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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  February 24, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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>> governor wolf says it was found during treatment this fall. wolf says he wanted to be transparent about his diagnosis and also an example for others that early detection is key to fighting and battling cancer and that it will no way interfere with his act to lead the state of pennsylvania. reporter and registered nurse, ali gorman joins us with more on what is ahead. >> reporter: for most cases of prostate cancer is very good. the five year survival rate is 99% season when it's caught early like it was in the governor's case the odds of beating it does go up. >> my wife and i found out i have a mild case of prostate cancer. >> governor tom wolf, says the doctors made the discovery of prostate cancer during his routine checkup in september.
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after undergoing several rounds of test, it was confirmed. governor wolf stresses his cancer was caught very early and now raising awareness for all men. >> i want to be open and use this as an opportunity to say, routine checkups for whatever matter. >> wolf says he will be receiving treatment in the coming weeks in the york area where he is from and downplayed his treatment as minor and didn't need chemotherapy. >> screening for prostate cancer includes a physical exam and a blood test to start. here are the recommendations, most men start at the age of 50, if you are at a greater risk, you start at 45, any african-american men or a relative diagnosed before the age of 65. some men start at the age of 40, if you have a first degree relative diagnosed at an earlier
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age in their 40s or 50s. and talk to your health care provider about your risks and when you should start screening. >> ali thank you. turning now to the forecast, we are tracking is rain falling lightly in most areas of our region but it will get heavier later tonight. there is a chance this could be severe and we could see thunderstorms. david murphy is out on the terrace with the umbrella ready. >> reporter: it's just a nuisance rain in spots but as you look at stormtracker 6 live double scan every now and then this rain shows up in a small pocket of yellow or orange and it's a fairly brief or steady downpour if you give it 15 or 20 minutes you should allow that to get behalf you and get out and about with improving conditions, there is chances of heavier stuff arriving and the wider view on stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you more pronounced precipitation on the other side of pittsburgh and
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strong thunderstorms happening down in north carolina and southern virginia right now, and all that may be headed in our direction as we go late into the afternoon and evening, future tracker 6 giving you an idea what to expect the rest of the way. from now until 3:00 in and out of heavy downpours, the models north of wilmington at 3:00 could be forming thunderstorms and especially as we get later into the afternoon and evening we have more of a chance of widespread weather and strong gusty winds and maybe even wind damage in the form of trees down. from 7:00 up to 10:30 and 11:00 the model is showing that possibility. a lot of upper level winds ep chancing the thunderstorms as they come through the evening hours, and here is the enhance severe risk placed within the last hour or so in through philadelphia and all the way into allentown and poconos and down through the state of
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delaware and a good chunk of south jersey and that means an enhanced chance of a thunderstorm becoming a strong storm with the wind damage. over to the east a slight risk but still something that shouldn't be ignored and we have a wind advisory that kicks in at 6:00 and is here until midnight at the coastal counties, you with looking at wind gusts of 50 miles per hour or more than that. when we step inside we'll look at future tracker 6 and talk more about the risks involved with this evening's storms. for now fairly tranquil. >> steady rain and storms make required viewing on all of your devices, stormtracker 6 live double scan always a step ahead of changes, be sure to follow the team on facebook, twitter and social platforms for the very latest. a man with a machete was arrested inside a library at the university of pennsylvania and security moved quickly before
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anybody was hurt. katherine scott has the reaction from campus today. >> swift response, 12 minutes from the time penn police received the call to the apprehension and nobody was hurt. it was operation as usual at van pelt library, but a man was taken into custody, a two foot machete and a box cutter and stolen i.d. in his possession. >> vice president for public safety, maureen rush explained how it happened. a man noticed another man walking with a knife and he called police and they dispatched security. police arrived within two minutes, meanwhile officials held a brief conference call and sent out a campus alert. >> i received an alert that
