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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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charm and can do spirit. >> reporter: her claire is empty. grief stricken colleagues are remember 24-year-old cara m mccollum. a south jersey focus daily newscast. she died early this morning from injuries sustained february 15th when her car veered off the side of route 55 in pittsgrove township and smashed into several trees. she was not wearing a seat belt at the time. >> you can't make sense of it. you can only focus on the joy that she brought to people and she was taken from us way too soon. >> your new miss new jersey, cara mccollum. >> reporter: princeton new jersey graduate who was raised in arkansas mccollum was miss new jersey 2013 and competed in the 2014 miss america pageant. that's the year the iconic event returned to atlantic city. our karen rogers spoke with her just before the pageant. >> it's a great year to be miss new jersey because i am the first one that will be
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back in boardwalk hall so i have a little bit of added pressure. i'm pleased to have my home crowd here. >> reporter: cara mccollum was an exceptional young woman and will be remembered as a loving soul. >> cara was in every sense of the word a total package. she was beautiful, smart, she was extremely hard working. >> she came across like she was genuine. there's a difference. some people are -- she was always nice. >> she's our face of our news team for sure but she was absolutely the heart of our news too. it's an incredible loss. >> reporter: her death was announced on a facebook page called prayers for car ran noted before she died mccollum made the decision to donate her organs. >> ♪ you're sure going miss me when i'm gone ♪ >> reporter: colleagues aren't going to do a regular newscast. they spent the day putting
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together a tribute to cara and her promising but short career cut short by this accident. nora muchanic channel6 "action news." >> attorneys deposed bill cosby's wife today inside a massachusetts hotel. camille cosby answered questions under oath at a springfield marriott. she gave the deposition in a lawsuit filed by seven women who accused bill cosby of sexual assault. the women's lawyers believe camille may have useful information but the cosbys have said they have nothing relevant. >> the uber driver accused in a deadly spree in michigan faced a judge today. as we learn more about his rampage his family has released a statement and his passengers are telling their terrifying stories. abc's elizabeth hur is live working this story with the very latest on the investigation. elizabeth. >> reporter: sharrie, today we learn from prosecutors
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there is surveillance video that captured at least one of the shootings. we're told that the suspect is cooperating but we are told he hasn't shown any emotion even after investigators say he admitted he took people's lives. jason dalton a 45-year-old with man with no previous criminal record is now charged with six murders. >> jason brian dalton. >> yes. >> reporter: the uber driver turned accused killer appeared before a judge via video. >> is there anything outwish tell the court at this time. >> i would prefer just to remain silent. >> reporter: for the victims' families condolences from president obama. >> you got families who are shattered today. >> reporter: uber confirming dalton passed a background check. what set him off, police don't know. >> shots fired. we have one confirmed victim right nowism all dalton stands accused of shooting eight people at three different locations in kalamazoo michigan on saturday killing
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six and injuring two. dalton reportedly picking up passengers in between the shootings. >> kind of driving through medians, driving through the lawn, speeding along and then phenomenally once he came to a stop i jumped out car and ran away. >> reporter: matt miller she is he called 9911 after that ride with dalton. that was about an hour before the first shooting and this man who asked that we don't identify him says he was one of dalton's customers during the rampage. >> i half heartedly joked at him and said you're not the shooter, are you? and he -- he said no and i said rush? and he said no, i'm just really tired. >> reporter: well, this afternoon dalton's family released a statement saying they are deeply sorry and that they are praying for everyone affected. his next court date is set for march third. we are live in new york, i'm elizabeth hur for channel6 "action news." alicia. >> elizabeth thank you. here in atlantic city today a pretty fired up mayor
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don guardian speaking out over the state's proposed takeover of the city. guardian once pledged cooperation with the state but today he blasted the new plan calling it a fascist dictatorship. steve sweeney introduced a bill that would give the state of new jersey vast control over ac's finances from the ability to sell city assets and land even declare bankruptcy. the mayor says the city could run out of cash within the next two months and certainly needs help but he says he was hoping for a partnership not a near total takeover. he says he feels all of his city's concerns fell on deaf ears. >> the final piece of legislation that the state presented to us was far from a partnership. it was much worse. it was absolutely a fascist dictatorship. this is an insult to democracy and to american citizens living in atlantic city.
