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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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good morning, it is 578, on this thursday, february 25. here's what's happening. cleanup is underway across the region including where strong winds toppled the tree, barely miss ago driver. a tree crow of crook are behind bars after a series of truck thefts, we'll tell you what they were after. video caught the moment, an ecigarette battery caught fire
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in aman's pocket. that's not good. stop drop and role. david murphy has weather and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: we have most of the rain gone, northern and western suburbs in berks county and lancaster county and pushing through the north. we have lingering showers that will be briefly popping through. it won't exacerbate what's on the ground in terms of flooding, but there's a chance of shower this morning. we have flooding along the i-95 corridor and camden and gloucster county and delaware county covered by this. the schuylkill expressway river is running high. the smaller creeks and streams the small waterways are beginning to recede. that runoff in the large creeks and rivers is on the way up.
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we have concerns of flooded roads new philadelphia and up through trenton. we have the second area where the water is on the rise and this could cause problems, lehigh, berks county, and bucks and chester county. one example would be the east branch of the brandywine creek in downingtown. the crest was up to 11.4 feet at 4:00 a.m. there see you the rain it's gone. spotty showers are possible. it's not a big deal. temperatures are good, 57 in philadelphia. a lot of 50s out there, but numbers will plunge during the day, i'll have that coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> reporter: most of the highways we'll see the floodwaters have receded. this is the schuylkill
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expressway past montgomery drive, all lanes open. no longer an issue right here, lots of other places we're dealing with flooding down trees and poles. the storm proved to be a problem with us this morning. lincoln drive at resulten house street we have pooling water on -- rittenhouse street. we have pooling water. pottstown, 422k. hism m and -- keim and 724. a down pole in lower salford township on park avenue between main and pennypacker. meanwhile, a down tree at hardman road they blocked that red fox run road. down trees and water on the roads it's a mess out there. let's continue our coverage on that, katherine scott is live on the schuylkill expressway
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with more on the conditions for the morning commute. katherine. >> reporter: the conditions are improving, but you want to keep an eye out for the storm's aftermath as you head out this morning. along the schuylkill expressway in the westbound lanes, no problems to report. the eastbound lanes by 76 by girard and montgomery were flooded out and shut down for hours. once the water levels went down, crews had to clean up the mud and the mess. all the lanes are back open now. i-95 saw its fair share of problems, with the shut down of the northbound lanes, 13 caster were damaged. tires were blown out when they hit a pothole in the center lane. police were on the scene and tow trucks had to move them off the highways. use caution as you head out the door, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." rain flooded the 1100 block
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of lincoln avenue in prospect park, delaware county. something we always caution not to do happened. the driver tried to make their way through high water and found themselves stuck. a viewer captured the video. send us what you're seeing using the #6abc action. mother nature toppled a burger sign. this is lawncrest section. strong winds knocked down the sign into the restaurant on the 5900 block of rising sun avenue. nobody was hurt. it was a scary situation for a driver when the tree fell on the car on the 8200 block of forest avenue in west oak lane section of philadelphia. the tree crushed the front windshield and damaged the drivers side window, nobody was hurt. annie mccormick is live onhriev,
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new jersey covering the aftermath of the storm. >> reporter: matt, police in cherry hill have blocked off this road. there's a downed power line. what happened a tree fell on the power line and so right now they have this portion of the road blocked off. now, luckily, the tree missed the house. it fell on the front lawn here, there's no damage to the home. they are seeing damage like this all over the township. they are trying to keep up with the pse&g crews as they get out. k road there's are trees down and about berlin and morris roan that instance it's blocked for a half mile. i want to give you a look at the tree. it's not big enough to cause damage to the house, but it will cause problems for people that are heading out areas and i along the morning commute. you have to slow down and be careful as police wait for the
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crews to come out here. i can tell you heading out to cherry hill, 70 looks good. it's not having any problems, it's the neighborhoods that are having issues. we'll have more from this area throughout the show. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." the storm has plunged tens of thousands of people in our area into the dark. peco has 9,000 people in the dark. the majority 6600 are people in bucks county. sky6 live hd looking live at philadelphia international airport, once again you can see the gusty winds blowing the camera around. the faa had to issue a ground stop for all flights coming to philadelphia and flights heading out right now we're not seeing many delays because it is early and there are not many flights. call ahead to check your flight 1-800-phl-gate. head to the facebook page to see the sights and sounds from the damaging storm.
