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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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morning, you made it to friday, 4:30, friday are february 19. here's what we're following this morning. fire damaged a chester county restaurant when an rv outside burst into flames. prosecutors want to know if there are other victims of a mother son duo running a real estate scam. let's go over to david murphy, i'm very impressed, david and karen rogers --
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>> reporter: sometimes we have a little seek and find game we play in the morning. we're all set. and satellite is showing you a lack of cloud cover this morning, we have lots of sun early, we have clouds to the west heading in our direction. we'll see them thicken up a bit as the day goes on. 23 in philadelphia. 18 in allentown, 19 in reading. 20 degrees by 6:00 a.m., 22 by 8:00 a.m. a light breeze blowing at times. as we roll through the day, we'll do better than yesterday, we stopped in the 30s yesterday. we'll get up to 37 by 1:00 p.m., by 3:00 p.m. we are expecting 41 degrees that's the high. clouds increasing as you can see. we are in the process of getting a warm front through tonight and tomorrow that means much warmer
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conditions. looks like we might hold nice conditions through the weekend. karen i'll have the call coming up through accuweather. let's go outside live check the schuylkill expressway, looking live at the schuylkill expressway at city avenue we're off to a good start. we have no problems out there, dry conditions, hopefully better than yesterday. i-95 southbound traffic heading toward center city, only a few people out and about, overnight construction is clear, looking good on i-95 southbound. vine street in both directions looking good this morning. on the big picture, speeds reflecting that, blue route, schuylkill expressway, i-95 in good shape. this story is developing, philadelphia police are investigating the vicious attack on a man in port richmond around 1:00 had -- police say the man s
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in the apartment with his girlfriend, the men -- the girlfriend joined the men in beating the victim. we'll hear from police about all this in a live report. a customer's rv parked outside a downing down eatery burst into flames. fire officials are investigating the cause, despite the damage, cracker barrel is expected to open on time this morning, that would be 6:00 a.m. prosecutors in cam dep county are looking for victims of a real estate scam. mother and son posing as real estate agents were selling homes they didn't have the right to
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enter. annie mccormick is live with the latest details. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam, to appear legitimate the two alleged scam artists used commercial spaces to conduct their businesses. they stole $130,000 from two dozen clients and they are wondering if there are more victims out there. camden county prosecutor's office believe two dozen victims were duped by the two who were selling vacant foreclosed properties that would advertise on craig's list or by word of mouth. either the closing date came and went and never got their property, or they were advised that the water couldn't be turned on in the property. >> reporter: smith known as lisa edmunds had her license revoked
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for life. the two operated under several companies. sterling reality investment, angel home savers and breeze capitol consulting. they are accused of stealing $130,000 from clients. we have a gentleman who saved his life savings for the past five years to put down on a house that he and his three children are being kicked out of. investigators are looking for more victims. they are charged with theft by deception and burglary and other related charge. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." i'll take it from here, thank you, annie. this surveillance video from whole foods in jenkintown has police looking for thieves.
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one man inasmuch the wallet from the shopping cart, a victim uses his body as a shield. they used the credit cards at a nearby target. it's not the fraudulent charges, it is now her father's stolen dog tag also that hurts her the most. just to turn your back for one split second and have your life taken away from you, all your memories. police warn shoppers to not leave purses and wallets unattended in shopping carts, anyone with information about the thieves contact abington police. police are looking for a man performing lewd acts. a jogger reported two separate incidents with the man driving a blue compact vehicle, with a
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partially tinted front windshield. they hope to locate the man so no one else is witness to creepy disgusting behavior. police need your help in finding this bank robber, he walked into the td bank before 1:00, he handed the teller a note and got an undisclosed amount of money and took off. police believe someone in the vehicle plowed through the lower gardens ofh school. students learn about the environment and take the lessons outside to the gardens. they did everything from bottom to top and to have that gone is absolutely devastating.
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they hear vandalism, broken window or graffiti, this is definitely vandalism. students are reaching out for help and neighbors are volunteering to pitch in. happening today, penn state's on thon weekend kicks o. it features 700 dancers. it is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. 6abc is a proud support we'll have continuing coverage throughout the weekend and live stream at 4:37 gunfire erupting in west philadelphia sepgd two people to the hospital. school officials in ohio find out weeks after the state senator's colleague that the whole thing was a prank. >> reporter: it's a cold start
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across the region, but we're dressing the kids in the extra gear, we'll have the afternoon call and surge of milder air for tomorrow that's all ahead in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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an "action news" viewer is sharing this video of a fireball lighting up the skies over the jersey shore. he saw the meteor streaking over stone harbor 4:30 a.m. sunday. he is not the only one, the international meteor organization received 350 reports of that light flash from virginia to canada. we have warm weekend coming up. >> reporter: a little cooler today, but changes coming tomorrow, and sunday, storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we are dry this morning,
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and taking a look outside we have sky6 live hd heading down broad street in center city from our temple university position atop morgan hall. checking the numbers at philadelphia international airport, 23 degrees. the winds, however are very light at three miles per hour. temperatures require coats, 18 in allentown. 19 in reading, 22 in wilmington and trenton. 17 in millville. so this morning a little bit colder than yesterday morning even though we don't have as much wind to deal with. as we look at satellite we have clear skies and we expect early sunshine as the day goes on, the clouds increase, later tonight there can be a passing shower or snow shower up in the northern suburbs that's not going to be a big impact deal. for most of us we're dry and all we're dealing with is those clouds on the march. 2 the degrees, sunny by 8:00 a.m.
