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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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intense storm hit lancaster county at 7:30 last night and left in its wake a swath of damage that snaked north and east for miles. investigators took to the air and saw 40 to 50 buildings and barns and other structures destroyed on a narrow path. indications of a tornado. >> the farm next door no damage to them but the panel that the tornado took there is quite a bit of damage. so it was very concentrated. >> many of those impacted members of the amish community. at 7:00 a.m. amish families from miles away showed up to rebuild. to salvage some of rebuild others. like this one room school house. the amish do not usually buy
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commercial insurance but self insure through an amish aid plan. >> they help each other out and the families are assessed a certain amount and they do the work themselves. >> amish work crews with replacing this the roof of this damaged barn. yesterday when the tornado hit there was a crowd inside attending an auction. >> an auction? was going on? there was scores of people outside? >> yes, there were carriages outside that were flipped over. it was by the grace of god. >> by the grace of god that no one in this tight knit community was injured in a storm that caused so much damage. the weather service says it's an ef 2 tornado with winds up to 120 miles per hour.
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and the cost of damage here about $8 million. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." back to you all. >> incredible the sheer force of mother nature. lets get more on the tornado itself and the storm system that caused so much damage over the last 24 hours. adam joseph is live at the big board to explain this all. >> reporter: it's weird to see this setup in the winter season in the mid-atlantic. this was 7:00 last night in salisbury, the damage path was 4.7 miles and an ef 2 with winds around 120 miles per hour. what you see on the radar is hail developing south and east of providence as this tornado started to form and then hit the ground around 7:38 p.m., this is the radar at 7:30. and right near gap and east of strasburg, that is where you see
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this injection of drier air pushing into the storm and that is what hooked the storm and created that tornado just south of east earl and then fell apart as it lifted to the north and east approaching honey brook and the border of chester county. the setup in the atmosphere has to be prime. and it was. we had upper level energy, a spin called rotisserie, piping from atlantic and philadelphia, about 18,000 feet up, that started to spin the atmosphere and then a jet stream called a jet streak 150 miles above that from the south and west and then a low level jet coming in from the south and east that added more moisture, all of that moving in different directions and the atmosphere started to turn the thunderstorms not only locally here but also in virginia and north carolina. we are dealing with minor flooding this afternoon in wilmington. right now cresting an hour ago, about a half foot below its
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flood stage and expected to go below during the evening hours and a couple of wet snowflakes and showers to the west and a cold front coming through and we'll have more on this and what it means for your friday with the winds of change in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. as parts of pennsylvania clean up and assess the damage this afternoon. this is the scene in south jersey today in willingboro, burlington county, last night the intense winds and rain caused hefty damage. can you see crews working to remove a downed tree that fell across the street. public works crews were breaking down the tree to drivers could finally pass and a poor suv there, the victim a fallen tree, and crews had a very busy day breaking down all of those trees and hauling them out of the way. >> the storm knocked the branch off this tree over here that crushd this vehicle, crushed into this tree and took the
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light pole out and knocked out another tree. >> it was a lot of roaring and shaking and i was looking through the window, i never felt the house shake that much before. >> there on sunset road can you see one of those downed trees laying on a utility line, and that was fix bradenton anymore damage could be caused. i can say that in philadelphia sharrie, people saying i never felt the house shake like that. and people said they felt the street shaking as well. we have more coverage throughout the evening, coming up at 4:30, annie mccormick shows us the hardest hit parts in new jersey. and the "action news" website is another great source for our coverage of the the storm's aftermath continues on we have posted raw video from chopper 6 hd showing the damage left behind by the lancaster
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county tornado and along with the reports of cleanup in communities across the region. other news this afternoon. hundreds of local hospital patients may have been exposed to hiv and hepatitis, showers point, has reached out to 13,000 patients. a pharmacist is accused of replacing morphine with a saline solution given to patients. it happened in june of 2013 to september of 2014. nora muchanic will have more details in a live report at 4:30. penndot spent the day making repairs to a pothole on i-95 that gave drivers a fit. it was near a busy exit ramp. vernon odom is working the story live in port richmond with the details. >> i'm standing below i-95
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northbound. you can take a look up there, rush hour traffic goes along, that is where the problems occurred last night. flat tires, more than a dozen of them inflicted on motorists traveling through the heavy rain last night. what a headache. this afternoon penndot repatched a pothole that wreaked havoc on i-95 northbound it happened between 10:00 and 11:00, at least 13 tires were flattened by a pothole generated by last night's heavy rain, the same pothole was patched up two weeks ago. >> we still get precipitation, maybe not snow but we go into the temperatures above freezing during the day and below freeze agent night and it's that freeze and thaw cycle that causes the road base to fracture and develop into holes. penndot started emergency patching at 1:00 this morning.
