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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 25, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EST

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hard as it can rain in center city, philadelia. we were warned about torrentl rain and dangero windsnd that's wt we go > meanwhile the weather philadelphia inteationa no flights going out or coming in. wedsday nit, the big sto on "action news" is a night of hea, hvy in andicked winds. and while theorna threats now ending, we are facing seris flash flding. the system spaing tornados down south barrelled into the delaware valley and it took a toll on trees, intern causing considerable mage. this is howt looked after a tr crashed into a house in new jersey. this was thece in wningtown tonight wre street lights were out. no electric treesity here. the sto has pnged tens of thousandsf pplen r area
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into the dk tonigh peco h neay 15,000 pse&g 80 outas mosy camn county. a atlantic citylose to 10,000 and delmarva power under 800. and live in shelnham, first we goo meteorolost cecily tynan. we had a torna warning in laaster county. does it mean it's likely a twister did tch down ther >>t was either a tornado or strght-ne wind damage. sometng you typicly doot get in la febrry. the storm system, t squall line that tryingled the warning in lancaster county at 7:30 has broken upnd pushed nth and et. it was sitting over philadelphia about 45ines and we got the training of the heavy rain. nowt is really binning to lift up. it is between i-95 and the rsey turnpike and setching southf trenn. with it.ningtrikes associad
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it is beginning to lose a lot of wind energy, b i show you the rainfall rates. starting transition where the main ccern is the pential for fla fong. where we have t pule, that i it rain falling at the rate two ihes her hour. th really was sitti over phadelphia for the bet are part of t past hour. because of that, we have a lot the highways are a mess. the flash fod warning really rightlong the i-95 corridor until 2:30 and a flash flood rning for lehigh valley until 2: tomrow morning dropping a tremendous amount of rain, 1 1/2 to 2 ihes. and t possie tornadoear cnty, and a tornado watch tendedow for new jersey. andver for delaware and pennsylvania extend until 1:00 for new jersey. and talkinghen the storms finally et t coast in the ll acceather forecast.
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jim? >> thank you, ceci. talng about fsh flooding going thrive to con news" reporter dann ellar on toship line roadn cheltenham. whatre you eg ere? >> for over an hour it was rocking and rollg. andemind me of hurca floyd when itat over usnd pour a poured and poured. iwas cing downo fast the water d no place to go. beginning to flood.ets were this is what we saw tonht in cheltenh and township line. and you can see, i mean the car is trying to get through he. this water was comg down so fast. and they were trying to get through, a lot of theseite roadways here that you find in cheltenh township. it was amazinto see the wat come dn at such an incredible speed, and to wat within minuteshese roads were
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biing to flood from the flash flooding we saw on here. now tre was also other problems that were going on here. we saw downed trees. of course here on theownship line, thiwas the scene on township line whe a tree knocked down power lin and they had to stdown the road anit remai stdown at this moment whe theyork to try to car ts tree and tse pow like that for awhile this is just indicativef one of the sces we have seen. the litning, it was so intense iturned night into daylight it was that brht. a iwas like flash bulbs on a cera, but mh bigger. and relentless.ight anything it would not end. qte the srm that psed enuaic re. back to you. >> dann cuellar reporting, thank you. a cumberland county daycare osed tomrow cse tree fel
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fell onto it tonight. and in vineland, a tree punched a hole in the roof. insulaons you see fl down. fortunately, nobody was inside en this happened. >> something like this, we are denitely not happy. is safe and ok.that everybody >> the facility cares for 80 the storm h its way wh a burgeking. strong winds knocked the sign into the restaurant on the 5900 blockf ring sun avenue. > a state of emergency has been declared in virginia after vere storms left tee peoe dead. other parts of the south a also dealing withxtreme weaer. there have been at least 31 report tornas inhe past 24 hrs in five stat. pensaco,li has been particur hard-hit. wdpeeds there estimated at 155 mes per hour. tree will be monoringhe ing effects of the storm overnight
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and have the very latest beginning at 4:30 a.m. pnsylvania governor tom wolf has prostate cancer. the goverr and his wife, francis, tald to reporters this moi in harrisburg. wolf said the cancer was discor a couef mths agouring a routine psical and confied a couple of weeks ago with additional testing. e good ne here thathe prosta ccer isn a very early stage. >>ow do u feel? >> i feel great. >> are y sced? >> really, detected very early and so the procedure is goi to a truly min one. >> wolf said that he will not need chemotherapy but will geing trement overhe coming weeks. he said it wl not interfere th him doing his job as governor. his fe, francis, said this will be beaten. wolf said h case shows the importancof regular checups
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hiladelphia police busted up a major car theft ring taking suspes in sty. chad pradelli has been following the case and has the exclusive repor >> investigators say the trio stole nearly two dozen vehies, maiy contracr trucks. major crimes say trentonnd smith would tart ford trucks and advance simar to these. >> tggering the wk advan for the items iide f tools and things of that nature. while the spects could stealh couldt dre. two wks agohey allegedly crhed a stolen vehicle into two occupied cars d two beat cars captured them and smi crashed another stolen vehicle but got ay a left his cell phone behi, butting defecves on his scen andesterday he s caught in a
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stolen ford taurus. >> most of the timet walate overnighhour it actually ran a game -- gammot of location and they say one night they ole four vehles a after taking tools they dumped th. andearch warrants at the suspect's home in kensington. inside the detectives fou tools andther items allegedly stolen from the victim >> ts is an ooing investigaon. at some time weill probably reach out to the public to try and things we coughed back to them. >> the investigators say most of the vehicles were rovered b seval remain missin chad adli for channel 6 "action news." he offe of penylnia attorney general will now investigate the incident last mth involving union chief john
