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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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a suv crashed into a taxi cab and a school bus and septa bus. vernon odom is live now with the full story. >> reporter: jim, of course this took place right across from the northwest corner of city hall just around noon time when hundreds of pedestrians were walking around there and this could have been far more disastrous. this smash up involved a school bus a taxi and an suv and a septa bus and more. it culminated with a crash into this bank branch at jfk. the injuries were minor. >> there were as many as six vehicles that impacted one another at some point and it's yet to be determined how it
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occurred. fortunately there was no children on the school bus. >> this woman did not want her face shown, she recounted her experience for "action news." >> i heard boom and i was jerked to the front and i hit my head on the chair in front of me and hurt my neck and knee on the chair. >> the police investigation is well underway and no conclusions yet, the taxi driver was slightly injured. he claims it all started when the taxi was rear ended by a septa bus from jfk. >> was driving in the right lane of jfk when the septa bus when it hit the right rear of my cab. knocked me out of control and the gas pedal got stuck and i ended up going a half block at 15th street and i guess i caused the school bus and another car to go up on the sidewalk and into the td bank.
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i came to rest into the cement wall going down to the suburban station. >> reporter: jim, by our last count more than a dozen victims remain here at jefferson hospital tonight being treated for minor injuries, one other note. the school bus driver had just dropped off students at a center city department store and was headed up to 17th and jfk to wait for them for about an hour. all you can say is wow and that nobody was injured seriously. >> vernon thank you. authorities have yet to identify the man killed in a crash on martin luther king drive in fairmount park this morning. police say he crossed the center lines and collided head-on with an on coming car at 8:20, he died at the scene. a woman and a 4-year-old girl in the other car were taken to hahnemann hospital for evaluation. thieves targeted a center
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city department store today and took off with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. philadelphia police say a burglary alarm went off at century 21 at 4:45 this morning. two display windows on market street were shattered. they estimate the damage and stolen merchandise at $9,000. a fire erupted in hockessin delaware, but only today we found out the courage of a good samaritan who saved the homeowners life. gray hall is live on the scene with the full story. >> reporter: hi jim, well most people may have been afraid to run inside of a burning home but not the hero, he says he was not concerned about his safety and knew it was the right thing to do. >> i called 911 and i said you got to get him out of the house. >> it was randycirillo's call
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to 911 and he went in. >> went in to try to put it out and i couldn't do anything and the smoke was getting thick. >> ran into the burning home on yorkland road and saved the life of dan kazir, he has ms and could not walk and was trapped and could not get to his wheelchair. >> he would have died. >> cirillo and his wife were driving in the area and saw the smoke and stopped to help. >> he is thankful and i am thankful too that i could help someone like that. >> the cause of fire was accidental. they say a heating lamp fell and started the flames on the second floor. >> was at work and my mom called me our house was on fire. the family says there is no words to express their gratitude and will never forget the
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actions of complete strangers who are now lifelong friends. >> we are forever grateful for this man that came and saved my dad. >> cirillo will not accept the title of hero but they say he earned it. >> he says he is not a hero but he is. i really think so. i'm so proud of him i really am. >> a neighbor also assisted in the rescue of that victim and two family dogs were rescued and the fire caused $30,000 worth of damage but the family is just grateful no lives were lost. thank you gray we have breaking news tonight from the holmesburg section of philadelphia. as you can see firefighters are battling a smokey blaze this is the 7700 block of edmond street, this is a commercial building a warehouse like looking structure and also 30 minute delays on the
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trenton regional rail line because of this blaze, we have no reports that anyone is injured but as you can see smoke pouring from the roof of this building in the 7700 block of edmond street in holmesburg. the sentence is life in prison for two siblings involved in a cyber stalking campaign that led to the murder of two women at the newcastle county courthouse in 2013. david matusiewicz and his sister amy gonzales was sentenced today. his father thomas shot his former wife and her friend as they arrived at the courthouse for a custody hearing and thomas killed himself the day of the shooting. >> police say the family harassed belford for years. the sixers jahlil okafor settled a speeding ticket he revved last year.
