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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 18, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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rogers has traffic. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, we are off to a chilly start, you'll need sunglasses, because the clouds are breaking up, but you'll need your coat and gloves. 30 degrees in trenton. 28 in wilmington, 32 in millville. 34 in wildwood. windchills making it feel like 24. in the teens in allentown, reading, lancaster and wilmington another reason to bundle up. on the bus stop, cold and breezy, upper 20s between 6 and 8:00 a.m. as we roll through the day it stays chillier, we are expecting this to be the cooler day of the seven-day forecast. 23 degrees by 9:00. 38 degrees by 3:00 p.m. a fair month of sunshine through the day, breezy with windchills in the 20s for much of the time. karen rogers we're looking at a nice mild change for the weekend, details coming up. we're starting with a big accident in gloucester county.
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state police say it was a single-vehicle accident he smashed into the guardrail. someone was trapped in the vehicle. they have emergency workers coming to the scene. they have the left lane blocked in both directions. the accident happened on 55 northbound approaching little mill road. they have each direction a lane blocked. you might want to stick to buck road or frys mills road. in vineland, cumberland county an accident investigation on delsea drive shutting it down. 47 northbound is blocked at garden road. use west avenue as the alternate. this accident involving an overturned vehicle that had 130 northbound blocked. all lanes back open at new albany road. watch tore a slick spot or two. including this one, a vehicle jumped the curb abbey ran into a building at 29 and ridge avenue. we have two disabled vehicles, one on the schuylkill expressway
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westbound approaching gladwyn off to the side. traffic is moving okay. it's dry, no precipitation today, temperatures are below freezing, so take it easy. matt. okay, will do. detectives are sorting out the details of a deadly ambush in west philadelphia. a gunman shot and killed a man at pointblank range after the man stepped out of his suv. >> reporter: homicide detectives are interviewing witnesses from the crime late last night. they believe the victim never had a chance when he walked out of the car and it appears he was ambushed. take a look at the video it was around 11:00 p.m. when it happened. the 31-year-old victim was killed execution style after he was shot multiple times at pointblank range. gunfire erupted they found the victim on grounds seriously
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wounded. officers rushed him to penn presbyterian hospital where he died a short time later. police are checking cameras from local businesses where the incident occurred. police believe the man just parked his suv when he was approached. the victim exit heed the driver door when he walked on the curb, the shooter walked up within feet and fired at least 6 shots. so, it appears this individual was the intended target. >> reporter: and police also say it looks like the shooter ran on north 52nd street and west in the 52 200- 5200 block of north delancy.
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they have not identify a suspect. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." the search continues for a hit-and-run driver who sent a 3-year-old philadelphia boy to the hospital. the driver struck the child's stroller in tacony last night. the child is being treated at saint christopher's hospital for children. police are looking for a dark green 1998 dodger conversion van with a lighter green stripe on the side. a full report on the investigation is coming up at 6:00 a.m. karen mentioned this accident the hood of a does an ripped off as it slammed into a building overnight. this is video in from the scene at north 29th street. the driver struck a tractor-trailer and hit the curb. hub caps and child safety seat went flying, no baby was in the seat or on board. the driver is being treated at the hospital. there's investigation to
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reopen the death investigation into the ceo of a hospital and his wife. police ruled the death of john and joe sheridan suicide. their sons rejected the police report. now a group said -- released a statement saying that they deserve to have their death and life look add competently. this is the 1100 block of yorkland road. the fire started in the attic yesterday afternoon, a passer by rescued a person in a wheelchair. no other injuries were reported. this is newly released surveillance from bank robbery.
