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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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are tracking in the forecast again. cecily tynan is watching double scan radar and is at the big board with more. >> reporter: this is round one of the rain we are dealing with generally a light to moderate rain, stormtracker 6 live double scan shows we are beginning to see breaks in the rain and drier air moving in south of wilmington but i-95 and route 1 and the schuylkill expressway we have the steady light rain and the evening commute is wet so do be careful on the roads. and fortunately temperatures are above freezing and that is not the case when you get north of the lehigh valley tunnel and lake harmony and the poconos, and that is freezing rain. some kids were let out early at jim thorpe. and that is good news because there is a winter weather advisory for possible icy
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conditions. i would be careful if have you plans to travel to the poconos tonight. back closer to home the concern tomorrow is this next storm system as talking all along, this one is a lot stronger and the low pressure now in eastern texas ahead of it, we have an outbreak of severe weather, more than a half dozen tornadoes in louisiana and the tornado watches really extend into the panhandle of florida, it will be a very busy night and that low pressure moves in tomorrow and that brings us the heavy rain and high winds and remarkably warm temperatures for february. we'll talk about that in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. and "action news" of course will be tracking the next weather system overnight. matt, tam, david and karen will have the latest on the rain and how it effects your trip to rain or school starting tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. >> now to breaking news tonight. right now attorneys for former eagles star lesean mccoy could
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be meeting with investigator about his alleged involvement in a nightclub assault. sources say the meeting will take place, it was suppose to happen earlier this afternoon and it was first called off and then sources say it was suddenly moved. sara bloomquist is following the developments and will have more coming up for us on "action news" at 6:00. lawyers for andrea constand is calling the latest moves a bully move. he is suing for breach of contract, he wants her to return the settlement money she got in 2005. because she cooperated with the county d.a.'s office who reopened her case against cosby. they say it follows a pattern by the comedian in order to quash any sexual assault charges.
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and mayor jim kenney says he is endorsing hillary clinton for president. citing her health, knowledge and experience as reasons why she is fit for the white house and mayor michael nutter also endorsed clinton. and candidates are campaigning in nevada there and numbers show donald trump with a hefty lead followed by ted cruz and marco rubio, and we'll have more on the showdown coming up at 5:30. >> former microsoft ceo, bill gates supports the fbi's order for apple to crack into the cell of the san bernardino shooter without the phone locking up. gates called for a balance between government access and personal privacy, that the fbi's efforts would not set a precedent. ceos of google have spoken out
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for apple. christie aleto is live in center city where one of protests is set to begin in the matter of minutes. >> at the heart of the issue is does privacy trump security and a lot of apple customers hi so. they are planning to dem state at this apple store and they are planning to rally here over the next half hour. he is one of two responsible for killing 14 people and the fbi argued they only need data on his phone and no other users but apple supporters believe this is a breach of privacy or all customers. this after the court ordered apple to provide software to crack the code and now in preparation for the evening's rally again, had is support owes
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to start sometime in the next half hour. reporting live, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. they are an eye sore that has frustrated philadelphia residents and city officials alike. can you find illegal clothing bins in many neighborhoods and now they are cracking down think the action cam was in the german town section where the first. clothing bins were scooped up off the street and put in a dumpster. they attract graffiti and drug activity and plenty of trash, mayor jim kenney blames them for undermining cleanup in philadelphia. >> this is a mess, and we have enough messes in our communities without asking for additional mess. we have problems in our communities and when we can get rid of one as unsightly as this we need to do it. >> the plan is to break them all down and simply recycle the metal.
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>> thank you. police in south jersey are reaching out to the public tonight to hopefully cut back on crime. they want anyone with a security camera to let them know it's there in the event something happens within eye shot. nora muchanic is live in our new jersey newsroom with the story. >> reporter: hi there rick, this is all voluntary, but police would like to know who has the cameras and where they are located. it's not about being big brother but another way to help them fight crime and catch the bad grays. >> security cameras are everywheres these days and often capture crimes when they happen. they can crack a case wide open like this jewelry store theft. letting them know your home or business has a security cam. >> all we ask if this they have a camera in the direction we need. >> if it gives a better trips or
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a vehicle trips or possibly a tag from that. >> police in beverly says that video from businesses and residents has helped to solve a number of cases. those that sign up are given decals like this. they are asking everyone with a camera to get on board. >> if there is a crime, our cameras have a certain distance we can see and it would be a good idea. >> i don't think it's something i would go out of my way for but if it's available as a resident why not. >> some have concerns about privacy and sharing video with police. >> absolutely not, i'm not in the law enforcement business and i shouldn't be asked to be in the law enforcement business. >> and it has helped to solve burglaries in town and owners always obtain cleat control. >> we don't have access to your system but who may have the video so if we have a crime in the area we can look you up.
