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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  February 22, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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massachusetts coming up. ceo of apple tells employees why he won't help the fbi hack into the phone of the terrorist shooter in san bernadino. the federal government is telling the makers of hover boards to -- camille could say he oh -- cosby is being deposed as we speak,. camille cosby arrived at the springfield massachusetts mary i don't let before noon -- marriott before noon. expected to face tough questions under oath, about her husband and extra marital affairs and what she knew about them. the deposition was to start at 9:30, things are getting over to
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a late start. the deposition will takes place on the 6th floor. security placed a curtain blocking the area where they will meet. we saw the attorneys for the wife arrive fired and shortly after, the attorney for the women who filed the defamation suit arrived. attorneys for camille cosby tried to stop this deposition from happening, they filed an 11th hour motion over the weekend. she said the public testimony would serve no purpose other than to had a are as and embarrass her. the judge denied the motion, and here we are. camille cosby is at the mar i don't -- marriott in springfield massachusetts. channel 6 "action news." back here an investigation into what started a deadly fire at a home in delaware county. the blaze broke out along
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bluebell avenue in boothwyn. the victim became trapped on the second floor and found dead at the top of the step. firefighters have not said how the fire started. a driver was hurt in this accident on the atlantic city expressway taking place at the tolls in pleasantville at 1:30 a.m. the injuries were described as non-life threatening. the crash knocked down a light pole. the tolls are clear now. two boats were badly damaged by a fire overnight at the jersey shore. the blaze started in a shed at the sean crest marina in middle township. the cause of the fire is still being figured out. we have sunshine today after rain. a beautiful shot of the shore in cape may. not too long before we are there, but changes are coming in the week ahead. david murphy has the details.
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>> reporter: we have bright blue skies and barely a cloud in sight, unless you look south a little bit. look at satellite there's lack of of cloud cover, filtering away. out to the west of us, there's some trying to streak in dublin and hanover and out towards gettysburg. 48 degrees currently in philadelphia. and pretty much similar numbers up and down the mid atlantic coastal region, new york city, washington all within a degree, thing with richmond. a lot of folks along the eastern seaboard enjoying nice numbers. as we go through the next 12 hours, we'll get up to 52 degrees for the high. and then you can see how we slide, but you got to go all the way down to midnight tonight or 11:00 p.m. before we are back in the 30s, so mild air in place today and staying relatively
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mild up until midnight and we slide to 35 degrees for the overnight low. tomorrow is a different kind of story. at 6:30 we may be getting wet in dover and wildwood as a warm front approaches. that will bring rain up through the region. that will push rain through philadelphia by noon. you notice how each model run has been putting a little mixed precipitation in the lehigh valley and northern bucks and montgomery counties for at least a time tomorrow afternoon. it doesn't look like it last real long. i'll talk about the impact of that and even better chance of heavier rain for wednesday, that's all ahead when we take another look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. for now, sarah okay to get around and get stuff done today. thank you. with lots of rain in the forecast check back early and often at you'll find constantly updates from our weather team, storm tracker 6 live will show you where and when the rain will fall this week.