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>> governor chris christie today responded saying "the taxpayers of all of new jersey can no longer be asked to bail out atlantic city especially when they continue to tax and spend so irresponsibly adding that he supports the senate president's approach. we have not heard the end of this one, brian and sharrie. >> far from over for sure. okay. now it is time for a check of the accuweather forecast this monday. >> meteorologist adam joseph standing by outside today. sun is shining. beautiful day, adam. >> we've had a nice seven the last three days with a hint of spring with that on and off sunshine. saturday, sunday and today. here are the numbers. 60 degrees in philadelphia to begin your weekend. yesterday 61 degrees. so far today we've slipped a little bit to 52 degrees but it still feels very nice and above that normal of 46 degrees. other numbers, 52 in the lehigh valley right now, 50 in reading, 50 in wilmington, even low 40's in the poconos and a bit of a sea breeze at the shore so that ocean at 41 is around 45 to 46 degrees
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wherever your favorite shore town s as we look to the south on double scan live radar you see a stripe of showers from raleigh charlotte to new orleans and gulf of mexico. first area of low pressure developing near jackson, mississippi will slide to our south late tonight and throughout your tuesday before a second system, a more powerful system moves to our west on wednesday. for the next two days -- tomorrow is the appetizer. light rain off and on could briefly mix with wet snow north and west. a half inch of rain. main course heavy rain comes in gusty thunderstorms and we could see an inch to an inch and a half of rain. we'll look at future tracker and time this a little better coming up in that full accuweather forecast. >> adam see you in a little bit. thank you. phillies spring training just got a lot more crowded. position players reported to camp today joining pitchers and catchers in clearwater. that means the entire team is now together except for one player, jeff skversky live in florida and jeff, the phillies don't seem too concerned about this just yet.
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>> reporter: yeah, brian, miguel franco not at spring training yet. they say as long as he's here tomorrow everything will be fine. there have been so many fresh faces in camp so far but finally a very familiar face, one with a bright big smile, the big piece, ryan howard reporting to duty today. let's take a look at ryan howard, the phillies first baseman could be taking the field here in clearwater for the final time for his final spring training because the phillies can get out of his contract at the end of the season. the 36-year-old of course he has struggled the last few years and despite his $25 million salary this season manager pete mackanin says he will sit howard if he doesn't hit. now, howard is not fielding questions today. he'll do so tomorrow but from the sound of it today howard arrives as a happy camper. >> i'm good, man. >> good to see him. i knew he'd come in shape and he had a big smile on his face
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as usual and he's ready to go. the thing i like the most about ryan is the fact that he posts up every day, this guy comes to play and it's good to see him. >> reporter: and it will be good to see miguel franco tomorrow. again, pete mackanin says he's not upset because he played winter ball and he has a strong work ethic. we'll see miguel franco tomorrow. the phillies have been very impressed by that third baseman. mike schmidt told me he thinks franco is better than he was at this age so he has a bright future with the philadelphia phillies. we'll have much more coming up at 5 o'clock. for now live in clearwater, jeff skversky, channel6 "action news. brian, sharrie. >> jeff, thank you. it is time for a check of the "action news" traffic report. >> let's get you over to matt pelman standing by in the "action news" traffic center on a monday afternoon. >> how without the weekend guys? >> okay.