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>> many departments have on line registries if you are interested contact your local police. live in our newsroom, i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. time now for a check of traffic report on a wet night. >> matt pellman is live in the traffic center. how is the commute on 95 at this hour? >> our cameras showing us very wet and very, very slow conditions on 95 rick and monica, these are the northbound lanes out of the city coming up from cotman avenue, this is your pace, the 30 minute half hour travel time is double what it should be, but at least our crash i mentioned in the last half hour has cleared and go ahead and use that, watch and keeps the speeded down especially as you round the corners, a couple of accidents on by berry road by the knights crossing apartments and one at woodhaven at knights blocking the off ramp. and perkasie a bad crash along
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ridge road. in chester delco, a crash at barclay street and overturned vehicle in newark at old baltimore pike and delays on septa's market frankford line traveling eastbound because of mechanical problems. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. an animated ryan howard spoke to the media today, jaime apody breaks down what the first base man had to say. and the plans to close guantanamo bay for good. what president obama is promising to do with the dozens of prisoners still detained in cuba.
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two window washers were rescued this morning after their scaffolding got stuck. firefighters removed apane of glass to bring them inside. an explosion in washington near seattle, they found do bodies in the debris. they are working to determine what caused the explosion.
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republicans are voicing their opposition to the president's plan to close guantanamo bay in cuba, today president barack obama laid out his proposal to congress and calls for most of its design tain es to be send to other countries. most of congress is opposed to having terror suspects held on u.s. soil and is expected to block the move. stocks slipped today as both energy and material stocks put a damper on the trade, this after they hit a seven month low. and fitness tracker fit bit sank 21% on a weak revenue forecast. the dow jones dropped 67 and the s&p down 24. the american candy maker, mars is recalling chocolate bars in 55 countries, millions of
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snickers and mars and milky way candies are included after someone in germany found plastic in their candy bar. turning to health check tonight. the government is looking into a dozen suspected cases of the zika virus which may have been spread through sexual contact. registered nurse and reporter, ali gorman is at the big board. >> reporter: the primary way zika is spread is through mosquitos but now spreading it through sex is more likely than first thought. they are following up on 14 reports of possible transmission through sex and two of them involve pregnant women and two of the cases zika is confirmed in women's only risk factor was contact with a man that travelled to a zika affected area and had symptoms. the other cases are waiting for
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lab results all involve men that traveled and couples are urged to use condoms if the man travelled to an area with the zika virus. and today a lot of questions following the cdc report that some laminate flooring could raise the risk for cancer, and the agency says that people exposed toformaldehyde. it's used in making building materials especially compressed wood but it could be other places in the home as well. >> it's absolutely everywhere, furniture covering and flame retardants and carpet adhesives and paint we use and it's absolutely everywhere and the products we use including cosmetics. even that new car smell is largely due to formaldehyde.
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now at this point they don't know how much is too much but there are things to do to lower your overall exposure, make sure your home is ventilated well and keep your heating and cooling system working well and add house plants because they help to clean the air. >> thank you ali. coming up tonight on abc at 9:00, two all new episodes of marvel agent carter. tonight peggy has to resort to desperate measures to help dr. wilks. and at 11:00 a new night life trend sweeping the area. it will change the way you see the social scene. >> reporter: this is one party i had to check out. i'm sharrie williams i'm giving you a first look at a club craze that is growing in pomlarity. >> where is the music? i thought we would disconnect ever. why are pashty goers raving
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about it. we are not staying silent on this new way to party.
