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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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difference from a watch to a warning. the conditions right now are favorable for tornadic development. if a warning is issued you hear the word warning that is when a tornado is detected or spotted by an official on the ground and that is when you want to seek shelter immediately. and when it is issued it's the first level. home or a basement or high rise or condo it's the first floor. the watches extend all the way down to south carolina. we are watching one batch of heavy rainfall and some embedded thunderstorms moving from washington and richmond up the i-95 corridor. you see the definitive squall
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line here. you notice a jump up in temperature, the warmth has lifted to 60s in most areas except the lehigh valley 45 degrees. scattered storms through the early eepg hours and the squall line in the evening 7:00 to 9:00ish and the possible isolated tornado. when i come back we'll chat more and look at the radar and let you know the exact timing. >> thank you adam. heavy rain and the possibility of storms make a must on your viewing devices. be sure to follow the "action news" weather team on facebook and twitter for the latest. one man is dead after a fire in manayunk. this is brand new video into our newsroom. the fire started at 2:15 on cramped avenue, crews say once
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they put the flames out they found a man's body in the basement. they think that smoking may have caused it. pennsylvania governor, tom wolf, unveiled that he was battling cancer. he said it would not affect his job but made a point about personal health. here is more on the announcement. >> reporter: hi brian, as you see here in a moment, the governor as is his custom he was cool, calm and collected as he spoke about his medical situation, he and the first lady spoke today at the reception room of the governor's mansion in harrisburg. >> i have a mild case of prostate cancer and it's easily treatable. >> he explained that a blood test signalled his doctor that something could be a miss and a
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biopsy showed early stage prostate cancer. >> how do you feel? >> good. it was detected very early and the procedure is a minor one. >> wolf was asked would his can be that mike stack could become acting governor. like when governor casey underwent transplant surgery. he said he would stay on the job. >> in no way would this interfere with my ability to perform as governor. >> the former nfl governor says he thinks he will have no problem getting treatments and working. >> if he has radiation it may be in for a couple of hours and ought for a couple of hours, a couple of times a week and he should be fine. the governor sums it up this way. >> prostate cancer is something that older men -- um -- get.
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a lot of older men die with prostate cancer not a lot die of it. >> he repeated a number of times that his condition was picked up during a routine checkup and his reminder is have the checkups. the treatments are expected to last a couple of months. live in the center, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> to that end, governor wolf repeated several times that doctors caught his prostate cancer early and use that point to tell you to get the usual checkups. ali gorman is now live at the big board continuing our team coverage. >> reporter: as with all cancers it's best when they are called early but overall the prognosis for prostate cancer is good. it's overall five year survival rate is 99%.
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whether screening does more good than harm and some cases whether to treat it or not because some cancers especially in much orlando men may be slow growing but as the governor pointed out it's important to check in for all routine exams and have a conversation for when you should be screened. here is a look aat when the conversations start at age 50, if you are at a greater risk start the conversation at 45, that includes african-american men or anyone with a first degree relative diagnosed before the able of 65. some men will have to start at the age 40, that is if you have a first degree relative diagnosed at a younger age in the their 40s or 50s, the important thing is to have the conversation with your health care provider. >> thank you ali. our coverage of governor wolf's diagnosis continues online.
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watch video from his news conference and learn more about prostate cancer, it's all there at brand new at 4:00 we learned the flame of the man with a machete, michael west is accused of bringing it to the library at the university of pennsylvania. >> reporter: this was a swift spongs response, 12 minutes from the time it was reported until police apprehended the suspect. >> it's not every day you walk around with a machete, vice president maureen rush explained how this unfolded. at 9:45 a man saw the man walking at chestnut and walnut and appears to have a large
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night. the man called the police. >> he stayed far behind but kept him in sight and he was able to tell us the man entered the van pelt library. >> they had a brief conference call and sent out an alert. >> there was a text message of an incident at the library. >> van pelt library has federal archives and is open to the public certain times a day. the man signed in using his pennsylvania non-drivers license and had his picture taken. >> this was covert at this point. >> they sent in a tactical response. and detectives ran his picture and knew he was looking for and had multiple past arrests. teams of officers cleared out students and found the man on the fourth floor with a two foot machete in view. they learned that the man was homeless and found the machete on the street and was walking
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around with it for several days. >> everything was planned in drills, and you have to plan everything because you just don't know. >> katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." at the big board now with the story of a true hero at fireman's hall in spring garden, paul grugan accepted the firefighter of the year award. he was chosen for his actions on january 17th last year. he went into a burning second floor apartment unable to see anything because of smoke and messy conditions inside. despite getting tangled in the clutter he kept searching finding a woman that was trapped and he and another firefighter moved the victim to the top of the stairs where a fresh crew met them to complete the rescue.
