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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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suv but the good news is nobody was injured. the cleanup in hatboro. nerves were rattled by strong storms. >> scared. luckily it didn't hit the house and fell straight over, and hopefully an easy cleanup for these guys. >> powerful winds uprooted trees. >> it was 45 feet and huge and wondering what would fall next. >> and the dramatic scene was on west mill road, a tree came down crushing the suv thankfully nobody was inside at the time. >> my car alarm went off and i thought it was a big branch and i looked outside and said wow. i didn't realize it was a whole tree until i looked out. >> deborah was home with her grandson during the storm and barely missed her house and would have landed right where
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she was sitting. just blocks away mother nature showed her force yet again, this large tree was pushed over like a toothpick and landed on a power line. not far on broadway avenue, fierce winds knocked this tree on to a home and damaged the roof. a wild and intense round of weather, and while the clean up is a headache people impacted are counting their blessings. >> we are happy it was from the south, if it was a northwest it would have definitely landed on the house. >> reporter: back out live you can see the crews have their work cut out for them. a crew just arrived here and peco reporting 40,000 individuals lost power from this storm and 2500 still without power, and folks just grateful there was no injuries to be reported. gray hall, channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> thank you. well, the storms left yarded
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scatted with branches in willingboro, burlington county and the action cam spotted one car damaged by falling trees. >> the whole house shook and the whole street shook. it was bad. >> a lot of roaring and shaking and i was looking through the wind doe. >> on sunset road crews cut up a tree that landed on utility lines and side roads were blocked by pine trees that had been toppled. and the schuylkill live shows how much rain socked the city. chopper 6 hd spotted water rushing over the fairmount dam behind the art museum and rain snarled traffic overnight into the morning and the action cam spotted penndot crews and water and debris. and obviously creating some big delays. in newcastle delaware, a driver had to be rescued from her car as she tried to drive from
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airport road. and they closed the road because so many drivers were ignoring the high water warning signs. >> and while the delaware valley suffers damage but the mess is nothing like what they are dealing with in lancaster county. >> the national weather service confirmed an ef 2 tornado touched down in salisbury township. it left a trail of destruction nearly 5 files long. john rawlins is live on the scene and continues our team coverage from lancaster county. >> reporter: well, we are in the eastern edge of lancaster county, only 15 miles from coatesville. the area is dotted with amish farmsteads and it took a pounding and the cleanup started this morning and men are still at work. >> this morning national weather service took to the air in a
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police helicopter to survey the damage, and confirmed it was a tornado that caused the trucks along a 5 mile swath in lancaster county. a rarity for winter. >> it's very rare to have a tornado particularly of this magnitude kind of on the ground that long and doing this sort of damage. >> many people impacted here members of the amish community. by early morning amish families from around the area atrived help. >> they have done a fantastic job, hundreds arrived to assist in the cleanup. >> the plan to repair what can be saved and tear down and repair the structures beyond repair and this barn gets a new roof and siding. this school house was so badly damage it was torn down today. because of their faith they do not buy commercial insurance and self insure. >> they have amish aid
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insurance, it's based on their religion and every neighbor comes together and helps every other neighbor out. they do not have insurance like we do. >> character of that mind set, they will rebuild it as soon as tomorrow. that is the hope, they want to move quickly and make this all go away. live in salisbury township, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." now to meteorologist, cecily tynan, she is at the big board tonight with more on what spawned the tornado. >> this is certainly unusual. an ef 2 tornado with winds 120 to 125 miles per hour this time of year and in fact i looked over the records and this is the only ef 2 tornado to hit in the month of february over the entire state of pennsylvania in recorded history.