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he was charged with driving 108 miles per hour on the ben franklin bridge and okafor reached a plea deal to dismiss reckless driving charges and paid a fine for $439 for unsafe operation. the legal wheels continue to turn in the bill cosby case in montgomery county. cosby filed a breach of contract lawsuit against andrea constand, the woman he accused of drugging and sexual assaulting he wants her to return the money she got in 2005 because she cooperated and reopened of the case last year. philadelphia police are looking for the person that described the environment of the magnet high school. live at the high school tonight at 201 spring lane is "action news" reporter, john rawlins. what is the story there?
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>> reporter: they looking for one vehicle maybe more. this is a mess on a large scale. if you came to this property it's somewhat isolated in upper roxborough at the county line, you can't help but notice it's muddy tracks that crisscross the property like this one but they are the tip of the iceberg. the tracks lead to the bigger problem, a lower field what was a greenfield used for games on spirit day now an acre of plowed up mud. >> it's a beautiful field. on spirit day i would come back to watch the boys play football. >> the botany club grew vegetables here. >> i would come here during second period and tend the garden. >> you hear vandalism you think of broken window or graffiti but this is definitely vandalism. >> they believe the assault by vehicle happened over two nights this week. it's a close knit school dubbed
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school for the college bound. what they learn inside they take outside to the gardens. >> they did everything from bottom to top. and to have that gone is absolutely devastating. >> me putting my work in got this tomato to grow and it feels great to help something grow. >> the police are investigating trying to find who is respond. >> if anybody knows anything we are asking them to call the school, the fifth district and let us know. >> the kids are reaching out to replace it and neighbors are pitching in. >> maybe get some cameras, some neighbors thought we could help regrade this and plant a meadow. >> in addition to try to find cameras for the school and talk of putting up barriers to prevent this from happening again and the city controllers reached out to the streets
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department to see if there was a way to help the school put everything back together again. >> thank you john. coming up on "action news" tonight, federal investigators are looking into a private company hired to handle the city of trenton's payroll. taxes withheld didn't make it to where they were suppose to go. >> phillies pitchers and catchers take the field in florida, a live report from spring training coming up. and thinking spring locally here as well. the heat is building in the lower plains and the deep south, kicking out the winter chill today. we'll have the numbers in accuweather. >> those story and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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the fbi is joining the investigation into payroll fraud it could have cost the state of new jersey and workers in trenton hundreds of millions of dollars. nora muchanic has details. >> reporter: trenton has about 1300 employees from trash hau r haulers to police officers. now a company may have withheld taxes but not forwarded it to the state. it's unclear how much is missing but it could be in the millions. the fbi is joining into the probe. >> we'll fight to have all the funds returned to the city any late fees, any of that we are
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fighting to receive all of those funds back. >> investigators could be seen in camden county where ips is located. the ceo is john shultz of florida and we tried to contact him by phone and email without luck. >> can you tell me how to get in touch with him. >> i'm not personally sure. >> his attorney tells "action news" she is currently in the fact finding process and in communication with law enforcement. >> he has since scrubbed his social media accounts and they are focusing on his lavish lifestyle including sitting in a bentley he recently purchased. >> all of that should be confiscated. >> there needs to be a criminal investigation and he needs to be held responsibility it's that simple. >> it may not be their only victims, other companies have contacted authorities. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6
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"action news." a historic park in the roxborough section of philadelphia, has receive aid state grant for a much needed makeover, vincent hughes received a symbolic check for $388,000 it will go to renovations and upgrades to the park. it's more than 120 years old.
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no matter what the calendar says the first day of spring training almost feels like spring. >> should be a holiday that means baseball is back, the best thing about day one of spring training it doesn't mean if your team's prospects are good or poor. jeff skversky is covering the phillies for us and he is joining us live from clearwater, florida. >> reporter: hey ducis, lots of happy campers down here in clearwater, florida, today. lots of great energy too and the same could not be said of last
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year. i wonder why? they were the worst team in baseball and the starting staff had the worst year too. hopefully we can throw away the numbers this year with a brand new starting staff. the phillies are throwing five new starters on the mound that were not on their opening day roster last year. they are expected to be led by aaron nola. >> i think our biggest thing once we start and get going and play, we need to play as a team. >> there are great athletes and pitchers here. there is nothing but high expectations. >> the sky is the limit for nola and of they both pitched well as rookies. with the job up for grabs there
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is a different fell down here in clearwater. >> the players are not stupid, they know the jobs are available and there are things they can do to make an impression. a lot of energy and a lot of competition i think it will breed a lot of excitement and vice versa, we are looking good so far. everything looks great so far. >> ha, ha, ha. >> reporter: it better be great. it's day one. how do you mess up the first day of pitchers and catchers. this was the worst team in baseball last year and many expect that to be the case again this year but the phil's manager believes they will be a lot better than people expect. lets hope so. >> thank you jeff. we'll check back in with the manager tomorrow. the sixers reportedly made a trade for joelle anthony.
