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tv   This Week With George Stephanopoulos  ABC  February 21, 2016 10:30am-11:31am EST

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t matter, marco devotes all of his time and energy to attacking me as
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and he is prepared for a brokered convention. we'll ask him next.
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we have heard from the candidates, joined by the chair of the republican party, reince priebus. thanks for joining us. i was struck to find in the exit polls, more than half of republicans in south carolina feel betrayed and voted in big numbers for donald trump. is his success an indication that your party in in trouble. i think the people are sick and tired of washington, d.c. and both parties. it's a general feeling that's really. i wouldn't deny it, but obviously all these folks are fighting to be the nominee and spokesperson of our party. and we're going to be there to support whoever that nominee is.
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you talk about spokesperson for the party. when you talk about donald trump just this week he said president bush lied about the weapons of mass destruction. he was called unchristian by the pope. he embraced torture to fight terrorism. he supported democrats much of his adult life taking a position at odds for the republican party. are you prepared to have him as spokesperson for the republican party and lead the convention to nominate him. if the delegates get accumulated in such a way that any one of the candidates become nominee it's our job to support the nominee and i will. yeah, we're prepared to support whoever the nominee becomes. when the time comes and we're sitting before cleveland or at cleveland whatever that point may come we have a presumtive nominee, we'll join in we'll put
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together the biggest ground game and data operation that we've ever seen. we've made incredible strides at the rnc, we are more prepared today than four years ago. we'll support the nominee. a lot of top republicans things signal break the party apart. you know what, winning the ant -- antidote to a lot of things. winning is the name of the game. if we win in november all armed chair quarterbacks will fall in line and be pleased when we win in november. who the nominee is going to be is not my choice, obviously we'll support whoever that is. you could play a big role if no nominee goes in with enough delegates to win on the convention. are you prepared for a brokered contention are you preparing for it and what does it mean?
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planning can mean a lot of things. we are prepared for anything, i was general counsel for two years before i was chairman of the party, i've been chairman for 6 years, i don't think there are too many people more familiar than the procedures of nominating someone at a convention than i am. i am prepared and will be prepared if that happens. i don't think it will be the case. if it did, obviously it would be historic. but we'll be ready. >> reporter: mr. chairman, thank you for your time. round table is next, apple doubles down in its stand up against the fbi. we're live with apple's top lawyer.
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we'll be back with the power house round table and what's next in the wild race to the white house. back now with the round table
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joined by matthew dowed and sara fagan and democrat jennifer grant and michigan governor, supporter of hillary clinton. at the top of the show, sara fagan is donald trump the
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presuchtive nominee can he be stopped. i think we're in the delegate race. as we head into super tuesday, we'll have a third of the delegates selected by the end of the evening. donald trump will have a majority of the delegates most likely. the question for the republican party is how do we get folks out of this race so somebody can accumulate enough delegates at a convention? you've got jeb bush out of the race, looks like john kasich and ben carson are going to stay in. you have three solid candidates, they will be dividing a lot of votes. what if donald trump is stopped in the mid 30s, he has hardened a vote around himself that is intense walk through ice storms to vote. he has hard a lot of votes against himself. jeb bush dropped out of the race, that vote will go to
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rubio. he is is running close to trump in virginia, north carolina, if rubio goes into florida and wins that, what if there is a romney endorse. which we heard of rubio. rubio may have won the nomination last night. the problem with that, alex, you've described three men splitting the delegates, a one-third, one-third, one-third. what if it goes longer and you have the scenario of a convention. there's the premise in that we have not been proven, when you win the ceiling goes up. when you start winning, more voters start to be more available to you. donald trump as of tomorrow morning is going to start looking across the landscape and is numbers in all of those states which are already high are going to rise because he won. democrats prepared for a race against donald trump. give us any of them, donald
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trump which is such a great contrast that happened in the nevada on the democratic side. donald trump being antimexican, antimuslim, antiwoman, antiimmigrant, antiscience and hillary clinton putting together a coalition that looks like america it will be an incredible contrast. he is the face of the republican party, i hear these gays desperately hoping that's not the case, but donald trump is face of the republican party they have made their bed and they have to liey -- lie in it. democrats are down 22%. they should be focused on stop complaining about bernie sanders being in the race, you need him in the race, because you need media attention you need a lot of folks paying attention. they should be driving harold
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registration, i do not understand why they are not spending a massive amount of money in texas not registering the hispanics. there's 1 million folks in georgia alone african-american and latino. it's going to be a turn-out game for them in ohio and florida. one thing we learned was that the establishment force in the democratic party is stronger than the republican party. they stopped bernie sanders. the two dominant players that emerge are flawed candidates, both had a a lot of problems going into a general election. hillary clinton is distrusted by the majority of county and disliked by the majority of country. donald trump dliekd by a majority of county. let me pick up on your first point first, it's been
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remarkable grumbling among the republican establishment not many people willing to stand up and do something about it. that's right you have not seen much money spent against him to date. what's more, i think the challenges, we have not been able to get behind an alternative.