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doughertynd a nounion contrtor. this survelance video shows dougherty walki towards joshua keesee who claims that dougherty punched him in t fe d broke h no. a doughty spokesman says that e ibew clas tt threw a punch in self-defense. fall-out from the alleg cheating scandal at the pesylvania state pice ademy. 29 cadets are dismissed or resied three weeks before graduao acced of gettingnformation on testuestions berthey took the exams. celebrang center city newest and highest hotels. transformednto the logan hot, 400 invited to a cocktail pty for the offial gnd opening. higend entertaient. still to come, abc's s-down ierview with app c.e.o. took and why his company
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will not hp the f.b. cck into a terrorist's phone. and ducis rodrs with the number one nova ainst xavier. and a warning for mercer county, the storm stem finly pulli away from us and lting you know en we see the sunshinrurn in the full forecast. was it suici or someone pull the trigger? saki with a local mother claing that her dghter was killed at the hands of a philadelphia cop. this is a story that only one living person knows the anticipates to. what ppened the day that 2year-old erica was shot in the home she shared with her y boyfrie boyfriend. and calling for the case to be evidence and you decide.n and that and more when "acon news" continues tonight.
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the c.e.o. of apple says software to crack the iphone would be more than just dangerous, it would behe uivalent of caer. tim cook satown for an terview with abcews today. the u.s. govnment wants appear tollreate a backdoor into the iphone of farook, one of the san bernaino shooters. >> this case is not aut my this case is abo the future. at is at stake here is can the gernment compel app to wte software that belie would make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerable aund the world, including the u. >> e f.b.i. tried and failed at cracking the ce themselv. after 10 failed tes the phone becomes permanently iccessible. the philadelphia police under the watful eye of the
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juste dartment facing sctiny or how th vestige oicer shootings. one mother's belve that her of a philadelphia co the hands a case ruled suicide in 2012. and wenty saltzmanas to story. >> and no motr want to belve heraughter would kl hersf, butactione"earned the highest ranks of police commission are questioning whether allegions of domestic abuse are lt out. 29 year old erica was sharon's only daughter. >> she is my life. >>aying erica always saw the best in pple, incding her fiancee. she loved him. hwas broke and s was gng to fix him. >> the year and a half
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lationsh was on rocky ground and her daughter said ty are cawas packed with belongings d coming home after her ficee ask r to leave. >>9 minutes i get the phone >> and t e.m. reports a female with a gunshot wound t the head and cio aun of blood on the bo. the room was a crime scene and investigion turned over to homicid >> she didt shoot herself piod, it wasn't suicide. >> a conflicng accountof at transred prior to the event. she said her daught's relationshiw volatile cheweding past issues with him allegedly pti his hands on her. and there were allegations that and they found low levels of antianxiy meds in her system. and they ruled it was a suide. commission executive director
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sent this letter to the fmer poce commissner chaes ramsay asking to reopenhe case. >> it is our job to t to llow-up on those dails and y to shed some light on what was done properly, what was not done. >> including a history of alleged domestic violee as eence of an emergencyoom report. and aonth earli she had bruising on her legs told nurses she w abused by her boyfriend but aaid to call the police because her boyfrie was a after the police were called she said it was an accident and did not want to press charges. >>o y belve the case was handled differently because a poli officer was involved. and we don't have ansrs yet. >> according most baffling, why a gun test w not perfoed on
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the officer. >> a medical examiner. it is csistt th a suicide, and alsohat maybe seone else pulled the trger. >> iwas what wt not mention. >> this was no mtion of blo splatt uponhe right hand. >> and itould have been othe hand of anyone shooting thatun at close range. >> i would probably reopen it and call it undeteined. >> what does that saybouthe case? the officer declined a request for interew and we asked the philadelphia police. >> i tnk we went above and beyond what is normally done because it is a police office >> telling "tion new that the ce h been iestited times and a four tim it was e ruled a suicide. and the report of domestic violence -- >> it is a death instigion. the destic vionce happened
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previously would be relevt if itas a homicide. >>nd they faedo test the officer r g residue. >> if you do that test a it mes back native which it prably could have, you give that person a defens they told "acon news" if new iormation comes to light they can amend the death certifate and they launched their own invesgation and talkingo was oe. buthey have planso reopen the case >> it is not now an active investigation. >> not within the pice dptmen are lookingoet the answers ion they seek. >> a very different investigation, thank you. heart attk survivo got to thank first rponders who helped safe tir lives. new castle paramedics with this reuni, but not just 32 civilians are honored for
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performing c.p. until health arrivals. i do and arossing grd awarded for putti herself in harm'say to save a child. and ty posed f pictures since she has rehabilitated from her injuries. nd ceciltynan and the forect. an extraordinary night of weather in the delawe we'll andnto t lehigvalle >> this is the storm we picay seehe middle of smer. the good news it is done for pesylvania and almost for south jersey. showing t squall line has really broken up. we still have pockets of thunderstorms in new jeey. aone i showed you during the tease wh the severe thunderstorm warning, tt is moving at 100 mileper ur.