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150,000 vehicle go go this way every day. tomorrow night penndot will shrink this section of 95 down to one lane from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. saturday to lay down a permanent concrete patch. >> it will take 2 to 3 hours to cure. >> the damage was astonish, this year the mile erwin ter has not taken the same toll on the highways. >> we did a lot of resurfing thanks to the pennsylvania transportation plan. and matching last year because of the structure deterioration in the pavements. >> again northbound 95 at the girard avenue exit will have two or three lanes shut down tomorrow night as they make permanent repairs to a pothole out here.
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>> one traffic there to anticipate. thank you vernon, there are other ones out there no doubt. as we get a check of the "action news" traffic report. >> lets go live to matt pellman with the latest. >> there say whole laundry list of problems for you brian and sharrie but the list is a little bit less substantial than this morning. when we were in the process of recovering from the storms. outside along the schuylkill expressway it's quite slow in fact at the moment it's stopped along the schuylkill and now dark by girard avenue, but delays in each direction and both lanes open on i-76, the same thing not true on the roosevelt boulevard and look for a crash on the outer drive ain wreck in cheltenham along cheltenham avenue. and baltimore pike along kennett square, that just cleared out and everything is reopened there. there is still flooding in
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northern delaware, portions of smith bridge road and ramsey road and creek remains shut down. in south jersey we have a collapsed grate westbound past 295, but a lane is blocked and expect congestion there, and look for a crash on 295 southbound, it's off to the side but speeds are in the 30s. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report, they patched the pothole along 95 temporarily, but nearby there is one along state road in northeast philadelphia and the speeds in the low 20s as they kick off this afternoon commute. we'll check it again in the next har hour. >> thank you. still ahead a brand new poll shows where the presidential candidates stand in the state of pennsylvania. plus, vice president joe biden is going to the oscars but it's not about the glitz and glamour, how he will use his time on stage to deliver an important message.
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and which businesses are doing the best jobs they rank customer section.
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police now say they have several interviews with the uber driver accused of a deadly shooting spree in michigan and they can't figure out why he did it. a family attorney says that jas jason dalton's wife and parents are in confusion. they noticed a slight change in his behavior leading up to the rampage. >> he was acting different in the last couple of days and his wife asked him, and he said he was tired. he seemed to be depressed and down that is not his normal character. >> they denied reports they were having financial difficulty at the time of the shooting. he is facing six counts of murder. the presidential candidates
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will have one last debate before next tuesday's super contest. and people are weighing in here in pennsylvania. when it comes to the gop candidates, the preferences continue to change. in the last late poll just out today donald trump still leads with 22% as he has since october but who follows him has been shifting and it's a close contest for second here in pennsylvania. right now marco rubio with 16% and john kasich 15% and ted cruz at 12%. even though most registered republicans say that they prefer trump. they are sort of split, 42% say they have an unfavorable opinion of him even though he is there preference, and 45% feeling favorly towards him. when it comes to the democrats, hillary clinton holding a
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sizable lead over bernie sanders 48% to 27%. and politics, three in five voters believe that attorney general, kathleen kane should resign. she announced she will not run for re-election but she will not step down. interesting things coming out of this poll today. >> busy time in politics, meantime montgomery county's josh shapiro got big support in his bid to replace kathleen kane, darryl clark and other council members, vincent hughs and art heywood put their support behind shapiro today. he is running against fellow democrats. meantime, vice president joe biden will attend sunday's oscar ceremony and will take the stage with an important message.