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you can comment on what's going on in your neighborhood and we'll check it out. let's turn to david murphy to find out about flooding this morning and what to expect for the rest of the day. >> reporter: the rain is over, there are spotty showers around. storm tracker 6 live shows you that northwest and back into lancaster, in the lehigh valley. there's a little bit more of that throughout the day, but not a whole lot. we're looking at flood warnings one batch through philadelphia, trenton, the schuylkill river will be one of the rivers and waterways running high. the smaller streams are receding and the larger creeks and river are on the rise. the big issue is probably the east branch of the brandywine creek around downingtown. that was the experiencing major
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flooding. we're getting close to moderate flooding, but basically up and down the two areas highlighted in green, you're going to run into high-running water. you're going to walk through -- you're not going to want to walk through that this morning. as we step outside, sky6 live hd there are breaks in the clouds across the region. we are starting to improve. it's going to be a mainly windier, dry day. temperatures are mild, 57 degrees, that's the high for today. 353 in allentown. 52 in reading. all these numbers close to the daily highs because numbers will fall from there. we'll talk about that in a moment. in terms of rain this morning, you see that stuff off to the north, maybe scooting to the east and the northern suburbs briefly this morning. by 1:00, we're done with that. the rest of the afternoon a spotty shower coming through. if you see rain today it should not amount to too much.
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mostly cloudy and windy in the lehigh valley overall, 55 degrees is the high early in the day, but temperatures will be falling during the day, at the shore mostly cloudy and windy, 52 degrees is the high there. again, temperatures falling during the day. 57 is where we are sitting in philadelphia. temperatures falling. wind out of the southwest gusting to 30 miles per hour, again, mostly cloudy skies and sunny breaks and that sprinkle and shower. in terms of temperatures from now until noon you can see how the numbers fall, 49 in philadelphia. 6 or 6:30 we're starting to see the 30ss reappear north and west of the city. high of 57 degrees and the numbers will fall in the 40s by lunchtime. 30s overnight. high of 42 tomorrow. saturday, 43. we saturday out cold sunday
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morning, but brother, in the afternoon we zoom. sun and clouds, 60 degrees is the high. monday we have a shot of 63. a front may trigger showers, but it's not going to be a bad day. tuesday back in the mid 50s and wednesday 5 with afternoon rain possible. nice numbers ahead. 5:11. still ahead an "action news" exclusive. a costly mistake leads police to suspected trio of car thieves. a blast sent a kentucky man to the hospital. drying out on the blue route at mcdade boulevard, that's southbound traffic heading toward i-95. you might have issues getting there, because of all the flooding and the down trees, i'll have the details when we come right back.