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that is really a remarkable stat and this shows the radar at 7:00 when the super cell was forming, that is actually hail and we advance this to 7:30, the tornado touched down at 7:38, you see the drier air beginning to create the hook, create that spin, and that storm hit just to the north of gap near white horse. we did have the tornado watch posted, we knew the conditions were ripe for a possible tornado to develop and we had the strong upper level low and ahead of it that squall line that created the spin in the atmosphere, that squall line was working to the east at the same time we had a few more ingredients, 160 miles per hour jet stream to provide additional lift to fuel the storms and more moisture and wind with a low level jet that helped to create the spin that spawned the tornado and the
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tornado warninging went into effect and it touched down at 7:38, fortunately there was some warning and now left over minor flooding and the brandywine creek crested at 3:00 and should be dropping down to flood stage by this evening. so minor flooding and we also have snow showers to the northwest and a cold front moving through and i'll detail what this means for your weekend coming up in the full forecast. our coverage continues at, you can see raw video from chopper 6, more reports from clean ups in communities across our region. from our delaware newsroom, police in newark arrested one man and arrested another in two burglaries and another took place on christmas. his accomplice remains on the
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loose and both are wanted in connection with burglaries on the unit block of north street in newark, video helped to link them to the crimes. if have you information to help police locate the suspect you can call them right away. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report thursday night. matt pellman in the traffic center. can you see it? >> it's in the distance and we are making progress, progress is slow on the vine street expressway thanks to this. a bus accident just beyond the schuylkill knocking out the right lane and causing delays to spill back on 76 and for the most part on the highways, it's a lot of volume. the same is not true in the burbs, lots of accidents and storm damage. in bensalem east creek side motors a crash at bristol pike at aunted lane.
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and in waterford township, a downed tree blockedal avenue and at cogets you around that. and in franklin township, malaga road has another set of downed wires. something for everyone rick and monica, we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> not the kind of menu we like. >> sharing the love. more to come on "action news" at 5:00, a one-on-one interview with phillies first base man, ryan howard. and vice president joe biden live at the oscars, we'll explain his role on hollywood's biggest night.
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philadelphia police have a new warning for drivers tonight. with the end of winter week as way, they want to you cut back on the numbers of cars with keys left in the ignition. they call them puffer cars and they can be stolen in the matter of minutes. >> at no time at all your car
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could be gone. this surveillance video shows how quickly it can happen. a woman on her cell phone sees a running car at the sunoco at torresdale. she gets behind the wheel and she is gone. >> with unlocked cars being stolen, 50% of the cars across the state have the keys left in them. >> they call them puffers, cars running with keys in them. >> when you leave your car puffing you stop all the technology built into the car to keep it from being stolen. the thief says look lets take that one. >> the prevention authority is raising awareness on the ease of stealing puffers. while in general auto theft is down in the city, the 22nd
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district saw an uptick. >> we saw a cold snap and from january to february 14th the 22nd district we saw a 46% increase. >> authorities here is a that auto theft could have a ripple effect and stolen cars can be used to commit violent crimes and if you leave documents in your car that has sensitive information like your bills or registration, you can open up yourself to identity theft. motorists are asking for discountses. >> puffing is a target for crime and always think safety first. camden based campbell soup company reported a 19% spike in profits today and that topped analyst's expectations for the quarter. they are up year by year.
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the dow jones ended 212 points higher and the s&p up 21 by the end of the trading. local church leaders are learning how to better support parishioners that are touched by cancer. the cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia are hosting a two day training period. they are given the tools needed to build cancer care ministries. they are learning about side effects and emotional and social needs for patients and their families. history came alive in old city today to mark an historic milestone. actors playing thomas jefferson and hamilton celebrated the bank build in the 1800s and built here in philadelphia not just known for his historic role but its unique architecture. the 88th annual academy
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awards are just three days away and the reverend al sharpton will protest the ceremony and stage a rally a block away from the dolby theater and vice president, joe biden, will appear introducing lady gaga, before she performs the oscar nominated song, till it happens to you, urging people to speak out against sexual violence and the morning team will unveil their picks for the ceremony. join matt, karen and tam to see who they think will take home the oscar gold and 6 abc is your home for the oscars, coverage starts this sunday night at 7:00 p.m.
