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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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scan showing the scope of this storm, the upper level low is strong over ohio and northwest of it you get blizzard conditions and southeast is where you get the severe weather and as we zoom in, i want to show you the squall line i'm tracking and this is what spawned additional tornados across virginia and heading across washington, d.c. and moving to the east and ahead of it we do have heavy rain and one cell of severe weather, right over the mouth of the delaware bay and heading towards gandhis beach and bay side and rushing north at 65 miles per hour and that is the indication of strong winds in the upper atmosphere. and this has the capability of producing wind gusts up to 71 miles per hour, and wind damage is a good possibility tonight. and this watch is up for the entire area except for the lehigh valley and the poconos. the watch means conditions are favorable for a possible tornado
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to develop, just stay alert. if a tornado is warning, that means it has been visually spotted or detected on radar. that is when we send out the alert and get to the lowest level of your building. the squall line really moving through through 7:00 and 10:00 and damaging wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour. more details in the full accuweather forecast. >> all right cecily, steady rain and storms make required viewing on all of your devices, stormtracker 6 live double scan radar is always a step ahead of changes and be sure to follow the "action news" weather team on facebook and twitter and other social platforms, other news at the hour, governor tom wolf has prostate cancer, and he disclosed that information this morning. sara bloomquist is live now what
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did the governor say about this today. >> the governor and his wife made the announcement together today in harrisburg, he said in no way will the diagnosis or the upcoming treatment interfere with his duties as the governor of the state of pennsylvania. >> my wife and i recently found out i have a mild case of prostate cancer. >> the 67-year-old governor of pennsylvania says his prostate cancer was detected several months ago during a routine checkup and confirmed during a followup test and he says he will undergo a minor procedure and it does not include chemotherapy. >> do you feel good? >> yes, we detected it very early and the procedure will be a truly minor one. >> the governor says the diagnosis and treatment ahead will not impact his duties, first lady, francis wolf echoed his optimism about the outcome. >> we are hopeful he will beat
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it. >> governor wolf made it clear he wants to disclose the diagnosis publically to bring awareness of early detention. >> the importance of regular checkups so you can detect things like this. steve morrison of wmmr preston and steve underwent surgery for prostate cancer in 2014. >> you put the face of the governor that continues to work. and mayor giuliani in new york in prostate cancer a few years ago and it's manageable. but the one thing have you to do, you have to get it early. >> governor wolf says he will take a few days off and take his first vacation since being elected governor of pennsylvania and then begin treatment near his home near york, pennsylvania. live in the satellite center, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. following wolf's
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announcement today republican party of pennsylvania chairman rob gleason released this statement. our party may argue on policy with governor tom wolf but we are with him on his treatment for prostate cancer, and pray for him. >> ali gorman is at the big board with more. >> reporter: prostate cancer is common among men, for most cases especially the early stage cases the prognosis is very good. governor wolf shared his story to raise awareness for other men. >> this is why routine checkups matter and make a difference. >> sharing his diagnosis governor wolf sent a message, don't skip medical appointments but screening has become
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confusing and controversial. experts arguing whether it does good or leads to unnecessary treatments. men should at least have a conversation about their health care provider about it. at age 50 and men at greater risks should start at age 40 or 45, this includes african-american men and first degree family who were diagnosed before the age after 65. how people are screened and treated vary depending on your risks. early stage typically means the cancer has not spread and there are many ways to treat it. >> that is one problem there are a lot of good options and it's the patient deciding which option is best for them. for much older men with slow growing cancer, that could mean close surveillance and minimally invasive procedures but the most
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common is surgery and radiation. and overall prognosis for early stage prostate cancer is very good. but to be sure -- >> we keep watching it because when you are diagnosed with it and treated for it you are monitored. >> we are very aware about prostate cancer, we lost our very own gary papa to the disease seven years ago. his case was rare and aggressive but he always preached to other men to get checked. >> thank you ali. our coverage of governor wolf's with diagnose continues on our website, it's all at a man was killed today when fire broke out at a home in manayunk. it happened just after 2:00 this afternoon in the 300 block of crams avenue, crews found the man in his 50s dead in the basement. they say that the fire may have
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been sparked by careless smoking, the man arrests for carrying a machete and box cutter on the university of pennsylvania campus, was arraigned this afternoon. police found 47-year-old michael west on the fourth floor of the van pelt library yesterday afternoon. a man spotted west walking and notified police. police say the man was homeless and found the machete on the street a few days ago. and an alarming assault on a popular trail. police are investigating the reported sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl on the two trail. a man grabbed her from behind and sexually and physically assaulted her. construction is underway for a project that will go far in reshaping broad street philadelphia, city officials and
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developers, symbolly broke ground, that is the spot of the north broad apartment buildings there are two buildings one more residential and one more retail. this is the latest in the string of projects to -- a philadelphia woman has quite a birth story to tell after a special delivery while riding the rails and the eagles make a notable cut from their roster. disturban ducis rogers with that story tonight. the national weather just issued a severe storm warning forrer this cell moves into cumberland county. i'll have details on that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. your daughter wants to stay organic.