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the uber driver accused of shooting in kalamazoo michigan will be in court this afternoon. he shot and killed 6 people and police are look into the report that he picked up a passenger between shootings. police are trying to determine a motive. director of the fbi wants the c. he -- ceo of apple to unlock the iphone of syed farook. >> reporter: good afternoon, rick, fbi director said the nation owes the victims of san bernadino a thorough investigation saying that can't happen unless apple cooperates. a new plea in the battle pitting security against privacy. the fbi director writes we don't want to break anyone's
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encryption and set master key loose on the lands. i hope thoughtful people understand that. director james comey demanding that apple open the iphone belonging to syed farook, the shooter along with his wife killed 14 people. fbi said the phone might have critical clues in the investigation, including whether others were involved. we can can't look the survivors in the eye or ourselves in the mirror if we don't follow this lead. apple is working to rally public opinion taking to the airways. there's no limit what the government could require apple to do if it succeeds this way. >> reporter: attorney ted olson a former senior official whose wife died in in the 911 plane attack, is helping apple fight
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the order. this is a pandora's box, we can't surrender our civil liberties and give the terrorists victory. >> reporter: some of the victims of the san bernadino attack will support the fbi in this legal battle. their attorney said they will file a legal brief with the court. in washington, channel 6 "action news." sarah. thank you. atlantic city mayor don guardian has come out swinging against the proposed state takeover of the city's finances. we showed you the start of the mayor's news conference in the last half-hour. the mayor said he could live with the state's plans to negotiate and restructure the city's debt if it saved atlantic city from bankruptcy, but in a fiery speech guardian accused the state of running a dictatorship not a partnership and said it was an insult to
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democracy. we'll have more on "action news" at 4:00 p.m. new safety standards could make the holidays' hottest gifts extinct. a girl battling a brain tumor gets a big gift from the wieches of -- wives of the philadelphia flyers, that story is ahead. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses,
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recovering from a brutal attack on a valentine's day that nearly killed her and police say her roommate may be responsible. danielle jones so showing signs of improvement. family members say she used annual ad on craig's list to find a roommate. 35-year-old byron mitchell moved in a we can before the attack and charged with the attempted murder. doctors say jones may have suffered serious brain damage. a plan to establish a new colony on an off limplets island
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in massachusetts has residents rattled. it will be a colony of timber rattlesnakes. the endangered snakes won't have any reason to leave mount zion island it has plenty of places to hibernate and food sources. they were one of the hottest gifts this holiday season, but federal officials are saying no hoover boards are safe. they are cracking down on those who do not follow newly released safety standards. >> reporter: major retailers are sponge to the consumer product safety commission stunning announcement that no hover board is certified as safe and they are out there in droves. at one point ebay said it was selling one every 12 seconds.
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but we saw the videos, dozens of injuries from coast to coast and fires. c citing $2 million in damages. some blaming the ion batteries from china. it is irresponsible for a company to continue to sell hover boards that they know do not comply with the standards. >> reporter: hover boards currently on the market may be subject to recall and consumers should ask for full refunds for those sold sphlt boards are not -- if the boards are not certified as safe. toys "r" us has taken it off their website. stopping all sales. one of the biggest hover board manufacturers by the way,
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swag way said it is working to meet the latest safety standards and hopes to alleviate the concerns people have with the product. coming up at 11:00 p.m., the cost of healthcare is becoming an ever bigger burden on consumers and understanding what you are paying for can be tough. nydia han has more. >> reporter: the trouble shooters have found a freeway to cut the confusion of medical bills and saving you money and cracking the code of health care pricing. this viewer contacted us after betting so could -- socked with a medical bill she said was sky high. i was angry. i was not expecting a bill of that size. no one told me what the fees were. >> reporter: how much should you be paying for your treatment and procedure. cracking medical codes tonight on channel 6 "action news" at 11:00 p.m. much more to come on "action news" at 1:30, another check of the forecast outside.
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stepping live outside, sky6 live hd showing you bright sunshine above penns landing and the delaware river. meteorologist david murphy with the update from accuweather, there's rain ahead when "action news" comes right back. a family from philadelphia
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received a much-needed home makeover this weekend thanks to the flyers wives. the 9-year-old has progressive optic pathway tumor pressing on her optic nerve which affects her vision. her family was chosen as building hope for children's project. they gave them a brand new bedroom and renovated the kitchen and the basement. very nice. well, position players report to spring training in florida today. cody ashy is competing for a starting job in left field with
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aaron arthur. they want him to learn first base, as well. mentally when you do a couple of different things and you are going through stuff and not having the success and you should be that's when it gets tough. >> reporter: phillies manager is placing his bets on ashy to be successful. boy, clearwater looks nice. >> reporter: for me, the ballpark will look good, too, no matter how many they win or lose. i can't wait to get down there. from a look standpoint it's not a bad day for baseball jef no precipitation -- as we have no precipitation around. how about heading down the beach. it's a little bit cool, but it won't be long. 48 degrees, a good day to get stuff done. 48 degrees in the city, 48 this
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trenton. 46 in allentown. 45 in reading. 50 in millville. and 46 in wildwood, new jersey. as we take a look at the satellite there's a little bit of cloud cover sweeping in from the southwest so far so good we still got bright blue skies and transition to mostly sunny with a little bit of high cloud cover rolling in in the afternoon. high temperatures, north to south, close to 50 in allentown. 50 on the nose in reading, 51 in trenton and wilmington and probably holding in the 40s along the ocean front, but not bad. 51 degrees by 2:00 p.m. if we hit the 52 around 2:00 p.m. holding on the to the 50s around 5:00 p.m. 47 by 6:00. 41 by 8. in the upper 0s around 10:00 p.m -- upper 30s around 10:00 p.m. more cloud cover digging in as the night goes on. in the morning, there will be sun, but it will cloud up quick.
