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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  February 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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kills seven people in michigan in a series of random shootings. when you win it's beautiful. when you start, we're going to win for the county. donald trump wins the republican primary in south carolina. jeb bush bows out of the race, as for the democrats. some may have doubted, but we never doubted each other. hillary clinton wins the
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nevada caucuses. we're breaking down who helped her and donald trump win the latest showdowns in the race for the would you also. 6:00 a.m., a live look over the philadelphia international airport. yesterday it was a wonderful day, hopefully today will be a repeat. >> reporter: it's been nice, yesterday we were watching my nephew play baseball out in the sun. today will be different, temperature-wise and we'll introduce clouds and rain this afternoon. this will be the last of the mild stuff as a cold front slips through, the numbers become seasonable. there's a live shot of the ben franklin bridge. it's a mild morning with some locations already approaching
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50 degrees. take a look at the numbers to the south. 46 degrees in dover. wildwood at 50 degrees. millville, 41. philadelphia, 40. 46 in trenton. 36 in reading, 31 in allentown. 9 poconos, 36 degrees. satellite and radar, we'll start out with a little bit of sunshine first thing this morning clouds increase with the system here, this small little area of low pressure quickly moving along the stalled out frontal boundary those will bring the showers to the area later this afternoon. day planner looks like, clouds roll in quickly by late morning. 9:00 a.m., 48 degrees, 11:00 a.m., 55 degrees, 1:00 p.m., 56 degrees, 3:00 p.m., 57. we have a ton of rain not just today, but tuesday, wednesday, thursday, as well. part of a coastal system that will be running up the eastern
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seaboard this week. i'll have that in just a few minutes. we have breaking noose from kalamazoo, michigan, a gunman opened fire driving through the parking lots of car dealership, apartment complex and restaurant killing 8 people including a 14-year-old girl. investigators do not believe the man was targeting specific people. as far as we can tell these are random shootings. there's nothing to link these things. a woman in the parking lot was the first victim shot around 6:00 p.m. she is in serious condition. four hours later a father and son were the next victims shot dead sitting in a car near a car dealership. a teenage girl was gunned down outside a cracker barrel restaurant with four other
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people. stay with "action news" for updates on this breaking news. the time now, 6:03 if you're just waking up with us, to the race for president. donald trump the winner in south carolina and hillary clinton in nevada. jeb bush finished way back in the gop pack, but look at the rails for second place in south carolina. marco rubio and ted cruz neck in neck, provisional and absentee ballots could change the numbers. meghan hughes continue the coverage. >> reporter: with two wins under their belt, hillary clinton and trump are looking to the next contest with confidence. we're going to nevada, i
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think we'll do very well there, the sec is exciting. >> reporter: a nevada win reinvigora itng the clinton campaign. marco rubio and ted cruz with strong performances. an emotional jeb bush calls its quits. tonight i am spending my campaign. no. yeah yeah. thank you very much. sander made it clear he is not dropping out, but looking forward. i believe that when democrats assembly in philadelphia, in july, at a convention we will see the results of one of the great
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political upsets in the history of the united states. the two parties now essentially switch places, republicans face off in nevada on tuesday, democrats vote in south carolina next saturday. megan hughes, abc news, columbia, south carolina. taking a closer look at how donald trump trump and hillary clinton won last night. trump grabbed more of the south carolina evangelical christian base. most voters think governor nickie hally's endorsement a minor factor. majority of voters in south carolina approve donald trump's call to temporarily ban muslims
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from entering the united states. hillary clinton took 76% f the black vote. black vote will be part of the a eelectorate in south carolina. clinton drew a majority orderly and middle age -- older and middle age voters. "g.m.a." will have more on the race and the michigan shootings after "action news." wilmington firefighters rescued a couple from a burning home screaming from the front porch overhang. flames ripped through the home on the 3,000 black of north van burren street. they were sent to wilmington hospital for smoke. a wilmington firefighter injured his ankle fighting the fire. this morning a man is in
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the hospital after a landing gave way at an old city complex he feel on the 200 block of church street. the four unit building was evacuated while crews investigated. the victim was transported to the hospital with a leg injury. jeff chirico will have more in the next half-hour. penn state's massive thon fundraiser is ending today it is a dance to take on pediatric cancer. you can see the folks there, doesn't look like they are winding down anytime soon of they have lots of energy looking good, chad perdelli has been in happy valley all weekend long. the tremendous mend will of the penn state students is for families like quickendelaware valley ol.