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taking a live look at the delaware river ben franklin bridge, the rain has moved out, but a lot of after effects are with us, we're helping you through that this morning. let's go over to karen rogers, we have the latest. it's a messy morning. >> reporter: it's a messy morning, let's check the suburbs it's wet on the border of montgomery and bucks county, stump road at county line road. we'll see a couple of showers around in spots. watch for flooding and debris on the roadways. the wind gusts that we had
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yesterday it's a mess. we have issues like downed trees, ridge road which is blocked between elephant road and silvan road. stick to bedminster road in bedminster township. we have an accident at lime kiln pike at poe avenue. and street road and creek road, flooding, stick to birmingham road to avoid the flooding there. on the waze app i found shake ann bake. flooding in bensalem. never drive through flooding waters. let's look if he weather conditions, it's mild to start us off. 57 degrees in philadelphia. that's changing today. we'll be dropping into the 40s, the low 40s by lunchtime. it's a day as you head out, you'll need a coat later on. most cloudy and spotty shower
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around, matt an tam. strong and dangerous winds toppled a tractor-trailer on the george washington bridge in new york city, the truck was heading east when it blown over in the westbound lanes, the trailer was empty, but they are dealing with a fuel spill. officials are warning this morning's commute is a headache what you can expect extensive delays. the remaining republican candidates for president will gather on stage in texas. it will be the homecoming for ted cruz who leads donald trump in his home state. trump, john kasich and ben carson will participate. texas and 13 other states head to the polls on super tuesday. bernie sanders and hillary clinton battle it out on the
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campaign trail. bernie sanders is campaigning in super tuesday states. clinton grabbed an endorsement from harry reid. philadelphia police have busted up a major car theft ring. they are under arrest accused of stealing 20 work vehicles. police called him 2 weeks ago, after crashing a truck. police computed search warrants early yesterday morning at the suspect's home in kensington. they were targeting the work advance for things inside the items like tools and things of that nature. most of the stolen vehicles were recovered. a carbon county gas station is faces a dozen violations after customers discovered they were not fueling up with gas,
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but water. they reimbursed customers for the repairs. the department of environmental protection found a dozens violations. a new survey rates americans most and least satisfying shopping experiences. we'll tell you which country has the most billionaires in the world. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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heart healthy california walnuts.
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the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at thursday, i want to trach you outside and lionville, chester county. route 100 at 113. the highways not too bad, some residual flooding. hainsport road is blocked between sumter lane and grant lane. we'll see downed trees and downed wires and local flooding.
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mass transit expect delays because of high waters. >> reporter: obviously we have wet roads across the region and we have waterways running on the high side, be careful in the western suburbs and i-95 corridor, southeastern pennsylvania and roads and rivers and larger creeks close to the delaware river camden, gloucester and burlington county and mercer giving you some problems. in most cases we're down to minor flooding. 7:00 a.m., we'll drop from 57 to 52 degrees. the numbers drop through the day. it will be windy. sunny breaks, spotty shower, but mainly dry. if you step outside it's mild, keep a coat handy. it's winds and chilly today. down to 45 by 5:00 p.m. in "healthcheck," super
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lice are difficult to get rid of. experts say the best treatment is prevention, teach kids not to share anything used around their head. if the child gets lice vacuum, watch all the begged and throw stuffed animals and clothing into a hot drier. >> reporter: good morning, topping america's money, an alarming sign about stocks, the number of companies with shares trading at $1 are at the highest in 20 years. 360 stocks trade as less than a buck, up 38%. high marks are given to nordstrom and amazon. >> reporter: america's least favorite retailer, abdomin control bee and -- abdomin
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in the morning buzz, you've heard of a lot of concerns about ecigarettes, this is why. a kentucky man suffered third degree burns on his legs after his ecigarette explodes in his pockets. the pants burst into flames. josh hamilton walked up to the gas station, and reached into the pocket. a quick thinking cashier got the flames out with a fire extinguisher. a letter john f kennedy
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sent to a little girl many years ago is up for auction for about $15,000. so few of his letters have survived, which is why the letter is so expensive. well, they had a good time at the white house, the president and first lady honored music legends ray charles as a part of the in performance at the white house. president obama led the crowd in a sing along at the end of the concert despite starting out saying he wasn't going to sing at the event. hey, hey matt.
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more severe weather coverage battled several other states, downing power lines destroying homes there. we'll be right back. > now on "action news," storm
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cleanup is underway, mudslides made a mess of major highways and trees toppled on neighborhood roads. a fire at a marine at the jersey shore gets out of the hand. thieves are targeting local day care and fitness centers. police say it may be part of a national ring. we have weather and traffic with david and karen. >> reporter: we have showers out in the lehigh valley, these scooting across the northern tier during the morning commute. these are not


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