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>> not bad. >> mine was great, thanks. glad to hear it. this is the kind of things the kids probably clear about on the way to school. maybe not so much on the way home. the school bus broken down. you can see it taking out the right lane. it is causing a little slowing as you're coming down from third street to this points past ninth street. broken down school bus in the right lane on the boulevard southbound. nothing broken down. no crashes just a lot of volume here in center city this afternoon along the vine street expressway eastbound we're river to river from the schuylkill out to 95. westbound just backing up approaching i-76 at this point. in mount laurel watching a crash northbound lanes of 295 just past route 73. not impacting speeds a whole lot at this point but it is blocking the right lane. so, if it stays out there very long it surely will impact those speeds in a little bit and in florence township we're watching an overturned tractor-trailer this afternoon partially blocking the ramp from 130 to the turnpike connector but you can squeeze by that overturned truck and if you're riding septa's broad street line and the lidge spur watch out 20 minute delays this afternoon because of equipment problems. new schedules went into effect
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on the subways trolleys and buses yesterday. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this monday afternoon. hope you all enjoyed your weekend. vehicle stopped on the road along the schuylkill eastbound by broad street. never a good thing to have a stopped vehicle in the middle of the roadway so watch out for that as you head towards the walt whitman bridge. we'll check it again brian and sharrie coming up in the next half hour. >> matt thank you sir. >> still ahead today the latest in the fight between apple and the fbi. the many charge of both entities traded open letters over the last 48 hours as they continue to face off over the phone that belonged to a terrorist. >> and the investigation continues into a deadly fire as we get a new look at the flames. we're also hearing from people who knew the victim. we'll have a live report coming up. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> today the battle continues to wage between the fbi and apple. the feds are now defending their demand that the tech company unlock the iphone belonging to the san bernadino shooter. in a new blog posted at fbi
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director comey continues to argue syed farook's phone may contain critical additional clues in the investigation including weather others were involved. 14 people were killed in the attacks back in december. investigators have been unsuccessful trying unlock farook's iphone. comey says we can't look the survivors in the eye or ourselves in the mirror if we don't follow this lead. apple argues creating a way to override the pass code would put the privacy and security of all apple customers at risk. >> apple has helped the fbi in this investigation in every way the law required but it has to draw the line at recreating code, changing its iphone, putting its engineers and creative talents to destroy the iphone as it exists. >> right now a federal judge has ordered apple to help the
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fbi hack into the password protected phone but today app spell fighting that judge's order saying while it's technically possible to unlock the phone, it's the company's belief that it is "too dangerous to do." sharrie. >> strong opinions. republican voters in nevada will caucus tomorrow just three days after the gop south carolina primary. donald trump won saturday's contest and polls show he has a big lead in nevada as well. ted cruz and marco rubio are fighting it out for second. john kasich and ben carson are trailing well behind the others. the gop field is now down to just those five candidates. meanwhile the democrats are going opposite way putting nevada in the rear view and focusing on south carolina. hillary clinton is expected to win easily when voters head to the polls in south carolina this saturday. of the 34 delegates up fore grabs in nevada's caucuses, clinton took home 19 while
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sanders picked up 15. >> the cost of healthcare is becoming a bigger burden. understanding what you're paying for can be difficult. nydia han has help tonight and here's a preview. >> reporter: troubleshooters have found a freeway to cut the confusion of medical bills and save you money. all by cracking the code of healthcare pricing. >> i feel it's very important consumers use a tool. >> reporter: that you say viewer got socked with a medical bill she says was sky high. >> i was very angry. i was not expecting a bill that of size. no one told me what the fees were. >> reporter: how much should you be if anything for your treatment or procedureup the "action news" troubleshooters has a freeway to help you find out. cracking medical codes tonight on channel6 "action news" at 11:00. >> we are starting the week with sunshine. it's time for the accuweather forecast. >> alall right, i don't think it's going to last all week long. meteorologist adam joseph standing by with the details on what's coming this weekend.
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>> we'll have to wait until the end of the week, friday, before we see that sunshine again. kind of a dreary stretch setting up starting tomorrow. take in, soak in the sunshine now. live on sky6 over penn's landing a very calm and a nice way to start the work and the school week. right now temperature of 52 in allentown, 50 in reading, 51 trenton and notice to the south and east temperatures only in the 40's along the shore in southern parts of delaware, here's a far cry from the 60's this weekends and it's all because of that northerly wind coming in pulling in the cooler air but it's still above that average of 46 degrees and you can see the colliding sea breeze front that is setting up with the winds coming in out of the east at the shore meeting that northwesterly wind so showing up right there through southern parts of burlington county and that's the dividing line of 40's to 50's right now with wind speeds of only around five to 10 miles an hour. overnight 30 inned aring, 29 in allentown. at freezing in trenton, 33 in millville and above freezing for dover. and also wilmington. patchy clouds and staying
