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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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was forced to answer questions related to a defamation lawsuit her husband is facing. it is monday night. the story on "action news" is camille cosby's deposition. >> the hearing is still under way in massachusetts at this hour. sarah bloomquist live in our sat center with all details. sarah. >> this was exactly what camille cosby did not want to do but her attorneys failed to stop this deposition which as you said our understanding is it's continuing at this hour going on about six hours now today in a hotel room under heavy security she answered questions posed by an attorney for seven of bill cosby's alleged victims. this morning attorneys for camille cosby arrived at the springfield, massachusetts, hotel where she was set to be deposed in a defamation lawsuit filed against her husband. throughout the day she answered questions inside a heavily secured conference room. over the weekend, her attorneys filed this emergency motion seeking to postpone the deposition. they argued that her conversations with her husband
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are confidential and added a 71-year-old woman who has had no involvement with the facts or allegations underlying this case will be forced to testify at a public and unsecured venue creating an unnecessary media circus and personal security threat that serves no purpose other than to harass and embarrass her. but the attorney for seven of cosby's alleged victims argued that mrs. cosby would have relevant information because she's not just his wife but also served as his business manager for years. more than 50 women have come forward claiming cosby sexually assaulted drugged or raped them. in december bill cosby was charged in montgomery county with drugging and sexually assaulting a former temple university employee at his elkins park home in 2004. cosby's denied all the allegations consistently and through it all his wife has stood right by his side. now, depositions in civil cases such as this are typically done in private and
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sealed from public view but there are circumstances when that testimony can become public. we're going to continue to monitor the developments in massachusetts. again, the deposition continues at this hour. we'll have an update coming up on "action news" at 6 o'clock. in the sat center, i'm sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you. from our new jersey news room friends loved ones and colleagues are mourning the loss of cara mccollum. a former miss new jersey she died this morning one week after her car veered off the road in pittsgrove township. >> you can can't make sense of it. you can only focus on the joy there she brought to people and she was taken from us way too soon. >> mccollum was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash. she was 24 years old. her family says she decided to donate her organs shortly before she died. >> atlantic city's mayor had harsh words today for the plan that would have the city's finances taken over by the state. don guardian has pledged his
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cooperation for weeks now but today he called the plan "a fascist dictatorship. ." he's lining up other local lawmakers to get another plan in place. walter perez will have the details coming up on "action news at 6:00. >> a delaware county man has been convicted of raping a 12-year-old girl that he was hired to babysit. a jury found 39-year-old patrick fries of prospect park guilty on friday. fries assaulted the victim at his home on january 10th. the assault was reported to police by the child's grandmother. new jersey state corrections officers are asking for more support when they get hurt on the job. representatives with the state policeman's benevolent association and new jersey assemblymen dan benson spoke in trenton today about a new bill they want passed. it would establish a compensation program for certain law enforcement officers injured while performing official duties. andrea berry has been on the job 13 years and is still recovering from a recent
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attack. >> after this incident i definitely. fearful and more so because the entire time you a getting beat i thought of my two small children. >> the proposed bill asks to have the officers continue to receive their salary while waiting for workman's compensation payments also to have their employer continue to make up the difference in benefits. >> all right at the big board now with the final farewell for a pioneer in journalism in philadelphia. today friends family and former colleagues paid their respects to acel moore. he died early this month at his home in wyncote. hundreds packed the grace baptist church in philadelphia's germantown section today to say their final goodbyes to moore. he got his start in journalism at the philadelphia inquirer as a copy boy. he worked his way up to associate editor blazing a trail for mino minorities in
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journalism. those who remember him speak of him as a caring and inspiring person. >> he was always a true professional in everything he d he fought hard. he did his homework. he tried to work hard for his people and all people. >> he inspired us to not be beat down by either what may be perceived as the status quo or the images that we see ton reach for our greater potential. >> moore is well known as a founding member of the national association of black journalists but before his journalism career, he served in the army as a medic and today the department of veterans affairs honored moore as their veteran of the day. he was 75 years old. monica. >> all right, rick, well, turning to accuweather now, the changes that are on the way for our area. the action cam found folks out and about enjoying today's warmer weather here in camden county. playgrounds were the place to be at cooper river park as well in pennsauken. but we do have some wet weather ahead. meteorologist cecily tynan outside with the first look at the forecast. hi, cecily.
