry with wind gusts but if you have any standing water, untreated road could have a little bit of patchy ice overnight. satellite six with action radar is showing a system to brought us a tremendous wind. half inch to a an inch of rain. cold front is away from frustra. there is a disturbance to the south bringing some cloud this should pass through tomorrow. and tomorrow we will see cloud breaking in and some sunshine. temperatures not bad,
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34 degrees at 7:00 o'clock. by 1:00 o'clock 43. by 4:00 o'clock 44 degrees. the and, we could have a cold front and as a cold front moves through could have a snow shower in the poconos. elsewhere it will be dry. 45 degrees ahead of it. behind the temperatures take a little bit of a dip, the high 40 degrees, with wind out of the northwest but this high pressure will migrate east as we head through weekend and that with the cold front brings temperatures up in the mid to upper 50's and i wouldn't be surprised if saturday, a few areas hit 60 degrees. so the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, not bad tomorrow, cloud, mixing with sun, maybe a snow shower in the poconos with a high of 45 degrees. thursday a tray off, it is colder with a high of 40 but we're also seeing load of sunshine. so all and all a nice day. heading in to friday increasing cloud, 44 degrees. look at the weekend, what a difference a week makes. the saturday windy, very mild with a high of 58 degrees. sunday stays mild, 56,
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increasing cloud, sunday into monday a few showers, monday, plenty of cloud with a high of 53 degrees. tuesday, mostly cloudy, cooler but with a a high of 46. there are indications there could be a coastal system forming wednesday. the strength, track, too early to tell. i'm's voting that it head out to sea. most people with lining that. >> yes, they would. >> you made a mistake. when we make a mistake we are not a afraid to correct. cj, winner of the best in show tonight at west minister was a german short haired pointer. >> not a terrier. >> okay. >> i apologize to cj, and everybody else. >> yes. >> that is the deal. a new medical center opened tonight on penn medicine's campus in university city in philadelphia. physicians and leaders from the university of pennsylvania's pearl man school of medicine, cut the ribbon, on a novartis penn center for advanced cellular
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therapeutics. this is high tech. center will focus on personalized cell therapist for cancer which enable patient's own immune cells to be reprogrammed outside the body and then reinfused to destroy the tumors. this is what is going on at the university of pennsylvania.
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unpredictable as the stock market. five losses in six games, enter tonight. that had them six points out of the playoff spot visiting the devils. the flyers, in the third period, jordan toto makes it two-two. sometimes script just write themselves, jim. flyers bounce back nicely, on the the power play, wayne simmonds his 21st of the season. three-two flyers. fifty later, nick cousins, one of four, third period goals for the flyers. offense is a alive. they beat the devils six-three. lightening lose tonight. flyers are four points back. college basketball tomorrow night it is number one verse unranked opponent but villanova a against temple rankings do not matter. fran dunphy and owls will host this one at the liacouras center. temple lost last meeting by 23 points. the wildcats are trying to protect their expected number one seed in the ncaa tournament. both side are expecting a battle. >> when we scheduled this, we
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offered espn to play this late in the year, we thought on the road, at temple, in february, it is not going to get any tougher than that. >> villanova is a phenomenal basketball program. they have terrific talent, great coaching. it is a great will challenge for us. our whole game has to be good. >> st. joes has a big game of its own tomorrow, we will hear from coach martelli up next.
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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. there will be a significant game, one with major implications. st. joes will host 15th ranked dayton first place in the conference will be on the line. coach phil martelli was asked how a win over flyers would a affect the hawks ncaa tournament standings. >> it is just based on the numbers, and the numbers say that we're 21-four in second place in one of the best
11:34 pm
conferences in america and we are playing for first place tomorrow night, okay. >> you tell them coach no rain in clearwater florida, today, phillies pitchers and catchers report tomorrow. first work out thursday. jeff skversky will have reports all week long. that is sports. >> thanks, ducis. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest, gwenn stephani, i'm sorry, and secretary of state john kerry. "action news" continues, at 4:30 a.m. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. >> ♪
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♪ >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- gwen stefani. secretary of state john kerry. and guillermo at the 2016 grammy awards. with cleto and the cletones. and now, step aside, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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