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police are struggling to find a lead in the case, if you think you know who that is, call police. time 5:36. gop presidential candidate marko rubio picked up a key endorsement. nickie hailey announced her support of the candidate. donald trump and ted cruz are tied. latest poll show hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck in neck. in the case of a tie, the democratic party breaks a deadlock by drawing from a deck of cards. the high card determines the winner and by the way aces are high. pope francis capped his five day visit to mexico with a message of love and compaction
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for migrants. antiimmigration sentiment running high, the pope called on deposits to open their hearts to what he called the human tragedy. earlier in the visit, the pope became physically upset, they pulled him and wouldn't let him go, he scalded the crowd saying don't be selfish. >> reporter: yes, matt. that means it's cold. >> reporter: it is cold, we have nothing in the way of precipitation, it's around the freezing mark, former rain water from a couple of days ago evaporated and ponded up and
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frozen up, so be careful of that here and there. looking live south of broad street, city hall. it's breezy. the temperatures, 32 degrees, the freezing mark in philadelphia. some suburbs below freezing, the ten mile an hour wind not that strong, strong enough to give you a windchill of 24. bundle up. we have cloud cover in the northern half of the region, but it's thinning out and we expect to see a fair amount of sunshine throughout day. 21 degrees by :00 a.m. 10:00 a.m., 31 degrees, noon, 35, high 38 degrees. 34 in lehigh valley. 36 in millville. atlantic city. we're going tore a high of 36 degrees in cape may. today is the first official
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workout for the if it is phillies in florida. you know when they are popping the gloves in clearwater at 70 in the afternoon. it's not long before it gets better around here. we'll have a rain or snow shower passing through, as the warm front passes through. behind that warm front we'll tap into the milder air from the southwest. we'll have temperatures ten to 15 degrees above average. that's not bad. sunny and chilly. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 38 is the high, tomorrow, increasing clouds, cool, high of 41. rain or snow shower a couple of spots at night. behind that breezy, partly sunny on saturday, high of 60. it will be breezy. if you're out and about, you want a jacket certainly, maybe a decent coat. that's a nice day for moving into the second half of
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february. sunday, mild, 56 degrees, the trade off clouds increase in the afternoon and there could be a pop-up shower or period of rain at night. monday, sun and clouds, another nice day, high of 54. tuesday into wednesday, we have our next issue, a storm system arrives we'll be dealing a lot of more warm air than the last snow ice situation we had earlier this week. we could wet snow and sleet arriving tuesday night, it's a long way away, tuesday into wednesday is a time period to keep my eyes on. a local college is all abuzz after getting a visit from reality star caitlyn jenner. angry birds send a new jersey mailman running to his truck. >> reporter: good morning to you all, the roads are clear and dry, we've got one car coming through, i'm getting new details on a accident in new jersey, i'll have the latest coming up.
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retiring elephants make their final stop in philadelphia. that's later when "action news" continues. there's moving...
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commodor barry bridge, live on sky6 live hd. it is the freezing mark in a lot
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of spots around the region. it's cold when you step outside. >> you know karen, when he is that, it's commodore barry white. >> reporter: it's the voice. it's cold, i would watch for a slick spots here and there. this is the boulevard large street watch out for a disabled truck in the outer drive approaching broad street. the big accident in the morning is happening here, franklin township, gloucester county. i spoke to state police, they gave me an update. a single-vehicle accident the person was transported to the hospital. traffic is slow in the area 55 northbound approaching little mill. on the waze app we can see slow
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speeds, 9 miles per hour. people reporting a traffic jam in the area, 55 northbound near franklin township in gloucester county. watch for residual slowing. buck road or frys mills road a good alternate. vineland, accident investigation, delsea drive 47 northbound blocked at garden road. you look at the temperatures it's cold out here. 27 in martins creek. 28 in quakertown, 29 in pottstown, saint david. freezing mark in center city. the suburbs in new jersey, 27 in bridgeton. 30 in hammonton. 32 in cinnaminson. a chilly start, 38 for the high. south dakota is on track to become the first state mandating which restrooms trans gendered students must use. under the plan, schools would have to provide what they called
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a reasonable accommodation for transgendered students. opponents say it discriminates against vulnerable young people. the bill goes to the governor next week who said he needs to study it more. caitlyn jenner spoke out to a sellout crowd at penn university. the vanity author who wrote call me kaitlin moderated. it's great someone who decided at such a late age made a drastic change. it's inspiring. othersers hope his visit to penn will continue the on going dialogue on issues facing the lgbt community. neither sleet or rain, had
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stopped a mailman. a mailman refused to get out of his truck when a flock of turkeys surrounded him. the post master didn't know what to do, they called 911. a dog goes missing this week's snowstorm and someone hears barking from below ground. we'll break down the brutally honest letter a man got when he lost his wallet. >> reporter: it's cold down with temperatures around the freezing mark and staying in the 30s with the breeze. keep the gear on the kids, you too. i'll have the seven-day forecast next. how much protein does your dog food have?