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dramatic video in australia, the giant arm of a crane came
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swinging to the ground in melbourne, nobody was hit but a fire burned at the top of the crane there. they think that an electronic malfunction sparked the flames. and now one of saturn's many moons, one is only as wide as the state of arizona, the other is known for its resem balance to a bull's-eye. nearly a dozen have yet to be named. cooper university hospital is expanding its cancer care thanks to a $2 million grant, officials announced the generous gift from the william roar foundation. it will be used to expand the cancer center and provide counseling and testing and long-term reduction risk strategies for those at risk because of hertory mutations. and the creamery has
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reopened after closing for renovations, these pictures shows the new updated outlet. they added new floors and new paint and relocated the fountain drink stan, it closes every year during the main campus winter break but it's open now. more to come on "action news" tonight including a check of the soggy accuweather. >> taking you live outside, sky 6 hd showing you center city and it's a dreary scene and cecily tynan has the accuweather forecast.
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time for the accuweather forecast at the "action news" big board. cecily tynan is checking the forecast. we'll need the umbrella at least until thursday. >> yes, that is exactly right. well on and off. double scan live radar showing breaks in the action and the steadiest rain in eastern new jersey, and hammonton, and glassboro and millville and over the garden state parkway and elsewhere drier air is moving in and the steady light rain is tapers off to drizzle and we have a .10 to .25 inch of rain and we don't have to worry about icing here. they are getting freezing rain in the poconos but in allentown 36 and philadelphia and wilmington 41 and atlantic city
5:25 pm
airport 45 and overnight tonight temperatures essentially holding steady. no icing overnight and no snow but there is more rain on the way. satellite 6 along with action radar showing that first low is sliding off the virginia coast away from us, and the second low, and this is the one that has incredible energy and dynamics, this is moving into louisiana. they have several tornadoes including some long track tornadoes, so severe weather associated with that, and that low pressure is cutting to the west and as it does it's pulling in warm air. and it has the potential to pull down some very high wind gusts. future tracker 6 showing at 9:00 tonight a few light showers north and philadelphia and overnight we have a break in the action and a lot of clouds and tomorrow morning's commute is not looking that bad and a few areas of patchy drizzle and light showers and as we head into the afternoon, the afternoon commute will be an entirely different story, by
5:26 pm
4:30 heavy rain and as we head through the overnight hours or later in the evening, it looks like we should have a squall line developing ahead of a cold front and this could bring us strong possibly severe storms, temperatures tomorrow night will be in the 60s, so this is what to expect overnight, some drizzle and pockets of light rain and the afternoon and evening this is when we have the heavy rain and could receive more than an inch, i think and inch to inch and a half and temperatures soar into the 60s and potential for wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour and that could cause some damage as far as some trees or power lines, i don't think everyone can see that but there is a possible of spotty wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour, and the five-day forecast showing tomorrow rain heaviest in the afternoon and evening, 62 degrees happening tomorrow night and thursday kinds of a transition day, two cold fronts moving through and the possibility of an occasional shower and wind gusts up to 30
5:27 pm
miles per hour and 55 is the high and friday the high only 40 but the windchill about 32 degrees, feeling like winter again and saturday mostly sunny and 45 and you like the spring like weather, 58 degrees on sunday. adam will let you know if that lasts into next week coming up in the full accuweather forecast. roller coaster temperatures. >> 50s and 60s in february is that record setting? >> no, but unusual. coming up on "action news" at 5:00, we know what caused the takata airbags to explode. new information just released by scientists. and an up happy customer takes out her frustration on a dunkin' donuts manager. do you recognize that suspect?
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again here is what is happening on "action news" tuesday night. the stakes are high in nevada as they learn who will be supported in the nomination.