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they are ticked off when it comes to republican policy, they are saying i haven't been impacted economically, the same voters are the ones who have to say i screwed up, i voted for the same folks. we want everybody accountable, except those who vote for candidates. john wayne, donald trump is my man, show me how that man cared about the republican voter? don't attack voters. when you put donald trump's experience in foreign policy and doing that against hillary clinton she'll have a chance to pull over independent voters
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second, last night if you ask people in nevada what their number one issue is, they would say jobs. she won those voters, since new hampshire started to focus the message on what iss. 50,000 voted in south carolina. . we have to come back and when we come back, apple on the hot seat should she help the fbi unlock a terror cell phone. that debate is next, we're live with apple's top lawyer.
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on your smart phone there's likely hep information and conversations with your family and you should have the ability to protect it. the only way to do that is too incrept it. apple and google are their own sheriffs, they are acting like teenagers, saying nobody can tell me what to do. the fbi asked a judge to force apple to unlock the iphone of the san bernadino terrorists. it has set up a national debate on privacy and security and it could go to the supreme court. we're joined by the lawyer who
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will be making apple's case,. the court had tough words in the court filing, they said it's business model and public brand strategy. how do you respond. we have the greatest respect for the haves department and the fbi and their goals and motivations. we hope we would get the same respect and understanding back. this is an extremely important debate about privacy and civil liberties. apple has helped the fbi in this investigation in every way the law required, but it what is to draw the line be recreating code changing its iphone and putting its engineers and creative talents to destroy the iphone as it exists. apple has a responsibility to maintain the trust and faith of
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millions of people who have depended upon apple to produce a product that protects their privacy, their intimate person life. this is a pandora's box. there are hundreds of other courts and marge traits and not just -- magistrates and there are other courts there are no limits. we're before a judge, the judge has not decided. we're filing briefs, there will be arguments. this is a process that even the fbi director recognized is an important national debate. the law does not require apple to do what the fbi has asked so far. congress has not addressed the issue. apple is adhering to the trust of its millions -- what is in the fbi secured the phone of terrorists still at large, would apple still be
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opposing this request? apple complies with the law and cooperates in every way possible. but if your network was asked to create a program to i wouldn't say your talents, to ensnare a kidnapper other terrorist, you would have responsibility to resist that unless and until there's legal authority that would require you to do that. apple respects the law. fbi director comey i know and respect a great deal. said there should be a debate, congress should do something about it. it needs to be country. but we are waiting tore a court to hear -- for a court to hear the issues and decide this thing. there's a matter, this is not just one magistrate in san bernadino. there are judges all over this county and we are talking about
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foreign governments, people in foreign countries that will be susceptible to their invasion of their privacy if apple is forced to redesign the iphone. it cooperated in every way it can with respect to the powers it has but resisting to change the system that people trusted. will mr. cook and apple executive be willing to held in contempt of court and go to jail? i don't want to get ahead of a judicial branch. there's a magistrate that has yet to have a hearing. if the imagine straight rules in our favor, the government will appeal. it will go to the court of appeals and the supreme court. we're not talking about contempt of court. we're talking about respecting the fact that court has not ruled and congress has decided not to enter into the area and
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not require apple to do what is basically very difficult to do and require apple to comply with these kinds of court orders all over the country and the world, damaging your privacy, the health records, where you're children are. good for you you having us on your program. so we can talk about it. we need to have a debate over these issues. terrorists wish to change our lives, they wish to take away our civil liberties and give them a victory that they actually seek. we had a revolutionary war over the where it's -- writs that were supplied by the king and affected our civil liberties. you just heard it will
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affect everybody's privacy and supreme court. mr. olson is not a good american, he is a great american, he served this county as the justice department, a lawyer in other cases. remember the client which is apple. this case is entirely overstated. the giant parade of terribles, which is if we get into this terrorist's phone and find out there's a message that tips us off to other terrorists and plot in new york city that's on me. that's the parade of terribles, that the government sees everybody's health records and go through their private information and give it away to the world is absurd. up until september 14, apple held the key to its own code they held it in apple headquarters and someone showed up with a search warrant signed by a federal judge or lawful authority apple took the key and
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opened it up and provided a court order. i want to get a specific answer something mr. olson said. is it possible to taylor something specifically to the phone in a way they can destroy so it's not replicatable. what the justice department asked for is for apple to go into it's own lab and offices find a feature that will bypass the thing that will destroy the information in the phone after the ten false tries on the code, take it back and hand the phone back to the fbi, this phone, a government owned phone who belong to two dead people who have no privacy rights who are at the middle of a terrorist investigation where that information could save lives. i don't know why we're talking about this. that's all the time we have, we'll be right back after this from our abc stations. this is all for us today, check
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out "world news tonight" and i'll see you tomorrow on "g.m.a."
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>> i'm monica malpass on "inside story." will the controversy of pennsylvania's embattled attorney general end now that kathleen kane says she is not running for re-election? let's get the inside story. ♪ good morning and welcome to "inside story." let's meet our insiders this week. they are terry madonna with the franklin & marshall poll. good morning, sir. ed turzanski, foreign policy analyst. welcome. sharmain matlock-turner, a nonprofit executive. thank you for being here. and dom giordano, talk show host. good morning, dom. glad to have you all. let's talk about kathleen kane, who is being accused of obstruction and perjury, allegedly leaked some grand jury documents, has been embroiled in this for months up to a couple of years at this point with all the allegations going forward. still under possible impeachment proceedings as the house looks into it over the summer. so she has a long way to go, but she says she won't run for re-election.


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