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>> hi, monica. what a shame because the past three days have really been beautiful. in fact a taste of spring. temperatures over the weekend up into the low 60's saturday, yesterday 61. today slightly cooler 53 degrees but still that's 7 degrees above normal and with all the sunshine it felt really good in the sun. currently 52 degrees in philadelphia. allentown and trenton 50. wilmington 49. notice along the shore a sea breeze has knocked temperatures down into the low to mid 40's and storm tracker6 live double scan showing the stalled front to our south, low pressure along that and that's the first of two low pressures that will bring us some wet weather for the next two days. so, the weather menu, the appetizer is tomorrow. this is a light event, mainly light rain but don't be surprised if you live far northwest suburbs the lehigh valley, the poconos you see a little bit of wet snow at the onset of the morning. rainfall, we're looking at about a quarter to a half inch but the main course arrives wednesday afternoon and
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wednesday night and this will bring heavy rain, perhaps coastal flooding. i'll talk more about that when i come inside for the full accuweather forecast. >> i lost my appetite. >> you're hungry. >> not after that. >> i'll have a smoothie, thank you very much. there's a battle brewing over planned development in chester county. the former site a family business that was a plane stay on the main line could soon become a new residential and retail center. >> for decades waterloo gardens sold plants and perennials off lancaster avenue in devon. that could change though if a developer has its way and some residents are fighting the plan. >> that's right. "action news" reporter john rawlins is in devon tonight with more on this zoning showdown. john. >> reporter: hi, guys. unlike, say, wayne or berwyn, devon never really developed a discernible downtown. plenty of development along route 30 but for the most part it was sprawling. then you can move back from route 30, you would find these lovely green neighborhoods with single family homes.
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but now this new proposal. it has been dubbed devon yard. >> the concept here is to turn this into a devon main street. it's not anything welcoming. it's not welcoming anyone to a town and it's certainly not a town center. >> reporter: this is the property about 6 acres of what was waterloo gardens next to busy route 30 the devon train station the devon horse show grounds. the developer provided this computer graphic. on the west side proposed new retail dominated by an anthropology store built around a barn-like structure. behind it an open courtyard more shops and two mark vet reeateries. to the east the controversial element a five story 60-foot high building with 135 upscale apartments. >> luxury apartment building with first floor retail underneath and parking, secured parking below that. >> reporter: but a group saying it represents 98 neighbors says it doesn't want a building that large in this main line neighborhood. >> completely out of character
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with the devon community. >> reporter: to drive home that point the group produced this video predicting a hike in traffic congestion. >> proposed unprecedented density it would forever change the fabric of this place inch the developer counters pointing to the similar sized department building built in berwyn decades ago that caused no harm. he argues what's proposed will be a plus even foreclose neighbors. it won't be just another gas station or car dealership. >> i'd ask people to have an open mind in the sense that this is a far better alternative to other things that are permitted in this zone and zoning code. >> reporter: you're looking at a live portion of the eastern picture of the property. this is where the five story apartment building would be slated to go up. this is where the opposition is, the most controversial element to the opposition to build it some 60 feet up. they're going to have to have a real big change in the zoning here for this particular property: that will be up to the east town supervisors to have to have a
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role in that. they have scheduled one more hearing into this. it's not scheduled an actual date but you can bet that both sides, all sides will be there when it happens. probably sometime in march. live in devon, john rawlins channel6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you john. >> thank you john. >> time to get a check of the "action news" traffic report monday night. >> let's go matt pelman in the traffic center. how was your weekend. >> great. >> great. >> from the zoning showdown to the zone of slowdown on the schuylkill expressway there's plenty of it here in the eastbound lanes from the roosevelt boulevard through this point approaching girard avenue. little bit avenue fender-bender still left on the shoulder so that's been attracting attention. if you're coming eastbound into the carrie underwood concert tonight expect that wall of traffic on the schuylkill starting at the roosevelt boulevard. in kennett township we still have this crash that is shutting kaolin road. 309 northbound towards english
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village a crash by lower state road also attracting attention. getting set for an opening at the burlington bristol bridge in about 20 to 25 minutes. head for the turnpike connector bridge. still without the ramp from 95 southbound to 29 in ewing township because of a vehicle fire. use the ramp at bear tavern road instead. we'll check it again rick and monica in the next half hour. >> thanks matt. much more still ahead tonight that. includes app continuing investigation into a suspicious fire in delaware county. what officials say they're waiting for before they determine a cause. >> but first a big change for starbucks customers. what the company is doing to its popular rewards program that could have you spending more to earn a free cup of coffee when "action news" comes right back.
