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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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stabbing one victim repeatedly with a knife and raping the other. >> police say that a stealthy call to 911 not only stopped the attack but may have saved a life. gray hall has all the details. >> reporter: well rick and monica, the d.a. calling this a terrifying case of domestic abuse and the 911 call by the victim saved her life and the life of her cousin. >> he comes right in and stabs the cousin immediately in the chest with a butcher knife and keeps attacking the cus lynn and gets to her and chokes her until she is unconscious. district attorney tom hogan is describing a recent attack by>
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>> it's hard to figure out if that is maryland, chester county? while police worked to figure out where it was, and they did and the state troopers headed right out. >> hogan says it was that 911 call that saved her. >> this victim kept her head about her even in the middle of this horrible attack, she is the
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one that saved herself and her cousin from being killed. >> and that victim that was stabbed is in the hospital listed in serious but stable condition and the suspect is locked up tonight in jail and bail is set at $500,000 and a preliminary court date is set for february 22nd. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. an allentown police officer is recovering tonight after being shot on the job and the officer was serving a warrant in the 600 block of north grod friday street when he was shot in the arm, they are looking for information about a woman whose body was found in a recycling bin last weekend and the officer was released from the hospital and the suspect is recovering from gunshots and remains in critical condition. philadelphia police are trying to track down the man from a rash of burglaries, seven stations are targeted since last month, videos show the suspects
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ransacking different stores and in some of the break-ins there was one suspect and others up to three. anyone with information is urged to call philadelphia police. philadelphia mayor, jim kenney address the the chamber of commerce again for his game plan for the coming year and business leaders were all ears as you can imagine. vernon odom has the story. >> their feelings for the first address for philadelphia movers and shakers, the philadelphia chamber of commerce. to lay out a game plan and thrill this crowd with tax reform and mutual cooperation. >> this was seen as the mayor's to do list for the community but for philadelphia to succeed the relationship with government and business cannot be based on a list of demands. >> city hall will continue modernizing and keep businesses
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from fleeing. >> our goal is to keep businesses here and growing and improved online services and better small business support and increased coordinate with big events. >> but what about announcementses that cordone is moving jobs from its division from northeast philadelphia and down to mexico. the mayor chose not to mention that and stick to his positive tone. >> there are 10 new hotels and new jobs coming to philadelphia over the next two years. >> mayor kenney is using the same approach when he was candidate kenney, to be collaborative and listen to all perspectives. >> but he has been mayor for less than two months now and there are landmarks, the talks continue with the municipal unions and he presents his budget to city council next month. i'm vernon odom, channel 6
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"action news." >> reality tv star caitlyn jenner will be in philadelphia tonight, she is speaking at the university of pennsylvania along with alum buzz bizzinger. jenner's public transition made her the face of the transgender community for many but officials say she is not necessarily representative of transgender people or their struggles. >> there is not one narrative for a transgender individual not one story or standard to being transgender, the transgender community is as diverse as our entire population here in our country and our world. >> tonight's event featuring jenner starts at 8:00 on penn's campus. there is a big showdown shaping up in north philadelphia, the villanova wildcats the best team in the country will take on the owls tonight.