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fairly seasonable during the overnight hours. then as we track the clouds, you can see they're starting to push in from the south but breaking apart as they're hitting that dry air at first. it will take almost the entire night to really thicken up the cloud cover. you see this band of moisture out of the gulf of mexico. this is one system that is developing just to the west and south of jackson, mississippi, that heads to our south and we get brushed by some of this rainfall on tuesday. so, for that morning rush if you're out first thing in the morning at 7:00 a.m. it is fairly dry from wilmington all points up into the lehigh valley and already in the 40's to the south. so this begins as rain for most of us as it pushes in from the south. it could start as a brief period of some wet snow, far to the north and west of the pennsylvania turnpike up towards the lehigh valley. after lunchtime tomorrow temperatures there in the 30's but 40's elsewhere where we're seeing pockets of moderate rain at times and then by 5 o'clock, it's rain in the lehigh valley and it's beginning to taper off as the heaviest precipitation moves
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to the north and east but still a very wet evening rush. so as we're looking at this first system tomorrow, rain arrives between 7:00 in the morning to the south to around 11 o'clock up in the lehigh valley. brief wet snow in those far northwestern suburbs and to see a grassy coating, it's even going to melt up there when it hits the road, you have to head along i-78 to the north. the rain will taper to drizzle during the evening rush tomorrow between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. the four day at 4:00 forecast tomorrow it's a wet day on and off but it's a chilly light rain. no flooding issues on the roadways. 42 degrees. so, even though it's dreary and wet, we can easily handle this tomorrow. then on wednesday a second system comes in, pulls in warmth, 56 degrees. the morning just light showers. it's late in the afternoon, evening and overnight especially some heavy rain, gusty thunderstorms push in with over an inch of rain. thursday breezy mild a lot of clouds, a lingering shower at 57 and then finally the sun
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will return with some chillier winds on friday with temperatures dipping back to 42 degrees. but then those temperatures rebound again over the upcoming weekend. we'll show you the seven day as we head into march coming up in the next half hour. >> march is coming. >> yeah, right around the corner. adam thank you. still ahead local college students get a lesson in starting their own business. >> and coming up at 4:30 today an investigation into a deadly fire. we've got a live report with details on what we're learning about the victim. >> and one mother learns the hard way why it's so important to keep your photos private on social media. we'll break down her horror story coming up in big talkers. and remember, "action news" is about interactions with you. follow us on social media for the latest headlines, accuweather and breaking news and communicate with us on facebook and twitter. join us and be a part of "action news." >> ♪ your daughter wants to stay organic.
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♪ >> family friends and colleagues paid tribute to philadelphia journalism legend today. they gathered for a home going service for acel moore at grace baptist church of germantown. the columnist and editor for the philadelphia inquirer passed away on february 12th. on top of his pulitzer prize winning work he was a founder of the national association of black journalists. he was 75 years old. >> today we learn the name of the woman hit by a car and killed in cluster township. 30-year-old jacqueline colon who lived in gloucester township were you hit on peter cheese man road. she died before medics could get her to the hospital. police are investigating this crash. they say the driver did stop nearby and so far the they have not charged that man. look at the closing numbers today. not a bad with to start the work week on wall street. three green arrows there. the dow up 229 points today. the nasdaq up 66 and change, the s & p 500 also up just
4:26 pm
about 28 points on the day. >> stuart at the university of delaware got a chance to learn what it takes to create a startup company. the school hosted the startup nation technology fair which showcased about a dozen companies that originated in israel. students were able to meet with the business leaders about internship opportunities and had a chance to test out new products. entrepreneurs also shared their experiences about what it takes to launch a tech company. >> the celebration of the chinese new year continued today at a school in the city's crescentville section. they held musical and dance performances highlighting the chinese new year. they performed the traditional dragon dance and wore clothing made by chinese designers. this is the year of the the monkey. >> i so want to learn more about that. [laughter] still ahead on "action news," the investigation continues into this deadly house fire in delaware county. "action news" reporter vernon odom joins us live with an
4:27 pm
update in just a few minutes. >> also ahead here, two college students turn an idea into a booming business. think on demand delivery meets convenience store. we've got their story coming up in what's the deal. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with an update to the search for a mom accused
4:29 pm
of stealing from a philadelphia department store and then leaving her toddler behind. >> and we've got brand new information today about a fire that broke out early this morning leaving plenty of damage behind at a cape may marina. >> this mom says a picture of her with her newborn was stolen and used for an online hoax. we'll explain how you can prevent a similar thing from happening to you and your family. that's ahead in big talkers. >> but first here at 4:30 investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly fire that's rocked a delaware county community. they say a husband ran into this burning home trying to save his wife yesterday. she did not make it out and he is now recovering from serious injuries. "action news" reporter vernon odom live outside the home in boothwyn and vernon you've got the latest details here. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the local fire marshal is withholding his information and he's long since finished his physical examination at that scorched house.