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biden will introduce lady gaga's performance of her nominated song, till it happened to you from a documentary called the hunting ground about sexual assaults on college campuses, he is expected to use the platform to tell americans to speak up about sexual assaults. you can see the 88th annual oscars here on sunday on 6 abc our coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. and the morning team will unveil their picks for this year's ceremony. join matt, david, and tam to see who they think will take home the biggest award. wegmans are doing the best job of retailers in america, the highest overall satisfaction score in the annual survey, it was up from plast year, even though the supermarket category
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was at the lowest total score and abercrombie and fix had the lowest score this year. a look at the day's closing numbers. northern up day there. the dow up 212 points and the nasdaq up 40 points and the s&p up 22 on the day. tonight at 11:00 we look at winter weight gain, many people pack on a few extra pounds when the weather turns cold, is it our habits or a biological reason also. >> i'm health reporter, ali gorman, it's cold outside and that means many of us are not as active but if are you packing on the pounds there could be a solution. >> we'll explain why your clothes are fitting tighter into spring and what you can do to fix it. on "action news" at 11:00.
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>> let this button out a little bit. >> time for a check of forecast. there is warm weather coming our way. still tracking a bit of snow and rain in the area adam as this point? >> a couple of wet rain showers and snow showers out. get out though sunday with the 60s coming back but right now we look at double scan live radar a weak front passing through sparking light snow showers and rain showers mixed as we close in closer, you can see southern parts of berks and lancaster seeing flakes in the air but not really doing anything when it comes to sticking on any surfaces, along 322 a couple of floating flurries and they push to the east as colder air moves in from the west. as we look at this tornado again, that touched down last night in lancaster county, near white horse, an ef 2 with winds of 120 to 125 miles per hour.
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this is rare for the winter season, but you look back since 19150, this is only one of two tornadoes to ever touch down in the state. the one previous to this was in centre county back in 1950 or so. 40 in allentown sorry 1990. 43 in philadelphia and temperatures in the lower 40s to the south and east. winds though you feel them and see the trees swaying, 28 in reading and unfortunately we have to get used to these strong winds because they remain up overnight tonight and especially during the day on friday. we see the light scattered rain and snow showers as the front passed through during the early part of the overnight hours tonight and then as we get past midnight any showers fall apart and turn partly cloudy and brisk, 29 allentown and 31 in millville and below freezing in
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delaware. factor in the winds gusting at times tomorrow 35 miles per hour. and windchills in the teens to the north and west and 32 philadelphia and 21 in millville and even tomorrow afternoon despite we see a lot of sunshine the windchills pretty much area wide will stay in the mid to upper 20s this after 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. >> as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast, the sunshine is back for the end of the week but with the whipping winds, 41 will feel like the upper 20s and the winds will ease on saturday, the sunrise sticks around and temperatures right around average at 45 degrees and then the temperatures will skyrocket with a southwesterly wind, sun and clouds and 62 on sunday and the last day of february on monday very mild and maybe a sprinkle with temperatures still in the low 60s. and we'll let you know what happened when we enter the move march, in the seven day. >> all right adam thank you. still ahead here today some
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from our delaware newsroom, police are looking for a person that drove their car into a wilmington building. this on clayton avenue. someone slammed into a parked car and liquor store. no one was seriously hurt. newark police arrested a man wanted for a pair of burglaries, they are looking for his
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partner, dustin holt is accused of breaking into a home on christmas day and taking electronics and tools and stole from a second home a few days later, he is in jail on almost $3500 bail and police are looking for the man he was wo working with. they want anyone that knows where he is to give them a call. history came alive in old city to mark a famous milestone, actors depicting tom an jefferson and alexander hamilton, they were involved in the establishing the bank here in philadelphia. it's known for his historical significance and the architecture. and seth williams continued his mission to stop bullying in
4:27 pm
schools. he went to jackson elementary school and presented them an award for a bully free environment and williams says his most important job is to prevent crime and it all starts with keeping kids and the right path. coming up a local hospital sending an alarming warning to patients, hear from someone impacted. i'm nydia han want to save money on dental work, how about getting a checkup for just $1.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with an update to an elderly abuse case. the jury's decision straight ahead. and the cleanup in our area, we'll take to you cherry hill where a tree cut a roof in half with the family sitting inside. and big talkers find out what makes this moment with a little boy and his best friend so meaningful. first, alarming news from a hospital. shore medical center is warning 200 patients they may have been exposed to dangerous or deadly viruses. nora muchanic did talk to one of patients impacted by the alert today. she joins us live from somers
4:30 pm
points with the details. >> reporter: hi there brian, we spoke with a woman today that had two surgeries during the period that health officials are concerned with. the resk is low but that is little comfort when you get a letter saying you were exposed to hiv and hepatitis. >> eileen of atlantic city is one of 213 patients sent letters like this from shore medical center at somers point saying they may have been exposed to hiv or hepatitis from june 2013 to september 2014. >> i got the letter and i called my daughter crying and i said i cannot believe this. they send you the information sheet and how it's not curable for hiv. i thought oh my god. >> the testing was recommended after a former pharmacist was arrested january 21st for drug tampering.
