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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  February 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon we are following breaking news this noon, pennsylvania governor, tom
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wolf, has just announced he has prostate cancer. john rawlins live in our satellite center with more on the diagnosis this morning. >> reporter: the low key governor was true to form when he and his wife, francis came into the reception room at the capitol and talked to reporters about his condition. >> my wife and i recently found out i have a mild case of prostate cancer. it's easily treatable. >> he said it was first suspected during a routine checkup last fall and checkups concluded it was in an early stage. >> how are you feeling? >> good, we detected it really early and the procedure is a truly minor one and i want to be open and use this as an opportunity to say routine checkups for whatever matter. >> reporter: the governor was
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asked if any time during the treatment would executive governor take over the governor of the state and no said governor wolf. >> what i'm going through is treatable and will not impair my ability to do my duties. and will not interfere with my duties as governors. >> reporter: he repeatedly said his treatment would happen in the next couple of weeks and would not impact his governoring of the state and take time with his family which he has not done so far. he said he did not anticipate being in a hospital for any real length of time. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news" back to you all. >> thank you. the other big story this noon is the soaking rain storm expected later today. we look outside, we have periods of rain and sky 6 hd looking at a dreary penn's landing and
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accuweather says the most serious downpours are on the way so keep the umbrella nearby. david murphy is tracking it all from the big board. >> reporter: right now we are looking at pockets of steadier rain pushing through and this is not the main event, that comes later on in the afternoon and evening as we start to get heavier rain and gusty thunderstorms, every now and then you see rain highlights in yellow or even orange, the thing about these heavier cells is that they are not lasting all that long, if you ride them out for 10 or 15 minutes, even where it's not showing up in green in between the patches, you are looking at drizzle. i don't expect the roads to dry out and it will stay damp all the way. a big system on the way to us as well. not only do we look at the scattered bits and pieces of moderate to steady precipitation, and there is heavier precipitation ahead of the approaching cold front and right now in places like north
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carolina. we have got some watch boxes for severe weather, later into the afternoon and evening this sort of precipitation with the stronger winds attached to it will come into our neck of the woods and late today and this evening, there is a chance of strong gusty thunderstorms, there is one of those nights where you hear thunder rumbling make sure you take cover on the lower floors. visibility in the last hour or so, the national weather service pointing out places are seeing a bit of fog. a half mile in wilmington. in terms of precipitation for the rest of the day, between now and 1:00 and all the way up to 5:00 it's off and on cells like we have got now and some heavy and later on tonight, look at that, a possibility in the evening hours of strong gusty storms that could feature strong gusty winds, i'll show you the prediction center that shows you
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in an enhanced risk for severe weather. that is coming up later half hour. >> thank you. a man armed with a machete was arrested at the van pelt library at the university of pennsylvania. a man spotted him yesterday morning with what appeared to be a knife and he followed the man inside of the library and called police. the man appeared to be homeless was taken into custody on the fourth floor, he was carrying a box cutter, a machete and a stolen i.d. a police involved shooting is under investigation in delaware county. authorities say a detective opened fire after being attacked with a knife last night. annie mccormick is live with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: rick, the delaware county district attorney's office says they are working with the montgomery county district attorneys office since the officer-involved shooting
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does involve one of their detectives, at this hour the family of the suspect says they are praying for him to survive and he is in a medically induced coma and he suffers from schizophrenia, two sharon hill police officers responded to a report of a disoriented person on the unit block of barker avenue. inside of this home, authorities say that 22-year-old saaban garrison lunged at the officer with a steak knife hitting him in the face. and then a police officer went inside of the home firing one shot and hitting the man in the face. >> right now we are focusing on praying this thing through. >> garrison's parents say they struggle to get consistent treatment for their son's schizophrenia, this is it the sixth disturbance linked to garrison in the last few days.
