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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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where a dozen victims are being treated. >> reporter: 14 to be exact being treated here still in there at this hour. fortunately none of them have serious injuries. septa launched their investigation into what happened today. a multivehicle accident happened on jfk and 15th, this school bus, this taxi and this sedan ran into the northwest side of city hall, and nobody was reported injured on the sidewalk. this man just walk add way from the outdoor atm and it was smashed. >> thank god i was not at the atm when that happened. >> police blocked off traffic and got those claiming to be injured taken to several hospitals. police have the initial assessment. >> multiple vehicles collided off each other, a school bus, a septa bus and a taxi cab and
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several other vehicles that ended up hitting a td bank. >> this is steven freeburg, he says it began when he was rear ended by a septa bus. >> a septa bus hit me in the back, in the rear of my taxi and knocked me out of control and at the same time the gas pedal got stuck and it was crazy, i wentpletely across jfk and through the light at 15th street and i guess the school bus and the black car that were involved in the accident were to my left and i veered them to the left. >> most of the injured, 14 of them in fact were brought here to jefferson hospital. >> lucky it was pretty much minor injuries that i have seen myself. some back pain and neck sprains and contusions and hip pain, a few headaches.
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>> reporter: ryan and sharrie tonight a written statement td bank says they are thankful that no one was seriously injured. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news.." >> thanks very much. meanwhile we are working to learn the name that died in a separate crash on mlk, a child was also injured here. chopper 6 hd was over the scene at 8:30 this morning. the man was heading away from the art museum and collided head-on to another car and he died on the scene. a mother and daughter were sent to the hospital. two people just learned their sentences in connection with a deadly courthouse shooting in delaware. a judge order david matusiewicz and his sister to life in prison. they are guilty of cyber stalking. the former spouses are locked in
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a bitter custody battle. in fact prosecutors say that several members harassed belford for years tonight was actually david's father, thomas, that fatally shot her and her friend in 2013. >> david matusiewicz and his sister, amy gonzales together with their parents executed a malicious stalking campaign that led directly to the death of christine belford and beth mullford. >> his mother lenore was sentenced to the same charge and she was sentenced to life in prison last week. a new jersey payroll company is under federal investigation last week after the city of trenton said they were missing hundreds of thousands of dollars. it was payroll taxes that were paid but meant for the state.
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nora muchanic is live with more. >> hi there brian, the fbi is asked to join the probe into a private vendor that used to handle the payroll in trenton, they were notified by the state that they were owed taxes paid by the state and now they want to know how to get it back. >> the city of trenton hired a company called innovative payroll services to do the payroll for roughly 1500 employees. now they are under investigation because they withheld taxes but never forwarded the money to the state. the exact amount of the missing money is it still unknown and could total millions of dollars. not knowing the amount, whether it's a million or $800,000. that is a million or $800,000 that we don't have in the budget. >> law enforcement officers were
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on scene today coming in and out of ips. the company's chief executive officer is john shultz who we tried to contact by email and phone. >> i'm looking for john shultz -- >> shultz hired an attorney to represent him and she tells "action news" she is currently in the fact finding process and working with law enforcement. shultz scrubbed their social media accounts since the story broke. they were living a lavish lifestyle in florida. including a big home and a bendly. >> all of that should be confiscated. >> it should be a criminal investigation and he needs to be held accountable. >> my focus is the city of trenton being made 100% whole. >> the investigation is in the
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beginning stages, if the city is on the hook for the unpaid tax its could mean cutbacks in projects. and the city may not be the only victim here, they tell us at least one other company that dealt with the company. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> nora thanks. the delaware board of education is said to vote on a controversial plan to redistrict schools. they recommended sweepling changes, including removing the christina school district from the city and moving the students to the red clay district. schools that serve at risk students would also get more funding and the board of education is discussing the proposal and if approved it has to go to the general assembly. now a look at accuweather with adam joseph.
