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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  WPVI  February 23, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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lehigh county road and details on the search for the driver next. and when you see it you know it's philadelphia, the iconic love sculpture is being moved from its home but it's only temporary. round one of the rain has begun, it's off and on today, and later tomorrow is when the heavier rain will arrive. taking a live look from sky 6 hd, definitely wet there, if you are catching a flight there, or picking someone up it could be a good idea to check with that particular airline. david murphy has details on the soggy situation, nice umbrella david. >> actually built to withstand winds and it's breezy 10 to 20 miles per hour wind at times. as you take a look some of you are winding down with a heavier band of rain highlighted in yellow and pushing its way up to long and connecticut. some breaks in the action too along the i-95 corridor, it's
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still cool and chilly and breezy and damp for another several hours, and more drizzle and rain possible. looks like we are seeing mixed precipitation in berks county and sleet mixing in but as you go to the poconos, you have a better chance of seeing snow or freezing sleet later on. it's breaking up over the next several hours and we'll mainly have lighter showers. as we look at the winter weather advisory is kicks in at 1:00 up in northampton county and the poconos, it's because of wet snow combining with sleet and perhaps some freezing rain tonight into early tomorrow morning. if you have plans to be driving up north through the lehigh sally and incular berks county. later on in the overnight hours,
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spots will dip into the upper 30s and some spots may hold on to the low 40s and still cloudy and chilly overnight with more rain on the way for tomorrow. when i step inside we'll talk more about that next round of rain coming in through the day tomorrow and tomorrow night and guys we may see an out of season thunderstorm and a rumble of thunder in february, it doesn't happen often but could happen tomorrow night. >> thank you david. in the meantime when rain pushes through the region, keep open on all of your devices and keep ahead of the storm and get updates from the weather team on facebook, twitter and other social media platforms. breaking news from former eagle, lesean mccoy, his attorney says he will meet with the district attorney today following the investigation into a nightclub assault involving philadelphia police officers that were off duty, mccoy was
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reportedly involved in the fight that left the officers hurt. it happened super bowl weekend at the recess lounge in old city. this is video from inside of the place that night. stay with "action news" for updates on this breaking story, we'll bring you the latest on air and online at >> police in lehigh county are searching for the driver that hit a man killing him and kept going. it happened in upper milford township and officials say they have a trips of the vehicle that was involved. walter perez is live now at the scene near the intersection of st. peter's road and sweetwood drive. walter what have you learned? >> we learned who the victim is, giving you a live look at the intersection at macungie road. it was allen ruth who lives about a half mile away and we spoke to a member of ruth's family who says it was just
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after 1:00 when it happened, he was crossing the intersection on his bicycle when a vehicle rammed into him and fled the scene and now they are looking for a red jeep cherokee including a broken or missing it front end light. we spoke to the victim's cousin and she says whoever is responsible needs to do the right thing. >> they need to come forward and say they did it. our family needs closure for this part. his dad is pretty sick, so the best thing they can do is come forward and just say i did it. and be done with it and let us know. >> reporter: back out live, you heard mrs. yon says the victim's father is sick and undergoing chemo and radiation after being diagnosed with cancer. reporting live from upper
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milford, walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. police in upper darby are searching for a serial burglar they hope that this video will help them identify the suspect. over the past five weeks he is said to have broken into five businesses. police say that the suspect used a rock to smash the front doors and then ransacked the cash registered. from our delaware newsroom, firefighters rescued a woman from an overturned car in wilmington. the woman was sent to christiana hospital for treatment of minor injuries, the bridge is back open and police have not said what caused the accident. a late night fire in philadelphia's port richmond section chased people from a home. the blaze started in a vacant home here on tioga street.