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areas south around dover and wildwood, may see the day's first rain. you will see it sweep past philadelphia by noon. there could be a period where you get wet snow and sleet in the northern areas. looks like it changes over quickly and doesn't look like a big issue. if you're in the poconos, you might have to stick with that a little bit longer. in the afternoon and evening, the precipitation is very light and beginning to die down. this is the warm front coming through, rounds one of the precipitation, that's not where the heavier stuff will fall. wednesday, cold front comes in from the west we'll see heavier rain coming in and staying through wednesday evening. how much rain over the next 24 to 48 hours. new model runs are reaching into the future some are forecasting as much as a couple of inch of rain. with thunderstorms around and dredging down -- dredging down
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torresdale, -- downpours, there could more than that. if you have to get stuff done today is the day to do. i'm going to get a walk in i think, 52 is the high. tomorrow, 44 is the high, rain in the afternoon. mixing in the northern suburbs, not a big impact situation there. wednesday, windy and rainy, most of the rain in the afternoon and evening hours. maybe a rumble of thunder mixed in at times. look out for the street flooding if you're out and about. after that the rain tapers off until thursday, we'll see the return of sunshine, it's mild with a high of 57 i could see the number falling a bit as we go through the afternoon. cooler air is back. 42 degrees the high on friday, winds and chilly. another 42 under the sun on saturday, sunday we're ticking back up to 46, but there could rain arriving in the second half
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of the weekend, at least in the afternoon. pretty nice numbers overall over the next four or five days. the windermere art museum has the new combustion of one of the philadelphia's most realist paintings. karen rogers has 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: eileen good man started her career as illustrator and graphic artist, but best known for her water colors. the exhibition is called the weight of water collar, the -- water color the art of eileen goodman. the exhibition takes you on a journey through her career from the 1950s to 2014. we want to show you what she is famous for.
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>> reporter: she is famous for her water colors. these are big works of art, they are five feet across, when she paints pears or roses they are enormous. one of the most popular works is valentine's day sweet. a lot of people like that picture there are big cupcakes with red icing, you want to bite into them. >> reporter: the exhibition features her sketches. we thought was a great opportunity to show the finish work with the prepartory drawing. >> reporter: the finished work draws in the viewers. it engages people with the biewrt of the work and engages people with the stories that she is able able to able to tell. >> reporter: for museum hours and admission go to 6abc loves
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the arts for this and other areas events. for 6abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers. topping our people scene at 12:30, taylor swift returned to her pennsylvania hometown over the weekend to play a special role in her childhood's friends reading. she posted the pictures congratulate lathes the happy couples. they met with --they were born. dead pool took in an estimated $55 million. it's one of the most successful r-rate the films ever. kung fu panda 3 was in second. an risen a faith-based christian drama debuted in third.
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j all right, david is back with a fine check of the forecast for us. >> reporter: nice this afternoon, lots of sunshine in play, the northern and western suburbs everyone getting close to 50 degrees, light wind and lots of sun. in the center portion of the region, winds are running 5 to 10 miles per hour. low 50s on the thermometers over the next few hours. down the shore, 48. decent day, mostly sunny, nice wind. during the morning tomorrow the rain will rise up from the south and take over the region. if you have something to get done today is the day to do it. it was chinese new year at the university school performed the traditional dragon dance and made clothing made by
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chinese designers. this is the year of the monkey. some of the stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00. a local company offers delivery for anything you can think of all you need is a smart phone. we'll introduce you to the drexel grad behind the business. don't forget "action news" at 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., and 6:00 p.m. for rick williams, david murphy and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist. have a great afternoon! we stop arthritis pain,
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