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>> turning to health check a vaccination campaign for young americans is being hailed as a success but the results could be even better. >> health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman with a report card on the hpv vaccine. >> it has been 10 years since the vaccine was introduced to prevent hpv that's a sexually transmitted virus there can cause cervical and head and neck cancers. infections among teen girls have dropped by nearly two-thirds.
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infections are also down sharply among young women in their 20's. the vaccine was first recommended for teenaged girls but it is now recommended for boys as well. doctors say it is a great success considering that only 42 percent of teenaged girls have gotten the full three dose series. they say the decline will be even greater if more teens were fully vaccinated but some parents are reluctant to have their kids get the shots thing that it will send the message it is okay to start having sex. also today concerns about the zika virus are growing in columbia. brazil is the epicenter of this outbreak. health officials warn columbia may be the next country to face a massive outbreak. more than 25,000 people there have already been infected. experts say that number could grow to up to 600,000 by june. the main concern is for pregnant women and determining if zika virus is the cause of a serious birth defect. and changing gears here. it is a common question.
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how often should you weigh yourself? well, according to researchers at cornell university, people who weighed themselves every day lost twice as much as those who weighed themselves less often. other experts say dale weigh ins aren't a fair judge because average adult's weight can can fluctuate by up to five or 6 pounds a day depending on the time fluid retention and other factors and they say the scale doesn't necessarily tell the whole story on your fitness. >> the scale unfortunately is a bad barometer of behavior change. you can do absolutely everything right and then you get on the scale and you're up 2 pounds. >> dr. less lie heim berg says weighing yourself once or twice a week is fine. you can also use other tools such as measuring your waistline or just noticing how your clothes are fitting. >> uh-huh. >> rick and monica, back to you. >> i stay away from my scale.
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not my friend. >> they don't speak anymore. >> no, thank you monica. good ad lib. coming up at 11:00 the cost of healthcare is becoming an ever bigger burden on consumers and understanding what you're paying for can be tough. >> "action news" troubleshooter nydia han is helping you out as well as helping your wallet and here is a preview. >> reporter: the troubleshooters have found a freeway to cut the confusion of medical bills and save you money. all by cracking the code of healthcare pricing. >> i think it's very important that consumers use a tool like this to check. >> reporter: this viewer contacted us after getting socked with a medical bill she says was sky high. >> i was very angry. i was not expecting a bill of that size. no one told me what the fees were. >> reporter: how much should you be paying for your treatment or procedure? the "action news" troubleshooters have a freeway to help you find out. cracking medical codes tonight on channel6 "action news" at 11:00.
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>> stocks rallied on wall street today as the price of crude oil surged yet again. oil soared 6 percent during trading. the dow jones jumped 228 points by the ends of the day. the nasdaq gaining 66 points and change. and the s & p 500 closed up about 27 points by the closing
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bell. starbucks making a major change to its rewards program. right now earning stars at the coffee chain is based on the number of transactions at the cash register. 12 stars gets you a free item. but starting in april stars will be earned based on dollars spent. one dollar equals two stars and 125 stars earns you a freebie. the company says the change is the number one request among frequent customers and predicts the shift to lead to a more higher spending. >> samsung is bringing virtual reality to smartphones. the galaxy s7 will have a camera that let's users take 360-degree pictures and videos. now a virtual reality headset will give a glimpse at the finished product. the galaxy s7 and s7 edge go on sale in the next few days. young students are celebrating the chinese new year in the city's crescentville section. >> ♪ today the students at the
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universal creighton charter school were entertained by a dragon dance and musical performances highlighting the chinese new year. some of the students also wore clothing made by chinese designers. >> that's pretty cool. still to come on "action news" at 5:00 at check that of forecast for you. >> let's take it live outside sky6 hd showing you the ben franklin bridge an bit avenue cloud cover up above. accuweather coming up next. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that.