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tommy --l tom was diagnosed with stage 3 skin cancer. we knew we were going to be okay. i wanted to go to penn state and be just like them to help others. >> reporter: these young and women of penn state have been on their feet without sleep for more than 30 hours. heals and muscles in the feet and lower calves, and hamstrings. my feet hurt a little bit, but everybody is so energic i'm having a good time. >> reporter: the kids help them through their journey, and devin
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still's daughter leah just finished cancer treatment and is free of the disease. you can't take everybody for granted, you have to cherish the moment. she continues to be strong and inspire people all over, it's amazing. >> reporter: later on this afternoon around 4:00 we'll learn how much money was raised at thon 2016. we'll have all that good stuff and other stories to tell on later editions of "action news," in state college, chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." donations are still being accepted to help fight pediatric cancer, head to to make your donation, go to is streaming thon live all weekend, check it out when we're not on the air and go to our facebook
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page thon's videos and pictures. we'll update you on the breaking news a shooter goes on a deadly shooting spree in michigan. you'll hear the final call for help from the captain of a firefighter caught in a hurricane. >> reporter: mother nature is going to do it again, one more mild day we'll tap in, we're tracking rain from the seven-day forecast, details right after this.
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want to get you caught you up on breaking news we're following right now. from the nicetown section of philadelphia. three people in critical condition including two seven-year-old boys, following a one vehicle crash on the boulevard near broad street. these are pictures from the scene. the vehicle went out of control at 2:00 a.m. a rolled over several times, a man in his 50s, the driver were ejected the other boy was trapped inside the car. three other passengers, a woman in her 50s and 30-year-old man
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and girl are in stable condition. the northbound lanes of the boulevard at the crash site are closed while officers continue the investigation. we'll follow this throughout the morning and keep you posted. 6:15 it's been a great weekend. >> reporter: for as much as i love the snow and the cold, i could get used to that. >> reporter: it[laughter]. >> reporter: it is getting late in the season, let's be done with it and get to spring. it feet -- felt like spring out there. it's a nice quiet morning, mild and dry. a few clouds are rolling on in. we'll see light rain overspread the area later this afternoon. double scan live is clear, but there's a system waiting in the wings. it's well out to the west of pittsburgh that were get in this afternoon and evening hours. 40 degrees. dewpoint, 5. wind are light out of the west
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west/southwest at 3 miles per hour. pressure is starting to rise. reading, 64 degrees, doylestown, 62. trenton and wilmington, 62 degrees, philadelphia and northeast topping out at 62 degrees. philadelphia at the airport, topping out at 60. the normal high for this time of the year is only 45. they are 15 degrees above average. today it will be mild, as well. not as warm as yesterday, but nice for this time of the year. 40 in philadelphia. 40 in millville. dover and trenton, showing 46 degrees, as well. here's the satellite and radar image, we're clearingle across
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the eastern seaboard. there's an area of low pressure that's here. clouds increasing by midday, remaining cloudy, rain off to the west that will get in here between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. light stuff, it will pick up in intensity, light rains overspreading the philadelphia area. north and west of the pennsylvania turnpike, you're dry, but you could see rain drops up there, as well. this thing is on its merry little way, in the overnight hours we clear out nicely. monday looks good, temperatures in the low 40s and 50s. not bad. today, 558 -- 58 today. overnight tonight, evening rain expected, mostly cloudy the rest
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of the way. 36 degrees, allentown, 32. reading, 33. millville, 36, dover, 37. the reason it's moving along so quickly, the cold air doesn't have chance to catch up to it. no mix precipitation, all rain tonight. monday, 50 degrees, tuesday, 46 degrees, wednesday, 52 degrees, thursday, 50, friday, 44, saturday, chilly, 42. more than 1,000 people showed up for the party at reading terminal market, dancing and live entertainment and 30 merchants were at the market. proceeds go tward helping the upkeep at the reading terminal, we'll be right back.