4:30 pm
he's holding an official ruling on the cause until he finds out the nature and extent of the injuries that killed can the lady of the house. she was only 49 years old. this is brenda mccabe. slaw a mother of four with five grandchildren. a long time neighbor shot video of this tragedy yesterday. mccabe perished in this horrific fire in her home about 5:00 in the afternoon. she was found on the second floor. >> i think about her being stuck in there and not getting out so as everyone was outside and watching all of the flames, my friend was in there and she couldn't get out. >> reporter: the fire marshal has not yet determined the exact cause of the blaze. they're waiting for mccabe's autopsy report. they say she was home alone at the time. her family had just left the house witnesses say. her husband, john, tried to get into the house to save her but the flames beat him back. at this hour, he remains in crozer-chester burn center in critical but stable condition. surrounded by his family who have asked for complete privacy. brian, again, no official word
4:31 pm
from the local fire marshal on what exactly caused this horrific deadly fire. live in boothwyn, delaware county, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news. >> vernon thanks very much. meanwhile "action news" has learned new information about an early morning fire at a marina in lower township cape may county. thdetectives say they found a man's body inside the maintenance trailer where the fire broke out. they haven't been able to identify the victim. flames spread to and damaged two nearby boats. no word just yet on what sparked this fire. >> new video shows a vehicle which could lead philadelphia police to the suspect wanted for a brutal beating in port richmond. detectives want to know if anyone recognizes this truck. they say the word dry wall is on the tailgate. they say this is the vehicle that the three suspects were riding in before home ah home invasion on the 1800 block of east cambria street. "action news" first told you about this story when it
4:32 pm
happened on friday a woman and two men allegedly burst into the house and beat the man inside with a bat and a gun. they then allegedly stole video game consoles and cash before running away from the scene. meanwhile two armed robbers were caught on video targeting people inside finest cuts barber slop in feltonville. detectives say they forced one of the customers to the ground at gun point saturday night. they then allegedly took cash from his pockets and then ran off. you're asked to call police if you know anything about either of these crimes. >> a mom wanted for allegedly stealing from a philadelphia department store is still on the run tonight. police say 27-year-old mahogany ashley terri was caught trying to take $1,400 worth of merchandise from macy's in center city two weeks ago. store security detained her but she managed to break free from the handcuffs. police say terry then ran off leaving ler three-year-old daughter behind. they now have a warrant out
4:33 pm
for terri's arrest. >> police in atlantic county say they caught a burglar who caused damage in egg harbor township. 29-year-old charles robinson is accused of cutting copper pipes from an abandoned home on cedar avenue early saturday morning. well, someone saw him leave with a large suitcase and called police. he was still carrying the stolen metal and his tools when he was arrested. he's now charged with burglary and theft. meteorologist adam joseph joining us now. the weather has been so wild, so up and down. everybody i know has been under the weather. >> right, first you, then me. [laughter] >> put a wall, virtual wall here. we'll see these swings continue through this week, through the ladder of the past week, the next coming weekend. there's no change in the weather going up and down. as we take a live look right now on sky6 over the campus of temple university, a lot of blue sky there along the horizon. 52 warm degrees, even though it is much cooler than the weekend especially if you're
4:34 pm
in that sun, it is feeling really nice. south-southeasterly wind at 5 miles per hour and the wind chill pretty nonexistent at this point. as we look at high temperatures so far in the eastern half of the country, there is no signs of winter anywhere. 47 bismarck, 44 in chicago, near 50 in cincinnati, 60's to the south and 70's along the gulf coast states. in fact with moisture coming in from the south bumping into this really warm air, most of our next system tomorrow and as well as on wednesday is in the form of liquid. you can see the rain setting up from new orleans, up to atlanta and also now the carolinas. we will track this rain for you coming up in that full accuweather forecast and it's going to come in two rounds, one is light, the second round is a little more intense and i'll let you know all about it coming up in that full accuweather 7-day. >> adam thank you. >> thank you. the coast guard is investigating why two ships ran aground in the atlantic ocean over the weekend. it happened saturday near the absecon inlet.