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part of that building collapsed but a neighboring home also sustained damage. no injuries were reported . a fast moving fire here damaged a home in camden county this morning. police in gloucester township took pictures of the flames. the fire broke out on the 500 block of hollywood drive and one person was home at the time but we are told they were not injured. the republican presidential candidates are rallying voters in nevada ahead of tonight's republican caucuses there. and meanwhile the democratic candidates are courting african-american voters ahead of their next contest in south carolina. >> reporter: good afternoon. even though the polls show donald trump far ahead in nevada, caucuses tripped him up last night in iowa. organizing is key to winning caucuses. the frontrunner heading into
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nevada's caucus with a double digit lead is fired up. >> vote tomorrow. vote, vote, vote. and fired up after a protester. >> i would like to punch him in the face. >> and ted cruz -- >> this guy is sick. something is wrong with this guy. >> and forced to fire his communications director for retweeting this post that marco rubio dispartialed the bible. >> we will conduct this campaign with the highest standards. the florida senator, marco rubio is gaining a slew of endorsements after a good showing in south carolina. >> if we are still fighting against each other in september and october, we are going to lose. >> on the democratic side,
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bernie sanders and hillary clinton bring hollywood star power, clinton stops by the set of "scandal" and launches a new ad with the voice of morgan f e freeman. and sanders on the trail with danny glover and spike lee voices new ads. sanders and clinton will appear separately in a town hall in south carolina tonight and in nevada it's a long day for candidates, the polls close at midnight. in washington, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. back here it is movie day for a philadelphia icon. this morning crews moved the famous love sculpture from the plaza to dillworth park across the street. it will will a new green space and welcome center and overall
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shaped fountain with a splash pad. no mountains there yet a fountain. no mountain. >> there is more ahead new details emerging on what the acaused mass shooter in michigan may have done before he shot several people at random, killing six of them. you have seen him on television in beer ads now he is being sued by the man who says he helped his career.
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the suspect in the deadly shootings in michigan. is charged with killing six people and injuring two others. investigators say the uber driver admitted to his rampage and what the suspect did hours before the shootings. elizabeth is in new york with more. >> reporter: good afternoon to you rick, and while we still don't know why this happened. we are learning more about the suspect today. this as his family says they are sorry and his friends say they
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are shocked. >> charged with six murders and facing life in prison. >> you understand the charges? >> yes sir. >> uber driver, jason dalton showed no emotion and revealed no new details during his arrangement. the prosecutors say the 45-year-old admitted that he took people's lives and his friends are in disbelief. >> he was very quiet and reserved not afraid to speak his mind but not out to cause anybody trouble. according to the detroit free press he once worked as an insurance adjuster and is married and the father of a 10 and 15-year-old. dalton stops in once a month and brought a tactical jacket there just hours before the shooting. >> casey black says she called 911 to report his erratic driving that afternoon.
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uber says getting reports during the attacks but maintains those were the first complaints about him. he is charged with killing six people and injuring two. including a 14-year-old girl in critical condition and initially believed to be brain dead. >> my daughter is not dead. everybody needs to get that straight. >> as for the investigation, dalton is talking but has not revealed a motive. >> tonight on "action news" at 11:00, there is a new night life trend sweeping the area that will change the way you think about the regular social scene and we have an exclusive look. >> this is one party i have to check out. i'm sharrie williams i'm giving you the first inside look of a club craze growing in popularity. >> where's the music.
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>> i thought we would connect everyone. >> why are party goers raving about it, we are no longer staying silent about this new way to party. on "action news" at 11:00. >> can we get classical in there. my type of party. now they are trying to inspire hundreds of philadelphia children to get inspired by the arts. boys and girls heard from artists about their creations and educational paths to careers in the arts. it's expo is going on until 3:00 this afternoon at sherman mills.