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>> time for a check of accuweather at the "action news" big board. >> meteorologist cecily tynan has the forecast as we start the work week. nice day today, cecily. >> it certainly was richard. it was a beautiful day today. that's his real name. we are live on sky6 taking a look over reading, the pagoda and you can see that bright sunshine three days of bright sunshine, temperatures feeling a little bit like spring. don't get used to it. things are changing as of tomorrow. right now, though, still very comfortable. 52 degrees our high so far today 53 which is 7 degrees above normal but cooler than over the weekend with temperatures in the 60's. allentown 50, sea breeze at the jersey shore, atlantic city 343 and wilmington currently 49 degrees. so, tonight a pretty quite knight patchy fog seasonable, 35 in philadelphia, 29 in allentown, 35 in wilmington and 38 in cape may. now satellite6 along with action radar showing we are beginning to see some high
5:26 pm
thin clouds drifting up from the south. good amount of sunshine here, though, but as we zoom down to the south, this is what we're looking at. there's a stalled frontal boundary. there's a wave of low pressure developing along it. this is the first of two low pressures and this is the weak one but this is what will be moving through tomorrow so put the sunglasses away and grab the umbrella. future tracker showing around 7 o'clock tomorrow morning this is when we see some light showers developing. mainly the southern part of our viewing area but it moves up to the north during the morning and then late in the morning don't be surprised if the lehigh valley northern berks county the poconos you do see a little bit of wet snow but then this is really a rain event. by 5 o'clock a lot of steadier rain beginning to break out. so, this is what to expect tomorrow. the rain arriving from the south between 11 -- 7 o'clock and 11 o'clock in the morning. again, brief wet snow for the far northwest suburbs, could be a grassy coating really north of i-78, nothing more than that and then it all tapers off to drizzle between 4 o'clock and 7 o'clock in the
5:27 pm
morning butter this is the first of two low pressures. the second one arrives on wednesday and this will be the heavy hitter. so the five day forecast showing tomorrow 42 degrees, light rain, wednesday afternoon, wednesday evening some heavy rain perhaps even a gusty thunderstorm. it will be warmer with that low pressure cutting to our west a high of 56 degrees. thursday a transition day. we begin dry out, a lingering shower, it will be mild, 57 degrees. friday finally the sunshine is back, it's windy and it's cooler way high of 42 and saturday not as warm as this past saturday but looking pretty nice. lots of sunshine with a high of 43 and we'll have more details on the wednesday event coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. back to you rick and monica. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> much more "action news" when we come right back. >> okay.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> hello again. here's what's happening on "action news" tonight a delaware county couple gets caught in their burning home and one does not make it out alive. big news on the political front as republican marco rubio picks up two big endorsements and little hill takes her momentum to the
5:30 pm
southern states. and phillies spring training in full swing as all players report to clearwater. we are live with more. >> and now the details. "action news" viewer took this video of a home consumed by flames in delaware county. once the fire was out, firefighters found a woman's body among the ruins. at this point the delaware county fire marshal is waiting to announce what else he found at the scene. this all happened late yesterday afternoon along the 2300 block of blue ball avenue in boothwyn. authorities say brenda mccabe died. "action news" reporter vernon odom is live outside the home with the latest on the investigation tonight. vernon. >> reporter: rick, at this hour the county medical examiner has launched his autopsy investigation into what caused the death of 49-year-old brenda mccabe who perished yesterday in a house fire at her boothwyn home. the fire marshal says that autopsy is critical to his investigation of the cause. a long time friend and
5:31 pm
neighbor shot video of this horrifying fire on blue bell avenue late yesterday afternoon. one resident perished in the fire. long time residents brenda mccabe a mother four with five grandchildren. she was home alone when the fire broke out. her family had just left. >> i saw her playing in the backyard with their grandson and next thing i know when i looked over there, the whole house was engulfed in flames and she couldn't get out the house. >> reporter: mccabe's husband john returned and tried to get through the inferno to save his wife. he was severely injured in his futile effort. he remains hospitalized in critical but stable condition his family at his side. they're asking for complete privacy. the fire marshal is holding off on a ruling on the cause of this fire until he gets a complete autopsy report on brenda mccabe whose body was found on the second floor. >> it all went up so fast. it's like from the moment it started within seconds the entire side of the house was engulfed in flames. >> reporter: again, rick,