4:35 pm
135-foot barge drifted and ran aground slightly south of that inlet while a 77-foot tug lost power and ran aground slightly to the north. officials say no one was hurt here and no injuries have been reported nor has there been any pollution in th in the water thus far. show down over urbanization and the future of a family business on the main line. monica malpass with the details on this. >> hi, brian. waterloo gardens sit on lancaster avenue for decades. it has now closed and there is a big fight over what to do in developing that property now. developers are eyeing it as the site of a potential new residential and retail complex but many neighbors are now fighting that plan. coming up new at 5:00 tonight john rawlins breaks down the developmental show down in devon. in health check it is the question that many folks trying to lose weight have asked themselves, how often should i get on the scale. >> well, tonight ali gorman has the results of an interesting new study and why several experts are quickly
4:36 pm
trying to debunk its findings. we'll have those stories and more coming your way on "action news" at 5:00. sharrie see you then. >> sounds good. monica thank you. more jobs could be coming to the wilmington riverfront. today a group of developers announced that they are planning on building two new hotels in the waterfront area. the hotels are expected to serve business travelers as well as those coming to the area for conferences and entertainment events. the company says the hotels will create 200 jobs and generate millions of dollars in taxes. >> and still ahead here on a monday afternoon a-fiery rescue caught on camera but it's what was left behind that's left witnesses speechless. >> plus, a 106 year old's reaction to meeting president obama is going viral. coming up in big talkers, we'll explain why this was a dream year in the making. >> and the oscars are just a few days away now but getting red carpet ready takes weeks of preparation. celebrities dish their fitness
4:37 pm
secrets coming up. >> we want in on that. and meteorologist adam joseph, he'll be back with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues next. ♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer.
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(female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey.
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>> got to get this man out this car. >> a dramatic rescue from a fiery crash was caught on camera in tennessee. you can see flames engulfed jeep. witnesses were able to get the driver to safety but it was this sight that brought many to tears. they found a bible sitting untouched on the front seat of that torched car you see it there. the driver is still recovering at the hospital today. a jury has been selected to hear the case involving sportscaster aaron andrews and marriott hotels. andrews filed a $75 million lawsuit against that hotel franchise. its owner and manager after man was able to record her changing clones while she was in her hotel room. 2009 michael barrett admitted in court that he remembered
4:40 pm
hotel rooms next to andrews in three cities and altered the peep holes so he could make videos of her. >> in health check at 4 o'clock today, the centers for disease control and prevention is upping its estimate of the cancer risk associated with flooring that was sold by the company lumber liquidators. it now says people with certain types of laminate are three times more likely to get cancer than previously thought. the new number predicts between six and 30 cancer cases per 100,000 people. the laminate in question was made in china and has high levels of formaldehye. lumber liquidators says it stopped selling that flooring back in may. meantime the oscars are just days away but the stars have been working for weeks to get red carpet ready bodies. hollywood trainer jeanette jenkins says her clients like pink and alicia keys work out an average of two hours a day for three to six weeks before oscar night.
4:41 pm
>> we hit everything. we do cardio, we do sculpting and then we kind of take everything up a level. >> okay. but because most gowns show bear shoulders, jenkins' workouts emphasize arm and upper body exercises as well. she says the roll and fly is a celebrity favorite and it really works. jenkins also has clients cut their sugar consumption by cutting out processed foods and sweets and she preaches confidence, love your body and hold your head up high. >> ♪ >> here at the big board with the big talkers now it's a social media horror story every parent needs to see and take note of. a mom from connecticut is sharing her story after a photo announcing her baby's birth was stolen and then used as part of a hoax. karina bennett says this photocell brait emergency beautiful newborn baby boy was originally included in a local newspaper article about the fact that he was the first baby born in the new year at their hospital.