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it is nthea of trenton along route 1. and a clust of gy thundstorms, not severeb high wis ang t garden state parkwa ahead of t cold front. the cold fro sweeping through ter tonight and that wi bring slightly cooler air. the rain totals showing you wt was going on. really getting hit with bucks of rain. of rain and mt of that in the past hour. we had traing of srms right over the heart of center city. allentown closeo 3 inches, reading, wilngtoa more than annch of rain. millville about a half inch of rain. trenton more thann inch. thatas caused lalized flooding, fsh flooding a also moderate flooding, the brandy we croak,ast branch should be cresting 4:00 in the
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morning two ftbo flood stage. and the kristina river is crusting at 1:00 in the morning a little less than two ft ove flood stage, moderate flooding. temperatures, it doesn't feel like februa. reading 61. and a cold front sweeps throu tonight dropping the temperatures into the 40's ornight. and temperatur reay don't rise muchuring the day tomorw. almost study. action radar shong the storm sysm, the salline that pulled through breakingphe actual cold front across central pennsylvania. that can bring us an aitional ower b not looking more severe weather overnight. great news. tomorrow is a day of transion. we srt with a tempeture of 49 degrees at 7:00. look it barely goes anywhe. 10:00, 50. 1:
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1: 1:00, 52. and lots of clouds and occasion wall show. a little windy.y. b the real winds of change arrive friday. tomorrow wind up to about 30 miles per hour and a shower possible, a lot of clouds and 53 friday, winds 40 miles per hour. and the winchills aut 32 degrees, feeling like winter saturday the wind diminish a chilly d sunny, 44 deees. is sunday, here come the warm temperatures again. 60 with suhine. and monday, 60 with a possibity of a sher. theirst day of march sunny and child. cloudy and a high of 52 degrees. and dav murphyillave the full list of the storm reports on actions beginning at 4:30. a wild nit. and advisory board marki black sry moh. speakg to t group that
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so it apprs th the eagles are in therocess of trying to resolve the quarterback question. >> it looks like sam bradford is their guy, and ion't tnk he is going to get the $20 million the franchise w have given him. eagles at the combine in indy d the quarterba pitns on their nd, but it doesn't mean the q.b. they wa is there. they already feel they have their man in bradford. and the headoach confirm that the eles are negotiating with sam bradrd's agent. he can test the open mark benning mar 9. the eles are n being coy, on rordaying they want him back. >> sam is part of the eagle what he has done the last half of last year i think has stay in philadelphia.ty to being a player in his shoes y earlier today the eagles . released linebker ryan, and it saves t bds abo $3.5
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million in salary p spac the 31ear-old spent time here t proction has dropp the last two yes. > and the sixers with ugly loss ts is season, add another one to the category. on the road in deoit. heres your lone sir hhlight. robert covington at the e of the first quarter. trd quarter, blowing by everyone and sixers lose by 20, 111-91. the flyers host minnesota tomorw. the team led giroux out because of
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numr one ranked vilnova on theoad at xavier. earlier the hd coach wright ss he enjoys game like this, bute won't say tt aut how they pl. nova sudnly down by 9 points. t cats play catch-up and the jumper pulls them within 1 point. they shoot the ball well, 50%, and the ultimate high-pceage shot. number one villanova taken dow st. joe's boues back from saturday's ls to davion. wins umass improving to 23-5. and la lle a fortham,
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flpy wh the ball. the fortham wins. > and there is souch foc on rn howard at phillies spring training he may be aring first base,e has something to pve awell. darin rup .371 against le-nditchingnd why he wants to get h at-bats. nothing will be handed to him. >> iaveo go out and earnt and i he to swing t b well and the ball has to fall in. and iave to help the team win. if i am doing that, you know, players play tmsves into more playing time and hopeful i cano that. >> if you could combine the two players that wou be grea >> a right. "jimmy kimmel live" next on anne6. his gues tonight, gorn rsay, jure smollett-bel and music from wolfmother. "action news" continues at for t entire "acti ns" team i'm jim gardner, good
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