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today they called him one of the most dedicated firefighters in the city. instead of taking credit he put the focus on his colleagues. >> it's very humbling, it's a group efforts and i was lucky to be in the right place at the right time and i couldn't have done it without my company. >> spoken like a true hero. he joined the department with pretty big shoes to feel, the son and nephew of three deputy chiefs and the grandson of an assistant engineer. congratulations to him. >> a big legacy there too. thank you alicia. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report. lets go live to matt pellman with a first look at a wet afternoon. >> hi guys, 95 has a legacy of slow speeds in the afternoons and it's holding true to that this afternoon. as we look live at the work zone in cotman avenue, it's soggy and slow in the southbound lanes past academy and bridge street
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not helping us out that is where there is a disabled vehicle and extra slow going and the travel time is slower on the northbound side because of afternoon volume combined with the wet conditions. in center city this is the vine street expressway no one is going anywhere quickly in either direction, we are jammed pretty muchive to river on the vine. a spill in royersford montgomery county and along 4th avenue at main street and a crash at rancocas road and a wreck at 25 in camden county past the white horse pike, it's off to the side and sluggish speed there's as you head to the north south speedway. and once again in westville some flooding shutting down route 47 near 130, use 130 to 95. lets grab the ipad and do the
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commuter report on this hump day. a pothole on baltimore pike, heads up southbound towards i-95. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> this matt. still ahead the same storm moving through our area is leaving a trail of damage in its wake, we'll head down two south to show you the aftermath of storms and tornados that moved through those states. and an unexpected stop for a woman to make an unexpected delivery.
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severe storms tore through the south yesterday killing three people and damaging hundreds of homes, the tornado devastated an rv park in convent louisiana killing two there and injuring 30 others, can you see most of the rv's were reduced to ruckle there and 200 homes were damaged elsewhere in the state
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and a third person was killed in mississippi and ten homes were damaged in the pensacola area, one woman was lucky to be alive after riding out the storm in her apartment. >> storms have a mind of their own, they will jump over the house are you in two destroy the house next door and this is what this tornado did. 26 twisters were reported in 4 hours across five states. stocks finished strong. the dow up 53 points and the nasdaq up 39 and the s&p 500 up 8 and change, up almost 9 points today. johnson & johnson will pay $72 million for its tal couple famto the family of jackie fox. they say they knew about the dangers of the product and did
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nothing about it. the company based in new jersey is appealing the ruling and they say that the product is safe. sheera was on his way home and the train was somewhere in virginia when her water broke weeks early. she believed she could make it back to philadelphia so kept on riding but when they pulled into aberdeen, maryland, the contractses started coming up and the emt's came on board. >> the emt juddy said the baby is crowning and i started pushing and i couldn't hold it
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back any longer. >> and there she is. within 15 minutes that becausy girl arrived. little trinity, a healthy 5 pounds 8 ounces, her middle name is christina in honor of another passenger that provided comfort during the ordeal. so beautiful ending to this story. she will have one to tell that little girl for years to come. >> absolutely very sweet. time to get a check of the accuweather forecast. it's a soggy one. adam joseph is standing by live now. >> reporter: it's active during the evening hours as we look at double scan live radar at the present time we see the heavy rain south of dover and baltimore, locally just spotty showers and a few embedded downpours here and there and we see one to the north and west of malvern and northern chester county and heading towards northwestern county and it skirts east of pottstown as it splits between route 100 as well as the northeast extension and a