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there was an incident in the library. >> van pelt library has federal archives and open to the public certain times a day. the man signed in using his pennsylvania drivers license and had his picture taken. officers descended and a systematic response followed. detectives ran his picture and knew who they were looking for and that he had multiple arrests. they cleared out students and found the man on the fourth floor with a two foot machete in view. they learned the man was homeless and found the machete on the street and was walking around with it for several days. >> everything worked as we drilled and plans and you always have to be ready because you just don't know. the man was taken into custody without incidents. a delaware county police officer is recovering after being slashed in the face on the job. officers responded to a domestic
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dispute of barker avenue. 22-year-old saveon garrison stabbed a police officer in the face with a knife and then they shot garrison and he was taken to the hop. his family says he suffers from a mental illness. a fire in south philadelphia injured one person. here on the 13th block of north 10th street. a resident in that apartment suffered smoke inhalation, it's not clear how the blaze started . a woman's tragic death was ruled a suicide but a mother believes there is more to the story and that someone has something to hide. wendy saltzman has a preview. >> reporter: it's a question that only one person has the answer to. what happened when angela cotman
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was found shot if her home. they place the gun in erica's hands and cleared her fiance a member of the philadelphia police and now they are asking the department to reopen this closed case. tonight the evidence and "action news" turns to an outside expert. >> it's consistent with a suicide but also consistent with someone else pulling the trigger. >> did erica pull the trigger? only on "action news" at 11:00. turning to politics now presidential candidate, donald trump dominated the nevada caucus. john kasich and ben carson got one delegate each with one yet to be allocated. trump spent far less campaigning in nevada than his rivals did. and nonprofit organizations got information and how to hold
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their meetings. tamala edwards served as moderator and our public affairs expert served on the panelist of experts, they answered how community o.s can best utilize tv and social media to get their messages out. there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, parents misbehave while their children play at chuck e. cheese. the late of on erin andrew's $75 million court battle next.
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a party at a connecticut chuck e. cheese turned ugly after a large fight broke out with adults. five families were holding birthday parties at the time and 12 to 15 families were involved
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but all had left when the police officers got there. they are looking into what led up to it and who was involved. a 6-week-old puppy is recovering in south carolina after someone shot it 20 times with a b.b. gun, he saw 15 to 20 juveniles playing with a black puppy on sunday. police arrested two teenagers in connection with the case. fortunately brody is doing okay and will go up for adoption after he fully recovers. sports reporter and host of "dancing with the stars" erin andrews is in the mid of a $75 million court battle. abc news reporter ryan smith has the latest. >> i am happy to report -- >> she is known for report frgt sidelines and a cocoast on abc's "dancing with the stars."
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erin andrews taking on a personal challenge, a $75 million courtroom battle against a stalker at a marriott. saying the hotel made it easy for him to video her in the nude. the star fighting back tears in a courtroom on tuesday, explaining how michael barrett found her room number and called the marriott with a strange request. >> hi i'm michael barry want to room next to erin andrews that is my request. the hotel did not to prevent him from finding the room number and removed the peep hole on her door to do it. >> and stands there for four minutes and video taped her. >> he ed and connived.
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they say it was his crime not theirs. >> picks up the phone and calls the hotel here, this is jeff scott, i need to confirm our reservation. >> erin later posting the videos online and pleading guilty to stalking in 2010, but for erin andrews, the ordeal shaking her to the core. as a gma contributor, she had trouble coping. >> i felt that everywhere i looked everybody was looking even if no one was looking at all. but emerging in being a key advocate for anti-stalking legislation and telling congress in 2010. >> i had no idea how serious this crime was until it affected my life. >> that was abc's ryan smith reporting. abc comedy hit blackish is
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taking a serious tone, the show will tackle police brutality against african-americans, it focuses on the johnson family reaction to a police involved shooting, producers say they hope that parents will be inspired to talk to their children about the subject. watch blackish here on 6 abc at 9:30, the middle is at 8:00 followed by the goldbergs and modern family at 9:00 and then blackish and american crime at 10:00 followed by "action news" at 11:00 with jim gardner.