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>> it's the wind out of the north that drives through you especially if you are standing in the shade. how it feeled, 28 in philadelphia and 27 in new york city and only teens in northern new england and quebec, but things are about to change for the warmer. high pressure is to the north near syracuse but the high slips to the southeast and east and the clouds move in and thicken up and that sends warmer air in for the upcoming weekend, for this evening it's clear and cold and 30 at 7:00 and dropping to the upper 20s at 8 and 9:00. and the breeze starts to ease in the overnight hours. we are not looking at a deep windchill. 37 in philadelphia and 40s in the ohio valley. that comes in tomorrow. and you can see a good chunk of the country in the 50s, 60s and 70s. that is all heading in our
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direction just in time for the upcoming weekend sharrie. i'll show you the number in the full accuweather forecast. lets start to make the outdoor plans now. >> i'm doing it now. adam thank you. today we get our first look at the 2016 philadelphia phillies, pitchers and catchers held their first orlando workout in florida. and jeff skversky is live in clearwater. some of these coaches were seeing these guys for the first time too. >> absolutely sharrie. who is that guy? who is that guy? even the phillies manager wanted to have the guys making sure they were in their jerseys with names on the back and number, because there is nearly 50 new players in camp. there is somewhat of a different vibe with pete mccannon in charge. >> say hello to pete mccannon he has been in the game for nearly
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50 years, a coach, a bench coach, a player. this is the first time as a manager in spring training. and with him in charge there is a different feeling in the clubhouse, a better energy that dates back to last year when he took over for ryan sandberg but the 63-year-old doesn't want to take credit for the attitude and energy, he believes it's the nature of the competition with young players trying to win jobs. >> players are not stupid, they know there are jobs available and things they can do to make an impression. and we talked to them at the end of the last year to let them know as i have always said are you auditioning all the time. i don't care what you did last year. it's what have you done for me lately. the players sense that, they know there are jobs available
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especially in the pitching department. everybody is real eager to though what they can do. >> who stood out for day one pitchers and catchers. he has an interesting take on that and we'll hear from him again coming up at 5:00. beautiful day here in clearwater, florida. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> thank you jeff. rubbing it in on us. >> it seems cruel we went from adam's forecast to jeff in florida. such is life. lets change gears again and get you caught up with the "action news" traffic report. >> matt pellman is standing by with the update. >> we'll let the cruelty continue as i deliver the traffic report, unpleasant news. on the vine street expressway a whole lot of traffic this afternoon. eastbound is especially jammed across town from the schuylkill out to 95. the reason is we have extra construction this afternoon on 95 northbound in the ongoing work zone at girard and those
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crews are now cleared out but gave us a sizable delay northbound but has spilled here back on the vine and the westbound side of the vine backing up through the schuylkill expressway, and this is the blue route 476, at villanova, a crash in the southbound lanes but is cleared out of the way but still a 10 minute delay. a couple of accidents in kalin township, one on the 30 bypass approaching reeceville road and on business 30, lincoln highway a wreck at municipal drive. and 15 minute delays on the warminster, west trenton and doylestown regional rail lines because of track work. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this thursday almost friday afternoon. and after a rough ride on 422, the volume is not bad but look
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for a pothole at oaks. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> very good. thank you. still ahead president obama announces a trip abroad that will make history. >> plus, pope francis versus donald trump, what the pontiff said in reference to the presidential candidate and how trump responded. and we have hosting a live web chat, doctors are taking your questions about high blood pressure, log on to to join the conversation.
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we have breaking news to get to here at 4:00, we are heading to camden where chopper 6 hd is flying over the scene where a standoff is happening for camden police here. this unfolding before 4:00 at chesapeake and hartford roads. officials say they encountered three men at least one of them according to police pulled a gun
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and two of the men have been taken into custody but a third person remains holed up and that is the activity you see. no word on what led to this, but it's a standoff happening in camden county and camden police are on the scene. we'll keep an eye on this as things develop. it's the pope versus donald trump today in a war of words between the holy father and the presidential candidate, today politics and religion collide. they responded to questions about trump's campaign promise to build a wall on the mexico-u.s. border. >> someone that talks about building walls and not building bridges is not a christian and not a leader. >> donald trump responded calling it disgraceful for a
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religious lead toward question someone's faith. >> he said something like maybe donald trump is not christian and he is questioning my faith and i am a christian and i'm proud of it. >> pope francis saying he has not seen his whole border plan and until then he is giving him the benefit of the doubt and trump quick to is add this, if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, he can only hope that donald trump would have been president. no response from the pope on that one. meantime in south carolina, pastors and religious leaders today endorsing ted cruz for president. an interesting day on the campaign trail. >> each one more interesting than the next. president obama is set to take a trip that no u.s. president has made since before world war ii, the president and first lady will travel to cuba on march 21st and march 22nd.