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a dover police officer acquitted of assault will receive $230,000 from the city. the payment is part of a settlement that calls for corporal thomas webster to resign immediately. webster was seen on dash-cam video kicking a suspect in the head in 2015, a jury acquitted webster and he will receive his pay and benefits through june 30th. mayor jim kenney spent this afternoon taking a tour of 5th street and north liberties, the first stop was a visitors center
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that sparks economic development in the area. the first floor is dedicated to showcasing the work of local artists. yesterday we told you the story of a philadelphia woman that had a baby on an amtrak train, we hear from the mom shara lowe. gray hall has the story. >> reporter: an amtrak explain is probably not the first place you think of for babies being born and certainly not the ead i'll place for philadelphia mom hara lowe but she could not wait. >> i could not go back to my seat three doors down. >> her water broke as she was heading back to philadelphia from north carolina. the baby was not due until march 4th. the train made the unexpected stop and surprise said delivery in aberdeen, maryland, and passengers tried to help, medics rushed to her rescue.
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>> they laid me down on the benches and the mt judy, she looked and said the baby is crowning and like i started pushing, i couldn't -- i couldn't hold it back any longer. trinity christina stokes entered the world weighing 8 pounds 5 pounce ounces, her middle name is named after a passenger that comforted lowe during the child birth. >> i am happy i had the experience.
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eagles released a guy that meant so much to this team for a long time. >> you don't have your job for a long time in this league. they have jordan hicks and that mak makes domeco ryan expendable. he had less than 50 tackles the
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what three seasons and no sacks either year, and the move saves the eagles $3.5 million. >> and the combine is happening in indianapolis and the eagles are there scouting quarterbacks but they have the position of bringing bradford back. >> sam is part of the eagles organization and what he has done the last year gives him the opportunity to stay in philadelphia. being a player in his shoes and you have to want to want to be somewhere and sam wants to be in philadelphia. first base man miguel franco was well on his way to a good season and was plunked in the
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hand. >> manager pete mccannon has raved about franco's worth ethic and they expect that to pay off in 2016. they hope they can combine for 60 homers. phillies third base man miguel franco is expected to be the next big hit for the phillies, just like ryan howard used to do they believe he can hit 30 homers and drive in 100 runs. >> want to get better every single day and work hard every single day. >> as a rookie he had 50 rbis in just 80 games, he is just 23 years old and could be as good as mike schmidt. >> he is much better than i was at his age, how is that for an answer. a lot better player at his age now, defensively and offensively than when i was his age. >> fronko was in the
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conversation for rookie of the year when he broke his wrist in august, thanks to a pitch by jeremy, who is now his phillies teammate. >> i felt horrible when it happens. >> he didn't do it on purpose, you know it's part of the game. >> fronko says no hard feelings, he wants to be a good teammate and friend. and plans to talk to him down in clearwater to tell him don't worry about it. to the flyers, claude giroux did not play in the loss to carolina last night. and ruled him out of tomorrow's game against minnesota. he is reportedly dealing with a concussion. number one villanova visits fifth ranked xavier, and the cats are stoked for it. these are games you want to win bad and are you in tough environments and face adversity. and find a way to get it done. and that is what post season
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play is. you have to be ready to handle anything that comes at you, that is one reason we love playing in these games, tip-off is 7:00 it's a good run. >> middle school students in delaware had a chance today to see where dropping out of school could land them. it's a unique project, it's called the choice bus, half of it is a classroom and the other half is a prison cell, it made a stop at stanton middle school showing students how leaving school early could risk their future. the choice bus visited 19 states since it was launched in 2008.