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they may be unranked but are ready to make a statement and take on the wildcats on their home turf. ducis rogers is live with more on the match-up. >> reporter: hey there guys, the roof there come off this place tonight but right now a little calm, less than two hours away from tip-off with temple and villanova. each team is coming in hot winning five games in a row. jay wright has the number one team in the nation and they beat the last schools by 23 points on average and temple owls are the home team then he have success this season against ranked teams and both have an aggressive mind set for this one. >> you get out a lot and challenge each other and you go against a top opponent, and villanova number one team, i think we can beat them, we took down two ranked teams so far this season. we have a great shot. >> it's a battle and every year
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it's a battle and a grind and it's a tight game the past couple of years, we know they will bring it and they are tough and we are tough and it's going to be an ugly fight. >> reporter: that is a great way to describe it. villanova looking to score the number one seed in the naacp tournament. we'll have much more coming up at 5:45, and we'll have fran dunn friday coming up. time now for the "action news" traffic report. lets check in with matt pel in the traffic center midweek. >> i see good things for my owls tonight, we'll see what happens. good afternoon rick and monica, some things to give a hoot about as you head home. it's slow on 422 westbound side slower than normal from 202 to trooper road that is where there
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was an accidents and it gave us the extra slow speeds and extra long travel time, 32 minutes on the westbound side of 4-by the fur long getty station, look for an accident at swamp road and we hear about a medical emergency at croyden, by kings china, new york avenue just to the north is an alternate for you. and word of a broken down vehicle at the boulevard northbound at 9th street at that spot that is normally busy any way. and they are still fixing the downed poles and wires at motion auto sales. expect slowing there once again this afternoon. we'll check it again rick and monica in the next half hour. >> thank you sir. >> more ahead on "action news" a battle with fighting terrorism and personal privacy, the stand that apple is taking against the fbi about an iphone. >> but first a big endorsement
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for marco rubio tonight, the prominent republican backing the campaign just days before the south carolina primary. >> we are talking about windchills, a big warm-up by the weekend and we'll have the changing numbers in accuweather when "action news" returns. pet moments are beautiful,
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wall street continues its stretched today led by major gains in energy company. the prize of crude oil hovered back above $30 a barrel: and the nasdaq climbed nearly 100 and the s&p finished up 31 points. and politics now a big endorsement for senator marco rubio. in the last three hours, south carolina governor, nikki haley, threw her support behind rubio's campaign. it comes just days before the primary in south carolina. new polls put trump in the lead by a double digit margin with ted cruz and rubio roubing out the top three. >> and clinton is getting help in nevada by planned parenthood. it features women talking about
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why they support the former secretary of state. >> and bernie sanders got support from an atlanta rapper, killer mike took a swing at clinton by quoting a feminist that said in part a uterus does not qualify you for being president. one canadian island is getting serious web traffic after a website was launched welcoming americans pending results of the presidential campaign, they launched the website it's a scenic liberal place to live. it spread thousands of inquiries into the island's tourism board. folks are looking to get out. >> why not. a local congressman says the
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faa grossly underscored the harm of a contraceptive device. "action news" is following developments for you on this device since 2013 and ali gorman is at the big board with the details on these allegations. >> mike fitzpatrick looked into the e sure coil, after people complained of serious medical problems and now they say the problem is far more than the fda is revealing. they say that twice as many women have filed complaints about e sure than the fda says, those complaints are pain and abdominal injuries and heavy bleeding and the agency's data base showed 803 atopic pregnancies and deaths among users. a complaint filed in a california federal court alleges that doctors received $20,000 of
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free medical equipment for agreeing to buy 20 issue sure k >> they are encouraging them to use it on their patients, and they were subsidizing that use and making a lot of money in doing so. >> fitzpatrick introduced a bill to take e sure off the market and wants the fda to be aware of the information before reviewing the device later this month. the currents maker of e sure says it's not aware of any deaths related to e sure and the kick back complaints rest on unfounded allegations pertaining to the previous manufacturer of the device and they were made over a year ago and were thoroughly investigated and rejected and they say that they are unable to review fitzpatrick's information. >> and the fda says that ensuring the safety of e sure is
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a high priority issue for the agency and they have received congressman fitzpatrick's letter today and will review is and respond directly to him. we'll continue to follow this. >> okay thank you ali, coming up tonight at 10:00 a rape investigation continues to take its toll on american crime, taylor the teenager at the center of the struggle begins to hit rock bottom while grappling with his own emotions. and tonight at 11:00 troubleshooters strikes again. >> it happens all the time. your stove or dishwasher goes bad and you pay money but the fix never happens. >> the dishwasher which is over here was working intermittently and not getting dishes clean and not even heating up properly. >> it took the troubleshooter
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a florida couple is officially hundreds of millions of dollars richer, they cashed in on their powell ball ticket
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this afternoon. opting to take the lump sum payment of $528 million. they say they are trying to figure out what to do with the winnings. >> we'll still live the same lives basically, my truck was about to fall apart so i do need a vehicle. >> is he going to retire though. >> they purchased their winning ticket at a grocery store in melbourne beach. she has been playing the same lottery numbers for 30 years, the same lottery tickets for that drawing were bought in tennessee and california. california winners have not come forward yet. septa wants to you be safe riding buses and trains. septa says they are handing out tags that say respect the gates. they say the safety blitz is
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meant to remind folks about the dangers of being distracted near the train tracks or bus stops. african-american history was on display in burlington, new jersey. the baptist church shares images from the underground railroad. the group's founder hopes they shed light on the success of african-americans and will inspire future generations. still ahead on "action news" at 5:00, we'll check the accuweather forecast for you. sky 6 hd showing you the ben franklin bridge on a nice wednesday evening, adam joseph has the exclusive accuweather forecast for you.