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the last sitting president to travel to cuba was calvin coolidge. and the white house says that the president will meet with cuban president, raul castro and meeting with cubans from various walks of life. tonight at 11:00 an investigation looks into a bucks county cemetery that some say committed a grave error. wendy saltzman has a preview. >> a grieving family says their loved one's body vanished and now the cemetery can't find her. >> they have no idea where mary padshaw is buried and the way that the cemetery told them they would find the body. >> they will dig up for our five graves before they find the right one. >> have you found the body yet?
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and why is may not be protected under state burial laws. >> we'll definitely look for wendy's report. switching now to the forecast, a lot of sun out there but not a lot of warmth. the warmth is coming this weekend and adam joseph is tracking the changes once again. >> changes arrive for the upcoming weekend in a good way and as we take a look at the sun splashing on the boardwalk in ocean city. a live look from the thrivers beach cam and not many folks taking a stroll today and many folks are out on the boardwalk this weekend and get the southwesterly wind and the temperatures will be at least in the 40s and not 50s at the shore and near 60 inland. wind speeds out of the northwesterly direction, 10 miles per hour in allentown and 15 in millville and 13 miles per hour in dover, factor in the wind with the air temperature and feeling like the 20s area
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wide and teens in the poconos and a typical winter like day as we get towards the end of the february. however if you like to think things on the warmer side as we are looking ahead here to daylight savings time beginning that is only 24 days away and that spins the clocks ahead one hour, and 31 days away, that is when spring begins, just about a month from now. if you think of memorial day and the shore, that is still 102 days away before you park your beach chair in the sand. as we look at satellite and radar, high pressure is in control right now with a lot of sunshine and clear skies, and high clouds are beginning to stream in from the west, that is a warm front that pushes through here during the day tomorrow and for tonight it stays clear and cold and the winds will ease some overnight tonight. and below normal 13 in allentown and 14 in reading and 21 in philadelphia and 17 in millville and 20s at the shore. as we look at future tracker
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early tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. for the rush hour as we head to school and to work, some sunshine out there, that is the only sun you'll see in the morning as the clouds thicken and increase with the warm front approaching, by 2:00 tomorrow afternoon and clouds are thick and could be a snow shower up towards the poconos. as we look at the four day at 4:00, because these clouds quickly increasing tomorrow they cap the temperatures to around 40 degrees or so. and then that warm southwesterly wind takes over saturday as the warm front lifts away and 60 for a high and near 60 on sunday afternoon sun giving way to clouds and the possibility of a shower and behind that monday it's pleasant still 54 degrees. and despite that warmth on the seven day we are chatting a little snow and rain coming in next week and we'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast in the next half hour guys. >> adam thank you. up next it's an unusual
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brunch with the stars of the circus, what is on the menu when elephants get together.
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this afternoon police have a suspect in custody in a deadly ambush shooting in west philadelphia and they tell us that they do believe that drugs were involved here and they believe the victim was getting out of his car when he was shot at at point-blank range. she is identified as 41-year-old maurice addsite. he was rushed to presbyterian hospital. as for the suspect police say they captured him immediately after the crime. >> seconds, right after the shooting we got flash information that there was a male with a red hoody seen fleeing on foot and they saw a
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male run into a location around the corner and got him and brought him into the homicide unit. they are not releasing the suspect's name until he is formerly charged. homicide detectives now interviewing witnesses and talking to friends and family members trying to figure out the relationship between these two men. they believe that drugs were involved. two presidents were on hand in spirit at least to help welcome new american citizens today. 16 people swore the citizenship at historic washington crossing park. one man was dressed as our nation's first president, george washington there and barack obama congratulated the new citizens in a video message. they come from 30 degree countries. the farewell tour continues for the biggest stars of the
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circus. the elephants were treated to a special brunch philly style today. it included 600 pretty els and two crates of apples and 50 pounds of carrots. they are being retired from the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus. it's a second off brunch before they go home to their new home at a conservation in florida. a daring thief breaks into a philadelphia department store through the front windows. next.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, sharrie williams, and brian taff. >> hello again. "action news" continues with the search for the man that robbed a wawa at gun point and a ceremony honored a fallen atlantic city police officer. the action cam is there as a permanent remembrance is revealed. and a lesson in kindness, delaware students share their pay it forward projects. and the philadelphia police department has a proposal for kanye west, we'll explain their viral idea to help him get out
4:30 pm
of debt. and daring thieves targeted a center city department store, they got out with thousands of dollars worth of designer merchandise. "action news" reporter katherine scott has more. >> reporter: an estimated $2,000 of merchandise was stolen and $7,000 worth of damage to the window panes here. and now police are searching for who is responsible. >> it's crazy. >> windows smashed and merchandise stolen. people walking by could not believe how brazen the thieves must have been to bang through two panes of glass and steal thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. >> they must have been scoping out the store for a while. >> century 21 is a fairly high
4:31 pm
end store, i would imagine they have a lot of security here. i'm fascinated that anyone got away with it. >> the call came in this morning when a burglar alarm and motion sensor was tripped. police found two display windows broke and and mannequins in disarray and various clothing and handbags and accessories stolen. this is at the heels of a robbery at bloomingdales. in this case nine men in ski masks ransacked the clothing racks swiping high end jeans worth $2,000. police have not connected the two cases, whether it's designer jeans or handbags, it does not surprise them. >> people want high quality, even though it's discount if people can get it cheaper on the street they will do that.