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cluster of downpours near lancaster but no lightning detected at this vantage point. we head to marysville and queen anne, there is only one lightning strike that is over and west of queen anne as this area of heavy air lifts from the south. we see the downpours intensify and the atmosphere is so warm it holds more water content. you could see blinding rain as this passes by. and the tornado watch is in effect tonight, it does not include the lehigh valley, it means be aware and follow us on facebook and twitter as well as on the air because the atmosphere is condeucive to possibly trying to row hate these storms. allentown and reading 45. and philadelphia 64 and 60 in
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millville and 66 in dover with strong winds coming in out of the southeasterly direction, 35 miles per hour at the atlantic city airport and 30 philadelphia and 33 in dover, and where there is no friction with this wind comes in off the water, the southeasterly wind along the coast there is a wind advise write from 6:00 p.m. until midnight with gusts of 50 miles per hour. as we look at satellite and radar, we watch a squall line to the south and west in western virginia and western parts of maryland that pushes through during the early and middle part of the evening hours, so at 5:00 the downpours to the south will continue to drift to the north here, and also through 7:00 we'll see the scattered downpours maybe an embedded thunderstorm, and there is the squall line to the west of lancaster as it approaches the i-95 corridor at 8:30 tonight, this is when we see the strongest winds with the storm passing through and maybe the isolated tornado and it breaks apart as we go deeper into the
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overnight, by midnight a few lingering downpours and showers and tomorrow's rush hour clouds and a spinning shower around and the worst is long gone before the morning rush home. the four day at 4:00 forecast as we get into the thursday, the winds kick up to 40 miles per hour tomorrow and stays mild at 53 and a lot of clouds and spitting shower and blustery and cold as the sun returns on friday and 40 degrees and chilly for the weekend, a lot of sunshine 44 and a big jump on sunday, bright and mild with temperatures at 60 degrees and those 60s will continue in the seven day in the next half hour. and of course we'll update you with double scan live radar it will constantly change here. sunday will be beautiful. >> thanks adam. coming up next police catch a married couple that police say pulled off a series of crimes
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from our delaware newsroom, one man is in the hospital after a stabbing in wilmington. the action cam was on washington street at 6:00 a.m. this morning. they got a call for a fight there but by the time they got there the man had driven himself to the hospital. he is in serious condition. police arrested a couple for a burglary. the donovans are facing two counts of burglary and two
4:25 pm
counts of thefts. they all happened this month, that they forced themselves into homes in the wood briar section. and they took jewelry and cash and took off. they are both in jail on $250,000 bail each. police expect to file more charges against them. a philadelphia mom claim aid local cop killed her daughter, was it suicide or did someone else pull the trigger. wendy saltzman has a preview of tonight's special report zblts a mystery that only one living person has the answer to, what happened the day erica kochman was home with her boyfriend. investigations place the gun in erica's hands, but now the police advisory commission is asking them to reopen this closed case, and they turn to an outside expert looking for answers.
4:26 pm
it's consistent with a suicide or with someone else pulling the trigger. did erica fire the gun or is there for to this story? nonprofit organizations in philadelphia met this morning to find out how to maximize their impact in the community through the media. they held the workshop in center city. tamala edwards was the moderator of this event and they answered questions about how nonprofits could best engage the media to cover their community events. philadelphia officials broke ground this morning on a new project in center city. the new space features two new six story apartment buildings. more than 300 public parking spots, the project replaces two existing parking lots and the corpse is behind the project and no time line is given for its completion but it looks cool
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still to come on the next half our of "action news," a change to the sex ed program in san francisco is sparking controversy surrounding condoms. and if you find yourself too busy for pampering you are not alone and a local company is trying to help you. straight ahead.