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rain now and more rain later and some could be severe. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you that for now we are still damp out there and the rain is breaking up a little bit over south jersey but there is more to come and i want to key on the northern suburbs though where some of the heaviest downpours are right now, new hope just got rid of one of these and the ponding and puddling on the roadways is
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trying to drain into your storm drains and trenton you are just getting missed by this cell but jackson mills and mercer county east of trenton possible problems there with street issues and medford also just about to get rid of this cell. that is the way it goes, you get hit with one of these things and then it's past you. and later this evening and afternoon there could be thunderstorms mixed in. we are looking at a profile today that could support that. the action cam was showing you a perfect picture of the way things looked today at the japanese garden, you can see the rain drops on the water. 53 degrees is your current temperature, we started out in the 40s and 30s up north but we are improving temperature-wise, and the winds are not all that bad. temperatures across the region, 30s in allentown and reading and
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notice we are into the 60s in a couple of spots down south, with mild air continuing to come up from the south and pushing up to allentown and by midnight tonight up to 50 in allentown and low 60s in philadelphia, and it will take a while to get to our daily highs, they probably won't hit until later, the big story is the rain and from now until 3:00 we are in and out of the rain drops and at some point may hear rumbles of thunder and it looks like at 3:00 the model wants to suggest that in chester county. later we go into the afternoon and evening and a better chance of more of this filtering in. the best shot is in through the evening and maybe 7:00, 7:30 and up to 10:30, this is what we are looking at the potential for spotty, gusty thunderstorms, that could produce damaging wind gusts. we want to show you something called the low level jet, an
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area where the winds above the surface are strong, and can enhance thunderstorms right now. you go up to 2:00 and starts to push into the region and this is the yellow area, and look at this into the evening hours, we get the yellow and this bullet of red and that is a good upper level wind profile that could create a thunderstorm that produces heavy rain ands could tap into the win winds above the surface and bring them to the surface. we are looking at 60 miles per hour potential. overall a moderate risk of lightning and high risk of downpours and the strong straight line winds. i am bumping up tornadoes to a moderate level, not that i think that is necessarily going to happen but it's part of the package from here to the southern mid-atlantic states and it wouldn't be out of the question. if you hear a rumble of thunder
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go to the lower floors and ride it out in safety there. gusty thunderstorms is the biggest issue and watch out for that thunder okay. tomorrow things get better, to 53 in the morning and temperatures drop, as the afternoon goes on, a spotty shower around and windy and chilly. on friday blustery and colder and a high of 40, friday chilly and 45 and saturday sunday and monday looking highs of 60 and march arrives tuesday to the tune of 52 and a late day shower. again be careful of the thunderstorms if they pop up you want to ride them out in safety. lower floors are the best. and the oscar goes to -- the five words keep oscar viewers on the edge of their seats every year. >> we are just days away from the awards show in its 88th year.
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alicia vitarelli has more on the oscar process. >> this is like my super bowl. the process of determining who wins an academy award, the vote counting is highly involved and surrounded by intense security. they are the best secret keepers in hollywood. martha and brian are set to carry the famous briefcases. >> and the oscar goes to -- >> holding the name of this year's oscar winners, for 82 years price waterhouse cooper has counted the ballots. 6,631 sent out this year and counting on paper and online. >> from the time they go out with security codes and those come back to us, we then have them in an undisclosed location, inside of that location, security is tight. there is a specialized alarm system, bio metric locks and no internet access.
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where a small team counts all 24 categories by hand. >> then it's up to brian and i to consolidate that and recount that and put it in envelope and seal it in red. the envelopes and a duplicate are loaded into a briefcase like this one. and they enter the code and take their briefcase, each then traveling a different route to the oscar red carpet escorted by los angeles police. >> no matter what happens at least one of us will get there. as a spoof they even carried a third used by host neil patrick harris and they hand it to the presenter just seconds before the announcement. >> it's an important secret, it's a secret we keep forever and that is who got second. >> right, people always dying to
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know that. there has been six ties in oscar history and to make sure the company that printses the cards and envelopes, doesn't know who the winners are they print a car for every nominee and price waterhouse places the right card in the envelope. they are like 007. and the oscars will be brad cast live here on 6 abc this sunday night starting at 7:00.
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meteorologist, david murphy, back inside now with a final check of the forecast. >> not a great day out there, it's wet and on the cool side. double scan live radar showing
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rain and south jersey delivering more lighter showers over the next half our or so. but on the lookout for heavier showers coming in and we are at an enhanced risk of severe weather, any storms that form would have a chance of producing strong damaging winds and the area is highlighted in orange for the area at most risk and a slight risk in the yellow area, the bottom line if you hear a rumble of thunder, head indoors, you'll want to be there any way with the rain. stay on the lower floors that is the best spot. don't forget to join us later for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> for sara bloomquist and david murphy i'm rick williams, have a nice afternoon stay dry. we'll see you later tonight.
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