4:32 pm
>> they are cooperating with the investigation and are thankful that no one was hurt. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." we have new information at 4:30 to a story we are following all week, allentown police released the identity of a woman found shot to death inside a recycling bin. it's rosenoski. the suspect's name is not released and no charges are filed. the body was found on sunday night two blocks from her home. a crash on route 422 in king of prussia was one of a number of incidents that tested drivers' patience during rush hour this morning. eastbound 76 to 202, chopper 6 hd flew over the big traffic backup at 7:00 a.m. and the crash was not cleared until
4:33 pm
8:00, no word on injuries. a car slammed into the business in the strawberry mansion section of philadelphia early this morning. police say that the driver lost control at the intersection of ridge avenue and north 29th street. the car also hit a truck before coxing to a stop against the building. the driver was taken to the hospital with head injuries. >> a fast moving fire damaged a home in newcastle county, they say there was heavy smoke pouring from the house when they arrived on the scene. they believe it started in the basement and moved to the upper floors. everyone inside was able to get out safely. >> philadelphia police are hope that someone will recognize a man that robbed a wawa at gun point at oxford circle. surveillance video shows a man wearing a black sweatshirt and mask, and he walked in at 7:00, the store on caster avenue was
4:34 pm
busy with customer and pointed a gun at the 20-year-old woman working the cash register, she gave him money before he ran out. police in northeast philadelphia are looking for the man that robbed a pair of businesses at gun point, the first one happened january 5th at the galaxy smoke shop in fox chase, police say that the man pulled a gun on the woman and took cash from the register and also took off. then january 16th, police say the same man that held up an auto zone on oxford avenue. no one was injured in either of these crimes. just looking at the temperature in the lower right hand corner of the screen, 36 degrees but it feels colder than that? >> the windchills are in the 20s all afternoon and this morning windchills in the teens, you can almost flip in a number in a couple of days from now and that is what it will be feeling like. looking live right now despite the chill out there.
4:35 pm
it is beautiful looking from the inside out. the commodore barry bridge live on sky 6 hd that crystal clear blue sky no cloud cover whatsoever, the temperature of 36 degrees, the north-northwesterly wind at 20 miles per hour pulling it down to 27 degrees. since it's quiet out there, lets head into the classroom and here is the weather question of the day. how fast do 95% of snowflakes fall. a half mile or a constant 10 miles per hour for every snowflake. tweet me your best guess to this particular question. and i'll give the first person that gets it right a shout-out on the air along with the seven-day forecast. you are pondering brian. >> the wheels are turning. >> that is a good thing. >> your next question needs to
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be about sunshine. well, a brand new first of its kind merchant shop will be ready at reading terminal market. they specialize in customizable hand toppings and options. it's full transparency of all the ingredients, once it's open condiments will be found at west end of the seating area. loved ones remember the life of a fallen atlantic city police officer today. friends and colleagues mark the anniversary of kevin wilkins death, he accidentally shot himself six years ago when he was handling his service weapon at north carolina and baltic avenues. it's now renamed kevin b. wilkins way in his honor. a delaware man is hailed as a hero after he ran into a burning home to save his wheelchair bound neighbor.