5:32 pm
that critical autopsy under way by the delaware county medical examiner at this hour. live in boothwyn, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news." >> all right, vernon, thank you. philadelphia police want you to take a close look at the pickup truck in this video. investigators say it's connected to three suspects wanted for a brutal beating in port richmond on friday. a woman and two men allegedly rode in this truck before storming into a home on cambria street and beating the man inside way bat. the suspects then allegedly stole a game console and cash. authorities say the truck has the word dry wall written on the tailgate. if you see the vehicle, you're asked to call 911. investigators released surveillance video of the three suspects wanted for shooting a cab driver in point breeze earlier this month. they say the two men and a woman in the video flagged down a cabbie back on the sixth. once they got to 28th and tasker one of the men pulled a gun and demand money. the driver was shot in the arm but kept driving and then eventually crashed. the trio ran away without
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getting anything. from our delaware news room tonight state police have this man in custody for allegedly stealing a car with a one-year-old boy inside it. 30-year-old frederick nap jack inajdek.authorities found the sn vehicle several minutes later parked nearby. the toddler still in the back seat unharmed. he was arrested and faces kidnapping and theft charges tonight. >> ♪ >> now to the race for the white house. it is time for that checkup and it was a big weekend for republican donald trump and democrat hillary clinton who both racked up wins but they along with the remaining presidential candidates are already looking ahead to several big contests this week into the weekend. meantime marco rubio has gained two big endorsements. one is from former minnesota governor tim pawlenty. abc news learned former kansas senator bob dole will also endorse rubio. both pawlenty and dole say
5:34 pm
rubio has what it takes to unite the party and former pennsylvania governor tom ridge has thrown his support behind republican john kasich. ridge had endorsed jeb bush but bush as you know quit the race after his disappointing showing in south carolina. the nevada republican caucuses are tomorrow and it is still anybody's game. meanwhile hillary clinton's win in nevada has silenced naysayers who questioned her candidacy and as the campaign takes her and bernie sanders to the southern states. abc's bazi kanani live in washington for us tonight with the very latest. hi, bazi. >> reporter: good evening, monica. the republican race is now down to just five candidates. most of them now hoping for jeb bush's endorsement and even donald trump believes he'll get a good share of bush's supporters. the party frontrunner celebrating their weekend victory. >> the fight goes on. the future that we want is there within our grasp. >> reporter: we won with
5:35 pm
grasp. >> we won with everything. tall people, short people, father people. >> reporter: while the runners up work to camp up after marco rubio just barely edged out ted cruz for second place in south carolina both men are vying to be viewed as the alternative to donald trump. >> instead of coalescing around the frontrunner the establishment is trying to coalesce against the frontrunner um rubio lashing out at the cruz camp. >> every single day something comes out of the cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue. >> reporter: cruz's campaign has apologized and cruz is now asking his communications director who sent that retweet to resign. >> we are not a campaign that is going to question the faith of another candidate. >> reporter: donald trump refusing to apologize for his retweet that suggests rubio is not eligible to be president because both of his parents were cuban. >> because i'm not sure. let people make their own determination. >> reporter: on the democratic side bernie sanders on the trail in south carolina
5:36 pm
with actor danny glover trying to strip away at hillary clinton's steep advantage with african-american voters. >> thinking outside of the box. don't accept the status quo. >> reporter: and the latest polls show both front runners clinton and trump heading into their next contest in south carolina and nevada with double digit leads. in washington, bazi kanani, channel6 "action news": monica. >> thank you bazi. it was an emotional return to work today for justices on the u.s. supreme court. they were in session for the first time since their colleague, antonin scalia died last week. with a black crepe draping scalia's seat chief justice john roberts said "we shall miss him beyond measure." roberts remembered his irrepressible spirit on the high court. president obama is considering nominees to fill that vacancy.
