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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  February 17, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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and pope francis' trip to mexico is coming to an end but not before he makes anticipated stops. roofs came off buildings and homes when strong winds and rain hit the delaware valley yesterday and now the cleanup continues. >> reporter: residents of this mobile home park came through quickly but left behind a lot of damage. >> it was a bang, a woosh, tuesday afternoon winds whipped through gloucester city ripping off roofs and terrifying residents. >> this terrible noise i never heard before, i saw my neighbor's roof come ripping off and her trailer is unliveable they say. >> it almost blew out our windows, i ran behind the couch in the living room because i thought it was a tornado.
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>> we were sitting in the bathroom before it came over, the storm did not end here, across route 130, the scoreboard at gloucester city high school remains toppled over after being knocked over yesterday and a few miles away many bellmawr this tree is still on the roof of this home. and in camden this billboard nearly blew away and in mantua, major roadways were affected including 130 at the brooklawn circle and take a look at this, here on the walt whitman bridge, two wobbling tractor trailers delayed traffic for a half hour when the gusts proved too strong. >> it looked like someone had a giant hand and pushed it over. >> pdeg reports 21 people without power but most were
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restored. lets take a live look from sky 6 hd at the ben franklin bridge, a battle between the sun and clouds right now, not too cold out there, although it's on the chilly side. the best part is, we are dry for your wednesday afternoon. lets get a closer look at the forecast from meteorologist, david murphy, and accuweather. >> despite mainly cloudy and chilly conditions, we'll take today over yesterday with the driving rain and strong wind gusts, looking back this is what we saw the thin red line of heavy rain, that was the maker of those strong gusty winds ahead of that downpour you got the strong 50 miles per hour plus wind gusts and it cranked right through and by 1:00 it was pushing up toward trenton and the rain did end pretty quickly. today we are still dealing with residual cloud cover passing
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through but it's more tranquil than yesterday. 41 in philadelphia, that is your current temperature. we'll probably only add a few more degrees before we are done. up in binghamton in the 20s and new york city is struggling to get in the 40s, and washington, d.c. 47 degrees. 2:00 we'll have 43 and by 6:00 we are back into the 30s still on the breezy side and winds in the low teens at times this afternoon. and by 8:00, 35 and back to the freezing mark by 10:00. there is not a snow left to melt today and we don't have to worry about a refreeze overnight. when i come in we'll talk about temperatures getting cooler tomorrow and a nice bounce back in time for the weekend than story is coming up from accuweather. >> thank you. we invite you to check out
12:34 pm for constant updates, you'll see the weather conditions for stormtracker 6 live double scan and from our team of meteorologist. a police officer is recovering after being shot serving a warrant. it happened on north godfrey street. officers were looking for information about the body of a woman found in a recycling bin. the neighbor said the shots rang out after investigators started to knock on doors. >> he said did you hear a scream and he asked all of us did we hear a scream and then we heard the three shots a few minutes later, the shots were fired. >> the officer was hit by the bullet in the arm and he is expected to make a full recovery and police returned fire wounding the suspect and he remains in the hospital. four cars were damaged when a driver lost control and hit several of them overnight. it happened on the 500 block of
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south 13th street in upper darby and police say the three cars were parked on the block and they saw a person taken into custody. a chester county man is charged with rape and attempted murder after officials say he attacked a woman he was in a relationship with on valentine's day. it happened just two days after the victim got a restraining order against the suspect. district attorney says that 45-year-old william brown of west nottingham broke into the victim's home and stabbed the woman's couple several times and then brown raped the woman. police stopped the attack and arrested brown because the victim called 911 on a cell phone without the suspect knowing, the operator could hear the attack while it was happening. bill cosby lost a legal fight that would have put his criminal appeal on the fast track and could have delayed his
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next court appearance, the montgomery county judge that refused to dismiss the sex assault case has denied his appeal of that decision but another appeal filed with pennsylvania supreme court is still pending. bill cosby is charged with assaulting andrea constand back in 2004. pope francis is wrapping up his trip to mexico with some of his most anticipated events. one is visiting a prison that just had riots last week. marcy gonzales reports from el paso, texas. >> reporter: it's it's pope's final stop in mexico before returning to the vatican, the location chosen because of its troubled path to choose a message he knows will resonate with so many on both sides of the border. crowds streaming in once the murder capital of mexico and now