4:42 pm
but check this out. somehow her photo was stolen and used with a different story from a different town. the headline, detroit woman gives birth to her 14th child from 14 different fathers. that was posted on a web site called world news daily that article went viral. her picture included and it took a toll on her emotional health. >> people are really starting to make comments about your person, you know, calling you ugly, calling you fat. those are comments that really started to hurt me a lot. that's where i started to break down because i was seeing comments from 30,000 people. >> according to experts, all photos on public sites are at risk. the advice here, mark your pages private and water mark your photos until the law can catch up with all of those cyber criminals out there. and this is a story that's grabbing hearts creating major smiles and social media shares all over the place. a 106-year-old woman finally
4:43 pm
got her wish to meet the president and first lady. >> how are you? >> i'm fine. >> so, nice to see you. >> it's an honor. >> look at her go. virginia mclauren was over the moon to say the least even breaking out in dance as she was introduced to the first couple last week. the tech savvy senior was able to meet president obama and of course first lady michelle thanks to a social media campaign. this video went viral as soon as the white house shared it on twitter last night with more than 19 million views just by this morning alone. and of course the president asked her what is the secret to being able to dance like that at 106. she says just keep on moving. and as first lady michelle noted her nails are done. she's keeping up with herself. looking good. >> love that lady. >> she cute. >> think about the oppression
4:44 pm
she has faced in her life but here she is standing in the white house. >> matt pelman standing by with the update. >> i want to meet her and have lunch with her. she looks like fun. good afternoon much this not fun brian and sharrie on the schuylkill expressway eastbound at the bottom of the screen there's a fender-bender off to the side approaching girard avenue but still attract something at terms as you come eastbound on the schuylkill away from the roosevelt boulevard, yes, quite slow with speeds like 14 miles per hour. similar over on 95. 16 miles per hour on the northbound side but no accidents there, just a whole lot of afternoon volume. still have that broken down school bus on the roosevelt boulevard southbound south of ninth street as you head toward broad street taking out a lane. traffic is getting by but doing so slowly. in king of prussia watch out for a crash along church road at henderson road and in kennett township chester county there's a crash shutting down kaolin road this afternoon. stay over on 82 creek road to get around that. we just watched an opening at the tacony palmyra bridge for
4:45 pm
a northbound ship. the bridge is back down, traffic just started moving. it's still heavy on both sides and i would expected an opening at the burlington bristol bridge in about 45 minutes i'd say around 5:30 that at least is my guess. if you're headed towards the scudder falls bridge in ewing township there's a vehicle fire shutting down the ramp from 95 southbound to route 29. use the ramp at bear tavern road instead and in florence township still have that overturned truck partially blocking the ramp from 130 to the turnpike connector. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> adam joseph standing by with the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast next ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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4:48 pm
48 hours. at least it's on and off. not a steady rain but we'll see a good amount of rain tuesday into wednesday. as we look at double scan live radar all is quiet at the present time, some high clouds building south of the city and those clouds will continue to thicken as we go deeper into the overnight hours but right now still very pleasant. 52 degrees for allentown, philadelphia, still near 50 for reading, wilmington down to dover and a bit of a sea breeze kicking in so the temperatures right along the shore a bit cooler coming in off that ocean of 41. air temperatures are only a few degrees higher than that. as we look at satellite and radar there you can see the clouds right on the fringe of our viewing area as they try to push in from the south. low pressure just to the north. this first batch of rain and area of low pressure will ride just to our south during the day tomorrow and then a second round of energy which is over the rockies right now really it's not much to speak of at this point but this will dip down to the south, also pull some moisture out of the gulf of mexico and become a bigger
4:49 pm
player to our weather this week. as we look at the forecast for tonight, though, some patchy clouds around and seasonable. 29 in those northwestern suburbs to around 35 degrees for center city and as we track the rain for you on future tracker 8 o'clock tomorrow morning for that rush hour, it is wet south of philadelphia it is dry north of the city as some of that light rain pulls in. and it will be cold enough in those far northwestern suburbs a few wet snowflakes mixing in at the onset of the precipitation but you really have to head up i-78 to the north to see any sort of grassy accumulation of that snow north of the lehigh valley. for the rest of us rainy as we get into the late morning early afternoon hours and then the rain breaks up during the evening rush tomorrow at 6 o'clock the heaviest pulls to the north just some spitting light drizzle and on and off showers and we catch a break overnight on tuesday and the morning rush on wednesday, also looking fairly dry despite the roads will still be a little on the damp side and in that seconds system,
4:50 pm