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prosecutors alleged he was stealing morphine and replacing it with saline, the risk of exposure is low but testing is warranted because patients may have come in contact with his blood and it's not known what he used when handling vials. eileen had two surgeries during that time. >> how can you send this letter out. without a phone call or something, couldn't you have made a personal phone call to calm people down. >> hospital officials will not talk on camera, they read a statement, saying we take patient care seriously and suspended the employee and conducted an internal investigation. >> think of all the people that he could have exposed, i don't know what to say about him, i don't know why he ever got past screening. >> back live now, the centers for disease control is working with new jersey health officials
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to monitor the situation and mcleash is free on $120,000 bail and could face up to 20 years behind bars if convicted. >> nora thank you. a judge declared a mistrial for a west white land township man by not getting his father medical care. he is charged with third degree murder. he took his dad in and allowed him to die through neglect while taking his pension checks. after hours of tlib deliberations, they could not reach a verdict. chester police released a stunning new video of a drive-by shooting that happened yesterday and you can see someone drive up and lean out of the van and open fire. we have frozen the video before the bullets started flying, the
4:33 pm
29-year-old victim was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. if you know anything about this crime you are urged to call the police. we are still talking about the storms that passed through the area last night and people across our area spent the day cleaning up from the storms. the strong winds sent trees crashing into homes in camden county and fortunately there are no reports of major injuries, but homeowners had their work cut out for them. "action news" reporter, annie mccormick showed us the damage left behind. >> this massive tree split in half after crash on to this home in cherry hill. the impact was so strong it sliced the roof and knocked off brick facade. on the other side of the township, jerry never heard her tree crack, fall or crash. but missed her neighbor's house that say miracle. >> it was about 70 feet tall, it
4:34 pm
was huge. if i stood at the bottom of it i could not look up and see the top. >> what goes through your mind now? >> divine intervention. >> heavy rainfall and bolts of lightning made trees fall. knocking out power and blocking intersections like this one at morrison larks spur. >> it's our tree and power went out everywhere but not ours. scott and jordan says this tree got in the way of their front yard baseball games any way but this damage can prove deadly and costly, pat enright could not help but get side tracked by damage even on jobs that are not his. he is getting to every call as fast as he can. >> if it's serious we'll address it right away, but if it can
4:35 pm
wait we'll get the sidewalks cleared for the people. >> the clean up at this home is expected to take most of the day. according to a neighbor there was at least one person in the home when the tree crashed and luckily nobody was injured. annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." >> after the rain moved out flooding became a concern in philadelphia. chopper 6 hd through over lincoln drive in fairmount park this morning where water in the roadway forced lane closures, northbound traffic was diverted at gypsy lane and has since reopened. investigators at the jersey shore are trying to figure out what cause the a fire at a marina during last night's storms, the flames destroyed seven different boats in sea isle city and some boats had fuel on board and that accelerated the fire and it took firefighters more than an hour
4:36 pm
to get it under control but nobody was hurt. >> there was vivid lightning out there last night. >> yes, unusual especially for winter. everything is wiped away finally and moved off the coast. as we take a look at all of these reports along the east coast from yesterday, storms from boston all the way down to raleigh, north carolina and parts of south carolina, there were 17 tornadoes yesterday most of them concentrated in eastern virginia and north carolina. and 311 wind damage reports in that area of red as well. but it's calmer today and lots of clouds and light spinning wet snow showers and rain showers, especially west of philadelphia. penn's landing is quiet 43 degrees and the wind continues at 34 miles per hour. and as we look at double scan
4:37 pm
live radar we see light rain and snow showers west of the city, this is a cold front passing through and this cold front will open the doors to the atmosphere's freezer so to speak for friday. we'll talk about the big drop tomorrow and a huge recovery, a fast recovery over the weekend in the seven-day forecast. >> nice sunday coming up thank you. new tonight a passenger on board the battered cruise ship last month is suing royal caribbean claiming that the company knew or should have known about hurricane warnings in the atlantic. it eventually returned to port in bayonne, new jersey. philadelphia police are trying to cut back on unattended cars left running on the streets and now they are asking drivers to help out. "action news" anchor monica malpass live in the newsroom with more on this story. they call these unattended vehicles puffers.