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"action news" continue with meteorologist, adam joseph,
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alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. hello i'm monica malpass in for sharrie. "action news" continues with new details about a teen assault on a berks county trail. >> and the fallout continues after an officer is caught on camera kicking a suspect. the latest on his job status. and a unique classroom rolls into town showing studentses what it's like to sit in a prison cell. and we begin with an accuweather alert a tornado watch is covering most of our region and is expected to last most of the night. >> we have seen our share of rain but now the concern is that the storms could turn severe quickly. lets go to adam joseph with the latest from accuweather. >> it's rare to see tornado watches in february never mind our region but these stretch all the way south to south carolina. this is 650 miles of real estate
4:30 pm
that has tornado watches, our watch is up until 11:00 tonight and can you see tornado warnings right now, all of these counties in red in north carolina as well as virginia along the squall line that is pushing from the southwest to the north and east. all the warnings are mainly with this line that is still west of richmond and washington and this is expected to push into here during the middle part of the evening hours from 7:00 to around 9:00 or 10:00 and we have thunderstorms and downpours ahead of that line that passes through and you'll see intense rain and strong gusty winds ahead of this line and that is what we are watching here as it progressed in from the west to the east. looking at the temperatures, this is what is fueling the system. temperatures right now in the mid-atlantic the tornado watches are in the 60s and temperatures are high and the dew points jump up and the atmosphere can fuel itself and we have the strong low level jet that is passing through to help keep the storms together. as we take a look at the risks,
4:31 pm
as we go through the evening hours, a moderate risk here is the downpours and strong winds, that is the straight line wind damage where the winds could be 60 miles per hour and a low chance of large hail and a moderate chance of some isolated tornadoes. when i come back we'll take a closer look at double scan live radar and the timing of the storms. >> thank you adam. you can track the steady rain and storms at, stormtracker 6 live double scan radar is always a step ahead of the changes, and follow-up dates from the weather team on facebook and twitter. pennsylvania governor, tom wolf announces he had prostate cancer, during a news conference with his wife by his side, he stressed that the cancer is in the early stages and very treatable. he did not talk about specifics of his treatment but that it will start in a few weeks and does not expect any of this to
4:32 pm
impact his ability to governor. >> an alarming assault has police on alert. that a teenager was attracted on a trail in broad daylight. walter per he's is live with more. >> reporter: those details are pretty disturbing, investigators say it happened along the trail, behind me a popular trail for runners, and walkers and bikers and the victim was only 15 years old. >> renee thames of reading is responding to a report of a 15-year-old girl assaulted along the trail in reading. >> she remembers when this was unheard of it. >> you could leave the doors open and walk along the street at night. you have to lock it up and be careful where you go.
4:33 pm
>> she was reportedly walking the thum trail when a man walked up behind her and pulled her to the side of the trail where he physically and sexually assaulted her and then her attacker ran back down the trail heading east. people live near the spot where it happened and can only hope it is solved quickly. she is a runner, and i run too, i would never run by myself. it's a shame a nice place to walk and bike and run. >> terrible. i have grandchildren, i worry when i hear it. >> i have an 11-year-old daughter and if she was out there and someone did something like that, i don't know what my reaction would be. not as calm. >> the man is described at 55'1" tall. anybody with information is asked to call the police.
4:34 pm
walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> walter thank you. a police involved shooting is under investigation in delaware county, police say a detective opened fire after a fellow officer was attacked by a steak knife last night. responding to a disoriented person last night. that is when 42-year-old saveon garrison slashed an officer in the face and he was shot and remains in critical condition now. his family says that garrison suffers from a mental illness and is known to local police. >> when this incident happened in the house he was fighting for his life thinking someone was there to attack him. >> the police officer who was slashed received some stitches but is expected to be okay. philadelphia police have an arrest warrant out for this man today, 22-year-old dante green a suspect in a homicide that happened early sunday morning.
4:35 pm
investigators believe he shot and killed a man on greenway avenue in southwest philadelphia. green should be considered armed and danger. a dover police officer recorded on camera kicking a suspect in the head has agreed to resign and they are also paying corporal webster $250,000 part of a settlement this week and he gets his current pay and benefits through june 30th. he was acquitted of charges in this incidents. and police say that 40-year-old beverly ritter handed an employee a note and demanded money and said she had a gun and ritter ran out of the restaurant empty handed when a second employee came to the register. well for years as you know the legal drinking age across the country is 21 years old but
4:36 pm
one lawmaker in new jersey wants to change that. rick williams is live in the newsroom with details on this story. >> thank you, that is right he wants the legal age reduced to 18, a controversial plan to be sure and he has a host of reason he is backing a younger age for drinking, the push back his proposal is receiving and the millions of dollars it could cost the state of new jersey. and also coming up tonight in health check, forget pills how about freezing your headaches away. we'll explain the new techniques to bring relief to migraine sufferers. that and more when we see you for "action news" at 5:00. >> see you then rick thanks. mayor jim kenney was out in the rain taking part of a walking tour, they learned about new commercial and housing tornados here and the tour was part of the commerce departments
4:37 pm
commercial corridor initiative. a school bus has been turned into a classroom on wheels to help delaware students stay out of trouble. the action cam was there as the choice bus rolled up to the middle school. half classroom, half prison cell, to show them to stay in school because dropping out could put their future on the line. >> a powerful message there. still ahead, a story that will make your skin crawl. parents get word of a lice outbreak at a local school, details straight ahead. model chrissy teigan talks about her journey to have a child and she is getting mixed reactions.
