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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news police are investigating a deadly hit and run in lehigh
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county. and love is on the move the project that had people doing a double take today in center city. but the big story on "action news" is a stretch of wet and dreary weather across the area. a live look at the penn's landing. many rain is falling now and accuweather says there is more on the way for tomorrow. david murphy is tracking the latest. >> reporter: stormtracker 6 live double scan on the morning broadcast had the rain coming past philadelphia as soon as 8:00 and now it has been raining throughout the morning and we have a little bit of that mixed precipitation around the lehigh valley and back through the poconos and you may run into a slushy buildup on grassy surfaces. the problems in the poconos and parts of northampton county comes as the temperatures drop and might be some freezing rain
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mixing in. it looks like the tail end may be ready to pull away from baltimore and as we go through the afternoon we could start to see the rain that is not all that heavy any way and we'll start to see some breaks in this and still damp in the afternoon and evening. future tracker 6 showing us that between now and up to 3:00 there is a chance of additional rain or see some holes in the mode elout here from in reading. and by 6:00, 6:30, we are down to just lingering sprinkles and showers and what is the story for the rest of evening. there is a winter weather advisory that kicks in at 1:00 and goes from now until 9:00 wednesday morning this, is from northampton county through the poconos, a chance of wet snow on grassy surfaces and then a chance of sleet and freezing rain, if you have plans of
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traveling up, the farther north you go, the more careful you have to be. temperatures in the 30s and in some cases the 40s. bundle up as you head outside, and hopefully you won't need the rain gear. it may get better in some neighborhoods. we have some rain coming in and the bulk of that tomorrow night. >> keep the umbrellas handy. as the rain moves into the region, keep stormtracker 6 live double scan open on all of your devices, rely on storm tracker 6 radar and get updates from the weather team on facebook and twitter and other social media platforms. we are following breaking news an update on a nightclub assault involving former eagle, lesean mccoy. he will be meeting with the philadelphia district attorney this afternoon. sources tell "action news" that mccoy was involved in an assault that injured two off-duty police
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officers at the recession club eshlier this month. so far no charges are filed. we'll bring you the latest here on air and at they believe this serial burglar has struck five businesses in burlington county. katherine scott is live in drexel hill with the details. >> reporter: there are several clips of surveillance video to work from and they have received some tips on who this man may be. police have connected him to five recent burglaries in burlington county. this video shows a suspect a rock in his hand, throwing it at the front window of steve reno's pizzeria, several times he throws it and kicks through the glass and walk as way when the car passes.
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the hole is big enough and he climbs through and eventually leaves, they have connected this money to recent burglaries where he throws a rock and then gets inside and hits the registers. >> our goal so get him in custody. >> they believe the man is after cash to buy drugs. they say he hit dragon two in drexel hill early friday morning and monday at 1:00 a.m., he struck again at three nearby stores. anthony's take out. the pizza bakery and the dollar general. >> a rock hit the door and smashed the window and he came in. >> the owner says they lost more than 1$100 from the register an they already replaced the door. over at the perfect circle they lost several hundred dollars and
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like the dollar spot their damage doesn't reach the deductible so it comes out of pocket. >> you come in day in and day out and pay the bills and people come in and try to take the easy way. >> there was blood left on one of registers that police submitted for dna analysis for a closer look at the surveillance pictures visit >> katherine thank you. police are looking for the man behind a disturbing attack at the valley farm market in bethlehem, that the man assaulted her with bodily fluids when she was shopping. he followed her out of the door and managed to take these pictures. he was wearing dark jeans a dark coat and a baseball hat. authorities in atlantic city are investigating an overnight shooting that sent a person to the hospital. this is the scene at north ohio
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avenue. according to police the unidentified victim was shot multiple times and rushed to the nearby hospital. no word on his or her condition, police continue to search for the gunman and motive here in a.c. people are expected to gather for a rally outside of the apple store in center city this evening. demonstrations are planned to support apple's decision not to allow the fbi to hack into an iphone. the fbi says they need to access the phone but apple is worry btd larger impact it could have on privacy. now the latest on the campaign trail. the presidential candidates are rallying voter as head of the gop caucuses in nevada. donald trump is in the lead and bernie sanders and hillary clinton will make separate appearances in a televised town hall in south carolina.