5:30 pm
and the man saved in the midst of an overdose to show an american epidemic. more on how americans are helping to stop the cycle and one of the treasured sculptures take a walk to a temporary home. >> nevada republicans will caucus to decide their choices for the presidential nomination, donald trump continues to lead the pack with a double digit lead from his closest competitors. meanwhile cruz be rubio try to push ahead to gain enough momentum to stay in the race. >> wow this is something. wow. >> republican candidates making a founal push with voters ahead of caucuses in the first of the west state of nevada. >> you wake up this morning with the news that the president is planning to shut down guantanamo. >> marco rubio reacting to the
5:31 pm
president's push to close guantanamo in cuba. >> we are not giving back an american naval base to a communist nation. >> and donald trump going against ted cruz. >> this guy is sick, there is something wrong with this guy. >> i would like to punch him in the face. >> ted cruz trying to bounce back from a campaign shakeup. >> you want to make america great again but the question is do you understand the principles that made america great in the first place. >> the democrats now focusing on south carolina. where more than half of democratic voters are expected to be african-american. voters the candidates are quarting. hillary clinton launching a new ad featuring morgan freeman. >>e sandersting dan
5:32 pm
quiglover. >> in nevada donald trump is leading by double digits but caucuses tripped him up last time. late today scientists announced what they believe caused takata airbags to explode. combined with moisture according to the industry, that they caused at least 10 deaths and 139 injuries worldwide and 28 million takata airbags have been recalled by the u.s. government. and tonight world news with david muir will have more on the airbags and caucuses. now to what upper darby mike
5:33 pm
chitwood calls the great american epidemic, the heroin addiction and the efforts to keep people from dying. michael meany was taken into custody for heroin possession, but this is video of showing him shooting up heroin on a crowded septa bus on route 11 yesterday afternoon and after a few moments, his eyes closed and he fell on to the ground unconscious, fellow passengers tried to help him and police showed up and administered narcan, and minutes later he walked off the bus under his own power. >> when somebody has this kind of addiction to actually shootup on a crowded bus at 1:00 in the afternoon is like unbelievable. you can really see how sick these individuals are.
5:34 pm
>> meany was treated and released from the hospital, yesterday morning he was arrested at his home for possession of heroin, chitwood says his situation is common and since the narcan program was started, it has been used 360 times and 56 people were saved. the company that makes narcan provides the same donation last year. 2,000 units will be divided between school nurses and addiction treatment centers. the number of heroin deaths continue to rise in delaware. they used it to revive 600 people in 2014. >> thank you rick. in other news, police are looking for a woman that assaulted a dunkin' donuts manager and the entire event was caught on video. this is from inside of the store
5:35 pm
at 16 and and washington, and the suspect appears to be angry after paying for her order and picked up a ceramic mug used for tips and threw it at the manager, and pushes several things off the counter and left and drove away. new information tonight about a late night fire in port richmond and now they say that the blaze spread to two homes. before the fire jumped to adjoining properties on east tioga street. no injuries reported or word on a cause. and bethlehem police identified this man suspected of throwing a bodily fluid at a woman in a grocery store and now police say there are other victims. kevin morris is accused of the attack and did the same thing in 2014 and has a history of lewdness in pennsylvania and new york going back to the 1970s and he faces charges when he is
5:36 pm
caught. in center city it's a true labor of love, a heavy one at that. today work crews uprooted the famous love sculpture and transported it across the street to make room for a multimillion makeover in the shadow of city hall. annie mccormick has the story. >> reporter: philadelphians were scratching their heads saying where is the love? the iconic piece of pop art was moved from love park to dillworth park. >> i noticed the love statue was moved. >> literally where is love going? >> the sculpture created by robert indiana originally came to the plaza on loan for the bicentennial. they bought and donated it and the park was nicknamed love park and now the park is getting a
5:37 pm
facelift and is expected to look brighter and greener and nothing was going to stop moving day not even rain. preparations for today began six months ago and is it started this morning. and dillworth park will be host for at loost a year. they move tropical disturbance with painstaking precision across the street. >> when we walk it across the street the new york lift has a dampening system allowing it to move on a cushion of air. >> george's family business has moved pieces of art and artifacts for years, like the liberty bell. he has a connection to this piece. >> annie this one is special for me, i met my wife in years ago and 10 days after we met i proposed to her under the love statue on valentine's day. >> as long as it comes back, this is love park and the love statue should be in love park.