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. adam joseph has a closer look at the evening forecast. not a bad wednesday night? >> no, not after monday and tuesday. fairly perfect despite there is a lot of clouds, there is no precipitation. it's pretty seasonable today as we look live on sky 6 hd at cape may, new jersey, a pop of clouds or two, and now a cold front from the north and west. 41 in atlantic city in cape may county, 39 and 41 in millville and 40 in philadelphia and upper
5:25 pm
30s to the north and west and the cool spot in the poconos at just 28 degrees, as we look at february, still only halfway through the month, it's first seven days, temperatures ran above normal for afternoon highs, then as we went through the 8th to the 15th, the brutal stretch that came on october 13th and 14th, and then below average above and today below, average it out and we are running just above normal for the month so far. but it is a far cry compared to december and january where temperatures really ran above normal for the month but we have a week and a half or some left to see what happens. there is the front to the north and west and snow showers with it near the great lakes and western parts of pennsylvania and upper state new york and it comes through here and pulls through dry maybe a flurry or snow shower in the poconos, but stars start to appear after
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midnight once the front passes, a winter chill. 23 in millville and 27 in philadelphia. with the winds coming in behind the front from the northwest it feels like 13 in allentown and 19 in millville so did have nightly layer the kids for the bus stop. in the afternoon you need the winter gear because windchills remain in the mid-20s north and west and upper 20s wilmington and all points south and east to the shore. despite temperatures in the 30s tomorrow, we have wall-to-wall sunshine and the clouds race in for friday as a warm front approaches, 41 degrees. behind the front the sun comes back and we are up to 60 degrees on saturday, quite a turn around however it's going to be windy winds gusting to near 35 miles per hour on saturday and then sunday the winds decrease and mild at 56 and clouds building in the afternoon and staying
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mild on monday at 54 degrees, looking at these temperatures, think february is going to come down above normal like the last two months of this winter season, we are chatting rain and snow in the seven day in the next half hour. >> thank you sir. still to come in our next half hour, a philadelphia detective finds himself on the other side of law facing criminal charges. what authorities are accusing him of. and looking live at the cora center, two basketball at the top of their game goes head to head. we have more on the temple-villanova match-up coming newspaper a live report.