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a symbolic sight of hope with a historic visit from pope francis. >> i feel like i'm jumping out of my skin. >> having the pope here that says a lot. like a gift from god. >> the pontiff on his final trip to mexico will meet with inmates at one of the most violent prisons in latin america. and he will hold a mass with the faithful but the issue of immigration is at the forefront of his message. >> pope francis is expected to use this ramp to approach the border that protects families here and a blessing to the other side in el paso. >> it's a message that people matter, their dignity and where they work and who they are means a great deal. >> it's an election year donald
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trump plans to build a wall and calls pope francis political and a pawn for the mexicoan government. >> they say they are not just focused on mexico but the plight of migrants around the world. >> it will be great to have pope francis to bring light to the conditions here and aboard. >> and thousands of people are expected to gather in the stadium to watch a simulcast on the big screen. marcy gonzales, channel 6 "action news." septa held a safety blitz this morning targeting distracted passengers, septa safety officers and transit police were at the frankfurt transportation system. telling passengers that texting and answering emails and listening to music near the tracks could be dangerous and
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more and more people are ignoring train crossing gates. tonight the wildcats come to the home of the owls for a big game. nova remains the number one team in the country for the second straight week and the wildcats are 22-3 and temple lost the last meeting with nova by 23 points and they are looking for a little revenge. tip-off is tonight in north philadelphia. well, can you feel it, baseball fever is here, phillies pitchers and catchers report for spring training in clearwater, florida, where it's about 69 degrees, the same day single day tickets go on sale for the phils and the first home game is scheduled for april 11th. >> spring is coming. coming up a viral video shows the dangers of skiing, hear from a man that saved his son after being buried in several feet of snow.
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how the gold oscar statues are being changed for the first time in 50 years.
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they told the surgeon general how poisoned water is effecting them. they are investigating led contamination in the water supply and residents lined up to talk to him. and a study found that even though flint residents were being poisoned by their water supply they paid one of the heightest rates in the nation. a recents video showing a father rescuing his son from a tree well has gone viral and it's a good reminder to use extra caution. >> reporter: a father and son back country ski outing turning into a heart pounding fight for seconds as 15-year-old ethan
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disappears amidst the trees. >> he has fallen out of sight in that tree well. >> ethan! >> winston digs his son out the boy fighting suffocation. i got you. here we go. breathe. >> reporter: the video now views more than a million times online as this father uses hi close call to warn others calling it the most frightening experience he has ever had as a parents. i was watching the video with him and my leg was shaking a bit and it was emotional ar wards it was a true moment for me to pull him out. >> it's a near death experience, you don't expect that to happen to you but when it does it's shocking. >> the branches blocks so much of the snow there is not as much here, and you sink another six
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feet at least. a safety video put out by the northwest institute shows how paralyzing it can be. a 90% of skiers that fall in tree wells fail to get themselves out without help and is abtributed to 30% of ski deaths. a skier is buried as the camera roles, once he is dug out you can see how he was stuck like cement. >> if you hit the tree you can knock the snow on tree off and that can pile on you as well. >> if you do fall out you should keep a hand in front of your face to clear a place to breathe and use the tree as leverage to push yourself out and finally and most importantly ski with a buddy and keep each other in sight. that is what saved ethan.
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>> my throat hurts now i was trying to hard to get the snow out of my mouth but it was hard. >> you have a loved one fall in -- it's scary. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, the "action news" troubleshoo r troubleshooters strike again this time helping our viewers having trouble with their appliances. here is nydia han with a preview. >> it happened too often, your stove or refrigerator or dishwasher goes bad what it you pay the money but never get the service. >> it was stopping and starting and not even heating up properly. >> it took the troubleshooters less than 24 hours to get results on this one. find out what we did.
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david here now with a check of accuweather forecast. gray and chilly out there. >> yes, that is the case but least we are not looking at the rain. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you we don't have any precipitation across the region currently. that is nice but could change-up in the poconos and down towards the lehigh valley later on. lets take a look outside, we had the action cam along the wissahickon creek and there are the icicles that probably formed during the arctic air mass. boy it freezes up in a hurry and it take a while to melt. we have highlights to talk about in the forecast. first of all the chilly today and tomorrow more sunshine and the clouds kick out of here but it's chilly on thursday and probably friday as well. but a big change for the weekend and it's milder with a capital m, and that is coming up in a couple of seconds too.