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ringling brothers elephant marched through philadelphia last night. officials decided to release all performing pachyderms for early retirement in the spring. they will join other elephants at the elephant conservation in may. we're going to the circus tonight, i can't decide if i should stay awake or send my husband and kids. >> reporter: if i look really tired tomorrow, you'll know why. looking live in delaware county, the blue route at baltimore pike, no problems between i-95 and the schuylkill expressway looking good on the blue route. on the northeast extension we had a problem with a roving construction crew it cleared and traffic is moving better now. mass transit is on time.
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>> reporter: the windchills are part of the story. it feels like teens and 20s in the suburbs. 29 degrees by 9:00 a.m. 33 by 11:00 a.m. lots of sunshine, but a high of 38 degrees around 3:00 p.m. with the breeze blowing feeling like the freezing mark or below through the afternoon. still, no precipitation as you head out and get the shopping or any other errands done today. you can find the seven-day forecast and a live look storm tracker 6 live double scan radar at any time on the website at firefighters in state college sprang into action after a dog spent two nights down a 14-foot hole at the penn state arboretum. the dog wandered off during a snowstorm. they heard his cries and they made a harness and pulled him
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aboveground. riley had given up hope of finding his wallet. a stranger tracked him down and returned his credit card and license and long with this note. kept the cash because i needed weed, metro car because the fare is 2.75 now. and it's wallet because it's kind of cool. like the breaking bad character he started with good intentions and transformed into a villain. new york city is getting rid of things you probably didn't know were still around like pay phones. they provide super fast internet hot spots, users can charge their devices and make free calls anywhere in the u.s.
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counsel a great idea. can superman change in one? an e-mail calling parents whiners goes out by mistake and now the new castle county school district is explaining. google will turn all your e-mail accounts into g mail, details at 6:00 a.m.
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look there across the river boo the adventure aquarium.
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i wonder if the fish are up yet. a couple from reading, berks county are free on bail accused with damaging with their children's well-being. they are accused of leaving their two kids locked in the cold air at the sands casino in bethlehem monday night. temperatures dipped to 11 degrees. the children's ages have not been released. sentencing is scheduled for aman and i see sister in connection with the deadly courthouse shooting. they were found guilty of cyber stalking. his mother was sentenced to life in prison last friday. his father kill bellford and her friend back in 2014. they denied knowing the plan, prosecutors argued that the whole family was in the on the deed. school officials ins new castle county delaware issued an
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apology for a tongue-in-cheek e-mail that was sent by mistake. the sheet pokes fun at what it calls whiners. whiners should use the form to seek sympathy from someone who cares. they assured parents twarls not a document -- it was not a document of the school district. automaker is sending out a warning about seat belts, details of the recall next.
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good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., thursday, february 18. we're working on several developing and new stories. a man is shot execution style in west philadelphia. police are looking for the person who pulled the trigger. we have information on a hit rent run crash that involved a 3-year-old child. customers at a fast food restaurant are outrage over getting a sermon with their feels. let's find out about accuweather, david murphy has that and karen rogers has traffic, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, it's cold, we have clouds hanging over parts of the regionful we expect sunshine to dig in quickly this morning and expecting mostly sunny skies. 32 degrees in philadelphia. in the 20s in allentown, lancaster and wilmington. 31 in trenton and down toward millville and dover. the windchills even though the winds are not that strong this morning, still enough to make it feel


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