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"action news" continues, with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again here is what is happening on "action news" wednesday night. does the federal government have a right to hack into an encrypted phone, that is the battle between the fbi and one of the largest tech companies in the world. >> and pope francis as you have never seen him before, what causes the pontiff to scold a
5:30 pm
crowd. now, the details, apple was ordered to help the justice department break into the cell phone of one of the san bernardino shooters, a move that tim cook fringes on constitutional freedoms, the phone in question belongs to syed farook and could contain keys to his movements before the rampage, he says that hack into it puts tens of millions of other iphones at risk though. >> reporter: apple security is so advanced the fbi has not been able to hack into syed far oklahoma's phone after months of attempts here and now the court is stepping in and this could impact everyone that owns a smart phone. >> the ultimate showdown with the federal government and the privacy of your cell phone call tied to the attack in san
5:31 pm
bernardino. >> a u.s. magistrate judge ordered apple to help the fbi hack into syed farook's cell phone and look for clues of a potential plot. >> we fear that this demand would undermine the freedoms our government is meant to protect. >> as soon as apple create a back door the phone becomes vulnerable. and if they got a whiff of how it was done they'll find out how to do it. >> 14 people were killed in san bernardino and the victim's families are weighing in. apple kind of needed to come forward and not continue to fight, that is extremely wrong. annetteal he is kez aing this is a criminal case and not all apple users agree. >> it will give the government
5:32 pm
the right to go into everybody's phone. >> this battle it likely go toing go to the court of appeals and likely the u.s. supreme court. brandi hitt, channel 6 "action news." now a powerful car bomb in the capital city and they say it was well planned. someone placed a car filled with explosives near the military vehicles carrying personnel and it causes a massive explosion, 28 people were killed and 61 were wounded and no group has claimed responsibility and the ambassador to turkey is saddened and shocked by the attack. the airline that carried pope francis to mexico said someone pointed a laser at the plane when it went to touch down. a air talia said it landed safely
5:33 pm
and did not know about lasers pointed there until later. they could temporarily blind a pilot. pope francis visits the prison in juarez and prayed with 700 prisoners and urged them to look to the future rather than drelidrel ing -- dwelling on the sorrow and sin that put them in prison. he ends hi trip with an open air mass before returning to the vatican. he was shaking hands when someone pulled his garments and knocked him into a person in a wheelchair. he was not hurt and immediately scold the those that caused the
5:34 pm
ruckus. world news tonight will have more on the pope's visit and more on apple and investigators. a philadelphia police detective turned himself in today after being charged with assault and kidnapping, detective adam o'donnell was escorting him out of special units when he kicked the man in the knee and drove him to hunting park and dropped him on a random road, the man went to the hospital to be treat ford a broken femur. and a couple is wanted for robberies, they are charged with 14 burglaries and one attempted burglary, police say they stole $40,000 from convenience stores and gas stations from december 30th to january 7th, they face numerous charges. a man described by police as
5:35 pm
a career criminal has plead guilty to the father of an maybe player. carl white has plead guilty third degree murder following jury selection yesterday. the father of wayne ellington jr. was found shot to death in his car in november of 2014. i'm here at the "action news" big board with details of a major drug bust in montgomery county, look at the spread of weapons and cell phones and cash put on display today. they allege that a local businessman is responsible for it. he is d and a towing owner. he was arraigned on multiple drug charges, they say he transport the $9 million worth of heroin from georgia to new york city and hid it in car batteries, complete with hidden
5:36 pm
compartments. he was arrested last month along the pennsylvania turnpike, officers recovered a sizabili sizabilitiabsizability amount of heroin on him. >> it was a huge success for the safety for people of this county and our larger region. >> they say his alleged suppliers in atlanta and the bronx are also arrested and facing charges tonight. >> investigators say they had him under surveillance for month, charged with transporting 60,000 pounds of heroin, with a street value of $9 million. 56-year-old mark haines plead guilty last june after enticing a minor to engage in sexual conduct. he served as vicker of saint
5:37 pm
simon's in west town township. and now police need your help in finding this alleged jewelry thief. police in ambler said a man walked into liz jewelry box last month and took his coat off and laid it on top of the glass case and then took a tray of eight diamond rings right there. he distracted her by being interested in a different necklace and had her make a phone call about it. the diamonds are worth more than $10,000. and now residents are told to boil their water after a water main break. along colonial drive. a 2 inch water main break caused a spill on central avenue and now the water must be boiled until further notice. a school official apologized in wilmington after a wrong