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we'll get a live report from abc news coming up at 12:30. love is on the move in philadelphia, today crews uprooted the famous sculpture and transport tropical disturbance across the street. annie mccormick has more now from center city. >> reporter: philadelphia is spreading the love literally across 15th street from one park to the other. and everyone is doing a double take. >> that is the first thing i noticed that the love statue. >> where is the love going? >> it was put on loan for the bicentennial. later this was bought and donated. so iconic it became known as love park and now time for the renovations, the sculpture will call dillworth park home for the
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year as they renovate. they move tropical disturbance across the street. >> the white pieces of foam protects the paint and when we walk it across the street, it allow its to move on a cushion of air, we handle it slowly and carefully. >> george young's business has moved hundreds of pieces of art and artifacts in the city including the liberty bell. he like so many philadelphians have a connection to this piece. >> this is a special one for me, i met my wife 10 years ago and after we met i proposed to her in front of the love statue on valentine's day. >> more to come on "action news" at noon, a powerful house explosion rocked a suburb of seattle. we are following into the investigation on what ripped the home to pieces. and president obama has laid out his plan to shut down the prison at guantanamo bay.
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firefighters were able to bring a construction site under control but not after the
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collapse. the fire spread the top half of the crane crash to the ground and no one was hurt. investigators believe that an electrical fire sparked in the crane's motor. two people are unaccounted for after a home exploded in washington state. about 15 miles west of seattle, the blast leveled the home. it was so strong it blew out windows at a nearby elementary school and sparked 911 calls from 8 miles away. it's unclear if the two homeowners were home at the time. the cause is under investigation. a pilot is okay after his plane crashed in the middle of a busy los angeles street. one wing broke off as it hit two parked cars. investigator says the pilot was trying to land at a nearby airport but a wind blew him off
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course. and now more on a man that killed seven people in kalamazoo, michigan. the company also says that dalton cleared a background check and game a driver nearly a month ago. police and prosecutors have not revealed a possible motive. the plan to close the detention center in guantanamo bay, cuba, is delivered to congress, and president obama introduced the proposal this morning. it called for $175 million to pay for construction but officials say it would save up to $180 million a year in operating cost and the obama administration need permission to move about 60 detainees to prisons in the united states. in the past congress has blocked measures to move the prisoners. and a woman who allegedly left her child in the store
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after shoplifting. police say that terry was caught trying to steal $1400 worth of clothing from the macies in center city but she escaped security and left her 4-year-old daughter behind. local families in need will have food on their tables for the rest of the year thanks to the generosity of the community. philabundance, got a big boost from acme markets and 6 abc today. acme presented philabundance a $70,000 check collected through donations and delivered more than 18,000 pounds of food at the philabundance warehouse. phillip was there to help them close out the 6 abc holiday food drive. coming up here at noon, some local high schools are getting a donation of the drug that could reverse a heroin overdose.
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shipping on most items. high schools across the state will receive a new supply of the drug that can reverse a heroin overdose. also known as narcan, it goes to school nurses and first responders and treatment centers, the company provided the same donation last year and the number of overdose deaths has continue to rise in delaware. according to officials they have used narcan to revive 600 people in 2015. and they have developed a rapid test for the zika virus. the new test can provide results in just a few hours. for now it will only be given to patients at the two hospitals and will not be available to people across the country. just a little bit of weight
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loss can have major benefits, in an if you study, shedding just 5% of body weight can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. it should remind people to stick with their weight loss programs. all right is the "action news" team is out working on news stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is here with a look ahead. >> reporter: at 4:00 we are helping you make the most of tax season. that is right. that deadline is coming up and it could be a stressful time, on how you can get the most money back from uncle sam, and a good look at a handsome war veteran, his picture of his grandson in newark delaware, who is the man behind the charming beaming smile and we'll fill you in coming up in big talkers and you can take us with you on the go,
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meteorologist, david murphy, is here now with how long you'll need the umbrella. >> well, for a couple of days off and on, stormtracker 6 live double scan shows it's weather across the region right now and we are starting to see a break in the action. as we go in closer, in and around philadelphia, there are breaks in swedes borough and wilmington and what we see in the city is fairly light for that shade of green in chads worth and burlington county, new jersey can and bits and pieces highlighted in yellow.