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help from the captain i will fated el faro row was played in court as family members listened horror. the clock is ticking can i please speak. davidson's calls for help were played yesterday into the coast guard hearing into the first sinking. marine emergency we have a haul breach a scuttle blew open
6:22 am
during a storm. he said the hull breach was taking on water and the ship was listing. the coast guard believed the el faro row could anchor because it was disabled not distressed. all 30 died after the ship went down off the bahamas. police are investigating a stabbing in kutztown university. the 22-year-old victim a student was stabbed early yesterday morning in lehigh valley hospital listed in serious condition. we're back in a bit. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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sunday morning. in sports, the flier star rookie keepses point streak going. he was a hero last night in toronto. jamie apody has all this morning's sports. . on friday, the flyers lost not only a crucial game in montreal, but a crucial player claude giroux who took a hit to the head and did not suit up last month. and stephen mason experienced an injury. flyers were down 4-3. it stayed that way 30 seconds. matt reid continuing to mess with our blood pressure. on overtime 30 seconds in, jake borachek, he matched his 4th overtime game winner of the year. the rookie has sent his point streak to 15 games, flyers win 5-4. we had a ryan howard
6:26 am
sighting in clearwater, he will be part-time piece this year. position players not required to report until tomorrow. as for pitchers -- here's jeff skeverski. >> reporter: the phillies were so impressed how aaron nolan handle himself the phillies are going to do something they do something they never do in baseball. nolla is eyeing his first start, at 22 years old, he could become the opening day starter in the youngest in history. i think he is a true competitor. if you're a true competitor. you don't have fear.
6:27 am
>> reporter: lolla wants to follow in cole hamels foot tapes. he took him under the wing in spring training. his advice came in handy when he made his debut in july. they were in my shoes at one point, watching them move forward, it was impressive. >> reporter: he said the best piece of advice he ever gave him, was to be yourself. programs he is trying to to be like hamles, he is working on his changeup the pitch hamles mastered on the field. it was senior day at the pavilion, but the junior class stole the show against the wildcats. winning senior class in school history. they picked up win number 102. chris jenkins added 20s as the
6:28 am
juniors helped nova pull away in the second half. cats proved to 24-3. they haveple on wednesday. a white diamond worth $14 million has been unearthed in africa.4.2 karats. 60 large diamonds have been discovered at the same mine in the past 6 months. we'll be right back.
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6:30, we begin this half-hour with breaking news, the action cam is looking live at a closure on the northbound rrnld -- boulevard extension in nicetown. three people are in critical condition, including two 7-year-old boys following the one vehicle crash. the vehicle went out of control at 2:00 a.m. and rolled over several times. a man in his 50s, the driver and the boy was ejected. three others trapped in the vehicle are in the hospital in stable condition.
6:31 am
police are trying to figure out what led to the crash. the northbound lanes of boulevard are closed near broad street. let's get you caught up on your accuweather, i was dancing yesterday what about today. >> reporter: you'll be dancing today. we have an april-like day in terms of temperatures, but we'll have rain, but mild. there's the view of penns landing, it's quiet, this morning. we'll see sunshine and the clouds will roll in and we'll see light rain break out after 1:00. pottstown, 37 degrees, chilly off to the northwest. we can handle these numbers, we had temperatures in the single digits at the same time last weekend. quakertown, 40. saint david, 42. center city, 40. glassboro showing 37. vineland, 39. hammonton, 46 degrees. sea isle city, 43.