5:37 pm
more on that as well as the 2016 race for the white house and you can watch all of that following "action news" at 6:00. rick. >> monica thank you. embattled federal facility for immigrant families seeking asylum will remain opened in berks county despite of the fact that the state has not renewed its license which expired yesterday. the facility was licensed as a child residential center not as a federal immigration facility. activists are calling on state authorities to shut the send down immediately. alleged families detained are sunday subject to medical neglect and abuse. from our new jersey news room tonight the coast guard is investigating why a tugboat and a barge ran aground this weekend. happened near the absecon inlet. the tug lost power north of the inlet. the barge ran aground on the side. everyone is okay. the coast guard has no reports of pollution from the incidents. tax season unfortunately is open season for scammers. pennsylvania congressman pat
5:38 pm
meehan says his office has received 300 scam complaints in just the past month. he says con artists are altering phones and letters to make it appear as if they're from the irs. remember the irs will never call you to ask for money and they will not ask for payment to be sent in a certain way like credit or overnight payments. a taxpayer bill of rights is available online to protect you so take a look at them. >> absolutely. time for a check of traffic right now. let's see what's going on out there. >> hopefully not too taxing ohio ways and by ways on a monday night. >> we want to warn you about some delays on the schuylkill expressway. what day aren't they there? there always are delays on the schuylkill expressway. this afternoon rick and monica eastbound especially heavy from that montgomery drive through this point approaching girard as you head into that carrie underwood concert this evening. still have the remnants of a crash here on the shoulder eastbound approaching girard but it's just the one vehicle attracting a little attention though as you travel towards center city. we also still have the crash in kennett township shutting
5:39 pm
down kaolin road. there's a new crash in mercer county southbound sized 95 past 31. it's off to the side and our vehicle fire that was blocking the ramp from the southbound lanes to 29 has cleared so that ramp has reopened. however in florence township burlington county the ramp from 130 to the turnpike connector still partially blocked because of an overturned tractor-trailer but no big problems on this chunk of 295 or on the new jersey turnpike and we've had a few mass transit issues this afternoon. everything is running fine now. don't forget the septa subways and buses have new schedules that went into effect yesterday. rick and monica, back over to you. >> all right matt. >> all right matt. >> thank you again. >> still ahead a popular flooring retailer is now under the mike s microscope. what fine assists say they found during some tests. >> video that will surely make you surprise. a 106-year-old woman meets president and mrs. obama face to face. what shred to say to the first couple at the white house. adam.
5:40 pm
>> it's been a warm three days of 60's, 50's today but clouds are building to the south and double scan live radar showing rain inching our way. we have a wet period ahead on and off for the next three days. details in accuweather. >> all right adam. the remaining phillies report to spring training. jaime apody will have the details in sports including a live report from jeff skversky in clearwater when "action news" continues in just a moment.
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>> centers for disease control and prevention says some floors made by lumber liquidators had more formaldehye than first thought and people exposed to certain types of laminate flooring are three times as likely to get cancer as previously determined. the cdc revised its findings saying the original report used an incorrect value for calculating health risks. the agencies believes the risk of cancer is much higher. >> time for sports now. and spring training phillies all the gang is here. everyone is in place. >> are they? >> i don't know. i made it up. >> okay. >> that's my question. rick says the gang is all here. the question is are they? report day down in clearwater and somebody is missing. it is not jeff skversky.