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some local parents got wer 9
4:40 pm
and about half of them are accessing condoms, the state law now allows the students to get a condom confidently without permission from mom or dad and
4:41 pm
other parents at the meeting says that they can't believe a signature is required for a field trip but not contraception. >> we know that love wins, because of this amazing story out of washington county. a teenager with terminal cancer marries his girlfriend in a ceremony put on by the community. on friday they tied the knot with 200 people on their big day. luke was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer two years ago and that is now terminal. wanting to marry his sweetheart, the town came together to throw them their dream wedding and luke was able to walk down the aisle by himself without his crutches, not a dry eye there. and finally model and host
4:42 pm
of abc's fab life, chrissy teigan is open and honest about undergoing in vitro fertilization. and now there is no shortage or shares when she opened up to "people" magazine. she said not only am i having a girl, i picked her from her little embryo. she said her hubby would be the best father to a little girl and a boy will come along. we'll get there too. some people are commenting congratulating the couple. others criticizing their decision to select the gender. all i can say is when i watch fab life, i can't wait for this baby to come. >> they wait aid long time that is for sure. >> alicia thank you. lets get a check of the roads right now. what is up there on the roads
4:43 pm
matt. >> we are not having a fab life on these roads. we try to get home in the wet conditions and at least at this point it's better than tonight. you'll be stuck in traffic on the schuylkill expressway westbound side, this is the scene approaching the roosevelt boulevard. the 26 minute travel time has a 12 minute delay waiting for you on the westbound side of 76. leer on 95 we are also substantially delayed on the southbound side but that broken down vehicle that i mentioned the last half hour by bridge street is gone and looking at a slow pace from academy to bridge and the northbound travel time is slower, that is just normal afternoon volume giving you unlucky 13 miles per hour. and look for a crash at 88 at bart ram this afternoon and a building collapse at kingsessing at 55th and 54th. and a crash at bridesburg in
4:44 pm
tacony along magee, and new state road and traffic troubles at the falls bridge and kelly drive. and people can't use the bridge any way because of the construction. and downed wires at springfield and brook side road and a crash near old york and susquehanna and old gwinnett look for a crash at ambler road. we'll check it again if the 5:00 hour. >> all right see you then matt. thank you. what's the deal? is ahead. they put a full service hair salon on wheels. and penn's landing drippy and dreary out there, adam joseph is back with the latest on the tornado watch that is next.
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adam joseph along now with the tornado watch in effect. by all accounts the weather coming up this way is severe. >> it is we are seeing tornado warnings, that means an indicated tornado on the ground and the watch mes we are watching for the potential and there was a bunch of warnings with this line in virginia and north carolina now. as we look at double scan live radar we are tracking torrential rain in parts of delaware and southern new jersey and chester and lancaster and parts of berks county. you can see the pops of reds developing by the bypass in western chester county and oxford, again a lot of water falling in a short amount of time but only one lightning strike now in this entire area. but we are tracking heavy rain south of wilmington south of wilmington and newark and middletown heading from the south to the north and we'll see
4:48 pm
waves of heavy rain this evening and then we'll watch the squall line pass through between 7:00 and 9:00. the tornado watch in effect until 11:00 p.m. tonight and the entire delaware valley to the shore and the entire state of delaware but does not include the lehigh valley, have you to watch for damaging winds as the storms pass by and that means be aware of the situation, when you hear a warner you will want to take shelter. the warm front moved north of philadelphia. 63 in millville and 66 in dover and this warm air helping to fuel the storms and on the brink in the northern parts of you viewing area, still only 45 but that warm front expected to push through there as well. as we look to the west we see the spin near cincinnati with the powerful low, a foot of snow in chicago and over the great lakes and as we zoom in closer there is that squall line near
4:49 pm
hagerstown maryland and this continues to march from the west to the east and we get the bands of heavy rain ahead of the line and this is the one we are watching for the winds that could gust with straight line winds without a possible tornado after 60 miles per hour. future tracker at 7:00 p.m., some of those hit or miss storms or downpours, then the line approaching lancaster at 7:00, newcastle county, and lehigh vall valley. it fall as part as it pushes to the east, and additional storms trying to pop up along the shore and overnight a few lingering showers or random downpour and 7:30 for the rush things are quiet. as we look at the surface map here with low pressure to the north on thursday, a second front passes by tomorrow and little moisture and maybe a shower with that and gusty winds with a high of 53 tomorrow and then after that front passes
4:50 pm
here lit tomorrow and it's mostly sunny and strong winds from the northwest gusting to 40 miles per hour and a high of just 40 and windchills below the freezing point through the entire day on friday. tomorrow is windy and a scattered shower but far better than today. 53 degrees and a pop of sun here or there. and blustery cold and 40 on friday and less wind on saturday, lots of sun and 44 and a big jump up here, the second half of the weekend, get the outdoor plans underway here. 60 degrees and sun on sunday, 63 on monday and going into march it starts quiet on tuesday and a lot of clouds wednesday and high temperatures running above average, in the lower to middle 50s. be aware we are on facebook and twitter and if there is a warning we'll break into programming here. still ahead for you, a new local company is catering to busy schedules, they bring
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beauty and barbershop treatments to your door. and abc has a jam packed prime time lineup, the middle followed by the goldbergs, modern family and blackish and then american crime. tonight leslie's career is in jeopardy and that is followed by "action news" at 5ek.