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>> we thought that is where he should be today after the first instant dents. >> his family believes there was a break down in communication. >> i didn't see a knife, my focus at the time was the gunshot i heard in my living room. you know, and seeing my son fall to the ground. i thought i lost him. >> his mother hopes authorities take into account the mind set of a schizophrenic person during their investigation. >> when this incident happened in the house, he was fighting for his life thinking that someone was there to attack him. >> reporter: and at last check the family says their son is in critical condition and could face charges, but likely the district attorney's office is still investigating this at the time. the sharon hill police officer that was slashed allegedly by the suspect, he did receive some stitches. annie mccormick, channel 6
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"action news." >> thank you. to politics now, chalk up another win for donald trump he easily won the nevada presidential caucus. and marco rubio edged out ted cruz for second place. >> reporter: the winner by a large margin celebrates hours before the runners up were even declared. >> you know i get grabby, i get greedy, money, money, money and now we get greedy for the united states. >> and marco rubio edges out ted cruz for second place. >> we picked up a significant amount of delegates there. senator rubio is picking up the most endorsements. >> i would rather work with the people and get the kind of numbers we got yesterday.
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>> senator ted cruz is hoping to wrack up more support. >> the only campaign that has beat donald trump and can ge beat donald trump is this campaign. >> he is like a little baby and ready for another target. >> rubio -- by the way i have been very nice to. >> why are you so nice? because he has not hit me. when he does you'll see what happens. >> rubio won't attack but won't back down from a policy debate. >> anger alone will not solve our problems, donald trump has not outlined anything. >> super tuesday is when 12 states and one territory head to the polls. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. back here philadelphia broke ground on a new development
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project in center city. the development on north broad street will feature two new six story apartment buildings and 1700 feet of ground floor retail and more than 300 public parking spaces and that replaces two existing parking lots at hill streets. >> you look at this, this is going to be a first class project, a terrific project on north broad. >> the hanover conference is behind the project. still to come on "action news" at noon, a jury goes against johnson & johnson, the lawsuit alleging that its baby powder caused cancer. and a man responsible for a michigan shooting spree, what he was doing owe before the rampage. we'll be right back.
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police say that a husband and wife were stealing from residents from a new jersey retirement community. james and domeco donovan are facing charges for breaking into the home at the retirement community in toms river. they made off with cash and other valuable items.
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police seized the items after a search of the couple's home. they are behind bars at the ocean county jail. and the man accused of killing six people in michigan was at a gun shop just before the rampage. >> the owner says he brought a jacket with an inside pocket made for a handgun. he did not buy a handgun. he was joking and said he would go out and enjoy the weather. he is accused of killing six and injured two others. a small plane crashedner nepal and killed 23 people. it took off for a 18 minute flight and appears to have flown into a mountain, everyone on board was killed including two children. a jury awarded money to a
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family, jacky fox was a long time user of john and and johnson baby powder and other products including um. it was part of a broader claim. >> not just for her. but so many other women. >> johnson & johnson is considering an appeal, that the decision goes against decades of science but in 2012, the company agreed to remove probable carcinogens from their products. it finds that the obama administration has taken a passive approach for finding fraud in the health care law, they stopped short of alleging widespread cheating in the president's signature program but that they struggled to
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resolve eligibility questions affecting applications and hundreds of thousands of consumers approved for benefits. today president obama is meeting with jordan's king abdullah at the white house and it is expected to discuss syria. and abdullah's visit to the white house takes place as the country struggles to accommodate more than 600,000 syrian refugees. coming up facebook finally introduced new options for the like button. and a fight breaks out at a child' birthday party. a brawl caught on camera at chuck e. cheese. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. aren't moving in the right direction,bers
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facebook is delivering on a big promise today. moralitytives today for the like button are finally becoming available in the u.s. the social network began introducing other responses including love, sad and angry, you need to hover the mouse over the like button before the other options show us, be patient if you don't see them. it should take a few days. a rough week for home sales, sales fell 9.2% last month to a seasonably adjusted rate of 290,000 there's, and sales falling in the midwest too but edged up in the northeast and
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the south. health check this noon. more american women are choosing to have radical mastectomies even though the breast cancer rate is not going up. the number jumped more than a third from 2005 and 2013, researchers say it's partly to do with having both breasts removed even if cancer is found in one and lump ecmy moving smaller amounts followed by radiation, doctors say survival rates are the same with both options. and "action news" is working on news stories tonight beginning at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is in the newsroom with a look ahead. >> a change to the sex ed policy in san francisco is sparking a lot of out rain especially among the parents. the city school district is set to hand out condoms to middle school students. some parents are for it and some are against it. we'll look at this issue.