4:38 pm
and now using surveillance video of previous incidents hoping to make drivers more aware of risks they are taking. tonight at 5:00 katherine scott breaks down the new anti-theft campaign and health check. breaking the habits, americans are drinking less soda and other sugary drinks. we'll have more coming up at 5:00. >> kids with disabilities and those affected by traumatic injuries were the focus of design products, a dozen teams from the university of the arts and thomas jefferson university unveiled their creations today. still ahead a pennsylvania honor role student was keeping a stunning secret. he was not who he said he was.
4:39 pm
and rough seas even for the coast guard, how members had to save themselves during a rescue. and we'll help you shrink one bill the next time you go to the dentist. and adam joseph returning with the full forecast that should include the weekend right? from accuweather when "action news" continues next.
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a dramatic rescue played out in rock away beach, new york, coast guard tried to reach a ship that ran aground and rough seas flipped the vessel, the five men managed to swim to shore. and a helicopter was called in from atlantic city to lift the fishermen to safety. check it out the crew lowered ropes and a basket as ten foot waves rocked the ship. seven fishermen were taken to
4:42 pm
the hospital for observation. investigators say that richard perry admits he was at the casino drinking and playing slots before he was called in to help with an emergency surgery, he is facing charges after preparing the patient and materials in the operating room at the va center. the va does not think the incident had impact on the patient. this is samuel harrison, they say he is a ukrainian national who claimed to be a high school students named asher pots. he was on the honor role and part of the national honor sew tight and was also a member of the rotc and navel cadet programs. they arrested and charged him with identity theft and tampering with public records.
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first to this viral video of a mother holding her premature baby son for the very first time. first time mom, jessica collins says she had to wait almost 60 hours to hold her son, hugo for the first time and dad captured the embrace as he came in just 2 pounds 1 ounce. and they were separated while he received care and jessica healed from a c-section and this very moment you are watching here a feeling of peace and calm came over her right away. and hugo is doing great these days. now to an incredible example of the power of healing and friendship. in new zealand a dog is helping a special boy with autism and
4:44 pm
this hug right here is sending love all over social media today. james isaac can't speak and he underwent a mri to determine what is causing his seizures and the black lab never leaves his side, he jumped on the hospital bed embracing the boy to keep him calm. and mom was there also laying with him when the little boy woke up from an tisha. the dog has helped him socialize and helped him overcome obstacles and fears and a life changer for that family. any time we think about mans best friend this is the ultimate example. >> they look like they belong together. two feel good stories there. thanks. lets get another check of the roads right now. matt pellman in the traffic
4:45 pm
center. >> we head outside in upland. you can probably see the drops on the camera lens left from the snow showers and see the flurries flying along 100 underneath the pennsylvania turn took i-76 not impacting traffic a whole lot. but elsewhere in chester county, a couple of problem spots in penn township near the cvs a crash just off of route 1 by baltimore pike and a downed tree in kalin township near fisherville road and warrington buck county, a wreck along bristol road near shadow creek lane and bensalem, a crash along bristol pike at 18 along haunted lane and a crash along cheltenham avenue and the wreck
4:46 pm
near mountain boulevard and devereux has cleared out. and now high water is shutting do you roadways, portions of creek, beaver valley and smiths bridge, remains closed and 92 and 100 and concord pike are all open for alternates and most weather situations like this new casting airport road is blocked and route 1 gets you around that. >> thank you matt. coming up meteorologist, adam joseph has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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4:48 pm
we are careening toward the weekend and could use a nice one. >> the atmosphere wiped out at this point. now we need a tranquil weekend and we'll get it. as we look at double scan live radar we are dealing with a couple of light rain and snow
4:49 pm