6:32 am
look at dover leading the pack, already up to 47. satellite and radar, you can see how quickly the clouds fill in here, maybe we get a couple of hours of sunshine, the clouds lower and thicken and eventually the rain starts to overspread the skyline. here's what the day planner looks like. 11:00 a.m., 55 degrees, combination of and seven clouds. lunchtime pretty much cloudy. the rain develops between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., moving west to east. the western suburbs pick it up by 1:00. center city 2 or 3, the jersey shore 3 or 4:00 p.m. 57 degrees by 3:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m., are 54 degrees, speaking of rain we have another system we're watching for the middle of the week. this is the beginning stages of the coastal storm that affects the weather tuesday, wednesday and thursday, as well. this is a three day eventful weekend when i come back i'll talk much more about this in the seven-day forecast. guys. all right, chris, thank you. we have more on the
6:33 am
breaking news out of kalamazoo, michigan, seven people are dead an another seriously injured following a four hour shooting spree carried out by an lone gunman. police arrested the 45-year-old suspect in his car earlier this morning, investigators do not believe he was targeting specific people. a woman unanimous apartment complex parking lot was the first victim. she was shot around 6:00 p.m. four hours a four hours later, a father and son were killed, and a 14-year-old girl was shot outside the cracker barrel restaurant along with four others. we have a 14-year-old female that is deceased. we learned police are investigating the fourth report of a shooting no injuries were
6:34 am
reported at that location. it is now 6:33, developing this morning, philadelphia police investigating a double shooting that's left a man dead and a teenage girl in critical condition. both shot late last night as they sat in the car near the intersection of pike avenue and park avenue in hunting park. someone opened fire on the two, hitting the 17-year-old girl in the legs and back and hit the driver in the chest. no motive for a shooting. a stairway collapse in old city put a man in the hospital and had many others evacuated from their condos. >> reporter: fire received a call for a man trapped in a stairwell. the condo president said the landing gave way as the senior
6:35 am
citizen walked down the steps. he was wedged in with the bricks, someone else was trying to pull him out. >> reporter: he fell 8 feet to the ground. fire crews used rope and a basket to pull him to safety. he was alert and oriented. >> reporter: lll&i evacuated the buildings. they have to get an assessment on the building with an engineer. >> reporter: surrounded by century old buildings this condo is relatively new built in the 1980s. the association president said he believes the steel inside the steps may have rusted causing the step to give way. the man involved was taken to the hospital.
6:36 am
he is in stable condition. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." 6:35, your time, sunday morning, hillary clinton and donald trump are the big winners coming out of the yesterday's presidential caucus and primary battle. clinton beat bernie sanders by capturing 54% of the caucus in the nevada. the middle class needs a raise and more jobs. four weeks ago we were 25 points behind in the polls. south carolina republicans gave trump 33% of the vote while marco rubio finished in second, a few hundred votes in front of ted cruz. there's nothing easy about running for president. it's tough and nasty and mean it's vicious, it's beautiful, when you win it's beautiful. jeb bush finished a distant fourth and announced he is
6:37 am
pulling you have the race. this week with george stephanopoulos has more on the race for the president 10:30 after "action news" at 9:00. what difference a week makes when it comes to the weather. indeed from the brutal cold and biting wind last weekend from biting temperatures to this weekend. now you can hit the playground without bundling up. trish hartman talked to folks enjoying the wornl -- wonderful change. >> reporter: golfers dusted off their clubs for a chance of a rare february round at bala club in wynnfield. we play temporary greens until the greens thaw. >> reporter: the club is welcoming back its members with open arms. anything in the 50s is good it's like miami. it's a tougher game to play well in march. we have matches starting in april, this gives us a chance to keep the game going.