4:37 pm
monica malpass is live in the newsroom with the details on this one. >> hi brian, a man in that house, a burning home unable to move because his wheelchair was not nearby was saved by his neighbor, enter anthony cirillo, he says he is no hero but in the right place at the right time and "action news" talks about the life saving moments and we'll have the interview for you tonight at 5:00. and new at 5:00, a report on the state of air travel. what the department of transportation says the airlines are getting right and where they are still going wrong. those stories coming up on "action news" at 5:00. >> monica see you in 20 minutes or so. students at a delaware county middle school got a lesson in giving, children at beth ann gallaghers class presented their pay it forward projects. the assignment was to come up with three things to do for
4:38 pm
others without expecting anything in return. it was not just the teacher listening but moms and dads listening to their young philanthropists. >> a young fighter takes out a would be robber all in the name of love. see the video next. and it's never too early to do some spring cleaning. first a new york family used facebook to send out an sos, save our snowman and they are asking for more than just cold weather. details coming up in big talkers. and meteorologist, adam joseph, back with the full accuweather forecast.
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a florida walgreens customer jumped in action confronting a would be robber. surveillance video caught the encounter on valentine's day and he was a trained fighter and took down the suspect and knocked him unconscious and waited for police arrived. west said he did it to protect his girlfriend who worked in the pharmacy. >> right place at the right time. >> a new facebook photo album is part of the investigation in newcastle county. these are images of stolen items recovered by police, they posted them with the hopes of getting them back to their rightful owners. you can look at thee these itemd can't the newcastle police to start the process of getting it back.
4:42 pm
kanye west made big headlines, tweeting he was in significant debt, $53 million worth. well the philadelphia police department is offering him a way out and maybe a job. this tweet from philly police is going viral. they tell kanye we are hiring, starting salary, $47,920 you could be debt free by the year 2122, they photo shopped the picture of what west would look like in uniform. no word if he is considering joining the force, but there are jobs available and you know what they pay. now, they may need also to step in and save the day. but without frozen super powers, some folks on long island are harnessing super power and social media to save their
4:43 pm
snowman. how will they do it? they have a facebook page to preserving it's snow guy and they are asking forrer snow nations actual snow to be dropped off to keep him cold. rain? no problem they cover him up and he has his own umbrella. got to keep him dry don't melt. >> another snow storm, he gets protected from getting knocks down by covering him up and they dressed him up for valentine's day and are even selling shirts to keep him going. the same family did it last year and lived until april 20th. they are trying to reach last year's record but it's pretty warm lately so we can only hope. >> you did your part and now hopefully they get the
4:44 pm
donations. >> alicia thank you. lets get a check of the roads right now. matt pellman is standing by with how it is going or not so going. >> it may be unfortunate for mr. snowman but we are happy to see the bright sunshine however it is giving us extra slowing smacking us in the face and on 95 the worst delays right now are headed away from the sunshine headed northbound a stop and go ride from the betsy ross bridge to cotman avenue, extra construction and an doesn't for a short time. extra complications leading to the extra slow travel time. in the bushes, one here in doylestown shutting down state road and the 202 parkway gets you around that. and in rich land, a broken down vehicle along pumping station road that is giving us problems close to the old castle lawn and
4:45 pm
garden. but cherry road to the north may be a better bet. crash on 422 eastbound in the pottstown area, and off to the side but still slowing. and don't forget that the westbound lanes of 422 are closing at route 100 each night this week for construction starting at 9:00. high street would be a better bet. and the bypass and business 30 in kalin township are returning but look for a wreck along route 10 near loghouse road. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. meteorologist, adam joseph, is standing by with the exclusive accuweather forecast next.