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tonight in health check, more discoveries and progress on fighting the zika virus. registered nurse, ali gorman has the details at the big board. >> reporter: there was promising news from president obama at the white house, the u.s. is working closely with medical experts in
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brazil and faster tests and hopefully a vaccine for zika. he says that solutions may be close. >> we just had a meeting about zika and we think there is a promising panel way for diagnostics and treatment for this. it's not a real complicated virus apparently. >> the world health organization says that women in countries where zika is present, should breast feed their babies. there is no evidence the virus can be past through breast milk. and americans are breaking their soda and sugary beverage habit. most adults only have one drink a sugary drink once a day. men still drink more sugary drinks that women and soft drink sales both with and without sugar are on the downside for several years. and speaking of making healthier
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choices, despite our best efforts we can still put on a few pounds, it happens more frequently in the winter, due to cold weather we are less active and there could be an another reason and a solution. tonight at 11:00 i'll give you tips to help beat winter weight gain. >> what are you trying to say there? thank you. as we look outside from sky 6 hd temple university showing you the center city skyline on a thursday night. clouds up above and cecily tynan has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. when "action news" comes right back.
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time for accuweather at the big board. cecily tynan has the story. it's a rocky 24 hours cecily. >> the weather is not as turbulent now as it was this time last night. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you we have a few rain showers, even mixing in with a little bit of snow, you can see this area of snowflakes beginning to diminish near coatesville and associated with a cold front moving through and pulling in much colder air. but this time yesterday we had all of that severe weather and the storm reports, you can see
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17 tornadoes and 311 wind reports really stretching from the carolinas to boston and there was one tornado in eastern virginia, an ef 3 tornado and stayed on the ground for 28 miles, that is unusual for virginia this time of year. now the colder air is moving in and our weather is settling down. temperatures were in the 6:00 what last night and millville 43 and atlantic city 45 and wilmington 42 degrees, the wins show you it's quite gusty out there, wind gusts generally 26 to 35 miles per hour and that will bring down the colder air as we head through the overnight hours. satellite 6 along with action radar showing what we are dealing with right now is all part of the same system that brought us severe weather and a secondary cold front moving through and producing rain and snow showers and pulls down the
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winds from the northwest overnight and through the day tomorrow. find the winter coat, tonight an overnight low of 32 degrees and wilmington 29 and a few showers this eepg and partly cloudy skies and future tracker showing we are talking windchills tomorrow at company in the morning, it will feel like winter, the windchill 22 in philadelphia and windchills in the teens and down to 2 in the poconos and even in the afternoon windchills will be below freezing. you'll need to dress for winter and it will be cold and blustery but the good news is the sunshine will return. the five-day forecast 41 degrees and upper 20s with the windchill. saturday 45 and plenty of sunshine and the winds diminish on saturday and look at this on sunday. here is spring time, 62 degrees on monday and the possible of a sprinkle with a cold front behind that system, it's first
5:27 pm
day of march, coming in like a lamb, 54 degrees and partly sunny and rain on the way next week and adam will talk about that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> but sunday wow. i might go running that is true. >> much more to come in our next half our of "action news" at 5:00. new information about the nightmare vacation on board of a royal caribbean vacation ship that sailed through rough seas. and a stunning admission with sea world officials, what they said they did to one of the biggest animal rights groups in the world. and a special sneak peek at "grey's anatomy" and "scandal." listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again here is what is happening on "action news" thursday night. the next few days are crucial to every presidential candidate as we head into super tuesday, what republicans and democrats are doing should sure up support.
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and phillies first base man, ryan howard, goes one-on-one with our own jeff skversky. what he says about his upcoming season. the next five days may make or break the campaigns of the republican and democratic candidates, tonight the gop candidates go head to head in houston, texas. the last debate before super tuesday when voters in 11 states choose their nominees, first hillary clinton and bernie sanders have their shot for delegates in south carolina. they hold their primary this saturday. we are joined now live from washington, d.c. with the latest. >> reporter: donald trump heads in with three straight wins and his opponents know this is a chance to slow his momentum.