5:38 pm
>> wow. how nice is that. time to get a check of the traffic scene now. pat pellman we would love it if you gave us a good traffic situation. >> we wish it was moving. an accident on 95 southbound side in bucks county approaching 413. and a crash along woodhaven road near knights road but they just reopened the off ramp. at least you can exit there. in perkasie are you steering around a crash at tunnel road use north 5th street as an alternate. and close to the cracker barrel one at business 30 close to the 30 bypass. and one at newark at old baltimore pike. all afternoon in burlington county, the off ramp from the northbound side of 295 to
5:39 pm
florence columbus is blocked because of an accident, i would exit at 541 as an alternate to that. and delays on the market frankford line, everything is back to normal. we have the new schedules in effect on the trolleys and buses. rick and monica back over to you. >> still ahead on "action news," athletic coaches at one prominent university ban together to defend their programs on alligations that they miss handled claims for athletes. and ryan howard speaks and you'll hear what he has to say with a live report from spring training. the first round of rain is moving out but we catch a break tonight and tomorrow morning but a more energetic system from the south is aiming in our direction. >> those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. pet moments are beautiful,
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police in phoenix, arizona are investigating a shooting where five family members are dead including the suspect. they believe the son killed his parents and two other siblings
5:43 pm
and then set the home on fire. police got into a gun fight with the suspect when they arrived. they don't know if they killed the suspect or if the suspect turned the gun on himself. police in tennessee had a rare news conference after the university was sued after its handling of sexual assault complaintses against student athletes. six women filed a title nine lawsuit saying they created a culture to allow sexual assaults. >> we have great students we work with every day and we know that we don't want the stereotype that there is something out there that is not true. >> the coach of the football team denies the accusations but is taking the issue seriously and working to make improvements. >> all right time for sports. jaime apody is here with more from spring training and we talked with the phillies first base man tonight. >> for the first time in a
5:44 pm
while. the big piece finally speaks for the first time in a long time and we heard from ryan howard today and why we didn't hear more last year he was mad. mad at the media. howard said he thought he was being portrayed at the bad guy last year. what else did he have to say? >> reporter: well, ryan howard is not too happy with pete mccannon, and the manager knows it. howard feels like everything he has done for this organization, mvp and winning a world series, he deserves to be an every day player and shouldn't have to fight for playing time. it's 2016 and a fresh start for your phillies and a full squad workout for ryan howard and company, and he says he misses chase utley and jimmy rollins but is embracing change and excited to play with young guys including franco.
5:45 pm
he is not happy he has to fight for his job, he believes he can still hit lefty. >> the track record speaks for itself. again, i have always been a guy who say team player and i'm always a competitor and i want to go out against whoever, righty or lefty and i know i can get the job done. all the talk over the past through years, i'm not going to focus on it, for me taking advantage of the opportunities when i get a chance to go play. >> reporter: not only is howard fielding questions about his future but also answering questions about his pass. howard has denied taking performance enhancing drugs and was caught off guard this on season. >> shocks and surprised. like what are these people even talking about?
5:46 pm
so it's just that. and like i said with the process that is underway right now, i'll leave it to that and put my focus back on baseball. >> the last two offseasons have not been so great for ryan howard, not only is this going on last season he was in a lawsuit involving his own family and his finances. we'll have more coming up on ryan howard at 6:00. jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. sixers hoping to find some magic for a second time this season against orlando tonight. maybe jahlil okafor can follow-up his best career performance with one just like it. >> and the flyers, claude jarreau stayed home. but back in after a foot injury. and a big boost at the right time with the team five places out of a playoff spot. >> was home and not able to help
5:47 pm
the team and i am working hard off the ice and trying to stay in shape and be ready when i get back. >> temple with a tough conference road game tonight. meantime st. joe's busy preparing for the game at umass. the aucs coming off their first loss on the road this year. they have not loss back to back games yet and not about to start tomorrow. >> we come off a loss, the coach always says no great team loses two games in a row. we want to get back on track and go on a winning streak. >> they have to be in the tournament. organizers of the lehigh valley autism speaks walk is moving the event out of dorney park. they decided to not bring back long time employee christopher emory, they eventually offered his job back but he declined.
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meteorologist, adam joseph is back now and rainy days and tuesdays always get me down. >> why is that?