the main concern comes in here wednesday afternoon especially into the overnight hours of wednesday, a powerful low will cut up across the ohio valley well to our west, flooding warmth our way as long as a very strong jet stream. there could be 60 miles an hour wind gusts with some of that heavy rain, even a gusty thunderstorm and create something street flooding but at this point there's no flood watch and not expected to have a flood watch posted with this system as there's really no concern of any flooding on the streams and the creeks this go round thankfully. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, a chilly light rain at times tomorrow at 42 degrees. we catch a break tuesday night early wednesday. it's late wednesday afternoon into the overnight hours of wednesday the heavy rain comes in with over an inch likely at 56 warm degrees. stays mild on thursday, a lot of clouds with a shower or two around and we will finally brighten things back up on friday but colder winds can come in of 42 degrees and then a beautiful start to the weekend, 43 saturday, we bump
4:51 pm
it up to 52 much milder sunday with sun and clouds and a lot of clouds come back in monday but it stays warm as we ends the month of february and temperatures in the mid-50's, so not a bad seven-day forecast temperature-wise for this time of year but we're dealing with the rain, at least three days this week. >> adam thank you. >> yup. >> up next in what's the deal a local company takes off. how philadelphia college students are cashing in with their own demand delivery service. >> and no shortage of drama in tonight's prime time lineup starting with the bachelor ben faces family friction during the remaining hometown visit then at 10 o'clock a brand new episode of castle where he's abducted and forced to solve mind games with strangers and of course after that it's "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪
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>> during the blizzard of 2016 stores may not have been opened but go puff an on demand delivery app was rolling. it's kind of like a convenience store plus much more on wheels. and it's the brain child of two local entrepreneurs who launched their business while they were still students at drexel. >> from snacks to drinks to wavers and salad. >> milk eggs forget to bring home the bacon there's an app for that and it was created by two drexel university grads in their sophomore year. >> we would come in and have to leave class hop in the car go to the warehouse pick up the order drop off the delivery. >> now just 22 years old they are still roommates best friends and business partners. capitalizing on our on demand society. >> we thought how is there a service that's going to deliver you everything you need 24/7 and that's when the lightbulb shot. >> if you're wondering butter
4:55 pm
name go puff. >> we launched with hookah products and munchies and snacks and things of that nature but we pivoted and didn't change the name because it was a name that sparked interest. >> two years later their spring garden wear louse is packed. >> we have pots and pans and spatulas. >> iphone charger on demand. do you know how many times i've needed this. their number one seller. >> we are probably the top seller of ice cream in philadelphia. >> what? >> close to 35 to 40 pints a week. >> the most popular items that their fleet of independent drivers can grab and deliver to your door in about 20 minutes. >> how many orders do you do in a day. >> 1500 a day in philadelphia and the weekend we could get up to 3,000 orders a day. >> wow. >> they have about 40 employees and they've now expanded to six cities with more coming and they they've even launched go beer. they'll bring you bruce 12 packs or more. >> everyone wants something and they want it right now. >> absolutely, absolutely. i mean -- >> they just call you guys.
4:56 pm
>> yeah. >> and they do take requests. right now they say the third most requested item, diapers. the one thing they do not sell despite the name cigarettes or cigars. and they're about to launch in seattle next month. that will make seven cities for them. born right here in drexel how do you like that. >> i think they have their target audiences down, too, mothers, college students, diapers. >> stay at home moms love them. >> good deal alicia. thanks. finally at 4:00 some athletes in wisconsin have made up a new way to beat cabin fever. teams are playing snow mobile softball. they have specific rules to make sure everyone stays safe. field verse to keep their snow mobiles turned off at all times and runners can't turn their engines on until the batter has hit the ball. look at this. take off. as you can imagine things get pretty competitive sending snow and slush flying everywhere. >> that looks like so much fun. >> it looks not bad at all for
4:57 pm
a snowy afternoon. >> that will do it for "action news at 4:00 for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me along with sharrie adam ducis rodgers. my voice might turn up again tonight for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> now here are rick williams and monica malpass way look at what's coming up at 5 o'clock. hi, guys. >> hi there. coming up next at 5:00 camille cosby deposed. the question bill cosby's wife had to answer today under oath after a major legal fight from her attorneys. new at 5:00 a push for support for new jersey corrections officers. the extra compensation that a local lawmaker is now calling for. >> also remembering a journalism pioneer. how friends family and colleagues remember the life and helping gas o legacy of acee today. those stories and more next on "action news" at 5:00.
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5:00 pm
was forced to answer questions related to a defamation lawsuit her husband is facing. it is monday night. the story on "action news" is camille cosby's deposition. >> the hearing is still under way in massachusetts at this hour. sarah bloomquist live in our sat center with all details. sarah. >> this was exactly what camille cosby did not want to do but her attorneys failed to stop this deposition which as you said our understanding is it's continuing at this hour going on about six hours now today in a hotel room under heavy security she answered questions posed by an attorney for seven of bill cosby's alleged victims. this morning attorneys for camille cosby arrived at the springfield, massachusetts, hotel where she was set to be deposed in a defamation lawsuit filed against her husband. throughout the day she answered questions inside a heavily secured conference room. over the weekend, her attorneys filed this emergency motion seeking to postpone the deposition. they argued


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