5:38 pm
email was sent to parents for an event at the school. they were sent a pdf attachment, called a hurt feelings form. it pokes fun at what they call whiners, one line read, they should use this form to seek sympathy for someone that cares. they say it's an embarrassing mistake and tried to assure it's not an official document of the brandywine school district. police in darby county continue to investigate what caused a drive toward lose control and hit three parked cars on the 13th street at 3:00 this morning much the three cars and the striking car were all damaged, neighbors heard a large bang and there was no injuries reported . time to check the traffic scene midweek and see how things are rolling. matt pellman back to you. >> we are officially over the
5:39 pm
hump as we look live at the roosevelt extension a bit slower from the schuylkill to th street where there was a broken down vehicle now gone but broad street it's extra heavy. and heavy on north broad itself because tonight is the big night the temple villanova basketball game. and slow speeds on the northbound girard point bridge at 95. maybe some of those people headed to the circus that is back in town for the next few nights and a bit of a kircus at the swim club, with a crash and fuel spill and earlier accident at 422 westbound is gone but looking at slow speeds towards 29 collegeville and 422 is closing nights this week starting at 9:00 by route 100, look for construction there each night this week. >> thank you. still to come on "action news" tonight, two college
5:40 pm
basketball teams riding a wave of success go head to head in north philadelphia. ducis rogers is live with more on the temple-villanova match-up. and be our guest for a backstage tour for a classic hitting the academy of music. we are chat being windchills for thursday as cooler air moves in but it's brief, we are chatting about 60 degree temperatures in a couple of days. we'll have the numbers in the seven day. >> all right those stories and more when "action news" continues.
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5:44 pm
in the city at this point in the year. >> what mostly concerns you about villanova. >> they have good at everything they do. their defensive numbers are very good and they are talented on offense and they know what their roles and assignments are and it's a balanced team and that is the thing you fear the most. you are down a dozen, and came back and what did you learn about your team in that game? >> we were living on the edge for a number of weeks and we have no give up and i appreciate that in our guys and that night we have big shots at the end of the game and we got lucky. >> we'll hear from villanova jay wright coming up on "action news" and phillies pitchers and catchers appearing in clearwater for spring training, for that we go live to jeff skversky. >> thanks in part to the cole
5:45 pm
hamels and ken giles trade there are so many new faces down here, even general manager doesn't know what ever looks like but in time they will know what the top prospects because they will become stars. here is a future star, aaron nola he is among the select few on the mound a day or two before pitchers and catches get going, he will headline the new rotation and pitchers and catchers take the field for the first time tomorrow and phillies are excited to play ball. >> i'm ready, you know like you said getting started on our own organized our own practices and getting out with the team and having team organized practices and getting ready for spring training games. i'm ready for it. getting back into the swing of things.
5:46 pm
>> i'm eager to get going on the baseball side of things. you know in kind of a talk about new this and new that and fresh start here and fresh start there and i just want to play baseball. >> reporter: and the bigger question is when will the phillies play winning baseball? they were the worst team in baseball last year and that could happen yet again in 2016. general manager matt clintachwould not put a time on the team. that starts tomorrow, pitchers and catchers have their first workout. jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> all right jeff thank you so much. back here at the center, we are an hour away from tip-off with villanova and temple, the hawks have a huge game at home against number 15 dayton in the big ten,
5:47 pm
st. joe's 21-4 on the season. rick and monica see you. >> thank you. our prime time lineup tonight on 6 abc is jam packed. it starts with new episodes of t the middle at 8:00 and modern family at 9:00. and phil doesn't feel appreciated. >> you are right about how i'm feeling things i'm suppose to confront. >> empty. >> tonight at 10:00 taylor continues to become emotionally undone on an all new american crime and a settlement to edie's
5:48 pm
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time to check accuweather meteorologist, adam joseph is here. >> we are all over the place with a dip tomorrow but the longer stretch say warm-up. >> we like that part. >> for now we look at double scan live radar showing we had a lot of clouds today and a little bit of sunshine and no precipitation within that cloud cover and the action cam was around city hall earlier today capturing that canopy of clouds and you see the rothman flags there in the wind a bit. and overall not a bad day when you talk about february standards. when we look at the almanac today we are typical. the afternoon high 43 degrees, at 2:29 p.m. and the low came just before 5:00 in the morning, the normal was 44 and 28 and it can get as cold as 2 below, ta was a record set back in the 1800s and can hit well into the 60s this time of year.