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and the flyers have a key game, they are four points out of a wild card spot, the canadian are six points back. >> every night is critical, we are coming off of a good performance and we were able to get the two points on the road and now we have another challenge in front of us and we need to go on the road tomorrow and do the exact same thing. and finally, the chicago black hawks were horned at the white house for winning the stanley cup. >> he was traded to chicago mid season and fought back on the ice, his final nhl game at the age of 40 came up and finally hoisted the cup. and that first of all as an old guy it makes me feel good.
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givemo a big round -- [ applause ] >> they presented him a parking pass and it was the best gift he has got. adam joseph has the accuweather forecast when we return in just a moment.
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there is going to be a warm-up. i promise you, it feels like spring training around here. ducis rogers gives us the thumbs up. lots of sunshine today but with
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that sunshine didn't warm us up all that much. with that northwesterly wind driving through the region from start to finish. the highlights in the accuweather forecast, it will feel winter like tonight with temperatures in the teens. and most of the suburbs, 1 wilmington and 13 allentown and 13 in philadelphia and 20s at the shore and the winds we felt today will ease. a low windchill factor late tonight and saturday's warmth here it is, allentown in the upper 50s and 60s lancaster, and near 60 philadelphia and low 60s in dover and a southwesterly wind. temperatures on the boardwalk, and temperatures on the boardwalk in the upper 50s, but today well below the average of 44, philadelphia 37 and 34 in allentown and 35 in trenton and upper 30s in wilmington as well as atlantic city. the windchill now is 23 in allentown and 25 in trenton and 26 in millville, we go from one
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extreme below normal today to above normal a couple of days from now. and thinking about spring and warmth as we look ahead. just 24 days from now, daylight savings time begins and we flip the clock ahead and the sun is setting and it will still be bright by 7:00, spring will begin and memorial day thinking of the shore it's still 102 days away. radar and high pressure is in control and the lack of low pressure, this will bring an area of clouds throughout the day tomorrow and early morning sun first thing and then the clouds take over, 41 degrees and still a chill in the air on friday and then we get into the warm sector of this system with the low way up in canada and the southwesterly wind moves the wins 10 to 20 miles per hour reaching the high of 60 degrees.
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the accuweather forecast 40s tomorrow and upper 30s only in the northwestern suburbs in the lehigh valley because of the cloud cover and to 60 we go saturday and wins gusting over 20 at times and up to 30 miles per hour and it's mild with sun early in the day on sunday and clouds thicken up in the afternoon and a shower late in the day and behind that it pleasantly warm and a light mix of rain and wet snow. depending on the track we'll determine what type of precipitation we see here but at this point, temperature going in are pretty warm and staying in the mid-40s, right now through that system and it drys out and it's still six days away. and more rain than snow, we keep looking at it. right now we are focusing on the weekend. abc world news is next on
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channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams and ducis rogers. and please join us for a special "action news" investigation at 11:00. >> a grieving family says their loved one's body vanished. it was suppose to be buried in a double grave but now the family can't find her. we join the fight to find mary and the shocking way the cemetery told them they plan to fine the body. only on "action news" at 11:00. >> for cecily tynan, adam joseph and ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team. i'm jim gardner, we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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breaking news tonight. chopper down. the helicopter crashing into the water near pearl harbor. civilians on board. a popular trip for tourists. witnesses say it dropped from the sky. several on board. the heroes jumping into the water. also tonight, donald trump takes aim at pope francis, after the pope suggests trump is not christian. the moment on the pope's plane. and tonight, trump's fiery response. the terror attack in california, and this evening, major developments. the fbi moving in. in san bernardino, what did they find? forced to pay. the hackers locking personal computers, trapping your personal information, your photos. forcing you to pay to get it back. now, a hospital, patients' medical records hacked. and drivers beware tonight. some of the most troubling bridges in america. millions


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