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35 degrees by 10:00 a.m. the high today will be 41 at 3:00 p.m. high temperatures north to south, a little bit of a range, 37 in allentown. 38 in reading, 29 in trenton. 40 in wilmington and millville and a bunch of 40s down by the shore. as we look out on the town forecast, dinner and a movie. 34 degrees by 9:00 a.m. we'll hover in the mid 30s, winds not that bad up north a passing rain or snow shower that should not amount to all that much. on saturday we're we go, we get the warm front past us, it will be breezy, milder, partly sunny skies, winds at 20 miles per hour. a jacket a good idea, high of 60 degrees in the afternoon. the frontal boundary won't shove through until later on sunday,
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so sunday we have a chance of getting up to 58 degrees for the high. good weather coming for the weekend, no doubt about that. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, increasing clouds today we're going for the high of 41 degrees mainly dry tonight, just a couple of spots with a little sprinkle or snow shower, breezy and milder on saturday, high of 6o mostly cloudy on sunday, not as pretty a day, but we'll get up to 58 degrees for the high, which, again, is very mild. in the afternoon a couple of hours, later at night there could be periods of rain. monday, 51 degrees, a nice day. we can have rain arrive tuesday and it could mix with snow north and west of philadelphia. 44 is the mild high. wednesday, we are getting up to 44 degrees. in the northern suburbs there's a chance of wet snow mixing in.
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when we're not on the air check out when you get to the website click on the weather icon. we'll look at where the storm next week is heading. tumble weeds has invaded the small town in australia. residents say the work is physically and mentally draining. they suspect they are coming from a nearby failed that a farmer failed to maintain. ohio indicators are realizing a teenager successfully pulled off a gag where he posed as a state lawmaker. state senator david burke was scheduled to speak at a high school. 18-year-old isaiah atkins showed up with a personal driver and toured the school and spoke to
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students. officials figure out what happened senator burke paid a visit weeks later. walmart is raising the minimum wage until saturday. i applies to all workers including superviseors it will cost the company $1.5 billion. mcdonald's is testing out a chicken and griddle patty. if it is popular in the buckeye state it could go national. three major stock inindices were down this morning, futures are pointing to a higher open. the one of of a kindly as continue martin featured in the
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james bond movie did sell. the car that traveled at speeds 190-mile an hour, is not street legal, it's sold for $3 million. i say it's a rip off, unless it's a time machine, too. last leg of a political showdown before voting begins in south carolina and nevada and the pope of all people have become a factor in the presidential race. family members follow through with the coffee king unusual dieing wish. he went the way he wanted toking, the story is later on "action news." is in a
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looking live at the 30 bypass, route 100, it is dark. looking good so far. this is i-95 southbound traffic heading toward center city. 13 minute ride i-95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine. get out now that will go downhill later. looking at the vine, no overnight construction westbound, eastbound. blue route, looking good, speeds 50 miles per hour. route 1 media bypass, 51 miles
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per hour. i-95 southbound at girard moving along pretty well at 55. we're dry and clear and no big accidents, tam. let's hope the good news holds. happening today, thousands are expected to pay their respects to the late antonin scalia. president obama and michelle obama will be among the mourners. they will not attend his funeral. scalia died saturday while attending a hunting resort. bernie sanders and hillary clinton took to the stage for a town hall. three republican candidates held a town hall event and one addressed the feud with pope francis. >> reporter: the stakes couldn't be higher, the presidential hopefullies hot on the campaign trail. the democrats crisscrossing through the state of nevada. have an election about real
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change not promise you can't keep. the eyes of america will be on nevada. >> reporter: both democratic candidates facing voters at a televised town meeting answering questions on immigration and privacy and their records. maybe it was that senator sanders wasn't a democrat until he died to do run for president. he doesn't know what the last two democratic presidents did. it's true, you know it's true. if anybody thinks that a member of the united states senate and house has to agree with somebody in his own party who is president, well, you know, all of the time, that is not my understanding of the democracy. >> reporter: on the republican side john kasich, jeb bush and donald trump face-to-face with south carolina voters. at issue religion, and comments the pope made criticizing donald trump. at the moment you first
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heard the pope had said something but thought i have to ask for forgiveness? no, i have a lot of respect for the pope, but i would say he was misinterpreted. >> reporter: going into the contest, the latest polls shows donald trump is still ahead of the pack and person bernie sanders and hillary clinton are at a statistical tie.
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gunfire erupt understand west philadelphia -- erupted in west philadelphia at 60th street yesterday evening. a 27-year-old man was taken to the hospital in stable condition. another man showed up at the hospital with injuries to the wrist and leg. police are looking for two men. both fled the crime scene. this is surveillance video from south florida as a trained fighter stopped a would-be robber inside a walgreens. he was there on valentine's day. as the couple spoke, a man climbed on the counter threatening the staff giving him oxycodone. the man has been charged with attempted armed robe. an italian businessman is
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feeling the perks of his life in the after life. this is a photo from the burial service, he ran the mocca compress company for years after his father purchased the patent in the 1930s. more than dough is flying at the texas pizza shop. some parents are outraged after their toddler daughter came home from a day care with by the marks a number of times. "action news" continues.
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good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m. friday, february 19 we're working on several developing stories. baseball beat down a man is on the mend after a police say he was attacked in his own home. parents of a toddler who was bitten in the face at a local day care demanding answers how it happens. a bit chilly as you start your day and then we have a weekend warmup. let's go over to david and karen. good morning. >> reporter: sunshine will build quickly, we'll have clouds thickening as the day goes on. 24 degrees on the bus stop in the philadelphia. 17 in allentown. 18 in reading. 21 in wilmington, 20 in trenton. 14 in millville. winds very light, but cold enough for extra gear. o the bus stop


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