6:38 am
>> reporter: another group thrilled to spend the day outside, kids and those who entertain them. four-year-old pia shed her coat in rittenhouse square while her nanny enjoyed the mild temperatures. it's hard to handle when you're walking around and dragging a 4-year-old behind you. vernldz were happy to see the crowds return with single digit temperatures last weekend some sellers stay home. if i put apples out by the end of the day they will start to rot. diners enjoyed eating outside, some in short sleeves. it's perfect. >> reporter: trish hartman channel 6 "action news." love that weather, right? remember you can get the seven-day forecast and check storm tracker 6 live at any time
6:39 am
at slash weather. we took our family to the playground yesterday, right? yes to the park, it was great. we'll do it again today. much more to come on "action news." a philadelphia painter is being honored in a new exhibit, 6abc loves the arts takes a look. a girl uses social media to stands up to bullies, dann cuellar said one group is hailing her a hero. sky6 live hd overlook camden right now, another great day in store, prepare to dance if you can, meteorologist chris sowers is back next with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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morning to you, 6:42 a.m. is your time. yesterday was in in the 60s, we'll reach the 50s today, do not complain. a little wet, though. >> reporter: i was hoping to see a shot, there it is, a shot right. there looking over the commodor barry bridge we're live in chester. we'll see sunshine this morning, the clouds will roll in here quickly and a little light rain is expected before the day is out. you can take the little ones to the park, but bring an umbrella, because it will start raining later on.
6:43 am
58 degrees is the high temperature we're going for today, which is 13 degrees above the seasonal average. the low this morning, 38. that's ten degrees above the normal low. what a huge rebound in temperature. thursday's high, 38 degrees, windchills in the 30s. same deal for friday. yesterday all of a sudden we jump into the 60s. 60 in philadelphia. reading, 64. allentown, 63. even trenton, 62 degrees. right now you're showing a mild 46. dover, 46. lancaster, 32. wildwood, 48 degrees, millville checking in at 39. satellite and radar, again, clouds filling in quickly now, eventually that rain overspreads the area west to east. it's not a huge system, it's very small, actually in terms of mileage it stretches 120 miles per hour north to south. the track has the steering over the top of the philadelphia area, of course, on a sunday afternoon, this is the day off, we have wet weather pulling on
6:44 am
in. future tracker 6 clouds on the increase, lunchtime most of the viewing area is completely cloudy at that point. the clouds will lower and thicken throughout the day. we'll hold the wet weather off until 3:00 p.m. the rain will pick up during the evening hours, it will pull out here and monday morning we'll see bright sunny skies and temperatures once again will rebound into the 50s, we focus on the midweek storm there's been a lot of talk about the huge system we're watching. the latest computer guidance suggests this will start out wintery mix far north and west, lehigh valley, poconos, maybe wintry mix, snow, sleet, freezing rain. rain to the south. this is briefly tuesday night and it goes over to rain, wednesday, wednesday night and thursday, temperatures are way too mild with the system as
6:45 am
highs shoot into the 50s, again. clouds, rain, 58 degrees, winds out of the northwest at 5 to 1 miles per hour. overnight tonight, evening rain, 32 degrees, the far western suburbs the lehigh valley and the poconos. 36 degrees center city. winds out of the north at 5 to 15. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 58 degrees today. 50 tomorrow. tomorrow is a nice looking day, cool with a breeze. 46 degrees tuesday, cloudy, a shower or two developing late could mix in with light snow far northwestern suburbs, wednesday and thursday, rain, 352 and 50. friday, breezy and colder, 44. saturday, sun and clouds, 42. no snow, we could handle 40s and 50s. you guys are happy. thon they could have done it outside yesterday. >> reporter: i said the same
6:46 am
thing. 6:45. penn state's thon fundraiser continues in state college. there are thousands of exhausted and determined students raising money for pediatric cancer research. like to remind you you can donate through thon's web page pennsbury high school students danced from noon until 8:00 p.m. to benefit the four diamonds fund apt penn state hershey children's hospital. they raised $33,000 along the way. congratulations to them. last year, 200 schools raised mini thons and raised a combine total of $4.3 million. thousands gathered for a final farewell for justice
6:47 am
antonin scalia. the 79-year-old passed away in his sleep while on a hunting trip. the mass was held at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. >> reporter: into the massive basilica that hosted three popes surrounded by by the of the faith that he loved. hope doesn't disappoint because the love of god pours out of our hearts. a scripture reading by justice thomas. the deeper he went in his catholic faith, the about her the citizen and public servant he became. >> reporter: in his homily, justice scalia's son, paul a priest talked about his father
6:48 am
important of his christian faith and his love of his large family. sure, he forgot our names at times or mixed them up, but there are nine of us. >> reporter: among the thousands in attendance countless dignitaries, joe biden, and dick cheney. every funeral reminds us just how thin the veil is between this world and the next. >> reporter: following the casket to his final resting place, his most cherished part of his legacy, his widow, 9 children, and 36 grandchildren. there will be another memorial service held in washington on march 1. reporting from the supreme court, abc news, washington. harper lee was laid to rest in alabama during a small private funeral this weekend. a few dozen family members gathered to hear the of
6:49 am
her long time friend and history professor.