5:44 pm
jeff is live at spring training. jeff before we file a missing persons report where is the phillies third baseman? >> reporter: well, jamie mig kell franco is on his way. we'll get to that in a minute. that's a big topic of conversation today along with the big piece, ryan howard who reported for duty and phillies manager pete mackanin as honest as possible when it can comes to ryan howard saying if he hits he'll play, if not he won't especially against lefties. ryan howard getting a head start on spring training down here as he reports to duty today. take something cuts in the cage for what could be his final spring training with the phillies in clearwater. howard going into the final year of his deal, the phillies could walk away from his contract. howard will field questions tomorrow. larry bowa believes howard and franco can combine for 60 homers. speaking of franco with the first full squad workout tomorrow typically everyone is in camp by this time. franco is still not here. he's expected tomorrow morning
5:45 pm
to take his physical and take the field for the first time in the nick of time. manager pete mackanin says he's not late and he's not upset with the franco, either. >> i'll be disappointed if during the season he doesn't hustle or if during the season he does something that -- he doesn't show a good work ethic. he's got a great work ethic. he come out early every day to take extra ground balls i think like around 3 o'clock at home. he's willing to work and he's got a strong work ethic and as long as he plays hard hustles and continues to prepare for games properly, i have no issues with him. >> reporter: and one final note. former philly jimmy rollins signs a minor league deal with the chicago white socks. live in clearwater jeff skversky channel6 "action news." >> thank you jeff. off season of change for the eagles changing the coaching staff and apparently plenty of spare change to go around. birds fifth new contract today to a guy who proved last year he's worth keeping around.
5:46 pm
not sam bradford malcolm jenkins a five year deal. he had a year remaining on his contract but he'll be here until 2020. eagles safety had 109 tackles two interceptions more valid as a respected voice in the locker room. >> to be in a situation where the -- you have a year -- another year on your deal and the team still wants to extend that and they see your value they want you in the building and they want to build around you, that speaks volumes and that's very, very important to a player like me. >> in the fight for a playoff spot the flyers need points and they also need their captain and leading scorer. unfortunately "action news" has learned claude giroux did not make the trip with the team to caroline alternate. giroux will not play in tomorrow's game against the hurricanes. he was hit in the head on friday night in montreal did not play against the maple leafs the next day. flyers did manage to beat toronto some inn despit in spit.
5:47 pm
>> we'd like to have him. circumstances the way they are, we just got to go about it the way we want to go out and take care of business. >> they might get sean couturier back. he practiced today. >> thank you jamie. well, ben the bachelor will try to impress the parents on tonight's all new bachelor. the two hour episode kicks off prime time on 6abc tonight. then at 10 o'clock it's an all new episode of castle. >> ♪ >> what am i in kindergarten again? >> ♪ >> so, where is mrs. finch? >> castle not in kansas anymore. turns out he's been kidnapped and he and the other captives must work together to stay alive. but beckett is hot on the killer's trail. that's tonight on castle. so settle in for a packed prime time lineup here on 6abc. starts at 8 o'clock with two full hours of the bachelor. at 10:00 castle followed by "action news" at 11:00.
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>> how about this a truly priceless reaction, a 106-year-old woman dancing for joy after she had her wish granted. she got to meet president barack obama and the first lady michelle. video of virginia's m
5:51 pm
mclauren's excitement has become a hit on the internet. for her the white house invitation was a long time in the making. back in 2014 she started a campaign on social media saying she never thought she'd live to see a black president. >> so flies to see you. >> she turns 107 next month. she says the secret to longevity is keep moving dancing in particular and you can watch the entire video on our 6abc facebook page. how sweet is she? >> president first lady look like they're enjoying it too. >> absolutely. >> meteorologist adam joseph is here. it was a nice weekend, a nice monday but downhill from here. >> yeah. i'll be dancing in the rain outside. starting tomorrow and on and off right through thursday morning unfortunately so get the umbrellas ready. double scan live radar showing we're in the clear at this point. no precipitation whatsoever.