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travels to washington for appointments in the white house. so you can imagine it's hard to squeeze in beauty appointments. >> on the days i might be able to get to a salon, they are closed. >> or there is no appointment available. so what do you do? >> as the mainstream artist gets to work she is getting her own work done in her old city office. >> this is a life saver. >> this launches eight months ago, the brain storm of abraham gonzales. >> it's like the uber for beauty? >> makeup, nails and massage and even personal training. the professionals will meet you in 35 minutes or less. we have homes and businesses and condo buildings, someone order a manicure and pedicure at the airport. >> nancy says she gets a lot of
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calls during nap time. >> stay at home moms love it because they can't leave with their kid. it's easy for them. for attorney alan geiger time is money. >> i have an important meeting coming up i like some cleanup around the ears. >> and at his center city law firm he is squeezing it in minutes before the meeting. >> it would add additional stress on my day so to get this done. >> bruno can run a mobile salon on his smart phone. >> it's not a third party that books my appointments it's beauty and grooming on demand. >> and because of that mainstream that was born here in philadelphia is up and running now in 22 u.s. cities and if you like the feel of a real salon, by the middle of next month, you can use the app to book those appointments as well. >> we love a home grown story. >> absolutely. very clever thank you. finally at 4:00 a little boy in
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new jersey got quite a surprise this week. his mom army sergeant rodriguez came back from deployment and stuck into his day care. check it out. he ran straight into her arms. rodriguez was gone almost a year and he was staying with his grandmom, but was thrilled to see mama. hope you'll join me and sharrie along with adam joseph and ducis rogers for an hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. here now is rick williams with a look ahead at 5:00. >> coming up pennsylvania governor, tom wolf, diagnosed with cancer, we are live team coverage on the sudden announcement and what is next for his treatment. and governor jack markell weighs in on allegations of
4:57 pm
racism within the state's labor department and we are tracking storms along the east coast that could bring severe weather our way. another update just minutes away coming up next at 5:00.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. looking live outside right now another round of storms moving through our area and accuweather is tracking the potential for severe weather, wednesday night and the big story on "action news" is the tornado watch now in effect for most of the delaware valley. lets get right to meteorologist, cecily tynan, watching double scan live radar for us closely tonight. >> reporter: usually this time of year we talk about winter storm watches and not tornado watches, but this storm is unusually strong, northwest of the storm heavy snow and hundreds of flights canceled south of o'hare and southeast of it you have the warm air and tremendous wind energy, more than three dozen tornadoes from the storm system yesterday and today, and as we zoom in, here is the squall line i'm tracking. we have tornado warnings lined
5:00 pm
up ahead of it. this expands from the north to the east and that could breng us isolated tornadoes and wind damage, the watch is posted for our area until 11:00 tonight the exception is the lehigh valley and the poconos, so what does this mean, a big difference between a watch and warning. the watch means conditions are favorable for development. just be aware. but if a tornado warning is issued that means the radar detected the possibility of a tornado or a funnel cloud is spotted visually, get into your safe spot, and grown level, lowest level of your house and no warning issues just watches. we have the warm air temperatures in the 60s right now, this is what to expect tonight.


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