showers out here and this is really just a flake or two that is fall agent times, coatesville and downingtown and approaching malvern and approaching landsdale and the northeast extension and every flake that is falling that is not all that much and it hits the moment it hits the grown and this is a cold front that will bring winds of change here on friday. got a lot of pictures early this morning. facebook and twitter accounts, this one came from kate, from voorhees the double rainbow and the eastern horizon the sun was breaking over and displaying the images of the rainbow in the sky and a nice start to thursday despite the clouds this afternoon. winds are whipping out of the west-southwestly direction and
4:50 pm
air temperatures are in the 40s. this is a front coming through and you can see the scattered light rain and snow showers pivoting in from the west and they will not last long once the sunsets and it will competely fall apart and that early rain or snow shower and turning brisk and partly cloudy and 29 to 32 and that starting to increase to 12 to 20 miles per hour gusts over 30. on friday the gusts continue to speeds near 35 miles per hour and despite the highs of 31 with wall-to-wall sunshine and windchills remain in the upper 20s and high pressure down to the deep south, over the tennessee valley and that weakens a little bit and stays on the chilly side here on saturday and that sunshine will stick around and winds still out of the west-southwest at 8 to 16 and 45 degrees and feeling like the upper 30s to near 40 and ahead of this cold front winds
4:51 pm
pump out to really move the temperatures up. the exclusive accuweather forecast, windchills only in the upper 20s despite a lot of sun and it's bright this entire weekend, saturday and sunday not as windy and 45 and sunday the temperatures skyrocket into the lower 60s and stays mild on monday maybe a sprinkle around and 62 degrees, as we enter the month of march, it comes in like a little lamb, partly sunny and 52 degrees mild and rain likely and 55 on wednesday and cooler on thursday but above average at 48 degrees. so our overall warm winter looks to stay warm as we almost end it here in a few weeks guys. >> okay thank you adam. not a bad trend. and still ahead what's the deal? we help you save cash on your way to the dentist.
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and a new tgit lineup. you can tweet along with the stars, "grey's anatomy" at 8:00 and then "scandal" at 9:00 and 10:00 "how to get away with murder." make sure you stick around for "action news" at 11:00.
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people put a trip to the bentist on the back burner waiting for a serious sometimes painful emergency but a trip to the dentist does not have to take a bite out your wallet. sue put a trip off even with dental insurance. >> even with dental insurance you have an awful lot of out of
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$99, but if you book through the website it's $1. >> you can get x-rays and an exam and a treatment plan and by being more trance parents and go online and see you can afford a cleaning and exam it will help to avoid emergencies. you'll fine links at i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." can't beat a buck. >> you can't. >> for sharrie williams and alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. we hope you'll join us tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00. and now monica malpass and rick williams with a look ahead at 5:00. >> hi there. coming up next at 5:00 we are continuing to track the damage and cleanup after strong storms rolled through the area last night. we have live team coverage coming up. >> and tonight marks the last
4:57 pm
republican debate before super tuesday, the momentum donald trump continues to gather.
4:58 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and
4:59 pm
monica malpass. a night of wild weather across the tri-state area that left behind a mess, cleanup effortses are well underway around the tri-state area. the big story on "action news" is the storm damage across communities in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. >> just hours ago officials confirmed those storms spawned a tornado in lancaster county. meteorologist cecily tynan is standing by to explain how the tornado touched down. >> lets begin with gray hall in hatboro, montgomery county. >> reporter: hi monica and rick, wild weather put a lot of people on edge mainly because of things like this. look behind me, trees came down in this area, this tree estimated to be 80 years old it came down and crashed on to this
5:00 pm
suv but the good news is nobody was injured. the cleanup in hatboro. nerves were rattled by strong storms. >> scared. luckily it didn't hit the house and fell straight over, and hopefully an easy cleanup for these guys. >> powerful winds uprooted trees. >> it was 45 feet and huge and wondering what would fall next. >> and the dramatic scene was on west mill road, a tree came down crushing the suv thankfully nobody was inside at the time. >> my car alarm went off and i thought it was a big branch and i looked outside and said wow. i didn't realize it was a whole tree until i looked out. >> deborah was home with her grandson during the storm and barely missed her house and woul


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