5:52 pm
39 in wilmington and 42 in dover and 40 at the shore with the ocean temperature coming in at 39 degrees. a lot of clouds mid-atlantic points to the west. there is a front right here and it's supplying snow showers from pittsburgh to buffalo to binghamton and as this swings through it only brings clouds for the majority of us you have to head to the poconos to see a shower or two. winter chill sets in tonight 21 to 27 degrees with the northwesterly wind 7 to 14 miles per hour, we'll see wall-to-wall sunshine and it stays breezy and with that breeze out of the northwest this feels more like the upper 20s when you factor in the wind and high pressure settles to the south and east. and a warm front approaches from the south and west when say good-bye to the high and hello
5:53 pm
to the warm front and it throws clouds in for the week on friday still a chill with 41 and then the front excels to the north for the upcoming weekend and the southerly wind will warm the temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average both saturday into sunday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 38 tomorrow and brisk and chilly and a lot of clouds friday and 41 degrees, the sun comes back on saturday and the temperatures jump up 19 degrees to 60 for a high but there is always a but when you have 60 in february, there is a strong wind at 31 miles per hour at gust times, maybe 30 miles per hour north and west during the day on saturday, and then we lose the wind on sunday and we keep the warmth at 56 degrees, morning sun giving way to morning clouds as a weak wave of energy comes in maybe a shower sunday evening or overnight and stays mild at 54 and a sizable
5:54 pm
system from the south comes in with the moisture here late tuesday into wednesday and right now a mixture of snow and rain and sleet, and temperatures right now look going into the storm very mild even during the storm 40 to 46 degrees, a long time to watch that over the next seven days, it comes with a lot of precipitation. we are watching it. >> we invite you to keep closer to hand throughout the day, you'll find the latest conditions from stormtracker 6 live double scan and the constantly updated forecast from our team of meteorologists. a disney classic is coming to life right here in philadelphia. ♪ ♪ "beauty and the beast" is currently playing at the academy of music and our own alicia vitarelli saw all the costumes and props during a exclusive backstage tour. it's a homecoming forecast
5:55 pm
member, kevin colt, he grew up in philadelphia and it's a dream come true. >> the music is amazing and everyone fines something they enjoy from the show. >> "beauty and the beast" runs through sunday and disney is the parent company of 6 abc. new je
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a showman competition at the westminster dog show, coming up you'll meet sophia rogers and her dog bobby. >> now for the entire "action
5:58 pm
news" team i'm monica malpass have a nice night. "action news" at can have is next.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. wednesday night and chester police investigate the shooting of a teenage student and could police reopen the probe into the deaths of the head of cooper health and his wife? but the big story on "action news" is the new information on the shooting of an allentown police officer last night. the cop was shot while trying to serve a warrant and we know that the warrant was in connection
6:00 pm
with the should shooting of a woman found in a recycling bin on monday and the suspect was also shot and wounded. walter perez is live at that scene, at north godfrey street. what is the latest on this? >> reporter: the officer that was shot was treated and released from the hospital and is expected to be just fine. a live look at the scene, the investigators finally taking down the tape that surrounded the scene after gunshots were fired. it started with a police officer serving a warrant at this apartment at 9:30 last night and ended with a three hour standoff after the response from the man was to pull out a gun. >> our officers and the individual


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