5:52 pm
it was a beautiful start to the week. a lot of sunshine on this monday with temperatures hitting 53 degrees this afternoon in philadelphia for a high temperature and we're not far off from that right now. we're sitting at 52. still 50 in trenton, allentown upper 40's for reading and wilmington. we were 60 on saturday, 61 on sunday so we've had this springlike fling continuing from the weekend into the beginning of the week and this warm air will set us unfor mainly rain this particular week as this system down to the south continues to slowly progress up from the gulf of mexico into the carolinas. the tennessee valley. low pressure the very first one will slide to our south and that will bring some light rain during the day tomorrow and then a more robust system will push over the ohio valley, send even warmer air our way and even the chance for a gusty thunderstorm. tonight patchy clouds and staying seasonable, 29 in the suburbs, 35 degrees for center city with a very light northeasterly wind. future tracker first thing
5:53 pm
tomorrow morning especially south of philadelphia we will see that light rain breaking out during the morning rush hour. it could begin as a little wet snow far to the north and west especially pennsylvania turnpike, i-78 to the north. this is 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. while the rest of us see that steady rainfall around. then it begins to break up here. during the evening rush tomorrow as the heaviest pulls out to our north and east, and there we catch a break here tuesday night early on wednesday morning. then wednesday afternoon that's when the seconds system arrives. so, it's not going to rain for the entire 48 to 72 hours. it will be broken up but by 5 o'clock on wednesday afternoon, that's when we see the steady rain starting to push back in from the south. it turns steady and heavy especially wednesday late evening and overnight. this is at 8 o'clock when we could see some gusty thunderstorms. even winds with these thunderstorms could reach as high as 60 miles an hour. and that continues 1 o'clock on thursday morning with that
5:54 pm
heavy rain pulling in and then it all moves out here as we get into the latter part of thursday morning. but for the next two days, rainfall totals a good inch across the entire viewing area, if not above that and we could be close to 2-inches in those far northwestern suburbs, but on though we're getting one to 2 inches for the next two days, there is no flooding concerns on any of our waterways so that's some good news. as we look at the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, it is a chilly light rain. again up in the lehigh valley could begin as a little wet snow accumulating on some of the grassy surfaces but would melt on the pavement and then heavy afternoon, evening and overnight rain on wednesday. that's when the most intense part of the storm passes through at 56. stays very warm and breezy on thursday with a couple of showers around, 57 degrees. and then the drier winds come in and it cools down friday at 42. a lot of sun saturday, beautiful sunday, much milder at 52 and as we end the month of february on monday, a lot of clouds a week from now and temperatures in the mid-50's.
5:55 pm
>> all right. >> perfect. >> and of course with the rain on the way always check well, this week a new art exhibit will go on display at the philadelphia museum of art. the action cam got a preview of international pop. the exhibit show cases the global emergence of pop art from the 1950's to the early 1970's. artwork from andy warhol and other artists will be on display. the exhibit opens to the public on wednesday. listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy.
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>> ♪ >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by with these stories and more next at 6:00. ahead colleagues remember the life of cara mccollum. strong words by atlantic city's mayor don guardian as he fights back against plans by the state to take over the >> students in montgomery county go on an expedition by view today. now for the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams. have a nice evening.
5:58 pm
>> good night. >> good night. >> ♪
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> monday night new jersey lawmakers consider raising the smoking age and attorneys depose camille cosby in a defamation case against her husband. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the tragic end for a former miss new jersey. 24-year-old cara mccollum of margate died this morning one week after a one-car crash that left her gravely injured. mccollum was the winner of
6:00 pm
the new jersey pageant in 2013. she was a graduate of princeton. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live in our new jersey news room and nora, you've got more. >> reporter: jim, the former miss new jersey started a job as an anchor at a small tv station in south jersey just a few months ago. her colleagues there are devastated by her death. they say she was a funny talented person way big future cut short by this terrible accident. >> just warm, kind and also so funny. >> reporter: sports director mike frankel is remembering the young woman who sat in the chair next to him on the news desk of snj today in millville. >> his supporters were outside sharing their message. >> reporter: 24-year-old cara mccollum of margate a former miss new jersey and the small starterup station's main anchor died this morning from injuries sustained in a one vehicle crash along route 55 in pittsgrove township on february 15th. >> she hadn't been a news anchor for that long but she already sort of found her stride in terms of a way to


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