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at this point. if we go in closer you can see the heavier stuff all the way to the east of the region, in philadelphia what we have got left over is light precipitation highlighted in the shade of green and a little bit of yellow and light green hovering around medford and browns mills. and in the northern and western suburbs, lehigh and north bucks county freezing rain mixing in a bit but that looks to be diminishing a bit. where i would warn you to be careful is if you head up north of easton and north of bethlehem into the northern regions of northampton county today and tonight and on up into the poconos, that is where you have wet snow and freezing sleet and rain overnight. things are getting better over there. we still have cloudy skies in the region and we were in fairmount park and things were looking gray and damp there. 43 in philadelphia, and we are
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chilly and probably holding there and dropping a little bit over the next couple of hours. the windchill is making it feel like 37 and a day for coats and becoming less of a day for umbrellas as the rain lightens up. 33 in allentown and 43 in philadelphia and 39 in trenton and 41 in wilmington and 46 in wildwood, knowledge, there you see future tracker 6, most of the action is done at that point, and later this evening, a couple of sprinkles and showers around but in the poconos, in northern northampton county an issue with some of that frozen precipitation. by 11:00 doesn't look like much else left on the map. 39 in allentown and 40 in reading and 42 in trenton and 44 in cape may, new jersey, and temperatures are going to be slowly sliding as we go through the next several hours, the possibility that we get down to 39 by 10:00 and that is about as low as we go. maybe a 38 degree low by
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tomorrow morning and cloudy and damp tomorrow as well. on wednesday morning there is the possible that we have light scattered precipitation and drizzle and light showers, up to 3:00 off and on showers and similar to what we have right now. later this afternoon and evening in particular we have a cold front approaching us that triggers downpours and perhaps thunderstorms rare for late february and rumbles of thunder wednesday night and that all sweeps away by wednesday morning and we are left with spotty showers and a bit of drizzle and i can actually see sun coming back on thursday. rainfall is expected during this day and a half ahead, 1.8 inches a little bit less on the new hampshire and on the easiest model, the euro, and a fairment of additional rain coming tomorrow night. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, cloudy and rainy today, that is the high
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where it is right now, and tomorrow some off and on rain, and steadier rain late in the day and tonight and some rumbles of thunder and high of 58, and we are slowly climbing through the 40s and getting back into the 50s by the evening, spotty shower on thursday and sun is possible and high of 57 and after that cooler air returns for a cooler stay and 42 and brisk and chilly on saturday, and 52 degrees under partly sunny skies on sunday. and then monday another shot of rain and the high of 56 it will be rain on monday. >> thank you again david. well, there is a bitter battle brewing in the beer ads and talent agency. alicia? >> yes guys, you know him, the beer ad guy. he is called the most interest man in the world and in court filings he is referred to as
12:51 pm
something less than desirable, a dead beat. >> he can speak french and russian, he is the most interesting man in the world. >> but the man that played him for 10 years, jonathan goldstein is now knee deep in an interesting legal battle. apparently his preference for that beer intoxicated him into believing he could ignore his promises. they claim that the chap owes him a cut close to $2 million in beer money or apparently always pay that manager. he stopped in november of 2014. >> his 2 cents -- >> the suit declares there is nothing interesting about being a dead beat and referred to goldsmith as the least honorable man in the business. gold smith just counter sued his
12:52 pm
manager. >> my client has been in the business over 50 years and is an honorable man and never cheated anyone. goldsmith says by dishing details his now exmanager is jeopardizing this gig and calls him a failed c rate actor and now a failed personal manager. >> goldsmith is seeking actual damage and attorneys fees and the agent wants 10% of goldsmith's pay. >> i'll drink to that thank you. topping our people scene at 12:30, if you are a canadian and not alex trebek don't expect to be on jeopardy. canadians were excluded from taking the online test to be on the show and they are blaming their privacy laws.
12:53 pm
alec trebek responded saying he too blamed canada's privacy laws. >> this could be a watershed moment for what he does. i'm a chris rock fan. >> i love me some chris rock. several stars say despite the controversy around the oscars this, re ready for rock. he is hosting the 88th annual academy award and some actors are boycotting the ceremony citing a lack of racial diversity. watch the oscars live sunday night here on 6 abc.
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meteorologist, david murphy is here now way final check of the soggy forecast. >> it's still soggy out there, stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you things are getting better down south, not that much
12:56 pm
steady rain but the rest of the afternoon looks on the damp side even if the rain is not all that heavy and the farther north from allentown, the better chance of dealing with frozen stuff especially later tonight in the poconos. cloudy and damp in the north and western suburbs. temperatures stopping where they are now. in philadelphia, 42, 43 the high and same at the shore cloudy and damp with the light to moderate rain easing back as we go through the afternoon. finally this noon, britain's bristol zoo is celebrating a baby gorilla born via c-section. zoo officials say that the birth marks one of only a handful of times worldwide that a baby gorilla was born via c-section, the doctor that did the surgery delivered hundreds of human infants by c-section but never a
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