6:50 am
6:51 am
>> nearly five months after a man was shot and killed in south philadelphia, his killer remains on the loose. the victim's mother is speaking out after receiving a cryptic mess an about her late son. here's rick williams with this morning's crime fighters report. he was very jolly and family person, he joked around a lot, he was such a joker. >> reporter: a smile crosses her face when robin talks about her son q'uran. on monday september 14, 2015, at about 10:30 p.m., police were called to the intersection of south 24th street in south philadelphia. when they arrived they found the 21-year-old lying in the street
6:52 am
with several gunshot wounds. i got a phone call from my sister, she called me and she said you must get to the hospital, he's been shot. >> reporter: he died at the hospital. i want to the emergency room and people were screaming and hollering and someone needs to start talking who shot my son. >> reporter: the with an said the shooter fled the scene on a bike. i know one guy i had never seen before, he told me knew who killed my son. >> reporter: she is hoping a hefty reward will give her the answer. the city is offering $20,000 leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible. all you need to to do is call 215-546-tips. all calls remain anonymous.
6:53 am
i'm not mad at him, because god have something planned for everyone, i just want him to turn himself in. a long time tradition honoring fallen firefighters in philadelphia took place in center city. dozens of people attended the mass paying tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. firefighters have a special connection with st. john church. three men died battling a fire at the parish. that fire ended up destroying much of the block. when heartburn hits
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love all those colors. 17 mummers string bands performed along the manayunk main street shopping and dining district. organizers say it's part of the effort to showcase the string bands beyond the new year's day parade. a local teenage girl is turning a frightening confrontation into something positive it's not going unnoticed. dann cuellar has more on the honor and movement going forward. this is for standing tall against bullying in your school community. >> reporter: the 16-year-old was being honored by a national advocacy group. we believe you're a hero, what you've done. it touches my heart. it means so much to me. >> reporter: the sophomore at northeast high was viciously attacked and and her attackers posted the beating on social
6:57 am
media in an effort to humiliate her. she riposted the statement and video. the video was viewed around the world 4 million times. supporters of the attackers countered it was not bullying it was a street fight between two girls. they released the video showing she is standing there and is attacked. they took the video to police who are investigating. i mean i don't want jail time for the girls, i just want them to understand there are consequences to your actions. >> reporter: the antibullying add advocacy group has hired two lawyers to look into a civil case. i want to help a lot of people, i want everyone to feel how i feel receiving this, i
6:58 am
want everyone to feel this way. >> reporter: dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." good for her. there's another hour of "action news" sunday morning straight ahead. breaking news, seven people were shot and killed in michigan. the alleged killer this morning in custody. we'll have the latest on the situation. the rollover accident seriously injured several people including two 7-year-old boys closing the boulevard broad street connection. meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll see you after the break. how much protein does your dog food have?
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gunman killed seven people in michigan in a series of random shootings. police now saying the threat is over, they have their suspect and a name. when you win, it's beautiful, and we're going to start, we are going to start winning for our country. we're going to start winning. i can't see! i can'tyeah. jeb bush bowed out of the race. as for the democrats. some may have doubted, but we never doubted each other. hillary clinton wins the nevada caucuses and we're breaking down who helped her and donald trump win the latest showdown for the race for the white house. >>


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