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4:47 pm
all right meteorologist,
4:48 pm
adam joseph taking us all to school once again today. >> this is the question i posed 10 minutes ago. how fast do 95% of snowflakes fall to the ground. a half mile to 4 miles per hour, a range of 4 to 8 miles per hour or all roughly 10 miles per hour. >> it can't be c. >> because everything can't be the same. i'm eliminating c that is all i've got. >> i'm going with b on this one. you are both kind of wrong because you didn't pick a, a range of about a half mile to four miles per hour that equals 1 to 6 feet per second and patty was the first one to get it right. she says a, her husband said b. so patty congratulations, dinner is on your husband tonight. as we look at the almanac for today 30 was the high
4:49 pm
temperature before 4:00 this afternoon below the normal of 44 degrees, today we started at 33 degrees and almost a 70 degree difference from the record high to the record low on this date. winds continue to pull out of the north-northwesterly direction and 26 is what it feeled like in trenton and allentown and 28 in philadelphia and upper 20s in southern new jersey and delaware. high pressure is between buffalo and binghamton new york and that is slipping to the south tomorrow and to the east and that allows a warm front to push in and you can see the leading edge of that warm front in the form of clouds and they thick and up here at the end of the week on friday. it is clear and cold and temperatures below normal by 7 degrees, a 13 in the suburbs and the north wind relaxing to 3 to 6 miles per hour overnight. a warm front approaching from the south and west and any sun
4:50 pm
will be early in the morning and then the clouds take over the entire day with the high temperature around 41 degrees for philadelphia and it will be below that in the upper 30s through much of the area tomorrow and as that warm front blasts through here on saturday, we'll be in between the cold front and warm front, that is called the warm sector with the winds 12 to 20 miles per hour pulls the temperature to 60 for the weekend. the exclusive accuweather forecast, shows we quickly go cloudy here tomorrow at 41 and then a warm southwesterly wind and 60 on saturday. we take a snapshot of future tracker 6 at 2:30, upper 50s for allentown and trenton and 61 in wilmington and dover and even at the shore, the winds are southwesterly, it will be in the upper 50s there. we stay in the upper 50s on sunday and morning sun giving way to afternoon clouds and maybe an evening shower and still pleasant on monday.
4:51 pm
high of 54 degrees and we still watch that system late on tuesday, but definitely on wednesday, and that precipitation type depends on the track, it's all over the place, but at this point the temperatures 44 in philadelphia, so right now it's more gearing towards rain for a lot of us with some snow in some areas north and west. but we'll fine tune that past the weekend, just focus on the weekend and get out and enjoy that. >> all do. >> thank you. what's the deal? is next, we look at the best vacuums on the market. and tune in to abc for a tgit lineup. tensions run high as each student tries to return to normalcy, and we learn about analise's past and you can tweet along with others using #~
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htgawm. after your favorite shows stick around for "action news" at 11:00. #~ 6 abc.
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>> some vacuums seem to be no match for your carpets. >> ultra plush and ultra soft pose a problems for vacuums. luxury carpets are marketed as ultra plush and ultra soft. they feel great under foot but they can challenge your vacuum. they say that carpets like this
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car he is from shaw is so thick that vacuums can't move freely back and forth. >> the vacuum creates such a tight feel are you unable to move it. and some vacuums are impossible to move even with leaning it all of think body weight he could not get it to budge. they recommend specific vacuums. consumer reports tried some out. >> we found vacuums easier to move, but you wants a vacuum that works well. they recommend this $400 kenmorey elite canister. this hoover elite at 180 is a consumer reports best buy, but before you go out and buy a new vacuum, another solution is try to raise the power head to a higher setting, if that is not
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an option, try to adjust the air flow that may be enough to get your vacuum moving. consumer reports says raising the head may reduce cleaning power and you may have to go over the same spot to remove the dirt. there is another option, it costs more and is quiet but better on carpets. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for sharrie williams, adam joseph and alicia vitarelli, i'm brian taff. join us tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead at 5:00. >> coming up next at 5:00, philadelphia police are investigating a deadly late night ambush, the suspect now in custody. the mummers are heading to manayunk to celebrate mardi gras, the boost that local
4:57 pm
stores are hoping to get from that parade. and spring training is officially underway for our fillies. and jeff skversky is live for the workouts.
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with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. i turned aaround and pulled up into the drive way and went to knock on the door. when i knocked on the door the guy said he couldn't get up. >> tonight an "action news" exclusive. a wheelchair bound man was saved from his home after the neighbors spotted the flames and ran inside. >> it's thursday night and the big story on "action news" is the heroic rescue in newcastle county. we are hearing from the good samaritan for the first time and he spoke to gray hall. he is live with the exclusive interview. >> reporter: the good samaritan put his life in danger when he ran into the burning home, he was not thinking of his safety,
5:00 pm
his instincts kicked in. anthonyserillo does not call himself a hero. >> we are grateful for this man coming to save my dad. >> the fire broke out at 1:00 p.m. wednesday, dan was home alone. >> he would have died. >> kazirhas ms and was trapped and could not get to his wheelchair. they saw the smoke and called 911 and rushed to help. i'm trying to tell the fire department there is a guy in here that cannot walk and they said leave the house. >> reporter: he did not think he was putting his life in danger, he had to act quickly. >> we got him out within a mi


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