5:31 pm
frontrunner, donald trump, could take fire from both sides, senators marco rubio and ted cruz both questioning the credentials in a forum last night. >> who know what's he would do as a president. >> a new poll shows trump 16 points ahead of marco rubio in his own home state of florida. that could push rubio to get tougher on trump. despite trump's threat to hit back harder, every attempt to hit donald trump has failed spectacularly, they are each others enemies as much as donald trump. >> but the big problem could be donald trump's unreleased tax returns. >> i think we have good reason to believe there is a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. >> trump's angry reaction on
5:32 pm
twitter. >> romney blew an election that should have been won and now playing the tough guy. >> before there was obama care there was hillary care. will clinton hold to a lead in the palmetto state. >> together we'll transform america. >> four republicans john kasich and ben carson. tonight's debate is an important opportunity to silence calls to drop out of the race. in washington, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. world news tonight with david muir has who on the presidential race. and pennsylvania voters are weighing in on the 2016 presidential race, a new franklin and marshall poll shows for republicans it could be anyone's game. donald trump continues to lead with 22% of the vote and that
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has not changed since october but the person occupying the second slot continues to change. as it stands tonight marco rubio has 16% and john kasich 15% and ted cruz 12%. 42% of registered republican voters don't find trump favorably. as far as president obama's job performance, 42% of pennsylvania voters believe he is doing a good or excellent job and that is pretty consistent during the last few surveys, speaking of president obama he invited leaders to the white house next week to discuss the next supreme court nominees. senate democratic leader, harry
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reid and patrick was invited also. republican brian sandoval is appreciative to be mentioned but not interested. a man in whitehall that is accused of killing his father for failing to give him medical care. after hours of deliberation the jury said it was deadlocked. prosecutor as ledged he took in his elderly father, and allowed him to die of neglect while taking his pension payments. he said he tried to take care of him but he chose not to take his medication. and christina griffith
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appeared before a judge today, prosecutors say she dropped anti-anxiety pills and watched her 2-year-old eat them and did not get help. the little girl would have survived if taken to the emergency room. from our delaware newsroom tonight. state police said that 25 troopers are wearing body cameras on duty. the first in a pilot program to see which cameras work best. they hope the findings will lead to a permanent use of police body cameras. police were called to kensington this afternoon after the school reported a 6-year-old students was missing, the child's parents arrived and officers and searched the immediate area. this turned out to be a mixup from the child's day care. the day care picked her up from
5:36 pm
school even though her parents did not plan for her to go today. this is 26-year-old philly grim of bucks county, police say he is responsible for robbing the same speedway gas station four times in three days. on february 10th and the 14th. police say it was a distinct white stinker on grim's black car that led investigators to him and he as reportedly confessed to the robberies and is held on $100,000 bail tonight. a man was saved by police when he went into cardiac arrest. he was reunited with his heroes to thank sem. aubry thanked each and every officer, he collapsed in the courthouse and officers performed cpr and used an aed to
5:37 pm
get his heart beating again. >> they didn't have to do what they did and thank god for the training that they have. and the dedication that they have. >> absolutely governor jack markell was there today to honor the officers with an official tribute for their life saving efforts. philadelphia district attorney, seth williams, is looking to combat bullying in schools. he spokeal william jefferson this morning and talked about bullying and the dangers of it and presented the kids an awart for being part of a bully free school zone. >> the most important job i have is preventing crime and that starts with kids about bullying and making good decisions and not doing drugs. >> to date williams has visited more than 30 schools to talk about bullying. time to see how traffic is rolling out there thursday
5:38 pm
night. matt pellman is in the traffic center with the low down on the slow down. >> it's a whole lot drier this morning and a whole lot drier than last night. still we have a bunch of complications for the ride home including this school bus accidents eastbound past the schuylkill, it doesn't appear to be serious and it's taking out the right lane and extra delays that spill back on 76 that are really slowing you down into the flyers game tonight and heading the other way to the vine, the ben franklin bridge is stacked solid from camden up and over into center city. we think there are traffic light issues at the base of the bridge. in new britain, bucks county, wires are shutting down county line road. and delco by the old granite run road look for a crash at oriole avenue. 202, 90 and 100 are open forrer
5:39 pm
your travels this afternoon. rick and monica back over to you. still ahead on "action news" tonight. several passengers whose dream vacations turn nood a nightmare on a royal caribbean cruise ship are now taking action. and they tried to infiltrate one of their biggest critics and we'll show you how they did it. and rain showers are passing through the area now and that brings the winds of change and we'll let you know how low they go coming up. >> and we'll have sports with jeff skversky's one-on-one interview with slugger, ryan howard, what he has to say about the future of the team.