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in the 30s lancaster and reading and low 40s philadelphia, and trenton and low 40s in south jersey and delaware. and a bit of an 8 to 16 miles per hour breeze blowing so it's cold weather but not brutal cold. as we look at clouds, a lot of them around and sunny breaks down in the sunny tier and we may see sunshine trying to crack through the clouds in the afternoon but overall the clouds win out. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing the possibility of precipitation in the poconos, but you see the model trying to put stuff down in reading and berks county. these are snow showers from a system going across the northern tier it's close enough to trigger snow showers tonight and tomorrow. if you drive around you might want to check out adam joseph
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and cecily today at 4:00 to see if anything is popping. clouds and maybe sun and 43 degrees, i think the clouds are a dominant felt your and chilly and 45 degrees there. in philadelphia the high of 43 degrees mixing with sun and auto snow shower possible in the northern suburbs. the winds are strong enough to feel it and tonight we zip down to 27 degree, partly cloudy and the breezes still a factor so it will be chilly tomorrow morning and then in the afternoon high pressure moves in giving us lots of sunshine and it won't be right on top of us and we should get a breeze out of the northwest and that wind direction calls warmer air in, a warm front will pass through friday night and we get into saturday. here is the seven day, clouds mixing with potentially sunny breaking and 44 is your high and tonight a couple of pop-up stray
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snow showers up north. sunny and chilly and 39, 41 and more clouds on friday and we may add a couple of degrees to the temperature and late afternoon and evening we are on the lookout for rain and snow showers, and behind that the warm front is way on top of us and on saturday, we bust into the 50s in the afternoon and wind up with a high around 60, breezy and mild on saturday, and then sunday still well above average with a high of 56. and monday starts out the work week in good shape. 53 and sunny skies and tuesday into wednesday we are keeping our eyes on an approaching system that should be mostly rain, but a bit of wet snow mixing in is possible. and it's seven plus days away so things can change. >> thank you. coming up tonight an all new prime time lineup on 6 abc, modern family claire and phil's relationship changes when she
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takes over her father's business and the middle at 8:00, followed by the goldbergs and modern family and blackish at 9:30. the oscars are going vintage, the statues will have a slightly new look based on the statues from 1929 they used digital scans and 3-d printers, the first change in 34 years, the dim enshouldn'ts remain the same don't miss the oscars here on february 28th starting here at 7:00. a center city grab and go that focused on healthy fair is offering mediterranean fair with flavors from southeast asia. karen rogers gives us the
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delicious details. >> reporter: hi how are you doing. >> katie sayingle is the mastermind behind yoku. >> i was craving chinese food and wanted to use alternate ingredients. >> she is serving up asian cuisine in a quirky way that is different in the city. >> you thought the takeout window would be the dead of winter, you should have consulted with me and we could have planned it out with accuweather. she was going to go to medical school but found food fascinating and decide that was the way to help people. the concept is build your own and choose your base. a rice bowl, noodle bowl or salad. >> it's hard to get something quick that is good for you and packed with nutrients. >> oh i love it.
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kick check of accuweather before we leave. >> temperatures are cool out there and we are looking at mainly cloudy skies the rest of the way as well. a bit on the breezy side and temperatures ranging from 41 to about 43, it looks like we may hit 44 in spots and the central portion of the region and down the shore 45, mostly cloudy and breezy and cooler and places like the lehigh valley and the poconos a spotty stray snow shower late tonight. >> thank you david. finally at noon, volunteers came together to build a vietnam veterans home after fire damaged it. curtis callahan's house was unlivable after the fire in 2012, volunteers from greater dallas helped him out and spent
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three years making it new again and the process reenforced his faith. >> it's just amazing. god is good. god is good. to see what i see today is magnificent. the volunteer team just kicked off a new project to help work on 60 homes for veterans in 60 days. that will do it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us later today for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for david murphy and sara bloomquist i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon. we'll see you later. i'm chris bosh.
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