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if we go north and west, we have some snow on grassy surfaces and there could be sleet mixing in as well and we could get freezing rain but that say bigger issue up north. places like bethlehem and places farther north and up near slatington, be careful driving in that direction tonight. in parts of south jersey and delaware, we get on the other side, and as we take a look outside, earlier on the "action news" cam the gray skies socked us in on the schuylkill river. gray and damp out there. 43 degrees and winds out of the east-northeast, and a breeze blowing today. 34 degrees and in allentown and reading, closer to the freezing mark and we have the mixed precipitation up in the northern
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regions for now. 43 in philadelphia and 39 degrees in trenton, 41 in wilmington and cape may. as we look at future tracker 6, we could get on the other side of this precipitation into the afternoon, i think the model may be slow taking this out and we see holes in the action and even if there is another batch of rain from the south it won't be around for long, later this evening we expect this to break down to lighter sprinkles and showers, lehigh valley forecast getting up to 39 degrees and wet snow north of the lehigh valley and in parts of northampton county, that will change over to rain eventually. at the shore it's all rain and 42 degrees for your high and in philadelphia, 42 and cloudy skies and rainy out there, and even after the main body gets out the next several hours it's damp and sprinkles and drizzle possible. 41 by 4:00 and chilly by 5:00
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and temperatures not really moving much and as late as 6:00 or 7:00, there are sprinkles and showers left over, overnight tonight we dip to 38 degrees under cloudy skies and rain and drizzle overnight, and that takes us into tomorrow morning when it could be a little bit damp. and our second round of precipitation rides through and a couple of passing showers here or there. through the afternoon off and on lighter precipitation for the most part. heavier rain between 6:00 and 7:00, rumbles of thunder is possible and this gets out of here by 11:00 or midnight, and on thursday, all we have a couple of sprinkles left ore and a couple of showers. and a lot of rain and that is spread out over the next couple of days. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast today's high 42 degrees and cloudy condition rainy out there at times. especially over the next several hours. and then more rain off and on through the day and steady stuff through the day and at night and
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58 degrees and we can't rule out a rumble of thunder and 57 degrees there. the temperature will probably fall off in the afternoon hours. friday blustery and cooler and 42 and chilly on saturday and temperatures bounce back on saturday. under partly sunny skies. >> okay thank you. a family in utah is being doubled over and over again, twin sisters carry and kelly gave birth to two sets of twins, the first set five years ago and collectively they have nine children. they will all be raised together at next door neighbors. >> much more ahead in the next half hour of "action news" at 12:30. we are live on the scene next with reaction from the victim's loved ones. >> a driver has to be rescued from a car when it overturns in
12:28 pm
delaware. those stories next.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. hello again. here are the stories we are following for on "action news" at 12:30. the rain has arrived and accuweather says get used to it. david murphy says when the heaviest rain will fall and how much we are expected to get. and a driver hits a person on a
12:30 pm
lehigh county road and details on the search for the driver next. and when you see it you know it's philadelphia, the iconic love sculpture is being moved from its home but it's only temporary. round one of the rain has begun, it's off and on today, and later tomorrow is when the heavier rain will arrive. taking a live look from sky 6 hd, definitely wet there, if you are catching a flight there, or picking someone up it could be a good idea to check with that particular airline. david murphy has details on the soggy situation, nice umbrella david. >> actually built to withstand winds and it's breezy 10 to 20 miles per hour wind at times. as you take a look some of you are winding down with a heavier band of rain highlighted in yellow and pushing its way up to long and connecticut. some breaks in the action too


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