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the first lawsuit is filed after the royal caribbean cruise ship was battered. they say that they should have known about the hurricane force winds. 30 foot waves crashed into the ship damaging it and forcing a cancellation of the seven day cruise underway and passengers
5:43 pm
did get a refund. sea world is admitting they are spying on the animal rights group, peta. they admit sending in someone. they have been critical as of late. the ceo says the company will no longer use such practices to spy on its opponents. last year an employee was fired after -- now jaime apody, we go one-on-one with first baseman, ryan howard. >> it's an interesting year for the big piece, he hopes this year his bat will do the talking for him. we wonder if this is the final season to see ryan howard in clearwater. he is entering the final guarantee of his five year $25
5:44 pm
million contract and he is likely to be the world's most expensive platoon flavor, doesn't sit well with fans. >> ryan some say you are coming into your final spring training with the phillies, does it feel like that or any other spring training? >> i understand the realization of that, but i haven't really focused on that. and coming with a job to do and i haven't thought about it as the final one, is it doesn't bother you at all. the possibility you don't do well against lefty. you think you are play every day? >> yes, i think the track record speaks for itself. i had a tough year last year but there year is a new year. >> would you be happy in the
5:45 pm
event you don't play every day. the competitor in me? probably not. i'm not trying to focus on that. it becomes a situation of trying to go out and handle your business, when i'm in there, i'm in there. i want to be in there every day, that is the competitor in me. you handle it but also continue to try to be a team player. >> amazingly the phils begin grapefruit league play. and fracturing his thumb in a drill before camp started. he still feels discomfort but mccannon feels he will make the start with the team. the flyers face the wild, they are coming off a loss to carolina and five points out a wild card spot and they say they need nine or ten points out of
5:46 pm
this home stretch. they need to put a string of wins together. >> yes, definitely we are confident playing at home and we play some really good hockey here, we have to put a streak together here we don't have a choice. >> as tight as things are we have to put a streak together, we have to do that one day at a time, i'm not making too much of anything other than today's game. hard to stay at number one for long teams come with their best effort. you could almost see it coming for villanova. after being beaten by them earlier in the year it was no wonder xavier came out on fire. they probably won't fall much in the rankings but it's what they do in march that matters any ways. it's thursday you know what that means, all new episodes 6
5:47 pm
abc prime time. it all starts at 8:00. >> that is where you decide to do this? >> you want to lower your voice? >> could it be the beginning of the end for april and jackson? you'll see the evolution of their relationship and the years long progress of one of jackson's patients. that is on gray's at 8:00 p.m. >> what have you found on jake on rowan? >> i like to believe are you collecting intel finding out what jake and rowan are up to and otherwise you is are sleeping with the enemy. >> and just what is jake and papa pope up to. fitz and abby battle over the wild card.
5:48 pm
>> he sees everything. and still seen everything. >> he is towning us with nicknames, so what do you want me to do? i'm not in the video. >> annelise tries to keep the team from panicking this as wes and laurel put the pieces of her mother's death together. >> grab the snacks and the smart phone and get comfortable on the couch with tgit. an all new grays, and followed by "action news" at 11:00. don't forget the stars live tweet during their shows, tell them what had you think, just hashtag your responses with the initials of the show.