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got a serious weather system moving into the area and the potential for some dangerous weather. we are already seeing weather now and the actual squall line is to the west. if you look to the west through harrisburg and baltimore, that is the squall line we are tracking and seeing severe weather breaking out ahead of it. a severe thunderstorm warning is posted for cumberland county and parts of salem, cumberland county and cape may county at 6:45 for a severe thunderstorm cell that could produce wind gusts more than 60 miles per hour and this cell is racing to the north at 75 miles per hour and we are beginning to see a little bit of a bowing and a hook developing and that is an indication that there could be development of rotation in the upper atmosphere, heading to franklinville and clayton and palatine and if you live in the path of this storm you want to
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get inside. we are talking about wind gusts of 60 miles per hour, this could cause damage, elmer andmal can an also in the path of that storm. i want to switch this over to relative velocity. this is a way to look at the winds, the red is rushing away from our radar site and the green toward the radar site and the reds and green get closer together than again is an indication of some rotation, no tornado warnings associated with this and this is a cell that we'll watch and holds together as it moves to the north, the squall line to the west is producing a severe thunderstorm warning for lancaster county and 7:30 for wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour and as we zoom in for this, this line is moving north-northeast at 50 miles per hour and this is a line that has been producing all the severe weather, and this will continue to push to the east and push
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through the region from 7:00 tonight, and a warning is posted until 11:00. this time of year we usually have winter storm warning not tornado warnings. i would not be surprised if they expand this this the lehigh valley. it's 63 in allentown and philadelphia and 60 in wilmington and that creates instability and the cold front has cold air and that could create the severe weather. satellite 6 along with action radar this really shows the magnitude of the storm, it's massive. blizzard warnings east of chicago, that low pressure continues to track to the north and that squall line continues to push through. future timer tracking it out. and philadelphia around 8:30 pushing through and then it is booking moving to the east at 60 miles per hour. by 10:00 reaching the coast and
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then overnight a few scattered showers and tomorrow we'll see a possibility of a scattered shower, our weather will be quieting down and although it will be on the windy side and tomorrow we are in between two cold fronts, and clouds with the possibility of a shower, 53 and mild, winds south-southwest 15 to 25 miles per hour and a second cold front moves through late in the day on thursday, on friday, sunshine is back but it's cold and it's windy and the high is 40 degrees but with wind gusts of 40 miles per hour it feels more like 32 and feeling like winter again, the exclusive accuweather forecast, tomorrow unsettled and windy and a few showers and a high of 53 degrees, friday the sunshine is back and blustery and cold and 40 and windchill 32 and the weekend is looking nice saturday on the cool side, 44 degrees loads of sunshine and if you like spring like warmth, it returns on sunday bright and mild with a high of 60, still mild ahead of a cold front, that
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front could bring us showers late in the day on monday and behind the system on tuesday, the first day of march, march is coming in like a lamb, 54 degrees and partly sunny and wednesday mostly cloudy with a high of 52. a lot of people have questions about tornado watches, join my facebook page for a live video chat. i'll have updates through the night too. new affordable housing is now available in the city of wilmington, delaware governor jack markell is celebrating the losts at clifford brown loft. the development was paid for in part by state funds and federal low income housing tax credits, 80 new units at the losts at clifford brown walk. and next david muir on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff,
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sharrie williams and adam joseph and ducis rogers and please join us for an "action news" investigation at 11:00 here on channel 6. a philadelphia mother claims her daughter was killed at the hands of a local cop. but was it suicide or did someone else pull the trigger? here is wendy saltzman with a preview. >> it's a mystery that only one living person knows the answer to, what happened the day 29-year-old erica kochman was shot in the home she shared with her boyfriend. >> tonight calls for the case to be reopened. and one experts opinion. >> it could be consistent with someone else pulling the trigger. for cecily tynan and ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team. i'm jim gardner, we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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breaking news tonight. we're on the scene of a deadly tornado outbreak. several states, homes destroyed. a dangerous night ahead from south carolina all the way up through new york. also breaking tonight, the race for president, and donald trump, now marching to super tuesday. his landslide win in nevada. and the major republican now predicting a trump surprise. the abc news exclusive tonight. my one-on-one interview with apple's ceo, tim cook. for the first time, cook on why apple is refusing to help the fbi break into the iphone used by the san bernardino killer. new details tonight on the pilot in that deadly chopper crash. what he was trying to do. and the famous sports reporter, the "dancing with the stars" host, erin andrews, suing her stalker and a major hotel tonight. did they put the stalker right next door?


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