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if you have a working parent or a stay at home parent it's sometimes hard to find time to run to the salon to get stuff done. how they are adding convenience into your busy schedule, the latest on on demand apps born right here in philadelphia. don't forget you can take us with you on the go, if you have not downloaded the 6 abc news app, watch us live streaming live on your smart phone, i'll join you to talk about an oscars preview and how they keep the ballots so secret ahead of sunday's show. >> thank you. accuweather is coming up when we come right back.
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meteorologist, david murphy, is back now to tell us we are
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not out of the woods yet. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you that it is basically rain and a lull down south but where you are getting hit with the precipitation at times it brings a brief but steady downpour and you can see that in yellows and oranges in southern bucks and doylestown getting this. that is center city and northeast philadelphia saying good-bye to this. and more pushing into burlington county and south jersey, and a blip coming up to hammonton. i'll leave you with the wide view with off and on precipitation and later in the afternoon and this evening where we see gusty thunderstorms. as we take a look outside, we have the amore sign there at the museum of art from when the pope was here and they decided to leave it up. why not? winds north at 8 and it will be blustery as the cold front gets
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closer. warmer air coming up as we continue to deal with this flow of rain and in philadelphia, we'll probably get 12 more degrees on top of that temperature before we are done achieving our high, and thing is it may take until this evening for that to happen, warm air is pushing from up north and you'll get in the 50s later on. between now and up to 3:00 we'll get back and forth into the same pattern we are looking at and occasionally it's not doing all that much, you get hit with rain or a steady downpour for 30 to 40 minutes, there may be rumbles of thunder developing, the current model run has this over to the east and i'm personally thinking that later this evening is the best chance of weather and the model right now, putting down what looks like thunderstorms, it's rare to see this sort of thing. this time of year.
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it could happen with the dynamics in place and some could be strong enough to produce gusty winds. as late as 11:00 we are dealing with this and if you hear a rumble of thunder you head indoors. things should cam down a bit. here is an update from the storm prediction center, we had a slight risk from areas close to wilmington south and kind of thought it might get pushed up north and they added the orange area an enhanced chance of weather and there was a decent chance that any storms that form could produce damaging winds and strong enough to bring down trees and if you hear a rumble of thunder the best place is to be on the lower floors and if you head to virginia or north carolina, there is a moderate chance of not only strong blustery winds but a good chance for tornados in that neck of the woods. rainfall it looks like we'll get another inch on top of what we
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had in philadelphia or at least close to that. the seven day from accuweather off and on and the gusty afternoon or evening thunderstorms, a high of 62 late tonight and overnight we start to see the rain die down and a couple of spotty showers, by morning we are down to 51 on thursday morning and then our high is only 53 in the morning and notice i put that downward arrow because we think we drop all the way down to the 30s and friday blustery and cooler and saturday cool and sunday up to 60 and 60 as we close out february on monday. careful of storms late today an tonight. coming up at 12:30, this puppy is recovering after being shot several times from a b.b. gun. and a look at how the oscar winners are kept top secret before the statues are hands
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pennsylvania governor announced he is fighting prostate cancer, talking from harrisburg, the governor says he remains positive and it's a fight he can win. >> i am convinced by people that looked at this and the fact that i got this early on, it's very treatable.
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>> governor wolf says it was found during treatment this fall. wolf says he wanted to be transparent about his diagnosis and also an example for others that early detection is key to fighting and battling cancer and that it will no way interfere with his act to lead the state of pennsylvania. reporter and registered nurse, ali gorman joins us with more on what is ahead. >> reporter: for most cases of prostate cancer is very good. the five year survival rate is 99% season when it's caught early like it was in the governor's case the odds of beating it does go up. >> my wife and i found out i have a mild case of prostate cancer. >> governor tom wolf, says the doctors made the discovery of prostate cancer during his routine checkup in


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