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adam is here with the forecast, we dried out a bit, and had mild temperatures this morning, it doesn't last long, the high around midnight. it has fallen since then and a weak front passing through with rain and wet snowflakes in the area. as we look at double scan live radar but not amounting to anything. basically a drop or two alongite 95 right now and as you head up to the lehigh valley a couple of wet snowflakes trying to fall
5:52 pm
near reading and slatington and route 202 towards the lehigh valley. and again this is a flake or two that immediately melts when it hits the ground and no issues with these flakes. 39 in the lehigh valley and 43 in philadelphia and 42 in millville and that wind turns northwesterly tonight and that will drive down some of those windchills by tomorrow morning, it still feels rather damp and chilly and 31 in trenton and the lehigh valley and even to the south upper 30s. as we look at radar and satellite, storms passed by boston and cape cod in the wee hours of the morning. caught a break with some sun, and then we have the front
5:53 pm
passing by and upper level energy that will swing through but once the sunsets all the showers will fall apart. then it turns partly cloudy for the rest of the overnight tonight and turning brisk with the winds out of the west and 32 degrees but feeling colder with that with the windchills. windchills first thing tomorrow morning feels like teens to the northern and west and 20s elsewhere. lots of sunshine upstairs and winds gusting to 35 miles per hour for much of the day and windchills in the upper 20s, but only the air temperature of 38 in allentown and 41 in philadelphia and 41 in millville and even to the south the numbers run below average this time of your right around the 40 degree mark, as we get into the day tomorrow, we start at 32 and 35 at 10:00 in the morning. and in the afternoon we puncture that 40 degree mark with a few cumulous clouds and windy and high of 41, the exclusive
5:54 pm
accuweather seven-day forecast, windchills only in the upper 20s here for your friday and the high of 41 degrees, as we get into the weekend saturday not as windy and feels much better despite the air temperature only goes up 4 degrees but we won't have the windchills in the 20s and the sunshine sticks around for the entire weekend and the temperatures skyrocket here into the lower 60s. and definitely plan outdoor activities here for the second half of the weekend. and we stay in the 60s for monday and a weak front passes through and that drops temperatures into the 50s on tuesday and wednesday. and well above normal and rain likely on wednesday before it turns cooler on wednesday of 48 degrees. >> sounds good. thank you. >> remember "action news" is always with you follow us on social media for accuweather and breaking news and to communicate with us, on facebook we are 6 abc action news join us and be
5:55 pm
part of "action news."
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local college students showed off their contracreation shark like presentations. creating toys and games for children with disabilities and children affected by traumatic injuries. right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next aft 6:00. a powerful tornado touches down in lancaster county. and then more than 200 patients of a south jersey hospital are on alert now, new details on the serious diseases they may have been exposed to. >> and unique fashions take to east falls, the creative talents showcased by young designers. for meteorologist, adam joseph, cecily tynan, jaime apody and the entire "action news" team. i'm rick williams have a nice evening.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. thursday night federal investigators released the cause of an aborted takeoff at philadelphia international airport and a pothole causing problems for dozens of commuters on i-95. chopper 6 hd was overhead in salisbury township lancaster county today. the ef 2 twister carved the path
6:00 pm
of destruction over five miles long and 2 miles wide. 50 farms or home structures were damaged or destroyed. chad pradelli is surveying the damage season live in salisbury township. what have you seen personally today? >> reporter: well jim, what we have is a lot of what you see behind me, you can see the barn right there and see it is a shelf its former self. you can see the roof has been ripped off and officials tell us that this tornado had a sort of snake like path. and if you look here this house is seemingly untouched. but talking with officials, 40 to 50 homes were damaged but this community is already rebuilding. >> the tornado ripped a path of destruction five miles long, roofs were ripped off and barns levels and even a one room school house was destroyed. >> it's rare to have a tornado


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