5:51 pm
it's on mondays. what generation was that? >> the carpenters. >> any way the a little wet out there. >> i'll rap next segment. >> just another manic monday but it's tuesday. double scan live radar spotty showers and light drizzle around in spots and it stays this way through the rest of overnight wren not looking at intense rain pulling in overnight or tomorrow morning. we are dealing with the light drizzle and it's really chilly and miserable out there. and keeping the roadways on the wet side and as you can see spotty in nature and it will fall apart further as we go deeper into the overnight hours. 36 in allentown and 38 in trenton and 34 in wilmington and 46 in wildwood and 30s in the poconos where they are dealing with light freezing drizzle. and temperatures stay steady overnight and tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., we are right
5:52 pm
around the 40 to 42 degree mark, 10:0056 and then in the afternoon a warm front passes through and the temperatures spike from the 50s to the 60s between 1:00 and 7:00 and it's the warm westerly wind that brings in the heavier rain and temperatures warmer that mean they can support a little more moisture in the atmosphere. satellite and radar, with the low moving to the south and raw northeasterly winds today. the second storm is deeper and stronger and cutting across the tennessee and ohio valley, and that will send a surge of warm air and strong winds ahead of it. and we are dealing with severe weather in the deep south and all of the boxes and watches are east of the low. future tracker tonight at 10:00 a broken nature of showers and tomorrow pretty much the same, similar here with spotty drizzle around and early afternoon hours, this is when the warm front comes through and a couple
5:53 pm
of downpours pass through and the real intense rain comes in during the evening rush home and allow a lot of extra time and tore enshol rain and 1 to 1.35 inches expected and 10:30 tomorrow night and dealing still with heavy rain and gusty thunderstorms and as this line comes through it taps into strong winds in the atmosphere and here are the wind gusts, 51 in philadelphia and 62 miles per hour at the shore and no friction coming in off the water so it can hit the land fasterer there and then slows down inland where winds could gust over 30 miles per hour to the north and west. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast rain heaviest in the late afternoon and evening, and very warm at 62 and windy and a left over shower and far better here on thursday and a few pops of sun. and blustery and cold and brighter friday of 40 degrees and we lose some of the wind on saturday, with temperatures of
5:54 pm
45, and another big jump up on temperatures, the second half of the weekend at 58 and stays mild for the end of february 60 degrees and back to normal on tuesday of 46 degrees, downpours will be intense tomorrow evening with strong winds as well. >> thank you so much. >> as rain pushes through the region, can you keep stormtracker 6 live double scan open on awful your devices, rely on stormtracker 6 live double scan to keep ahead of the storm and get updates from the "action news" weather team on facebook and twitter and other social media platforms. it's a cozy night to stay in for 6 abc, at 9:00 two jam packed hours of marvel agent carter. >> sorry -- we are closed -- >> "mamma mia," peggy is pulling
5:55 pm
no punches against dr. wilks but there are surprising moves on them all. and look for surprises from dancing with the star cast tonight and we start with two ep so thes of fresh off the boat and then at 9:00 two full hours of marvel agent carter and "action news" at 11:00.
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5:57 pm
attorneys and investigators are meeting now to discuss the bar brawl concerning lesean mccoy. that and much more coming up next. for adam joseph, jaime apody, monica malpass and the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams have a good night.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, cecily tynan and jim gardner. a former philadelphia principal pleads guilty for a cheating scandal and police search for a hit and run driver, but the big story is a cold, raw and wet day today. and expectations of a deluge tomorrow. folks in the tri-state area had to contend with a light but steady rain today but tomorrow afternoon and evening could be a real soaker for the philadelphia area. lets get right to meteorologist, cecily tynan at the big board. >> that is exactly right, round one is beginning to move out and double scan live showing we have
6:00 pm
pockets of light rain right now, the only area with cold enough temperatures to support any frozen precipitation is across the poconos and we do have pockets of freezing rain and winter weather advisory up there for the potential for more freezing rain and back closer to home. the first storm system is moving off the coast of virginia so any of the rain tonight will be tapering off to some light drizzle overnight. i want to focus on round two, and this storm is a lot stronger, the low pressure is moving into louisiana and ahead of it, we have a major outbreak of severe weather, several tornadoes are already parts of louisiana and the tornado watch extends into the paneled of florida and it's an active night of severe weather for the deep south and what that low pressure will do is cut to the west. that means the warm sector of the storm and tomorrow you'll feel the warm and during the


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